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Monday, May 15th

Shot of the Day, Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from SNL and another Theme Song Challenge! Plus Headlines and Taryn tells us about her Brewery weekend!


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Somebody else they're deserves to be ready. Men's room. It's just the way news. That is that is usually had considering desk and Steve destroy vilified at nortel's yes indeed today we chose pastor Jonathan Mann I can't even begin. To say this guy's last name. But he is the pastor at the saint of the last days church in Zimbabwe. Because he's from Zimbabwe that's why I cannot say his last night. I would say the John does the ballots at the bit of an understatement case in point after holding a sermon for his congregation. He led the to a local river to show how he'd like Jesus Christ before him. Could walk on wore. Now the turkeys wind was simply to have face to dawn waited about ninety feet into the warmer before making its attempt to balance on the rubber surfaces. But instead he was probably the Bauer and eaten by not one. Not too. But three crocodiles were for the purposes of the story read named father son and Lincoln's. Are put according to witnesses specifically his congregation wants to get eaten in quote seconds. All that was left Jonathan. Was his underwear and eighty cent. It should be noted that he tried to cross a river known as crocodile river in Zimbabwe. I called and he did a certain. Took him around the reverence that look from an extra hundred of Jesus did on the walk across war and and I believe this was gonna happen. And then they watch very crocodiles is grab his ass drag him on the warmer bunch of blood. A pair of underwear a sandal and that's all she wrote. I never knew yet time and against and never will. The LA earlier than. I mean technically against the kinda helped him. There's the he didn't have to walk on water the rock out there I mean that that's true but they've never figure out of not gonna work either way hey but back I would just say this and this to you might think you're about. That guy goes out. We're going to be even my crocodile or jog dial. If you keep it. Jesus. A legal way. It may not fit child about additive beloved David gee things I ever crocodile like Cole Norman standup might come the son of god I've. I don't know extra arms around. How dinosaurs were in the Bible now there's been a need to be out there eating the guy in front right there were there. I gotta say is a sick thought do you imagine you've brought your family down there. Father whoever's gonna go out and perform the illegal leading the show and command over the houses but you watch ended viciously mauled by track and in no time do they said it won't. One grabbed my guess the other two breached in just rip this got to shreds of notes I'm than it was eerily silent when. Mean we crackdown got a core now obviously blistering. We lose and Madrid this ruse because we take it yawning gap bag so over the tong and down notes to party in our tummies. Down a whole lot of Ayatollah. Stick are not align right now 20642 on rock we've got profile this coming have you replying to take is to see you royal blood profile this is on the way. You are losing to the men's room on the men's or radio network. Now rockaholics. This is the men's room where miles and drill 99.9. KI DS. The ozark and just assailed as we got profile those flavored thing is is he royal blood on August 9 at the show box those tickets are courtesy of AEG live is a KI SW dot com for complete its. L pregame news on. Many true precepts. Season throw Hilton to please everyone how profile tennis is playing I sure can miles it's a simple game more reserved you a real life news story. Something happened right here our planet. Or early. Or corrupt and as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be drew people and the decisions that people make. We'll ask you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Travis welcome to the men's room. Frontier on. Are Travis you understand how mr. nameplate. I hear fantastic here is your story. And as most of us know if you're old enough to be real hard to let go your high school glory days. Emotional like me can you had no I've learned. But an eighteen year old woman from El Paso, Texas she's graduating next month and since he's moving non jaded to return her cheerleading uniform. Not a game. But on the dangers of a stern and then she called the cops to report that someone had broken into her house. And stolen her uniforms. That's it and anything else. Just her cheerleading uniforms well God's investigated and a few days later they think about what happened. She really just didn't wanna say goodbye to return in new uniforms and gave them back and or given back Susie hid them and made up the burglar. Part of what made them suspicious was in our time leaving with some won't break into a home and only steal cheerleading you know. And when he was arrested for making a false report and could be looking at the six months in jail and a 2000 dollar fine. You believe that this peppy cheerleader is black white mixed or Asian. Based on cheerleader I'm gonna go YE. Muddy equity. Well I mean when I think of that cheerleader. And I think of a high draft having more than cheerleader mom. I know is your literature on the just like some woman whose. Blonde fake. The blond kid yes and in Hungarian experience I mean I'm happy dance moms the whole thing just seems like it's all the same group of people as an. But yeah here. Really I would say is that within a day. But since she was seventeen I she is ugly she's a team gets you graduate she's a team. This is our final this is seeing New Year's ending which do not wanna give back that your leaving him. Really ominous days I can't imagine this is the first. High school athlete or whatever to take a uniform. Not like they're charged here and talk about you might keep six month grace that's why I'm not leaning white probably lean more towards what. Didn't. I don't know trigger Kuwait musical life final answer yes I'm gonna find out she was black white makes your Jewish next Batman fatigued. Now back to some men's room was miles and three L 99.9. KI SW. I'm just firefighters expect high school to glory days of high school and they graduating senior who was a none too happy about giving up her cheerleading uniform so instead of turning your back in like you do a dinner class whenever the deal as. She decided that she was going to. Call police make a report that her cheerleading outfit was still. They've broken Zora house and the only thing stolen miles. Virtually any accidents out of kind of tipped cops off that she might be life or those of another of the great finish. Yeah probably her mom and then again in terms she was full of crap she doesn't wanna give her cheerleading uniforms back and premise we asked you if you thought. That this woman was black white to match your Asian. You went white could give these cheerleaders Rachel I was goofy blonde doing her thing and and I. I that Ted you were on the right track. But he got the wrong race Fred I'll does not fit the crime Maxine in this case poses as a bring it on kinda things out. Maxi action makes me impressed activists. But I now want to do on what to put mine with some consultants to test again miles we knew that if we have another story for you. This time we go to I hop that's right and I hop waitress. To Verizon for pulling a steak knife on a New York scrambling after an argument. Over Porsche or it's not police said waitress pull the knife on a family of four including two special needs children both under the age of four. Mother says she and her family. And received poor service and thank you counsel Massa streets of manager the manager asked them to leave. When a family got him to leave they overheard another waitress comment about the kids disabilities. And that point I do bandwidth they turned back around. So the winds have drowned in the family in argument ensued but according to the mother. The waitress who have been soaring to family grabbed a steak knives and threaten parents and kids now the good news there's no one was injured after another buyout employed. Pass that's the knife from her dumb ass and anyway. Families now shaken up very upset I opposition apologies including. The one statement I'm doing any business has to say hey. We don't condone this kind of thing I'll relax. We know but you don't you don't know when I got hot and I think you'll speak for all we know that's not something you put new employee handbook. But you believe that the weight adjustable demise is black white makes the or Asian. I'll go the stereotypes there is no mauled them. In my mind I can't be a black. Why do you Graham tonight. Black woman will beat the living hell lot you with a bare hands she doesn't even like to meet a weapon and she's pissed off she's just gonna commit you into start their new car. Yeah she showed me than I know weapon ness you've met mama know what we know what in the it. It's a New York knots new York city. New York totally new person. And hundreds unused or New York ice communion the city announced that otherwise the Albany Rochester or buffalo I hear me. Yeah I do think it's black. Is isn't there working at the restaurant and then she said hey outstanding. That your whole family and I had a buddy who got into an argument a guy at a different restaurant once. And a guy stabbed him and almost killed him he had a pro resentment over sentiment and I would black cloud mistaken with black on this. When I get all high hop I'd and maybe some time gonna go in there but normally it's a white waitress working that seems to be typical. Of any of those places. I think about it on and go where you live though and it's really comedy that you go out and enjoy just Healy is. Think the I have that finally opened up briar College Park like. Like I was one of the few white people in the data. Only a Mexican governments and I think of black one abuse correct one of using correct. Had the big winner at all. Found stabbed oh yeah. Oh yeah. Collar nine right now Carol thanks for join rod you'll be on your way to see royal blood August 9 at the show box. Courtesy of eight EG live are now for all the TV news all the time it's apple TV drama today. Because you are a southern life. And did countless hours in front of a talking. Examine their proxy by experience you thousands of his shows and movies in soil with a Simeon and any time anywhere accidents the future also. You'll call 800 city 1800 X and let's see where to start today you know what I must start with but have a little fun quiz and you guys have some songs and whatnot now. I'm not gonna give you a ton of hints on this in just you remember this is the. TV show. Themes are another thing we are theme again it's a TV show are you saw on not a TV. Theme. I don't know I screwed up one day last week the TV show themes that TV show theme song. TV show theme song miles. Oh man and I. Sony and my life out of the wild card. Everybody Loves Raymond or some of the picture people in apartments in New York City. Not that far off from mad about you maybe just more difference maybe a little different. Orientation. Will and grace all ordinaries are right ago miles human outlook are here to say I don't understand what it will was about will Grayson orientation. They're homosexuals foul and Ross to show the section about the bathroom yeah telephone I don't know it's I was asking certain us sort of got a guy OK well what it is about. It was a good. The whole show is that the dudes are day in the wind I was like flaming and I never watch this I must say that an abuse of iron you're saying he was he was he was the stereotypical queen if you will in my heart I apologize on my. Lexicon is up to date but that was kind of the point of the whole show show that would you golf lane and back him. You'll lose start to play now you don't stolen well you know that's a term my easily my sister who works as a hairdresser Phil that would get out without pointing out pretty quick and I'll let our MO. There's a way like it even on the black community around like they get like clay before I get to different description than say pat Reese. In a lot yeah person that exemplifies what ever the stereotype is from the group like. A much different name. Four who they are verses who everyone else might be. Yes just I assume it's the same everywhere like underdog like the poster board port number everyone else believes to be durables January. Yeah I can watch a group of white people as a white person and like that's an anger polite people. Megawatt Jermaine and stick his hand into over her dead. And pull fish out of it kind of that's the red. Right price for it like he's so why is that what he's all right there right you're so glad we had to give you different so people understood if exactly. BM out there all bunch of neighbors. A but anyhow. NBC kinda. In the last a couple weeks has revealed the shows are bringing back with an opera back to the big one is that there are bringing back willing grace. Which is funny because just in the sense of you know some shows get canceled and we have one season David. Will grace of an off year for which thank god Damir is I have renewed them they were on for eight seasons and then make an offer a left and right now shows coming back for its ninth season with a whole original count like nothing happened. Billy twelve new episodes NBC's hoping they can continue it beyond that I'm surely dormant. Yeah I mean that could be one of those things to a V everybody goes out out manned wielded at will and grace backs and it literally be better placement got to watch will and grace. I've I feel this way because like whatever I shot a large earth. They close that I like a miser accurately that plays close and Antonio off you go there and mentoring at the Gonzalez the development like men in the show also critically claim. I can't believe they go to the Serbia my account deficit is exactly now one. Hello I don't think another. And about a Roseanne read it seems to me like a new thing now and we'll show. Not necessarily doing election what will what is the one on Netflix that they were they redid. About the golden girls with Waffle House snow is solar house social and only a four houses one of them and there's a woman all right if you notice exit the ad to Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and all the chicks are. Yes. But but there's define a lot of success well I well yeah. It also depends it really depends on the actors busy so I mean. You take these actors like if you've gone on groups like hey man and an ongoing nor George Clooney's going Malick. George Clooney was on facts of life but they did a reunion I didn't feel Jesus say hey man. I'm glad that jazz but I'm kind of busy being successful. American Idol come back with so what I want to and I would Alec Baldwin who is pretty good job the most I'm reading it I'm emotional reboot. And it's expanding in my son shows is not crazy like Family Guy was famous. And then late ninety's right they they had two or three seasons and a neighbor golf content and that's what the first shows the Internet kind of brought back there to watch so much. By the way. Just some crazy little things that of a cellphone. Own a lot more out point on that that I had I do know for a fact. There are a lot of bidding wars going on a lot of these old shows. In rather than give up the rights the shows somebody like Netflix or Hulu leads other companies Yahoo!. They'll they'll say hey we won by will and grace will by the writes that look we want to reboot that show with ping an has a lot of potential we're gonna give you X amount dollars. And ABC goes. And hey you know what I think will do what we reboot will drag current maybe that would be successful pro let's not that often happens. Three old shows don't go away law and order asks EU that that renewed for in nineteen cease. There's won't for the record now while the only shows have lasted longer are the original loan lawyer and law and order and gun smoke. May. Ice-T was around when body count put up the nuances. She moved three months ago when it was but he is one of the late night shows and he was straight up about is like this demand. At this point we just wanted to beat the record of being number longer so we can ask anybody on social wanted to I thought while I appreciate his honesty about it until I did it. At that point you're so close like look man the viewership is probably exactly the same every week. Yeah it never changes advertisements and you don't spin anymore you don't discriminate lasts it's just there and one thing I do know about ever watching the show. It's been ripped from its lines were only 7000 shows away from being the smoke Manson don't think this honor this match. At I think that's another. Let's hope things too like sometimes IBC wood and a major city you kind of forget right. You know all these entertainment options that don't mean go and fear goalless tournament I mean literally just a little. When you're watching something in on your tablet or this and that. But there's a lot of ball in this country people go home they watch network TV outlets windows of their shows that law and order and that doesn't those people went. Whatever night comes on that would ever tried to back into Houston and Robert and I hear them like no idea when it comes but I know it CIA at this is shows up on Tuesday night. Yeah I know thrown. That are working late night. All right. In the back X. Lot of people would talking lately one of the most exciting pat and none of us described as the most exciting one of the most one of the guys you see the most is actually the Press Secretary. Sean Spicer the spice man S and l.s always having fun of them so here's Melissa McCarthy played the spice band and in the open mr. truck. They're saying that you're gonna replace you miss Sara Shaun combined they would never do that she doesn't have you special stylus. So you've ever. This should now. It's true unit saw you like when I do their job no. Signals a little. No I'm married. Jason. My kid I have a wife like 2000 I think this is okay. Yeah other and you just you know I never see me again. Did something. Right. The reference pin violation when I see that video. We got to the cast of you faced the reference there obviously. If you're if you ever watch the godfather. Is that when Michael Corleone figures out I was afraid though that set up his father in the sense that he gives them you know gives in the TS in either of them yet. Now later afraid you'll be killed never heard from again yep I move to. Goodbye but I got the Sicilian kiss of death or whatever also made famous and the movie called the graduate. Robert Downey right now and now Robert Downey junior and Robert know who Kukoc might also brought heartland Michael brought her to graduate Michael Broderick. Thank you Matthew Broderick Matthew Broderick and Dustin Hoffman like to graduate 196 now who did graduate with a graduate is about a kid Brodeur was is that. Graduation and then he moves in New York City to go to school are like to get a job right we might write them out of many gets laid mixed up with this weird mafia there's a giant blizzard. What's crazy Comodo dragon evolved people are gonna eat it. Now I'm Sarah I don't mean just the aisle and I did Siemens I think got to remember everything you do is all the movies what about the the Komodo dragon and Amar I would remember that. Yeah so if I don't read our brand goes it really like played a physically you know short he's a real god father or not. I have not seen icing off comedy. But like there's also scene where he's at NYU mister Broderick yeah her and there's a whole image the professors and obsessed with it like let's assume that that Broderick and you being in movies. Yes a lot of people forget that and the guy was prolific there for a while but now Matthew Broderick. It's a lot of stuff that. So prolific guy called Michael. Cook who applied got confused there is think about Robert Downey junior. I see Michael yeah yeah Robert Downey junior has nothing to do with my Matthew Broderick. It's I did if you sometimes. A Prokopec. You guys which the strangest show you probably get into and I don't mean like specific show I mean genre of shale. As far as being strange. Well I don't know what the finally friendly providing a soft and any thing on History Channel or signs to any change like. I don't know if you're watching like a food show like you know one of those shows that just kind of sucks your an arc while. And I want to know what I was mad about the other day guerrillas on I hate the Food Network and a coach for years it doesn't mean anything to me if I'm dumb but I hated but I get sucked in and nor is I got sucked them is goods like weren't those. Iron shepherd job but it's kids. Right eyes are you don't let the barbecue can't and no not our armor all that far you can championship. Silence are crap load earlier I'm gonna say I'm going to be honest about an hour about his state amount there any kind of blowback again almost. They're doing a commercial for the Bartley barbecue kids whatever was anomaly yet yet. And then at the end of the commercial addition those are really fat butt girl flip and some rooms and she goes dead that's perfect and I'm like. I hope she wins I don't know why I'm looking at her leg she can make some rigs about me nine. At matters is that they've already know guru really freshman was I don't know. Freshman freshman I am sorry I screwed up than him and moved so. Everything is sort of wrong all the movies I had the movie generally around what was happening in the movie with a Komodo dragon in this imagine the illegal meals. That's the only meals. But the whole food club did you get that pot pie. I don't worry caught. This. So I like to go to festivals right I'm still one time and one festival I rented an RV. And I drove the RV up there right it was a tiny RV he was phenomenal. Glorious but now I find myself obsessed with these stupid RV show. But as well now you moment who you know lifestyle you could be living but it's. Lets us know the guys like all right we got this one wasn't within your budget we have is when the superdome drought hit a board in the media like. The one you'll get theme in my mind like the leases run out. Like I'm doubly apartment at that point in time I would have by the singer rented for a year driving around until I figure out a dollar bottle these things can afford one of these things it. To a fireman next placement. Like I told you if I have a yacht a limit on it I have an RV I am living on that thing I'm into I'm and yet. They have those people to. They live and on them out of a long and so there's some couples that live autumn because like one couple was a good guy and a girl in the AT each day so they wanna go around the country to each day it's. So they were doing exact villagers say they every two years they just go up and model army Africa but then it was like these two dudes. That live together on their army and they think they want luxurious in the switch but then you know this is guys like me there and for her rent. Look it just it's one of those things nothing about a lastly like the sit and I'd watch three straight hours probably of art house. And now look at everything about RV it's like you rented one once a movie drove until festival parked it. And then four days later put it in drive and drove it back to literally looked enough of an impact on India had enough good good time with a that you want you wants yeah shows about a mess. Finding a life sometimes that your I don't wanna say that outlook is this watch an RBs stuff but don't vote they want the Titanic what's the difference yes exactly if that is a TV for yet another subtle sounds of my cock. It's Sunday it's. Here's Mike Koch. Had a shredded I'd below the baby's name is the one Nevada note shot from the number 3200. And nick 69 position. To the 901 position in the last year. It just happens to media antagonists of the new Star Wars movie. Yes the name Carlo is becoming creek. Newport then rise titles I don't know I don't want to name mark did you bark it's not bad. A bold effect. Like in mobile a mobile mobile mobile thing mobile mobile mobile mobile. Yes I do other vaulting them on the kind of competitor that's a does valley now ballad always artists are now to the wild. All right enough boom boom boom boom boo boo boo him. And to abolish it it's politics I can't concentrated got a tough problem it is meant avenue drift among the I was honest I don't. It's smooth it's my library for attitudes edited. With his cabinet president outshot the considering what he called it quote huge reboot of the staff the edge among people of the people of this cross hairs are on spies there brightest bravest Steve Bannon and Don again look Mann act the only person agonize. Defendant Edgar despite select what half you went out everywhere and hiring competent people when you got exactly which but beyond that. No one can reduce prices jumped because fifteen things happen in the time it takes and Walt forming his alters two of the press briefing room. Is it but you can have with Morgan Freeman right everybody loves the boys who still dial it. I don't know because whenever I just told drew has now changed and whatever he says is going to contradict what I say. But you're warned to be mad at me even all I'm doing is telling you the last thing I heard him say literally what is to be like the last thing I heard him say. Was this or the governor of tourism has under the bus understand I'm not making this stuff up for him. I'm just telling you the last thing you told me but we all know by now that in thirty minutes that's going to be entirely their. One of the worst things that I can remember growing up and schools have as anybody if you have somebody you're bowling or somebody like that he you know this gonna kick your asked the in the school day. The time that goes by like this one time he wants cool like last longer. In all day it's on your mind like everything about like you knows. Well goes then you're gonna go outside. You gonna get it's gonna get Hannity he's actually waiting for you read my grand and and in when you walk outside you just stand up there and you take your lumps and and you get I've never seen anybody hide in the bushes. Yeah K okay try and get on a flight with a senior in high staff that has never hated that you stand very turnaround like are is below with the worry about all day. Never seen about how the bush before and it's also. Though I only go to South Carolina laurel woman has been arrested for cruelty to children for striking her six year old son. Most any by the detective from her son's giving his grandmother carver Mother's Day but not parent. Did she piece together why that may have happened. At adamantly turnaround and it's let them 10 I think you know what they do understand. Grandparents are always school of the I look at my parents now. And how well they treat my kids and I'm like are you god damned kidding me. Are you kidding me because when I was weren't known better stuff remember they have like about I don't have to raise them do you do. Even more so that it takes a lot for parents to call the police on their own child anything that's what happens. She saw her daughter hid her grandson answered you know what. Com account to Korea and will that remind you that tells you everything you need to know about how hard she hit him. All right NI in the world of entertainment after falling failing to secure Kelly Clarkson as the judge their revamped show Katy Perry is rumored to be in the homestretch of being the newest judge for American Idol. Oh my god. I'm watching now I love. Her iTunes to my marriage Cyrus and I was waiting for my site into an alleged account today and al-Qaeda to Mac and cheese filling my desire just to get a haircut to get things get a free sex is great. Down whatever yeah Thomas rat out the ducks quarterback Russell Wilson got from me over the weekend after writing a note to his wife or mother today. About being grateful to spend his life but they're quote raising our kids. The use of the word our has occurred some out flack for mr. read users that are fans here is ex fiance future. But he was quickly defended buys them and your reason that I would give them flak give why should we hear anything personally your decision one did you call her mother daughter mom living god damn archer mama must yeah I'm starred in do this on the air like Russell may I did it. Media guide them as I grab grab grab African bloc that's fine but probably for god out there man. Keep some stuff. Personal between the two of human and that it's actually important to do ever pride that life. And if you don't then don't ever get upset people comments under publicly but because. These are things that in theory you or sharing specifically was one of the person so if you put it Arabic. For people to see you have to know not only thing gonna give fly but the only thing I should see you in the newspaper for is running. Lifting ended like every demy everytime I see even that. Any media right now it's about a circus and not about his job and only reason I wanna know about him is because his job when there's a circus around you. You really need to focus on that job that. It passed off. And violin the world's sports Aaron Rodgers has been agreement was skeletons in 2005. Now has recently come out that he can enjoy a one of the few things agreement has to offer. Gary products that half half athletic try to integrate a club and the culture of Wisconsin but sadly as irritable bowels now. All parents at their very I'm Heidi I. Okay. Megabyte we appreciate it we'll take a regularly Terry Daly joins us finance and. Line. Now that's just dumb man in Israel fund 99.9. JE IU SW. Adjourned earlier now. I ask how are. Well house we get the week was great actually yet. Not one but two robberies of oh you did yes I went to white wall in Marysville. Saturday day and then went to sound summit Saturday now it's so you made it to two breweries and then that's that's a feat yes and that violence on my dad's been employed at the Oxford adds little karaoke at the Piccadilly. You know and it's out and somehow managed to not be hung over which don't think you did your home basic many beer crawl yeah that's and then yesterday I went over the property and got some major work done in the in the sense that I hung to him next in our trees oh at the site now. That's very shortly you'll have a temporary housing right out we can't get ligament yet but we can sleep with him in the treason. It's nice to look though and see the progress is high and all that stuff and realize our workers coming through yeah. Any. The finish line is there I mean it. If we teeter on the line all the time but it's there. In your in your homeless now so it's stuff you pass from play a hammer. Yeah I know I use discretion accounts is very violence just whoever's closed common parents and in Canada to let us shack up their base and other airlines to crash in Fremont everyone's wondering. He walking around on their illegal check out on their anymore doughnut of those people move away it's nice and major bomber his degree and can. Military's image is we're out here we'll see you tomorrow drug charge drank castles and since then we've got Martin gets more royal blood with profile this we'll see them. Yes and David is altered parent is in the no hammock that marks on the back of vernacular yeah I'm just assuming jets slept much. We are out but we are back tomorrow so until then please would you do best and poorly the sick. Yeah. The men's room has been made before a lot of studio audience wardrobe and may god provided by the Manchester limited. Presentation knows the man truly feel that way. Okay.