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Monday, May 15th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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He would sure love to hear is real. So this radio program are simply nothing that break. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is the. All gathered in secrecy. This is the they say shake your radio more than three times. And you're. They go get a soda or 2607. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Believe Ted Smith. You often saw. And my car. And you. Aren't into a. Detonate right was the question is back as well as as the men's drilled. Your guess is as good as mine categories streets and ladies profile that says your biggest royal blood. Plus headlines when your shot of the day fumbles or emails in everyone's favorite TV time with dale a class related your kind here I go a news in the White House goes back to the apprentice fans trump. Is set to fire many. Meanwhile a mom slaps and and head for giving Mother's Day card it to grandma Jimmy. Pittsburgh restaurant celebrates French Canadian dinner by serving a horse. NFL QB has to cut out dairy to get rid of that liquid gut busting source world. And DC goes back to back it miss USA. Taxation and representation dad. And I felt coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question run steal Mike's layup resort casino. All that they did it days that you ain't you. Yapping back to those. Glorious moments when I was a kid sex was not something I ever thought about you know real concept of it. Life is all about hot wheel cars and Georgia and then. I saw a naked woman in everything should not however I had the good fortune of seeing a centerfold penthouse magazines in this book. Very good looking woman who had no problem showing you all the cables and it. Well the folks a blue springs Mississippi. Not quite as lucky as me. He witnesses there based on naked man wise but he was also hanging upside down for maturity wrapped in the case. I'm not sure he was doing something went wrong that's how we ended up to Barry as made him upside down vainly from a tree. They need rehab we'll explain the situation a little bit more coming up but you both say he didn't instilled that same section Smart as my penthouse and purple mouth. The problem I had a good dinner however. Was that I still had no concept of what sex was itself and it's important to explain sex to kids might not be comparable. But you don't want to be the parents of an adult. Who as the following question. Quote we'll scooping the scene and out of my vagina permit me to get a break. It might seem like a ridiculous question to you it's one of like five or I come from a gold zone sexually vice kind of slide or some them. We have a few more of those to share you can get a point like. It might be government to explain that what it's worth bring about if you think your kids don't know that's a question that stupid. At the middle all and we should also say to a woman's parents enjoy being a grander. Seems to me except Africa character Don given you the new yet but we know. So these are some of the stories that we saw that inspired many. Many questions that we'd like to ask you those questions and a form of our random question quest and this is how it works you gallust. We what as who question a complete random. And a few answers that question will share with you the story that inspired that question Big Brother Joey and ran Questar Questar go to a 642 on rock Ron Twitter events are live. 677999. Answered those emails to the men's or mad men survived dock up now. Actor of the men's room. Here's the glass Jim Hendry do you buy to let them resort casino 99.9. KI ESW. Are you just isn't at all this week got profile this flight for take is to see royal blood that shows August the ninth of the show box will be that with a game formally known as black blood makes your Jew coming up right after the shot of the day and meantime it is the random question question you're listening to the men's room on the men's room radio network. Your own moments also are gonna show number 2607. And away the rings the return of your guess is as good as mine categories today we're gonna ask you to choose from a street names in the United States of America and that. The ladies of music your two categories coming up on your guess is as good as mine right before the show that if you combine that into one category play strongly doubt thought about a man all married ladies Ilya didn't. Your guess is as good as my coming up right before the shot in the meantime we do our random quests and doesn't run. Random friends hello squire welcome to the men's room. Lit her into unknown material and bought the odds. Wild and a how they don't feel good about our youth I'm doing good just eat my lunch about to wrap up today's match what you for lunch imperious. You know my woman's film homemade sandwich. Earned. As somebody euphemism but maybe I'm reading much into that are let go later. Reggie to think about you're neighbors feeble little live around you from growing up till fear your apartment levens all the all of the tweets. What OK so far has been the worst neighbor worst neighbor experience that you had to deal with. It was probably he had about 67 years ago and I had someone that was onboard with the epidemic that's going on around. And I just seem to have been he'll miss them all the time. Out of your yarder do you think they're getting in your place. It's all outdoor. So I'm still like what would sell like like a garden hose and trying to think just random things you know I don't know I don't have a god what did you take our we re very left out our own. We just shell holes then raped. Madonna ever stars don't play and they show all the right let what they did long worked real like I'm pretty sure of my goddamn break and we Ehud actually your Dora that really help others and it offends me. And they're blown around in the yard and gents so they were just taken everything and sell whatever they cut. And that's exactly it probably had it in that situation I would guess just like any thing I'm sure there are things that have been stolen from me that I have no idea. I don't it's not that I do it would remember if I saw again. We don't think about a month gone anywhere yeah exactly so I mean like by hammered could be stolen right now but until I needed and to look for a bill like dude where's my camera how many times do you read you assumed you misplace something like a tool. And I can't find this and I'm also loss and my neighbors could have been in the garage they united and many I start saying that. I don't have a lot of tools. But I know some are some bar goddamn drill in arguing that cars I have yet 500 people I think it adds some LaBroque Ginn took at all but you don't you think. Collecting tools slowly for number of years slowed that you actually can you the Phillips and screwdriver one point in time and you bought the basic system that there's anything basically due to what the needle nosed pliers that there right you don't have. So you're somewhat but you guys you need it but the but the next on what I did that possibly a nice been literally the guy looked everything it was huge fires I looked at it. I'll show you requires a breath I don't know what the looks of my face depth I don't via what are you got we got to back up our men and then goes out to a buddy. In every now back at that I there is okay. Other is grass horse neighbor you've ever had to deal with there's a 45 year old guy in L core Nebraska and into his name is. Douglas Goldsberry. And apparently he really did not like the couple who lived across the street not Mac clear why he did not like them. But it was clearly passionate his hate for this double mocha because for the past four years. He's randomly been hiring prostitutes to go over there Hal's stand on the porch and strip. While he watched from across the street how many times you think he's pulled this brand of the people across the street who doesn't like again he hires strippers to come. And dance and strip on their front porch. How many times twentieth times I Tanzi back in his news. How should hire Osce fifty higher read doesn't say why he's matters never easy is gone he's also not like it does not say why he does not like them this is what he's chosen to or four years he's reasonably been hiring prostitutes to day and homes. 75 to YC highly prostitutes the strip. Elise and to what he watches from across the street series like the regular stripper like now I'm not doing that that's insane probably throw it did I got to dig. Yeah I mean we have a little more here in the Gaza had been investigating. They found that sometimes. Douglas wasn't just hiring the prostitutes to toward his neighbors he'd also have sex with a when the council looking for and they found him in a hotel room with a suicide note and a power cord tied in the news. But they got there before you blow himself yeah oh Elway Allah he was charged with Philly pandering felony pandering and he's looking up to four years present for all of it. So to give Beckett his neighbor and we don't know why he does not like the give back at them. He's hired 75 shirt the last quarterly profit cities probably used to strip on his neighbor's front porch and sometimes then he would have sex with a man after an army hired an amount as well and so they why. I know. No but then. The cops yeah how to this idea that he's responsible. They tracked him down he's having sexual one of the positives. And gives a suicide note program and a power Gordon news. Just on the off chance that they're gonna knock on the door person that is correct. What are. The boy do you think. What life decision do you think he made eleven down this path because at some point it's guys like guerrilla fork in the road right it's like the matrix you can take the blue pill of the right apparel. Which several when he did. You don't want to do that is not how your life to turn. I honestly I think it just as simple as somebody the neighbors probably said hey. Like you to closure windows or don't have the prostitutes who put that on the show up like people can tell sometimes they may. Is retaliate and do a lot of prostitutes bug them prominent of them go to the get their deck chair and it comes on any could be just crazy. I'll definitely great to do big craze but let's see Manson legally crazy. Crazy is all encompassing crazy is unlike any of my neighbors soul prostitute here prostitute after a late he's crazy there's no doubt. Did the data suicide known power cord saved Bobo Newsom motel. So but I gotta think he's connected to all these strippers and what Kansas and Nebraska L corn Nebraska. He knows every stripper now court Nebraska they're camped seventy in his process obviously outside prosecutor while prostitutes around Santa is not a fiery liberal ones. He was our lady immigrant pulled to one guy you grandiose he was hired prostitutes that sound effects and they were coming and give a care come down sort of random. Rendell Rendell. And so broken it's. Random friends are and I'm Rory McIlroy yeah I'm good yeah it's good man. I next. Here's your random questions questions throughout. Q would you say is the nicest thing that someone is giving. Nicest thing you've ever seen. Ballot trucks. And serve until one that is because people don't really normally give good gifts no because he had been showered with so much niceness. But I think that's exactly it everybody you know everything approved. What's what's the nice thing you've got to. That's probably going to be. The display case then I'm staring Harry now I'm not letting their what is in the display case. Until books since. Collectible mementos finger pick up on Christmas stuff not to go to Knick knack cabinet you're living room. Yeah immoral because that indeed magnetic wet you can go to my cannot argue go to like hallmark. Can get like a toad that says sitting on top of the mushroomed Poland there are a little porcelain toad you picked up. Where we get a guy what else he had never says what would jerk favor collectible hobby item well when nicely over dominantly in there you know. Oh. I do it is probably my legal emerging. It looked a little planet are you Lego Lego glamour figure that you put together right. Without that you put together. Yes now would have someone came in now has put together bat mobile must so far regretted if someone took that thing apart all right. Without the instructions would you be able to put it back together. Navy no no you would outlook man I got a million Legos in my house of the China I have got to come Charlotte 2000 vows when you're good friends I might have to do that. Just simple it is Russert artistic. Every piece of are you still have all the peace don't know you have to have one you have to keep one piece. But he got a piece in the inside right and you tell him all bear he'll believe you now but if you keep I want to you. System let's remember winning estimate I had that life size latest stats you know basketball player Ray Allen I was so scared every time I walk by that thing. What did you gonna knock you know just the knock out like a couple although Lago you can take what we all go home and meet when you pentagon yeah OB I probably does I don't know I never stood there. It done nothing more than like that I would leprosy I would think this whole thing would be glued together you would -- I can't put you don't know don't -- do is go and pick up like a piece of easier but I'll do my visit comes off the comes off make this thing was light side this is a lie because I re piling up and all of busier than I know it's not a man. I'm just always very talent around his nose every while I was birds and the Dutch are good friends Legos and I'm like man the grab one piece like his arm falls golf yet this is this is that you don't live that down and and our Ted Ginn by broke the Lagos. Regressed nicest thing. Someone has ever given you there's an eight year old kid named Jackson artisan and Ireland denied Janesville Wisconsin. And is finally found out a few years ago that he needed a kidney transplant which is a big deal for your global predicting it right away but everyone in the family got tested know one's a match so. He does anyone read a when he does he want as soon as possible so like he needs it tomorrow how much did these go yet having a kidney mode immediately but you're gonna wanna get elements mama to FaceBook they're looking for a donors about 15100 people shared her post. And a thirty year old woman named Lindsay bitter or. She saw she works is a cop and another town just north of them they've never met Lindsay bit sort of the talks all the post aren't antennas or. She finds out she's a match so she shows of the houses month Doug Jackson she wants to donate and got pretty emotional. She told Jackson that she took an oath to serve and protect community and that's what she's doing transplant is scheduled for sometime in late June scenario that's that's a hell of a gift to give somebody a gift of life. Amanda. It it is a big deal and I'm not trying to split hairs like. From a cop Manson now Urich did you know army late. I don't care who you are around age of fifteen to 1212 and you're gonna get into some stuff most of its dismissed demeanor stow the cops are looker runaway. We all little gain but Thompson a game it's how it's always been done but like if you're elected. Adore this would be an overwhelming sense of guilt lagoons. But the water drew on the golf course like. The governor David kidney man I don't wanna be that gap and yeah in our members sixteen that's all you think it was legit let's get the trouble you wanna do some things we don't want to do or put. Like about attic. Kidney from a top. I would I would honestly like sinking us don't like it's just that but the party but. Yeah error and see I'm gonna go out and cover guys and guys like it's like being 116 Cherokee. It's and he had a 160s current top out here it yet you just may be your life turns out. I'm game we could at least not drink behind high school the woman game your goddamn it exactly right. But that's no fun. Yeah don't say irresponsible sixteen. And the sank like a grant famous get a kidney from their white for somebody and and she don't always and I was George local lists he got a kidney from his wife writes I don't I don't know how long have been married by. In hills also won on hill opens up about and I'm whenever talk show he gets all the sympathy like you'd expect and his wife donates a kidney. The surgery is a success and policy less than a year after that desired bit tomorrow obviously border so the moment thanks for the diddley. Go ahead keep the ring got to talk Jo to friend now. I'm I'm I'm so glad it's you hate that I'm now on Brenda it's friend Brian hello Ben welcome to the minerals. Lot. Sorry dad. This grade are you here as we're good to. I didn't want yes men then you travel around this country of ours are around the world but not as a matter of fact they have OK perfect day and this means for you. Random questions questions I would town or city. Do you despise. And want you not like this place maybe an open and there's all kinds of good. Man not forget the name of it but I would feel like. Hey extraordinarily. Boring count any Illinois it was really pretty depressing wasn't called Chicago. And a backpack doesn't know what I'm used to aren't terribly surprised to know about it. Like Chicago or anything in Illinois that it has going for it then sir RLO Ryan was again I don't know I don't know. If you look at a map of Illinois like Chicago is don't mccandless. Quiet walk its way out of the back door there. It's working on it mean to worry you know will we do know law allows for my cousin's wedding. As he had to go there for a weekend. ET Al copying right ornate. Pardon me just get married in Chicago I mean like if you don't want those weddings are people out to fly from out of town like. When you try to put it in that close is cool spot to cut you know so if you live in an ass hole. You can look at it you can take pride and look if you're from Scranton Pennsylvania like look. You can be proud of script you know what inside and out it's your inherited disorder frock but tonight in line anybody say you should visit the places he's the best they know what we know what it's understood. So like if I lived in Scranton are gonna get married like me listen Philadelphia. It there's something to do other than look at human beings amass what happened to them and it. Yeah and don't we don't pride only go so far you know like a hometown member of staff and if you don't have. Place to stay when you go to those places. The smaller towns he wanna go back home to us see my mom my grandma and West Virginia they don't have enough room in the house we stay in hotel. How close is both this hotel doesn't get any business I mean there's nobody who's ever there it's probably two miles down the road but it is in. God awful (%expletive) is at a hotel remote it's a hotel the hotel I mean it is just it's there's no other nobody studies are there no other option I mean that's where you have to stay easier than it is like you know anything about the bed bug things. Now I am it's just. It's awful like even on my worst standards of living her breasts would this would be like a seedy motel that's those that that I get on twenty years old and oh my god right is tolerable I'm here at the beach right round yeah dialect that's ram in the middle of nowhere thing in my it is a store Locke Thomas of the calls to mrs. slats were. Other when they got you for about ninety bucks is he really matter where you go to the seem like how is still that mind of this team and tell motel fares just keep getting more expensive now laid up in places it shouldn't be. And and other places too of course but. Of other places like Manhattan you go right people actively want to go to reason we ask what town or city do you despise and why. We brought this up a few shows ago 59 year old Terry Lee Anderson. Busted earlier this month for pleasure himself vigorously on the sidewalk in Portland Oregon cops asked him why are you doing this on the sidewalk is a quote. I F king hate Portland. He was arrested for felony public indecency case to go back to that place and Illinois she almost what mormons are going to be you're listening to the bedroom on the men's or radio network. Returns here's the question and rod teel Mike to let live resort casino 99.9. KI ESW. A return pass the measure am if you have a question for as a manager to shoot us an email to the men's room Edmonds or live dot com. And make the subject and cement or bad has to say anything you want in the meantime. It is our random question random random friend I don't know. Well gentlemen our friend Ernie or die hello really rear end. Mario going look. Okay here got a question you look hard easy multiple choice true fault for doing what kind of mood area. In a weird marriage and career and I got that very key vote left the company. Is that a good thing like everywhere and no I don't talking about things set right what I don't know what are. Did they leave on her own or were they asked to leave you know. I normally was given a few weeks notice sixes. It just happened Turkey are the CEO announced as someone out you guys enjoyed working under or. I. I never actually. Exempt or. Like acutely the hallway. A couple under. Her car owners how weird that man it's the CEO and president carries some weight but obviously you don't wanna be bothered by a another hit the on you so mean do you just give the polite laughs do you say keep an underpants balls are well. Like what are they don't want it was Owens very polite but it was a little weird you know they're really really good like. The first time it was slick he stopped and track. Act doesn't like oh hi Harry era for a per click OK I have been an ever since Bennett was flakes. He paid attention it wasn't anything out there. Like. What thank that'll age aren't needed to be cool at all and marrying thing but it was it was. So basically why I attention to you bite you if you you took that is the fact you hotels although more than that that he actually liked you as a present. I believe there's no question the giveaway and what was his erection the giveaway that I thought it sounded like I believe you just mean as a B day and have been arrested and he's in no real plot directions and I don't look okay. That's us entered a weird mood of those killed us. And think back to when you're younger and I'll misconceptions about sex. What did you think about sex back then did you find that was completely wrong maybe it was maybe been having sex for years and they've figured it out maybe goes before he had sex with. What do you believe the low point to be true until you found out well as on the way it works. Well actually. My freshman complexion was with the car we're. Could I heard someone in the whole middle school. Saying I'd just give gave it to. The girl in 88. She's carried out and Larry I was like cool you know I thought. That meant that behind grade I guess that pulled the foreign. And so for a good couple years it was Blake you know so I love you let's run down of the grandparent or regret. Well you like. How did you did you it was a one of these situations where. Maybe you made mention of this during the throes of pats and and like yeah but that's all right ailment in our. I don't go back and middle schools so it was. Once I got to collect and I realized oh yeah about the possibility. But it means bus. We keep the anatomy of the same wheel side it's always a possibility. Everyone looks like many people many people. The performing karaoke. You always wondered yourself. How does that work because the name of it verses what it is two entirely different things you know. My marriage later does not blow dust all over my home and in fact sucks it up. I don't protection ever thought about it I know the first time I did it it. Pretty court. The trip went around and you know it. As dumb as like pizza. And might not be the best but you'll take into retirement offered and I asked the other question is I Edouard I know this is not the best pizza it's mama Celeste plane geez and it Dornan Marco way of well we're glad thankless. Reason I ask what did you think abouts sex wise it was completely wrong obviously sex education people have a lot of questions some people get better sexual education and others but there are two. British sexual health nurses. And they've been asked a ton of questions over the years as they deal with a firsthand short and so they were talking openly about how sexual education needs to change part of the context on this this idea ways to do it man in he needs to be done in the school system and it needs to be done universally everyone should have access to this. And I and a garden has always been likely to be teach sex education are encouraging gives us something about adjournment that's like saying by having the police force your urging people to commit crimes. My wife to angered or your provoking people to want to break and it still doesn't it. People have yet people need to know things that's all you need to know I guess a lot of lack Diop was not black job questions and I'll be able to shoot well yeah. So and asked him to throw out a couple and I guess the one that this one nurse I will never forget. The question was will scooping the semen out of your vagina prevent you from getting pregnant. This is why we need sex that brightness she was confused because she'd seen the technique work on TV I want to say here's the other problem is that too many people. That age watch porn. Sure he thinks in porn that they equate to a normal life. You're you're absolutely and again maybe that's why I think we should have sex bad short rather unsurprisingly to persons were adamant about that this method not being it's not now. The amendment and a pregnancy I use a condom Abdel rhythm method now on the school Madden at eighteen children. And some is released before hand you. And not only that but it's as you know sperm could live inside. A woman after sex for a two week so all week oh sure. A week before fines were needs to go. Are those firms stupid. Are they lazy they make a long way to try to look we're all born I don't Largo all right well regarded as I got a dozen covenant from India know you call the same flight. Noted you got caught this guy or might seem looks OK and could be appears to be down here Sims got a small lit some about a foot here let's in my in my earlier daylight right. Al the flight lands are jealous berm there aren't many miles per lieutenant. Score will be if we get there you don't want their per week miles of the goods that stretch that's don't say it like I think. We both got on the same flight we can bribe in town but now maybe I'm a sports bar or something like we both coach up to the wedding on time. Adjusting projectors neck and neck at the next to make of a jet ski. Trajectory in some swim slower it's a look not everyone's Michael Phelps. And you know sometimes you get a kid he's just got to you know and I mean he's got to just breaststroke event and battle middle wanna get that brown okay and he's the guy eating. He's a fighter yeah he can diminish your reserve for that we see the finish the race. Fish obviously to win this for so he's like Oprah don't America you don't know I when did it. There could be one mutinous Brent Wright and he just tiresome sub pop tires and say about your gums all low and slow Randy. Doing the breaststroke. An ear at all right at the end. Pops right to the right move to undermine and you know I mean let other fast guy he's. June spring and from that. They don't put millions like if sperm fall the way that amended. And O'Donnell's micros UC olds were tried to avoid the. I straight ahead. You just look at Abu now. It's a good friend and friends hello William welcome to the men's room and oh yeah. Aaron Williams Tennessee here. What's new and exciting ways as we talked to last. The mood is worth that kind of a third time's not pay I don't know exactly how long hello we together and reviewed more stuff. Live together third five years married storm and what I what I what led to the divorce. Honorary match here how are crazy on me and yes to a crazy as you say you are crazy how old are you have put on the weekend. Oh this question and it's hard to hear about your divorce is never good at target they all get better who is the lazy is person that you know who is the absolute lazy is human being that you know on this planet. Wrong man. I have to stay out of all my friends this early group. You're happy that I contributed to your divorce crazy. I only knew. Yeah Aaron. I mean that's that's humid day that they were all my friends very. Similar hang out mean now. And I yeah I months I'm on my way you know that I would only mask for an hour. Afghanistan. What about NAFTA. Or I didn't mean you wondered you did get to do laundry you do your. Give your clothes. I can't do now on the allies this is me. Nice to hear there and I'm Eric learns. Okay well so but would you you just maybe ten to be you show a little bit later. Yeah I do really record or not but the yeah our yeah possibly your job. Eric real warriors with Laura misinformed and kick any show of being don't take a lot of sick days and you do your job and get no complaints. Now we'll truly has person you know you don't regret what I need to hang out leisure friends and your own detriment. But crude price. I'm just Pelé I do my laundry to do my additions I have a job or work forty hours a responsible work on. Guess I did invite a friend is my age is never had a full time job in his entire life goddamn I mean here's the deal via Italy France my age in their mid thirties now edit he doesn't do anything worth stampede they they did drugs are distributed and others version be do seven as a buddy of mine that was back -- all of his it was a different he's got I don't want him fighting me because I'm afraid if we follow him and you'll know he's going to Greyhound did you hear -- into her bugs me and I'm here for our beloved and I know you're not here for a month olds are for several hours later this year or you have an odd conversation I didn't want my friend throws like. And and what I wanna be. But like where we're getting word we're looking at forty we might just apps are taking jobs you can make a career any good laugh up my heavier favorite movie got to get on some. The reason we ask who's a lazy is person you know pajamas are usually worn for sleeping the police and a man more than during a robbery Eddie Phoenix convenience store. Officials say the suspect was wearing pajama pants and slippers when he walked into the circle K on 35 and Osborne. At 4:30 AM. He selected an item went to the counter that's when he demanded all the money from register before he took off in an Acura TL. He's described as a Hispanic man twenty years old five foot 940 pounds and wearing. Gray. Pajamas on with the gray air Jordan hats. Grace slippers and some red pajamas to. Sorrell would give him a guy grief because he didn't get dressed up to rob the place. Thank you I mean I didn't get dressed. These doors house slippers. Yeah viewers how celebrity pajamas this I would job interview man no he's Robin play the lead and McLemore Finland actually you're gonna Robbie drug device that question would you sum of and you can you run a slivers of need. Nobody has gone more on the men's grill on the way you're listening to the men's room on a men's or radio network.