05-17-17 Who Sucks Less

Wednesday, May 17th

It's time for everyone's favorite game of the week! Who Sucks Less!

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Coming up what do donated no celebrating our we'd loving presidents bought burst out. Israel wants to know. Yeah John yeah. Halftime let's get bar whose Sox blasting its oil you bring Gaza three stories every week. It is up to us to determine out of these three stories which won the Sox released. Now do you follow them in July page on FaceBook the debate is already underway on whose excellent all right and this is very clear about that adds that we do such as. I didn't grief every week. About who Sox last segment people complain. About the stories that I use these are some conflict in there the president inferior. Horrible in my personal favor unnecessarily provocative but I want to be very clear about what we all do I just finds the the stories themselves as a result of terror people. During terrible things this is not my fault but today what I did is pulled six store so a group of through them Marbury oppressing another group of three work. Silly disturbing but silly I flipped a coin in India today. You got the Soviet so I'm not there. I there and I want to make it clearer now get a break I am not responsible for all of these people do a mullah responsible for bringing it to your intranet when. Are there today I depressed of course at the current appointment Burma to make some room closet with a meal need to work. I will keep networked thank you. By the way just in all these stories they have a very similar theme just know that you know I'm agents are for store. So in this case the demand is facing charges after police broke into a home. And master based. Over woman who was asleep in the home. 36 year old Michael and its historical burglary theft and Lucas in connection with the incidents. Now resident told police that limits came into the home about 1 AM and the master bedroom and an awful. He'll have to wonder about toys and one bad but according to police he did not forced entry the structure was not watch. And he was out remanded to be correctional facility he's six foot seven. Angles were they alias dragon and he is by the way a registered sex offender and stated New Jersey. I think we understand why some guy in addition to stealing what about problem. Walks into her home in mass raids over her while she sleep. Now the proportional. Commitment. That's just blow it up I would feel better if you're just stole my stuff to homeowners choose me for Aaron the ball ovals and but don't Portland Oregon where police say that they arrested a man who has an equal masturbating vigorously. Outside of nonprofits don't Gordon Campbell one reporting about this all meant exposing himself out of new avenues for youth center. But when officers responded to our witnesses wondered up suspect who quote erect penis was exposed to the public. While the game master baited bigger now when and all the rest of why he was going down public. Demand that it one he has on methamphetamine. He wanted to go back to prison and finally he acting me to Portland. That is meant the entirety of the re writes that he does not like Portland he wanted to master it. Now we go to Jersey City managers apparently accuracy and music master this. This story blows my mind if you ever bit. To new dirt specifically were you took your city. You'll understand how severe this particular guys kids so in this case. Authorities say the man who was high on PCP. Stopped his thing him in the middle of the total let the next New York to New Jersey why did you stop. He stopped at the fondle himself duplicate Donald. The forty man. He was found removing this close of performing lewd act masturbating while standing inside the minivan. And the leak into humble which by the way little bit these totals in the world in. It's shuttles people from New Jersey to New York City in the ever been to the Lincoln Tunnel you understand what through traffic. This guy causes a traffic back of disease and to step up its vehicles. In the bay yesterday so. Traffic comes to a standstill because this guy felt the need to do this now he admitted that he smoked PCP. It was single hospital for observation. In the end you both short and drug possession driving under the influence reckless driving and most importantly. Indian threat. So all these guys in today's stories of one thing in common today in my opinion is a very good friends but we of the sex offender the breaks into a woman says. And lost easily stand over her bed moment. We have got to Portland movement that it was time methamphetamine. Yes he was standing outside of you center while he's the guy quote master mean vigorously as you pointed out reasonably eats pork. And one of them and Adam of the guy enters city he was not time PCP. I'm sorry he was not time map he's and I MTV. And Eagles traffic backed up one of the busiest models I'm pleased with planet so that he can master bait and back it was maybe bank. Okay. I think is a pretty. Pretty easy to do some morale is silently against the girl's. Replicates and it all back to you about the guy in the league title in layman's stuff to do it because it. Wacky. To me that it. Academy puts it away you don't worry about those attracted Eumig tunnel right and to this day. I would say that the guy who broke into the elemental and masturbating over the top Burleson was sleeping. That's really stray that that's the worst. It's very creepy. It's worsened breaking in your home and taking pictures of your feet John Butler also creed keeps creeping. All in this scenario that you think she's the hours in the scenario ease. But this way he's really really creepy it is not a situation I would I would take we're well idea and the Bible code to. But. The man for me on the Lincoln Tunnel on the out of him for a New York City traffic anyway did the Lincoln Tunnel. I know things happen. I know things most threatened him but it could be an animal that it could be an accident some doubled over would you told me. I'm stuck in the league in total that he did this dude stop this may have voluntarily to mass debate. Yeah it is. Rotary program well the fact that he broke in the world and you don't know ultimately where that's going to lead this guy's. Well yeah it and authorities I mean. He did it would be there. And he had him at all we all the column. It's like it's the thinks but then again he's he was he. He T expelled and on I do not know. I do not know I'm going to assume he did because I don't know about you but it might start off I beat the I'm saved and I'm still saying he's the words he understand the good thing about what if that was my daughter my mother I got to put it in a different situation right. I keep track I would like me that's the worst case there. Now the the guy who was high on drugs cause of that traffic backed up that it's in the province and put in the number two market because of all the people that he's effect right it's that that is so. Where's the New Jersey. Six but some master meter affecting lubbers the bills but seven was. All right you heard about it through. Obviously in this one this is easy when is it needs. The man in Oregon and it was not masturbating vigorously downtown and says that he helping hates war. That's the guy that sucks believe. So initially I was gonna go with him to write about like all right it's funny yeah I think the Portland Austin. I think there's portly and the like it's made fun of a lot of at a best buy it right the youth that are. It's kind it would change informing OK I and I really think got through treatment at your city yeah when I did it. Now I don't trust the public if the if you just didn't like any other part of Portland not your children to limit a bit like he wouldn't he would suddenly kids identity and like I like the fact that he was masturbating vigorously wasn't goals you know I don't know if you you until just kind of everybody grows he was man and one that thing looked like he was shaken up Minnesota to explode open them. But and I. I know you're going to be business. But I honestly think it definitely can tunnels that the lead. Why it. Just because. It's only I have had the pleasure of driving through the league title on numerous times in the month and there's always stressed. I don't know he made it any worse than that day. But it's the buyout would do except for causing the traffic day like today coming in were. Traffic an interstate it comes to a stand still I can happen. And then realized because somebody got pulled over for speeding on the side of the world and this drives me crazy because it was not an accident. It's of the cop has lights reflected in his dorm room in the cubs do it gives you nothing interesting about. You can still do the speed look you don't have to drive seven got him miles back so if the or an accident on the side of a little more doable. But only if someone give me a ticket it'll happen while I did records of its only well he's masturbating I would abroad if you want to check out our men's room. FaceBook page and debate underway. There's another one for a vote for Oregon it was southeast Portland actually and a guy just wanted back in the joint. Still he could have come down a with a far less obscene thing to do to get a trip up the river I don't number two as well definitely sucks the least down in Portland. Says Tyler. CC says I like the guy who did it because he hates Portland Portland Sox. Creek golf Portland is full of history his two sisters that dude is my hero. A lot of peoples in order that from the fact although like this one guys ever wants to know that the got a broken a woman's house. If he finished I do not know we don't have that but I assume he did an argument to me like a normal person interviewed anti you know you're done. But this one allied says hey have you hated Portland today. If if I think it certainly got they shot of the day coming double take a quick guy a break and be right back after these.