05-16-17 Sit & Spin

Tuesday, May 16th

Today Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Choruses of the New Millenium 

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Ryan castle the rugged charges and then once again it is time to sit down and spend enough. Yes friends it's I want to get your thoughts. Six and spend Mets gather around the old radio and listen to some sweat a. Had just great songs the greatest courses of the last seventeen. Years DUI three witness list absolutely. Nobody I know. All I'll give them that the folks at billboard put this with together the only metric was is that that hey what's on the last seventeen years the record the anyway this one really that's really what can look at. All give them this they picked them. Catchy songs of or with with big big courses and I think you'll probably recognize all of them and and guarantee they're all your awards at Toronto match the next tends to be inside of view for the next. If it plays like the shingles virus moment for the rest I can rise that it's inside if you didn't even thought. Number ten. I'm now. You mentioned shelter himself from the song over the course of the last I don't know five years it's been something and I. Even if you've never heard it before you know just looking at a course that has Miley Cyrus has. It was every night and that was it you'll remember on over earth song you've got that that Miley Aaron writes that. That makes them with the ten greatest courses of the 21 century. Here's. I just didn't feel like you're about. Everybody. Fireworks gone after ten territory and is that's Nelly right. Source of the play Omnia suspended. Under. It's a weakness and I thought wow this is like did you start telling them. Yeah uncle in the unlike the three game. In a city of about that. Chris an extra strength. Sounds yeah. She will plus side it's still play analyst this season object. Did not credit cards at the 21 century the air warrants today on six. Numbers. Oh I understand. Yeah during credit cards the 21 century today. Amber's. I'm just don't have a bit of power rotation in my office and car broke out a few years vintages yeah. That's all it. Stickers Garza of the Tony Curtis says. Under fire. In the world I don't know. A whole song is catchy or out or think that men who are not in the show with that. I think you have to do that because if you have an it started with the right data that was going to it was right in the heart of facilities there to get its act act since managing those courses of the 21 century. There while this accident. It's not like that. And figure something out after that next opportunity like everybody knows him. What's Todd doing wrist guards as the Tony for century today on Sydney's been. Who has the right side of the killer but you killed him it's also known as. Ultimate the only side analysts that we play like you got thanks now I. I do with the killers after they put on great shows they're feeding you music chi town I'm the children. This is the finger in my office of the sort of forget it. I'm 110. This golf day. It was good that I won't now Ed Kelly Clarkson I don't put a woman's ankle but I'd really like that. I've gotten there a moment fan yeah accidentally hit it the same person wrote most of these songs and it was picked them up. These that they take credit scores as the Tony for a century we have. Well. Always looking up there again it's like the terminator star. I'm definitely appreciate very ago finally get a good test of the line for profile those fuels export to unlock the signal or nine right now get ready to play profile this all right you were admitted to Greg intact.