05-16-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Can't Wait For The Weekend

Wednesday, May 16th

Mens Room Question: Why was it your worst day at work?


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Carlos there's a double on now I WA AF blouse and rock station okay 01057. PX rock in Peoria Illinois. And our friends at the Iraq 103 in beautiful Fayetteville, North Carolina hello Fort Bragg big Joseph Torre today who sucks less coming up what you don't need to know the DNA edition ladies and you're gonna wanna stay tuned to this this is some. New scientifically proven very disturbing. News for you. As far as your brain. And some of the remnants that exist a been there so that's coming up you're not going to be with what you don't need to know and our question why was it your worst day at work maybe you have not heard maybe you have heard. A woman furiously craft all over the Florida its importance of British Columbia. She was getting into an argument with the young gentleman who was working my account or whatever that was she was not having any of it she backed up drop two pants crap on the floor picked it up. Through to the due to wipe yourself through more stuff continue to do that and we also the story of the pilot that was sucked out of an airplane you know. You bring in the woman approved current and we agreed because again this is all just based on video. That's now making ground in close circuit video from Tim Hortons there is no audio but everyone agrees that. Whatever the situation was this dude this key and working bam McConnell probably. Had his worst day because no one should market Zhao re deterred start so this comic comes and says. Every day at my job is like two guys who have pooped on are map that's the first sent in popularity. A I've seen slash cleaned up more human poop and pee than should be possible. For working at a grocery store. I'll all of Saddam all right my mood hit that ball it may read and so now hold no sooner had just because all agreed among all people in hand if you're gonna. Who indoors on the floor in the public place. Cannot be around the food toll Tim Hortons white knuckle political killings say about growth soared after the war it is a strange bathroom made it bad like amnesty hurdles that who behind the patent you don't know there's no I don't know I've got to go back there that's different I think they're like hey this doesn't shock me look at the supermarket but there in the bathroom right right the grocery store bag of all of the general public bathroom. Gas station is generally you expect horrible mother but there early worse than anything but the grocery store man it's it doesn't seem right because everything else is clean they spritz the vegetables that are owed a couple people mopping the people's stock in you walk into the bathroom and it's like no one has been the man since 1920. Except squatters and correct it. In Edmonds and children are there's Valencia. But the distance the white man have you seen that bathroom. Have you seen that there's this from the same water source. Or is he in the toilet. For in the nineteen hundreds man let's put in 1994. There's always a mop bucket in there and I'm thinking what do you have dirty use it it immediately it's right here look at the bathroom. This is not a decoration and you usually get receipts of it from the store. But what time I saw the butcher come out in his defense of the battle Yakima Washington they have usually all right if it's there but it's inflate. Oh man and other butcher it if you were aired an outfit that blood on it. Obviously we know what to prove man. I don't know everybody I moves right but late. Of those employees are home from Maine to write some have considered torture like all did you go you're in restaurant there last year waiter come out of bath into a car right now so I just can't. It is nothing to do with them but would you see the chef the cook and out of the bath neglect. You know little known culture the other a lot of times we walk on a bad from our name to got the ball would among the reasons why you think we did this is the worst when it haven't. Oh hall of accidents alerts are not yet at. I have been there for the study and practice look at where it. And I am. Amid Volcom authenticate people that. If you if you if you would tell you that I leave out of a hundred did you spend in the ball that that happened. The things that don't touch as if it's. If it. Now another on another note that at the with the hood and a lot of crap you don't it doesn't I think it's it's a Barber's. This is the the tigers and dogs that did the other you got it why was your worst day of work now I get it or are tied 99 Olaf. From a nuclear and no levees Nocioni loud banging felt that fits with who meatball. And folded cushion with a spoon. You. Hello Tyler welcome to the men's room and there are. What crap and boat you know. With the bat all right sorry about warning do you have to go all the way back when my first job that Red Robin in Tacoma. Are the dishwasher. Suited did you crime that you see the label all work what difference does it discriminate. Our MMI first job as a dishwasher teachings. Exact same scenario cannot get a high escrow at the very original Red Robin location when he walked in there was a mural on a bar and kind of wall of the Red Robin and Red Robin had a big fat blunt and this man and his eyes were. Blurry and in in you in the you can still look up the old picture of that original Red Robin I'm sure it's on month somewhere there's this bird is absolutely big canal the whole idea like you're stone can get a big fat delicious hamburger. And I'm good my within the may have voluminous those Fries when they donated to a family restaurant original location as a biker bar and had a good legit I don't read out of its. That I downloaded the canal hands he bottomless Iraq man up and you do you do begin I need a big fat cheeseburger I'm here for extra is proud thing wrong with this business model that you could have as many prizes you want we get it he. In a minute. I'm watching my vision didn't there was a shift at about noon 1 o'clock and I'm just ready to get calls and we have got cook and nick with a dead so they sort of did you wanna move up on the line I would not wish I could not really think they're an you don't really want to. In the scenario I don't know why did you ask me I'm good lie did you ask me a while it's only did you know inside and got a new job did exactly. I don't know you don't know what they're good about invented he you can drink soda right. So I'm in the bat laid out how the orange crush. Although it's. My man and I think that would have files and. Just don't happen to you and could buy the big war. They called me up and a lot for the second ship but I did not volunteer or send. So when I. It would agree that every one and yeah well it's been quiet and locked. Sure sure that's why it's called gambling. So no doubt in the Woodcrest a relentless it. I looked at what I'd like rock and analyze. This. It. So. I just hope you might let Ramada meant to an open Obama and the bit about you how bad blood. Well look good so let's just let go with I'd I'd Bok. I. It's you had to leave immediately I'm guessing. I who have been immediately I'd group I could have been done all the way up there and I quit my job you political. And does so far gone wrong. I don't mean to be there. You know on the map that they are having now whatsoever if everybody knew that drew it's a problem or. Yeah. I mean I look it's the blood. You know it's. You told the lower the line. So they had been I retired I know that we do now for a living. I would literally double double bogey. I got my. At. Yeah I I don't know what I'd. Fit factor won't be known as good as didn't. Why was your worst they'll work 844999. Alone that's not how life worked and you know stomach and come back right you get the good opportunity. To visit your past self. And don't let him know one thing. Well let's and a speech itself shows up and says hey man. Don't be known as the answer and then they disappear and that's the thing that's like back to the future whatever like at times she mamet if he would go back in time and not far like that he could see that maybe that he would want to you reasonably been moved out to be manager in the news you know suspicious death and next thing you know like he's got like three red Robin's drivers on like how's the leg he's deadly hot wife and a pool of it all started just because you know. He didn't even get the guy that that's why it's gambling if he could have had all of that on far changed everything could be franchisee of Red Robin we know Vista could prove you have a fact that you get doubled to morals that means that you didn't. Write your million worked his way going to be a million wireless that they yours there working for 49990. Boy he really bluish unrelated. Hello LT welcome to the men's room. Well hey are you good guy that's all I'm gonna name right. No it karaoke to our youth and depth. Yes Hawaiian name anyway so I gotta tell you the story about my friend might. It's like and I have worked in Afghanistan for several years together for the US embassy as. Protectors. Or the ambassador. And and the intricacies of the job we sent a lot of time sitting around talking about whatever and always the worst they come about ten though. You tell me a story about during the inauguration when Donald Trump got inaugurated. He was protecting. Our Anderson Cooper. From CNN. Had in his duties during the inauguration and all the festivities going on. He's got guns and kids in all the stock bond with a giant black jacket over so it looked like it do. And as you're standing in front of Anderson Cooper some people were yelling at him as you couldn't imagine they were because CNN saying to him and he. Had a specific person yell at Anderson turned and his way and got hit in the face with a blue gill though it's. Saw. Action and yeah. Error. That was meant Randall. Oh yeah no but it didn't it say thank you were hey man you should the documentary takes this. Should seriously he didn't only just tell me just let them without a pitcher and so are without social me a picture of it and it was not. July. Nor was it only robber so little rabbit or a little battery back on it and that really hurt when Adam and ahead but it did it. Atlanta like an imprint on its head because our gasoline or whatever other battle with. Lives but they threw it. Did you how how that was Vasily AME the vibrate you hope also that Anderson Cooper thanks in right the end of the day. What it felt funny I I've laughed about effort. Forever. Think about what you do limited you can retire you design Heyman I took a bullet for the president all are. Oh me he had to build a French person Cooper Gloria Vanderbilt son Brent Jeanne lady asked. They did I had officially billed over there why I was into your worst network gave 44999. All the hope library calls coming up you're listening to avenger radio network. My. I'm a little bit more information here on the woman candidate the wanted to via Tim Hortons and through their crap that if you boys we. The thing that would that does amaze does what for some video as you can't understand what she is arguing with with the is that Tim Hortons employed. The going back and forth in using this woman is obviously an infuriated. And continues toward thirty seconds on and that in the video you see this woman and she decides to either take golfer skirt to drop bands that are. She literally backs up to a ball that's important and takes a crap on the floor instantly instantly. Picks it up and throws it at the employ. I'm assuming if she didn't hit him he went back under the donuts and the delectable Russians bits or whatever they called both with the exit. To tomorrow's who has done it's room anyway they're arguably she wanted to use the bathroom and how to Beisel though first spill. I don't know if we're not be out like I just beat you about them I'm sorry ma'am it's our policy actually use the bathroom. And those who buys a veneer but we get done in into you have Karzai look we're three hours we could be that important gun from his is that there's fourteen Tim Hortons in that little town Coca so we have a hard time finding. Either way though deceived me too important for people broke through. Yeah that's exactly okay not a good. I'm here isn't the floor to say about it like if you can do you know they'll though I get a good very good you ma'am as the did the Democrats and the nobody believed in Jersey were you're exactly and it does of I don't know declared this week there's so many questions did The Who paid you. Well I don't know that it's off camera okay worded it couple particulates in the exit. Did go to the donuts where do you get at all yet as usual are you comfortable that you routed all by the way vanity get a a dozen others chuckle objective. But so we are saying that. If it would it was more me he's than anything is that she could just get so angry coupon command. I'm done it's gotten rid trigger an annual grain where it's we were so angry white guy like yourself who and into it that's the thing we said how did she just just do that so quickly. And so Dobson does and he announces a little more informally Hoover the reason why she asked on the floors because the guy she was fighting with would not let her use the bathroom. And that's why she had won the chart analysts are ready to go okay that the truth that makes life more cents. She had a she wanted to go to the basket wanna escape from the dude wouldn't let her go to about what a horrible today and I'm yet to close that yeah I'm constantly you gotta close down it's important trend yes right. Oh why. What group she could all. Go again but I and I just does that help regulation I don't know the other side people are enjoying their meals they didn't see it. Aren't there now that are you doing it I mean. They were before that and still she throws the prove that eventually that's going off waffled over youths now. The word movies coiffed I think walk off usually that with a tee at the end call for cloth I think is coiffed to acquire if you look off over. I think eagle but you know what you got to shut down ma'am. Can't say like hey maybe you saw the video only three hours ago as well through a third and do my did that some sort of bad word go to monthly article we assure you look at the blue with a round I had not now I think it though hit food. Yeah I probably shut down but it just hit it with a floor. I think you still stay open I thought. We need more angles from the camera to see right that. Did it hit the kid I just pictured myself I'm unit at a bar on how we do my eight chicken wings it's somebody throws over the bartender now I got the data that does not look like he visible person who would pull off such thing either army from the outside looking in. This looks like someone who is just I she said she need to go to the bat and we didn't have much doubt she looks like you know she's a middle aged woman new problem you know is married and has kids and volunteers some plays and that's into what's. You know but let's and I wanna apologize to the listeners the comets of comment earlier. People were brave son apparently we ruined jello for people aren't we get more members of Bill Cosby went to hotel Lola. Or chocolate donuts are now. Not something people love so much. Well then get a get a French cooler ago color anyway gotta shut down for the day but so honestly it was about the fact she needs you the background. I'm assuming it's a hole and you gotta buy something policy but would ever so. One of the change of policy. Well I don't militants have been right I understand you want people. The star Starbucks will now I was able we did today I don't know that it's necessarily you won't be able to buy something. I mean just a way to keep. People from like shoot up in your back that is exactly what it's about but that's why you say hey if you're not gonna buy something so Adrian issued a begin by some but our eyes on you we we know ignorant I get it. The DJ to politics to love most people are not gonna do what she does. But life I guess it was a good looks normal the vials like you say we knew it was video there. There's no outward sign that she would do this tells you know doesn't look quoted by Bloomberg is becoming that out the whole. Think his truth in this. I think I did I she I guess I guess they said that she has been identified and that their their their attorney with the charges are going to be a debate they figured out who does what I think she didn't just scoop on the floor because you wouldn't let me use the bathroom right I. She picked it up in the rule it advocates on the officer right to go out I go and I watch this night all god and they sentiments as we know this is as such so that she. Now I gotta go to her house are at are gonna knock on the door yeah. And a big what are you expecting coming in enemy like you gotta spit mass critical overhead what would you possibly if like how he got to be prepared to talk to this crazy you know and they have bats you're out late show our turn in my body camera on real quick yet instantly via. Why ally with the your worst day at work a 44999. Cola. Well also then welcome to the men's room. Half yeah. I got a good program that. Hello I had portfolio. All of the ballot. What they want to play here nine years ago you know server at a hotel. On first avenue downtown Seattle. And I have a patio. And yet all they've come 1111 that it was a and crazy until today. And he was radiating out at a though I don't black beast so Lauren black community collection as well or not. Blackstone told the gossip hot run around in circles. For the ownership. Anyway so it under my zipper. To get a little air could you get taught them pretty bad. This and I feel completely content right the whole brave and beautiful little well. These and I mean it's our man am I getting cool off the feedback there had been at. Yeah I guess you know you there's got to do but I guess that is that you truly great that goes on around down. I thought I would say it. Anyway Colmes. A mother and now I got the cable news or out on the thirty literally beat the missile Mubarak Asarco and I'd just gotten to put on the table. And so I drop to two and a pokey dish and I got a little bit of O'Connell my son. And so I go to turnaround ability to more political way real question does not. Of course you know that the move is the kind of white into the acre. So I had my hand and you can kind of like my whole thought optical scan over the and you know I'm very engaging my job in the past I mean you know I could get on the now. Until I remember answer the question. I just kind of lift my hands up playing lift up the king you know talking to them and report it on my income that. Okay. This amount of all I've done. So fully explode myself and and the like or Mississippi. Because I'm a Microsoft and then I'm like looking not cool it's all that learning how to build errors and I looked down and did you know looking at me and I would now. You're just don't know. Yeah MI don't you like towards the way to look. And here's. Now that is their record it there and oh yeah they learned here I think our area other candidates hit the floor what do they say abbey did everyone do of ignoring Iowa. Nobody at all kind of laughs then you go to the hole when they order it today. That that's what really get I can't hear this too much what you want. I'm confident everything has happened but a lot of gay couple to my right there weren't very impressed and so. I had them run over the. I never imagined that. Yet they both look like mister Rogers compared to install tomorrow's. Unlike guard and they're like you're like don't touch we don't touch a table all the. Loan you know. There until I talked about how they wanted to talk to the man who have been talking multi you know I don't employ the mud that much. That's a person you regions Spears' two confident. You can't even when I wanna khaki that the next speaker good to your manager ever find out I'm confident. No and find aspect of our guys that didn't mean to feel there was little architecture anything on the table. There included are compelled to run out on the well we know we're Camilla looked on the ultimate. I mean the host didn't ask why and why would need to deliver through what do you say. Yeah I just let this intricate process of the peoples and again and upcoming everyone in Italy but this is pretty hard court are you grow our show or. My and I'm a little bit about. I just wanna make sure you know if you could do because if you're gonna show at the poor weather and I mean if you like these it's about your best side are you don't really. And it was I'm and it's halo. Aren't what I would you do for a living. I and I now run or restaurants. I. I ORG do that is one of the restaurant what were you were flashing it's I'm where we have we there I would only be there at Nevada is indeed a lot of also I got to ask. Is uncertain just your fly underneath the front paper in the complete he's gonna provide comfort you heard this before. No man I very lower us over the rough on the par Utley some luck obviously several word and I've never. I think people don't ice down the front all that kind of thing but I've I've never. Neither of cook lord dishwasher and roll waits outside when they had that bit the G ever there are a thing there and it does a good brands. Walk around Arab swampy area I've I've never heard of them you know I like his style and only the food and salty but I'm thinking my so have I ever sent their ordered food. From a man who's paying those who the hell out of its bad now it's a noted that they brown the have every moment that don't if you've ever guard like an extensive sushi place a thorough it's that black. They easily could beat those you were walking around you triumph but more Blanco went more like me waiters Venus is that would order of an idiot and he was given and I am. Why was your worst they'll work 844999. All of the jurors who we beat the creepy guys we walked in relocate we take our order lift up the income bracket I would be like on Yelp every ten minutes in and if he'd have to them like. God please don't post please don't post this lady. Let's you let's hello Hillary welcome to the men's room. Aren't all our our our. Other dog thought the wells that are. Are at a soccer coach Gary got a letter to the DA bring it. Many years ago I would pay cuts we got journal jail and I would go to guy back from. Western state hospital or some local charges. You know watchers in a hospital mental institution. There and say exactly. So an agreement Gary Burton brings right back to a a segregation or insult to the door shut he walks inside with dismal hockey turns and looks at us takes a drag crap in this hand. Staged a huge bite and any right to name on the wall and could pursue it closes thing. I do not remiss didn't matter his penmanship was outstanding. I do the math if you can write your name and third is not the first time you've done it right. No way we Torre gave Joseph and I said listen for a final prize the first live with the best visual epic maybe your own hand you can write your name on wall our audio to be the judge I'm saying if it looks good you've done that more than ten easel like sidewalk chalk is that what committee chairman I am. Such yeah yeah OK aren't I it it. Stuckey can you not one of several of the other story that won't go away once once the rest of the process so. I bring this guy and he's far turn rights is banks like are right well what's the next semi thing in Iraq's famous Carl Edwards the times. What I thought. I don't even know we were all the candidates use you see so many things working in that kind of work you do kind of looked at each other chartered shoulders got there. OK now you are named for him if they would would you diagnose there in my life what does that. Fades with the boot right we're we're there go to symptoms include eating all the things he's a writer and mom along the fetish that order. They wouldn't take a minute launch later. Yeah I guess not now may not wealthy still leads us tools how much of that for a side effect on late night. Does this side effects include low occurrence of stroke some people may experience. Heart palpitations and brought totally rule eating own feces and righty name on wall and who are artists. Why was your worst they'd work a 44999. Cola. Hello nick welcome to the men's room. Area am I an elevator Rick I'm quite sure and a part of your mechanic. By trade. And I'm my worst day of getting talked five times and practically my elbow or debit ship off this. First summer I got shocked I was working in my organization. On the part local preacher out all the elevators and troll and new line. And out where we're doing the lighting in there and all the old white used to be this 200 suddenly bolt the ballots did pictures. Imagine all voltage they're shot way people are going to build and wouldn't steal girl pulled down. But dioxin and it mat against shock. Stricken church and form a lot of bucket and I didn't pull wired. Well wired up phony and I won't do it in the hot and it's against my finger my other hand holding on to do ya metal tubing that AMP that was gone up. A lot. Yeah about. A band that. I am not Ali all our is like you're paired it I don't know. Arnaud di that we an automatic. Or. Man no I'm. You appeared shocked Los extra. Sure and bulldogs aren't Alou on the right there in the air it live. While I was your worst day of work 8449990. Hello west's welcome to the men's room. Oh god. Yeah it does to my first job on our school and that it was her supply company. And there's I don't happen to be. One of the employees she took the the bank deposit. After Friday night shift. Instead of taking it to the bank she's. Kept the cash and through all the checks include. A dumpster at a local restaurant. It happened to be like the biggest restaurant in town. Anyway. Monday morning. Well senator John Warner and the boss comes in need first thing you don't lose points and means site. They are gonna die out or. Put speech overall finish and here asserted world. Up in this dumpsters are looking projection. Did you find it on here. Note never found anything. Okay what did you find in the bouncer. Unloved. Boy it was like it was the biggest restaurant. A lot of liquor bottles. It just garbage I mean it was just I was not see I'd. There have been here nineteen years old this is. Going if this is what employment and a mile or find some new yeah. Don't go in other objective here yeah I had no the first employees and they always do this to begin the dish washing days Gigi is a sudden it was. Any team and do the dumpster like batter up man and nearly got the same thing you like nineteen years old and and suck your own way that everything smells bad. He closed sought the pay of crap but something about that smell of the dumpsters behind a restaurant it's universal all right you know if there's a layer other map earlier Ariba. It doesn't matter if it's time like you'll know that but there's this underlying FEMA says this is no doubt the dumps and there's also this layer of grievance. It didn't like you can't see it when you start walking onto us like two or three feet out you'll start your feeling your that he start to slide in Israel slippery you know like everything slate it's almost like you're around like this. As we're Griese play you know and I think it's like the handles agrees the everything agrees. Kind of weird and it be time a year. Wintertime. Don't years summertime no amount of miles you know the worst drought on your hard when you're. Paul Clark and I just recruiter at a hog WPA. He thought out opinions I Sarah Palin. On willow watched with the guys that run on two wheels have parents OK okay how you're right I got no business if you talk about your vehicle what. How would you give what are your dog you don't realize that it took. Romance it's going to work all the wrong it is all over you wet your really gone now would you feel you know nobody that heavy does to the air heinous like it's just a and you don't wanna breathe out of the sees these the past 33 years no regrets I want to open up your mouth. Why isn't your worst day or gave four or 999. All we've got more your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Big chill and gentle men's room. When we say about to be the guy the tough job in deal with a lot of make it deeper people paper paper so how does not in this case ought to make you bring her papers. Now we go to Indian river tally though Yale when your pelvic area smells like marijuana the story goes. Particularly when the person sitting the weed is an Indian river county sheriff's deputy. That happens to be the situation in an incident they guts. The officer and all two women arrested. The case began at 1:45 AM as deputy saw a sport utility vehicle pull in to a closed Citgo gas station. A man was running from 41 streets into the suvs backseat. The deputy he stopped the SUV and a drug sniffing dog alerted the presence of narcotics within the vehicle. The female passenger had a strong odor of marijuana admitting firmer pelvic area. The average human pelvis does not emit a smell of marijuana to their god your aren't if you never been near wondered that. I investigators. Arrested the woman after finding a parent marijuana residue on the passenger seat and floor boards while she was sitting. Also reported having some stuffed inside of her vaginal area. And you're Fresno area is your vagina there's no way does all the places socially inside. At the jail deputies. Had to pluck and a bag of marijuana on the inside of her nether regions though the proper terminology for removing something from a bit is it plugged it. They eat. Does that external do. I don't know that. Vero Beach IBM is Florida does Florida have four appears she's Vero Beach York. I each on charge of possession marijuana 120 grams they didn't have that much there now that's what of those one Vatican might you know while we're not searched for. Racked by you on your way down because in the end right in like you know she has it the dog legend to you know word is Corretja to ask yourself as a cop. Traffic was there a small amount. I'm up Google's paperwork and in the end I have duplicate something from her judgment that was my Rogen is news political and Wanda really sweet. Why residents yours Taylor gave 44999. All and know what when I think it's hello Alex welcome to amend her. A bit on. Time. Area code and the man. Look at that so I prettier cheaper about thirteen years and brought a lot of bad days. What are registered or my favorite. So hey I used to work at saint Joe's ER dot com up I've been hit yet that you are checked. And so it in the in the all hospital in the power as well there are chicks elevator at all goal. Up and down and out tulip important in the front per patient and family whatnot. And then. To the back for staff. The bird who argue that it's you know hold to gurneys and side by side swept out inside of them and so one day you know I get ought exit question yet. I got our ship about reality and I got a lot support cute or for some reason I like it elevator. You know enough about. Close to the tropics start out smelled so funky. I can't quite place it you know I'm not really get heavy liquid that some might whatever. So yup the elevator I gotta do what they tool around and it sent to kind of get weird looks. You know okay like there's an attack patience and stuff I can't quite. Don't figure out what's going on. And so like are finish up and get back the elevator and I are notices trail like arcs like lettuce. It can. And let the door open rarely get to it and the fact is this squished people. And and yeah and go off like OK I get there it and I looked down. And not albeit on the statute might steal. Squished a lot albeit noted that grip I gigabyte right foot is well on the way up to scratch the back of my leg slide. On the back I cap. It's. Okay. And good I don't know Ali then now it it's undeniable it. Joseph is a violent iron dog and he has got to be human girl who really loses. Didn't edit and I have been outside at all the been there for three hours there's no way a doctor could cut back in there and I didn't respond their lot back there so that leads you. You know whether that's like just rolled up a dirty or like god. What I. Does some good and bad dirty and controlled on the you're feeling like a bird still underworld and the truth elegant to have that actually I went. You'd be surprised political lore there and it did you know at all get mopped up. But you know what you are proud after New Year's knowing what it could afford certain plays you kind of go. All the Lebanese hurdle roll hall or learning is Godzilla I wouldn't have been returned do you have to have actually some outstanding. Where you taper off where you got it is good roles so well how brutal murder like the Pentagon perfectly straight. Perfect in a magical. But if he broke my heart part about it is now I. Back to back down there all of my snooze you know the match so authority in megabyte and stuff I gotta Wear that got no other shoot and cable hall got a whether patient. No slip like robbery was the bottom. Don't shoot the rest of the ship and they were giving out revenue mortal employees' data pyro audioblog they had the paper's web that would match as well certainly could see my boxers. It's on like this you know pretty much show an office who are like threats that our actions yet there was it's pretty embarrassing. Yeah I don't know us about New Orleans Mayor presented today you thought the hospital you'll be able provide them like this. Straight no and whose dark glasses on oil so what you don't need to know the DNA addition our question why was it your worst day of what. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.