05-12-17 Seg 2 Mens Room splurges

Friday, May 12th

Mens Room Blank Question:  I would never want to know how much money I spent on ______​


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Guys don't hear very many grand 2017. Unity on the ticket thing now OK I SW dot councils he is Saturday June -- only for the white river amphitheater and ilsley cornerstone our baby medal the pretty reckless and a whole lot more a limited amount of those delegates are still remain there for the men's room happy hour and a half party reduced amount or Dre and where their own little private bar for a full ninety minutes you'll enjoy the delicious in this that is men's room original red sand emissions such as Sloan is their teachers civil wars or look at. And more importantly. We prided bar for nine and added our team and no lines no way you just hang out with us and have a good time and all those bag is all of their bags and are polonium. Oh those are available KI SW back on the news vinegar prayer and on. Anti fun with your car while Biden to draw upon us and it seems like you like fondue like sausage like fear. Kimono. Maybe they're grown up like question today I would never wanna know how much money got spent on black quick break him back to more recalls man down. Back into the men's room here's the question. Rock you like to let live resort casino 99.9. KI DSW. And I think going around this time you return of Ted vs the FCC does all the way along the badger. On Tuesday night tonight and I would go break double platinum album from smashed match. I think coming up almost out the Philadelphia going gold as they went back in 1973 given up for the OJ's. It's nice over Matt Joyce my antics on the 77999. Oval for walking on the sun by smash mouth trained both of the OJ's message and data rates may apply you can also vote on Twitter. By tagging about 99 KIW using hashed Exxon. Or has their loved one of those two tunes coming up right after the shot of the day it is bad choice Friday knowing what we know now do you think any group of people would ever call themselves the soldiers. If you did would be like a punk fan and I also yes. You name your band blue jays right now where OK this is going to be a punk band some parity thing or something. Like OJ ruin that they know I don't know bounces I don't know Jada do yeah OJ you. It actually fit to make the letters of his name yeah okay we know that out but stick. We understand how we got there and saying he's not afraid it's OJ what. He's still goes by it. I just wouldn't like when it was Adolf ability call me anything other coming A-Rod. The men's room like question I would several I don't know how much money have been a black we told you about Johnny Depp and he's got a Sam ever defend OJ bit. But these two guys that they have well yeah and I am a champion and the data demo. Accordingly misplaced 650 million dollars. NIC cage chime cities' once went through a 150 million fortune. Deport facing foreclosure. On several properties in the knowing the IRS more than six million dollars here are some of the crazy purchases the dead and Nicolas Cage look at one point he owns fifteen homes. Including 825 million dollar beachfront home in Newport Beach, California. The only fifteen point seven million dollar estates in Rhode Island. An eight point five million dollar residence in Las Vegas. And two castles in Europe the cost a total of twelve point three million which countries. Does not say these other countries doubts that we have beach fronts in or gone largely modest we have an estate in Rhode Island hassles we have a residence in Vegas and we have to castles in Europe. Other mansion in New Orleans. Which is I guess is that the the Lori. Got or act. But I'm cattle are finally had a voice them allegedly won almost Canada homes in America Costin 314 million to move. Luke yeah he also owns a three million dollar island in the Bahamas here's another island owner I thought the place to borrow in the Caribbean nick also spent 450000. Dollars and a Lambert Dini. Once owned by the late show all by around fifteen and a 150000 dollars on pet octopus. He's been another 150000. Dollars in the first Superman comic book any never ended up legs and then after allegedly trying to date they they put him in the student everything I don't slack on the comic book goes he's always been Superman vanity all right. That's the first want to get you home but are the polls like a pet are to post you also want to own a lot of cited cited a pat octopus is is better than comp I know you do. I understand that I'm saying what you like Superman and just the words of parents though he also tonight still worth a lot of money all right pat octopus and my religious we. He also bought AIT Rex. I goal right now skull any idea how much. When the going rate is on a T Rex go you don't point four million. Love a lower low I'm yeah how would you Bynum from I don't know the wrong guy I don't know money. Well our idea on why got some points and nine. Lower significantly like 7276. We're best result that is great closing of the extravagant yeah. The T Rex ball manifold will be a lot of money we're allowed RO OK keep in mind it was stolen some literature is about building the alcohol that's why you're that I retail price. That is the back of the truck that's slacks and T Rex skull going rate daddy's big moment these speaker moment of the T Rex that. Did you register address book thicker does go to prevent her from her mama mama got some big man and indignant. T Rex gulf K gauges net worth is back up to around 25 million that's because he takes just about every role comes his way for the picture. Yeah any of its area. Well yeah he did a lot of crack for that as he does put out a lot of movies Dick. Also lake. Why not more easily yeah box office draw in Japan I was going to be my wife is Japanese he does a lot of things over there were commercials endorsements movies and anything he puts out of there is it it is successful. Yeah like he gets isn't even when I got a drunken fight with. With your boy from by voice Vince Neil this video Montgomery lighting it up I don't want is the holy Bible I'll be your lawyer he's not been a model in all did you lose your body into the program that would be off I'd rather big channel I would rather just be doing I've read I'd I'd rather. Have a job shadow another guy the that he follow me around for two weeks. You have more personal interaction with a many of us. Who's that Princeton offense or guy that brought out unfortunately I had a personal and actually got him into something in front of the not as much. Whether frozen bribe them dudes are always excited huge but I am. Miserable likewise it I'd never wanna know how much money that's been on blank. He sued usually. There are. The idea that it shocking. Couldn't believe it did I eat the Eddy they gathered around us and navigated I had to Ron there aren't age. The practice science and math problem followed Jeff welcome to the men's room. Hello and know that Fallujah Jeff. Jeff Jeff Jeff does in concrete because they're really struggling to you live in my choking and write and my. Hello Mike welcome to the men's room. Oh I cool yeah. I don't wanna know. How much money I have and I'm anger be your memorabilia. Boy how much of the stuff you have. Poll. It's. Ridiculous. How much I ally I have stuff there is lot got a couple things that are one of a kind vote. There were. A lot of money and yeah cards aren't spent what age you my money I but you know why are. Was he on the front of like a soda cans or did he have his own a bar for awhile and how to how was he merchandise back in the they would custody and have a serial to meet those who knew me know what you are important and Robert block. Our vote Wheaties box three are important and go there and he's on a box of cereal did he did he still retired Asian retired right then. But once you're on the romance I got out. So I've got a little bit of authority behind our input and my Iran is house. My father. Was strapped to play pro baseball and that's been in the flight will be back in fact the air or. And decided instead to go played for no money for the Brooklyn Dodgers way back plan. 86 GAAP and I was actually named after Michael call you out not my act. Was a trainer may happy fix was your that we did your dad's been with your dad and and Michael with a close and they never they're very well liked. Not. Letterhead from Michael called my dad thank Ian for Damian only and grab personal irregardless. And America is my real name is Jamal. I got caught on yet Jamaal Collins. So I saw my Gary Libby was in it's our way back flat lit well in order died and that what I but train popular yeah. Often watched that play in a when he died his. Let me idol became Kendrick BJ year and yeah because of the slayings. You know what he did he did admire the fact you have been accused there you know whenever they had steroid small that would you know you don't never got an accurate max's name. And he you diagnose football so on cancer in 2008 given they want to live right there at what are your pocket where these that I really became refugees here. And I. I do not gonna make that happen that I reached out view that. The basically there ahead of public relations for the Mariners and I also reached out he'd double our dark it is going to be case you know because. He actually had sport credential that I hadn't between the fuel bum they got me. Down on the field for batting practice a completely VIP my my wife and my my there and nine year old bland and dad and came out at about a half an hour with a fine until. Get a professional photo taken with the mayor professional photographers. And he was the most gracious I've ever met in my life to know. Added my out of all of my gap and help his hand. When he asked and asked me I have trophy case wolf more natural if it's a wall. Gripping memorabilia my office dedicated to Baghdad. I asked chemist stuff how much stuff is reds related. In other asked who probably not one thing except war Nike. Yeah hey one of them trying to track collection for every email if you ever played aren't. And dug out of professional after every one of those and I indicate that ER ground yeah I mean I know that. Traditionally people thinking of did the player king Griffey junior you know to be you know famous for being a mariner. But right and one of the reasons and he went back and played for the Cincinnati Reds is because when he was acute drawing up. That was his hometown and his dad was playing and coaching for the Cincinnati Rendell and I that was you know that was his neighborhood and you know that was were his friends were in. All of his memories were so when he went back you know that was a weird way of sauce for him though and the Internet for him to write. BJ got better from my ambulance cool you be no problems at school was Cincinnati lagoon and a lot of people don't know briefly for the white box for one year. I all I saw clearly for the whites are growing yeah him and I. Last year he Yankee Stadium was opened the original ones I like you Erica and I today myself but we played it this aim timeframe. And he was. Ohio will. Though American legion there big team they have one or two big teams in this someone of those big teams and don't say they would play the teams are West Virginia Pennsylvania Ohio and all that area. And in in the thing was about going to those games was not the king Griffey junior was playing. But the king Griffey senior was right there right in the stands and you could see him and l.'s big deal you know. That was the big deal try not his son. If you never know how the sun's gonna do you know the amount yeah I mean lieutenant governor and a good player now but I mean let's say I mean you don't know like. Get out Ehrlich also have dogs get day's going to be wonders here Vizio. You have no idea what it's going to be in a feeling good again and I would only guess that what do you do a killer there that is one leg and grip these kids a wide receive. They're horror heirs and now. We just got picked yeah that's what I'm saying like what you did a pac twelve college. Let's enemy like you don't know may yet but it obviously. If you saw like how Americans can play or Edgar Martinez is it late. It probably should be a good baseball player but maybe not maybe it is the man so don't read it when he played for the Rochester red wings before it went to your goals not today must open. Ever was I am a guy but like anything. It's because you knew who his father was in you still didn't know he would confront and obviously he want to do just fun believe you didn't nobody got thoughts. And you're right same thing like who is dad's there. Yeah and economist moat. Manager Mike was in I would never wanna know how much money has been on blades our continued good to me my son judge it now that's all right. Hello I don't welcome to the men's room oh oh wow. So what did you blow money on I don't know. All of oil I the most recent local and I actually got here after mile limit doubt that he Libya like me like she's been forgotten. Okay I'm saying that your roommate used to date her before he moved out. Yeah so Mario maybe they're neck and moved out and that they broke up the red mirror always school there are being. There and she media public yeah what do people are like she just loves that apartment Newton and gloom and interactive how do you thanks to the hoop. Through periods or an end like how about it and Bob go my way idea the extent to knighted by like all that person they expect. And you've got to go out Bellevue and apple. And I they're real IQ mud to force you dummy and an up or Garrett after that that Victoria. They got there about two granddaughter back here would kind of dinners did you go to. Are we and they'd be quiet. I think I speak out this herb barely knew it grew off thought they had a deal that. What are data always stayed for that they're out just aren't that much money is spent on other stuff. Yeah well look I mean. They must be loaded is that. I'm not I'm not take Americans and a steak house. Thelma and they're like that is mine idols actually work right despite the carrier has that hey there I'm not good news. I did what you'll see the relationships but I don't now you know retrospect now with that person to teens and a bad idea but generally don't they at the time it's fun. It's for a mile as a guy it's easy to get silly you gotta pay for las stuff but site which I like to pay for dinner. Gonna run like a man. You wanna get away from an Atlanta at that I'm mogul to all this while crap like bright he wants you bad and let the dog in you at all why you did so until I got. It's nice to sit at a table and that it does keep a stake in the bar I don't want you shut your mouth that. And so you fellows are now rumor noted Yankee go with a forever anyway. Everybody you can you know like anything there's a window they're take event of the window. I was really sometimes act now I it is the back of the my relationships with our as a lot of money at the at the time that was a blast orthodox time it was an alleged to have one thing that's all right if it doesn't hate each other and still swimming in money or more but otherwise Margaret. That's the time to spend it when you're getting the long. I kid you not least she's sixteen years old and a bunch of babysitting and she worked and she earned her money means I told Ehrlich look. You earn your money off all all the of the savings count for you in any time on the money in the savings a match. UB fifty bucks public you know is she should do I hope she went to scratch awfully so you grant puts the originally had magic dad and she is a few hundred in there and she's like okay. Allen who I you wanna fly back and see my buddy who's having a sixteenth birthday party in Baltimore. Or Olympic mark horrible. And I'm like my car again was it right seat okay McCarty she had she has like a Nissan chief of all along hold on Friday guesses he's and I'm like that he's I don't make you cool anybody sixteen year old car kind of well it's it's seen it yet sorry let's go lucky guy get Ted Turner out data on bed and unmanned flight optional look great you know dominance to ISS ROK I don't think anybody cares about you based on the color of your car. The color of your cars fines and an earlier skinned girl you've got to but it you'll ten. But does know more about your dog is shut explainer there the experience of flying back and having a good time missing friends is a much more back in my mind it much more. That always been your money and have those you know this until you think that a black caller you know another words lately and I don't mean yeah I don't that's the body without a black cock. I know it's very difficult to get through Europe should be in a car lot more than three on this place and that's what she's you know I'm gonna accidentally bump into our program but all that your only that's a good drive. You don't look awesome black brotherhood duty you know what should I just I think she may follow me on Twitter on a large share of the car magazine be open by accident benefit for the I try to kid comment kind of combo tomorrow I got to got to take. Clearly clearly looking guard their border where I think that's fun on the trip and get bagged a real loser connected cars were wrong color the welcome nice to. Do my question I would never wanna know how much money that I has been rumblings hello cats welcome to the men's room. I. Now I do like current player and I comic con and stuff like our short and I have and science. So much money into I mean it's an amazing hobby and I love then I met them are from people but. Sometimes I look at every thief from like the fabric and don't. That was critical to bring about a benefit of the comic cons and you guys the dual us. Most follow the costumes that I see. Looked absolutely spectacular quick side note you might wanna take a local woods lately actually looked like just I'm sorted out there you can figure on talking to. That's a great job and and some of these people won't Bynum like I know meg Carlson as ton of money. I know it has to be ridiculous amount of money abilities it's your hobby and you guys all get together and do I think it's cool my enemy looks so am I different photos what are blown. A lot Al Gore as much money I'm booze and cigarettes is you probably have under constant more than that the differences all I have a black lungs and appeal. I mean if you got something rewarding what how many different outfits dia. Oh god. What your misery I. My most street federal land I went. I'm in a couple commence in the Seattle recently and I will dated. Raven from looking I didn't. And Kelly Laura from massive accident in my two most recent months. I ran into. How old are the teen titans. My kids that are now so they are it's like Ryan and his group but there. T mean I mean yeah I'd seen it I just this depend on what it's like error and let Comex less TV say you're watching I watched used in the defense and I'm not gonna like it I flew laugh out loud it was domination I hate that I do. Well my some lobes of the show. So as I Garamendi who watch and gorillas a marching with the Manama. Yeah I mean and you're gonna do bad but it makes stupid funny but I like what Joseph just Bennett but I laughed my guys it is a good moral matter and to go more and more from guardians of the galaxy one night like late night Michael Clark just walking on the street. Who is the more you all the blue face to as I dreamed a green yet Greenberg he's on Viagra I can't comment I got that's okay I got here's my big question for him. How much room do you need to store all the stuff though think of the hardest thing we're just being able to have enough closet space stood to be able to keep all California club I'd be out. I am well I may I go to university thank fill it with my parents that they have money and they're pretty awesome about like. Like they think it's cool now iCloud isn't so great we love needed filling a million out of the house and you have sergeant Miller goes all the yeah yeah I mean I'm other siblings that are home to about winning there. I am I and keep that stated younger Illinois home of the other younger than me so I additional smoked dope in the house. Yeah and a band but I am I losing its I had no time. Yeah that's nice so I've kind of taken over our whole entry way can we don't use end up like we're like my craft tables that you know he's. Earlier in the home. Yeah Allah we don't know I bowlers I was bolt the doors in this sort of movement yeah I don't know how you want to adjust our league yet and Jack. And bottom are up they're locked but if and then my book by the amount munch how much is one costume on average cost and I know different materials cost different things about how much on average do you think. Lou just material into the prior lake. 300 dollars maybe more are gonna you save money by goal is Betty rubble a million dollar won't be material right. Don't know where does that money come I can't use your head man camp which is Augusta when you wanna turn it up a little bit but he got one of those. When it was sorry what was your sexy costume when you wanna turn it up a little bit you know and in. I am. I bit you know what fire emblem and the big game from Nintendo you know we don't you know we now know what are we now you're just being polite original name I don't know. Well I did. Started from fire emblem an hour and a backpack. On a regular Google those stars are. PH a RJA. Of course as I spoke went. T a or H did you did you leave our advantage you have all the following corrected me don't worry like who'd like to hit onions. Oh god like everyone and ended our attic I never Warren might affect their crops they look for. And I was walking around and I would like this a lot more attention and I wanted well Nevada's got a nice but I good yardage book I don't I strongly supported drew but where I can't. That's an easier views than money out of immune Jones did you enjoy is they whom mr. my question I would never wanna know how much money that's the number like oh wow. Mean I don't know limits on the black man to go to above large margin. Hello dean welcome to the men drew them. Oh yeah. Thanks so I would panic not gonna put the question does not do a person that in my hand ultimately I'm down a peak at icon and I don't call the house Oslo the Phoenix treating you. How hot is. It right now it is under degree you are to be can't give scorpions in your home. Now Guinea rattlesnakes he senior rattlesnakes. Not a good image they're gonna outlet to that in down near collapse clearly are good for you okay well what's the most exciting thing so far. I didn't know out there playing I mean to plan but I would think you know Iowa Ali get up I know I know. That's an airline moved to Arizona then the public policy news put on her love putting a ball through windmill. Take your family moved to the desert I'm assuming this Bubba golf is indoors. No dog or a hundred no reasonable and Bob Bogle is a real. They got a highly doubt nighttime and no it's not a little guy. I don't doubt when I was real wrap and let. To drop one on the clown nose last night got a pregame I'm not brag or anything but drop one I unknowns at WOK I don't know that in. Out of trouble and and I don't know what he's what would you say is the way too much money yeah. And dugout golf. That's all the putt putt golf. Dell could offend just about but I dodger Family Guy now. I'm apparently got out so you don't hear you spinning it as much money on now are every any money on either one of those two things. I'm alcohol and get big. Do you smoke cigarettes the what was your favoured drug of choice back in the day in your wild years. I mean you know Matt. Why how how long did you do Moehler. About twenty years you didn't met for twenty years on and how Gary Allen being cleaned. I am not a lot of luck whatsoever okay about a month at a month so much money will would you really think I mean how much it cost you week. Guy and Italy. Iron 200 dollars 200 dollars a week would that what was your inspiration to get clean needles well what happened long ago words and on and save the money and I'm equally. We don't know at that time are abundant. Not that crap opt OK so it's it's a disease been 101000 dollars a year on math and you did efforts were doubters. Yeah so 200000 dollars that's a fair us. And in that's under would you say about lake is an eagle five weeks I run it and don't know it doesn't that we didn't doubt at all and the others. Melbourne is gonna go met Manuel at all those are plenary of the Mets saw about 200000 dollars worth much. Not the people should do math but I appreciate you going. Big and what about what about the we'd situation that you can hear you moved from a place that has legal we would go into drive to California picking up their. Not equipped artillery and air offensive into a second knew that I have dressed. I think if you ask I find a way like Arizona you might be waiting a lot longer than you think. Yeah probably I don't know and it's. A kinky losing money in the states round. I think that's what's gonna happen and wait a pioneer drives New Mexico and Max targets even doing a little more liberal part. MacBook Pro like we didn't realize we've wasn't legally here a broad beatable O god would have would be able slogan over or are bad sorry. And New Mexico continue to exist rather than we had no idea that. It was illegal are bad sorry stars and who feel weird mind switch to move to a place that wasn't the standard mentality and I hate to be that way and so used to announce to think a guy like what are you are legally applicable McEntire and on exactly it's like right just some little one I know I mean are gonna I got a call Joey area and I we're gonna get that I gotta be another shake like now I had to get a weed dealer gamers today. It's supposed to be here ten minutes doing here it showed. Let them here have been. Stuff off those guys for your. Mean meant in my question I would never wanna know how much money have spent on the black we'll take a quick break about a more your calls next time. It's true grit. Last year. Right do you like to let you resort casino on medi nine point nine KI DSW. As of likewise today and everyone how much money have spent the blame we talked about how much Johnny Depp blew through 659 at thirteen years you remind there's a difference he blew through 650 million dollars from thirteen years they keep saying. He misplaced it limits placed it he knows exactly where he spent that he'd just been a lot of up yet. NIC cage says hey guys I blew through a 159 here's a shocker I think. Just how much it cost arrays of that I it would. I know it's astronomical raise child when he ceded the total number on that you look at data over eighteen years or however old and a number that came up book for kids was they give them this is one care message or AT and a goal every year because of inflation that you use 233610. Dollars and keep in mind if they go to college. That we know the college tuition goes over the year for no reason at all. One year of college right now is 33400. Dollars so. That's what I did when you're the colleges like 270. Aunt and an you know you haven't had too many. That there are problems with your dog I know bridges arms went for adult I've had a few with mine and I know like you know 11 need goes that eventually the other and he goes a thousand other three haven't used that you've you've often kicked around the idea naval and they get the dog yeah. Yeah like ducks according to a new survey of pet owner in Eudora display meant when you say hey if they might get a dog. Did you don't have to followed up with I like to. It gradually into followed up but it's like yes and I don't even like to what this last month people how much you think it would cost Raisa apparently liked how much money either spend our act so what would you rescind mammal so gold so it's dog to dog how how long black is a good cop ten G. You know what so the average persons are the only other gonna have spent about six and afford a bucks. Between how 640. By I don't know if I spend a year on food. They asked he had a bad thing about detriment as big bummer 645. Dollar 45 dollars it's because you're dead end. The majority OK there were some people who said 6000. It looked. Basically it was all over the road but the were so many people within an unrealistic load number on what they tunnels calls for the for the life the dog could have real literal lit people when and a real number anywhere between 27042000. Depending on the breed that includes remind dog the dog by the dog even if you rescue a dog was still. You know I don't pay a little bit of money well at the but it really wasn't a lot of revenue goes and I will say this it's so I would to rescue it you get it and got the dog ten years ago however long it's been but. She's a mutt she is brilliant have pit bull half studio there are no blue healer have to report it so. Sweet dog has not had a lot of major medical problems but like anything that is alive there's been occasional maintenance. And then you talk to some elected drug to chart right castle. Who who just has bulldogs all the time like bulldogs apparently were nature's experiment Latin pony things do we have go wrong with one breed of animal so he has spent. XP did two years more money on it as well as adults are dog is 27 of 42000. And that includes buying your dog. Your food or toys or grooming and basic but not catastrophic vet care and does that count in sweatshirt and stuff about the dark. Oh yeah I would guess so that part of the toys department get up right here sailors on my dogs have this Christmas but I thought refining. The dog gave me a look like American W different view an airliner ever do this today. Does that grow idea with a small dog late. You know I only hung out of them like a month an announcement of its lectured but you know a smaller underlines what I'm gonna Maryland makes lectured for harm on all of mortgage debt back. Yeah let's comes to. Willis is there any kids yet they stick he's all right are there guys stay within I did you look bad dog. You know lead dog man that they was also I Ottoman infant. Little Maryland they gonna put it ought. And I give it to small dog you can do it because I said it's also fun to dress up out would you buy turtle and a terror but. And an M on the shelves letter. Powers that return. What you like captain Lewis is gonna catch casket be cheaper at a do not all right Ted I lost 47 afford. There's a way to 111042. For dog if you owned a cat. You the Jersey look at you'll love your cap medieval and I had a cat my cat was almost as though didn't like cats and added to the draws minds I'm like deep down he's waiting for me to die. Oh we got along so. But almost 2742 wrongs that cat is. Fifteen to twenty fact won we won the 31 rent wanna downsize to a rabbit that's gonna cost about 121000 dollars and it's liked. The cheapest wanna fish that's all the part they go to a terrible electrical systems did you. If it's a pet you can replace a blanket and don't notice an inexpensive pets. Men's or my question I would never wanna know how much money has been a blank hello John welcome to the men's room. All our auto. God. It's a large do we wait you Jon we're suited him just don't none of those social room. And RS report one report Torre decision. So what would you not. Want to find out how much money would have been we'd we we do value lease on the tip as I ask you your life you know you're. Soul. Do you spend more now there has been legalized or do you spend last night. Know Mel realization in great start the crowd. At a I'm gonna buy more read you don't get that it's like go to the grocery store so before we knew about weed from someone it's like what do you have an you can barbecue cook. Now you can go he read grocery stores like in our Ali ultimately later ugly it's fantastic. Man. They're quite warrant if lucrative sleep you know you can pick your picture clear. Compared with loose and you don't want John how often do you smoke on the Thames Davidson. Our own local almighty all barely got extra like why am I gotta get home welcome all night and that is that on the weekend struggling. There. That's pretty solid comments are spot with a partner at Oakmont how much how long even by and we. Are steadily during those seventeen and how old are you now that's bar we don't boarding. 41 morning and ideas and more years and what's the longest US without smoking. The first seventeen years of his life styles. You're the first secret. Aren't there are. Realistically simulate. I give it was like six months for a girl realized out from their pathetic. And that's about it okay and the final. Once most read all the time and people that have we were very young they're trying to says so what does ultimatums that. I don't like we'd listen people that don't like we'd the first to do with that does smoke weed. When they stop smoking it's like somebody's been taken medication and then you recognize when you're not on the medication like. Oh yeah if you like them to begin with a lot of the reasons you like them is because that's how they are we are a bit slowly variant believe data and a Minnesota's only you are right now like when your first having those conversations. He was before the legalization of marijuana and most states and even have medical marijuana Helmut California couple owners have been you know those the private Presley mordant bit. Our panel and you're wearing your Tories want less government but we're trying to the lineup moral responsibilities a man does a lot of things I've got to do and it got probably that is it's it you know the bottom line is legal or illegal and anyone who says that's illegal they're absolutely right because at that point -- even did you come over the like look man it's got many health benefits like don't try to tell me that your drug habit as health benefit the other guy and you try because. You know a little more depth when guns but the but the Dow over the population does not demo is that none include smoking it for that lag now I know that I've seen yeah. Colonel came early candidate does not some health benefits and those BR the medicine a lot of it's are you sure to be honest you guys should know that it's actually illegal in honor of our. It's legal owners of why we we remember medicinal use. The problem of alcoholism and oh that I look at there actually were legal auditing. Well let's put this plan amendments I think Vermont's going to be the next day America's labor Iowa Vermont actually get. This now but they're going to yes well it tells us they're not gonna make apple just a good. But at the Vermont is you know I and I get it and I'm glad they're gonna get more the baton at some good moving forward but from outside Lincoln and most people's perceptions of Vermont voice. Wasn't already be well here's that here's the difference the reason one of the big reasons. That the West Coast is fully saturated and this is because it's so easy to drive over state lines and lose tax dollars to you by doesn't take advantage of the situation. It's already legal you might as well make money off of it you can fix roads to fix education as a lot of money there to use now. Difference this. The whole West Coast discovered last all the way down and why include. Now the first time but in don't think for one minute. It'll the cop busted for this but there's not a running string of getting that we'd out of the states to the East Coast and flooding that market going he needed back. What's gonna happen what Vermont is it's gonna put the heat on the East Coast because now you've got a statement originally so much money and guess what. Vermont isn't a drive to Colorado Vermont you can do it like six mountain you get your ass up their man you do that today trip bring back as much we did you want to Ohio Maryland North Carolina Virginia now that's a statement that we're casinos at NFL once they've put up you can go to casino on the state all the dribble up whatever state. They went there first and he's gone for people who he's now pretty much every state there as one or two or three or four casinos just futile those people don't you think for one minute they're about in Manchester, New Hampshire where every at a drive through matches go like Taylor goes through blood there's been honest money are we when I get any. Massachusetts a voted in New Hampshire relatives already had other users are Massachusetts says DC has to decriminalize it in Maryland like which came by it. Probably can't bite. Yet ready yet but you what do you can't my kids eat that it requires the difference if you have enough part of the country. It'll probably already driving to Vermont to get there we go there is a very good Vermont woman who want an actual store. Share mr. my question now and everybody if I would grow like we're going to vermonters like gamma ray if you take somebody from the Pacific northwest and somebody from Vermont to remain like they're pretty much the same person both of super. I would Hirono how much money has been a black hello Jeff welcome to the men's room all our own op. Oh good today are good Jeff are you and good and dandy wonderful. Good here. All right I can't believe how what anybody else that's on my. (%expletive) addiction. Kids or kid about it all the bad and I'll go bad how much are mailer when I was a kid the you you good that they're the cool thing on our. Terrible and there's ice still have a residual love from them yet because admissible to me as a kid I recommend as a music's not great and all but. But I don't know that our cost a lot of money are you more on the hello kitty you're you know like lunch boxes kissed up pretty you have legged Gene Simmons acts based mimic what level of you know. Well at it I've I've got a kind of hello kitty stuff. About all new partnership they did that. I'm like we're all okay that's about it yeah OK okay out there hello kids its own thing but then they agreed to do a license they were kids they brought the go out of our Wilson reports say it if they just know this. You know this much I do have had a signed to gold logo on record a mile in this is true. I had a virus. No I don't man. I don't like about the what because they brought me back to childhood that's all I'd be like that's my wish your most expensive thing when it what is the what is your. Hole probably my Harley well it is ours as far as your kids' collection. Well let our my present its. Way to get an air run the others government. Yes I got a lot of up on the back curve ball whom my niece who's a who signed. The original 40 no kidding and very cool down they're they're copies of grouse fire both gore and I out. All but decided that. How many total members of kiss over the lifetime of the bed or 456. Karl or Larry in the semi on 1011 now Vinnie Vincent are saying John brew master would. I got the guys that are doing diverge on Eric give a kiss coffin. No I don't let a friend of mine in Massachusetts. Okay. And I'll listen to shoot for a their death. Let's see well I got. Are there wonder. Okay. My most expensive. I don't know I've got out six rocket ship Beirut only made. Two days and it was all right. For adults and our dog dragged on during what every you know Derek million females go to the men's or the Mets are buyback John you're losing to men's room on the men's or radio network.