05-17-17 What You Don't Need to Know

Wednesday, May 17th

Today What You Don't Need to Know is all about Presidents that smoked weed!

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So. We are full of useless information. And you have are too many brain cells not to let us kill him. So Linden area well in the men's room chairs would you don't need to know. Marijuana obviously in the news lately a lot of our State's power adopting the legalization or the medical. The situation in essence as the gateway but one thing you may not know is that a certain president out there actually have a smoked a little for God's hand out like test here. Which you guys think about what you know about these presidents to be true are. George Washington. Now the first presidents and you know and please no question and I don't think he smoked he grew up town and Matt heard couldn't make eating grow. Came up. Actually means he didn't I don't grow camps reports that and George Washington. Smoked and chewed on campus he smoked and shoot an advocate he wouldn't seek to right. In his teeth hurt so bad in his mouth that alleviated the things at all tonight you just put a body underneath his lip and got to use it like a tobacco and still came about yeah I'd just go here. I've seen Richard Nixon now did he know the only yes or no no way. No he's mr. drugs aren't tricky Dick is one who brought us the war on drugs in first place if you are correct. The Nixon tapes. Have a bunch of good stuff on here and Nixon's irrational hatred of marijuana and nonwhite races and ethnicity. I guess we'll like it's changed I want to god damn strong statement on marijuana I mean one that just here's the answer of them you know it's a funny thing everyone of these bastards that are out there for the legalization of marijuana is Jewish. She says Richard Nixon why now. Jimmy Carter. I got to say too I've never understood that thing with with marijuana and it's like late. It comes to racial groups becomes a legal thinking you seen them behind it and it has Jimmy Carter. Ever smoked weed and number 39 President Abbas of America ever noticing yeah but an outrage. Jimmy Carter. Still says he has never smoked pot panic but there's no doubt his son chip did on the roof of the white house with Willie Nelson or building. Still Carter was the most progressive president nom pots in the war on drugs -- telling congress support legislation amending federal law to eliminate federal criminal penalties for the possession. About the one ounce of Maryland kind of basically where we are today Jimmy Carter says that along time ago. John F. Kennedy did he smoke pot yes or no congress. I'd like to me yes wouldn't say also yes it that was criminal. JFK used marijuana to deal with severe back pain. That's reduced according to his biography biography John F. Kennedy biography which describe the White House seeing on the evening of July 16 1962. According to Washington Post executive Jim truant. Kennedy and one Mary Myers smoked marijuana together. The president smoked three of the six joints that Mary brought him at first he felt no effect that he closed his eyes in refused to fourth joint. Supposedly that time he said suppose the Russians did something now. At a at that as. Bill Clinton. Now Bill Clinton smoke. He's a hell yes he did he says he didn't I was in England and I experiment with marijuana timer to lack it and inhale and never try to began of them and have six to relate to about one witness bill Mo. What else about his marijuana use in true Clinton fashion he may have been telling the truth. The late Christopher hitch in who attended Oxford with Clinton's and bill had an affinity for pot brownies. Though he ideas on our and and hail never inhaled as when that. It is. And it was the list out of consumer goods that Ronald Reagan that Ronald malveaux we know. It wasn't actor first given that he died from alzheimer's. It's not. And seeing the chip from the naval embraced him as Madison the can to protect his brain. I'm not the be abused at a century until those votes. I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette. Is he lumbering damage to being on bikini island during an H bomb blast is proof of oh my god yes. George W. Bush hell number Perry. President of the United States I would say man. He's EP and cocaine and alcohol count yet not do you guards said yeah I did that he was known as the cocaine user he admitted that. But he would never respond to questions about as marijuana use are missing he told his biographer Douglas we'd yes it was greed and I would never answer the marijuana question you know why. Because I don't want some little kid doing when I tried. Which radical to doing what I'd fry Brad. Can't Barack Obama telling the 44 president's big thing with hot block stereo when I was a kid I inhaled frequently that was the point in jail that was the points. You go to rid. So do president smoke pot to Barack Obama yes George W. Bush yes Bill Clinton yes. George H. W. Bush and Reagan though Jimmy Carter know Richard Nixon Helm though John F. Kennedy. Yeah so to and Jordan there you go on what you don't need to know.