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Monday, May 15th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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In the men's room would miles. Nine point nine that's. Yes he'll giant W rescind the pay in May and a grass 2017. Will feel like whenever I am the original lows Saturday June 20 for the new will Secord stone sour baby metal pretty reckless. Fourteen bands two stages that men's room happy hour and a half party there are a limited number of tickets available for that we Emeril little private parties use now to bring it for ninety minutes Illinois's delicious men's room original branded as a sausage there as well a limited edition teacher for a devil horns the whole package and all packages and all things are label. To pay into the grass and KI SW dot com okay. Or one Blair and others did just opened the door it's going to be a great day and a great show KI SW dot com it's Loretta question questionable take a quick break a mega Morey calls right after the. Now back to limit Israel here's the question Ryan teel Mike to let this resort casino 99.9. KI ESW. Marquez Israel as we got profile as flavor take us to see royal blood we will do the game formally known as black white makes your you right after the shot of the day Brenda Brenda Brenda. No authority welcome to the men's room. Or long attack. Hello Cody. Route. Actually you sound very excited today Jody I got its they're not home for wolf and good photos goes this when. What movie. In your lifetime. Would you say you've watched more than any other. Who learned over else. Yeah I know I'm seeing. Genuine change an attempt to see their iron. I probably have the former owner time and it's a three hour moving 100 times go. We. I was able to let pointed before actually came around beard on me my friend watch that every day in the amber. Can I let you know what's best part of moves for you. Either the very beginning more Christoph Waltz youthful and got them hoard food. Or you know very and win now. He says he's got a gun. Knife like I can't fix up like not counting down. And then you know then work. That that really happened. The time as a historically a significant. The environment that you Essex expect let alone won't stronger I want to Latin Jack. I wouldn't. Unfortunately I really I wanted to break the senate movies that I thought that I've seen a number of times in that goes back to woods yet on dvd. Which you have on VHS was movie continues to play over and over again that you always tune into watch I think. Back to the back to Tarantino. Pulp fiction if it's on television that'll sucker me and I'll watch it from that point on most of the time down sometimes but that's not the movie that I have seen the most and I know for a fact of what Star Wars and overtimes is a kid drawn up that eight years old man and nine years or whatever. You know repair a forty year I'm telling you it's either. It's either Shrek or Finding Nemo one of those two marys. Is the movie that I watched the most whether it's been on the in my television in my home just repeatedly for. Days on the end it was a what I look I had movies from my kids at fifteen different movies like it always bottoms of announced just so. And to be out what do you. Numbers funny Shrek. But days but they want the same ones were good to me Finding Nemo that's definitely wanted to go and look. And as far as kids movies go out there Finding Nemo is one of the more superb ones the problem is as an adult my like your eighth time watching it and less than a week. South and it's a bad movie. Brilliant acting sick of enough probably seen a movie at least seventy times in my life and then the other one. And that everything is Finding Nemo has some staying power of the kids of kind of forgotten. But if they see that it's on the watch it and a cool that I'm like I can get there now to that it's been about a year since it was just every day but. They won I could not stand and I've seen an equal number of times it's got him for those. Closing hole but frozen isn't as good a track frozen or name here's an effort I mean as far as I thought it has an adult knew all I understood. What's Finding Nemo said this is a good movie and as an adult you can sit here with your kids and watch it and now luge reminded you chuckle some things. Frozen the site look this is not for bolt at all this is 100% for kids. Girl's more than matzo as a grown ass man watching pros and this is our model watch say yes to address. If say yes and address was two hour movie because it drives about Corey I hate. Musicals it's one thing and an even as a kid. I hated musicals are just stupid to me. As an adult I don't have to sit there and frozen. That's all it is a real my daughter loved frozen so so very much that I've seen that movie and it's a sad statement because finally knew him or frozen. They're not my two favorite movies at all they're about the movies I would elect to why now they say Joseph. But I have seen them over I do announcing caddie shack Boston caddie said he time Shaq. And that's a big win a lot of his earlier you know blues brother movies and everywhere and I was put out there is Shawshank redemption. You know our religious because it's on a lot of cable TV often and you got to watch it right of the still a good movies so I thought lifting but I don't know how to watch I just find myself what they want a different so. There's movies like old yellow Brian's song we're like dude. If you've seen a once you don't need to do it again because you're going to feel equally as bad police were Shawshank. It's not lifting but my main gets out I'd. So right Carter alerts aren't record dot com they listed the most re watchable movies of all time re watchable re watchable Oca any guesses on the top ten that re watchable movies of all time we've talked about this often. In the office these these movies we've brought up the fact that they are re watchable movies I'm assuming comedies I mean the number 11 isn't in this room there's somebody here who I know for a fact who watched this movie over and over again. And quotes this movie character more than anything else. As far as being a quotable guy I'll probably equaled Will Ferrell more short. That was my first thought was like old school. This is one of those movies there it's it's on all the time people what the number one movie is so obvious. It is and it is people quoted all the time all the time is a comedy it has its comedic moments of two. You like it then I go to a bottles agreement. How recent what year roughly I have no I've got to get on Europe as well that's an odd timing the market on that number one is forest. Oh yeah as far as yardage that movie that people a little over and over and over again that's not particularly uplifting either now you know and bad personal Watson there's a guy knew he's like have you seen Forrest opposite here on dvd at this point on monopoly the year in my hand. What is a man just watch fox I want to stupid broad. Fantastic I mean fantastic movie that again spoiler alert Jenny dies and my dad. And Tod Ted only that was comes out to Henry Watson will go like this force got the number one followed by back to the future. Star Wars in new hope. Jurassic Park the princess bride yeah that AdSense for people love that movie they love that movie raiders of the lost our number six followed by die hard. Groundhog Day the empire strikes back and that it number ten. Shawshank redemption. I I hit an area. Honestly I think some of those movies or just on cable TV that much yet MIV Amanda but you know what they brought keep showing them because I know god damn well if you see it. You're going to watch us Schindler's List not surprisingly did not crack the top ten. Oh it's having oh it did make the list though that's amazing 975. A few slots behind the Nicolas Cage share movie moonstruck. And the Kate Winslet movie the reader the lizard Maury watchable than saint elmo's fire which is 978. Who Framed Roger Rabbit and 980. And orbit at 1000 more bits to orbit now wasn't worth watching the Boris. It's an orbit that. I'm an apparatus. Down there with a general drop a line drawn hole golf backed Erica ran the wholesale. Both jumped and again I think hmm I think I've seen all of them are in redemption more than one Phoenix. Star Wars emperor strikes pregnant or not right oh billion times Groundhog Day familiarly and that's a great movie die hard no agreement go all the time for this movie raiders lost ark. I didn't martian princess bride to view maps and voice you know like once throughout the day pretty decent entity is moving to my daughter's just watching differences process. Jurassic Park number four Star Wars and know who knew the number three. Back to the future number two forced a number of. You know I think of all those movies back to the futures Obama seemed least recently. Also if you go through all the M and as a nobody urge struck him out from like back to the future is a good movie I remember that but I'm all those people. They did poorly distracted by. How dated something looks. All right can also expected future great movie for the time but it came on eighties and eighties and remember the eighty's well but. Eighties did not Wear well as their new forward if you don't sing this hair styles of course to learn and once I like seed that movie you've all seen a movie I noticed about like I can't get past him for some reason obviously. Counselor sister and I did distract my airport. Our member drive and current liberal issues armor that's stupid shirt and a license period pieces from the Renaissance of the loans eternity ago I think every guy. Hates those they had like I don't know why pushed up and and there's lots and beautiful but because Phil I just I don't don't any time it's a period piece assembly Renaissance style. Since is ours a love story like a period piece for a guy you shall vikings. 300 would be a period the Ringo. I'll watch this because we know as guys they're just going to kill a lot of people we are terrible conflict is out of some real lot of blood. Whoever's in charge real bad ass and he does not go to unease in the gulf are. If it's a period piece and I see any woman fell slightly and made about why we are white bonnet. And a big hula hoop skirts and like if this is not acorn I do not want to watch list of those to be nothing but African love. Emma yeah I Renaissance but like what's like queen Elisabeth certainly and we don't worry America I think you'll won in that area Ara highlight is Jack the Ripper right I'm right because these two are yeah you don't quite ready to tell people I've learned this from my father and I am. At bread before I moved out of the house on in my teens in my mother's running amok filed or to go to some movie okay and are realizing that Mandela for one because he doesn't look up from his newspaper newspaper like. And I can't remember the movie and so he just has this list of questions such as Robert let's go to the movies is the ball well. Does anybody died Americans she's like yes. But then I realized this is his expert. Are they killed or do they died mantra calls and one of them skilled. Do we witness them being killed yes. Is it bloody. Maybe those opposed to kill them say something barbaric and alls and painters and always like now because what he realized what it's like look. You know moms do me right as the somebody died she goes yeah I beat cancer slowly to the homer went on good terms of endearment by this woman died of these ten. From cancer than it's like hey. They murder and that your mom says. Yeah because that's another love story and the goddess she's a love with as a soldier. He gets killed but we don't see him die so you decide beloved story now turns into drama so he would ask like. Do what I see the guy to think but tomorrow the preview tomorrow so it's like. Yes you seldom get murdered but it turns out it was a flashback and went back to the love story about swears like look the quintessential question is. Does the person who murders of the person say something really really all gonna be like if it's a love story. They don't go say something hurtful but it's not cool yet so the bad guy isn't cool he's like it's not remove you wanna see. And he's added things on them. There's or car to race. To renew the vehicles explode recyclables on action we're gonna wanna go and I retain my putting for action movies rightly that's what made scar face so iconic some of those lines. Like he would sit and obscene. He shoot everybody there shoot at him. But instead before he just start shooting everybody says say hello to my little friend. That's what doctor I'm right that's what we like don't look action Jackson starring. Car away others aren't is not a Greg Craig T. Nelson it's not a great movie the fact that the horrible movie. But it won't lie and I always remembers Craig T. Nelson is the bad guy Carl Weathers is action Jackson the good guy. It goes down it's now the into the movie they've had their third typical tumbled two was big fights that's gonna happen at and finally actually Jackson gets the upper hand. And has the upper hand that he is a flame floor Manhattan at this is how does happens to work out. Craig T. Nelson he's not trying to convince Carl Weathers and on Monticello home to that's what is gonna do an action Jackson and Luke. But action Jackson looks out of baffling bruises. Noticed some. How you like your Williams and a little money partner and a model that's an instant classic most of them makes that movie also until I wanna win. I can remember some of the things I've said right before I've got my casket. So so that's how I want lord yeah because some into this I never wanted to know fights is some business or Jeremy immigrant and Alan I don't Laguna this. But the once they say something like about the opportunity to say some really Smart ass. That say that. An I was around the league great lines. Right before I get my ask. See that's what they need to do well I don't know if you are truly is the arm like that that's the line and and in morals is right in the movies yes they are a lot of time did you kick and did you beat there and not finalized. You'll have a great line and if you did you read your parents on site in terms of the bus finally got to smuggle them out and like his mother of this map. What kind of billions of the second of those were leaving them out right I would do to do that's yeah I am depth but I had. Mean I actually I did and reptiles he might throw a lot of it and do you get it started dude I can I I do all play taxes higher in the bottom and I covered my head up post cover my has a and this guy was punch him in the back of the head and try to Mimi in the ribs he's an entitlement. And I whatever the line was Aaron Ambrose as gossip laughing. I thought it was I was in the dungeon I know the a lot of guys and so I got half half hour. That was good personals hammered out hot it was funny. You aren't the only man in the Columbia and Odom I had aunts still have Legos of mumbling and I'll let applicants as good as it like. As the government ran yeah. It's not a about credit don't know what they did that happen. I heard a couple other black you're ahead in Davis there's a deliberate really familiar with last year the one handed to them like strategy to exit the hello Johnny welcome to the men's room. Oh. Hello John it. Or not doubting your random question question is might be a tough on. How would you say your allowed like your parents be your mom and dad. Maybe both. What's what characteristic do you carry on there. Armed. And maybe you just have your mom's breast. Alia for sure. I don't know what thrower for Jamal were you and I think I'm probably more like my doubt that remote wolf like Korea. Competitive I guess. OK it is he's competitive with you. Our effort here like we booked our support my article on her. We're really competitive and I am New Orleans and there's a difference between doing sports and being competitive I'm living proof of that. So. I liked and I like playing don't get me wrong but I didn't have to you know if if we lost we lost we were given are all in and I'm still wanna win. But this adds I've heard there wanna hear what looked like a loser that you when you played a lot of different teams a lot of you recognize the situations going on around you and you know your limitations like. No way we're gonna beat this team I know that effort I guess all week long we're gonna give it our best and rather like this dispute and I think. I don't I play better basketball and use your competitive person. Bully wondering what all the Iceland's leave college but if you bootable don't win like I'm not going to be mad about there you know and I like anything else like I'm not competitive I won't play. But look at the dancing and beer and use competitive. Equating you to be in a Porsche sport. If it's almost become like excuse of people lose a board game and act like jackass renal obvious I don't have yet maybe some like out just being competitive doesn't go to just sort of blow outs to be if you're good you don't need a big about it. Well what are your what are you and dad duty as good I don't want your dad go fishing or anything like that together needed anything. Yeah and I are our economic lord who gets the biggest Fisher and events that. Oh yes definitely. And then I gotta say that iron in the worst clipboard into it like if I lose monopoly on pistol night. Monopoly there I hate it or not last too long I say it's just. Honestly got a taste in the collision around I'm just gonna start cheating is I want to name and and I kind of wanted to call what about what I the game I'll see more people get angry is is dictionary. Yeah because like entered a game you know something I don't know maybe somebody says you're stupid but if you're stupid stupid if you know you know you don't get. Visionary people get very very upset. With the images that you choose to convey whatever it is and I mean do you worst arguments I've seen more games have been friction among guys. It's goddamn picture looked bored playing pitch and that's all we're duo. Richard Baghdad now. Yeah unfortunately and jet well the reason we asked are you like your idea but I'm bad at the game was enough. And you got let me guys ask you guys have an all honest. David Hasselhoff get stable David Hasselhoff legacy what would do you what we will remember David Hasselhoff. Well for me I'm miles an open to me burner and I literally mean the bird. What is drunk on the floor when he ordered drug aren't already did it Baywatch but but the Baywatch thing got bigger than him because they're Pamela Anderson. I know I know he he was very popular in Germany. When wall came captain but. Being a laugh about that happened like no offense today I think it's great he was there I'm glad people love them. My memory though is more like a Reagan talk and Gorbachev etc. but what people celebrate not so much is David had a hard thing but that hamburger. Drunk on the floor wired. Matter that's all halt all day would unison. I would think they watch slash he's just kind of an older Judith celebrity token. Well you have to understand about when the Berlin Wall came down David Hasselhoff at that point in time had released. Four singles and all of them went to number one. He was on top of that world as far as our culture. Of of German consciousness what's Deutsche and he also was United States citizen but they love Hasselhoff because he's the house hopeful John German and everything else while they love talking cars until they have like they had like the scorpions play they had all these bands play and they're gonna bring on the wall. In Hasselhoff was so instrumental modest Hasselhoff closed the night Brett he's ahead he eased the headlines OK and then the wall faults. Hasselhoff is like the cultural equivalent of making this hold him they have an already been on my Ryder. Any had been on Baywatch and okay. But it's important to remember that before we get to this which is how are you like your parents now okay and he did it that was a huge deal. If an asterisk in passing woes it's just. It's just hard to record low around luck this thing and half the job right man like the wall coming down was. Matt's mad and wall coming down was massively significant and David African council hall threw in Germany headlines tonight. That the country is reunited. I just. You know man I don't know late in America we know the hall where real Hoff. I think Germany might seem a little different but we knew everyone kind of likes and but he's revered. In early late William Neil Diamond brought peace to the Middle East. You know he was solely responsible for the diamond comes out today and laser Islam and everybody's happy and everyone's friends again. Most state they play the Lee Greenwood song crank. But Grady had made the song and have been around after September 11 happened to be kind of comes this amp guests for United States and defending the pass off. He had the song but it became like their freedom happen to be different if Lee Greenwood. Like they did. Number anthem yeah I could hear from Poland now. Like really an angry way at least he lived and he's he's a bit of scumbag but at least he lives here nickel and Iron Man 9/11 affected you know where it affected you wanna lose in the country this is this is not cool. I mean that's also site payment. You know we've renders it should we should I don't understand why Germany in the scheme read unification of these dudes are either have been separated in World War II identical to all the Cold War and somehow. Of not a German government all the people honor and David for can counsel Brad Wilson got so we don't recognize him from that. Let's organizer from the entertainment perspective right. He had the most watched biggest audience syndicated show in the world and of all time. Baywatch was that big of a show noted that many countries do largest syndicated show in the history of television think about that television. OK so at some announcement he could hang his head and but let's go back to the cheeseburger. So I'm well I knew how are you like your parents argue we'll go back to go to everyone else's business and it's not that it's just this one thing. We're not trying to negate anything else he's done it's just this. It Gandhi stood for something mother nature reef system for some and how salt oddly enough gets thrown them aren't so. Pad save Jack does real fortunate biggest syndicated a game show this on TV how it's our biggest in the flag again. The charred wreck your head around you aren't your your part of this but the hamburger thing to me that's 100%. All you know comparisons with well I'll talk not Basel off you got to remember way back then when that thing was done. David Hasselhoff if you don't remember the video was crawling around on the floor. And he had a a cheeseburger and a sand and he was trying to eat it is is walking around but he is Virgil and his two young daughters it was hammered. His two young daughters the time we're filming it does is show like. That this is what you look like when you're John. We wanna show you see no tomorrow don't do this anymore you know like and my dad always meant planet earth right and if you listen to the audio of it it's it's somewhat heartbreaking to hear these kids trying to figure out a nice way to be decent to their dad why he's obviously having a very difficult time. So while we asked Terry like your parents that girl's name was Haley she was arrested for DUI and LA over the weekend ball wait there's more now. She was so hammered she passed out behind the wheel of a Mercedes while driving on the freeway whole car was stopped on the freeway I don't know you know about car stopping on the freeway but that's not good most of the time people die because an eighteen we get doesn't have time to adjust. According to police report a Tony four year old shark NATO actress. I know who's tyra white Mercedes. On the 101. Round or AR. When a car came to a stop for the fall brook offering witnesses called 911 losses ride they've done Haley passed on the drivers he with a foot on the brake. They were able to wake her daughter rolled out a window and they got controlled car and got Haley out of the vehicle. Cops say Hillary to booze bombed the field sobriety test could not stand up she was on all fours. Oh and they are people oh she was arrested for DUI take note nearby hospital. For the southern murder once she was medically cleared Tuesday to a nearby jail she was booked. I she's an actress and model you're wondering what you decided do their life and are way way way with the Haas daughter do issue we manager target. Is she gonna do a lot of lowered to brake shop you an out actor or actress to your short NATO or you just and shortening. You tell that Ian Ziering and there's a deference we we know Harry Cooper I want to. It was an enter any into the reserves and we said man oh man what happened in Zaire in her case like you let your first day. Are you she was only in tornado the fourth awakens. It's a bloody career. Or can you don't start out blockbusters pro Jim Francis cardinal leopard come to shoot a little on the EI AA BC family show huge. Huge huge view that another reason she coach avenues you that I don't urgent shark now I just we watch the video of David Hasselhoff and a cheeseburger OK and it's the sound weird. I almost feel bad for untrue is on the ground I get why is apparently I get the kids are trying to do here at the end of the day out feel bad that drunk ran. Take it any that Berger who has covered we've got a little problem. Because we've all been that drunk guy I know but none of us have been apparent with Iraq now with the kids are watching me even as a parent I'm that's going to be where I am placed in this scenario. Well as a parent UA for the Libyan Brad yet not only that but you know this guy. You know what happened he got hammered. He didn't get anything to eat right most of us do he grabbed a double cheeseburgers in the way out the dollar he gets is the only thing he's thinking about is their Aaron. But I got AD Caesars and it's something in my size I don't throw up later. And he's just crowd around on the floor and I drag and I using it's ironic that the woman couldn't stand up which the field sobriety test she was going around like a bat once she says venom like. Iraq mode doesn't know crawl. Through those that are crawl under draw don't think that a family they are you that don't outside of Graham Williams hammered the crawl on all fours. Right exactly like a prisoner Jose I don't know why I just think that's the worst connection the boy there's so many in my family who has a with a C history here is known them all over when their truck. But my eight. You don't name a brother don't follow right out of breath I'm gonna I guess than any principle. I hate to put the thing about fate of the school like like your mechanism you're right that's sadly why she got off towards like he was inflate. For some most of the family that that person dressed him he needs to convert even knew that this day. Upright I just missing a gender do you ever had so much to drink that you had to crawl your way from one place to the other guy I've never been to that level. Are they may be wants. I mean they put I mean like nineteen. And you drink three bottles what are we with the bodies I only got a break crawl and there was a lack of equilibrium. As one of those deals where like. So getting the spins before you lay down hassles like man. Got yet data and are you so well together a GAAP and GAAP. I am based in the remember this now my body weight and goes on like we're both having bad spent over my back at her apartment yet and we were physically like walking into walls as the go to take a step you know balanced don't like being dizzy you know and as you take stuck in my. Cracked how James I Calvert street in Baltimore yes it's coming back you walk out crawl the about a good block command overlap and about a bomb might look. If I stand up from the rose to a stumbling in the street and hit my god they impose it's it's a busy man so we crawled back yeah I do remember it well. I'm not proud in my however Hasselhoff I. I fell over in slow motion and it's is only three years ago is a guy former Buffy sweaty morale in his balcony drifted Beers they're running. Then we walked in its money broom and there's luggage there. And like I go to step over the like my right foot doesn't quite clear I don't I describe a limited effect. There are how would I was like slow motion got to think he'd do it it was like. A nobody was sure whether to hold near to try to watch it he should recover from this is not kidding when he hurt worst I had males are just into the get home susser doing that I'd Irish eyes and I start walking. There's one block with a hedge line the entire way down you know sometimes you know please read just you can. You can't be right to grind can't back down jet stream live in this saga the bright idea across the street. And that started slamming into our deepest. And I was worse right so by the time I got back over across the street that has a lot of gone and thousands of blah thing just crawl Afghans Karl. Radicalized in question we'll take a quick break and go back to more because you're listening to the men's room on the men's room radio network. And through richer. Yeah last year and grouchy. Resort casino I'm 99.9. KI DSW. We'll get into a street names and lady musicians coming WR gases as good as mine right before the shot of the day in the meantime it is our random question grandma. Brenda hello Shawn welcome to the member or friend. What are and I learn ours. Ours John. I'm doing good this fit in the parking lot of words and kids. Didn't know you're there or are you being treated. I. Think you got typical day here's how soon Athens. You're there don't. Still those of us what'd you have never heavy. Could be booted couldn't challenge on something that is not food but one way or another menu looked at and says the allegedly there. Like a bad month for him like a bad Muster momentum factor or maybe just mushers in general and if it. Are into account when you're in regard to the cinnamon an Internet but a bad real quick what's solid happened. They're nobody else going forward and just started popping everywhere smack him and I'm not residents are almost Peter didn't pseudo. Did until block your fairway at all. Okay because that's what our says that problem that challenge is the fact that today issued stop breathing. Was not apparent Al barge down mouse not a rug now thaw know the truth. Because they didn't get it any better quiet dead do this challenge that you don't get challenged dangers this who would do that some. That's rare these vendors but yeah you dividend. Does he said man you're reaction I don't dated but has. You're blown back down again it was a late dry everything I mean as soon as you put it in just every ounce of moisture in your mouth and this is gone death and it's just a powder. You can't stop for coming out can't really solid. Yeah. Key I think job. Al ended effort get right I mean I via some weird things I think the hardest thing for me to physically get passed on eating was four day old pizza. Now the knicks black. We're this is what I tried to get up on Mount Rainier yet all right so you're you're gonna stated on nine Dow. And 101000 feet it's it's freezing cold out there so the idea was you need some good energy food. Go and get yourself something that's of substance Judy need to give us some energy whether I'm gonna holidays yeah exactly into the and it's easy because once you get to elevation human Avila Eads to make sure. So I went and got a full pizza. All right. Not a that this whole body is a Rosa beach or you order none older voter awful big ass beats frank act and a broken up and eventually eat any when he ordered now. I must've been tortured. Horrible and only haven't had to wait four to cool so I can break it apart and individually. Take slices and put him in Medina or another pizza together you know eat pizza night enough you really in thing but the thing is is that when you're up in our hats I have this whole pizza folded up in my backpack. Okay just so day one goes by it's pretty. They do goes bites pizza which got a memory is like errors point 530 degree breath on examiner operate out there but it doesn't seem that way. Like it just doesn't seem like at any moment in time like I can reach an in my backpack and have a piece of pizza and it's fir perfectly acceptable does that make sense yeah three days go by fast track meet until the backpack pizza and it's normal it's okay. It just was hard to get the idea behind my head that. Four stakes we get stuck a bitterness now I can I can back back pizza there it is for him like. It just seems strange Jude Law ground bank feeds you don't afford it you know I unity event on a backpack pizza credits that enters a reason why reason we ask what you view which should you have memory you I think elevation plays the whole whole row and that brings back let the brazen right if you're at sea level and you're in the four day old backpack pizza things are going deaf and here's here's the headline. Not Joseph cheese to blame for rare botulism out. Break at Sacramento area gas station I. Now keep in my modular from my third season and when I get pumped she's half the time it isn't a gas station our ouster guinier pound she's from there is not a lot of places to get upon Syria ma'am add Jeremy and I wanna gas stations. Sporting event they let the eleven million rightly in his first look at plague upon cheese for my McDonald's Fries Ito arrows you decided not to achieves tools available. You're not that he's a preference I have about a white love it it's great what's. I thought everybody like that church she's afraid to throw Heidi this can cut pro X these are brown White Mountain and not just he's a different. Which you know it's got the pump bonnet has got five of the help he knows you know damn well actually when you think about where nacho cheese is available yet. I'm jarred the botulism doesn't have much. But don't say it's like in the worst places. You get. Duke did not George season upon them the same place in the hot dogs spending a bad idea mandated I'm not bug you can go to an all you can be buff they would every kind of food imaginable we will have a comfort on Joseph chiefs. We don't do modular soft ice cream machines and all that other stuff they were little comfort to one other thing when not to cheese have you noticed now I think seeing some restaurants shows or whatever and they go. First he had that she saw it she slight lead etc. she know what that was limited she's also not thirties and melted cheese and doesn't matter who now says melted cheese sampling does away getting out of sight in December this is mad GMs that'll get paid with dairy but we don't wanna call it not energies. It is not a lucky if she solves the. Five people five people are hospitalized in serious conviction conditional botulism. That is botulism and they can they can paralyze you. Caused by nerve toxin. Income people who wait prepared food especially the nacho cheese sauce from the Sacramento area. Gas station. God. They're pretty sick there they said. Ever botulism is that if you be nacho cheese at the gas station between Aybar running third in the fifth. And some is not right please contact your medical provider immediately what what are according to the health of what are the symptoms alone what what would be assigned that you might have botulism. And it was a light black groups is agreeing to eat this. That's fair the Nazi America that the gas station as they say which sits on a busy stretch of road across from the walnut grove bridge stop selling food and drink products. After the county temporarily revoked his permit employees of the gas station refused comment. What do they know man was orange area got nervous botulism symptoms include trouble breathing okay blurry vision slurred speech and droopy eyelids. I hospitals treat botulism with an anti toxin that followed by intravenous liquids and breathing support. About five to timbers and by some cases are fatal. Our world help the organization. He out of the guy who got extra nacho cheese you know an extra botulism done to a man. In Iraq. That is Soros to get that cheeks. And Emily Devin if you did so limp blazes that look like they're my bid botulism and if you give it the gallon of that stuff which is normally how it comes as a gallon can't the giant can't the only way that you can really tell at that she's. Is to have one of those machines that these are probably things like having a keg cap for UK you don't nothing like that well he's instead of beer I got to sustainable botulism all you have got to go full commit and you got to dump that cocaine achieving new and all occupied exiled royal people later went apple for lovers of the gas station commented Jesus came in from the tax. All of it is usually try dipping hostess ho hoes and gas station pump nitrogen hostess they're also aware that it's amazing you mean. The chocolate covered ho ho. I do when they're saying to. Yeah and it. Randall now I'm there are some Brazilian right way to eat bread zoom. And acknowledge our big chair when I was in high school which as we go to a store that had it and then the open tips. Some cheese and there's this faith and not just as good. I really I'm hearing now is probably digital. Hello Charlie welcome to the men's room. Fully know hard journalists. I'm not exactly you took every second on helium there. No not really effect Charlotte. Go to school. Charlie you did you see naked. When did you see note here. Other than Samoan who wanted to be neck drag you more unexpected naked yes. Food. I Lothian on my grandmother and her boy till late Aaron. Emma had a boy toy. Yes yes you know how old was she FDA's as you know born to. I couldn't care issued only about 48 aren't done and how old was a boyfriend. He wanted it to eat very. That's a boy toy on. Did he look like uncooked bacon of the penis I mean like that's all I can and her transistor but she can rubbery looking down on regal big fat deposits amount. I'm all right led. Hair on the back end. Did you hear arena that Tuesday at. Err on the back end version mom during this. Under moderates may play your grandmother raised okay. You can. How old were you when you walk them around naked Harry vacant. Nine. All man and kick and did you have a concept of what they were doing or did you think there Riordan. I don't know I had Kevin let me watch Discovery Channel with them all the time. Whitman goes on the series notice our little people but also adults that says a number of people were sentenced to. Not a Brad I am recognized emotion and IC put together got okay. A Charlie anyone ever watch it on you than intern. My five year old yeah. So you never you know same memory yet is it stuck with you for many many years were you with everybody and man you think president meeting grain on your viral it's grain dead did you pass is now way lower automotive may grow while I remember a Fuzzy gas. Profits are. I'm I don't think he'll remember and I don't think he's that traumatize. Armed he never talked about it so. We wish what does he do that were you with when when she walked. My husband or daughter aren't so that's than she knows that daddy mama arrests like or something but I'm telling you and they damn you let me ask seat with these men honestly whack. We probably were practicing our trek are Turkey back and yet his old trap line strap these you know one day they're gonna go hey you know I'm on daddy let's turn of the ordinary men and a circus apparently but they told us they were and then did you start remembering that even more even than it clicks and it takes a little while. A reason we asked who did you see naked firefighters freedom Mississippi man. After he somehow wound up hanging upside down from a tree and John tried away. Was completely naked with a cable wrapped around and he was left dangling from the tree in a wooded area for more than four hours. Try to raise girlfriend knocked on doors until she found a resident named Jerry feathers George Smith who agreed to help carry out evidence I'll sink in my brother was in trouble so I got out there to help them yet Jerry feathers after three minutes and with a salzman hang ups and down entry naked. Tucked out now who. And avoid mr. feathers nice work thanks for having does Illinois and Missouri mr. buy dot com heroes into the bedroom on the men's room radio network.