05-12-17 Seg 4 Mens Room shows love for Mom

Friday, May 12th

Shot of the Day, Bad Choice Friday, TV Time with Ted has clips from Jimmy Fallon and a new Theme Song Challenge! Plus Headlines and Taryn Daly takes us into the weekend


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So bloody okay. Deserves to be ready. Men's room knows just. Last. Pretty this usually had considering death dance fever throwing vilified out nortel's to. Yes indeed and today we chose 36 year old charity Flores of Q at Washington believe you brought her earlier in the week but. I'm not saying that charity is all ago. With charity. She don't want case in point she and her partner who do not believe she knew previous to this recently arrested for having sex. And a parking lot. Of an open Mexican restaurant. And broad daylight. Obviously all of the patriot and people walking by people driving by well someone called the cops and by the time the police arrived. The sexual tryst itself was over. When a witness did point out that the guy getting on the most was one of the participants and woman walking down the street who were operating today charity. Was the other person who's involved in the sex and she was arrested she was taken into custody without incident except for the part. Where she flashed the officers out of your baggage in the temperature don't know she flashed her bottom bits. But the reason we're closing years because of horrible things she did upon flashing. Her vagina to police officer was then. Remove a dandelion from inside that. Room. She had a dandelion. In her vagina spring fresh spring. I just never heard so got one but I'm not sure area was at this. You say at. Wasn't it to a at brown and the lion iron sorry Donna would she listen our bridges Lester if the candidates have a tough document that. And we were those boos that we're very does booze because we as they did you don't match. So all of the tongue in bonuses. For two party in our Tommy's. I don't know a whole lot as time. That's a bad choice Friday we're back in time to nineteen and 99 this day for a double platinum album from smash mouth that featured bill walking on the sun why can't we be friends of a double clad in the state. Bush you Manning. And that they're gone they album going gold in 1973. The man known as the OJ's the album. Back stab yours featuring their number one hit love train going Golden State did how it was a vote. Close it looks very close again okay. A small percentage points here. This one song and won with 51%. And that means the other people had 49% of caring and I am a believer. That's rationale is not an all star because EO Jason. Bob O'Brien and wow day going back to 1973. On your winner on a bad choice Friday bids is welcome to the weekend is miles through the man's dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle. Nine point nine. K I don't know undergone act on the rock him and our winner on a bad choice Friday when a Steve Harvey's favorite songs like he picked that you from 1973. From the cut her soulful sounds of Philadelphia the OJ's. And your winner not a bad choice Friday. With love train I was clearly got dozen baseball on the weekend's playoff action as well take a break and I would everything over the weekend with TB tablets at next. We weren't trying to stall or anything but yeah. Point nine KI SW. My gosh headlines all know I have a first for the all the TV news all the time it is time for TV time what did. Because you're pathetic life is confined to countless hours in front of a talking box. Presidency. We took a dad brought you back so many thousands of good shows and movies instantly. Critics ready on him anytime anywhere it's ready to future also yeah. Give a call went ahead and accidentally when a hundred sanity. So advertising season on the list. Follow. Up is probably a bigger enemy to try to guide to little harder to notice did you do Lone Ranger. I don't think the government chest. I don't you about this the first time when my chest could get into a (%expletive) so it would set instrument called review brought along the war broad home your stomach to be like this shouldn't I don't know why after the presidential and they are the hottest Oscar. And Lucien liberals play inside look at them. I thought love on the ground daddies get a natural one brother on the spoons. Eighth I'm miles even having fun last couple days I got a lot of sorrow and Korea. Again this is a a TV show. Theme song OK all right. I don't really have a lot of hints on this one I'm it's just kind of you use it after gasses are. And Harry. Inside the weather channel on high sounds like he fives sounds like she hit some brain exactly that's pretty close to the it was a big cash to auction from. What's that action or a good it was daytime talk show. You're big hint will be that I think you need you both have admitted we've gone through the phases of watching this one ran generally seem more like mom to watch it okay. Wounded. I was trying to work in general now general stuff fear it. Is general hospital. A guy you know what general hospital I had no idea yeah that's well here's the Phoenix everybody did it get a few times but that line. I've stayed the same story the horses still came. Thank you yeah. Size of the group and duplex. And at a Saddam did things look so I would do about the drummer and how are gonna stick to format from some of the know about it. I don't like said installed Lama another fifteen. Come I go here's Mike your breath we're on why does give them a whole lot of power. Highly fifteen is still luxurious yeah it is there's an extra toilet paper everywhere that is truly nice man is the one due to comes up and keeps up who put on our floor. Floors and again. Now wanna this woman asked him to stop them we like you know on our breath and it's not great how you're gonna have appearing to put some money to. Exactly this pistol papers of his chief room tunnel to doing your form. That's a thirty mister B today we heard the general hospital in Atlanta for me color sex. Jail they run the ball I would know better. Save time that's great so like the weather channel and I have fifty filed. Partly cloudy that's a whopping 60% humidity could be waving. Your local on the news and you do kind of an hour. Coming up tornado interview Kansas I call up. And hurricanes get ready it's ready to hit the golf. Now back to now your local weather. You're probably wondering located why general hospital right block because general hospital has produced many stars. Now have they ever produced. A politician. You I don't know who Jimmy Kimmel has some news. On the act. Yeah I know it's a little early to start talking about 20/20 but there's a major new figure on the political scene out here in California. And his name is Antonio Sabato junior that's right actor. Model and dancing star Antonio Sabato junior is running for congress. Please hold your applause. Running in the 26 congressional district. 26 is also one place he came on Dancing With The Stars. Claude Antonio Sabato junior from putting his. Nonexistent acting career on hold to make this country a better. Number one just a fun name to say. It is well known social bubble won't what was he. From before that he was a general hospital betting that three got kind of famous for in Mike I wanna say like 93 to like 2000 or something I think even Sabato junior left. But he is such a popular character brought back keep. Probably died in the A you know he crawled out of a jungles of used to go oh my god he's caught he didn't die over the cliff that Euro well and Mike with Minnesota plane crash in Arizona but he certainly go to the jungle. Mike was asking me like who is Ian I basically said no offense mr. Sabato junior I think he's kind of a poor man's Mario Lopez. Okay right like usually their bull lake is just because I don't know it's about a junior has a show he's hosting whenever they both but I like Dancing With The Stars are both like extreme you're looking dudes. But I think it's you know others still around. Stream good look he's still lesser of the Antonio Banderas being at yeah yeah that happens. You know I Antonio Mendez what is facing you with subjects. Padilla Brooklyn actually went in until it would at least know okay now all right I used to work with a girl gorgeous gorgeous woman and we were friends. But she was from Brooklyn and there's is somebody every time she spoke. It drove it great. It made you one thing to indict it usually god what what is the when Antonio Brown on Dancing With The Stars. President of the steelers' depth with the victim number there's another is that what Jews still kind boredom and about a killer series that the Jerry right now and they're Emmitt Smith. Did you handle Antonio Sabato junior so he doesn't have to worry about athletes. You know he's just worried about where he zombie actors charts eventually look at loan. It just such an exact name. Not his engineer maybe should named your dog that Antonio Sabato junior had thought. It is LA that that's all I guess in a senior and Larry makes a more sophisticated and are and thus the Larry about the Sudanese yet. I don't cut out the middleman he's got my dog by eight. About notch not joked I got a bad call oh I was a macho macho dog. Mine. Yup. I'm. The man did you you know it's funny. That's the girl's idea to call a matchup and then when I get this dog collar Nazis the man you are not a good government guy they're married a lot of cheese. Or you'll agree with you thought about that. This goes meticulous. Prefer prefer for it. Since this man now you're no dog home range Chile. Lets you guys played your part before I get of course Ike. So he ever played beer pong. Specifically generally this happened to me when I was psychology you know college places sometimes the other team will have some girls right. And what I think they'll do is trying to flash their cleavage Jack you were pushed him up so that you miss the shot right when these guys that this happened. No really not throw no. Yeah editor. Know now -- me now. This is a common thing. I thought it Wallace who was loud blonde the blonde who are doing as let's say I guess I'm thinking of right generally claiming it's one of big threat. Yet that would actually applicants won't resident you understand that we don't we don't we don't we don't we know that the same people don't flock to us. Yet give a very specific. Group of people that you surround yourself with. I try to. So I'm glad you brought up bonds is good groups and that's the whole thing here yeah how Marlins man. You might know him he's a Marlins fan it's a rich. The sixty year old dude who runs a law firm he shows up only supported events. So he had he brings a piece checks with a now he's so super loaded. So the one girl basically tried to get the pitchers distraction she's very behind home plate flashing her proves that you gave an interview about the I. It's a little bit but I got a hole in the bro I'm. Seeing a car you heard it with our backup. He did know that the Marlins team actually tweeted the Marlins mad and said please tell her. Don't do this again yeah. Everyone wants to know if you go back to another game. Would you do it again. And what about her that would your dad have to say my eight. Out what are. Little hard to those inside edition to the harsh go right after like would you dads say. Well that's what they do kinda odd you wanna see the video which you do and how that's at the Chesapeake fates lucrative out. I mean MRI exam credit he's he's he's got a map there yeah yeah. I I now. He's a professional pitcher though at the little higher level than say meet meet claim beer pong little Britain via that's why he wasn't stressed. And if you go down to any Major League Baseball game those. Those type of attention seekers are all over the place trying to get the attention of the players and yeah more so than well I do them on the field. I will say this whether it's basketball. Baseball I don't know about and a focus frankly I never been on NFL sideline. But I can tell you that played baseball and basketball seemed to be the high gas or should we can get courtside seats immediately right behind home plate so there's there's like multiple access to them. But whenever you sit in the loose seats and they're so expensive like you do nosy Saturday that the people discussed in the world and even if it's crazy. But when you moved to a rich neighbor our visit average neighborhood. There's much a hot checks. And I said that get out of my mouth please have my family moved to some rich. A little Minor League Baseball game of the Beason talent there and go to a Major League Baseball game there's talent ever do I look the bull riding. They knew I lake I was at a bar once just up and effort and there have the bull riding it was a poorly Sacha exit here with the Ratner in there and don't you just. I hate. You know you have all boots. Well I don't own cowboy boots that one of those people. Mother's Day around the corner. Coming up people forget about it I will remind everybody you got to at least call you mom. If you're gonna see here yet maybe a card Lisa flowers. May be a brunch that's what I would deal brunch brunch brunch brunch brunch bunch it up. My mom got a robe. Writes that she's retired U bunch amount of rope well here is my wife's idea great idea that it's Glenn room because boy right or is get a little. O Leo I say finally go to Maria and now I'm happy I bought my mama robe before twosome ledger on my team okay cool team broke yet the man at the one for myself which get. I don't know of those you reform act. Someplace that delivers the middle of nowhere west Virginian enough time to get their for Melissa thank god nice. The I at this point I call my mom and get paid XM CI a by dinner. But a nice dinner away you know something it's. But either way some people have some funny mom quotes and on the Twitter machine yourself. So now I've got a kiss on my favorite mom quotes from you guys Syria this Christmas from that Marty chatter. He says my mum is forgets movie titles of favorite movies you've got now lets her college you have Internet. Plus remember cal 1101. She says instead of L well my mama tax. OTH was a corners centric co that's news. How. Hi I'm Diane good news. As well as from Madelaine and gender and she says my mommy still whistle and old men and public when they turn she dummies they stopped. Pretty good there. Was watching that Kate mobilize seventeen she says. My arms and let me tell your brother he's just out what the Playboy he was seven she made a game bush. Just playing for the articles. This wasn't at the lord has spoke. Please and I. Because during of Obama doesn't say a few kids in cost so much like the drink wine they can out of a bottle they. Remember when I was a kid right lately I'm almost had to work patent so we haven't babysitters it's up generally go to their house. In this one family. Play. In my dad drink beer and honest in front. But I am from her in the eighty. I had it doesn't matter what branded is that there is a cheap wine you can buy it comes you know and jug for her death but. As a kid I had never seen anybody really drinking wine and America on our mom like you healthy team mrs. what's her name is sleek. We went to the drive through it's like three gallons of wine counties super trips into the there's never. Answer. To these wine jugs have a handle and just a little. It it it it it. But we used Imus who healed now. Yet as it gives you the jug ms. Miller knows that I'm Greek debt loans of one yet from Paul earnest in June when fifty people and they drew a line. You guys heard about American Idol. ABC bought that so there is a big rumor going around a Kelly Clarkson who was the first idol winner at browser. Was going to be one of the Hoechst. But actually Kelly pulled a fast wanna Ole Joseph is gonna be a coach on the voice move. Not American I don't who. Yeah out of it's that big of a deal they probably should probably just got more money from the movies like you should've asked her first reason pushed no offense. But if you offered me a job to work with Adam Levine and Blake Shelton I take it I know you would yeah. That may not give it to add a budget we must always thought his job and yeah I'm like I'm gonna go down and vision and somebody else that's. Just. Something else as compliments. I could have cut back our tax cuts GOP ticket if I don't act while this club display from. I it is my. That the reg B did not pay. You know what I'm angry be you know it is. An expert and trying. Her. You know of files and he really doesn't loosely and. Obama. I have driven a lot of people that wouldn't. Kelli arena she's gonna be on the spring Turkish and and then Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus will be back in the fall. You know once. Yeah Cameron. I think Jennifer. There Miley Cyrus Lucas. All the above the pick up this other sticks out like I like Adam Levine and Blake Shelton I just don't care who else comes on the ground and nobody wants to devolution that yeah that's fair. I would what do the last kind of networks or. Entertainment based place that you think would get into zombies. There indie kids. Yeah. Disney junior Disney telethon or they can make money off of it yeah. Other Disney Channel is making a movie called zombies complete with song and dance numbers on takes place at a suburban high school where students have to learn to code zest. With their new transfer six students from zombie town. Wow. I have it and probably a don't have an. Probably radicals on a school mail all had to go to one school to get ought to demand zombies don't pay much money they build a big high school now on the counting they take a little shut them down Americans together well Disney's call on a quote inspirational story about tolerance inclusion. Individuality. And conviction. Did people get a veteran. Here's the bottom line I can get all the and eat your brain injured but glamorous Star Trek was famous right because it was like an outer space and you could have or interracial kiss of the Savannah at the belfry data but really there really out of it. They did. Shatner had made out with him and glad it's like to buy green bitches all got the things you just over the place. This blast what do you think go look and I held the catcher to pace the ashy and below what what is the bullying the you do to a us army that would make me gaelic you know what some of these are people too. We come to find compassion I think I'd pictured a zombie crying and in its like you know I am dead but I am not dead in sight. Well understand the Brohm as you keep eating people's brains that was actually really good should be a right that does want. The audio. Are they inside and I don't think I I am did on the inside to just be guys today that I have outside my feelings still. Even on dead at both places. Don't care. Feelings aren't I don't have a whole studio mourns her only with a feeling section of the body is located Nazi that you don't have that you begin on the inside on the outside so appealing things went south when he opens loans were there for lunch giving putting when you have brains. Outrageous. Your principal are always eaten marais and Uga brave. New York brings subordinate to a tree you. How did you Omar vegetables from number one dollar offer a Snickers. And all right did you TVs that have a good weekend and now now for the subtle sense my cock. It's Sunday it's. Yes there's Mike Cox. I'm Josh Wright and ID E. A. SPORTS and revealed the cover of their latest Madden game. Matt and eighteen the greatest of all time additional feature patriots quarterback Tom Brady camera on the matter who was on the year before we remember that the demand curves live manly men eighteen was Rob Brown at seventeen with Rob Gronkowski okay well in the curse is still. Not anymore it's Tom Brady is day four game theory put out a little bridge down by our liberty Boyd's and that was Super Bowl does lead our dog Bradie. If I remember correctly Earl Thomas and in his his year. Richard Sherman would feel from the moment they know Earl Thomas that it's a drunken knocked him. All our hi all I know that person as far as occurs goes right he got hurt it in played pretty soon got some Lori I agree I agree with both of I agree with you the man uncle Curtis is real I also agree with thrilled that none of that matters for your viewing time free yet. And I met and danger I'm related to our stomach yeah I've been touted Obama's gonna add its operating and to get her Tom Brady get even have the curse instill Windiz. Our big curse dolce needle men cutters mammoth. My hair burst into flames debuted doesn't kill me about your relatives are Bolton who like maybe not playing for did Belichick ambulance. We've accounted for the Kerschner. And there was no different than and Tom knows what to do. I'm vermonters Obama both. Are at a around the world and we got a New Jersey where a woman had a quote river of feces erupts from a toilet every sewage pipe ruptured and sewage flowed down a hill that she lives at the bottom of and into our home because it was an urge New Jersey though in discover Ford is to know what smelled a threat and even know yeah I think it just smells like Thursday and somebody's spray for breeds. So from what I understand this this might float up this hill toward the top of it ruptured which create you know would create a vacuum that pressure in just. All when you hold all doing sewage inner load ride into our guys are Niagara Falls it was a would come on up and out of her toilet and it flooded her base of them Nancy. Down and organically agility for a pair of men that intentionally got into an accident with a woman and robbed her when she got out to exchange information. As you never information honour at the time of the accidents have yet them followers eventually get it from home. She changed her mind at bat halfway home and then led them into the parking lot of the hotel instead of her house and that's where Al one of the two grabbed her while the other store and I've over. Are now this is I read that somebody else's sadness until Lewis famous that was the wife of a camera what their driving a miles around it's the idea is the car comes up and bombs you in the back. Can not necessarily bad enough to do any damage but enough three have to pull over and go to your right you hit me deal. So when a person gets out of the car or whatever the idealism when you're exchanging these insurance or however is the point we determine standstill that car. Basically they steal the car moving to the idea of that is just get car and. Moment on agenda that apple watch has the ability to save your life. As an algorithm inside of it part how to get people via paired cliff artificial intelligence. Thank you detect atrial fibrillation an ailment that affects nearly three million people in the United States. You know they were they when they came out with a watch they knew it's going to be able to do a lot of different health things eventually Julianna. But it still the matter I mean. With that bit and everything else people that really. Take into consideration some of the differences on that thing but right I still don't know could be significant and I was backing it's it's been the apple watch and I was trying to find something that stuck out about it that made mead. Pull the trigger that that direction. The White House administration has conducted a six week sweep of suspected gang members threat the US and has resulted in the arrest of 1378. People. 1093 which have been confirmed as gang members or affiliates. And high school in North Carolina party tell man with the tattoos and the match and float and if if if if if our high school in North Carolina has confiscated all the your books after one student shows a quote of the school feels an appropriate. The student shows a quote from a sitting president Donald Trump the globe being quote build that wall. To build that wall so now wall. I think mr. Zoellick confiscated all the yearbooks from their from the guys and finally a group a battle borders loans helped get it's up to the south Kara. That down a group of had a borders along the south California children done the same place but a helicopter up above them and we're stunned when they heard quote. You are paddle boarding next to approximately fifteen great white sharks pats comforts you think. Don't worry we article to shorten your revenge and needless to say there is that the water in a calm and orderly fashion that they had it tonight what that might. Heard zero take a regularly Derek Daley joins us right after the money. Now that's just the men's room fund 99.9. JE IU SW overturned Toyota and Aaron Arianna you know it's been a day. Try to give us a preview here of the Terrance Dailey recreation god will we be reading about next week what is what is on tap for the weekend. Well I have to say that I'm very excited my dad's band is playing tomorrow night's game if he's lazy plays Janice easily to the aren't these good dance music a go out I'm gonna take you there the other and that's what you wanna see an idol I'm an Odyssey to and that is gonna have to be this cold Jeep that you. My mom my mom gives had a hard time on time from general internal. Ted shake. Right do it right as a make it work moto CNN is the name of the band they're playing at Oxford saloon in snohomish Oca which is also harmed. Vote away super cool what is the oh what is this getting on that apparently either was like a there was some sort of an altercation outside and bar back in the day involving I think it was a police officer Lou and I believe the police officer was king cold. And he is ghost haunts the Oxford I know I Bronfman and birdies are about what I have heard. It's a fun time and I've been up there boxer is great in that they have like there's like a downstairs and upstairs in my dad's been will be playing in the upstairs. So it's fantastic and Jack Daniels on tap. Come on sunny of course it is Mother's Day is. Mom had a Obama among most of drinkers so I'm sure like in the morning or did you inherit the dogs from Saturday night. My mom loves smoke and we've with me that's the issue is gonna miss it is just so far away and should be toughened up and comment at all. I always tells their so long as we've I don't know if you go to church. I got a minimum amount of resiliency and I would do that Ted do I don't know exactly. We turn now and then that is where I hear entirely again we will they get on a Monday liar out over the weekend. If you haven't you dig up some delicious men's or Letterman German sausage and believe ruled themselves. But your mom's a midterm red sauces she can be used to go over to look for let's argue. But please do that enjoy your Mother's Day mothers were back Monday until then please would you do Mets and relieve the six. The man beautiful. The men's room has been taken before a live studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by Manchester limited the presentation knows the mantra. Radio network.