05-15-17 Ask the Mens Room

Monday, May 15th

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They'll look on the return of your death is is go to Bible verse. It's been said that there are no stupid questions. And we disagree. Because you'll keep us you know. I love. These this guy. Ash asked CD. We're told round. Is my mom my whole harness questions that need answers and yes we can help. This is as good government. Democrats depress the men's rendition is an email to the men's room at men's or live dot com make the subject as a men's room. Asks anything we want ultimately. I was on for you to don't renewable talked to boom. Has Burleson. I'll lowering of putting an update on Ted's a quest for normal I eat. How does the Andhra penis worked out in the long. A question the ligaments or you can answer that room in his spear checkered. We've got smaller and prejudice I'm chip I have to go back. Theme it with that where I was at after entropy. Pilots what regularly half an inch system of values that it was an Olympian. I mean it was how did you use of them and four weeks with that he won't Al it was long like two months those awkward put it on the back. So like basically you put yourself then and physically quite as strict receipt as a tortured it and it's put it in your hand and the like David Walker and now for. Our average commitment on right now elect Barack tickets and a little strange echo the Israel weird you just stretch of all the way out. They don't wrap it up up top and now ocean when I don't like stretch arms. But you seem to be satisfied with a when you're done I can actually yeah broken. It's all those I'll wondered if I make that your opinion including Robbins on something what he got about how does and it's why and not rob Cameron on channel program. Owning it you may get your opinion including Laden's on something. What do you guys think about a bean bag chairs I have accumulated a collection of being bags which are scattered throughout my home. A love you guys that from Paul Cole walled in Appleton Wisconsin. It all man I'm a massive fan of the bean bag because like. Both my kids they have ones basically an Alley for TV but I realized that wants Obama's and it is designed for them Merrill passes it. But my bigger goal that some amstel. This is acting comfortable and then realize there's the big ones like adult sized I'm really really is thinking. About his Bible and it'll pop that's the only thing about anything they don't match and the kids are pretty good about it they did and it seems like. Bean bag chair technology has improved since we were because they diamond core capital idle time. Most votes untoward about the dog isn't as comfortable dude I say dipped one. Absolutely. Clear and. Via Paulson as a by the way again as a few weeks cause some good joke for bad Joseph Friday. It's about blind people learn by bolts. I'm blind so I was not offensive therefore give you permission to use inside we didn't know I guess blind jokes you gotta get they have to come from the blind. Many I don't know man I mean I've I've got a black thing covered like and a woman were make sure it's funny. So I guess of that there's a blind thing and look ramp that's the case you need this medal want to adding some. It's about blind people libeled I don't know there's no other press forget emails from crazy boys detects ten have respect. Hole always tomorrow sniper who is thank you wanna. Like guys do a great you think for Tim Allen and now I'll be back I like being bags but I haven't had years now I've got there it doesn't matter who's at them and you can collapse and it. Frankly in front of the television and his sister asked down there and B five is so comfortable and hoods or you're it's good for your back lawn fertilizer against your act as a perfectly positioned your body kind of like tiger has minorities that means those ten. Bill than there. Here's another look as a comes from a Christopher. He says guys what would you say was the most scary time in your life. Are you talking about a moment or a period of that just from maybe to an agent like twenty and thirty. But I would terrify editors we see it at that time looking back public or you got Damon sane. At a horrible time. Temple is there does drugs homeless violence you name Dubai. At the time it is what you did but as far as I would say within that period of time there are a few moments like. Michael Madden and disease and gun and I don't think we're from. Yeah didn't carry. I mean if we're going with a one exact moment. One time when a first experimented with what he did. We went to a 7-Eleven and up I was getting robbed and try to called top screen my body came back hard. Yeah is venomous vote that we vote and avoided eye grabber. I'll watch in the store get dropped and what they're giving out OP. Polls and and a watch that guy rob the store walk out open the the driver's side door it's my body with candy like you like handing out. Yeah. For me and somebody that that we both know I got really really break yesterday and but we had to do couple things and ago and it does some food broker performance. Play. OK so we get real real stone. And go to the regular day have projects object secure than. A mailman system's status bar OK I just got my ticket which were delicious. A this person is freaking the hell out and things that the postman has a gun is going to shoot everybody. This person made me eat my wings and leave early because they were so convinced. That this person is gonna go postal book as Italy and smoke we I saw yes I saw this person reach forgot to check of their packing. We got to get the hell out of here he's gonna shoot the whole place now. And I'll use years ago coming meet the interest in going into their adult and it's at a wait for a at the car. They left I had 20 Matsuzaka in the log back out of the car. It's like eighteen in my story happened. Hot this is no this is coming weeks ago that's not okay. That was the level hi I was dealing. Well good so often that the league with that now I got kidnappers that. If you are requested far as the miserably at pine time once again clearly this addition is an email to the men's room Edmonds or live dot com and make the subject ass amends or.