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That means it's miles in three out of 99.9. Bedroom originally advanced design business 2016. We got a daily got a location we get party ready to have the we want you to join us for little outdoors during and it's going down a sunny Sunday of the June 25. Italy. Playing cards down you'll be the first to face men's room goal and we want to tap dance. Had the party now clearly that you'll have a celebration of men's room original red yeah. And those tickets are going on sale this Friday by the way at 10 AM live music we've got three brave man to perfect the stone every traveler's rest for polls will be they're not only that. Got Barbeque man. I'm Rowland spoke out barbecue will be there with police for cooking demonstration elements of the original. Sausage and of course portion of the net proceeds go to the Fisher house and listen live music all day. We'll hang on the sun the the least amount ordering him to take some of the best here in the area. It has been firmer it already has 2016. And those tickets going on sale Friday at 10 AM. Had KI SW dot com. No details that are out there as well our question today as a new statistics show the amount of times an average person hoops and what player you above below or just plain average. We'll take a break back to where your calls and after the. Now back into the men's room here's the question that rock you like to let live resorts casino 99.9. KI ESW. Could have a profound as the guy I think is this what not a Marilyn Manson given doubled that of viable way right after the shot. Of the day profile this is on the edges are today's questionable way are you above below or just plain average. I've been getting inundated with calls my kid's gonna to different schools is the testing portion of the year and it standardized testing at Washington State got the number twos it's all that kind of stuff and I'm not sure how they do that anymore but it's it's a big deal you got to study for Michigan do this this was the time of the year for the day he'll throw those whom we were to remember the standardized tests and things and I don't mind number of them like. Contacted my parents system. Does called finals or whatever it was it was just understood and we went through it. Standardized testing totally understands that everyone does that make it and may be my parents never told me on nobody it seemed like the schools. Felt less of a need to tell parents. Every single thing that's going on. You don't like write the standardized as happened at the same time every year in every grade in the -- call you to tell you which are flexible calling you'd say did you know that it's made you like yes we know it's a subject that was okay at some I was terrible and I could never do math. Absolutely horrible math that's the one thing that I know for a fact. I'm so below average on math is sometimes embarrasses me along with spelling no matter goes selling as well. Think you're probably. I think you'll probably dead average tumbled for the most. Could be could be and how you feel like that's of these birds I have of other people sailing even if you're bad at math other people in this room probably average in math but even like with got all these all that that. I mean yeah I don't know what I America is notoriously did you guys who burrows I think even if you're bad Mathieu probably about as average in math is anybody did you guys have to do the presidents. Physical challenge dug it yeah okay. Now the were different that I could do sit ups who was no provenance and yet far we don't sit ups and roads. Yeah maybe yeah I mean you try to do as fast as you can when got a little did he sit ups you get in a minute about a foot hold delays and they're going to sit ups and entered into an happen all of us and you didn't know what was gonna happen but. Yeah like ten that I defined as a kid McNamee need to crush and sit ups and then. One far comes out you know and assumed. It was over it was over did you could supplant and to hold new legs of Sega gives blue and Adam. You can't stop latins about the time you're done near what a minute to thirty seconds I can Motley how did you only do seventeen and had to tell you gym teacher like man. Authority and and I couldn't stop laughing and even laughing it's very hard to set up so. I was on pace to do like fifty these bad boys but I got caught of seventy but we'll stomachs kill the average person you know depending on what you can do sit ups of the easiest thing for me to do. Everything else based on speed on the fast. And I and the slows human being on the planet and that was one thing that the just sucked as a kid or anything else especially when your playing games evidently I would especially that I was definitely the slowest person out there and that's sucked and I knew that I just had to do an era did and I still enjoyed playing you know whatever would you run for again. All like maybe a 52 cameramen six Candace. Yeah I'm in real problem could you don't that's not good a Knuble out the second time and one pull up. This one that's one dude named Jimmy Rogers manages scrawny lanky you know anyone of those kids who was strong. He just get an embargo. Doom doom doom doom without like 20:15 am whatever we'll elementary school was always like the smallest skinny its weakest kid they can do the most of those deals medal at all and instead of serious condemning my school he crushed it. But he was he couldn't. Here's how it on the part we could and half the girls there but he was just so lighting just sit ups pull ups and imminent when I was an eighth grade religion teach him mr. Dallas and as students the first Jerry curl I'd ever seen national the second black person I've ever seen in Rochester New York. And as we do not know. Oldest and on the first agent class you had to do government basically you went up to the boulevard you do as many courses you can. And religion and Kevin Schwartz he was a heady kid couldn't do it spreads could go several trying to encourage them to map. A camera to the kid's name was kind of show lawfully present tall lanky kid man and he used blows. Could pull it teachers impressed he writes down or want to go we deal we don't give it another thought. And this is back in the day and I don't know but still the case in gyms but the word jump ropes and the jump ropes or blue or yellow and I'd like them. Because even alright okay so those of photography so. On the final day gym class now what nine months later we're not that I'll. We now have to go back. To pull up bar I prefer to piece together mr. Dallas wants to make sure that everyone has picked up some kind strength or conditioning for the nine months that he's tolerated our existence. So if you could not meet the number that you did on day one. The back of your thighs got hit would destroy improvement. Audited mr. knew what drove it around me and he was laughing about illegal to Larry's still so. Most of us got like one more dog you just didn't wanna get hit when he said he was going to put them back to realize we did believe you and I wanna say the name of the first it went up. First day goes up maybe he did seven and they won but I think you did six this time he drops off the bar too much and welcome to behind takes his job Brooklyn is full grown over. Brett may hit this kid back there I mean drops it leave welts you know the best is how was back then roll it. Oh no since then what he did not we understand it's warmer and does it in Tulsa to begin so the first it went a bit his six mr. Dowd goes you know. And I wonder did so. Watch goats and outlook romantic cold short they may and nobody cauldron Hank he yelled out the number. And you've never seen such determination of people would disturb people remember most the kids who showing off on day one. He got his legs torn up like he showed off on day one device seventeen. He did maybe fifteen which was still impressive at the end of it. Mr. Dunedin matches it'd match it and needed it and mr. Dell took his hours are about eight kids went down in flames Ivins doing one more but Kevin Schwartz. This wasn't due Doug said he couldn't do the one on day one. And I in my mind at this process took like an hour and a half obviously didn't buy it. My amendment finally managed crank one out he was the last kid to mr. Dell put George Stanley the mind after the storm and it. It's Kevin's last long ago he noted could have done one on day one we knew that everyone who have a story read you know he's the king you don't wanna go out of his brilliant goes. You know man up son here you go. Do jumps up on a bar and all of us because we. But the kids are gonna live with their all kind of sitting together kind of commiserate and all red eyes Devlin in there young boys and wanna cry you know the tough like. Stretch your legs hurt and it's a god in jumper put. Like I said to me it took an hour after Kevin man and everyone's chair for this do it well I'll let. Just get so I mean his kid that's proselytize Barton mr. downplayed good enough. We broke out in the biggest cheers we're so happy for those two relief you can't. Whip Kevin man generally we understand his center of revenues for the dollar to me he's. He's a much different battle and residents telling him to pick up his body which there from the girls that we understand that. But Kevin mentioned eke one out did not give a rip about the final thing but all the cool kids and all the tough kids Republicans are Sharma. There were near the cool or tough diligent hours. Now yes I was struggle that Elin never more attractive but what I'm Tony touch he comes on says you know he's going to whip immaculate they give Greg down to if you were done one. Did crank up the respect and like to think Kevin got to watch everyone who's gonna get whipped man they got whip in the Muslim holy. So I told your number might just do one more but the motivation it was unreal. I think the big game that I was above average and it as a kid especially for being infected. With dodge ball. The not yeah cards did you instantly yeah but I'm sneak really quick but that's of help me in sports again not. Fast over a long clintons did you could just but I don't see her slave I I was good like acted field ground balls or does he do it quick topic didn't bother me or not and and I could I can dodge ball holds the hunt. Yeah I wanna that was that was my best day in the car at a plane dodge on nom back into it. We have done people eligible engine. What's that did you get to dual engine yeah the last generation got to play dot com we as a way to do that you played in jail I'm glad. If any don't play tag now might did you get it done well all of a dodge ball not a whole lot by the bullet on purpose was is organize and people target and you can set up front of the bus or reading your book tour and I was gonna bring up that part throw dollars is does well with spit balls to the dodge ball repeat catchy tune yes yes oh yeah I felt like yeah yeah yeah that was another strong suit of mine we always have weak yet you hold one ball all right we do not ready to throw you hold the tomatoes that you can bounce it you connect. All right lose the ball usable or holding as a shield but noticeably still catches and off the balance that still locked in Jeff yet I'm gonna try to go underneath and open up a minute. Do we have a study here easily got off. At least tag. You've got to find a dodge volume some of those rubber balls that that was the hardest thing I think that it actually downloaded a miles messy though full bottom a milestone ample. Well no word I didn't quit I I don't know I think I can do I gotta I gotta there's an arm slow I can't do anything else into the pool of likely get put doubts Rhodesia smaller art we can use a stress ball. Do I get a good grip on this thing manifests the bag assembling her body considers a squishy according to a. New study out of England that has to do with zest into the relationships when it's based on averages. Amendments an average of over 40000 dollars on a woman from the time he meets or until they get married is at all. But that doesn't include what. That just means he's been 40000 dollars and somebody before you get married and so it struck the study found it takes about three years in ten months for a first meeting until wedding and during that time the guy is just spending and spending and spending every month the average man in a relationship. Spends 338. Dollars on dinners and nights out. And honored and 55 dollars on other meals every year he also spends 861 dollars on flowers chocolates and other gifts and 12150 dollars on vacations. Study also found that more than 50% of merry men say they spend less on the women now. That they're married and 18% wish that they proposed earlier so they can start saving money and not spend as much now speaking of that as you said it was all for sex. Do you guys think the jewel or above or below average in the number of sexual partners that you've had in your lifetime. I assume under an average using data average moved Jen doesn't include myself Alia that would help I under below below and above or below. I don't know what average is I don't take it doesn't have to guess is yes I detest you want to get mad at this point. You're 35 years old and yes I. How many parts I don't know they've had his average I mean he'd out. Position you're average now does it say above average what was I looked around her what do you think you're waiting for the number of partners it says since the age of eighteen. Comic partners view I gotta say that only for me that's fine. I don't look for yours are joining earlier aha good. How did how much how drastically that it cannot. It could have essential partners via would you guess ballpark. Including me as we got a cut. I don't I don't know if I. I mean I have no idea I don't know that I what does that any state okay are right there aren't a threat that all I'll say what he righted a pleasure bomber blowing that that would zoos and detectives outlets a big number meant a cut off. That's what you think compared to me. Yet the hope that propaganda. All you've done the deed lit do you know the answer is what this meant. Well based on that then yeah. Including a couple trips to to the body doesn't matter okay I'm well aware of everything else that you leverage advancements for 40000 dollar I don't know what you think you'll meet. I think I think overall the book I. I got twelve new totally new alerted tracking about the same number Amanda why got a guy. I started and I've made up for time out in the last like five according to this year's notice that at the net. If I did it they're the turtle all they got that quick turtle you done the deed. Look more people than 85% of your peers. According to the service a lot of that probably would account for the fact even single to yeah people that are you're Ager or mariner of getting divorced just mean whatever the idealist. Voices and a lot of president and number I don't dissimilar at all levels that will do little of that amendment and say all right if you're married that number should be going up in other married a long time costs and a dark but I should kind of status and I think America don't vote to go from 46 analysts definitely fun partners. They're all the earlier is that we're all there were all early enemy like on the back loaded like tennis I'm front loaded. CI mom below you. I'm only 79%. Miles is the revenue and due from your number over there it's understood it ultimate step and I was the only on this am Monday to Nigeria. So you are man. As current and you are 47 years old man is correct and we're gonna say that you like we drew down their 7575. The women. Some reported I want a moment societies to win round and I'll let down 81% of your there wasn't any 1% of your peers what website Leon amounts to put freak and I months later died down. But here's but here but here but here's the other one a going have a wants to know what where they stand on average a given that did that's okay that's an average all right but here but if I just all that I just put a preface it there. That's my eight. Proclivity. I think has increased the photographer TARP auto ready to get sick (%expletive) that. Well all right nothing of that is that it's a good job then that's fine with me for you never know why does this little. Out of targeted job for my cock van myself. Man I get to travel out whether they put out a beautiful job real narrow bit you know what can really excited Mike and I are for red fast compared with a cut costs which put on red dress. Number we don't miss all this we have weekly put it in the liner so I can sell more tickets. Maybe OK so here are the here's the here's off off off off on and off all here's how it got cooler all the sudden here's this next. The six degrees of separation calculated on this is completely different. This is finding out how many sexual partners you've been exposed to indirectly held day our first it I don't know all right so first yeah you do. First you have to enter how many people did you slept with and each age group so. You who all of those have mostly civil Livan and hear correctly noticed her owner and a mostly most okay how many Mosul that was up with. In each age group who boy man and this is going to be tough OK but I can do this I can do this this is probably. Not yeah not a person on here from. I've got noted it with an easy within age group and see that's their meeting your different yen two miles because like sixteen in nineteen is the first age group yeah. So highly have won and there. There was nineteenth because I never had sex in high schooler to I was like 45 and share. I have I got this all right so. So there's my numbers so between sixteen and nineteen are probably had moved on to say fifteen different partners. I'm. So from Tony to Tony for. Maybe ten what you are dead and 25 to 34 what you're coming your girdle and 35 to 441 aren't. So I'm calculating and that means. Did the indirect and number of sexual partners that I had been. 50007191360. Wilson farm home. A 50007191361. And I go that you're gonna you're tobacco the singer. Does that mean that that means how many people do you actually indirectly been exposed to. Based on the number of people in currency supplement. The price of it and the way it was really a mistake so now I don't think it was brilliant threat. OK so early on you're not you're not Hogan up in the near Tony you want on there. And in your mid twenties. You got really hot. Yeah you got real hot. And then everything went downhill from there but well it wasn't Padilla. Grant it. Yeah I til mid twenties is my wheel house it's not like I'm in my mid twenties. This is tough man this is tough he's weird. Do you remember all the urine and somebody before that you forgot you had sex with yes and yes it is the Wii and knows what you now know strays and we will tell you are. I click all the way down and it's gonna say die. Correctly in as 7000831. Doubts that everyone is 390 it's like I've had sex with every single person Anderson what's up my car. And candidates Omaha and in what way are you above below or just play an average hello Chad welcome to the Madrid. Hello jacket off and not turn your radio down jet. I used to get tag so my question bears what you have. Most amount in the short maritime. I'm working or seven or fourteen to 07 different partners and fourteen days. That's an above average rush. Yes president you heard how this happened really on any two week vacation and what exactly was the scenario two extent being of page throughout representatives and most of the women there are senators. Joseph reducing import people daughters collector rebel. Tony working in DC. I'm about certain nerve to do we stand in orchard king and. Your fifteen year old. Do you do you think that most of these judges and senators and all I think we know as we do you think they know all the panel or the rays and and government. Like I always is that I believe the I don't worry about marks or just bad start a spirit. Debit men on Tony what you do you went to the Super Bowl before you even played like pre season. It needs a little let's tell it your life environment your life just isn't just had to go completely downhill from there right. As far as I recycle my first about her her scared Serena why are able to explain. You working. Like what did you order at congressional aide that the first thing I would do if I'm fifty. And I've section seven of women of fourteen days because legacy and I'm I'm fishing and fish pond. The first thing I would do it's an migraines were to go through the roof until my parents on getting in the political science I would not tell them and I. And out of gotta give in DC man I mean there's no question in my mind that is how things. As they can. I don't know what you get dad do are bogus and our school they're okay what was the oldest person you slept with. Or say you're out fire Lewis forty inches 48. Yesterday ordered Baird are Tolbert couldn't. And check Africa. Was she working reworking it was is just part of the environment of working in that environment what these people mean. Obviously we know about generally where he will Monica Lewinsky I mean but but you know. What I guess the guys it holds true as well. Judge now I've down over the company for important Mary to a room but how are you married soon I'm. Yes I dabble in LA or manual roll around in this. Okay that's ramadi pure grit. To her also work a bit ideals I've done a good performance are mammoth so you think I don't let me ask can solely. Oh my shortage out. Your 47 OK and let's see here I wanna try this just on you just to see where you stack up. You're 47 years old how many how many sexual partners would you say you've had in her life to. Peru. I'm what does this is from ages eighteen on the eighteen on tasty enough. 4040. Jet maybe. We are very spoke for a. Apparently your test score here all you're gonna love this you got an 88 which is basically a B plus you've done the deed more people than 80% of your peers and scenario critical that that is that's a hell sorry fourteen day that was the first time he'd ever had sex before. Are zeros up that fast it goes from jury evidence do we it was a seven different times or seven different people. Charitable people how many times did you have sex with any of the more than once. Yeah a couple of more much. Are generally there are two weeks. Adds some people are rare when we Brit did and then there are groups are no recount backs are Rihanna. They've been Julie's company they'll choke holidays did you not have sex in fourteen days. Maybe like they want to that it seems like it was game I'll probably five OK and when they ask you to come back next year why didn't you. I dare I what you are armed. US backed out thousands of delegates you really have a good time you can't out so I went to the sheriff Joseph wasn't the same scenario. I'm not quite as reform but that territory but how I don't bullets another three out of 300 through charter. And these tables like senators' wives and ladies and judges and noting her kids are okay but nobody as far as people your age you have to be sponsored now he can't be mordant. Seventeen but most secure group Bruce. 141516. But are are you saying that you're still looking up with the with the older people's well. No I don't capitol recording my record the R&R 47 I try to garner he's yeah you wouldn't you'll find a nice seven year old woman attractive. Our decision wouldn't be attractive but it included in an actor Robert always monitor. The same I would I would wanna. I would wanna move to DC have a permanent job thousands and there if I'm that age and that's what I'm experiencing when I go out of town for two weeks. Yeah of course but politics is fantastic. That's insane well I mean it was fifteen and yeah I mean that wasn't it realistically could destroy you know lot of movement for three I don't know that I felt good at fifteen you Google I hope that. Yeah Thatcher and I think that would have been my pursuit of I found a different than that have been upset that was my pursuit ten and anti. You can take kids from orientation need to take a month field trip taken to a museum opened to inspire or something in them to want to pursue this. That would have inspired me to pursue politician maybe for the wrong reason. Put who'd listen up recently back go to try to save my money so I could take a Greyhound bus 3000 miles to go back for a week in and come back you know you can do in LA yes Jack the llama away but also he was hanging out with late politicians kids and stuff on them Macgregor rep there you know as I. Feminine PG county agreed. Those who believed in that area but it wasn't like you don't talk to them you know I would get resolved what the so I had a funny on that transferred from Sidwell friends like the president's kids go to school. And then it was like he is dad worked in on the hill stuff that was that was when I kind of articles is again. Yeah I'm the rich and famous and I'm miles what effect sex document and put up on marriage yesterday's FaceBook page Chad if you're trying to find and it's on not yesterday's FaceBook page to your score up there. My scored just the way not feel like the fifth I thought you're like I took a poll results are definitely go to I. Old and the bold if you're good news for their significant other try to remember how many sexual partners you told them you've been. And why don't do it with them man he could end to fight. Oh yeah in what way would you say that you are our kids below or just plain average we will take a quick break about a more your calls right after these. It's true grit. Last year. Right do you like to live resort casino Mehdi nine point nine KI DSW. I took over the program their turn to master bedroom also Lewis Sox lesson profile that says your tickets to slip knot Marilyn Manson. Our question today in what way are you above below or just plain average is new to sit statistics show the amount of times the average person to have says based on gender. And whether you black white or Hispanic that's correct then and apparently you and I don't you get the metric for averages but there's an average everything. How long. Does take the average person basically and falsely. I don't think I'd take longer than 23 minutes when they're and our average person on average for if it's seven minutes Sutton. Ben does not fitness of the average person falls into the settlement Matt rarely do. I mean I it to be like stupid hired for that happening journal several roughly twenty minutes form what I kind of out of the worst song I am sure some as the worst guys Lambert forever. I'm tired let's go to LA. Yeah Derek Manning is a common problem almost half. Ever given what we do for a living seven and our brains are just running constant I guarantee you are currently import again and I'll drink more beer on average in mostly quiet I am. Absolutely certain that it average person on the times a day does the average person laughed. I will say listen people we work with them as building word. I believe they let me be want to use his listeners to our show or just the thing average burden substance and not listen to anybody got around aren't they got above average Joseph Mathieu I laughed to myself all the time. Ten times that turned wounded him at times today. Some scary stuff the average person will consume 100 tons of food and 121000 gallons of water. And reluctant I don't drink enough water on today that right now Teddy drink plenty water I think you drink more water than the average I drink less water than the average. Then you really drink watered down drink beer and Annika right and I'll keep drinking water boarding a lot of drugs and that's that's one of homeland bottles forty ounces coming as you drink a day. I try to get at work I try to get in through these so like the goal is to finish three yet and that when I'm home I try to drink. Lake and a soda stream. Such are put at least a majority blood bottles. And elsewhere at least a couple gala a couple of liters of blood bubbles this is sadly this sounds they are due out at your so streamed it ruined again what would not likely. I felt that I liked it and I guess there is Jewish company some of an Israeli there's very Israelis today and with how I did seem very Beatles started they just like on Joseph you know you're you're dried blood bubbles blood bubbles. The average person. That apparently it didn't have a delicious total lottery but I am so so job. But the man just want to endorse the ball out over the code red hot lava lamp. Off the due to Carolina is now supporting Israel he just wants a goddamn soda. Overall we've added even people who own the company you know it's sad that it. Like I've gauge my water used it doesn't really dom and and maybe this is the way to do it miles an original target on water I drink a certain amount but basically. If my penal stake populous country in the right an okay player right smaller PMI and the water seat for me it's color. Really what does that encourage Welsh. I feel like the stink in the culinary make common good and it's brownie need to drag and this thing for sure doesn't annual but I don't do outsiders can drink the water looks like a dirty stream go in and clean river acting and the economy and that he had them in you gotta. They got drinks. An average person now this is not who pretty much how many times a day do you go to the point. Average per as sick and I am as good as six house insists that sometimes the go times in the morning once twice during the day and it becomes instantly and what I never scored just for you guys and miles an hour talk about the school moments ago so. You know you could fart everybody Favre was a bunch of Favre when you've fared just based on smell alone. You know it's our view group that I haven't noticed I believe the blue. Jack used to think you far more than the average person I did at a period but I've changed some things and I've eaten so that. We can minimize common today and why wasn't what did did did that cement like sit down with the image you have an arrogant and yeah as far as. All know it's not bad at all. Around kids want a funny thing you can never experience and I just know that no I don't know I thought maybe your diet change Vijay kids you keep it you're keep in more than you outta the house yet has changed it's just an artist and Cheerios that it could but otherwise I struggle it is. It's so bad. But of Cherry Hill encrusted piece of she can't I would not be above that right materials and the wind is back did you think possibly later possibly thought dubious corn flakes and absolutely over. Do your fart smell worse and more to miles an hour saying you know like mind you written right in the first fart. That you let out for whatever reasons like being the worst when you're gonna dual bay so. Does what happens to your mouth happened here but you get like morning ask you this collection available when you wake up in the morning your breath is bad hopefully isn't going to be in any point today. For whatever reason we knew for that early morning fart. A kind of matches up with their breath like this is the worst part and the interest in Meriden and along with a checkbook is still partners sleep widget right. What exactly but I don't organs went cannot let you know moving though like yeah moving your body or out and there's not a demotion to kind of help things move along semester early come on its own pace just says so no more gas basically okay I accept the best part of the day to me it's the most relieved. That they last the longest. And for me it was like the slope originally did. I don't know makes me get up and gaga about all of the next orbit and on a cold winter morning to you just kind of heats up the blankets for him and not in what way are you above below or just plain average unravel those parts of Fargo and under the blanket you keep it on the look at this cold simply did not yet. Maybe twenty minutes passenger volume to give up start your day. In a fart is just as thick forty minutes later it's one amendment and odd man out out as some hang in there like a pet the cut at. Hello today and welcome to the men's room. All locked solid job. I hear there are gone good men. Also. I am above average and how much swagger about them Ahmad Abu militants who. Yeah public times today you poop about three really that three times a day teasing cyber. I know I don't pay any government there I don't brigade and we haven't three hours later I adamant about their looks. I'm a die do you cameras is on its a plus 41 times a week did you move yet. Yeah my wife we don't know what great Ramallah about. And how much toilet papered it like they did you let how many times just by tore the you don't well then you're so good morning guys for the obvious reason but it has to drive her crazy because if your group and three times they basically you're using a Muslim neighbors are. Yeah and isn't that haven't. No knowledge that I added that I've actually aimed instructions under Ronald de Allen merely good then why can't I brought it to stop look you. There are you there toilet paper and on March. What's how much do you eat. Chart acquired bear I mean I'm not great I'm actually really small on my 59 unemployed but I'll. Your basically human trash compact it you can eat whatever and all you want your body metabolize is that you just to consulate is from your body's not so fast. So Democrat or Korea that's basically what it is right there man you're above average in your metabolism and because your metabolism is working like it is which everybody in visa rule like that convinced got one of those metabolism is running pretty fassel timetable. In mind just crawls and that's evil my doctors that is like man your metabolism just crawled like thanks for that little flimsy what else you guys got lazy with that you can exercise more than me I don't does Edwards construction right he's out and about McDyess yeah I used to work out allotments if it was in even more ID eat crazy yet she guys I got -- I stand here talking for eleventh with him to a lot of blood like let's have a body burning desire to put on weight his. He was so used to going out and actually like mowing lawns maladies the boss of his own company. Hey ours down through what he's outside work admit he's not that he does is still as he zillion Willis is still pretty big. You know what he has he won't hear there. It's. Nothing. I've I mean you play. The play. He's gained weight over the years since I've left and I've lost with each. If I mean are several ways to go but she always says slate he doesn't yet have a hit play got to keep it to volley you loved and who do well again I think that if he was it wasn't like a year or year and a half ago whatever you did what Bernie flies in the town on the show to the station. And I guess this is how guys are. And I mean as soon as I seem to thing I noticed most was how much weight he'd put our and I mean it was substantial write yeah so instead of the usual formulate his wife saying he's put on weight so what I read in on a everyone puts on some wave like he he put on some weight man M and and what in my mind is a reasonably short amount of time in the first words on my mildly. Gotten to him what what weight you put on an gorillas like maybe it's not the best opening salvo but. More guys review of the music are no movement. Having a regular political is not say it. It is all Fallon the same side seeing it I mean he's a big strong dude too. You know but like this agency just reach an agent and boom it happened just stop she's got I mean he's got a younger brother it hasn't happened here and yet it seems like everybody and his family reaches a certain age. And it just it happens you know like as I get older and try to work out more and stuff at the same thing I have some cousins and put it it's like. Eventually somehow all the Smith mankind to get to the same. Short stocky bald as its. I sit there aren't but are you helping elect when you go to the doctor's office and that's another test you know Miguel. All the things they do they basically say OK it's an average it's it's an average of one and that was last and only got a physical man he meet two pages of all the different things they around me. And where I fell under the swindle like normal as this in this normal as this in this. And for like twenty album I was OK and for two of them though is just horrible. And one of the tests was hi glad scenic level which probably is why I'm Bonnie stores that make him burning things I like I'm some auspices delete. Rice bread. All the things that I love I can any any of that potatoes. And I mean I'm not publish starchy cards and all those all those things are supposed to eliminate from my body and mind my blood pressures greatly to so many things that are fine. That I'm not dying but that is the one thing like this that knowing your belly your article was limited or to register when a group. But everything else is dead averaged seven my blood pressures down so I don't have bad blood pressure my cholesterol levels fund which is amazing and only great. But no one thing that I'm complete in the like they're like Elvis and me notice. Like amen. It intentions are like the kind of like there's a don't forget men don't forget you know and anyone done that's our minds it. Existence is good double to move to undermine its image or personal hit man. ST that a mind but it's always jokes are delicious chips so there every angle and and it is a relief when you get that stuff backing your lies all right maybe I'm not gonna dive that place so it's a long time people wanna be aboriginal government. Don't be average shot to be great when it comes your health the little man average will do. I don't need to have good anything if on the average I'm OK okay with downton doctor recently and they did that the blood type in just a nurse comes in and you know thought the form as she puts a thing in my arm and should read the number and it just tells the number now and up to counter it. Just a with a number I read it often choose our shorts down and knees or on a hasn't every error number. Is that what blood pressure is on my phone a quick and I write it among right on the healthy side of just about to be on the wrong opening bell replica. Some stolen and a healthy spot in a square there. And like I guess I should. Not go higher than that and that's kind of like the I'm not touching you I thought the level of those. Odds and lit and I had basically the same surgery. And I don't I don't think we have the same doctor go we had close to the same procedure was to assign us this is the sinusitis they basically they drill up and your nose and then they put a stent in their mind about it deviated Sefton deviated sentiment that terminate production facility yet at least they slap to brace is funny side and trying to. Straighten thing out of curved and then you can breathe on one side your nostrils now though woman Doctor Who did my surgery. As she was explaining everything to me she was being very delicate about a certain number of things that she was like OK well the goal is really gone there ministry has talent. You know you have a lot of room in there you have. Hey I know like there are there's a lot of passage potential here if we could just give I am right Adams Annan might. Are you saying I have a big nose and she's like you have an unusually large knows this but the problem with your noses is it doesn't work if. So all this knows we're gonna jump on the future economy which is very she's always very. Very careful in her wording of how and I'm like you've a lot of Rodman you know I give him and it's it's okay it's okay you I know I got a huge nose and I know that it doesn't work. That's why I'm here for you though that it's amazed at this big -- can't fly around the world and don't forget has all this fuel looking carrier like you're only cover the nose doctor it's okay right exactly Jason extra about the big now as a college they all day is operate on knows it and she's like I'll try to shape a little down on the inside so maybe you don't have that little bumper Omaha I don't care just make it's and the like she's like recommending bless president direct order by -- mileage is so I'm not saying. That your faces unsightly. But I might just shaved this down for you know we did the other rained I might run under you and I think that. That's all I mean I'm not saying that it is so weird how she candidates run for like the first two appointments like dude it's okay. Like I know I have he's notion that I just can't believe that it's that big and doesn't work and I'm like all of that eventually all illegal wager no regular piece of good that it that it. There woods. Our question today in what way are you above below or just plain average we get your emails coming up for the men's room. Edmonds or live dot com it's miles until the Mets are married I've point nine KI SW. Seattle.