05-16-16 2pm Mens Room gets random

Monday, May 16th

The Mens Room ask some random questions to some random callers.


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He what you're about to hear is real. So this radio program are simply not that great. Trying to offend anyone none practice. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is the. All gathered in secrecy. Yes it's done. They say shake your radio more than three times. And Jordan. Fat. Go play Monday may sixteenth 2016. And Jo number 2378. Was steep the hill. You Ted Smith who. And that's sarcoma bank. Aluminum and my car. And amid a. I'm definitely a special announcement concerning men's room original read it. The random question question is back your guess is as good as mine if those relationships and whether it was profiled a savior to the suicide mother Marilyn Manson. Headlines with a shot of the day fumbles or emails everyone's favorite TV time but dad click clack. Period and Barack he would go to Minnesota where stolen Scooby Doo mystery machine crashes in the house. Meanwhile Pennsylvania man loses its and pours gas on his smoking snaps. Mega man jumps into Miami International Airport once a flight out of town. We stay in Florida for a nurse shark who really clamped down and authorities in Columbia sees eight tons of Coke to ruin your Memorial Day weekend. That's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. This is good day to you and yours aren't. As a species. Most there was human beings we tried to do the right thing and sometimes the right thing is something simple. Like just trusting your GPS don't be that person or who to trust GPS that's at the event that. And everyone uses a GPS was sometimes sometimes. Your gut feeling that tells you matter. My guess telling you to make a right but something intelligent man. I know I don't go on wall from time to do GPS is wrong well look you know woman and Ontario Canada. If you follow notre GPS. Ignore her gut instinct and drove straight into a bank. She did manage to swim back to shore the caller is total loss but that's for the GPS to a moment ago. Addressing your GPS and it's that's pretty much the least you can do in an effort to do the right thing go to seven year old kid this is pretty cool. Seven year old kid in California and he started doing quote on quote the right thing about two years ago at age five. He grew his hair for those to view so I get donated to any particular exile but that's cancer. And you remind what he's doing those. He's he's by the other kids in his class for quote looking liking girls. But he's and quotes a wanna help people so they don't have to go to the doctor to fight cancer. And life recently rewarded him. By giving him stage four cancer Jesus that's right seven years old know the kid had cancer before he did it for that reason. He did not have cancer report cards in new grew zero to two years got T hold my just because he's that kind of kid. And he just found out that he has stage four pixels on the avenue near the right thing. It just doesn't matter what I am saying don't do the right thing but let's understand. Like sometimes. There's a few humor doesn't necessarily at a two what your sense of humor would do. But anyway that story among others got to thinking about a great many things that we have a great many questions that we'll have huge today in the form of the random question question. You don't have to call we will have no question at random after you answer that question will share with you. The story that inspired such questions ago it was a cold open go on the random requesting question if a programme and the ran. What's your question call 20642 on rock Ron footer at 999 KI SW and the midterm live take 77999. Answer those emails to the men's room mad men's or live dot com. I rockaholics. This is the men's room where miles and drill I 99.9. K I DSL. I felt like I've been a pain in the draft 2006 days. We will see you white river Sunday August when he first the lineup disturb Breaking Benjamin Alter bridge and anthrax along with our friends at poppy evil and Wendell and I read. 2016. It does take gazelle that is KI SW dot com including the palace law premium experience at two or you get to hang out backstage and thus. I enjoy some delicious. Rolling smoke Cal's barbecue. First drink on the health of the U get some premium most seeding in there as well great parking all the details and all that stuff anonymous and something. But if you wanna hang out backstage oak boosted performances. Interviews with the bands all that stuff happens back there and you can get data along with all the other experiences that cache W dot com is Sunday August when he first. Can't white river and the theater all right does today's day we do our random question question let's go to phone Steve that we have a brother ago. Hello I am now welcome to the men's room. Well I'll I. Randolph night and a hell aria random friends are it and then it's gonna work and check Tom brands fewer car do you think pretty just get behind. Work pretty hard or would you do. I am a manager at Taco Bell everyday at what was date subject that's also about that is hard work that's a lot of stuff. Apple Smartphone dealing with an elderly people that aren't Huggins has got a new customers around. Yeah I am very aerial America although as we get a lot of them. You guys what was the biggest broad ruling what's the biggest regret not enough hot sauce or what's the main thing. Our dude biggest problem the biggest problems that we have is generally on speed. Elites generally from the people who decide to come during our raw power play during lunch in burying compared to drive through. Well you know I'll find a dining experience takes time I think like anything else may just make sure that I get. You're I think that I care about is that the film that I get is what I ordered and and it's hot and ready to go out of mind waiting an and I understand that so yeah. Look at people going to be a patient how about the new due to new burritos he does drawback is some of those sell like crazy. Oh yeah we went through acting. You bags. 21 pound bags are proclaiming hot trios. And 1 single morning gents. The flaming hot freedom is good enough yet since you're in the restaurant world would ask you this question for and a question question. And this might be up to go back a little lies while the two what were you pass to lever what were you kicked out when have you been kicked out somewhere. Whom can kicked out of who. Do you win or crime or your brother or character are. Sure many thing you've ever been kicked out of you got to shake out of the club let your siblings came up both. Yeah but how well as our world and what how to destroy. Just writing me. OK so what does that your nosy you tell everything anyway if there's a reason the certain people don't wanna hang out with other kids. It is a military demean. Or your title tale. Yeah. Sure so I am I going to kind of black sheep of my family. So. Everybody in my family treated me differently. My brother my sister they just flat out to Mike. We'll look at the club that they have that they told you that you could not be important. Yeah I'm even Sherron and Erin. Went in the fall probably part of the problem is you learned about the clubs where you try to go instead makes a strong points. Yeah I would shouting you're going to want to include it. Alcohol might turn holes aren't right or yeah or out. I'm for this sad self defense that is that. Very sad okay lawyers while we ask Laurie kicked out of ouster got a vacation Bible school that was not a good the inevitability. I did feel like I was lucky but it still didn't matter because the wrath at home was was held at least I didn't have to go to. Easy city have to spend all day in your room and that would be much better that they're going to vacation Bible school and he's a little even in the summertime every kid there are to be Joseph. What did he do right now you know man I just didn't suspended from school bus stop showing the two schools of Asus and the lawyer. OK I got me MI but he got kicked out and the thing about it was my mom was pissed. His mom was real test I mean like she is this this site did he get kicked out are you getting kicked out. We kind of Coke inspired on it but I was alone who kind of just basically. Had them the verbal tongue lashing that I I shouldn't. Please do you even talk are you gave a tongue lashing the money I gave a tongue lashing to the Bible school vacation Bible school teacher. And I say who was giving me a difficult time about what in my projects and I was doing which wasn't that really that big of a deal that was doing the project and she did Michael into the project doesn't it doesn't. This is irrelevant if I'm you know if this does not matter and on mean teachers only to hear relevant is that I think that I and that I think I dropped enough bomber to you know OK let's end in the now's the end of it for me so this goes about language. The reason we ask what were you kicked out of ruby rose ruby rose is in Orange in the in the new black. Orange is the new black orange is the new black is in the name of she went to a restaurant in New Orleans with a bunch of other people on a Friday night and it was not a good experience. She says they waited an hour just to get Fries. Different prize another thirty minutes are on top of that but their country's never came. Which he asked about it they were offered free drinks but she turned them down because she's sober. I mab and about a number of restaurants in New Orleans I cannot even believe that this restaurant is open a few feet you don't mean New Orleans food service everything is so. I don't know how these and most of the time it depends if you go to a tourist trap sure but nothing in New Orleans happens quickly focused or maybe you go to the place for locals go. Like even if you're in a hurry they're not rent was she says the bartender made a really rude and vulgar remark about her sobriety. So she threw a French triumph. An illegal bull remark but he continued running his mouth so she threw. More French Fries that's when they got kicked out for what it's worth the restaurant is called the rebellion bar and urban kitchen. And the owner says ruby in our group were war ended before they receded to the place is fully booked and make it's a down there would be awake for the food. He said ruby curse out the part general's quote horrible first. And I'll show. Larry Ellison I mean if they tell you an advance and I don't know we weren't there but they tell you in advance yes we can see you but this is the situated in a deal with. And in a situation of what they said. I mean. How Matty and get. Yeah well I dog bites so if you tried to pet him he might buy bigger dog bites and it's only. Press and then I'm medic units alignment with this is what we meant mommy gave you the thing westamerica downer place was reviewing that bar that's on the back which book. The barn Freeman flew into and we were hanging out wind gadget that summer before them. I mean since there. We have to remember years ago I know but I don't think regional got a delay we've collectively than I don't know last skill we kind of we each found a way to do it kicked out of Omar to collectively durable and the places we couldn't go. Yeah but we did that on our own separately and the good news is Alaska's got tons of owners can't release and get kicked out a couple of good stuff so many more selections I got cut off when Vegas for a summer went. In Vegas invade you can just go to another bar in the same hotel integrated. We cut out but we were so drunk it was just she attacks tell the story we just gotta we like ugly guy and relied Giroux. I'd rather than we let you know if that's another sort of way to get it if it does yeah well around Vegas if you Kennedy recently if you are also around and it was so I don't think Sam Nunn was way too early for. And I don't know I don't yet have no problem Brenda. Did you random friends hello Steven welcome tournament. Homily that it was born. We better do it started goody I'll tell argument. I'm Amara this golf course of what don't you check. Let's go with let's go this would just get this question that was gonna talk whether it's more what. What thing happened near junk what's the worst thing that's happened to. Oh all of us are perfect start but it looks Eric Snow holes. Don't even have my fiance he's the coach Bob ball but Earl each and after gates you're pick we're gonna actually. You play you know you wanna play what they're very good gay though. One of my friends see you want it practiced it over at bat pitch which is great I'm okay object orient. I got. The fastest bats faults you might not that I have ever gotten create our oral O'Donnell per hour at least up without ever to come off the ground. I know look like straight at me and when you say you're now we're now are you relate your alma you all for an hour. Yeah like outlook and a girl like are you okay I'm like don't touch me to leave Iraq. Don't ask that question were not okay did you I don't grown man is playing in the fetal position on the ground you don't even have a basket he's okay he's clearly he's not. Did you have any equipment artery just catching them. Oh cute judgment that we're. Coach and whatnot so after every lap we're just don't the bulk ground just wanted to practice and why that would like stage you hire lower whatever the hell was. So you guys are practicing fast pitch softball over hand. Yeah you don't know larger and larger a larger area of the Baltic hit two was I'm just thinking of what was different better. Or don't don't don't matter to attract Willis with a softball not a baseball yeah. Antarctic jets do does he have they have that the though that this gives you gonna be different the way the ball bounces because it's a lighter ball. Yeah that's that's dangerous territory and ambient catcher's not is not a fun job. Now we'll give up even with all the padding on and everything else and I thought this is less dangerous so what do and we need to cope the chances on every known as I can be much fun. What's so what it up haven't you. I see army paperwork we are no I don't have it yet they aren't doing but everything worked idiot just have to wait. But I didn't even now sort like we. Yeah I was gonna say I mean no matter what do you think there's there's were they big and swollen furlough. Right it's really not my girl that differently that you hornets don't they're more than I am you know. Sheds a different perspective Jolie does get to see the ugly side of it. Just look at them correctly brat saying they don't Medusa a man of death goes like Medusa like we tie. Kinda see immortalized the NC ladies I feel so that McNamee look I understand in the heat of the moment like everything's cool real overlook some things but. But let's face it testicles and Joss ugly there. They are just we we brought up the story I think briefly when it happened there is day a man in Australia in Sydney. He was involved and horrifying accident which is screwed him became entangled in a hand held electrical grinder. And analyst services received an emergency call and that is an emergency call by the way that is not mean you hear a 911 call in the bad things happen. I'd love the Andre I'd love to hear the audio of this call because even the person maybe somebody else call but they still have described it in any guy who's making that phone calls like. An ambulance. Irons there's an innocence in this woman's sister Susan good whatever it was on the Hindenburg death blow you didn't. Burger carnival like we are doing too little ago he doesn't deserve. I've heard some horrible 911 uncles and an avid distinctive that this would have been more different this would have more urgency to it I would guess is still. Guys if you're a grinder are they still attached. These I don't know doesn't say says he was he's nineteen years old reported to be conscious and breathing. Which you know I guess that's syndrome seven out of it you can. Oh well it could be passed me out that it could hit the gravel run. I can get me in the head and say was taken to a local hospital in stable condition we still haven't heard left it about this guy one way or another is what exactly what kind of grinder early talking about exorbitant amount broke the story now tried. You don't different newspapers are different web sites trying to cover but they all decision grinder normally what kind of grand rhetorical markets that I'm with you like. A grinder even if you're joke is still connected you don't want. Ground bees are enemy then what do you think he's got him I would ultimately is it is like one of those big round great roster and hell on wheels that signal it is not a grinder like you delicate sharpener to what it was electric grinder it is one it was we'd writers. They're not allowed just turn you don't know you know to admit he's got electric Asa and it's got to be like a coffee grinder. Double it's somebody think like what I think the teeth of like a paper cutter or paper shredder at the kind of deal what do we think he was doing I mean that your central is a magazine of a grinding coffee it's not usually we you can grind something like you've seen people grand stuff and it's I have I'd just like you sharpening a chill on -- yeah and -- as saying no -- those are pretty darn -- voters meant to have either way the thing is grown and he's breathing and conscious I don't know about escalated that -- what kind of -- was in my head what were -- this happened on May the seventh. Don't know amazed to see evidence may the senate yeah. You not have an update on that I just don't have an update maybe you know throughout the journal I'm just saying like how is that the mayor and her wants to know how to how to get. Still not been updated maybe sunny or just import I just can't be like yeah dude grounded out with John do you think you boys and Intel's of that and you don't even need the thing is the thing is about is okay you can have your twigs effort alright yeah yeah they can possibly reattach your twig and they're doing well in the states yes they are innocent we have a story coming up about it now but. But when you storage should be noted. I don't know I didn't read the whole story all I know is that patient first American to the successful brain transplant. He'd run up to the doctors the doctors not him him he got out of whatever surgery he had initially back in 2007 and and say hey Mack and it continued to Venus transplants she that's how guys that. Doesn't care what you gotta mementos and this was his idea. And they did they have one successful before this they brought the United States but we don't know does this is successful the surgery just happen at all I would want took I want I want the problem while the donor to be black not based on size the because I would want my penis to look like one of those half and half ice cream cones like half and I'll have chocolate. But it just you know what happens with a stable be black with a base of BY. Because he can he had a little made tacitly hat. The city like an insular yet so so it was safe lasted two and yes you're right yeah but I haven't gotten so just the very consistent base hit it at that. I might embattled home as athletes that other good I think it's gonna is that this. I'll look at it to be those screwed him griner there and it looks like not only. I didn't find out there's a band from -- Arafat must know Tampa coastguard and render current court is but nuclear power tools and Carnahan held a guy crying like a little bit handed back to what I was gonna. Say if you lose the berries and yet twig is is rendered useless correct we. You can use I don't I don't fire I think he's on the sensation just got ejected because of the gulf producer and I really don't even get excited can't really don't have is that how hi Diana does not have struggled to find out all right. Tools export to honor. Greta I think questionable let's take a quick break about a Morey goes right after days. The men's lives. Here's the question do you like to let live is seeing now 99.9. KI ESW. There are contestant searches in between the categories of relationships and. Whether your guess is as good as mine right before the show today I had to then it's like a mother previous story there on the other random question question about a man. Who got us grow them caught up in a power tool this'll make in Sydney Australia. Then you have a theory that you say anything to it say yes and angle grinder probably unconfirmed here axis never said in the news report but if you haven't like a hand held angle grinder right and say your shirt gets caught it while it's been around it's gonna run. So like one back India content the temple on the shirt and are just gonna. And just got everything the boys got stuck in there as well and I'll explain why stop spending because there sponsor. You've anyway it is saw that either the regular shirt and just a theory here damage and they say once it hits it's gonna pull it in and Amundson and there's no there's no stopping it there. Explain why didn't complete terror off the as a bunch of you know fabrics definitely puts slipped a little grinder. That might just spins real fast Lincecum. Little little slowly and good yeah that's basically what he's talking about a look at that yes it's examines. The right. You've got like I handle appear in the you hold on the main barn hasn't begun in the net things hi yes I do almost that's exactly what we talked about. Started CRA and a quest and that illuminate some random friends come out of cash and welcome to the ignorant and I thought wow. Friend I can't how Arianna. I kind Harry angered a great man thanks gone up we appreciate it. I didn't try to get replaced as her baby by now why why why why I tried all those Madonna bug is about. Because of their odd man that's why. He's OK I don't think I can't he's going to egos get your free insurance payouts are again doing the question. What happened to use. While you were in the bathrooms. What happens while you're in the back but you're better maybe I don't do you may be just happened while you were in the. There are a lot of things happen and the actor okay I'm sure we'll start my god I have cute little heat I need armory and as you like them. I mean limit phrase that did you light Pomeranian is before you got that good like any thing I don't like it did so I have my own around 5050. But the Palmer I can't imagine looking at a Pomeranian that's not mine and saying you know what man that's all I want for me. Feel. And a dog lover in my behalf and leads the bodies aren't dogs don't they nasty little bit snippy Pomeranian and buried buried he would be my oldest what her name of the team that relative degree got a lot bit believe. Solid in the name. She's very to cover it is very arch eve but it'll. Not I cannot and a dog lover I never really expect it is get it operating it at any level on at that can lie and play here we are at. Can I just great why are they Brett downside of this series OK so there's all these different breeds of dog. And it eugenics several solidarity you Jenna and that's exactly would dog breeds are so we bring them for different things from some of red meat eaten some of Basil can smell some overtime it. But a Pomeranian only to me it looks like your bread Raikkonen holly you out to make slippers from IQ what are and I coming. Yeah actually why colony and we ran out of the Jewish people Palmer and I can tell you Pomeranian are actually very nerve agent Doggett. Iraq a lot. Bigger they relate ad medium sized dot clay 70000. Bird like okay 170 pounds. And of course they got a hold it like it a leg literally. Hope it works both freedom to be smaller borrowers aren't marred smaller town so what do they do when you're in a bathroom. I am I haven't opened or back or policy I do my business with the Dora I don't care do you owner was on the people. I recently moved in with my parents don't they love the policies held I don't have a meg yeah NN I don't reviewed by an open door bathroom vows so like when I go out and. Like he got like if I am not here than your brand is about Europe your iPod whatever it's got a big deal that I go out and the back right you close the door. But they never like shut it all the way public cracked open mobile phone my god. We'll count on it and put oak bed and then not come over abstract art in my leg while he claims are being urged. What ever and then by otherwise my oldest black sheep then. Socialite in a bomber planes they're like yeah you're Brett played that I like what you quiet when illegally guys that Bob May Allah. You know building that's weird that we you're taken a dumped those dog dancing for you like you're better than the courts are is where did you think component of the bathrooms openly like to have entertainment you know I do not accurate but yeah they homily at the opposition there are no more about the phony advancing sound well okay here's how I yeah. I did these and they can see that. That's so lucky of them. Yet but he'll have you always lived in your parents or did you move backing it. I recently it back so like two weeks ago so you move back in with two Pomeranian in your proof of what the door open. They must love you know. How to do it had a look but no there. Yeah that her clothes believe that are really think it's eight Billy now legal in there if you're a man. I had to all the animals that each other birds but as a form of underdog to me you don't know can you know I I don't know that a dog lead after the hearing live com and make the monster brought it Chile Pete and Mac get in the stately. She's in the right sleepless nights and pick chili a pizza and Mexican. Chile beat and now we have. You weakness and a week that you know would does that effect and I did not have known Brock and I don't know really want UP. Really weren't chilly Iowa Mac but there. Weren't you did this chilly pizzas just a geez not a lot of not surely pizza but shortly. I itself. And Pete then and compete and then get a get well you know what look that's not you it's anybody a bad combo we would she's eighty mammals commodity at taco pizza. Dead. China again I'm not a pizza and a lot that you never got our pet rock pizza is. And we'll hang on you or Chris would you say you like GPG like frozen pizzas. Now LA like Peta. And that's been crafty ME two Jonathan trust guys dominoes I gather you where do you like candy dish knowledge it's it's around its. Now dollars a square thin crust they cut it square but I still circular area that's still around pizza. The slice is due in and the only reason we ask the worst we're singer look have a Zune bathroom I don't think she might be a little present now an overall nice. And it I don't know maybe it's its outlook thrill when had. Who if there's look you know in life you just will never get. There's much privacy as any normal adult would like. Mobile web hoop until it Akamai myself to three to five minutes of amendment. And I will close the door number if I QVC we prove what I wanna see you what lump who could not necessarily don't wanna dancing doll one dog is pumping me the other dogs stance. I just wanna poop here's the here's the here's the defining factor if if if the guy walks up to the bathroom and he sees the lights on in the doors close. He knows for the most part someone is in that bathroom media as much below results yet understand it now. Accumulates on you don't if you are home with your brother or your father Ernie that you guys drawing and out and you disappeared for a little while. No question okay mine but the mid did you add any type of female into the situation your bathroom time. Will be disturbs so he knows your mother think. Stephen Green down there if educated he did you eat it at another life unloaded note right exactly but you everywhere you and I am I that you wouldn't it when they home to the door they would be peace and that you so here would you have to understand NORTHERN IRELAND Dodd if you're a dad. A husband any type of man. You only person that's ever going to disturb and or bother you when you are using the bathroom will be another one will be and what woman. You'll never be an element in all Israel I don't know what that deal with same thing with a show. You know I people get in there to take a nice relaxing shower Nolan comes in a bothers them. During their forever you walked in I met a man on tire places teamed up there must have been nice. Door opens it fifty times and they're Charlotte due to got to do a trash can at night. I Kimi and I came just shower without having seven different conversations whether they're kids you know slight knock on the oil and it's as if you go about their man. Think you're open for business it was a must collect open on the front door I know exactly I don't know do guys do this then there's in there you've got to run in just. I just refused to talk. And that always open the door to say honey is there something you heard that you need to. You know when your done thank you got to set the tone early yes you know I can do what. Theodore when you're my kids my they I know my kids are hitting a crap I talked about our school can only do not as much about half and hitting it. Yeah are you from time to time and I don't know how this happened. But if I actively. Go to drop in doom schlep around and watch TV together wherever and I get up and I go to the bathroom I closed door within thirty seconds. And that hole over its comeuppance I was. Somewhat guys. That I love you to bring that I love you too late just gimme a minute may have a limited or finish your tummy at age twelve minutes now Tommy now that Ares I think I know that there that I laid down and other men do not your mommy hurt and other militant group of Sar and adore that kid that tournament under my. Your tummy address. And don't quite know Mike with a man like. Does your stomach her rear doubled over in pain or are you gonna crappy supplement like I need to know those bags and aids and home unlike goes to live its Islamic. No offense but son do if he got approval that's on me and kids don't quite know. Because adult always their movement's most obviously if your stomach your trash out so the kids buy into it so they thought they had and I like made him. There's two guys tell me see there's tummy registered ten yards and then there's like though no word semi records like the southern border for Tommy. But above the hole of your bus so open to bear I need to know baton. Tele media approve a lot if you could just don't like it does hurt that's what the pain is if you're if you're hurts it means like I gotta Bruce almighty but two different issues and and it's child they need to clarify because I've been misled the so I didn't really reference adults say look I know you're coming arsenal come tummy ache you'll. Doesn't obviate or if you sneeze you're gonna brown capped the back of her pants prism Tommy speak reasonably back and forth and back going now. I need to know. Reason we outsourcing avenue in math and was told it blows my thorough water. 22 year old John Cummins of Vernon Connecticut was drunk last week it was hanging out at a friend's apartment. Didn't need to use the bathroom but some more than their take in our own sweet time that happened. Eventually John got a little frustrated that actually pulled out a gun and fired a few shots in the bathroom door please let. He was arrested for unlawful discharge of firearms carrying a firearm while intoxicated reckless endangerment threatening and disorderly conduct because someone is under basically drop amateurs I do your bit in a place for someone fired a round inside a house seats that it is freaky man. Yeah that's not my dad's that it immediately leave its equivalent of playing closing time and a bar and the East Coast parties should look. Let's go let's go let's go house and she's only that an end. The un. The only sound can be identified as a human stampede that we we. It goes down like this in this in this house did get close down the aisles like eighteen years old they had the delta house on campus aren't in the delta house was notoriously insane. So we go to this party there and it's open nor party it's one of those parties where when they threw parties. It didn't matter if you were sixteen years old seventeen years old we see in those parties and high school. There was nobody durable goods bought books in thing like that it was all negotiated at the bars when you walked a charter anybody's in then from there those guys over in the cakes and having taken out of there. So you're on this this is giant room and it was like they're giant great ballroom in the ceilings were like fifteen feet high. And all the sudden there's a DJ gone and everything else man in these guys just having a great time. One do you takes out two pistols boom booms and booms are shoot him in the air with the with the beat of the music. Good to me like no Big Bang I am I am man I mean look. Everybody go yeah I mean yeah thing is is rooms upstairs people little love there noting that there's dormitory rooms above the above the forget. How much. So like it. I don't like shots fired at Dell announced that house just indefinitely yeah I thought highly enough to back out there was. Brad a question question is miles until amid dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle.