05-16-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Gets In Your Genes

Wednesday, May 16th

Emails, Who Sucks Less, What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Play blaze conducting an internal investigation after a Flint officer's gun accidentally discharged and high school wrestling match on Saturday. Globally solves our was watching his son compete in the multi school events at the power bill high school when the bullets struck in lodged into the gym floor. I'd starter or reliever not independent. I jumped up and tried to run away and twisted their ankle but that is the extension of the reported injuries. A spokesperson for the fled police department says he was made aware of the incident and they are conducting. And investigation our question what was your worst day of work 844999. Obama. Hello Brandon welcome to the man drew. What. Yeah. So I almost cut my hand up a couple years ago. Well I used to work for a company that bell truck as for how it is important stuff like that and aren't artists Bardner. That cut the angles were in all the roads in the order what and there was that one little piece that got it jammed into the quarters and a plate goes over it. And I'd done this guy. 101000 times. And sees. What and I went there cut it with a with a dull boy a big grab. That not in the woods. And the blade rare nominee. And it sucks my hand it. And they've made initial contact with like the web right. Below the bomb. And Nantucket. And I like it beset keys Gallic out of my arrest. And that he added it would like the little bird mark on my war. In it's I'm guessing and then we'll the automatic shuttle's. I hit the other match I was this close not. I think if you do hitting and Internet uses your when your world and tell her to cease shall I now emergency I'm trying to think where this would be okay to this is your right hand correct. But lately they've backed a Soria liked to get its. Are absolutely he had like. Six months somewhere that you won round I hope it like six months but part of this okay. And I went to a party. That by budding bro I read it it would. Earned it and they're hippies. And so I got out or every pitch it eight. We'll do. Oh our that our ago figure out ways to get past that all very. Proud look at our at all. Did did you peek lane. Our law or what your definition of it I. Okay would you Ali did you you gotta clean results but it was not European the old whiz and Nader yes clay of the well. I didn't that's a lot of insurance money though you know they've got to be alive you know active and Noonan. Why it was a tell your words they are working for 49990. Please him almost hello. All right coming Garamendi says. So allows might production manager of food processing plant all kinds of equipment the chops in Grimes and bland right. So he's another guy work on this dose of one night in employee got his hand stuck in a blender. Co at all for his fingers the knuckle. Okay yeah. Only thing wealth of Islam I have many years at first he's trying to a amid if I was able started I heard a lot of noise and racket. I found the missing fingers the fire department finally got there that took them to the hospital after the adrenaline Boroff. I ended up blowing out my lunch and sent everyone home by the way they were able to reattached three of the four fingers of 80% use pop. That's I think they are disposed of marijuana use that they scared right it's just illustration of the worst and yeah every horror movie I don't put your hand or garbage disposal. It's sometimes sleep do you do stuff and you know it's wrong. We got a pirates paying a couple years you that was it was hot just connect the audit that put him I think in effect rain water water on it like. I think this is gonna crack and it did. That's always I think the garbage disposal I just have this fear that when they've some reasons to put. And then in there Walter and I was throwing them. Hello Zack to welcome to the bedroom. All love digital love always fat. Fired. So what they're really mind about their word but it was a co workers and he admirably suited the next day. So you knew hired. Saying got the same kind of deal blocker had a transplant. And Q did he sort of my like secondary back Greg I can go the only ones bringing in all the lumber and whatnot. So. Give them all trained up why not give it aside because he's doing really geared and then he goes missing relate and Al Bluetooth so. I'm trying to figure out where you do is and I did you go about your so a win over here and still open door. I find him in the bout you invisible really cocaine and had. Clearly you all over or should he just blew just on the job Gibbs told Lehigh that he could probably get I had no idea. Well it's just matter wow you're. Yeah I had no idea and you seem like a totally cool guy like he'd look like you lose the extra safety you know didn't do anything like that. So important symbolize the pillow I'll let c'mon you really don't go higher. And so let me go ahead in the next day that it came dude came in LA hey guys. Can I get all let's go back left in the bastard machine left all of revealed all of his children all. And they say would forming a boxer today thrown away. Good actually saved it for the police slowly that you filed a report but the future income and then before you know how could care. The shop opened up at 4 in the morning. I'd now I guess you know a little big crack in there. Well I mean I don't bum out of big dividend refuted the word out go to mass towards him well you know I fiery night. Yeah all right Gary fire and man I left mustache Diaz I would hurt I just wouldn't leave without it. Why was that your worst day of work 84499. Final. Did you get on a daily or a net gain while treating Terrell could come on man do you know amateur and Dodi leaves needles you throw away all I should get it either leave it exactly where the nearly as her throat right. I'll man I live in an orange cap Kevin. Ariel man I'm an orange cap haven't. Yeah there's one area around and know exactly where it is I'm like man don't walk in the grass no animated today to look I I like don't ever walked barefoot through the city didn't. Hello John welcome to the men's room. Ambitious. Too. So I'm. First there was I was not. Only do parents I was assigned to help all of this she'll chase and this is probably earlier videos so. I'm. What is surely any stretch of the imagination. And I'll work on summaries we are just going to. A late you're out there errant drive through very brief rundown on what's going on. This is already here Hillary personally yeah okay cool. The king goes out Utley go to our small village or town overrule a call. Tents. This circuit security. Become Obama look bad guy's house. And so this is out how to security. So where we want to reduce. So I'm thinking. Because they've got security actually watching the whole city now a whole tone down. The good brand of security and closer to ability to reduce how much both pros and haven't looked. And there's. Little village. Source artistic people Russia and so yes sir Garnett reduced. So restricted ticket or worsened towards the bullying and still a few people rushed away from the bullet. Anna on ten to eighteen so I don't let him go to blows up. All the menorah we won't voter out just yet but it's reduced because Molly match. So I yeah. Our accountability to explore. What seed. Since these Juan. This understanding. Great great aren't. So come to play it up. The pain comes back and credible screamed or. I don't want to stroll and he'll live to our children are. This probably Arnold's mistress. Wherever I realize a lot absolutely you're saying like the colonel streamed off ran Madden who are you know name is Arnold screams a lot. Episode it was. Kidnapping courses like work my bowling golf is no recourse at oracle smallest. And you'll do ridiculous optimist probably be a much bigger studio you're split vote you know. Looking back now don't you probably. So I'm not find out I got an early look like in the first date. Departed under mission brief boost public has or has departed platinum blond pulls it out. To the meeting came out. Such as clinical trial what Paris did play. Still by. Chick power Kreider select out there and the golden book and it probably yelled at me and they listen to America the next helicopter you know initially decided. But because those very cool about it go to our yesterday. She's glad all. I'm so. I would still say it's important to know what reduce me. That's was yeah well. We know works you know in order to salute the smallest. Possible opponent big dust I hit that. Double. I thought out. I thought it was something completely different apparently unique color obviously is before you just assume Jacob reporting to us you'll tune in to do something. Yeah this seems like now leads the wrong advice in general. Yeah I don't see them being loosened UC I think you'd be real specific right I think that's of Gary specific. Among about yeah you got the lesson and you can see it all I'm assuming and among other. As the operations going on its limits you like to be read as you saying he was seeing it as it was going on most jeweler sorry to run out right I audiences looking at the bill. But you're look at the milling around I'm assuming you're watching live weigh on the mind right to be pretty bad as well why Al why was it your worst there work our rights Telecom merger of those talks less and much you don't need to know the DNA addition ladies you'll either wanna stay tuned for better maybe take five. And as all go to next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Sure it's. Oh Sox last Kalla the first time for a hearing about from the men's room a men's or my back off. All images were saying a word was what accidentally reboot the wrong group of computers for a branch of the military. Calls a lot of issues and a lot of meetings. That from Scott and upper peninsula Michigan. Guys eyebrows my point sort of a warehouse manager underneath a germ phobic operations manager. Every day she would wait until the bathrooms are clean and then rush in the first before anyone else could dirty up the lower. Of the two bathrooms. One fateful day she ran and as usual before the floors it even dried. However at the same time one of my guys decided utilized the upper bathroom to make his own deposits. Unbeknownst to anyone. The main sewage line had been stomped up the night before ends so as she was sitting down to do her thing my guy in the upper bathroom. Flushed away a morning dues the thing is his handiwork had nowhere to go. But right up the lower toilet like at giants deterred geyser and yeah she screamed bloody murder. As her backside was coated in group. That's a nightmare water shooting up player on the toil. Area and by even though there's a chance that I would use that glue guns. Midge and I used to be a dog river PetSmart and we had to Wear these mock things at work one day. I was during the world does gender is that a fashion dash in downtown dots thousands of auto Wiener dog underdog you're only underdog to the bathing area and unbeknownst to me at the time. That little dog took a crap in my smock pocket. I'm I did I found it later when I reached into the pocket for my nail clippers that. They are also peed all over me the next iMac groom around Ghana from Renee that dog is not like you. A list as well I was going to school in Wyoming. Proposals are working at the local Burger King one Saturday we have very large birthday party going on with the age range five to seven years old. One of them at some point went into the giant dump right in the middle of the plate place floor. Since I was on the lobby try to clean it up. So why the lowly job of chasing about twelve hyper kids out of the play place during a birthday party because someone didn't wanna use the actual bathroom. When the parents found out to one of them immediately knew who would blood and the culprit got a spanking in front of all of his friends the employees and anyone else who was in there. Meanwhile had to use some very harsh chemicals to clean the floor didn't leave the door open to vent the air while not allowing any child to play in a place. For the rest of the day it was a Saturday it really really sucked. That from Beckett and I dad somebody improved primarily. The desire or does it alarm installer I'd a Pope used the customers toilet. Wouldn't flush. Took the lid off. Broken on the ground into other overflowed home 19100 dollars in damage and visit toy that was discontinued. And got all over the floor etc. that'd firemen are again Belarus dollar the blood to the customers now 730 night. Go and in my truck to get the tools stand up and out a gun barrel to the back of my head guy's guy yells you're review. Exam here no installed alarm system he says you are supposed to be here at 7 AM. Well two hours later the cows finally showed up any puts the gun down I turn around and he is wearing cowboy had gun holster Whitey to IDs and cowboy boots that's that. If you're and is still in jail for aggravated assault and kidnapping jail fourteen years. Well that's all that competitors like cash and as a comments yet we do it says that I used to work for a junk removal company. We're clearing got a house that squatters and use a from the naked Greg gathered sleeping on the club of the house. I'm a commercial tired tech about fifteen years ago I was on a road called changeup and tire on a motor home. When I arrived on site on the side of the highway I met the nice old ladies that were traveling together a receded crawl under the motor all the Jack of the actual. A probe the dripping off my neck and as I looked up to suit the drip laws are realized what he too late. That's entirely the blue dog has destroyed the septic tank and as I looked up a third fell for the most exciting time now and landed on my jet. Hi Tony I'm very remember my as Herbert out from under the motor old Karl stripped of my. As good in my underwear and that the ladies know the situation in change entire. And then there's this one finally it says. A worker at a grocery store didn't mind why I was at the were doing worse today and work. How we're gonna grocery store and after using the restroom an older lady poked her head out of the handicapped stall incident. OK to achieve. Would you tell me tell what good enough to know is they all know an amnesty was. Asking me this question she turned rather look birds make it but around and showed it to me. I told us he was 52 out other Kerry did as a dramatic demise as she was clean as a whistle damned. I don't ever if you treasury bills or for the men's or motives or my back I'll. Good for Madonna Tyler. Taylor whose twelve today most amazing little lady that ever lived near the sweetest smartest British gal around in your tough having to deal than older and younger brother. Your tongue fu moves against the rock you're extremely ladylike and classy we love. Dad and mom and Brothers Tony and back a little girl faced sandwich at a suck it up cupcake thanks guys you're the best depth from Mike. Well. Her finish up my boyfriend George and his buddy Brad too because they're digging hasn't digging names and boys from Illinois. Could give a big old bond hits and a classic original faced sandwich thanks guys that from the lovely Karen's face yeah. Phone 20 months and birthday shout to my best friend and sister from another mister Jeanette AJ a butterfly. It would make your day if you guys would give her some Germans talking about that debates the better have my money thanks and stay beautiful that from the. You know who you calling me. But if you really builds and we most groups don't stop and think. Yeah maybe I'll put on my best customer. Can still be okay. What's making it. Hello it's my similar since Chevy Tony second birthday that was funny. As all the birds seesawed. How volumes of eternal lacks a little kids sandwich in the pods and maybe the wrong answer buzzer toward the end there thanks guys. And rock on that from branded the buster. It is a lot of it is gonna get a sense of a buddy mark today's birthdays a big fan listens regularly. Could get an original traffic jam Jimmy fish sandwich and a lovely while been telling im happy birthday and German. At from your boy Travis thanks guys you rock fish sandwich enough holy kingdom bullets that. A lawyer as is my uncle George's birthday can I get some did was shotgun from Steve. And maybe some dirty Mickey Mouse from dead. Love you George that from The Third Shift housekeeper. Okay. I can't. Bonds had the potential music I don't. Also felt if so attorney Eddie talked your local torch make you call him uncle. I'll bet right now though there's a pillow pattern. I'm going to pull the plus and the big little big oval. We'll have to read coughing. This Stevens. It's. So why the mall or movie reviews and let them off Rick it's. I just beat the stock down. Guys good my lovely girl friend marry pronounced mad dog story for a birthday today. Did you get internal acts with a Joey chestnut and I'll holy SJ. Thanks guys love the show that from cam. Okay. Okay. All we share. College is my name is that there's a bird tells you guys every night while I'm recalling cars in lovely Kansas City. I guess mogul are so gonna get a big old bong rip in the dirty Germans argue about organ and I'd share thanks guys in rock god at. Good. This narrow. And Cuba and you're more comfortable with the night shift you were nice I think she. God and the Mexicans Greek poet once told us through this instrument. Guys obvious no one is a different in my Georgia had a birthday led to the car's gonna get a big old Bob Graham thanks guys give up the good work Dan from brands. I think number 35 for me today can I get the dirty Germans talking about redhead saying says from the lovely Lindsey in South Carolina. That's when. About promotion it's back for my Mitt. Ya. And even a little slip and slides. This is my Syrian thrift. Much of arrogant. It's only guys there's no I've Christie's 41 heard around the sun she would love a birthday song and I'll look out and maybe some flooding puke. Thank you guys that from Kevin got a look at. Six guys like it was a wonderful boyfriend Cameron had a birthday he's been a big fan of your show for many years even met Debbie Ted Smith. At one of his pro MMA fights he'll actually be fighting remain next month. And is ready to bring the heat. And I hear you guys talking all over each other about intimate Andy is your Pete is too small. Thanks and would love that from a guy out. One thing about him and it usually does and I like I don't know lobbying for instances like about how far. Your domain but all the maintenance and it is yeah I'll aerial I don't know if you use this syndrome and I just ask that he speak BC. Thank god saw Michelle it is my great answer 110. Birthday did you guys ever an old school barbershop quartet based analyst thanks guys that I'm ugly death this. And I again it is and OK so you know oh my god you run. Brother can nine enemies and man to boot geez and it's under on this. Hi guys there you go home. How did everybody. Okay. Yeah yeah I'm okay I'm behind you. I may say hey you're good you May Day young there's German brought. Also available through his world sings on men's lives dot com another sign retailers. Im sure I plus you. Would you donate now the DNA addition also we'll drink it tells when the shot of the day momentarily above prior. Israel wants to know. Yeah John. Blue. Less he'd throw you bring us three stories in the news every wicket as a glass to determine which of these three stories and suck the leafs now here's the deal. If you follow us on Twitter and instead grand a men's room I guess we are on the as the grim events remind and you are like the men's or month FaceBook the debate is already under way. On whose Sox last. Yeah and there are three good to do every week we take. Well I guess three candidates and pit them against each other this week we do the school edition well. So why school and Arizona. We'll be competing against the school in Florida and they will even be taking on the governor over Kentucky. But let's start and Arizona where well. Basically at school you're both are starting to come out it's that time of the school year but the 4017 when he eighteen your book forum Senora in science academy. In Peoria Arizona. Well. They buy they may have gotten itself in some hot water in this case a woman by the name of holy ground. She's one of several parents who cannot believe what was in your book or eighth grader who was voted. Quote most likely to bomb the US. You are locals and all the students few days ago it didn't take long for the confluence of blow off of his body and the number of questionable comments in the UK through eight. Jordan is okay I live now is that. And I thought I won't girls voted most likely to steal game people's food another student's favorite memory clothes quote what is. And someone got stabbed in the offensive. But nothing is taken where's the outrage over the boy most likely to become terrorists. The sonoran science academy is voting matters that may. Now granted class vote on the best and worst category to Baghdad eighth graders each filled out yerba before they're allowed to write in his favor of Obama at the plays and making the picture. There's a greater barely got to be phoning. And he said he was most likely both US. Sensitive times anyway it is schools so so those tools investigating how this incident occurred. And they've already taken disciplinary I'd disciplinary action against the faculty advisor. Bad bad. Let's go to Florida that. You remember a few months ago a teacher in Florida. Fed a sick puppy select snapping turtles off of that political backed in state of Florida with a thigh and the teachers accused of drowning at least two raccoon during a science class. This time at Marion county's poorest high school. He's been paid on but placed on paid administrative leave in the meantime but a student do provide the video of the incidents at some of students levels nightmares. After the super entered agricultural science class. Students edit the director of government to drowning said quote. They're finally took the cage under the water and drafted into smaller gauge where the double BK do they go down in the water and that's how they killed the second record. Well Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission offices said. They're investigating the legality of the issues the students and a teacher as students not to record the drownings. But as you against many of the dead. The teacher's name is now it really. And l.'s go to Kentucky this happened out last month you might remember these teachers strikes. Across the country Erica and so does his Kentucky governor met Bevan. He was asked about the teachers leaving the classroom to attend the protest rally and he says quote I guarantee. So more in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was looked at home because there's nobody there to watch. The goal that. Hey man I ever. They didn't ask him about bad they ask them about the teacher going to protest that's his response an interview we said quote. That's what's crazy to me you know how many hundreds of thousands of children today were looked at home loan. He then added they consequently a child Kentucky was sexually assaulted. Any added that he guaranteed a child is close physically assaulted or ingested poison because they were home alone because the single burned in Nevada. As to whether governor eight Venice film critic of the Kentucky education association recent weeks. As of course there were protests include pensions etc. is that many parents cannot afford to miss war with everyone understands that. Because both liberal orders until the children left untended and some of them in communities for people know for a fact. They were taken event. How frail looking statements anyway we this week we have the heat. The K through eight you both. Portal when Arizona over the students got smoked for themselves keep that in mind most Logan about US our favorite memory is another student gives them pencil etc. And from figure out how that was allowed to have. Give the teacher in Florida who looked the other teams from Florida for a live demonstration for the class. Two raccoon drown to death while I don't know the lesson was but whatever the case that took him down and then the Kentucky governor who. Understandably don't wanna deal with right couldn't you can walk out in his. It had nothing to do economic system we viewed equation is that as a result of this kids in Kentucky are being sexually assault. I guarantee you that I I think the one that the Sox the most. You on the such the most as far as being traumatic is the kids and had to watch two record crowd. Sure I think that was the one that was just feel like they'll be harder and that would be buried. Quote I get the teacher knows. Look I don't know in the class I know they're OK guys and this. If the team to simply don't record was indeed Girardi knows the repercussions might be kicking judgment call and I put more weight on the hello Jose science class they won't realize I'm not bad for business there will lose yet another site of one another round I'm solution to keep the chickens for me. Other people of Kentucky another gets another governor they did know now they know that'd be in on this and on now apparent they voted for him that's on them. I'm sorry and I can just like look you put this guy in there you did this and as you did this is the level they got the pleasure governor well and you can't eat that sandwich for the next few years. I think it's the kids at the school actually put these wilted about themselves. They're the ones who think like a loaded up. What do they they wrote the bit didn't they know given themselves. Right there about yourself OK so I could stay miles losing doody head butt but I can tell I think the proof right in front and it's in my business or. Okay yeah you can say about yourself myself right by myself see in my mind if I've got I think that's such released. I've taken a joke shot yourself. I mean I know being good taste to joke on yourself. But chief you can't take a joke that you're telling yourself that you can look I didn't ever think there division about what we get it. But when it's K through eight Y I you I mean I am voting move both facing this little school board sucks in this instance that they went there and it's not the worst I kind of was but also I can't say for Kentucky but I. I know that logic is ridiculous and a symmetric. It's kind of standard course some people by title but I mostly think he's got Phillies couldn't just doing the playbook mr. I do like Dion in Vermont baseball great files onto runner and mr. Graham have been there might be a debate is continuing there. On whose excellence are gonna Adrian tells with a shot of the day. The return of what you don't need to know VG in any addition is coming up next few are listening to the bedroom radio network. Fitch is you. True I got another round profile list and we'll bring it tells with a shot of the day above vs. We're full of useless information. And do you have a hard too many brain cells not to let us kill us. So lending here while the men's room shares would you don't need to know this place is going to be startling. We have we talked about this a little bit we ever really got an into the depths of what this means and what this is all about but a new study came out. Then hopefully. Hopefully hopefully won't be as. Bad for you are going to be able. Depends on and the like you'll learn. As it is now known that women retaining Kerry living DNA. From every man with whom they have had sexual intercourse. According to a new study by the university of Seattle and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Drug bid to move me and I would love stale would be goofy act. How are we all know remember who is this study like most medical studies and other studies was discovered that with the accident. That basically. They originally trying to determine if women who have been pregnant with the sun that might be more predispose to certain neurological diseases that occur more frequently emails. But as these scientists they depart the female brain. These studies began to hear wildly off course. As it turns out the female brain is even more mysterious than scientists previously thought the study found that female brains often harbor may old micro is. Or in other words these presents a male DNA that originates. From another individual and are genetically distinct from the cells that make up the rest of the woman's. I'm all in your brain in my home according to the study. 63 versions of emails tested it. Harvard email DNA in the brain and male DNA was present in multiple brain regions so 63% of the women carry male DNA cells that live in the brain's obviously. Researchers wanted to know Marmol who Mariah mama reported a male DNA come for. And beyond Garrity guests from the woman's fathers no mothers DNA combined with the mother scraped her unique DNA. Well the study the researchers assumed the most likely answer was an all male DNA found living in the female brain came from male pregnancy may be hard that was a bad right no that's not true. They conclusion. Those male DNA things were not strong infrequent women without sons be besides known pregnancies other possible sources of this DNA include unrecognized spontaneous abortion may be banished male twins and older brother trans. Urged by the turn I send it out so complicated bump or sexual intercourse mean and that was the one that did malvo who I was what one. On this as very important ramifications for women. Every email that you bandwidth you'll absorb score Mattel's. The becomes a living parts of you for the rest of your life old man think he remembered legal may have bad mouth moment by the women on top. Seed in this study were elderly some had been carrying the living male DNA inside them for well over fifty years. It was alive and is living cells but it is injected and deal with wins and twins' until it crashes headlong into a wall and candidates ads is the boroughs in your flash. If it's in your mouth it's winds and climbs in your naval past nasal passages. In your ear why do. I don't boot the our editors are bluster here and he's elevated it collects in your brain is fine just a you know this is like coming out of a side by movie. That's golf swings everywhere once again so clearly on the brains it's it depends on where it's been it's going to be they get armies or does I don't uncomfortable but today and admitted it during its. The answer is there still be ranked. No just. It's an advantage usually heads of the very best dancing with the oil to find out who are tells him. I was speaking of your dad no mom tomorrow and I think I still think it's good yeah yeah I know how to get there through the odd moment America America. I think they covered both sides I don't know. You know Citigroup you'll only do that if he had all guide and direct it'd been that way a lot of different place and a lot of doors to this that house the woods or no or today doorway though. Main event. Today we tells an unidentified woman from what to say parts unknown. In other words it is a post or on rabbit. And the recently shared her story of a guy. That was bugging her to send him nude pictures until she's on the dozen glaciers now a little later she gets a big deal back. The guy masturbating to the cleavage pictures that she'd send out. It's got a really good laugh issued and actually send pictures over cleavage when she actually did it. She zoomed in on a photo of the forehead of celebrity chef Gordon Brown VEY. Yeah she. Again zoomed in on a photo of 04 ahead of Gordon Ramsay. And look like cleavage announced that led to this guy has got sent back a video of him masturbating furiously that picture. Oh she did get quite the chuckle out of that to the forehead of Gordon ran as she cried tendencies do that it's Florida and do if you Gordon Ramsay. Sit on the pacers owners who he believes that these guys and bring you back. I mean I guess with the little ball bin Laden borrowing his brow may have you if you really hasn't been in it it ripped it. Love it and and I am so. You know the though important is Boozer who drink does this because we think it's yummy the other day over the it downloads the road to Barley and I'd somebody found out all out of Arizona. You have another bit of particular online right now if more toward 999 a low profile that's gone out. The show and many games continues on the men's room. On the radio network.