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Tuesday, May 15th

Mens Room Question: What did you find?/What did you find out?


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled. Grocers I'm now 95 K Fox News south bay is classic rock in beautiful San Jose California also rock 100 point five against. And Oklahoma City and our friends rocking in Fort Wayne, Indiana on 1033 the fort that rocks our question today what did you finder find out cancels coming in the drug charge since then and today we get to attend songs that actually lift your spirits scientifically proven these songs to make you feel better and to make you feel good. I do not know the list I'm telling you I'm sand did 2% of we're gonna make me angry I. What do you what percentage of them do you think I'll likely have to admit I made did the what I typically do is and then if if I find some of the stuff and I'll do is I will look at over I will get it just for what it is. Based on the headline alone and then I will not read any further tired because I don't want you don't know I don't wanna know what I wanna know if I knew that it wouldn't be in a mile yeah do it relatives on the don't do a bit like Brodeur on there and I wanna I wanna find out when number one you know I don't know like that's why don't wanna look I don't wanna I don't I want to be exciting for me to and if I know all the crap and stuff on the top according to I'm going to starting to think magician going to a magician show you know like I know does this crap outside entertaining you know I'll be glad and a number at Akron. Seeing your New Zealand eligibility I don't think the whole. Somebody hollow very excited for number one don't think that none other than this person presumably Michael. Do you think if anyone else will be happy that this oh yeah really I did. What they are okay songs hitters signing tomorrow and make you feel I must say you could be happy about it is it's yeah I was shocked that Mike was such a big failed. A look at track ball even probably because it made him happy that's the whole idea ten songs that are making him feel good coming up right does a drug charge being since been on the lake also would you don't need to know goes to China. Foursome NBA action and I'm happy Chinese. Called certain NBA players they don't call them they're American names. So our question what do you finder find out a 44999. Cola. Hello. How owner. There are welcome to the Mandarin. Lol oh I know. Well not all. And I just got home the wild sounds that we grow. Yeah IA and he's got out of school. You know look I'm OK he's we're good we're good with every losing healthier lives we don't get that we didn't wanna know get what are your fire find out. So. I found out. Glued. To three being. 22 and a happy New York. Brake after I got my license. I was driving my dad home from the bar can you. Don't. These are just like the guy for the job. Yeah. And so we were talking he gives me like a diet like always and then. I think. He accidentally slipped out. My aunt a sister. My oldest sister it actually I have a sister. Not you have no idea and he's got the daddy is out he's telling you. Yeah and that's probably why your dad your mom aren't together anymore. Probably won't know that's not that now like they come. Out and that's the kind of they got divorced can move on you. Okay. Well we know I don't know what I did it slip out. Some of the Daniel lies in his eyes and this is there a Mac. Here's how you started out first of all dead goes to the bar against drugs can also go pick him up now drunk dad in the car you would think he's got evidence of life advises I am I don't lie to your wondered why yours doesn't doesn't look like me out today why he looks like Randy. Com. I don't remember what sparked that but it loose like out of nowhere and then I found that out and I kept it to myself. I was yourself I don't know businesses and home. I don't know I'm not actually shared. Well let's. I think there's a lot more of that out there than than most people. I'm sure there is when I mean. I don't know man I'd love to have you okay hundred now do you know who the father risk. I know that I daily oral I don't learn. I was not born when he. An all out and buy it so how can remember he liked is he remembered these conversations. Are some alone and not all time and know that leisure is is a younger sister yours. No my oldest is you know are you close with your. Who that could has been that your mom was with a was someone else before she was with your downer or a bad thing. I think that's what all time low and as far as not a big deal Matt Lauer well it is. Not bad but if you sister doesn't know how to make gas blowing she thinks yes your dad yeah yeah yeah that's that's used to build and ask your mother about it. Demo that we don't want me like she's the one center to this dust and like an agreement between two and a mother and saying hey does sister know about that. I. The other conversation when your mom. Are no okay we'll see what happens. Erosion man doesn't mean you're you're sister needs to know there's which buys and having kids and all the rest evident it's a good thing to know. Caster what did you find her why now it's all the medical stuff no Kyra hi all go to the announcer Larry that I am. I think I I would be more inclined to go back to the debt first you get a little more info. I never saw him I mean you can do you need more ample or do you just go to your mom's I Lanka. I found out I don't I don't need to know anymore and let you care if I am asked questions like well this is what I know also does this now. Isolate first I'd go back and they hate the drunk key that is right why did you think are we reached they. Give me some are getting drunk or is this really bright are you just pissed off right an immediate. Get the happy ever go to the bomb bass heavy and awkward conversation that Saddam group conversation I had got drug could then use that with the other dudes. I wouldn't phrase like that yeah I haven't really am and I still the mama heard you open for business well Wheeling him and I secessionist next in you don't valid what did you finder find out a 449990. I doubt I'll take a tennis I hope that is not the case as often. Yeah I mean if they were together mentally to love somebody and it says stay together and you know lets you don't know you know those of us why is it brings ought to be good you know because I don't on now I don't trust me don't need to be a flurry of big guy yeah me I'm just look at it from the outside into two are now the other way he can play this. Go to and play this is real soon tell everyone but the teller or not to tell her. It would appear that way everyone knows except juices may or lack there are a little while you can hear me are we can go full family can wait till he's twenty Klein. And they get drunk can bring it up. Okay. Yeah yeah over the wanted to sister's real real good look at in the Brothers real ugly. Mess only knows like of course that's not your sister look how much more attractive she is a new. These satellite someone worse than going to be better look through them what are you trying to find out a four point 999 alive that ever won't look good moment. Hello please welcome to the men's room. Only and yeah. But Itar. All Andy hurry up we're doing well thank you. The what do you signers on. Well I ain't got divorced about a year ago and. It's Cyril all kinds could be as I get myself back my act accidentally then you boxes kid stuff. And add them going through it I now. Not only another girl lagging. Sign an empty bottle of male libido pills. Stood along the guy I mean how do you gonna use that big of a bone headed made this big of an air emulate. This is the biggest jackass movie good every like I do secret box of stuff. Early effort our output it now and mail it to my axe a mailman he had to feel like a moron right. I have no idea I want you to sit back and India like I knew that you're cheating nineteen Arnold out of kind of abstruse but it would yeah I just kind of took the high road that you know I now need somebody else. Problem you know an end to an honestly sometimes somebody I'm problem sometimes you need just a little confirmation as a person to be able to move on yourself to understand why why things happen and we don't. If you have an explanation on something sometimes it's harder to you know having just to figured I it it it works its way to bring to much. Yeah I try do you look at a moment ago I don't know did you play. You know I I knew you'd Jarrett and you know it's awful to me it's you. You know across the country nowadays you can years younger than him girlfriend and all that out are you having like a quarter lifeguard. Thank you are warming as a quarter lag is grab a sports car for guy. You'd easier now how quarter life crisis how how hot as this check. On the other belt right cool you know I'm sitting on here I get a crack ten years his junior gala held his first. 34. He did I think he has sympathy goes I don't think that was a crisis I'll wait I think I know what that was though that Jose. Crime problem opportunity as of that do you think that do you think he was properties fills when he was with you. But he wasn't army it was her glamour out here it's such an outlet. So you need embryo we just need him for all the other action. Law I want them getting any Al. What about announcement here. I have a wonderful white and how well so are you glad this happened in retrospect. Yeah I am definitely I mean it like Jane ink or me. And the only again did you dye your stuff back did you just step back from a guy. All of it but the importance does yeah what is the one thing you're still pissed off and yes. What is he thought they can't figure it out the other day. Like really you really kept that it like one of my favorite Fletcher there's not including Cuba they've got to like really good at that that back in me. That's a somewhat of vitamin X you know and I'm so I guarantee it really wants to move the right now you know it's a 450 dollar letter. Saw at a cost of just a good point the man who I got a switcher I also like a distant. Quick playing. And I'll still my ego I still bugs me yeah Formula One liner favorite ledgers I don't wanna name exactly but it was nice picture. You can worried Al that nineteen try to get laid because it was one of your nice of switchers that you liked. And it worked and it's Laurent damn you lost and did we heard you know now what was this what you are you don't let the Marlins. There exact you know I don't do this number when you do not let us mere year sweat shirts you guys you don't lie because they're very cozy but they smell like use a while we still like you we want that I was thinking you chilling the next morning rush hour. I'll tell me you look Amram things. Terrible well Robin I probably shouldn't look up to you all for Alexi surely fabric softener selection of bear. On Ryder rainbow when you don't wanna smile I knew what to what did you find or find out a 44999. Delaware take a quick break and go back and Margaret Gaza right after the you're listening to them consumer RealNetworks. This is you. Prove. From our friends that role Bible dot com they fell in May modern day Robin vote. He stole from the rich you gave to the pour honey reason American Airlines flight. As a passenger. Took free drinks from first class and tried to give them to his buddies in economy. However the hero paid the ultimate price he was kicked off the flight. Writer Katie ginger at the point sky was on the flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta last weekend. That's where she witnessed the lion hearted heroics of one passenger in first class. A man seated in first class was offered a pre departure beverage or eight PDB. But he wasn't about to enjoy all of his first class goodness without Hasbro's. Our hero ordered two doubles shots on ice. But the flight attendant told him he can only order one drink at a time the equally committed witted man ordered one double shot from self and one for the female passenger next on. Who actually was not interested in a preflight cocktail. With a few drinks in hand the brave men went to bring the alcoholic beverages back to his friends and economy however. The gesture was started by a flight attendant who told him that he has to stay in first class he told the stewardess he was gonna use that bathroom. She informed him there was a bathroom and first class. The champion of class equality Texas friends come first class to get their drinks they too were stopped by a flight attendant before they can go away and know you can command here. For all of his good deeds he robbed a little commercial airlines was kicked off of the flights I am apparently there is something called the federal regulation that. 121 point 575 the states no person may drink any alcoholic beverages aboard an aircraft. Unless the certificate holder operating the aircraft. Has served at the beverage to them. Energy Samuel we have to know that well you didn't so our question what did you finder find out 844999. All. Hello O'Brien welcome to the men's room. Oh not our guy out. Leon god man are you. Doing pretty well I'm almost up work good all right nice. So I zoom lens with my ex girlfriend family and they ordered how punching her brand new home wow heat in the area. And they decided to look at this place that would in the woods. Well I'd say they explored by myself and I find the black duffel bag and I'm like oh my god. It's other drug their money leave the judge please be drugged him. Why were you on the drugs over the money. This again but you guys I'm out there I tell you wanted drugs do you sell the drug didn't do that beyond now hold on Brian we. You're at this through and I urine drug cells and how would you have done is if you're not gonna do the drugs because some Drudge right there's money to be made but now. You are also a drug dealer as opposed to just take to task one months on the right to know that you're trying to do an annuity Brian and I probably would have its Arab Bank would have they're marked bills. I wouldn't know how with them moved to wait Brian I found a bag of money isn't a crime if I find a mega money. A man and and woodlands and I'm Molly. I don't know who's been stolen. Bridal guy you let you know cycle stolen was one of the most expensive you know cycles on the moral and personal and or either way it's gone and you think yourself OK what is the market. For this for us twice a 5000. Dollar and I would unicycle so my question is why are you so confident that you have enough friends and enough ways to get rid of all this low this loaded drugs. Beat. I did it create a spot Gillard and then OK I'd seen how you've got a lot of action I got a list of got you know your friends so you see you back that we didn't die in the open it up. I open it up. Always our August I had different colored by plug. Handing me Mac. Grandma and I made. Porn dvds. Magazines everything we opened the bag like oh that's cute girl a load she had a flop. Italy and air similarly you opened the bag and these are obviously. It well that's swap and not allow her eyes and we were flawed the unit. You own a bag Wiener abuse but plugs I have to match in the bag just reach. I'd actually adding go far enough. To actually do it the bag was played semi undid the early took a stick and I did play. Stuck it through that a little bit compartment of my pulled back yeah I didn't have any blunders and they like. Did your dad ever say like hey what did you do with a Mark Warren. No that's how this seminar how we heard just search any aren't search in the property to see how lives and I just randomly came across in the middle of the woods. It's too bad did you friendly goods sold drugs still are also in a market for but blogs you could have made money you go way. At a underwent solemn you know they can be used. Yet those are tough to move now led the whole bit and I guess that's gone about it welcome to ten years. As a business class by blood smudged off remove the drugs for. You just had to be careful marked bills ran out of money allows the oh absolutely and you know if I get busted selling drugs and going to jail I just take that money expended on just spending money what does Italy side so there's a duffel bag. There's a bunch of money onshore and wait but couldn't our laws is African hands on one of I find the penny on the street taken up front Mark Penn we do have a holiday well good luck. That is that mr. dwell upon it was heads up brands now I don't know but listen to find a bag of money and take it home. I spend it somebody somebody frees up some market turns out that I had needs of these marked bills from the serial number looking for. Did I commit a crime like. I think you committed a crime by the you know lose all that money and it's going to be a pain but I understand I'll lose money but I think committed crimes and I'm OK with back. Here's a here's a story not this goes away the senile and doubles and they unearthed the box buried treasure write their own backyard. Matthew and Maria Emanuel. So they were excited after finding a rusted rotting metal box emerged in dirt at their wood dale avenue home while they're having a new treat like more unplugged but they were then stunned to learn that the box was actually is safe with 52000. Dollars worth about. Side including Alonso went 100 dollar bills and baggy stuff with diamonds gold in G-8 day I thought we found buried treasures that Matthew Emanuel you where you re gonna it's something you can't make up also inside the safe was a Brooklyn address written on a notes inside of one of the bags. Which the manuals and linked to one of their neighbors. We realized it must have been them so Monday morning I walk over to their house and knock on the door and I estimate. You guys ever been robbed at the neighbor said yes they had nearly seven years ago. New York police department confirmed to disable stolen during a burglary at the home in 2011. The owners of the safe declined to comment but they were thrilled to have the stuff back. She was shaking and hugging me and all that according to the woman. Maria Manuel added a double B last is why in the hell would you return that. It was even a question it was not ours these tapes owners blame the robbery on a Robert the stands of the notorious. Ninja burglar all that guy who has convicted of 106 robberies on Staten Island. Our question what did you firefight out a 44999. Cola. Hello my goal welcome to the men's room. I don't yes. So. I found out some really bad information out of the teenager. I have my room was right next to my parents bedroom. And one and I heard my mom can not perform as certain oral sexual. Being on my dad because she would throw up shortly after word. You're hearing you're in your ruler. You're indoor Raleigh and you hear this information being delivered. Yes yes I heard it straight out of my mom smile. And I have. There's many things in my life I'm 32 years older than many think they're forgotten over the years yeah is that if it can't stand that I cannot rush hour when you aren't as. What needs you come and you turn the old cheek kiss yeah man yeah. That's the beginning of the hay out of the time they had mom she'd care as that they can say to discern you know she's not don't bend down I. Parents still together it. Now happily married. I'm married now I mean he's our guys and among you know did not gonna mention you have an idea. Now among NATO happy note that being added I never mention it to them so they don't know that I heard this congress more you don't mention tool. I mean really nobody I know went eight thanks for ruining my teenage years by the way as a pop. Oh my mom looked relaxed and throw this work on this together relax a throat. Excel. You know. Now you know I don't know what kind of relationship you have your parents but I'm not. And I know I their relationship Y I'm gonna mama mama as a way to mega man 35 years that's not true my very last weekend a look at how. Institute wants you to think how old are you guys act like how old are you win when you heard those most awful and unfortunate information. IE whoa it's Irish probably lead. I mean it's safe between thirteen and fifteen years old so. What was the tone of the conversation. But was it like an angry things like I can't cannot throw up or did you hear her throw up. My mom more than like. Pit stop that might but she will play very solidly explaining to him that she cannot do that. Alcohol are are popping up that I would put it was your dad's name. I teach it stinks too bad my breath I mean how long did the conversation go on. It was a it was very quick. Yeah sorry are you are sort of like blacking out from no overload of information and I just received a. I feel bad for you also. Are any kind of issues you were still in the room and dad and what didn't didn't happen like that a form of a record I. I don't totally opposed. They know them you only get worse. Our path man on man that is that's unfortunate. To have the experience that slugger at their pain has they'd be Smart phone Idaho I hear a lot of you project your Italian cars made me smile always around the did you get the ball are excited that I was the only hole. Well I think we know all of a little Hope Solo. The apartment to move forward in New York coroner ruled but ultimately you know what she said at all and right there wasn't that. Oh my god. I looked up. Might be the only player with our he's just maybe your dad's got a huge joining you never know maybe you don't wanna hear I don't care about anything and I can tell you could be right there could be a hundred but it just luck and I did so bad why do you think I'm married you yes bottom bracket Iraq. Yeah gone. I just looked an awful about halfway you do they have sex with. I'm glad to hear it yeah yeah I don't both sides to pick your all crunched up for the for the he Ridley. It didn't work at all tires but. Just dead sexy very definitely I had made stuff your life are all what do you garnered very viable. That this. I ran for others to reverse cattle live my daddy died yours love that I won't loan the U. What's would you finer find out import Warren 999 holed up. It's yelled through the wall my grandfather third that is not bad either it. Hello old money welcome to the men's room. The little guys yeah. Him. All right so. Not show like eighty years old probably eight or nine. And my sister and I had gone into an argument. And I kind of forget the context of how it got thrown out there. But she ended up telling me they're my dad was a cross Dresser. You know which took a ten year old and confusing current government or was also it was like when you do find it is it's. Halloween and every night. Yeah pretty much there and did he way dude did you lose your dad. I know some parents were divorced and come to find out those who don't want to loot the reason why. Very so I mean she. All are you wearing my address. And I told you if you wore another one of my dresses it's over it's only did it did now did you daddy's he's fine talking about now. Well we don't it's one of those things like we don't really speak about it. You know I talked to when I was younger my my my my asthma about it sure glad this is going to be touch your dad about. Okay and an easy I looked easy and different relationship now somebody else. No no he's never get a girlfriend like your bill and so. You know everybody and they're like OK with that side and you do you see do you see your daddy hang out and yeah I mean we talk you know I'm a little bit older now so you shouldn't it all honesty and probably don't want to mark Walker Cup on. There are so valid then I had Baylor and all kinds you know it's a current Larry Larry and do it targets well every elected do later. Hey you know debt. Women loved and bring up Brian thank you for what he'd done that's not a legally wanna draw is doing right now whenever somebody will struggling smoke crack there's a lot there's a lot worse things you can do there are some things my kids on number down to woody do newborn are master made some but not gonna bring about it. There's there's one chip on porn hub really turns deadly hunt coming or Solomon I don't plan and I think it looks like she's Russian I'm not sure what did you finer find out a 44999. All. Hello nor are welcome to the men's room. Let us. No clue who this. So back when I was a kid probably like I don't ten really eleven years old and my mom and my brother my younger brother and I were. Poem and apart. Around her lead down chizik like a wind heat they that don't do a heart pound on the beach. And there's like this. I do. Global ticket bag or something on the ground so my mom stopped picked up. And it was one of those banks bags like for businesses you know really moon area that money as a side and and it was an unmarked when there was no thank indication just complaints I am booked Eric do you open it up at a high trash and it. Ten minutes of adopting indicating LeBlanc sure graduates and a depositor or anything so. At that time we heard you know not doing so well we know who almost single mom in a back and it's. Or you don't have a young guy and I love how much isn't there a viewer bill gave the rotation that has. Do you want it all. A lot of money goes down as a business I ended the day for that one of the days the week and they somehow and either got robbed early employees dropped that are normally drop that they lost their jobs and don't let me on the street and start performing karaoke for money to buy client probably dying there would you go my body got up Liza and Brian new. They had to and attended an announcement that we're in a spot where they've they they're being kind of like a blessing in LA so. I'm just electric bill would literally talking about I'm. If there was something more I couldn't find out who a political move on the couch I would probably tempted to keep it. I would be well woody all you have to do to find out to not find items and cash don't look so far. I mean in my eight years we don't got a thing I have against keeping cash I'm I am my my question is that I'm the one who found this stance right you know as far as I'm concerned and less it is identifiable by a lot of different ways. Finders keepers losers Weaver's if I go home that night and I was and and there is yeah really is and there's a news story on the set hate. Bank robber on the loose he robbed this amount of money and my god god that's the branch firehouse that would that money came from. The outside and I'm a mature enough money at rioters some are monitored and have found what I just a guy that lost five G five. Yeah prior quarter turn and so if it's a personal but but the thing is I was they got to return I think we geez I think that if you knew. It's like when the government seizes people's property crime and if you go through crime seizure money will take everything that where does that money go. So my only question would be like if I do give you this money we're what are you jackass is gonna do it. How are you will throw this crap away and everything from a gay and I take it can I have given I don't like Hank we'll fix like that that kids park next you know that we do said the lose money that you billions additional from a banking goes back to the bank. Always say anything else like well look it is a drug dealer dropped they brought right. The drug dealer drop this and and I founded. I didn't sell drugs and you're not gonna do anything of the gallery app. But I will do some of the money. So it seems to me it makes much more sense than I have and they knew good and I didn't do anything I don't I probably wouldn't approval would you do with the money anyway not that I had to just I don't know but you want approval what I do than me that I got mark's square you like Coke but I'm gonna record. What do not. What did you finder find out a four point 99 I know how Morey calls coming up you're listening to commence their radio network. Listen miles. Off life. Yearlong probe. And the complaints about cupcakes being tainted would bodily fluids in the Gilbert school Winchester. As resulted in the arrest of three former students and occurred student eight year long probe. Police said they issued juveniles summons to the suspects who police declined to identify charging them. Would being involved in a plot to commit a sex act and put bodily fluids. In the cupcakes at the high school last year to their work and or respond much. Two male and two female suspects surrendered voluntarily. Near had nearly a year after the incident. Although one student were in college this year and all were juveniles at the time of the crime. I've never heard of such acclaimed according to the police chief William FitzGerald. This is quite unique. The investigation took a long time according to FitzGerald because these state forensic labs had analyzed the cupcakes to determine the nature of the substance. The chief declined to be specific about the lab's finding but said the technicians. Had to do. DNA comparisons on each of the individual suspects. The names of the charge individuals were not released because they were juveniles at the time. The Gilbert school is privately owned and as a secondary school that serves as the public high school for Winchester. These goals principle last year's said he and associate principal received a report that. Some come cake batter he was tainted and within unconfirmed. Substance and given out to a few students. Once young confirmed substance and treating this like Nebraska. It's shockingly no student or staff member became ill after eating any of the cupcakes. At the time they're charted a sex kinda can only one substance they found out yeah back to our question what did you find or find out. We know the substance I don't know why they always act so corn and these things where it's. Unidentified if over drugs they say him and always would go to the hasn't read whatever I know diamonds. A substance and I don't wanna save the day is like it just permits are so while yes just say it it is seen and it. The lord our common came and this kind of messed up says a bundle my mother was a drug dealer. And prostitute when she was about sixteen to twenty years old. She continued to sell drugs until she was fifty abound during my military background. While you think did you would be clued in before. That unless your mom was really good the broad really going to be highlighting what she was due shortly as you. I'd say ten or to Libya clue I mean. In retrospect you always go back yet you can always go bang are right that that adds a looming at the time in order to whatever your life is that's just normal. Yet all look back and go. Holy crap man being on call it when the phone rings in my leaves turn our trauma surgeon there exactly let you know important things doing my job well what is your job market. Our question what did you find or find out a 44999. All hello Daniel welcome to the men's room. All the jobs. I don't good Daniel are you. Thank god we're worried about you don't I don't June oh. Yeah yeah exactly. He was asked in what that would sub then we heard from and it's a no radio call today. Thank god here ER lol we hold down your and you're doing okay. I am yeah okay we can breathe again still again what do you finer find out. Well as a kid. I don't know what all the yellow like weird things happen and that's why did the kid who are too little walk normally all it was al-Qaeda in the nation met. Oh my god I'd open and I'd open to Mexico. I go to the supermarket you never go to the supermarket. My mom and go to drop her off and I drive around the block. 0% to look at and we thought that was weird and what is it like like you upset by it and encourage W brass. And that's it doubles funny but we didn't know he never tells why. And MLB later I didn't think they would dodge car that he saw dodge car in front of him or behind him he'd pull off the road will also urgent need. People are probably that we don't like 5678 and we thought it was funny if you don't like shaker Paula hello Betty be cursing at the car. Ha a win win a record should approach the names you have and I dodge. And you know a moment jealousy very private you know about three or you don't have a stepbrother restriction here polar beat. And he didn't look not given bonded out but he liked you guys don't all. And turned on my mama told him the story there we never knew the story was quite I want USC and I yelled roommates. We draw the Dodgers last sabres now. Really good friends and into his second year US TV guy. Or doubt aside and told that he was gay and that he did pass my dad. So my dad being the guy he has I guess you Peter Butler really bad. He did not eligible to receive my dad to be you ought to get DA to the idea that I had bad enough that he was forced to leave USC. So all of gripping narrative which is that we didn't know we got the idea that really hit in the nation debt and the reason that he hated Dodgers look to doubt the guys they was best. Go to dodger he was getting. And that's what originally thought heavily USC so I'd also like on a lot about 43 I didn't answer a lot of questions of weird things that we experienced just kids. Didn't think I got speed options the one that still be post yeah. All yeah hello again you know my guess that's a mossy archived issues. Yeah on how there's not a bad thing I think your demo animals have been second guessing himself righted himself as a. The senate does not only when I was there and everything so up there are so good all that kind of bought you know. A lot of bubbles things that we could experience solid kid and so why did they did other mayors excuse of course but not as quite yet as weird actually wrote regarding things like don't live and available caught up. I mean I really good Wright is obviously slept with your mom and his daughter as a late night bar but you know railroaded monster back all the chargers sleep with you Mohamed dodge classic Smith the eight. We don't you go to California apology either you let California move to Washington. And I've got answered that question can result. Elegantly researchers are able to fight like criminal record something we couldn't. But I didn't say he's still won't talk we everybody you know and he shut us down. You do run understand though back in that time men if you just looked anywhere in came to Washington State you were more than likely criminals trying if you're not and that's there there's a reason is that for him. Australia of America and the bat in the fall how we are here for the Bruins it outside right right away from people finding me in the continental US 1005. Our question what now what do you finder find out a 44 at 999 along all the library golf coming up here in seconds. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.