05-16-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Has A Bad Day

Wednesday, May 16th

Mens Room Question: Why was it your worst day at work?


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You what sort of thing here is real. Trying to look. Offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. Three. You know they say shake your radio more than. Times. Way to go to Arizona or 2827. Along with Steve the thrill hill. Who today and although ball. My car. Okay the next round. There's sort of crude stocks last. That's. What you don't need to know be DNA addition. Can write a play profiled next. Plus headlines events or shot of the day fumbled the three males everyone's favorite TV time with it the class period drunk I don't know famous London jeweler unveils new pendant that looks a lot. Like the 13 down under. Meanwhile a woman gets an argument it's important squats down and she delivers the thunder. Golfers near erupting Hawaiian volcano don't think the heavy stuff gonna come down quite for a awhile. Police congratulate high school pranksters from going the extra mile and a Pope tells nuns to get off Twitter. And it's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. Are without mention is good day to you and yours. All right if you have a job you know this could be true some people love the job. Some people hate the job that's his wife. But some day some days are worse than others some days at work are so bad you question your life choices. Earlier this week at commercial airline pilot he was sucked halfway out of the cockpit window. It's a mid flight going 500 miles an hour 32000. Feet in the air. He didn't say it but we're just guessing the batted his worst day at war. Ever we're gonna make the same assumption about a particularly young man who worked its importance and Langley British Columbia Canada who now we don't know the nature of the conflict Betty have a customer. Because there is no audio that accompanies this video but there is the heartwarming video of a female customer. Whooping on the floor out of wrote that it's good for the picking up her own third imploring give him. That has to be his worst day at work it's just it's gotta be because at getting hit by human heard them and anger is not your work day at work you need a new job to. Take my word on back. Yet a capitalism when Michigan already that sucks yeah eleven Flint, Michigan. But in his case he had just gone off duty still in uniform what he has high school age son Russell and a Maltese school wrestling event. When it's gun discharged and donate all good times did fine again we're definitely worth it. Again if you've ever had a job you had the worst day at work him out for my question is today we want you to revisit that awful time in several thoughts. Why was it your worst day in war your brother Joseph caught a par. Are 9990 you can like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and Inge to Graham events are live and to those emails to the men's room and injure my back now. You are listening to the bench or radio network. Fitch is your. Through its home Soledad I know him until summer 2847. Our Harriet today they cited return a blue socks lesson judging by the fact that I didn't hear too much a disgusting groans in the office and going to assume it. That this is not as bad of a who's such close as usual. It is. And it's not match like it's just it's about it's about how people all our all right you bring up puppies everyone gets very very. Very very upset so no this week we're back to just people being awful to other people got what you don't need to know ladies this that's classic. Right today on what you don't need to know it's going to be a difficult one for you to believe this to understand that but researchers. And they did not mean to find what they found right they did find something. That will in some ways in a lot of ways to make you lose sleep tonight they would offer new. And I'm not sure that there is an even parallel to this as far as male DNA and how. May all of brains work or I'd I'd I don't believe they've found that if that's true would would be the same. In this case it is not it hasn't been found to be that way you got the short end of the stick railway act and we're gonna let you know yeah you're gonna think about things differently I mean if you really put to create. Because it's just I don't know. There's going to be a lot of memories that come up a lot of things from the past that you go Jesus I hope that's still in it is it's right there in your brain and I'll say this. We're glad we're not you yeah I mean we hope you make good decisions and I really think. Because that is the key to this hole which you don't need to know if you made reasonably decent decisions in your life. The you're gonna be you're gonna feel a lot better than any general or rally going out the I don't know if you everywhere in and out you're gonna read that three to the F out yet just know that but if you made you know questionable decisions this is not going to be the segment you wanna listen to views wade and turn it off we'll get you to shop. Our question today why was your worst day at work we go to Tim Hortons we are British club Colombia a beautiful Canada. British Columbia one of the most beautiful places and in North America and if you've never been to Canada before. The institution. Which is Tim Hortons is in every single town the smallest of towns the biggest cities if you. Haven't ago in between one small town to another small town in the middle of a British Columbia in the middle of nowhere if you're in Alberta you'll you'll guarantee deceit it's important it is the most familiar sign in all of Canada. I've never been to a Tim Hortons with a wasn't a line where wasn't packed where there weren't cars in the drive through Tim Hortons is. The as an it is they would. They have everything they have coffee they have teeth they have don't know whom breakfast tea and coffee is thin I had AEG it was what do you think I know we've allowed only eighteen they have hand crafted sandwiches and crap they have hardy hospitals and soup. I don't know people so whether sandwich is much really think that there that's in the call this guy here and may have lots and his hand crank the crowd handcrafted logic I've got his hand crafted they have breakfast sandwiches you go to their you can get a biscuits you can get oatmeal at him basically this day it's it's you know artists over its cold weather food and didn't miss it you've remaining if you're digging gets on the hardy it's that's how they don't think it's still march he did donuts you get all this thing. OK so. We don't know what the would it or not. That's the beauty of this thing is it thank god you don't know at this argument is about because over the closed circuit camera at this in particular it's important you don't get any audience we have no idea. And know what I don't believe has. I don't think any differences actually questioned it. The employee yet about what this are you know as valid if I'm the CEO and that Tim Hortons just out of curiosity I have to know what this woman was complaining about. Sure it just body language alone says the employee. Is is in the right his body language to me says hey ma'am. I'm sorry you feel way to feel about whatever it is we don't know what she's upset about but make no mistake. She is pissed and she is speaking to a young man now this young man could be sixteen this young man to be 24 I can't it's it's a young man Grameen Bank he's. He's Bergen Tim Hortons you see he's younger kid. I mean he might be Tony for I don't how all the guy has he's just in his younger stages of direct so you just see him stand there and this woman. Who is probably. I'll say 5556. He's looks like she has an athletic build she maybe weighs a 125 pounds she has blonde hair. You know she's fit looking for owning and I was gonna skirt on whatever she's given this kid the business. And you see his business the one problem for about 20/20 five seconds. She goes over toward the napkins are something that also has a jacket tighter underweights. And then without warning she takes her jackets. And she takes off runaways. And she pulls down her skirt or maybe she'll have her skirt up. And she backs up against the wall and I mean on the demand. On the mainland as now. This kid is on the phone with presumably management to someone else she drops one on the floor and I mean she drops one on the floor in an instant. Like I have never seen anybody. Who can be so mad and prove on command and we're talking about the office the he couldn't get if you said here's a million dollars miles of you'll coupe right now than twenty seconds I don't think and the push as hard as I can irrational thing I give birth one. I don't I don't operation push and you have to goal you know that you have to go you've gone but she may have tapped into something we joke on which is the the anger proof right where I don't know if you've gotten so angry at you at a grand down. Well know what I mean like you it's some portly your brain decides never allowed to donate money around so bizarre but all I gotta go boob. It's not by copyright back I was at the amazing part is my hope lately. She hoops picks it up throws that the tone did Rosie and but then wipes. Frozen I had them there then wipe slid one more it's not like you picked it up to you gotta be back clean. And a civil government and the G stormed out of it's important for the renovation boots on the floor and you think wow. That's from the bad thing gee I don't know warming and lightning fashion plates a single. And holds off into rose's third of the kid and I'm usually this is his worst day at work here's how the story goes as far as how was written and and Canadian newspaper. This woman furiously. As is on for her Tim Hortons president employees alone again and also incensed about something Tim Horton employees did or did not do. She dropped her pants to the dump on the floor through it's grab some napkins to wipe didn't throw those two and then she left. There is appreciate kind of officially dropped the Mike at that point. You can go ahead movie you had anything to add the after that after I've sort of thirty you he cleaned myself I got nothing to do but leave it says there is no big salacious. In this sped up lively video version you're gonna see everything that this woman full of rage previously. To urge does to forever Sully the Florida's Tim her horns located in Langley. British Columbia. What's particularly baffling aside from the obvious is that the other customers who don't really react to what's happening at all at all there is a barrier in between the sensors most of it for them. Maybe it's because there's nothing to do when a woman decides to take crap on the floor. According to the habits for news this all went down Monday at 615 in the afternoon. Police did arrest the woman in the parking lots that are still demanding determining what the charges will be. So they don't know what that's gonna be as you think. I don't have a look all right against whooping on the floor or storing your group of people. A good there should be an easy charge made you considerate of the stuff later but it seems like you're not sort of charger way. She proved on the floor and restaurant and picked up to turn it seems he's had thirty some O'Malley counter. But you can't Saban who charger. I got all guys this is just right across the border this I mean this is like right near white rock no wonder. We're in white rock that's right across the border is probably an American moment. In fact I don't Arianna I am I don't know I somebody on the run this is like would you once you get right across blade man I mean this is seriously this is is. This is a much United States it's not United States is dear sir act so basically this is as close as you can be. But granted you have to remember. A 90% of the Canadian population is on the borders in other states that's in the makes it's a nervous wreck Y it was a your worst dale large 844999. Cola. Hello Austin welcome to the men's room. AOR at your door all time. All the worst Terry and my daughter in the army have been in the army bird covered up on eight years now. And I'll look on March 1 deployment in Afghanistan and I got word that my daughter was in new heart surgery so they're suddenly all. It took me out of the still there's going to be back to the optical audits where it wants to basically get their belt. Are on the way back. We it and I eat. An area though it's not. Seeing any action in the you know last couple months that we've been. Man once an amended and we had injured it while on the other odd couple doors for us in the home. Bad and not have adequate tourniquet and it's already bleeding Al. I another guy got our pretty. And there's a couple broken bones and a couple other guys jeez and her daughter. How did you end up doing. Caution was great I mean that sounds like he's a much better than you do that day yeah. Yeah I hit the ball. We got it all or so you were able to be is the united you have to go through your own stuff free and get back and said the an island that taking it all the shrapnel out of your leg and make sure that you were back to normal all the while it's all procedure today shall not violate local ball. Or hours. You pleased to have dvds are doing in Mary thank. Well I gather it all at well me so I go through a metal detectors are okay and Greenwood about it you can never do an MRI. Now there is no. And that's what I went ahead because we're like I'd go third airport metal detector goes off like a look. This is a misunderstand it will get to the bottom of it but I'm not gonna die MRI like no I want to huge them my card to the you don't even think of doing could you put a little magnet on your leg. Shortly I couldn't get it is it OK time but if you do dewy can you see your leg tall at all or and shrapnel is. You are not fortunately our debt and not just. What would I got out of it was cool on this or what to and it is hard data on his radio are as easy continuing to be in good health. There's a lot better than what what was she a loser condition if you let me ask are actually had a look portal auto wall between local chamber and are associated ASD. Now that's cool man summit's about to do well why was it your worst day of work 844999. A lot. Hello and welcome to the men's room. Okay yeah I oh yeah. Oh this is my latest job they'd just ended big companies shut down operations that here in Seattle. Britain so I did. Not unimportant yet. I have good delivery did. Would it be ordered it. Okay this one day delivery to out a ground ball all of any instructions sort of break it suitable random act by okay are dubbed the gated backyard. I had about Eric Lee hit that spoke to the bit players like so those outdoor Ortiz. All okay we're gonna food re bringing you know. I don't know what they're ordered it was a birthday so there was probably a New York they get here. Blaming it all and brought. Okay our let's go. Thursday are they are actively having an orgy would you roll back that. Again. Now I'd it would not a bad apply what that extent apparently it's good they the year only bad. I. Mean yeah. Before I lose half our knowledge of boys are gonna look like later in life to see what gravity does like Willis is close the pleasantries that he had to deal it. Needs Ehrlich junior it's about thirty plus being here it's going to edit out diet. Right it in my diet. It's a dramatic. I did your life on it looks like got a little hairless cat that's a lot of mean that's a lot of mean miles isn't. Yeah. The Philly if you shaved a bunch of sharp pains and put them in the puppy bowl let me just wrinkles in Steve's is what happens when you retire you know I mean I hope so look right to know you want to I don't know either man I love you don't want to walk up on that I know you don't wanna see that blood. And Bob Marley BC here's my lesson I don't care Medvedev a bit like a big terrestrial food on a guy I'm guessing for all these people are. Oh yeah I did go back to my car. The retort. Are gonna say all that is yet to set this up for review going to be included on unstable separatist they're hungry yeah. No luckily I just let the bags there and let. Okay away how do you is this I guess paid on the card in advance them. Yeah yeah yeah. Okay how do you have I am sick of it I assume they just keep having sex later they're delivering food but I mean. Yet we contact someone right leg by a word why put this. No luckily I had a boy aren't they happen to just let it go at it did there. All imported did you say I just I'm like hey I'm here in the food or did some look at you gotta give you thumbs up. There was this one guy over the corner. Just Jordan's Al chronic lay and Egypt look don't worry it's just like. They just hadn't got it what. No way I decided to make eye contact and anybody. They use your eye contact. So he'll forever be burned in your head I Oregon let me ask you and I. What's worse as far as what is burned into your brain and I hate to bring of the southern cents but what's worse is the visual or audio. I really wish. Even if I'd I don't know I ha I've got. I just thought to myself like does not let her get bunt then a picture of what it must sounds like sounds squishy and when candidates sound like. It's always the limited a little stuck in the all Luby's Salmonella wasn't. Like you people if you. Robert Kelly Robbins got and here's like oh yeah. Clearly critical right now that that would encourage quite a bit like wondered rubber boot is what you want us to Washington. All. Yet early life just take this good like mixed double what it was shallow. It's. Okay it's. My day. I wanted to talk about an hour and it's. Good if I come up. He should be a bully artists are it's. Homestand and a man. I guess that's absolute. There aren't back in how I live or a valid these other these people seventy here's the full of the day. I mean how old we talk a little or eight slate or are younger iron into Iraq. Was there any good looking people there was one good looking person in the entire group. John I made eye contact where you're like one or at gram bar catalog business home the but that's why you know most of them are not very good look at a dinner did they tip well. Did it today you will get Tim it's just the tip oh. God. Top that get this it was very good. All right okay now I expect over a question Korea. On your as far as being the delivery driver. Are you able within your company. To leave notes for potential other delivery drivers who might show up at this address in other words if you wanted to make a notation like. Good tipper all our series jello yeah or whatever the deal is very you know hot woman lives here he get the ability to to make it notes for an address. How old I did at Beckett ability. I date just date it is well yeah. Now what transpired here these guys are at it up on dirt that. Or micro workers nobody tips so many systems yeah. It's. Don't know if it's a good time the it's. I don't like thirty local almost Buddha. Speaks. You guys didn't invent if you use your drivers are good you could not believe that you get up believe. Lee that's very sound like more of our man since when I got how about that wow okay. He knew ahead this so I was particularly true if the likelihood of it sounds like an outdoor. Of these old retirees and orgies on Thursday. It's good good look and just chiseled granddad does humility and not make and I got that X sort of thing you know stick if you. Why was it your worst dale working for a foreign 999. All of them into a three trips to corporate guys can you manage you walking back into America. Afraid of broccoli there it's tasteless. We're both going up you are listening to the men's are ready on network. When smiles and the plane reached its cruising altitude of 32000 feet some thirty minutes into the flight. And then the trouble began to be. Okay now I've learned that our. Delicious Sichuan airlines flight Sichuan airlines en route to her advantage I bet they would it would look at what would still got a studio and the such while there I don't know you know I really have an inordinate I don't know if other says what airline flight was en route from China to Tibet on Monday morning. Quoting the pilot rumors explain that a booming sound was heard. And the rights cock. I was suddenly gone. Loss was nearly the co pilot. Suddenly the windshield just cracked a middle loud bang the next thing I know my co pilot had been sucked halfway out of the window according to Li. The co pilot was wearing a seatbelt and was able to re enter the Airbus a 319 isn't the stuff that the people blowing of the halo vehicle act they really do hello dad I love at that. That man is not today they've they've they feel bad for the pilot. You know Jones that told you so kind of thing you know an area they undercut the bid you see what happened there and now you're you're proud to get sucked out the window there it's that's why there. We don't yet. With the bug people so we're gonna jesuit America I'll tell you gotta go to France for your wife and go to Paris is bad idea that that deal right. Co pilot I was wearing a ha si Belle. And was able to reach inner the Airbus a 319. But the drama was no Rea it's no good you're still 32000 PW there with an open window right to the cockpits immature and air pressure had plummeted in the flight which departed from O god our money went on not right. Chong. King you're gonna turn internationalist. And I discussed and was headed to lots are needed to make an emergency landing in its. She can do. But everything harper right it but everything in the god please see was floating in the air all day Aaliyah. Most of the equipment malfunctioned and they could hear the radio the plane was shaking so hard I can not read the gauges according to the pilot Lee. But he managed to land the airplane to bunch brings the go pilots suffered late scratch is hanging out today Americans are likely to 32000. Feet. Along with a sprained wrist and would you at the thing was some spectacularly you've blown wind blown hair yes I don't mean apparently proudly have that feather backlog on. The cabin crew member also suffered minor. Wrist injury as for the 119 pastors they were unharmed but described a few seconds of a free fall. As breakfast was being served on the. I. Knew. Also let alone also a late hit practice until they give Brad thrown out today. But they normally do normal they normally get breakfast. Either way of the plane dropped 24000 feet according to Wall Street Journal the Airbus he will help investigate the incidents. Readers notes that in a 1990 a pilot on out British Airways flight was also pulled partially out of the cockpit window. But also survived. Our question why was your worst day of work 8449990. We have a few comments here it has worked at Honda dealership Obama first day I backed a brand new and policy. Into another one I was terrified I get fired but. A stuck around I was promoted to salesman. And I'm a last day about the used on the according to a large tempo it's still bent Tuesday while he gradually. I had a blowout she's I don't know they do for a living and toward re looking ahead a blowout in my X. I have a tried staples and tape to face it had to work with three hot designers tried really hard keep my backside away from. I don't know we'd like can you just go in she's close immediately I don't know I don't know you have to tell us what I like Interpol are still listening pleases you the we need more of the story than just that definitely do rallies went deep and I put my pants month. Yeah but you wouldn't change right now we had to finish the shift how how long how much longer you don't let. Ninety minutes of Anaheim heat in the summertime and there's a load were exiting those little apartment commented if you don't know do you gotta finish that we got to finish cut more jobs. Take over it was a pretty runway was in retrospect that would in the Greco. You just walk to the loading of you do you lay ups it was and eat. When I need you what should I related to a bathroom and an in between Arabs we went to a bathroom trying to clean up the best I could I thought our guys going out of young guns if there's a time ago Obama let you enjoy walking around dude can you draw. It that's like me somewhere between a full duped and let's get. I I kids a case where in this story do Heathrow likely kid would hide in the hamper the bracket or mom are isn't gonna see it even our mom doesn't line problem the okay. The show and many games continues on the men's room. Radio network.