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Monday, May 15th

Emails, Headlines, Ask the Mens Room is back! and Yur Guess is as Good as Mine is between the Streets and the Ladies!


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Miles and now I'd like I K I guess double. I'm so they're they're grass 2017. Saturday June toy for the white river M Peter cornerstone our baby metal pretty reckless. Along with Radke there would be a fourteen bands on two stages visit KIW dot com. Now for tickets and out package options you get it on the BJ and makes pain in the grass party also the KI SW palace law pre inexperience all that along with the men's room happy hour and a half and general admission tickets for the law command the general seating Paula KI SW dot company doing it softened their pay in the grass yeah. Seventeen is going to be great Saturday afternoon wanna see you white river KI SW doc out. I don't read a question question we'll take a quick break and come back and read your emails in the men's room at men's or live dot com next. Back to the minutes. It's W. Question question and they have a bunch your emails there for the men's room Edmonds or live dot cob yeah. Relative Ali's abroad and proud brewers a men's room original red because with the idiotic act. Silver bronze medal winner the great American beer Fessler returning to governor Bush's men's room original red you're doing a lot of good as the benefits the three local Fisher houses in the areas of thank you. Every time you make that your choice we know we have a lot of beer choices out there so when making amends Cameron direct. You do once and got. Our guys are old tell us today is my baby boy Cooper's eleventh birthday he's been listening to your show for almost all of those eleven years. His mother and I were holding that his first words to his preschool teacher would be old Mitchell. I know he would love a original faced sandwich and a second up cupcake for a special they keep on rocket that from jobs. Fish sandwich oh. It owes those rivers ensured tests show one Saturday night when you took over for the vocal minority. I've been a fan ever since. Today's us on air fourteenth birthday and on this momentous day I stayed AM did you math grade up if you don't wanna do summer school. So for today could get some of Ted and Steve's cream be German talked. Followed by a little bit about as the birth thanks for all you do that from Mike. Libby had done the walls like didn't cancel your hall. Now I know this summer school talk you know some of the most Germans had to go to summer school do your work now kids you'll be in summer school marriage death and rightfully W some. After eighth grade after freshman after sophomore after Jim Walter I'd go every year stay in my class who regard him some muscles Schieffer I. Until my senior though miles conjured up. Did it. Is that point you know always run out at my school some seniors still had to go to summer school that there. To save again couple do it. Now they're just days and I think your brother son and I would love to give a birthday shout out to my buddy Dakota. As well as my stepfather Kelly both of whom recently had birthdays Iran on Saturday thanks so much love the show at from Kevin could get a fish sandwich please sir Alex gentlemen it's my 24 revolution around the sun. I'd like nothing more than a shot up from my favorite radio personalities. May I have miles say Guns 'N Roses in Reno Nevada. And some dirty German talk from thriller and Ted who was always in our thrill you'll always be my man crush. Thanks guys that from Emily. Gas engine rage easy green and you may and man. In the they will come from the local monthly jobs that load. Hi John roars and don't want to spread manhunt but it's. Yeah I mean some good looks just like the top and it's a whole month. More often a particularly if he's back. It was duke. Does that today as my brother from another mother Tony AK eighteen Tony's birthday. He complains every year the my civil birthday picture messages or on original so here you go buddy I shot on the men's room with a cut that big job. And some dirty German talk about how much you love sausage. Thanks guys at from your buddy Brandon AK AB bull away. It's no. Medco. Now we do do well disagree. New and invade my whole life the whole. Now Tony we can get to those sausages. Madame goes to get them yes it sticks and text. Got an idea amber deja too much co workers John. He is turning thirty something today it is driving back from a long weekend in Oregon. So I can't do that a person decides we love the men's room and this is a one of his favorite bets. Could get a second I've got taken some dirty German talk from thrill as a dirty Melbourne from said. Thanks out from poly again. Oh it's. Now Arnold Schwarzenegger he might be bad but I would be. And did it for now event. He never show let's go to awfully bad day familiar with but just just they need to land like always dissolves. Paula do a good thing is my amazing life. Chris he's birthday how lucky I am not found a woman who loves watching football enjoys comic book movies and lets me spoil our son with everything Star Wars. Not only is she my best friend but more importantly she's a wonderful mother to our son is about to welcome our second child next week. I would love to thrilled to add to give her some German well wishes I know she'd appreciate a little kid fish sandwich do. Love you white bear that from Nate. Got a good you to be in my little German shepherds and number what June the joint. I just think it's so exciting amid great to light now PG shave before you attack. And yet it's good morning it. DeMarre opponent or opponents is tomorrow morning morning. But that's from David LeBron the border if if if you sit there and a pretty good how are horrible and it ARAMARK. Same to him I can map here it's it's you know as a filler. A W bush my husband having 34 birthday today he loved your show and I knew too and we listen every day. Could you give an original fish sandwich and attitude turtles having sex because he hates that one out thanks so much that from what Amir S yeah. So I don't like death Herbert their request please it is for my wife Danielle who loses the podcast when I'm in control of the radio against her will. She's an account and soak it up please request that Stephen dead. I talk about crunching numbers. As horny Germans that from then head of the pod and a viewing committee in Rochester New York. I'll put under the Dole's eleventh issue of moist once tape. And then removed currency crunching numbers sixty now. Yes plus from Princeton number it didn't and at the end of the day some future and delicious. Guys my birthday pilot lands on a weekday and your hopefully. Not on vacation now we're we're actually on vacation right now but we decided to come and we taped all of that we are on the beach there right now I occasionally doing this from Hammond and it sounds live dozens I signed us up for like a layout and well no wow yeah. I'll play Al and they'll that is. But the know they'll get it into it and iPhone at. Like a luau but cheaper and with two brain aircraft if it can I get done some dirty German talk in some hillbilly talk from miles followed by wedding puke. Cheers guys that from Margie. All you also Hudson's twenty among some German measles let me adjust to a place. Don besides sexson also explore some of the way it's gonna and you'll find. This morning. Yeah. Good afternoon. I give Chris Dotson could this is missing since the until we begin my Javier shout out for his 46 birthday we've had a tough couple of months but I still love them dearly. Can get turtle sex with a oh look out thanks dad that from Susan. Both look gutless person on his sir I must say my brother lives in California. I dare I emailed you guys remember they shot out instead Stephen Ted were laughing all over the previous email while miles was just trying to read the thing. So this year at a challenge for thrill and Ted Ted please give me and your German accents. How my boyfriend is gonna time the up and give me 48 birthday spanking is. A thriller didn't forget about you in your German did you do the same thanks guys that from the lovely Tina. Yeah I think you should act like rescue animals and introduce your kids he kept to his peanut. Not even get all the spending and honestly you deserve that you don't write funny emails thus we laugh at him once before. Jennifer my girlfriends birthday her name is Kerry can I get sexy German talk from thriller dead about she knits all she's 49 today that from John. Now I promise not to make fun of your sauerkraut to to do nuts and it's my mind. Now when you think of she Nixon I think must just have something just like most. Hot pants and yellow. As yellow and steam. Dude stick my 55 birthday have been losing your show since are those stations in the mid seventies. About eleven with your program now that a backing colleges take care my mom in the evenings at the school in dynamite be fun to hear a faced sandwich she actually giggles when you play them. Cheers and rock on that from red rocks sandwich. Object there you go here you go guys. Happy I got to go and I daddy had an advance have you had done and are definitely you defeated the new. I do is Lowber I forgot. I'd be remiss to not say happy fifth birthday to my son all my god you forgot your son's birth I do not forget that almost forgotten there's a world of god they're different I almost forgot today it's spread birthday he is a tremendous. Tremendous human being a really cannot emphasize that enough I could not possibly. Be proud of who this man has decided to be. That's that flaws could god they employed man. I shortly door of the nicest kid and drew the sweetest kid you're the most honest kid. So largely signified god damn toilet I am tired of having to look three yellow Hayes who fighter who could just watch. The toilet Mack and Jack but I can it was department. Yeah yeah okay I mean I didn't diet. Have you had any. Are dedicated to the future you been says Lamar Myles but isn't five is that the McDonald's for. McDonnell greeting you get to McDonald's for their part as well I would want you in five days. Cholera while I'm at the top five guys off I just picked a hell yeah okay I guess. I would like to I have a matter of fact actually are right I mama my mommy's WW everything that we already did yesterday and I know today's birthday counts as calm down hole I don't know I was when I was a kid my mom used to hug me all the time because I had a growth spurt here there whatever appropriate opponent like de. It dissolves and pop and I'd say the same for a lot of pop up again. Judo is gonna give me a hug and say like I can't believe how fast you go on and you know how you know like I'm like learn how to pass the time is going bond to a kid Jewish you don't know that this is time is pretty wool mart mom it's a minute still minute. You're still a year weeks still league days till day. I don't get it whatever she always hug me and say you know guys won't give you an ally Campbell blog Perino allows other house and really took too much stock and the my daughter just turned eighteen. Humble and I had the same exact thought that I became mile Marmol you know what man as much hugs like trying to argue zone they about one last time of course it before and how well you'll be okay it was an okay I'll do it time and time goes by so fast you know on and and she turned eighteen. And I just wanna tell her that. I'm sorry. That can't tell you have a birthday arcing university song because even though you're eighteen Ebert did on Saturday though so I'll I doubt I. I know about his job for family and it just proved my point here sorry is a big birthday is she's married I enjoy she's eighteen years old she's an adult now as you wanna go buy or sell pack cigarettes that those are the guys scratch off ticket. He went to. Sequences synagogue and that and it does her bucket list things on an innocent dogs cigarette that's the only local unnoticed Senegal knowing what you know it's sitting on that panel what are beginning doesn't start in left I'm gonna but I've hale of the had talked her out it was a cigarettes. A good eyes as a look now give you anything else you can have in the preseason home just don't do one re addicted to a twenty times a day writers Joseph you know I mean under the get drunk. And so on and have the desserts that are referenced U -- buddies wanna try to don't even try it if you slowness and aren't you want another one if you're really really drunk and hung over news where he won't do exactly you'll note again I would do immediately regret yours is though why that was the only those are only advice there as move on here don't yell at your friends working at the club and makes them makes them feel comfortable Zeneca. So you don't have blood on. I notice. We're gonna look for lunch and she's got a car as far as you got a job to Mars. If you blue your money on. I guys I love old cars the car and subject in 1970 Buick GS. Which have known for 34 years all of the muscle car look. So I build an engine that makes just under eight he 800 horsepower. And the cost parts of machine work around 171000. That I wanted more sauce that another Tony 500 on the aluminum heads. And so not to break any thing I added a killer nine inch forward rear end. 4500. For that all else Ivan can track three other engines before too rare in three transmissions love the show. That from Allen spent a lot of money on the car but about a third of four years. A subject to dog for Ted hey Ted. Did you say earlier about get a dog have you ever thought about a Greyhound. I volunteer to Greyhound rescue kennel and they are fantastic dogs come sweet only need a couple short walks today call home and they sleep a lot. Anyway if you're interested check out their there there page there on FaceBook every weekend that from Christie. Like home really they'll bark well and I know neither are Graham's Iran with its bright light a smaller version of weapons aren't and but dour white. I don't know for as special rounds but they are the fastest all democracy but this is your sign and a big Belgian shepherd. Another dude who in this particular group of people had any got Rottweiler. There's one of the big dog and so these whip it's were coming out and basically take all the dogs off leash. The weapons that the leagues are so fast and all these also just chase run circles when you let go where it's like kid I. Bottom arms of so one of these new guys there and he was nor to score but he had the Rottweiler. I don't remember this the dog to run around in circles ever wants is kind of sad when album which pits they are the kind of in the straightaway and it is unbelievable facets dogs are. That they ran between this guy's life what I don't go talk to stop it and ran between his legs are the dogs. They've he was either in the way or you can move his own Rottweiler my big as dogma. They literally ran his ass over and if you could see the discuss on this guy has faced a bit. He just gets knocked or dart like 200 pounds of dog shows of the ones the run and thirty miles an hour they had owned he's on the Iran cousin by the time he sits up. You can see. The three different sets of Paul prince in a mud going and it looked like accommodate he was so mad that his own dog. Knocked them over so many of them you've got to move bro you see that many dogs romantic get the hell out there tomorrow. Also is Bagram. You know you have like your girlfriends about your dating whatever and it's cool in their into which are intrusive they wanna do the decision drudgery NT used him drugs on its couldn't he get home he realizes smoked or your drugs the Flint northern different advantage yet it in the replace him. And then sometimes you have to do deals person who is not a fan of you having that stuff for being involved in it they try to get you out of and try to get you do stay away from whatever it is yeah. Okay the problem the Greyhound. Greyhound Loko a matter of fact all of her addicted to go OK so with your vick's national. You're not gonna wanna share that cocaine with a great. They are now small Wilson or a smoker most of your cocaine so. Yet to keep that in mind when rescue neighbor noticed that straws and they've been they've been they've been doing coconut water bottle for years. He's got to be careful but those also be weird my friend has that pet rabbit rusty. Oh yes yes reality of Lutheran gadgets to track running around here house there for the book the good times early though as much as their fashion stuff I guess after awhile they they're kind of lately when they're running their fast but if they're not in his mucho they're sort of our guys are longtime laws are love you guys I thought you might enjoy this I have a time to email you as I sit here with a nice back on the boy's. A the other afternoon I had a vasectomy surgery before beginning the nurses asked what music radio station I'd like to listen to. The nurses were laughing really enjoyed your guys are show are very much doctor was however stumped on a few questions and seemed to get frustrated by it almost in the anatomy question just thought you'd enjoy knowing your voice is more distracting my thoughts and I was getting my boys got. Hopefully I got a few new listeners Soria thanks for your soothing voice is that from Phil no Phil thanks for help spread the word there in the air and air. And I I don't knows about her voice depths below and I'll do it doesn't listen to the men's room. Let's go to my MRI listen what he won us a rocket nickel Coldplay on them in their and I couldn't move and aisles like now. That they don't resemble programme is I mean I was like I'm trapped you can only that man and I'd get an MRI and I said. Classic rock in my dorm like dude you could write an MRI what you were just in their in the blast this you know it's cold play. And that's a classic hardest class described to me is like zeppelin or painful. Classic rock band is more along the lines of the beach rooms and into right. The music starts in light. And thousands of Marat. Yes it's such a commitment. The wasn't so you know to me like you're you're there for the I think that's all you can listen to let him move a helmet and I guess I don't look at look at we put our players just to look messed something they they had their Muzak system at the psychiatrist days ago two years ago went to drive you crazy stood did you get more known I sort of got advertised that it allows the same time same appointments have been they have that they didn't change to do when they play the music writer and followed it right every time I said in Eminem playing catch and cradle. Okay now this is this is a horrible this is a horrible slash translate for anybody who's gone in the counseling at this point and a home buyers are rarely done but I know I got I had to do got to be able killing two. No I don't let alone because what other great songwriting said can you put on the bright he counseled. Thanks I restoring Brian's song and you lobby and told what people had gathered a lot of mental fixes. A bit to do so the favored smoker men's room sausage we just purchased eight pits barrel smoker. But that may be in for about 45 minutes crank the volume to eleven only mole day. That's from crab Trevor Blake and that type Bogart who all enjoyed the sizes there and as thank you for bigot and a I got headlines coming up one hour from now but first we checked my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out. And instead we have the hardest time falling asleep on Sunday night's. Forget to Bono work Monday followed by a fund it out Monday night's. Funding that I mean hey if senator it played I did there have to be a study that seems pretty simple. Man yeah don't need to study but it's one of these things are doing either to university. For the feds like what we have Miami and did the research obviously. They are minority rebels won on the world solo goal late loads certainly two years ago turns out smoking marijuana it does increase a rapist like well I'll bet you anything. Julie Julie advantage we have on the West Coast is. On Sunday night general television dies at like 9 o'clock via and then all the networks are scrambling to put any piece of crap on the humanly can they find any piece of a terrible and normally I can have a much better I'm going to bags of nothing on the they're really wanna watch. You net united flight out of Houston was delayed several hours after a scorpion crawled out of the passenger's clothing. What does it was United Airlines and school movies I don't know that's the second scorpion deal in town weeks and comply with the scorpions. And yet they have a lot of Barack and I want to Phoenix and all that isn't just the scorpions and and I'll flies in the Phoenix man with Elliott hub. What is Unita land in the goddamn doesn't mean no land at the airport even the Phoenix hefty loans Chicago. And I doesn't mean it's nice to have you wanted to do. All right now we got another study for a new study found that Affleck sender where people judge how attractive Bjork and lower yourself esteem pay no god damn ball and that's why I'm not on it and considered him. And what it is sick I get shot down and bars enough I don't need to I log on my phone and get shot down to type perfect trend thanks riots. Focus would be horrible. Late night so my friends like to nurse the best to take your good looking dude period from the friendliest. You don't mean they candidate doesn't this was another avenue for you right into the the big still might face on there is banning a chain that for you'd gone wrong right that's what a nine year old man in Florida recently called 911 and ask to be deported back to Guatemala. Police arrested him for misusing 911 and they're planning on handing him over to lay immigration officers. Well they immediately got exactly and finally he's like he could just walk somewhere. That a dollar I don't want to want to I manic and violate the fastest growing baby name as a villain. I'm still in their villains are you. All likely LO villain yes like a bag. Parents really thought the name what is the name of a little sailed out of when our and I think my god we appreciate headlines coming up one hour from now all those still to come the return of your guess is as good as my the first. It's been said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us get over. Why is this guy. Passion STD. Round. Is my mom whole bonus questions that need answers and yes we can help. This is as for the moment. Good question France amends rendition is an email to the men's room at men's or live dot com they the subject as a men's room. Fascinating we want to also ask black. I was on for you gentlemen who want to talk you Boone. Does Roloson. I'll learning of putting an update on Ted's a quest for normal IE. How old does the end broke penis work out in the long run a questions all of the men's room can answer that Rosie has spear checkered. Early it got smaller value in measuring an analyst I'm Jeff I have to go back. See live with that where I was at after the interview. Hollywood's putting it really happened in June summit values literally it was ended up vehemently QB but I mean it was hello did you use of them and four weeks or with the car. I don't fellows long flight two months from those awkward put it on the bathroom. Greens are like basically you put this alternative visibly quite a stretch machine gets a torturous day and it's but it's in Europe can't avoid coming out today are you walk around when war. Tomorrow if I. I values of minutes on right now we like our I think it's little strength to go to Israel weird you just stretch of all the way out. They don't try to wrap up John and I ocean but I don't like stretch Armstrong would you. You know he says I was when you're done I can actually yeah Africa and vigils IL wondered if I might get your opinion including Robbins on something what do you do about it and it's why and now Robin armament and ultimately. Thank you may get your opinion including Laden's on something. Iowa do you guys think about a bean bag chairs I have accumulated a collection of bean bags which are scattered throughout my home. A love you guys that from pol col walled in Appleton Wisconsin. It all man I'm a mass of fans of the being bagged it because like. Both my kids they have the ones they Sid in Alley for TV but there are real was ever wants while rise in its its design for the admiral Romero asses right. But my bigger gold that's on their arms to wait. This is I think comfortable and then realize there's the big ones like a ball sized. I'm really really thinking about his violent and don't pop that's the only thing I do anything about dogma and the kids are pretty good about it they get it and it seems like. Bean bag chair technology has improved since we were to do they dive on our crap and all that all the time. Most village untoward about the dog isn't as comfortable dude I say get one. Absolutely spring gala. Via Paulson as a by the way I guess a few weeks because some at a joke for bad Joseph Friday. It's about blind people learn my bolts. I'm blind so as not offensive therefore give you permission to use inside we didn't know I guess blind jokes you gotta get they have to come from the blind. Many I don't know man I mean I've I got the black thing covered like a woman were mixture of sonic so I guess of that there's a blind thing. And look brand that's the case you'd need just a metal wand jokes IDs and. It's about black people libel I don't know there's no other press forget emails learned from them as human voices detects ten have respect. A total only are now piper who is thank you wanna. Wow this like yeah guys do a great hits and George Allen the equipment and all of how else I'll be back I like bean bags but I haven't had years now I consider it doesn't matter understood them and you can collapse and they are directly in front of the television there's sensor as down there and be fine it is so comfortable and they lose or your it's good for your back Colombo analyze everything in check is a perfectly positioned your body kind of like tiger as a minority six you know I mean some scanner. And bill than there. Here's another loses comes from a Christopher. He says guys what would you say. Was the most scary time in your life. Are you talking about a moment or a period of that information to an agent Dwight twenty and thirty. They are terrified I don't usually see it at the time looking back on what are you got Damon saying. At a horrible time. Devil is there does drugs homeless violence you name it there but. At the time it is what you did but as far as I would say within that period of time there are a few moments from like. My life Madden and does he hasn't done and I don't think we're friendly. Yet dead Kerry time. I mean if we're going with one exact moment. One time when I first start experimenting with these. We went to a 7-Eleven and I thought I was getting robbed and try to call a copy two screens while but he came back our. Yeah it's kind of a slower than we protest avoided eye grabber. I'm watching the store to erupt and the giving out no no he hole dead and I watch the guy Iraq over the store walk out open the the driver's side door and it's my body with candy like you like candy and other. Yeah. For me as somebody that that we both know I got really really baked yesterday and level we had to do couple things and we had to go and get some food real quick before we went play right. OK so we get real real stone. And go to the that we we go to happy Jackson objects like you're limited. A mailman since down the status bar OK I just got my chicken wings which were delicious fun. A this person is freaking the hell out and thinks that the postman has a gun is going to shoot everybody. This person made me eat my wings and leave early because they were so convinced. That this person was gonna go postal because as they let them smoke weed I saw yes I saw this person reach for a gun to check of their packing. We got to get the hell out of here he's gonna shoot a whole place now. And how are you seriously gonna make me utilities into canoeing threatened to inherited don't and its an always for a at the car they left I had to eat its. Well that's secular and in the log back out to the dark. Know it's late eighteen in my story happened I this is no this is come weeks ago that's a map okay. That was the level of Ohio was dealing with. Wow yeah good stuff that kept the league it's that thing now you're out of that person. If you have requested more as the men's and we had a fine time once again clearly who has. Addition as an email to the men's room mad men's or live dot com and make the subject as amends or Marla media color nine in line right now dual 642 on rock coming up. Your guess is as good as minor categories today viewing with street names and ladies in music we'll take a quick break and come back with your guess is as good as mine next. The man. Pulling nine KI SW. Market doesn't sell as my gun profile those applied for tickets to see royal blood wielded the game formerly known as black blood makes your due coming up right after the show the David first time all your guess as good as ninth. It is very easy game to play we give you a choice of one or two categories merry picture category. Try to get as many correct in the category as possible before three strikes and you're out dominance of talk. People are jammed to the song and I was in Iraq. Just ladies every time could target test and ready to play the game hello Matthew welcome to the men's room. All of this car I do we have a two categories story today. We have ladies and music and we have common street names in America. What category would like to pick today on your guess is as good as mine. I didn't go to America has gone gate leading these ladies and music where did you grow up I Alaska. How does America still American out right aboriginal offered common street names and our nose to reach around a Mac like look. There's a difference between being in the suburbs. And million to sit you don't find MOK boulevard. In the suburbs because white people and as a boulevard is feeling you know the black people around. You don't find. Places they met. Like magnolia lane probably not miss it you'd be surprised are all comp. I don't know I Israel and it's great. It's its strange look to glisten like this all makes sense he would be impossible to get that category almost I can give you some clues good student. I totally he's a music it is okay. So Forbes we know Forbes they're all about the money are no well OK so despite the fact that a lot of in the music industry here. You're judged by a lot of different things units you sell them amount of money you may based on the units how many copies of that were sold. The highest grossing tours blah blah blah blah blah also included on that. Endorsement deals with a lot of different ways for musicians to make money they write books and make public appearances they do private chosen all that but. One thing is for show are at the end of the year the total amount of money that they make is the total amount of money they make one way or not. So what we're looking for today ER RV ten. Highest paying women in music that includes endorsements. Touring. Publishing royalties licensing and merchandising sales album sales and the life. We are looking for the ten highest paid women in music need to get as many right in the category as possible before three stretcher and you're out will be your first guest. Worker football tournament Madonna. Could cost. No way. I'm so I don't know I don't know coach. Beyond our own no not god only a little she's too old they're shipped orders I think you just don't I don't see Dorothy scooters that they would you add insult like endorsement deals right so. Lady dug out the Newman's I feel like he's everywhere. Her little clothes does suffer cars. She's on TV she's in every magazine and none of it has to do with the music and he says do. Without arms and she has to even if she doesn't put on how. There's no way she commands a low salary probably different things you endorse he'll do well let me let you second guess so lady Ariel bit. Larry don't want Karachi when a guy got. 59 million dollars she made last year. I'm assays and is are all suggestions I do not know Katy area. I think Katy Perry Cassini did she does what was the U martyr image you've just an ad yesterday. She does my foot cell phone and two more ads right now we're they say wouldn't it be nice of people to wood to the troops in front. Reynolds I did contract assembly allowed him to six -- longer a small hole in one yesterday and redundant. Goodman chief. I would tonight's guests all. Okay Terry did you're number one at. Number one yeah I 35 million to her she's a lot of commercial yet. Got two out of the sin Lady Gaga and Katy Perry as far as he listed the highest paid women in music you out of Eric Wright beyoncé and Rihanna. Just a big again. They're in the wake every African advertisement. For everything. And essentially gloat don't care. Well. We can get this stuff funny Dick. Gwen Stefani and she does a lot of your fellow employees which is on the boards don't know if endorsements. And she knows he's Doumit you know you went right into my view. Guru. Pat. These are beyond excited obviously in my mind so we'll go look I think that's. Fiance. And I yeah community four point five million dollars. At from the taxman. Some suggested Adele. What's wrong. I don't doubt you could make the list just for albums suddenly I don't know if she endorses lob god damn that woman knows all right through sales aren't. Our audio listeners relegated ago I know Kurt and I and number tool. Who's more popular with the 100 mil Taylor wants everyone that comments I honestly I don't threadbare laughs yeah track. Almost 140. Million dollars next. Good for Taylor slopes of fossil Costner good thread tab you've got to delve Katy Perry. Taylor Swift Lady Gaga and beyoncé. As far as the highest paid women in music and some have suggested Justin Bieber Bonnie Todd five out of the tent. Man I don't know Rihanna may be Miley Cyrus and remember Neruda mistaken Cyrus. We'll see what was he doing pilots are very familiar order Bruins in the donor now Rihanna correct Arabs can't donate a thirty million dollars she's number ten. Growing number ten of the tip did you see her in stuff too. You do an Arizona daughter were I was clintons or magazine last night I don't nor am sort nothing appeals to me. Girls like ooh that's a really good looking woman close up of Rihanna might right right. All right six out of the Tea Party or some other suggestions. Jennifer Lopez I don't know which she does do an ass ton of endorsements make human knowledge. She's all the clothes made me not without a lot of music but does she she's been on a few ads aren't gee it's okay but then frank Blake. What did yardstick Gwen Stefani and I know but her and heard minding your coach's son and how much that pizza on the voice. But they want to do network TV profit on more endorsements and I mean Britney Spears as residency in Vegas. I indoors the few things. Ice against talked about Miley. You've talked about who else someone is screaming Celine Dion I think this person's actions like a million times as well they know. Went there for any resource to India aren't ones to follow the coach. I don't know doesn't cracked the top twenty. She does well a lot of Wheldon about his world to add rob what your vice warned anyone on this a lot of people saying Selena Gomez. Because she's a huge endorsement and I don't know anything about her music but intimacy here she says ME TV commercial for something. That does not appeal to me to release these same humanize him. I don't know if I know she's in some of those commercials too. How it's playing mindless hours on a small part in the guardians of the galaxy. Two strikes. You've gotten six corrects Miley just scares me she took a two years I would I don't know who told me somebody who is Britney. Are number six I used to Vegas album sales and endorsements if britney's there now a lot of money last year men's only Indiana might be added to gasoline the ounces sales of those good. Vegas residency but I would argue this. The group of people she appeals to. Probably made an ass ton more money than people so she's probably endorsing products were not aware of but I think of britney's made about a month Celine probably. Including NATO literally dedicated their genetic illness goes a bit of order so India and Selena on. I'm sorry out sale lie her husband passed on a few years back and she's been raising your kids since then. It hasn't been doing she started back up on the Vegas residency generals a time there were her husband. It was not doing very well she took time off to take care of him. He passed on to the little time to take your ball over things an omen. Did you get back on the road and she's not put out any new music. I'd again I'm going back to the tax. People who are nuts about Jerry got him underworld of some of points outlook. We have Jerry mother everything under would say god they carry it over bad Carrie Underwood has an NFL endorsements remembered that yes yes right Sunday Night Football Carrie Underwood had I I think I'd like. And you know anything about you know L like the Super Bowl halftime that'll pay artists. I carry on pelicans and number 82. Do you see it hold up what I tell you beyond a seventh. I would love doesn't pay task they just don't think. They ready. Mayor artists they don't pay you don't pay for college visible for their players make the least of the major of the lyrics they don't know that are at a dead man's Selena Gomez is removed or bug in me. Selena Gomez comes in number twelve. Really what about humanize and humanize does not committee comes in number thirteen out. We miss an old people. The armed your minimum mentally like everyone to come to. JR Murillo and go to overtime. Exactly he's. Yeah three strikes Miranda Lambert run. On a number yes sir I'm only got nor name and I don't know enough about it. The only when he got as a messenger. Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey still makes so much money off the holiday season for holiday specials or holiday music and everything else in the times she does a line. After Mariah Carey say god damn Mariah Carey Mariah Carey. Mariah just reading the judge okay you're right Adele Katy Perry. Taylor Swift Lady Gaga got beyoncé Britney Spears Jennifer Lopez Miranda Lambert Mariah Carey and Rihanna also. Now that is really considered it they all girl group whose nots but the two ladies and Fleetwood Mac. Or one depending on who's in the bad Christian McBee and Steven next day they raked in a lot of money is wealth in the past couple years due to tour. I know they're not you know considered the high speed limit the music but the women in music and they're part of a grand man an area that make a lot of you are woven a music that's exactly yeah. Maybe you could you're in a bad you are a woman you qualified hi there you go on your guess is as good as mine imagine during the attack.