05-12-17 Seg 3 Mens Room needs a restart

Friday, May 12th

Emails, Headlines, Ted needs a restart against the FCC this week, and it's Bad Joke Friday


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The men's room with a miles. Nine point nine points. Yes it's wrong. Yeah a lot wrong with him I'll. Guys Toll Brothers estimated at 2070 Saturday June 24 woolsey's a wider array of Peter part of our baby metal pretty reckless and allow more seriously you know those tickets KI SW dot com you wanna be there and join us for little private part of we've got. Men's room happy hour and a half party we've got our own little private Barton will be goes about our dragon and yes we'll have men's room original read and miserable original sausage warrior as well you know we started to an hour and a half Marty 12 years ago after three years. But I want to call the manager happy and of the rings rule but it's ninety minute we have to fight the my little it was going to be an hour we said no we don't wanna happy hour we want longer than that and we fought several minutes thirty minutes. If we think we just make it demands are happy hour and a half parting they're like. Are you serious it's a little more pilots were like yeah seriously I wanna drink for ninety minutes and now there's been a little going to be sitting right there. KI SW dot com has all the baggage is all things pain or Letterman or blank questions. Federal I don't know how much money that I have spent a blank we will take a quick break American reader emails measurement men's or live dot com next. And now. Back in the men's room. Win miles and drill off 99.9. KI SW I can say they drug charge Bryant dazzled going to kick off the bad jokes bad joke Friday is on the way also stated it's bad that choice frat. On this date in 1999 may go for a double platinum album from smash mouth. I think John now it's almost sounds of Philadelphia go on Golden State mega 1973 unit of the OJ. The title for bad choice Friday 6077999. Of Oprah walking on the sun by smash mouth takes train the 77999. Vote for love train by the OJ's message and it rates may apply. You also look on Twitter by taking a 999 KI SW. And using hash tag son or hash tag level of those tunes coming up right after the show the day. Those are your choices on bad choice Friday are miserable I question today I would never wanna know how much money I've spent on blank and here come those emails in the men's room and men's or live dot com yeah. And as much of Riley's embroiled drop brewers a men's room original red because we think it's a Mac yet. Silver bronze medal winner at the great American beer festival picks him up this weekend please have a desire never want to find out how much I've spent on medical expenses. I've had somewhat of a history with the injuries starting with Gary my ACL. Having it replaced in nineteen I've had three ER visits resulting in stages of my hands and the wisdom teeth pulled. Three separate operations stitches in my chin broke my nose twice. Had ever bug the crawled into my ear canal removed by doctor. You know cod man you also battles covered by insurance they'd see the either figure. That from our Brad Brad all that seems. Pretty bad the ear thing with a bug that's Smart and I mean I'd rather have like ACL thing man. A lot of wanna know how much does spent some board games. I once they double game and all of its add ons for around 500. Dollars a partially good games are about sixty bucks for gay and I'll probably spend an awful my games to bail out a small nation of its debt. My wife hates it every time I step foot in my favorite game store. Keep on rocking guys that can Stevie. Our guys I game quite a bit pretty much standard hobby for young men despite waiting for sales before getting many of them I would want to know how much have spent on over 1000 games. 3000 DLC into computers. That from Zach. Guys I don't know how much money has been on beer over the years sort of working for Anheuser-Busch just over a year ago also would be kind of nice to see how much money have saved. In the last year on not having to buy beer for the house ever. You get really good service when people come over to do things in your house likely the air ducts are gutters when you took them with cases of beer yeah regularly that to be true. And from a Andy. All the guys I would not wanna know how much money have spent on drugs over the years I've been lucky enough to be addicted to cocaine and pills. A by the way I'm six months sober off of bills including that has been the toughest thing I've ever done. I have thought about all the cars gives we'd etc. that I could've bought over the years and know that total cash value would have had to been. It is in the fifty to 75000. Dollar range. Well I'm double that of just been my fifty bucks a week on wheat. Rock on guys that from Eric. I don't wanna think about the money about a money has been a comic books of collected for a few years. I have a weekly pull blocks in arcane comics. Grad drop an average of twenty bucks a week out about seven boxes each with close to 100 in each I'm planning on making a shelter or display for them to. At from Sam Fishman. A text today. They had a few text here that's in my husband I would not want to know how much we spent on quarantine. A federal 1000 dollars on a video game that's not even out yet. I don't know how much Osmond on car parts of the alone 41 caller of the last sixty new wow. And everyone and all of the money spent on swisher sweets you know that cigar scored a goal that. We used robots without probably smoke 101000 would never wanna know how much money spent on those. And those are dirt cheap in west to Jakarta dirt cheap but I could fill my man smoldered she's not a blunt yes swisher sweets are expensive anyway I know would they make in the West Virginia. I mean when you get him there it's cheap cheap I was sitting on moneyweek the about a morning it's been on weight loss program fails supplements betting money and gym membership should I use pharmacies times a week at least you're usenet yeah. Listed as one any musician could relate to this I wouldn't want and how much money they'll spend on music gear over the past twenty years he plays guitar strokes guitarist and panels etc. That's when I can relate to money on tattoos yep for sure this one I wouldn't wanna know how much money you have spent a competitive barbecue in the way. As five years competitor barbecue lunch with a move like I guess you gotta yeah Trout I have take the smoker that drill never looking as good food. They looked at you gotta be expensive types academy didn't have the vehicle big enough to tell all that stuff after I had the facility but I'm telling me and if you're traveling to Google competition and that's where you end up at least he eats well I mean that. I mean. Yeah after couple days to sit around cooking barbecue of people that those awesome adventure at all no not physically barbecue judges. But is it tough though I don't think that's just kind of tough doesn't mean everybody is a different. Idea of what you should taste like well that's exactly equipment yet but still it's all barbecue in the instance either way but I won't know what our goal Barbara jubilant and September of US or emails here for the men's remains in my back out yeah. My joys my body lay in my happy seventh birthday that from Dave Abby. And his mommy daddy get a faced sandwich police thanks at from David and Victoria British Columbia off the average. I guys this morning my second son Cameron was born in a mobbing you guys could welcome minute into the world with his very first birthday shout out. I'm sure he would love up a little kid faced sandwich and some of Ted's Australian talk thanks guys that from Mike and back up. Games and is prepared. Let velvet coat on the west goes down other Cameron congratulations to be a bullet and you very stressed that adoptive parents and good work. Mate. Guys please with Christopher had a birthday on the air he wanted two journal something. Anyway halo loves the show thanks guys that Vermont. Yes friends I'm telling you this email for a birthday shout out I'm currently living it up. On a little Vegas vacation. I'll be turning 36 tomorrow. Another birthday shout outs are for weekdays only let me explain apparently my parents like to have sex about the same time every year is all the siblings are born around the same time do so in fact the shot that is for Mike. Our little brother Andy bird take and get a second up cupcake. Thanks guys and have a great weekend that from damn band in Everett well. Wanna give you guys your birthday just my sister Michelle who currently lives in Italy. Willows near zero for hours on a road trips across Europe this past summer and we couldn't get enough. She downloads all of your podcasts and Italy and I thought she would really appreciate it could give her a barber shop they sandwich thank you so much that from Caitlin is it. There's people around this and wins. She's done err on the side. Cody Stanley is he's still really Asia in the morgue hand and you and you and I know. And regulatory sixth anniversary being brought to this crazy world can get some turtle wax with thrill shouting gets in the Paz rock on that from Jay your local Johnny cage impersonator. Yeah. Yeah. Our bridges I was over at get a bird they set out to my best bud patent. He's turning the Big Three L today were getting so old he would love and Andrew OP president time to take off the least thanks guys that from Stephen and broke in his captaincy. Should do is my gosh Canada happy birthday with your lovely birthday song and do the dirty Germans flirt but they're a bit. Thank you Jens we appreciated. Yeah our mortgage group mice didn't bode into your moist sucked. Should age appropriate. Kitchen ninety early and from the Virginia. Holy smokes guys it's my fantastic friend Dave Byrd today and handsome son of bitch is getting married to a wonderful bride to be Lisa and a couple months and is busy planning that. He loves the show and is also an actual men's Barber's either in a men's barbershop quartet. Can you do up barbershop quartet please thanks guys up from wildcat well here's. It to movie Laura Suzanne wins. G.'s daughter on this. S television cameras he's still around Asia in the morning and afternoon. And you and I know. And it started virgin song and original face and woods in some puke for Michael's 32 trip around the sun that Freddie Mac OS yeah. That's always my husband's birthday closes in the men's or and he drives a truck delivering fish all day. And your show gets him through Wednesday and he would love to you guys to give my face sandwich and a suck it up for his 47 birthday thanks guys that from Loretta. Sandwich oh. I was Stuart CE. She just kind of attacks that you did text email or I don't but it's I think he's there was three different except like public of these re you would you do it seamlessly you just gotta like what a patent attorney. I didn't read my husband ivories Soria then he'd like nothing more than a fish sandwich big fan of both the show and the fish sandwich thank you that from time though fish sandwich. On this day my sister Erica celebrates her fortieth trip around the sun. Could she have a second up cupcake in some dirty German talk from Ted and thrill thanks guys that from Zach the mechanic from Tacoma. Yeah you'll walk into my home I would open my hunch that you say it looks like I listened with half of this time you we should celebrate have a dessert maybe a Stalin maybe market in the world. He's jumped conflict. I daddy using the birds they talked about loving wife Joni mother in my life mother my girls got to get turtle sex sari thrill. After all I am married for present this year I held surprise about bring your best friend from buffalo here I guys thanks for giving a good reason look forward to my afternoons. That from Jeff. It's bridges it's my sister releases Torre second where in leavenworth drinking. Writes in she get Ted and thrilled that talk dirty Bavarian Darren thanks guys that from Janet's. Yeah I enjoy them the very least. There into an icu ugly kiss your badge back. Young enough yeah. I'm Lisa nine million of them look so great for him I'll find you an incredible collection of bust and I confronted brother. People. Down on the assembly that. Which supported bush my beautiful wife Sharon happy birthday did you get a barber shop fish sandwich the new one please and also some dirty German doc from thriller dead regarding not wearing panties thank you guys from Thom Beers it. Movie Laura Suzanne lynch. She's a daughter on this. Nationalities and we Israelis and do RL AG in the morning and afternoon and news and and not. Are no guarantees me a look closely spaced them. Hov. Mean I love. Two passengers and hopes. So here's my dad's 41 birthday his name is Dirk Yorke from lacy. He has won yells biggest fans you're on his radio 99% of the time so he ought to give her birthday shout out that would be amazing thank you guys appreciate that from crystal another. My son daughter and I've been listening since day one things we entertainment today's my wonderful wide bank he's 43. Did you guys get her birthday song and a possible a little turtle wax with wedding puke in the Pozen thanks guys that from rob Taylor and Darren hall. Yeah. Did you. Kemp please 1006 Germans are from my husband Dan it's his 45 birthday that from Randi thanks guys we appreciated. Don't know good to see you in Germany embryo into the but truly fight with songs. Out sausages pretzels. That is. Well you're British gentlemen co worker in Lynnwood Honda's own patty mandates she's turning 52 today can you sing at a birthday song along with turtle wax without what they hills app role in the middle. Thanks guys rock gone from Travis. The right that would. You know yeah. Yeah. Hi guys here you know. It's. Okay. Yeah I didn't learn I'm not to have a. Thanks a huge failure to you May Day is the date for the men's room. Dudes just had to give you an updates after the men's room questioned the day a few weeks ago when you hope your parents never find out. Well this is for real and we actually spoke to this lovely lady and thought she called in to tell us that she was dual skateboarding or whatever and she was a the show's coming around though was a vice land oh okay. What does it mean that show its thing the big contests they have that famous skateboarding there. Decision rights and she made out with a dude yes you made out with a dude which is part of better challenger and king of the road king that's the contest. This is for real guys my fiance is mother call them like a week ago and said. She just watch the episode and are wondering why I was on TV room making out with a random dudes. See things in just a sweet shy little skaters shared. No joke how ironic I guess it just stared I think my soon to be mother in law is way worse than mom or dad anyway. But Joseph my get a kick out of that have a good day. What address did me it's funny is that Joseph just came back on myself and I liked it and only got here Tennessee all of this Sunday my wife America to Seattle for the YouTube content search can you recommend a good place that serves men's room original sausage and beer in my apartment and you have any insight for a confidence. That's a man of steel formally known as Steely Dan bub Burlington. I if you get downtown early enough you don't Pike Place Market go to at least down their throat yourself you sausage I'm not sure of the time that they close on Sunday. I'm not sure they're gonna be at century link field they are for Sanders matches but I don't know if they're gonna be their for the concert. Used to be that Jimmy's in the silverlight and our ended up being not sure about that some places get up on the menu for a little while taking off like in Iran right on paper and different stuff on the menu. We know that at least hasn't for sure and you also look at the locations at the website there KI SW duck out as far as as condiments go. I think I told my brother at soldiers and four four pounds of the herd get Pennsylvania there. And his wife is asking Harry maggots to pull on the grill and I would recommend onions and peppers and some Muster. I think that is exactly right and that's perfectly religious matters which you want but honestly bills are still sausages she is so good here yes absolutely. I get to headlines coming up one hour from now but first quick check to my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out. Your own man Arizona high to the top of the mountain this week to win a free pizza. And that's now what have you isn't short selling in an open hypothermia and had to be rescued yeah he gives streets of I don't know thriller and organize and monitor climb to the guardian for a pizza men that have been in Flagstaff in this. It says Arizona so my dad's got let's say you're already going for a hike that day are. I think that if I'm learning 1000 kids go for a hike even think hey dude. Or reboot this mound just repeats of the top ten a output when my uncle used to live and out of the box right my uncle lived enough Phoenix I go to C among the and our birthdays the the January same time they do the Phoenix Open golf to right so we got a tee time to go play up in Flagstaff because it's straight up amount. We got up there was snow. Should we couldn't tee off. We couldn't play. But meanwhile the tournaments will not included just booked a tee time in Phoenix would've been fun I'm assuming that that is amount that they climbs up when they get they get smacked with snow at. According to a new study the most expensive state delivered as Hawaii and achieve it the Mississippi. You know I mean since they Rhode they are with the Hawaii wants and the cost of everything is astronaut it is that I had to make you quit milk. They have been great everything man does drink ocean water and he Mississippi's cheap but there's no job tonight I just miles I don't Morin bu I submit to say 2012. Baltimore Ravens made to the Super Bowl they plated war games the price of hotels in the world with ridiculous. Miles Mosul some place in Mississippi right. Most of Mississippi is exactly would you take Mississippi would be but I will say this one thing is feasible one it was a Biloxi. Several items about mcdonalds every night. The best for Donald but beyond that man they recommend some seafood place and I'm telling you we both agree and that's the bold statement does Mississippi is the the or office of the book of America but. This seafood joint was so good we have considered flying back I'm Steve god just to sit down and needless. What's it add and edit every week due to McDonald's is better than everywhere else everything taste the food is just 100% none of that I can't I don't now to poll. It's into the fox did not say when I went in Knoxville Tennessee to meet with the same kind of thing might be the food and countless school but like the cab drivers apart like they were like where you from like. Seattle's again they like please come back. But already crowded visitors like like they need tourist dollars I thought his comeback for her I that is a new study found growing up but the only doubt can make you Marcel place. And did give me the effort no I probably should given out at what they aspect manual. Medical care more because they've had enough of it does only child people are always think now it's insane to think yeah had to do a study to prove it to. Self -- Alvarez that are that are critical moment though herself until all the wanna look I don't know all right man as you know no siblings and no dog no one loved at all but the parents say Murray man has a lot because of you they didn't have another candidate without military does ours is I was have you in the jackass you were they decided to stop right they're not have a diligence that's why if I had been more the barber the oldest my brother when Nevada and I'll be there. According to a news yeah at Atlanta to Paris doesn't like it at I didn't bookmark birds are tricked into believing they did were go to. So they're like let's do it again and that they had me in my mother would if you were born first you have been and always judge that's why they give you our only job there after you do it no more no more. No loss. According to a new survey a third of Americans eat fast food at least once a week. 47% eat meat every single day and 70% wouldn't even be willing to have one vegetarian meal week. Now I. I the nets a vegetarian meal could still be a piece of lasagna. OK let me in the Brent what kind of vegetarian I pray. Just we don't meet I don't have to eat meat all the time but I will not eat vegetables or you have let's. It'll probably registered it was grounded again that spinach and it just into the building I likes well and Eisner's show he's on your I mean if it's into it holds an understandable one but connect. I don't Mikey you're right it's big and stuff but it's it's amply that study was just about vegetarian. And yet I think beyond yourself look. And finally E. A. SPORTS has revealed a player on their cover of their mad and eighteen. Greatest of all time additions and it was a I'll tell he'll battle I know Craig now. I've done a one hour from now thank you my god we appreciate also still to come the drug charge Ryan castle is in for bad Joseph Friday goes bad jokes ready to go dual six core two and rocky good email the bad jokes. To the men's room Edmonds or live dot com takes the bad jokes to 77999. Hands and into us on Twitter at men's room live the first to think we need to go back in time to the last time we played did vs the FCC. So we could as the back intact. Yeah and woo I'm being frank trunks are freshly plucked buying pheasant feathers by night. Fran walks that presidents for franks fine pleasant. Doesn't fit their truck. But Fran is in lock soon Fran won't have to shift in talk while driving francs freshly plucked pheasant feather trapped doesn't act. Friday French trucks freshly plucked bind doesn't banished by night Fran plucks the presents for friends find pheasant feather truck. But Franzen luck soon Fran don't have to shifted trick or truck while driving francs freshly plucked pheasant feather trapped. One by de crypt trucks freshly plucked 5000 battered by night brand plus the president for friends and vice president for other truck but so frank have been locked. So Fran won't have to shift the truck while driving bread freshly plucked I think that they're trying to do my day frank trucks freshly plucked 5000 dollars. By night brand plots that the president for friends find better than my other truck. But credit deadlock through prayer don't have to ship the truck while driving friends freshly plowed. I. That was hard last week Paula do is let's do the man. Need time. Whose three. 140 by. Your job bowl win. This time record ahead but this is the FCC. Yeah that's fine. It is still 325000. Dollars a big change that. Don't know I was trying to research that earlier this morning right who we were Visio drawing off by Florida honest to god my hello today I fell asleep and I do you know preserved computers Gruner prolong my black blue and writing rhymes and anything over 55 dollars falls into the category. Cannot pay him anyway so it really does matter but you have to 55 now. Did you find a crusty thing let's jump back your cast was ever municipal okay lets us keep them sorted out. The street and build up like numbers blue liquid equivalent of hand and that is black fluid as an assistant fits into that. The thing from people who don't we give it was a great Ryan Reynolds last night but fellow mole becoming a regular Brevard good buddies are jolly just to find only now. Now he loves challenges a little over Clinton vs the FCC. And now this wig goes something like this. Sherry Joseph the bimbo loves very terrible. But she got dissed him Bobby laid it would jock Clark rubbed his crock clock rub that lunch cuts country crock clock jock. Unique New York unique New York. I'm really I'm just. Yet say that wants them through and then three times fast that's going into. Vs the FCC Joseph has so much spare time does he does. This one policy from the south username machinery GO Sharon Jones and Sherry Joseph the bimbo loves Barry harbor. But she does not get disembodied elated. When jock Clark rubbed his crock clock. Rub all. President. I don't think I. Yeah ever blew it all all of her I don't think ordinary happened. That is the history of Ted verses yes he's young while not even sure what to do right now I'm not everybody that quickly little regular back is there a journey there all here's the peanut gallery hair club a Catholic or that really we give him another week yeah yeah nor. We have got we have got into the Reiman million. Techno the judges the judges of OK yeah what happens everybody got a little extra hated it happened early but if you load on the second. Time with the silhouette are usually I take you to dinner you're docs. Are brought it flops there forever practice on time through three times fast. I think sick Egypt and sharing sharing each borrow. Jay Joseph the bimbo loves very hard broke. But she does not did disk and Bobby defeated. And jock Clark rubbed his crop Clark. Wrote that blunt cuts country. Crock clock Jack Clark unique you couldn't meet ordered unique Mueller does very Joseph the bimbo loves very ever. But she did not too distant populated. When Jack Clark rubbed his crack clock to run bad blood got country crock pot shots aren't that beauty can let me. Should do the Pope Pope very car broke the chief hinted this conducted by the elated when jock Clark rubbed his crock clock. But that was cut country crock blackjack luck unique New York duty New York. Sherry Joseph a bit well I'm very narrow but she did just your body elated when jock Clark rubbed his clock clock run bad blood drop country. I think. Did you. Okay. A blue is unbelievable and they added. Jose cordial unlocked and those guys don't like what nine at nine a nine. KI SW says the 77999. Hits in those bad jokes to the bedroom. At men's or live dot com unbelievable we will take a break the drug charge ride dazzle picks up bad joke running neck. This he's the me. Point nine. But I don't think we're joined rocket isn't as bad jokes on Twitter events are live takes them 77999. Hanson to the emails. As the men's remembers lives outside edge of trying to rob Dubai parity is a silly companies be as being grabbed a setup brother and the first to ensure that. Scheduled Friday last for generations to come. We first must bring you these rules. This is the official men's room that joke Friday rules. Bad joke is a bad. Necessarily. Dirty joke for instance a guy walked into a block. You know how that. We all know about the man from Nantucket. What he can do so bad joke is a bad joke. Not necessarily happens at one I mean we all know that Jews don't Hollywood. And what's better than winning gold medal at the Special Olympics. Just keep these simple rules in mind before you go. Do good. What do you call a woman who knows where her husband is all the time a woman who knows where her husband is all the time way to. Hopefully widowed dad. Plaza Bhutto's turnout and a point nine KI SW Seattle. Miles and any nine point oh OK okay. I ain't got you by charities so again these be as big brown jug that an away league on a bad joke trash day hello. Brian welcome to bad joke Friday. Or even heard yeah. Roberto. And say that again. People would Roberto what you call a guy with a rubber so look. Number I don't. Bear terrorize. Rebecca. Hello radical Russian welcome to the bedroom. Mood gripping and remove it or not. Oh. You're there one bit what people Russian people live their life Fulham beat Florida they get here. How did the rush to be able turn lights on before they had candles. Near it now. New electorate who can. Multiple. Home. What you'll later visited I think things are bad. Hello hello uncle and I hate. Hello and welcome the beds are Bremen. Make America great again incursion would it created jobs. Barbara Barbara why Warren go to a homosexual man or. Why should a key on that never go duo homosexual. Man barbecue wise. That was not did you come. Right now so you have the the takes joke. The Joseph were you give us the senate unfortunately. The punch line is not suitable for these or any other Airways but if we he would like the that extent that the plus side I get it is sex the were joked. 277999. Hi I've forgotten. That are you know. Wide as the third wise circumcision doctor's story. I. Yeah. Yeah. Six yelled to Simpson mad men. All right we did you tack.