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Somebody else. Deserves to be ready. Who it is slightly. Last. Still ahead did it right to ask Nancy withdraw vilified out nortel's yes indeed today we chose Jermaine able Stein. Of New York City and New York I'm in case you don't know New York's suitors he is the free hugs guy. In times where you are about his got a gimmick in Times Square ray got naked cowboy he is the free. Hugs well he's doing court. After attacking a Taurus which he didn't give him a tip. Because apparently it's not free but this is how went back out. Now is opened see toting a cardboard sign around Times Square offering free hugs about the two wanna strain premier said it hugged. But last week. He jumped into a picture of guys are photo Obama picture of 22 year old Canadian woman who's there visiting. And any hugged her and then demanded five dollars solution and that ask for an show before law gives her that free hugs he demands five dollars. Well thing is she's like on. Obviously want to do that so even attacked her when she wouldn't hand over the cash punched her in the face. He ran off the victim took a photo was evidence showed it to the police. Should not to take photos evidence because he had total mama pictures you'd already taken anyway they found him in the area. He faces charges of attempted robbery in fraudulent costing now here's thing. This dude. He's been arrested multiple times prior. Several of them for the exact same type of and so basically discusses free hugs here you are trying to take a picture he photo by engine and it takes you down for Bubba. And he's on the so many times a couple of yet we we analysis we know hug life. Is trying to squeeze in cash out of people. As good a three hug me and punches and facing good thought but city and asked for his cabinet for sure I'll take you up on that freak out and recruited jump depiction that yoga public snapped the I had never hugs are very good either tomorrow about that dreaded knock you wall Wanda what part of behind his compassion. And feeling. Could empathy for the other person's body issue and brace to say capital slowed him and the Gore's got a hug do it the worst and hope you don't make a play on hugs. I bit closer and it was really hot this. Report the boos every drink this booze because we think it's CMA act so over the tongue and down the throw to party in our Tommy's dad and I'll routers are not. That story brought you by the folks it's no Kwame tobacco and liquor company. Now Matt Joyce try to win back to 1989. It's duty series weekend so why announce but that was a different kind of song then cool in the gang don't get down on it how they get to. Yeah. And when August 2 from 2000 from a Cisco known as the Thong song as that tune today would go some five. Times platinum so we have Cisco against cool in the gang tin house the vote. No not that close on this one there is they had decided winner here and I mean it can be a whale's tail. It could be just the underwear you prefer open at the end of the day nobody wants your dog man. There aren't at all Angel get ahead or did you actually yeah yeah oh yeah out of Matt Joyce drive this is looking into the weekend here is your winner out of bed Joyce try to that would be cool in the gang from 1989. And get down on it serious miles to the men's dramatic nine point nine KI SW. Well the weekend. Or more miles and. Many nine point nine OK I guess double. It's a bulging out of Iraq. Plus. I just all hopeful he'd remember we were joking around about that video yesterday about that Kevin the goat don't know if I would have enough so it's a very funny video not safe for work if you don't watch it alleges right language yes bright but there's one curse words he uses over and over and so I just can pull of Kevin the goat in the first comes up is Kevin and a. Oh I bet I'd name the British benefit of the video evidence that while. I tell you senator that's out over the weekend but the angels gunned down measure mariners begin near series tonight with LA also with us we have all what playoff poorly as far as NBA and NHL. Hockey are concerned prevails take recommend a TV Teva did next. The man. Point nine KI SW okay do better. Saturn's on the road you've got playoffs in the NBA and NHL also the players championship is taking place turning out several TV time of day. Then I realized. Inclined to countless hours in front of a talking box and it hadn't been through presents. Do you tablet there. By and I think he hit thousands of good shows and movies instantly limits that any undermanned at any time anywhere trinity the future boss. I don't colony and exiting 1800 X in it and read no. Red column. Last night I went out and watch day several a lot of fuel everybody is Adobe Adobe. Right sure that's like the the top dog when it comes a wrestling so they have like a minor league system. Which is an XT. And you know some of the wrestlers on the roster now on WB come through there you've seen them. Kevin Joseph and Susie is pretty big wanna miss a match. So last night they were in town man now look I can't lie to that I'm not a lot he wrestling people I don't watch a ton. Of an exe stuff I don't have the network and I. But they were in town and they were doing a show at the Paramount and I went to it what makes is he loves Russell and by the way he is out got a wrestling champs. When I had to take so many pictures of him and people just don't think it did unfortunately I felt that would that would imply they knew who I was. Everybody should be militants then maybe usually mean gene makes it. Maybe that date you do you might take it out got a picture you guys terror. But I saw an XT last night for the first time over at the Paramount and it was also. Like it's just it's a little more. Like giant dudes seem like a little more like athletic schism in this in that time. I didn't know what is the difference between say that I wrestle very briefly in high school does a freshman year. But like that wrestling NW delete users when got a tag team whose last name is cable. So I and I said is he related sleeping gable avoid the feigned you know feeble grip there it's like. I don't know. That finally the Kennedy and I and it comes up from Iowa dude that's like. I was like that is a question I had wrestling thing that ever played wrestled but two different animals right your short ones entertainment one's real wrestler. The minute an XT show was awesome. I was I was blown away by and then that was the first time they'd been in Seattle. So they come back I highly recommend you check it out so just cool. Stephen good seats that we were sit on the stage the pair you know my evil he's got important is that god there may yet he's he is the weird thing was. Like that would take a picture from the security guards and Euro. Doesn't look to take pictures and then we were here and see a new video right click aren't welcome to the video. Sometimes somebody would hold their camera to like take a picture. He would come over like so quick could be like but it never take admit it's like I'm just taken pixelated. Takes the second frame yeah and then I heard him say three times people love Blake don't test me. Well hasn't it. How many brow. Relaxed and really high minor league wrestling it's almost sold out. It's okay you're not that you're not gonna see like a clean that mess here you know unity like easy easy because you're not you're not given up the game yeah. Yeah as a let on I think he loosened a couple of but it just like also like physically it's very least you can't hold up but can't even can't reproach. It just like snap a pick Julie Brenda safe at second you know any Mike plus these guys are doing legitimate stuff. Yeah man plus is some of Omar attractive Alexis what's woman as a very nice but. But postal miles it's earlier there's a there's a girl it's like that John scene of an XT earnings Bailey earnings announcement. Yeah she can wrap it thousand new a bit insulting as she hugged people and stuff which everybody else. Let's let the short shorts just weird short she's like John scene and the fact that wake she's great to be kids. These are all American right over everybody loves her. So it was these matches are going on this'll shocks you but I choose not to cheer for Bailey. I like the whole hunting culture but I'm cheering for the blonde with a ghetto booty right now that you yeah. So like the Alexa we are really independently right talent pool and really look at. So then the match ends Daley wins Billy does have the the sock puppets you see outside I've got a gun which erodes the yeah. What you call a Sasha walk around yeah so I respect that part of her game into a sudden people. So afterwards Bailey comes by and she specifically they were in the second relate peaks in the crowd to say something in these two people next to me there where daily show it. And potential miles I lean over and go on looks like you tickets paid himself from that. And that's kind of like yeah. And then later on something else after friends and make an idea man you guys what do you make played big fans action erosion and guys like yeah. Right so like things are happening thankfully I didn't say anything disparaging about ours I found out to sit next our fans know he is okay. Haven't you your second ropes you're right mouth you're right now of the fronts improves super programs. Yes they are. But either way great product Mann act. Alice I think it I think they should. And I know there network probably needs programming in the get a bill the shows and all that stuff and and I knows Tim bucks a month or whatever cost to get that I think they should can kind of considered that stuff for more of a Monday night brawl type deal where they. Give that a primetime slot you know see you see the up and comers and then make it more of bringing back some of the in a weird way kennel like. Bring back some of the older wrestlers that maybe not to mentor but just actually they can fight those guys to. We'll now that's the problem that's why I like that so much better is all managers such as managers a lot of them are kind of like underground but like. Like an issue I have with the WWE now just some of the people that have been around forever just like all right enough for a get rid of well there draw there wouldn't be there eventually get rid of those people if they did not make the money you're probably kick him out you know again. Yeah or away from the drop and then bomb whatever system that. It's it's. OK to play for dog the mounting Saturday just in his mind advantage throughout the hawks. Yeah but I think that was cool and it was Leslie giant just mass of people very athletic I'm very athletic dude so. All right now let's get on some other sports you you know on the caps fan watching capital San entirely on the biggest fan of the playoff sub onboard or Jaret Wright who should be pulled the keynote growing up in the DC area is the caps lose in the play some of them that's what they deal with. They don't know when I was a child. My nephews now eleven he knows the heartache of the pact. It's a thing when you grow up in my family you except the mail in football will be bad. You know the capsule so hot field perturbed basketball your basketball you wait folklore and when that across. And jealousy and shore but it remind families baseball greats of the heat across to people aren't. That most people Hitler crossed people debt. This. Doesn't say it's like nobody cared about the the NBA or whatever but that those are gotta think in Asia now they have the nationalist your euros but you're used to the single collapsed it's always the caps right into a hot goaltender this event. Today's news anchor on AM local channel in DC he does now keep in mind this is right after the caps have been eliminated once again by the penguins. So basically which you'll hear is him having no idea a couple drinks and in the silence is. It just in drinking. Good morning everyone and welcome to Geico sports are central always great to have you with a serious CSN I'm Michael Jenkins. Guys about gaps. Don't. Like to drink. On the green movement. I am rendering the whole show he had it under his desk check out via highlights from Pittsburgh. Got a message for all you kids out there and everyone says oh you everyone for your mind to it. It's all one big life yeah. Gosh recitals where all the season they put them until look what happened to pick their pick. At what happened at the colonel what your dream. For each passing week it seems like Stefan curry continues to write the NBA record books than ten plus he's what you've talked to put a championship you know. I just felt docked kids and ought to share in the lightly guarded now the company. First unanimous MVP in the history of it. Strong. Are all I ask miles I asked Mike I. I'm not sold there's an actual cocktail in there but either way it was pretty funny. And but he did say is it's Cuba putting your dream empty sound pretty crushed from Maria you can't protect others and what role should for the mountain. Dominique if you like also exit mark an article it just like a month and a half ago but lose lake. You know like the warriors are good that the best team in sports right now's the Washington Capitals including water and then vitamin. That is the hockey and basketball on a regular season to meet Jack doesn't. Now usually what do you like axle and the players for so long both of sports that right Eagles best of southern amend it changes everything then you might. Eke out some freak women and a moves forward to just you get hot at the right time and that that's that's that's part of its imagine getting out resumes in collapses your seven games that that most. You know to expose them for and I think it's Seattle you know any you know like member of that lake who was at 2000 moment when the matters when a 106 games I don't pay. It's like that kind of disappointment. I think great now people Washington like the Premier League has it right you win the regular season and I hope you will go directly to install and I have been doesn't serve you get a draw are even if you lose that day you could still win because you're the best over that god damn disease program assistants as candidates for. But as David say to campaign there are a lot of teams it was that's who would sound man. Oh yeah. You completely have. Pittsburgh great the Steelers a few years ago where they late. Barely snuck in the playoffs and won three games on the road to sort of crushing ruled that's the whole point. And a lot of foreigners struggle with art session are session of college sports in our section with playoffs. I do prefer the playoff system because you know I I do get the aggregate scoring is nothing wrong with the concept. But I do like the idea like look this is the formula we have some teams get cheated. Because like an NFL football AFC south what I want more diligent player I know what I mean I just love the idea of like look this team has no business went. What they might do it today could that puts the onus on the team that should look like if you should win and play your game which what you just Arnold to map. But this is always one of the arguments for college football and I have in a playoff is the old school writers would say but that's what makes every game so exciting joint decision you gotta win the regular season right. Now yeah I go back before I don't place. I was like why I got there. Your American Michael I don't she'd like that's exactly I think the federal government chooses completely out of the entire NCAA. Well as she ever every college why neighbors Iran and that's gonna just get one and don't I don't know who is standing. Doesn't know this. Why would you of the federal government that is the top scam just to stop now and just meg meg meg too early why reasonable one of the kids and families like. Like stop their bull crap so that everyone can afford to go to college in the basic stuff. But those are the NC double at colleges yet why I didn't really well note all of the whole thing sports that anyway they make money it's gonna figure a way to give back what what. Physically did yeah yeah. Every aren't you what ever and single. Industry that exist yet get mile loan or let's bill that everybody intact and they got sweatshops and you know what Nike same god India Pepsi ghoul pool FaceBook Emma Watson a fun police the people in colorful world leader Hamid everybody and everything's a scam it's just that Indian police who gets of them enjoyable how to counselors. Where courts at the scam. Everything's a guidance families in return for scamming those specific kids. We get to watch somebody delegate a level playing field. Like if they cannon and manipulated than that way like it's all equals so I can't watch college football but it's all right and watch college basket and odds are equal it's what you do look. A sort of an English out of Norman thing and this guys dirty then he's heard you discuss the better recruiter that his about recruitment to the same opportunity ads. Play anyone can be a CEO is whether and I you have sold. Yeah so boy and that's not all seals in eleven generally speaking like look if you just don't care about people. You could run for congress or you can be CEOs can make your life like easier. But we have a level playing any one of those who Koran re judges I have enough and I don't like people but I have enough compassion come out how to do you. Not not personal I can't I'm just saying that when I watch it a national championship football game. I know of these the two best teams that cheated. All year long of all the ones she is likely its own right bid and a few minutes of the best exists US cheaters with some some Lady Gaga in Augusta he dove asserted everybody that he was still about how they have motors and bikes if we can't dope the person let's build the bike. Yeah are you ever read one of those assisted bikes now have a however phenomenon greatness is on the ice and erase yeah outlook and I mean they should be allowed in races but why should be allowed on the street yeah when my cousin and he lives in Boston he commutes all the time he has one he loves at that certain. Yes you may punish him. And now considering everything I eat it right should should there that's on our leaves the next step yeah yeah one day he'll get a scooter yeah. Got my craft and he seeks. Yet it's easy to have most people do and Hillary's I gotta have much. And who. Else. I hate to go from here here. You know I really old joke Andy Richter. You know him from being a sidekick on our Conan O'Brien. He also had a period where he left coding show one off Andy saves the world I thought was it was a great show right and then in the there was a little America world according mainly at the yes like he did a couple projects in. Yeah I was glad to come and bright but last night they had talked about him reading some books and these are some of the titles of his psyche memoirs. I'll tell you the titles of all eighteen in my memoirs. Side dish confessions of a talk show sidekick. Then we've got. Sidekick to the term we can. Side tracked him. A life less live. Oh this is a good one. That's me in the corner. Take a left turn real tears. Yeah I think we get the idea for a single left. Hiding the gym by. Pretending illicit and the anti religious. Dead inside yeah it's fly. Andrew and the terrible horrible no good there. Barry back. The guy that shot up. So let me go home. Yeah. Fired up there and then he quoted informed of gov. Suspect that's pretty good went to edit Dakota today had a wisdom teeth pulled they mr. get a milk shake from an inept and and then there needs to use tags tags add. My high with seven. I do not usually geek the it wasn't Eleanor but the teenager yeah maybe never had a map fifty something yeah well and obviously never took. And it had him out there right in Europe and I know they don't grow back there and here is that right Everglades if you want to you about it he's that's my body is take this is appendix out again and pull the thing was and I read that tweet as I was. Open not the and every view you take your phone to approve sometimes don't you could you know I was the idea how I had retrieve the new SI yet someone to read something. But I read that moment Almeida and he should be drink and milk shake if you suck on a strike could get a dry socket and and that clicked on the picture. He had the top off it's a Smart man he knows what he's doing it volatile Gonzalez. Let me lucky you got if you have a T thing like that you can't eat our food there to me there's there's only three injury master data is. Gravy. Gumption it's it's not so okay let's talk applesauce Zoellick even dragon on cigars for instance can cause dry side get all noted is essentially they're remove the tooth right. Threatened vineyard a little pool blown. In the den to undergo more than two was its scabs over like anything else dry socket is. If you make a hard sucking motion and when you don't recognize capitalism thing back up but this doesn't heal right inequalities Japan it's understood basic physics but. As a smoker or the like look man it's I didn't lose my cycle through straws even your cigarette. So I did ask. I will look. I put my cigarette one nostril voted down drag in the light don't do that Manila bootable calls broadside to know but don't do that. Did you make it through that's not gonna say here did you sneak do we do what I -- it that way is it to be allowed to smoke a cigarette and I'm going to smoke a cigar but it was. You can do the normal drag. I like this so normally I smoked cigarette out and say my drag last 11000. And you got to. This is kind of you do instead of like quick acceleration it's a real slow berms are slow drag. It. You gotta do it might suit her the thing out of that can you just a blown up but breathe the smoke out the other end. Like W mouth and just kind of quick inhaled smoke coming off the end of the cigarettes not the same them. Poodle that is that's like hey what's your favorite food in the world. I'm an even in you can smell it yeah all right at the same Smart around this fiscal from the same thing it just isn't as uncooperative this month. Now if I want Rumsfeld you know possible tabled on filters may be. Do I have met with some teeth out I was still out that's I was depend on and then late they realize you can't you know of this and that announce it sure sure so I emptied out tea bags filled those up with dips and wouldn't get him off. Bandits now I'm at home violence. So let's see TV for you this weekend. He's so that's an NBA playoffs go on on there should be some not police in new series taken off in the NHL some day as some serious just wrapped up this week. Saturday Night Live will be Drake he's so in that and based on the Promos that should be great straight yet turns personal dude and he's pretty funny. Sounder airs at 6 PM kick off. Let's see Sunday a show a lot like none of a lot of people like you but does second season finale of last man on earth that's 930 on fox report. It did it help you wanna check that out you know mostly shows that are repeat tonight's another recommend them. You know what's going on TV and here's what's happening in no real. Go to New York wearing out manned Apollo family around store with a toilet lid on his standing clown thanks for. They ought train engineer possibly saves many lives as he's been hailed the same. Texas border agency owes 14100 pounds of pot destined for the almond joy plans. Pittsburgh police can't say gingerbread man when he tells the Nikkei had to give bears missed its and it's really get it is time for your headline. It's kinda hits. Here's Mike Kong. I don't wanna man is facing charges after a bizarre incident at the mid city plaza on Monday. A woman was in the dollar store with a child and a neighbor's child when police say 67 year old Herbert Forster began following them around the star. She says she was all he was falling into the children around while wearing a clown nose. When a woman and children left he called them out ran to his van and what toilet seat around his head and toilet paper in his mouth McConnell to. The police that a woman ran into her car with the children as Forster allegedly yelled yeah rides. Well you should do. Police later cut out the Forester and a resident charging with him turning him whether or harassment and officers say he told them that he quote. Has a strange sense of humor and I have to stop. The Susan Gil Morgan did the funny that's just crazy. Act like that's just creepy. On a train operator has just three seconds to react or had just three seconds. To react when he noticed is fasten your trade was about to crash into a truck partially blocking the track ahead. He apparently used the time wisely and what is being called a heroic move security footage shows the driver sprinting through the train car telling passengers to get down. Before bracing for the crash himself. Thanks for the warning no one was badly injured. He flew down that always to me three seconds and then and it. Sheriff's deputies say they've got to gingerbread man it's for Gary a burglary suspect to refer to the nursery rhyme and taunting authorities who couldn't catch up to him. You can't give Maine your mom's wells yen is did he not finish that story. I guess nobody recruited liked you know we did remain a long and pat Lang deal and jag off cops police say it's funny. Hemmer is one of several warrants from burglaries in the Pittsburgh suburbs of west view and Ross township. On money is given the woods after county deputies thought they had him cornered. That my notebook and unfit for saying quote they call me the gingerbread man to catch me if you can keep on running has found that half. And made dead and early morning passengers on the port authorities feet twelve holiday park flower we're joined by a real flyer on Wednesday in Turkey that crashed through the center of the windshield see first the driver pulled to the bottom. Setter all the gold dot com passengers that mention open a door in the Turkey just wobbled off the bus and right over Internet the majority of the ball. 56 Fuzzy free paternity. It throws board to give to watch tonight the angels are going to be here in Seattle against the Mariners and reports 7 o'clock tonight at 6 o'clock tomorrow and 1 o'clock on Sunday. He got to basketball playoffs on ESP NN your hockey playoffs on NBC. And it's out of play FC Dallas on channel thirteen that'll be tomorrow at 6 o'clock. At that realize that I would back. My car. I heard burger Brazil take a regular public turned Daley joins us right after the news. Oh. Now that's just dumb men's room. Fund 99.9. JE IU SW are you have the lovely and really isn't out there now you done to comprehend what you do our idyllic new big plans for the William. That's a playoff matchup didn't give failure there and there's maybe some don't. Collin OR a lesson I've made you look horrible today normally turns on it. Beautiful woman walking in the door thing a much connected today and you know I hate to be that guy can you know wanna say this to women deterrent truly I mean you don't look like yes. Hamas a sour hasn't started and that's why might lose it if it isn't getting us here and Holler there. Not like Democrats sorry here. I terror ladies and gentlemen as a still busy somewhere putting the other your dude it's the eighty's weekend which she is handcrafted for do you see you want to think Elena this is an easy little over a lovely time there. At LA so she's coming up momentarily due to see if he's we didn't take enough. Tom Mandel CN next week. Profile that says slip knot and Marilyn Manson tickets over oh yes random question but probably imagine men's room rules profile that's all that fun stuff we will see you Monday. Terrence you're somewhere shall take care be atrocious but don't hug this Friday were out and out right did you enjoy your week give them back on Monday until then. What you do best important Hussein. And you. Truman's day before a lot of studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by Manchester limited their presentation knows the man truly feel yeah.