05-15-17 Your Guess is as Good as Mine

Monday, May 15th

Today, Your Guess si as Good as Mine is between Streets! And the Ladies!

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I'm able your guests as good as mine isn't easy game to play and we gave me a choice of one or two categories from there you pick category. Try to get as many correct in the category as possible before three strikes and you're out the moments of talk. People jammed in this off and plaza. This lady's efforts could target test and ready to play the game hello Matthew welcome to the men's room. All of this are. Matthew we have a two categories for you today. We have ladies and music and we have common street names in America. What category would like to pick today on your guess is as good as mine. I didn't go to America and so on being pretty neat ladies and music where did you grow up. Alaska to. Another America it's American though right now but it drew offered common street names and I don't know as a manager Robert Mac like look. There's a difference between being in the suburbs. And millions and you don't find MOK boulevard. In the suburbs because white people and as able are feeling you know the black people. You don't find. Places they met. Like magnolia lane probably not miss it you'd be surprised are all come. I know I Israel alternate slate. It's its strange look to the list them like this all makes sense he would be impossible to get that category almost I could give you some clues would student. So ladies and music it is okay. So Forbes we know Forbes all about the money oh I don't know well OK so despite the fact that a lot of in the music industry here. You're judged by a lot of different things units you sell in amount of money you may based on the units how many copies of that we're sold. The highest grossing tours blah blah blah blah blah also included on that. Endorsement deals with a lot of different ways for musicians to make money they write books and make public appearances that you private chosen all that but. One thing it's for sure at the end of the year the total amount of money that they make is the total amount of money they make one way or not. So what we're looking for today ER are the ten. Highest paying women in music that includes endorsements. Touring. Publishing royalties license. Merchandising sales album sales and the life. We are looking for the ten highest paid women in music need to get as many right in the category as possible before three structure and you're out. We'll be your first yet. I prefer a proper to run Madonna. Could cost. No way. I'm so I don't know I don't know. Beyond our own Noah got about a little she's too old if she tours I just don't I don't see Dario if you polluters that they would you add insult like endorsement deals right so. Lady dog now the new but I feel like he's everywhere. Yeah alone does suffer car she's on TV she's in every magazine and none of it has to do music and he says do. And I'm saying yes even if you don't put on how. There's no way she commands a low salary of how many different things indoors it'll do what they might second guess what Lady Gaga it. And I bought north Lady Gaga. 59 million dollars he made last year. Imus a and his girls suggestions I'd do not know eighty area. I think Katy Perry is she yeah she does what we're asking her image as an ad yesterday. She does one foot cell phone it is ads right now they say would've been nice to people flowed through. Reynolds ninety contractors and allowed him to six threes longer assault and one yesterday went out there. Good Bengie. I would the next yes vote. In case it did you're number one and number 135. Million there are a lot calmer yeah. Got two out of the tin Lady Gaga and Katy Perry as far as the list of the highest paid women in news. Yeah out of quite beyoncé and Rihanna. Just to bid again. They're inlet every African advertisement. Or every. Which I didn't look okay. Well. We can get that step on it. Went to bombing. She doesn't like to old all boys and she's on the boards don't know if endorsements. And so he doesn't mean you know you went right and she might be. We'll rule it. These cities are they so that was obviously in my mind so we'll go look at it yet. Beyoncé. Apotheker 54 point five million dollars. At from the taxman. Some suggested Adele. What's wrong. I don't delicate make the list just for albums chuckling I don't know if she endorsed lob god I am a woman knows all right through sales and you know listeners relegated dealt Anelka and I and number a tool. We've got popular with the 100 mill failed blogs every one on the sales where our prayer there where. Track. Almost 140. Million dollars net. That particular thoughts of fossil caustic very you've got to dale Katy Perry. Taylor Swift Lady Gaga and beyoncé. As far as the highest paid women in music and some have suggested Justin Bieber funny. Five out of the tent. Man I don't know Rihanna may be Miley Cyrus and ignorant and those are mistaken Cyrus capital assurance do. Machine or what to do it Miley it's art like a regular. Through Syria owner now Rihanna crash on May thirty million dollars he's number ten. Wrote number ten of the to see her in stuff to. You do and our president thought I was looking for a magazine last night I don't nor am tournament feels to me. Probably that's a really good looking woman pulls up Rihanna might right right. All right six out of the to here's some other suggestions. Jennifer Lopez I don't know which he does do and asked on endorsements make human knowledge. She's all replies nick may not without a lot of music but this she's been on a few ads and gee it's okay but then right like. What did yardstick Gwen Stefani and I know but her hand up her mind your coaches I don't know how much that. On the voice. But they want to do network TV profit on more endorsements and I mean Britney Spears as residents in Vegas. And I endorse the few things president. I against talked about Miley. You talked about who else someone is screaming Celine Dion I think this person's that was like a million and well they know it. Went there quoted a source to India are Gwen Stefani. Apple hasn't cracked that topped one. She does well a lot of well and about his world. Rob what your vice warned anyone on this a lot of people saying Salim ago. If she's in huge endorsement. I don't know anything about music but intimacy or any TV camera something. That does not appeal to me to release these same humanize him. I don't know if I know she's in some of those commercials do. Out of it thing Miley Cyrus had a small part in the guardians of the galaxy. Two strikes. You've gotten six corrects Miley just scares me she took a two years I would go to notre goat it'll be a regular Brittany. Number six. Are used to Vegas album sales and endorsements if britney's there a lot of money last year than Celine BM IB editor of Celine Dion socialism does the Vegas residency but I wouldn't argue this. The Google people's she appeals to probably make an ass ton more money than people so she's probably endorse products were not aware of but I think of britney's magna mudslinging. Indigo literally dedicate this inaugural list goes in order so India and Selena. Sorry outs I realize her husband passed on a few years back and she's been raising kids since then. It hasn't been doing she started back up on the Vegas residency yeah it was a time there over her husband. It was not doing very well she took time off to take care of him. He passed on to the little time to take your ball over. In Sonoma and then to get back on the road and she's not an editing new music. I'd again I'm going back to the tax. Bit annoyed not to buy Kerry got him on what some of points outlook. We have Jerry mother acting under would say god they carry it over the head Carrie Underwood has an NFL endorsement remember that she is a guest rights Sunday Night Football candidate had I think I'd like. If you know anything about in electable halftime that'll pay artists. I carry an applicant and number 82. You stay at home politically on a seventh. I know about doesn't pay to how they just don't they. They ready. Player they don't pay little paper out accessible but their players make the least of the major of great reverence they don't know that are at a dead man's Selena Gomez and they've moved a bug in me. Selena Gomez comes in number twelve. Really what about demonized and demonized as an act of Michigan's number thirty. We miss an old people. Your men are going back look like a gorilla and yeah restrict Miranda Lambert run. On a number of sort of like a nor name and I don't know about it. Know when you guys miss and Ryan care. Mariah Carey still makes so much money off the holiday season for holiday specials or holiday music and everything else in the times she does the line. After Mariah Carey so they got them right Carey Mariah Carey. Mariah just reading the OK you're right Adele Katy Perry. Taylor Swift Lady Gaga beyoncé Britney Spears Jennifer Lopez Miranda Lambert Mariah Carey Rihanna also. Now that is really considered it they all girl group does not. But the two ladies and Fleetwood Mac. Or one depending on who's an actress in McBee and Steven de they raked in a lot of money as well in the basket we years due to too. I'd rather not you know considered high speed limit of music with a limited music and they're part of a grand man and he make a lot of you are woven a music that's exactly how to play music you're in a bad you are a woman you qualified. Either going to organizes get his mind.