05-16-17 Seg 1 Mens Room gets into trouble

Tuesday, May 16th

Mens Room Multiple Question! "When did yuo know damn well you were up to no good, and when was the last time you went to church?"


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You what you're about to hear is real the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Doctors are. Lord and I'm usually invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And Jordan. I don't know and they go out of Arizona our 2608. Hour. Along with Steve the throw hill. Do Ted Smith. Love that car. I hit my car. Do our enemies grows a. There I guess those the drug charges inducing then spend now. Today the ten greatest courses of the 21. Generations. The word has some backhanded southern mama speak. Profile that says your biggest royal blood plus headlines have been good shot of the day fumbled as their emails. And everyone's favorite TV time the typical actor get a job I give a go thanks to Mark Cuban the hover board is making a comeback in bonus it will not catch on fire and now. Amtrak train gets stuck on that tracks for hours so downs pizza the passengers do higher. Good to having an awful year this time cinnamon flavored Pepsi described as bad it. Actor David Cross describes one of the things he tasted as a new dad and after a tornado destroys a home a man with a metal detector comes to the rescue. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. All outfitted. And good day to you and tried. There's a country star named Tyler fall some of you know about already my black cast it but anyway based on song titles a lot like. Redneck crazy. Whiskey in my water hot mess and my personal favorite. Withdrawals I think I get an idea Vermont man comic or however it's the title of his latest own map of all the others and with respect. It is called simply I can go to church some to. That's right the man abroad U redneck craze risky in my water. Hard to mask some of roles now has observed him and held there a danger to Tennessee than you might want to check out myself included. Now the jerk it's called social club and about things like a strange name or church that's because it's not actually church into sex club. Yet the authorities found that out one of the tip offs. Was that sales of the thing gold. Naughty nice. Please keep secrets. That's right church hosting not a nighttime tip off people so anyway between Tyler for a song titles and sites globes masquerading of churches. We have a men's room multiple question candid realism. Unfortunately we're gonna summit your grandmother but here's the question. When did you know damn well but you were up to no good. In my almost the last time you venture through your brother Joseph called tools export to Iraq were. On Twitter at men's or live takes 77999. And cinder emails to the men's or mad men's or live dot com it's a man's. And we're talking nasty guy. Nine hey guys SW on the sofa love it and know guys are number 2608. Of one of big chill we have brazen it out we. Broadcast the drug charge governor and spend today today the ten greatest choruses. Of the 21 century terps as far as course is gold these are hooks I'm assuming these are the popular things he gets stuck in your head yet the catchy tunes. The tin the greatest catchy choruses of the 21 century. Maybe senate I'm reading this as the latest you're more popular out especially in very irritated with him audiences it's they're popular for a reason and sometimes it is something simple to get stuck in your head I mean I'm pumped for the segment wrote if I don't think I'm I don't know how I like you know what you probably. Of Iraq. We've got that a drug charge go to since integrate its courses of the 21 century today we will about the men's room multiple question and we have the perfect story. But this type of question it combines a little bit of everything and you'll see how we fill in the dots here. A Tennessee sex club is being accused of masquerading as a church as its owners may need as the story says the drop to their knees to break. Sooner or or what they're doing as they were driving duties for them a city officials wanna just placed down social club. Which has a permit to operate as a church and were exposed by two undercover city inspectors who infiltrated the swingers club back in March. Volunteers and enough patrons openly engaging in sexual conduct and intercourse according to the complaint that was filed by national officials and is on the legal technically. Under a private place right. You physically and I understand her door operatives Turks not back but the idea that hey. In my place of business whatever it is the people and have sex. With a bunch of people like MR breaking the wall and but that's the thing I don't think it's illegal to have a sex. Like place like that just operating as a church is not paying taxes and avarice that's it and they were too closely to schoolers. Christina now Gibson and bill girls they paid forty dollars forty dollars in cash that sound. A reasonable these guys brought to join us this object is to get into getting to gain access into the club secrets sex chamber sure. Forty bucks yeah. Let's weren't town you know I mean overhang and now I would do America Nashville taking aim at forty botching command and people drop supported by its general club opened and right this is forty bucks and guarantees so yeah so and so they gain access to the club secret sex chambers sex change but it wasn't side made their way through twelve rooms. With either a bed or lounge chair were couples and groups were having sex while others watched. This is according to the court document. In one instance a couple who went by. Valence Steve. It balanced leave Brazil over the weekend they ask the inspectors to photograph them. As Val did something for Steve sang a little karaoke so to speak in knee. Choir room and now gas according to Aries surveillance activity airport that's right surveillance activity they ask Christine and bill. Take the camera while old Val did some karaoke with Steve inquiry with a knife. Stephen valve by LA on a power by Stephen all apps that they have jet skis out all mandate or to just change one he says look well water in two weeks will be in Daytona Beach and if there are you gonna stop in myrtle ST friends for a little while. And then on the way back they're gonna catch area our race in March. On the back out he was standard narratives Oakley is on the back of his head is you don't match. I haven't Scalia in its footing in my little Alessio these high service he probably had a bandanna on yeah. And has it is dog yea he would want and yeah. Also wears its management and Elliott are only happy and mouse over the bar in Steve's a another's bartender I'll take my normal drinking this and that it but the staff secretly hates valve if he drives a Jeep without doors of course you wouldn't understand yeah I would not understand. And now we face now known events do so two that's Stephen Val but before I view gold. Yes and no value notes seems like Val got the last I've used it army I was drive felt about it yet he's adore him as it does great. I'm about now Stephen now have a hot tub other decked out oh absolutely I'm an Atlanta neighbors over Los get a pool table downstairs. And his and his men room for sure he's got all the jobs dual effort sure he's got all the he's got a lot of things that require gasoline. Yeah I need to know about the seed as many things require gasoline from chainsaw. Loans to. Four Wheeler early outs bodes jet skis and his life is big. Not gallon containers in his garage filled with gasoline. But he has a lot of bulletin boards Alia a W Boyd I'm certain of romance immutable and our got a few under water skis don't wanna ski and he's got efficient. According emphysema is a go to lake Stevens our weakest even bow man. Even about oh. If ever there. I have my column hop they're good look at the good enough you know I think they're real demands to be athletic big guys a little weight they've got boxes thirty packs of just be here all eyes waiting to be put into the separates spare refrigerator yeah that's cool about Steve always cold beer all the way to appear odd man and accusing probably no offense. Steve volume book guy he's the guy big size speed and I share the hot tubs to disease. Dogs named after alcohol the old to block the best ways to. He's not a great outdoor coach but he always drilling this year this is something that's you'll all know but it's always available and he hands the bond was bare hand what's that mean. That bat now and that's the hook but he got the attitude that records. I hope that you don't forget to go to you got your brawl would give got stopped Stephen bass Eds even that isn't the talk talk talk talk how do you fit into it biopsy for the final. Stephen bell have eight different tapes of them having sex anyway. Our children and on vacation yeah girl girl tastefully done this blog. Later they not Stephen valve but Christine and bill who are the infiltrators and then saw Christina and bill and move on from valves the it's announced the they'd done a thing they've taken its regulator the attack and acquire a nickname iron enquirer have Bob broke. Later they observed impregnable now all right. Having her breast cycled and fondled by a man. The city land based at the club. Owned by the freedom for all your weapons and Americans know they didn't say the guy's name who's the site did they did noticed that that was not the father of child. No well they asked the problem. Yes exactly I heard some shoot well that's what well I think that was part of the thing was I think you need to go Baier I do not notify I think it was more the fact that the guy was in his seventies in the woman was injured twenty. Yeah. You might have old greatly podcast and start turned apples and I am. That is sold. So gross of the city says you should be shut down so gross for permitting acts of lewd conduct because it's a public nuisance and because violate state law which prohibits operation club that 1000 feet of the schools Lou US had to go there they're going outside of a donor and when they feel like. Okay condone and parking lot of cabling. You have to go into a building in the go into a room but the call chamber by the way. What makes a rumor chamber because that the sexed chambers why the images dissection room like receipts a bedroom is a chamber. Right like what makes a rumor chamber kinda hundreds you've got to Kelly good to sexist now man that's always the and tell you a chamber room. That's an. I got to change our elected chamber of overnight in terms you know I have you have a working restricts. That's what makes of that chamber has restraints yet Alessio what's possibly know hell you're talking about. I'm pretty short okay to add restraints of chamber. Hey Michael you check on that a difference in a room at a chamber to chamber I can tell you evidence that you do like a regular room problem in an ideal team record strap into the wall Oleg led him to do -- he's got a from the closet cloud to become chamber no it's just a clause is just -- -- refuses to digital I was tied up with himself he wasn't tied up you'd like you have all looked him right then he's in the chamber okay. Yeah. Maybe I'll hook in my closet specifically change people up and delicate tiny chamber. The interlocking closet anymore mantle's rookie play. My guess some info on this room chambers and OK so technically a row must defined as a space that can be occupied or something can be done especially viewed in terms of whether there's enough room or a part or division ability Eagles by walls and concealing. Each chamber as a larger amused for formal or public events. Okay. Hi Kyra into well disaster of this is a public event and it's it's for don't recall the rumor retain people. Dungeon dungeon I thought OK perfect bill Herbert said he was shocked by the pro course bill was things bail them that I don't Willy Willy he's a participant bill undertow that bill shocked by the probe and that was not inside that thing actually he was the investigators probing the federal got a broad it was a big brain injury didn't expect you and I. Maybe I'm naive that bill I did not expected to be as graphic as it blows he told news channel five who was there a lot report. Herbert then told news channel five. The was until recently that the city was flagged of the clubs increased late night activity. Because of their blatant advertisement for. Nodding nights every second Saturday of the month that's right let's take you to see they were advertising. At a church for nodding nights. Every second Saturday of the month some and look forward to. And unless. Yeah you can't put that in a stranger in your local in our weekly paper wouldn't lie would you do get a good thing going on and obviously. They cater to whoever's got a seven year old man doing what he's don't pregnant lady man which again I just. I hate to that visual crossed my mind it was known as a social it but by the vice Versa name is the same name that they had before. And they were and they moved. To a different location. And they kept ending the saint and they were unknown suing her school. So they were known and Alan they take the new plays then another now they applies church and the authorities didn't piece it together they've that they've pieced some of this together and along on. Let's see here please correct me and that's the owners promise of sex Jack Watson church and I hope you get the owners promise no sex would take place at the club and instead to open a church to members only to get around zoning laws. A lawyer for the club said he had not yet had time to read the full complaint. But continue to maintain that the business is in fact church despite what Stephen Bauer. Harrell. I mean the zone doesn't church rights and got that much maybe even the building as a former church building but. What is what are the requirements to become a church. Wouldn't doubt that some religious worst turtle bay and flew all of you would have to whatever it is you're doing an errant would have some religious burgers and and look a lot of people's remote god and Jesus what happened sex but I don't I don't think that get you qualification though it's not like. It's our legal right to have sex in church its report east. Sure you don't when he's doing it well what do I do believe there are beforehand I'm Brad held assortment of tournament sermon and our particular spiritual belief. Is that this is time to get an and so afterwards. We go to him or we get a moment of I didn't serve before. And I'm on some people on the spiritual aspect of this and I can convince the authoritarian man. Yeah it's aegs we did as far as virtual purposes like can I get away Oklahoma softer. The meat that's why are you there I literally right I think about trying to look. The try not to pay taxes that's number one that's the only thing that's happening here I mean look forty bucks that's why I said doesn't that seem like a reasonable amount of money to get in socialist not a lot of money I'm sorry elect. You little concert it's over a hundred dollar and yeah it does is doing there and there and for. They didn't participate. But the option to participate is there if you can find that situation. Willing to beat it doesn't mean you're gonna get in there and laid it means that if you're in the situation in some woman find you attractive or some guy grabs you and take in your willingly and you can get into it as well and so I mean you could also be an active participant you might just even take pictures as it out because that is a swingers club that's kind of part of the deal like why don't you go with my life and I'll go with heroes and whatever that over idealism and in the back up and you look at each other canister and did you realize you just had good sexson wasn't with your partner at at very high five vetoes and sometimes. No one I go no and they weren't nearly two Biggest Loser. But he was bigger riveted. By the big BA. Like oh my god bay. Well seven to just like the border is an aspect of seeing their partner with somebody else. I don't think I'd like that very much if you go figure what do you I don't think I would be a fan of that I would feel like hey. Maybe move out did you hit it. Those are the Florida all that is so hot when you pack up with it. Can't wait to get to crap out of my place at the thought. I agree with you and I think the same thing to me debt like us this is my place and get get out I think interview will go wrong with slayer stuff like this is a great idea that you have to be just comfortable with Kerviel with somebody who are well it's it's look it's all all that is is waiting for the next best thing. So look I have something I'm content with that but if you had the option at all times to upgrade storm that's why we elect. Now that at least in this cartoon you're gonna in the middle of the whole point of Bagram you know whether it's furniture telescopes winners are married and have long. Marriage and they do and they maintain an open relationship and that works out fine for the little Lotta times what happens is as you meet someone. Who you really have an interest you really have a connection with the sex is really go and it's a much better situation than the marriage or in an. Okay you might still be swingers but that's your main person. I'll show you don't mean that your your your your movement on that happened I don't absolutely. Now outlet now yes but I vascular leg look yet I mean like we got to eat the same hamburger okay and we like getting hammered another old hamburger Lambert I mean I can eat a hamburger every single day. But. If Somoza in. Micah whatever you experience. Five guys. My duty at a five guys burger I'm like well no. And in so that on its taste that hammered none of another problem I ever regular wrong old and he said adjacent five juice comes down man and I just I'm just east in this and to never take loses what Dante's and Jew I'm Jason like meat and stuff like friends so different from the chief hammers and normally about. And I'm like I don't mind I can have this thing and that kind of feel little hamburger day so then you know enemies Visio files are not totally southern oil to come back and he got a little tiny crabby hamburger girls like that do I go look at but if I had the option would be in this land of everything you now I can so maybe I'll just move on the. There is there is some of them do I'm just saying like I notable couple I had great relationships things swing and yeah I'd find that data you know paint the picture yeah we sure how to swing. You couldn't do not go right to say there is a few little like I I can think of you right now late at. They of one of the happy marriages I know but there's went down well good album last forever I look at it I just I know how Woodward for me. You don't sound and I would be dumped in a heartbeat for short pick that. That's our ball hard you know funny you know like he's jealous and can easily give up right Horry sweetener for the big he just. I. Well let me just Zito won five guys are gonna go back to your regular crappy one. Mr. President punts later in the effort to keep our crap and you didn't want to doodles you have a lot that you can play against allocated you got your look at a television. All right you got as big as HDTV. All right yeah I'll give you back in the crappy television you like it like that you know the televised. You know like once you get used to suck and and its and your cable act there's a lot of options model still by six packs of rom and you don't mean for different flavors are ever on the I'm done no. And I retired I mean not that I don't like it now would I just don't think it or before it was just guarantee like you know of the substance there was plentiful right exactly valid and elderly may go waits on that good for me or something better than this I do like the birther idea. Are you to mcdonalds and these days really don't use them to run and five but every once eleven taste of murder like this is a good hamburger eaten and you don't wanna go back Houston and don't you keep thinking about it and you go but like I do not go back and I get enough. I gotta have more of you don't mean that this is so good at keeping. Well right and that's that's the problem right and that's where I you know that sort of course was little problem I was so we're this will be a problem. Europe's admit phenomena like I don't know are like Chinese product red panda express and every terminals food court maybe you do something different but it's gonna bug you feel like a man. There were some I go to smorgasbord it doesn't fit in place choose from I had beaten at all fifty I'm equal opportunity. But she keeps going to brandish breakfast you know like I feel better maybe of the G-8 every word jubilee. Only panda express. Orange chicken every time. And really realism that point she places in just Korea Telecom sensed our art comes somewhere in a real fireman's hat. I mean look. They hear me. Now the food court idea yeah the food courts great right all right you get tacos but don't try to. Broke out of his tennis president Audubon outdoor game trying to be reasonably subtle and you cut tacos. I just think up quite positive as Taco Bell chick filet. Boardwalk from this borrow. And a message that no aunt annie's pretzels all good stuff but they were available other option OK I'm just remembering the victories specific food court yeah. Here's what I think is great the food court it is and there are a lot of nights you just wanna go home and sit on the couch and you're all right I'm playing that's legal you you don't. So the tour. You're free agent malvo when you've been the people that trap of the travel. Trap them and travel around the world seen a lot of different countries are some countries we will go back and revisit. And yes at that point they appreciate how good the bad feels. Put an image Jews traveling to get done feels so good that they just stay home. You still wanna go see some other thing you think you can maintain this relies so. Now I could it right it would if I could do with a girl that now if it was company that was easily into I don't get it. Yeah that's yeah I ended an ending you meet someone who really really like it you don't want them. Having sex with a everyone's. Eye wizard and yeah. And I elation that I would love to see for dinner honey but I'm going out that. And a native of Arizona are. Galindo moving goods and zags from a fire embodiment. It definitive McCarron senator noted Goldman. I love this tournament. I went to news that ambassadors. The congressman. By a lot of the very things ovals and the advice you there seems to tie him. I'm the non swing swingers. It's like the I don't have a treat Angus when you look at it. However the level through she's a sling Elijah he's in a jungle tuzla arms and. He's just like and from. Street century you're burned it's really easy smile all the time now it's definitely saved her phone called panda express. If that's a thought that George chicken doctor. A after it out okay at least I posted I once dated a girl that was kinda we're really like serious. Those kind of like rats in some hooks up whatever but you had to be honest about OK let's not fun. Well I will say this that she told me that you go to some Leo I thought it would be a lot more shocking and Oka and it was like all right well that's fair I'll talk I don't meet digital. Recognize you and is credited for time off. He's already dead the book three fingers O'Malley got Tom Jones deals as wife she is like what are you gonna for anyone who do not immune ST yeah. When a very good reason well he's a senator in the figure out what he found an unloaded broken out as a percent of that three NBA here doesn't make it different I don't really does this could this possibly be what I know if I'm not a huge dude when it comes to bat sort of I don't know but does not make a difference to me look I can't tell adore it's good that he was going for the golden man look it's not entered as always with some dude who happens to be barely. Sure and after some put your brother plays an NBA you can and that's all about you can do you can that is what he's got my. Can wreck your scooter into a Toyota coral. Ghani says that you got a 5050 shot again that you had an eighteen Wheeler that thing that. In the seven foot guys and eighteen in particular about it validates that she's already back she's still a thing out of me. But government do you have much easier for some denials he's their future is on there and she's there for the jokes that dinner the fun time. And everybody at the littlest guzzling image is she's at the moment yeah me it is that it. Is. No I don't want to let it takes on the use in the best of what he's. Mile a couple of your wife. But your forget the plot by the U. You go out there who can't well that's what I know I will not promote and I I don't think that that would change my dynamic regret it going to be like. If I went our everybody on the slugger Alex who that change for a quick and at age anything because they're women I don't know anyway it's gonna let that doesn't change my outlook the president changed my personality. Doesn't change me that yes now a lot of people know they definitely don't wanna have sex. More people on the average day you're down it's they who The Who that would do that in their right mind. There. Are multiple question when did you know damn well you were up to no go. And when's the last time that you have been to church to both export to a rival take a quick break the back of your calls next. He's rich. Last year. Brad do you buy to let live resort casino Mehdi nine point nine KI DSW. Don't come. I canceled drug charges have since been today the ten greatest courses on the 21 century. Apartments are multiple question when did you know damn well you were up to no good and win the last time that you have been the church you are losing to the men's room on the bedroom radio now. Peninsula and miles. Nine point nine. I ask you drew multiple questions today when it you know damn well you were up to no good and when is the last time that you have been to church. Hello uncle witty welcome to the men's room. I only yoga clothes wow. They allowed the amount up to no good was back in 1988 my body and I know back then well let's go to we all did cocaine back then didn't win back in the early eighties that was discussed and everybody got to build. You know end only it's. Yeah you're allowed an Coke. Though aren't there pretty easy. Cocaine and you're a guy like me breakdance Erica. I think we've borrowed from Stephen well. I would now like that deadly accident dossier to the idea. Yes you have been out of Isaiah bell always have good is the best start it your. Sometimes Steve has done time get an erection because he does so much about gets on about that but that's the most fun I had always found that did nothing about them that Google feels good and I. So on the steps of Kearin in the middle of the Sonics game and my body and we are high. Well I'm done with tennis racquets we are migrant and I'm going to without let's just do it right here what nobody content to go to all these people around. On the front steps we break it outside its goodness so right there were telling people brilliantly returning people only good god no I don't go around the clock. Giggling red eyed sniffling monkey's seeing that the steps into securing the table you know you can't really hear it and you're and then it got started showing up and we just barely got out of there and we've so loud that no limit the last time I was in church since better. We're lucky to have been from Brooklyn get McCain on the steps no not when we sat there turning people who happened where so I know let's say hey rose I had refused you know earlier today I had my hat season yeah yeah and I hope is that the us what you did Coke was the last time you did cocaine because there was not a well immediately. You know it was probably relate. Ninety's entered. I decided who doesn't know how accurate could probably slowed our political analyst at film numbers Hillary and sort of hungry I'm like god did I I have my own house on Mercer Island right now we are you are you really are you really an uncle. Would imply that you and I am I am a local okay that's what I've learned a dispute Abbott the kids love uncle and adults do they actually call you know really. Yeah oh yeah they do and actually kind of the name comes from you know what doesn't why doesn't I mean it's it's it's like crazy and I'm going to play into its biggest of them all Ohio Obama mom's still that it's a cool little hamlets that now. I'm slowly close to be a participant in the named Willy Brandt and like I gotta do that's what I do when you know just let them levels last time your church. There was a week ago my body is good friend of my buddies could build a built hell all I can get slow going away because you guys the first ignition and lift my boy glad this passed away at all. You'll let slip out of the Catholic church of first time in 25 years I didn't get a global level and not what we're sit there and of course we had a smoke. We go forward Goran there has been doing it was calm down a little bit and when they're gig and then my buddies sit in the back in there just like life size picture of Jesus on the wall and he's as that is and hand coming out pretty real like Doctor Strange and there's red and white need you know being criminality didn't lead but he goes they made chief executive management. Business. And that's got that started the laughter OK until I looked up and seems a statue of Jesus only a little boy is Daniel Daly had been dead Catholic church's leading by example Coronado. There is no I was Nicole lapin like on the priest was handed in the years stops talking and looks at us. And everybody in church turns around and looks that is like a reputation back kicked left and so that's what five dollars and church and I got a strong. Well there are willing melody and Eliot. I -- 5858. Acting like you're 1250. That's exactly what it is I never have he's like he's an idea in which by the way that is kind of funny but Stillman. You know and it's so hard because even with you when you with your friends are gonna try to crack you up all entourage. Because that's that's. And I'm good yeah growing not at all part of our long hole or girl our only need an indisputable why don't you know laugh when I look brilliant yeah. I'll call you with a guy they. Thought. You know I know my immune but not the only communications solution that you recommend to. They did you know did I did yeah yeah okay I think the uglier. But it's let's cut its okay. It looks like he's at. X. Why were you a church last sentence. It was the last time probably this holiday okay do you actually look for service yet aren't I holiday wedding. Weddings you know thinking it's been pretty I'll be opened a serviceman I don't know the last I'm gonna go in there are actually gonna take that back. I would I'm combining Houston as a full Catholic mass wedding yet had to be twenty years ago and that's late. Three part service one our wedding. I do not know would be that got him long answers it was a it sucked into I'm into it I have been a bit but I miss with 33%. Between weddings funerals and actually going for Serbs that. Some saying that the last the last time you are charged. I was saying wedding one of one of briefings winning weddings funerals or an actual service that it is kind of into a service I think I've been into like the monastery DC was my moms who she likes it to the likely walk around the grounds out on that fire actually of the Serbs yet then right right right right I don't think analogy I've been a cathedral I don't aren't just first sir I would go in walk through and check out any cathedral in the world no dramas and adorned as a result breasts into one of those views and and and and and participate pew -- I would love to see the architecture you know in the history. Our beds are multiple question would you know damn well it's Europe's no good and what's the last to win the last and even the church hello actually welcome to the men's room. Yeah. They are young and a little well currently. I'm wondering hoping tune and then traffic I'm going home sales wonderful. And how great how are you look to no good. I have about fifteen or sixteen and I record sneaking out my sit there being cheaper rebellion started smoking cigarettes drink and welcome Pratt. I'm such. Ashlee held you know. I am thirty now you still smoke cigarettes. I do not good for you good for your car. Or. We're tied. Yeah we're actually on the floor. I feel like we have no reason acting so it's just that the exact same Britney should let. That's herd goats edits are inflection in a moment as she dropped to as bottom line. I think we talked through before. We made it about as deep into the conversation. Which he dropped an asthma yet. We like his style but please somebody sample I got time for. Oh that's the thing about the song titles loosened what she was saying that. Tyler far if you don't know. I don't know what are my clock is correcting us. Last time we spoke to Ashley was not the as a mom she's at halftime. Old guy I would I would like to do this I don't sit S time. We don't tell us time last time we went. Think it's gone on to their my goodness she can't get the concept down because we would love to hear her story but obviously she's not suitable for these or any other way I think she's just comfortable and outside of the guys that you completely add that I told her not to swear revision and so friendly every time and it. You know what's in your voice like I'm looking forward to talking with Boris. And exactly thirty seconds into like him dammit you just drop to the charity told us she smokes either asked to honor and aft on every Democrat there we go back to yes please give I don't want to. All right Ashley hi there. I am never dark you guys before I'm sorry a tough. Well and he's kind of like somebody else who's a who's just before OK so you can't tell and I can't I'm sorry hill my building our nominees otherwise we wouldn't insult the negativity in the sixties or sneaking out. You drinking and smoking cigarettes smoked pot re having sex. I had battle. Aaron. Six in. Erica and I but as it is apparent Arab agreement honorable daughter. That's a while thanks did you feel like I saw you smoking okay we'll. African known to Americans actually. To exile it. Very angry at my dad begged them. Some strange reason that's that's just par for the course. If you had been how I don't know why well because he gave media home delivery and and fed me and my but I know one up with dolls now listen CU yet. That Edward while some bad Burma so badly. We were not such great people even know no horrible people know the difference in you mean casualties that I could accurately. I tried. Oh art track and don't you announced jurists Winger did that change things. No more people told me we got total wanna search it is OK so you snuck out in Europe belly is that anything bad happen. Great clean now I'm and then some pretty crazy situations and I thoroughly and very well looked after LA. You've been looked after in other words you are with the right group of people under the so. And I mean the last time I ventured that the couple months ago why there. I don't I go to church and frequently hear their. So you would for a standard terms. I don't doubt that somebody from childhood or is that something a decision. I was legal. I would've born in Newark church lot of bad stuff happen to me pensioners. And the and I. So we think happened. Oca. I knew it and if you don't mind me asking who was due to it was someone in the church responsible. I EE acts and we Darren Blake had. Not like a daycare for the church extranet and their community service needs that they have at daycare regularly throughout the church and the lady coup. We can't lead the lake main big is our very and that hurt I'm wears a mask he. Our panel saying she's just let them country you're an overt disciplining advocates are. So wasn't his use pretty much an unknown amount. Is a lot about I don't every bit of that ever catch up to him. Alia we act my parents found that out pretty quickly my mom and very Smart percentage actually grew up but yeah. And then rat pack and we see them. And then that they care shut down on that and then good friend of mine who reached out to us after. After going down with them a daycare which means that I haven't met yet. Some of that money and he's in with a two exactly what I am trying to coordinate and when all that's. You know. Do you know how old who's who's who asked Jesus okay since I had envisioned him you definitely you have any memory of this. You know like I guess I used to threaten I don't have a good remark Betsy I know I remember everything after Federer absolutely everything. Welcome man you would remember her father telemann man if you are my daughter. Bret I don't know I don't have it in me now I see that's that's the problem legend and you know we're on Panama in Donnelley and that's my. When he's our lives that page and everything you'd never banner that earnings and growth. So rules and civil as a civil suit and it was just a monetary. Yeah. We only sell we allow it and then they wouldn't let me take baby that I let my credible source very. Witten out I guess or whatever so whenever I went to core we end up settling out of court and then about twenty years later my friend. Try to make itself you got that out of her lawyer with like the same guy that they've done a boy scouts of America or something Henman he slid a little all things are trying to just rent. I'm Canadian Anchorage and so how insurers. You know I'm more I know whenever you feel like get a. Hasbro mostly yeah I mean I don't go to clubs or dad and Arnold did his and I don't mean. I don't think it can act contrary I think about it now he'll I don't challenge is trying to set just in case. I don't just enough to everybody's happy. Now I don't show up predicate for mark from my cell and and it stopped I don't go insurgent held a potty mouth I mean. You know you're you're one of the few people have talked to today wobbly look at her for services. And first Ryder mile test. I now I have to work on I Powell I'm an area can all of and. I I'm sorry I should say I'm on my way to being American not technically and different and just turned my Amazon miles that the yeah nurses I am I am just comes. A bad as a do you Wear scrubs. I care I got out but I dragnet around him you know if you Zelenka put on the difference made out citizens like and neglected to announce its God's. And I got some pretty cute friends from the right are you in nursing school now. I am now I finish my career X I am getting ready to applied for an important is our church in the hospital. Or chat apple out of chapel ranch anyway they're like yeah I think so there's wiggle or chapel at people go to his. Leslie is like someone's about to die human ago Letterman. Apple while you're at or else you know Biggio Miami man we don't they deliver babies or they don't like I don't know doesn't like us that nothing good. Nothing good is happening. Strategic. Pick a bit like a little it's a policeman paycheck with Tehran now that you know all the stuff that goes into that do you are you looking forward to being pregnant. Yeah yeah I absolutely love my job so I don't work at the hospital I work and the and a clinic across from a hospital. And so leaky carelessly would you women's coach so all the Internet content her pregnancy and they think so. TI RS viewers a little Ashley never see opinions. You know me I don't worry. Swedes who could go anywhere for me today that's what I'm talking about like balanced tree net to rally this Saturday that. At a I don't wanna hang Alabama seed now ma'am yeah yeah of course you everybody does not only be friends friends but like outlet to hang out just. One night to the region with yet doesn't eat mediocre burgers by a total blow hang out the hot and go home. I was a pleasantly surprised yeah soccer and that's the thing about 2000 say they're shockingly nice and Mike. Sugar swingers they party hard jewel like and now the good people would refine that they said Stephen ballot as article quoted Schmidt Steve. And his model about some technical. It's the event at all who had those big blue pill they're both her ex. Taken before the Burton said that. They have real commercials in there in a thank you Doug bottle and he in the Burnitz and so all of a big tall glass of milk. Accidents as mr. Arafat sees. It was not a bust all the printed out a citizen I absolutely love it's on the it's on the to get that big yes field. It's a big pills rule that I've seen it on a commercial and commercial gas bills related hate the pills. As a lot of the things these are the biggest bills that you it is like a horse sized deal. Which makes no sense but it got burned to the man looks like I don't care for the golf ball like bats and I need to do. Take this thing. Away from Johnson that I'm want to go enslavement. Yeah and that's important. Our beds are multiple questions Darman the concert pianist like. You gonna do you guys do you gotta go fight the grisly banker and people's. We'll be right back in you're gonna whip that grizzly bears at the net for your penis you'll rip grizzly bears yeah. When you know damn well that Europe to no good and when's the last time that you have been to church. Coach Sean welcome to the men's room. Area were oh yeah exemption. So last time I mean we went to church was. I don't know in years ago as well as the reason for. Just my mother dragging me there I've to a person's true Erica. And when I don't know when what did you think you were up to no good. Beckett and high school and you're really confident. I what is predicted. Opiates and smartest. All the other so well. The center people who have earned him. Okay although illegal drugs that would only get your hands. I inject. How long ago let's say. Three years. How did you get playing. And we lost them while there are a I think he might still be on them down singles low either that or the residuals as to get some demands that they got used to do ask instilled scratches accident like a rainbow flags that are. Lol oh yeah that's recognized as a mother load. Men's or multiple question when did you know damn well you around to no good and when's the last time that you have been church quick break about a Morey calls after the.