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Friday, May 18th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Resulted Garcetti and I'll take all our 9844999. Ole and you play profile they see. And we got your headlines Italy one hour from now first we check in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not reporting on our throw away mistakenly did not candidates on our last episode the CDC just issued a report that says a lot of swimming pools and hot tubs. Are basically says fooled I can get you sick. I believe that good people like me given them exactly and you had a few. Yes as the CDC didn't say that that's my own personal. Are you being pulled to man. He's just having can't brace yourself because eighteen years from now four years of college will cost an average of over. 184000. Dollars death is a racquet those people get away with murder this is the nail on trying to make for the kids like either get a scholarship academically. Get a solid as scholarship athletically or you know it just. Don't go to college man. Also the private schools gonna cost from 303000. Dollars. Yeah well yeah I mean how many years you have to work after that see him fail a lowly breakevens exactly so what's the point. 31% of people in Britain have seen the queen in real life according to a new poll. Yeah. Hey. And I looked stunned but you know amended the if you go to Disney World do not always gonna see make enough. Now but you're there every day you worked there definitely should run and punitive. Priority what they see your like at a 7-Eleven and her ability to achieve what that you can put political innovate enough that it didn't know which Nichols generally around amenable nice but it'll mean crap to the world and the fact that he not you know therefore making the united London for the queen no one's there for that it's. Like this fictional thing that just exists in view of the fairway put it. He hits his place. The president Lopez got to you know who our. Hey. Well I know I would like crazy guys that rely Spiderman in and help quite a reality cooler because you can grab the keys is nothing. Yeah all let us know about it I mean there's there's she represented she does things right it's just the thing that. You know I mean like it's no different than African Mickey Mouse. It's the thing that rivers is nothing and does nothing to. Let me just kind of lazy people we've got caught dodging blame anyway rent. An ego like they way they don't really say much and then they go back and let. But he doesn't talk we see him but I mean the line to get to own security on the line again according window there did I love how I would tell you and I've only been to Disney world with an adult when it becomes violent his security and the UIQ. Hi so that I had claimed security now and we don't make big stuff and yeah I'm telling you far apart. We've recorded in the bigger yeah. Conti then they're off awful awful but the thing it's like people go to tourist attraction and really as they are they're simply to be. Basically ambassadors for in New York I mean that's our whole point. They're they are a tourist attraction. That's all the guards and all those dudes who Wear the eraser helmets and my press briefing room with a sulfur can really get when you're my boy had to Wear the microphone nationally grab the soldiers faced its regular guy but he wants to be into the head like yeah we're into that picture just tip to tip attendance Aaron hasn't. Doesn't have a lot of can bring all your blog there's an 85 million dollar con of Brazil in new York and comes with a free trip just in case. 85000 dollar Condo in New York know 85 million dollar was gonna say yeah that's a great deal fears. With a three trip to space right. I knew like everything you think that if you play a million dollars you're divided trip to space. That's true of its forty million votes if you wanna go home and gas buddy Doug tumbled to its annual list of the gas station chains with the cleanest bathrooms and all fifty states. Against all roads very thorough steadily Ohio. Does any gas stations this its gas station chains and each state who got. Every I don't know like Cheryl I don't know why I would go Chevron section miles source quite nice. Does that count like sheets and mall want to get those noises I mean we'll put our tremendous flood. EA work. Non OK. All over little things that. I was I was looking better and I was like I know what he's doing to us. You can copy that analysts say that I was nice gentle alpha shirt include sheets and I want has my next plan that might come sheet all right. If there's a 79 year old man in Michigan who got the wrong date on his birth certificate when he was born April 23 instead of April 21. He finally got to fix recently that he played both sets of numbers on a lottery ticket last week and hit the jackpot for one point nine million spam are not good for him man. To play your wrong birthday. And that day I don't have one of those that. Just like making up a Mitt and number yeah I noticed but it works. Says today is the Mayo a holiday called national nose dirty dishes day. Life at all survey found almost five their finger foods you can order and eat without dishes and don't get caught dead now the finger food is now organized. I Cameron on this and has lawless the data again and I had a chicken links to your wings and pizza pizza. Aka mosques or else there's no. French Fries and burgers for a broad. Considered burgers and pizza finger foods now with young human Khalil consider using color with a vision. So it's not a food certainly think it's a smaller Fannie relic that chick you know I think that I'll Israeli literally use just your fingers but they were just out there and as finger for yes okay fifteen and that's an open faced sandwich while your little taxes. A new survey found 90% of us eat Mac and cheese with a spoon. It and I don't know I mean hey Becky she's a lot with a fork where I'm at home and have access to his room. And yet it's in a bowl. I do any new Kutcher spaghetti instead of twirling it now not mormons now I don't know not since I became a eat right don't you like to do that. I'll tell steadily December settled in that he string cheese without feeling pieces up. Sometimes you have an idea that. Hi it's more fun when you peel apart but sometimes you got the heat didn't buy into it did Jesus my least favorite cheese isn't I would call cinemas that I eat without feeling about. Anybody go cross first of their pizza Knowles. It's stuff I don't know although I don't worry and I. Why you throw me curve balls man. Do you eating grass merge not if it's stuff that might all right well in your part of the 7%. Anybody and ice here cereal now now now flair and you're not in the 1%. And apparently didn't explode trend for middle aged middle class women. There is debris. Marine faces more. It's where you take Ecstasy by putting it into a piece of brie cheese Ted you've heard of this yes. According to the Ecstasy it's like a big dinner party thing in Manhattan pay or play an MD MA in their cheese and then by like the end of sure Korea I guess cheese part of it you're supposed to be rolling and be hot. I'll do it untried but also I read I read I think that was just the base and every dinner party in Manhattan is an excuse for. People do drop all courtesy so you put it anything. I did just seems weird I mean. Now. I hate free. W I totally free illegal war loan heated mayonnaise and I wanted to do it damage that materialized and cluttered up what you need a tough place finisher to big warm trying to look reunited together like an island I think in my arms god there's a fellow guard apple slices of some grammar might I can't believe this is of this would you rather earn. Earn one million dollars or be given one million dollars Vernon do me. Can't earn give Ted burglars and I'm saying I want to earn a million dollars but also if you're just going to give it to me I'm also take about how look through all this month. 52% would rather be given the money. How would you tell you I wanna earn it. Yes not while I'm still when Lou another man I would not stop working it's not that draws me I would I would mode does that earned a million dollars but I also led me into my kids. Novi students are back Helio thing I think about. That is the thing about Donald Trump calling about the fact that his dad gave them a million dollars regularly starting out those that forget don't college whenever it. And it's not that there's anything wrong that that's that's. That's what his dad wanted to do that's what is what that one of youth but people say well if you know your dad did give you a million dollars to start these companies now that I would have done that on his own. Now he's the man he did today. Look Edward Graham thought gas which is not as easy as getting the money but now you have it it's. It's easier to validate your success solid point because you've workforce. Amanda Florida College multiple about the amount of Ecstasy she should do bias and making a good drive up but we're still happy about the guy who won all that money in the lottery won millions of dollars that was basically has given them too. Cellular but if you get a. Put any effort yet to spend money to make their money moving on. I'm in Florida told a mobile bomb threat to local mosque but due to his divinity it wasn't hard for police to track him down by that other bailed out when are now think about knockouts I've gone away one hour for another Ford thought Gary Blair had. Is precepts. Seems Toronto beautifully several on how profile press is playing Georgia and miles of the civil game where we share with you realize new story. Something did happen right here on planet earth. And as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make we'll ask you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Bobby welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah all and I Bobby understand other Sudan's split. You heard it fantastic you're you're story we go to Florida Morales or a woman sparked a fury after she was photographed smiling into your mug shot. Following the drunk driving crash. Thanks killed a six year old mother reported four year old woman animal power she was arrested and faces several charges including driving while under the influence following crash. She was driving in Marion County failed to brake in time rear ended up Hyundai Elantra and that's land to the tractor trailer that was stopped in front of it. The eighteen year old driver of the Elantra suffered minor injuries but a mother's deceased year old woman she's been dying a few days after the crash. As far as the woman the Democrats police known Al Columbus browse the cops and a blood alcohol level was point 1972. Points more than twice. The legal limit. And originally he told the cops agreed to grant gets dropped her phone which may or may not be true which he was still one or sore point 172 do you believe that this woman. Is why why it makes you review. I'm not gay light on this one idea one theory that. Well okay. I would play devil's advocate those. A little bit. Nothing is funny about driving them know it's funny about killing some good. My first all the stories I thought that's horrible because it is at the time for what has been explained. The person who passed on a few days until a few days you know at that point in time she had no idea and you've probably because he was hammered with a student of the severity of what you usually did not know why did I didn't. That's the only thing. Three. You're slapped at the end I think just the fact that you're flip the Lugar your your home you know everything it. Whenever right it just seems to be white. Yeah I mean just think about the celebrities I know that they've gotten arrested or whatever seems like white people smile more and mug shots there really enough. When they obviously have my final answer. Unknown white finalizing we're gonna find out who's black white Mexican or Jewish next yeah. Woods. You're losing to the beds are ready and I learned since is you. It's true. So my thanks to Florida. And a woman who killed a 64 year old woman she was driving drunk. And if that wasn't bad enough to make matters worse when she goes and gets a mug shot arrest mug shot she is smiling ear to ear. That was a black white Mac's gonna do it. And Bobby this winter we had few that you wasted no time soon wiped. And you. Anytime within. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Yeah I think Americans like to reach. Some that time do you think Americans like to read books. Not some okay right out with it's kind of weird conversation now because. It's almost these two things that notices technologies come along right a lot of people say why don't own TV. It's like cool. We just on the phone or like a tablet or something do you staring at a screen for and also watching him is to order a video right and in some people you know like we got to read books and I Alley. Well maybe one a year but I three books. But sometimes too late you get to a town or reading on articles and everything on mine but it actually reading a book grand. All right so Jimmy Kimmel had some information about people reading books so many assets of people out just ask people mistreat what is the last book you've read it. The last book you read. I believe now. There's news media. I don't blame. He's only playing you know I'm like what do you do for a living. I was a librarian. She suspects. All right so that's kind of back ranked but he got worse his vision. Enough people could even just name it the last book be a threat to then they simply just asked people. Name a book. Can you name a book. You know. You marathon. Doing that this. Did you get. Magazines count. Is you have. Course I like that we'll. Moby Dick was beyond. This. Person hall but we did is the name of book then don't. Pregnancy is amazing by the way you can watch a full clip the Manger and FaceBook page is it is pretty interest and but like. I am a blew away the people can even name of book mean. I'm not anymore I think it explains a lot. Yeah I mean may move book made and you know medically. Another bounces go back to high school down it's a required reading right everyone had required rewrote a great school all the books that you didn't wanna read that they were terrible that they made you read because they won the proof do you that they thought the Dow was way. Worthy of your worthy of your time for whatever but even if you didn't read it I remember all the books that didn't read. Regularly that I would like to remember the titles and other deliberate red rose lord of the flies. Bring that month. Read that one myself and yet good book do you ever read out there night for fifty wiser didn't rate red areas on your favorite you don't have. Have to HBO's turned it into a movie OK guys I wanna saw the commercial lesson I thought cool I don't have do their make and the move an H one B a fireman and a whole lot when it starts I got kind of excited I hated reading. There is another burn the books but is it goes a fun book to read it was a good book the difference between them look at a lot of the other books we had were when that was actually a good one well and how I got to read that book was because I stayed back in eighth grade. Ten. I couldn't read the books that I just read the year before supposedly read Justin's I got a right but that writing that book stuck with me I liked it. Yeah I just think about that we just moved any book Craig wrinkle in time I think all the stuff. Branded a movie about that. All yet they are as at all to Oprah. Well hopefully I'll get us there are no Russell Pawlenty made the movie any other that. Yeah Ina disinterested in the I figure people could at least name overcome with a look thrown out of if you have the read that I think that you know the name of one right. Let's see kind of some news in the NFL. You keep talking about though the difference. I think setting up next year for TV networks so Thursday night football from CBS is gonna go over to fox. Which means you're gonna get election Joe Buck and Troy Aikman and or so I've had to be here in lovely buffalo to learn. For the bills and yet. It was only Troy Aikman the dynamic for is not bad but army does not bring me excitement. Have heard somewhere along the way Detroit eight me and for some reason kind of thinks. I don't know why I've been in that in in public he needs to have that persona and maybe behind closed doors is a little luck crazier than them now like insane. Religious. As you know more of personality oh okay. Via a whenever I would never expect that mean you are not in it caught me off guard but it a person that we don't know if throw and I specifically but like. Brady was like yamana had allowed two of them and he was like he was also quick follow up yeah I remember some Saturday gals that I thought he would have been kind of a I now he just seems a little or no I don't doubt that there's any of the day I think that's part of the NFL's kind of broadcast and everything else is kind of just. Here's the X here's the oh Mears the sponsor away we go he's here. It's. Some cool they shows coming out for fox they got one that I Charlie day. Created you know him from it's always sunny in Philadelphia tell you what that show I think today about it's always sunny in Philadelphia that comedy has stood up to the test of time. They but I love signed felt and I can we watch signed for all the time but even for me F kind of almost got burnt out on a different course and it's always sunny vice land just bought a mall. And so these episodes or even that old but I I it's a very funny sugar re watches what. I had to get signed you. You know I mean he you keep watching it's great. Miles good news fox is keep them Bob's burgers nice Family Guy it's all the cartoons because charges for some reason very successful doing. Typically there that rightly got a Khartoum for lunch box I'm with him and what else empire not resign. Know a lot of people like that shows that Nicole and and we already talked about that lethal weapon is coming back but they replace the start is is that David dean. That's amazing yet still pretty impressed if there really is yet let's get it done and high level. Three and he'll get a lot frat for free you know enemy and I can. Do that they've been that big reduce its almost addition mile an honorary adult person. The races is commonly dead. Such jackass for everyone hates you do that means your honorary member gone and this beer bong and out bro hug there. It was an avail our conversation about thank everybody jet that is deluge of job don't you or anybody knows Stevenson goes Jeremy Piven already yet. I'm going to be a little earlier not popular word. So nobody wants to be called ugly. But sometimes that happens. Around Reynolds obvious easy good looking man Josh brought a lot of you think he's good looking man but I James corn found out he's not as good looking. They just they just called you ugly. Occasionally ugly. The good dad yeah I'm good he's bad things you do need every. I'm so sorry. And testicles yeah. It's obviously making the it's because I'm the one whose village. Okay what are you doing I'm. And John aren't they do. That's who James bus I'm Canadian. Everything's British people are villains James. Guys like every movie. Our worst showing the world's most lands. You have to be. Us because the name of the movie Bobo. He's he's balancing. This situation. That's probably. Newman's it was a good win here I don't think there's anything. That's incredibly stupid and can testicles. I think even the brawl and reiterated that your clear that a second pig testicles. Let's go that's got bad news at any time. I heard uglier than a bucket of armpits smooth good ones pulled out. Just full accordance got to grow from a guy like that would first and he's got a brutal. But he's grown on me more it is tough though is sentenced on the same thing which which any new post is gonna get better over the course of but. 34 years shore but ray it's kind of tough but television right now might be at its best after 1130. If you look at the general Scoble what's on the normally on just any other regular basis and go boy. I'm I'm torn between two shows here. Even on our watch one later whatever that doesn't have a most of the time and then when people thought night you hear there's a lot of good I was lot of good opportunities to be entertained yet and I'm sure Nissan that was after remind myself to go back to the channel I was watching. If he starts flipping around who knows what's gonna happen. Let's see the CW is adding a superhero crossover this fall they're gonna introduce. Outlook and Luka ranked definite. Don't there was of that woman was a cat will catch him as a catwalk he is not a battle mr. I was about woman and a cat what was their focus of the bat woman helped bat and yet and Caroline. Armor like that catwoman was more of a thing when it was her or didn't joyous event television show that a I don't remember ever being part of the the movie franchise well that woman or is it back girl. Many bad girl power but I feel like she would always show. Up and trying to help out a little bit you know Lisa Silverstone as bat girl win you know yeah it was Nick Clooney was bad man with all on the side it was weird and then you had. Michelle Pfeiffer play cat woman. I think year was it that the original. Maybe the second one that could have been the second one right and original poster children. And Joker was not. Joseph Hirsch is the first one thing you have spent months in the second one I don't remember after I mean I know the resolution go to mr. or doctor freeze maybe was the second one I had the penguin and can't one. Trying to remember their Weytman they're Smart they all get together abusers. How well they're at one of them there have that woman. Hi I should contact I get Aerostar. Stephen Immelt is an element fight alongside that element which is terrific terrific the crossovers gonna make it to air in December. I eight. I don't know what time but it it's a comic book hero or maybe you made up I mean he does make a comical here is now to put the TV show put in a movie man and then people are gonna watch that thing. They're fired up. We hear a lot of old shows that are coming back but I'll take care like CVS this is played with a Big Bang theory they're like. We're probably get a few more years out of it oh okay well but the problem if they can stay sober. I really Thad did I think it's just you know how it is that those actors have been on that show for that long but I think some of home and they're banking every particulates money yet. I think I think they might just like I'm done I wanted to do this and added do movies. You know go on some occasions Olivia. Yeah but I do think. It seems a little bit easier for guys are terrorists stars the kind of shake that thing you know I mean lake. They back in the day whatever show you're on the tee you are stuck with me but it seems like now people can cross over into acting in movies a little more it helps that the movie stars are coming down enacted back in TV absolutely doesn't seem as your mayor because of the quote unquote small screen to the bigs there was a big division for awhile. We'll. But somebody came back with a wireless and TV's a steady paycheck and still I think it's steady paycheck so. And it's it's you know I only do the bigs created them because by egos bigger than all of at. Or I think sometimes people just like yeah slow work three months and that's happened I'm I don't and New Zealand all can I get it if give me one summer for Erica that I am done that I like how legitimate teacher who. I think that acts showtime picked up Boston crime drama caught city on the hill. Never even heard of don't worry you will because it has star power my friends and I were talking about number one it's starring. Kevin Bacon. Well look at and then it's eight Boston crime drama so can you guess who's producing it Mark Wohlers. No Annapolis and. Matt Damon yeah. So got a chorus now you're right Mark Wahlberg could have been there but I feel like you to think that I think anything you like. Has to do with Boston somebody's produce and it's always going to be AFLAC in Dayton. On wall word be your third but they've brought to reduce together. Yeah he's a big the ability to really be a great he's a massive boss and I just don't think about in the same way it's like oh sure right I don't sudden going all the balls and shows like it's going to be Affleck and even. Yet there was too and that's been doing it for years together. Sometimes. Sometimes just need Gillick accomplice uplifting and positive message in this of that. This this a couple weeks old like I like did you know the comedian Tracy Morgan he's into a lot of stuff. And Minnie was in that accident that almost of his life its in his friend's life I was he's got a different kind of view on things out there was on The Daily Show just trying to talk about life in the back. You know we can all Riordan is always a concern it's like stop believing and. Well yeah. Condemnation. Right we have to learn the language of love who need condemnation of what hurt us. You can't condemn anyone can give them a raise some people is us with the Dana submarines simply what a planet isn't. Colts isn't isn't isn't any column not that nationality. Is his prize. As for his pride I know Slough away from you our product is all about love meant the other thing. In my world. God Mohammad Ali's manager for a long time knowing so mom probably one that don't cause going to be nice. Don't cause is not near right now laugh and have a good thought was so mean anybody here wanna go back to their proper stuff but I'm abandoning you that got it. They're gonna stop. And yes right also I like his reference point there is Ali he's got to be a box that they moved out I assure you bring up a trainer about out of the greatest trainers ever. It is to it is. He's been costs. I think legend will go down the dead clung Jim was probably one of the temple in time just just a number of guys that came through there. Yeah absolutely I'm with you right it's still it's still it's still resonates or even remain as any about boxing you mention that Jimmy people are gonna know exactly which are talking about. Hockey there's several went bad news for him his ladies showed designated survivor. Didn't surprise I'll know well how ironic yeah pretty good Rome well okay but this is Tony eighteen. These I think it is. I even the though ABC canceled it it looks like Netflix. Is it just didn't pick it up to now making cuts and figured if I mean you don't you have Boehner might not only are we gonna continue. The week in 'cause my own doing nude scene you know I mean I wanna hang up but at the bottom of the plate and far. And do whatever I want on Netflix alert Netflix. Yeah yeah no lakes and very down to be TV the man I mean if you have enough political following are you sure can be canceled some blue irregular. And we were talking about the row wedding and I apologize yes we are all day all I know I haul today did I would not like you I got caught up watching them. Nightline or something last night about it I think you gotta be kidding me. But we were talking about will Farrell Molly Shannon. That's an air on HB though I'm pretty sure they're gonna do that live and then re aired but other than live commentary on the actual parade when he publicized its live I'm hoping. And it's on HBO I'm hoping to be a little dirty to. All right salute those little rumor. Anderson fund where it's at English usage hopefully we'll keep it loose. Oh I see I think it quicker and I got a Korea and I think I'm going to me. Are they do we bridge and I felt going into headlines on the way just few minutes here in my cocky or listening to the men's or radio network. Please and Swiss miles. No see what's happening in the real world right here in Oklahoma elementary school teacher sent home after showing up for work high on the map. Meanwhile three robbers are caught with stolen prosthetic arms from some dude named Seth. Florida man drives the ball miles it's got my caller ID a convenience store clerk blows free scratching lottery tickets so no one that would ever be a winner something I don't know how to set up. Military helicopter drops them going to take some under its goal is down your headlines. It's Sunday it's. Yeah it's news might call. Our job. Are in South Florida man has been accused of calling in to a local mosque and leaving multiple voicemails describing how who's gonna blow off the temple. Rightfully so the leaders of the mosque called authorities and ask for their health and a hard time tracking down their suspect. We simply look at the caller ID on the voicemail that we're Leftwich gave them the full name of the man come on man he's a very generous fun. The event of a math dizzy he wanted to blow Hamas man they're not better than narrow right I think. It. And in other newsreel of Brooklyn where you mail ought to be a bit more choosy about your barber at a local barbers have a customer was so upset about the way that his hair turned out that he threatened to withhold payment. The barber became enraged at the man's behavior and responded by violently shoving him into the story glass window which shattered effectively throwing the man out of the shop. Then yeah I mean. The act does not shock me. Really well I think tomorrow shop Brooklyn what I did sensibly the place to pitch right and cut it a movie looks cool when you throw someone drove plate glass window they plan on the sidewalk they get other car. In real life like there artery severed and they bleed out and not react yeah I don't I don't know man exactly like it's not the way it looks on television rights they would getting shots you know Fred the the barber then took off before authorities arrived the man was taken the hospital some pretty serious gap sound. That's that's really do believe we would play your same says that the Barbara actually took off he ran. Well this is an a normal occurrence of Utah they still don't know it's a normal occurrence I've just I've heard stories about shot the barber reacted violently stock. The secondary and our environment puppets that get it they could not help pave the at least enjoy it was a barber shop Brooklyn and I know other store and Ithaca and not dwell on anything. In Edmond Oklahoma police arrived at the local elementary school to they've gotten a call about a suspected intoxicated teacher. When police began to question the deep today noted that she was rambling about different things wasn't making any sense turns out that she had gotten viola Lehigh out nets before coming in or bad day. She was arrested for public intoxication and possession yeah I have elementary school kids are calling you out because you're not making sense. They learn really not holding it together very valid reason violent I thought that night I had a angered by the fact that. What bowl and I don't know that it got a little meth buzz donut from Iraq had come down Bennett Zagat today. These kids it's good. It's Atlanta and Jena. He hides outside with values are had a and he was the teacher on meth talking to children. Think this conversation with him going think I feel alienated anyone took note C of the music lessons he's citizens not to like zero. Pluto doesn't take a while I was there were two plus two why is that this question of every match. If you think if you think you know it's more fifty. I want a little worth five. Please Nevada have been investigating a burglary at a man's home that it occurred last week when they came across the trio suspect with a dead giveaway in their car. The three were stopped in the car were searched and this surge that turned up. He prosthetic arm that was stolen in the burglary moon why do you take that. Right that's exactly what do you guys like go to their like. I'm gonna steal his toothbrush and I got to dig back and you're right you're not gonna use it. Nobody there are you brush you know anything like why would you still salons to brush them rocket reckon is the same thing. Did that put more stress about thousands and thousands and thousands here right now the texture just like if you want this is my buddies from lieutenant food is my personal. Is facing grab every roll of toilet paper their house and it can take it didn't leak case who's got by a black market on man come right. The three minarets of the arm was returned the honor. In Florida men at about a threat I've taken out of something a little fishy with a dignity and just find dozens small scratches on it. The department of lottery investigated the case and check the surveillance tape of the story and I Betty about the ticket from. Turns out that one of the clergy have a gas station had gone through the card scratched from the check for winners and pocketed the winners pleasing though losing ticket back in the sec to be sold to customers. She didn't know what would notice. Ahead. Well I don't know how many he sold before he was actually caught dad brought home that the dump Maher was doing and under the surveillance camera I guess there's an MR moon. He was at the dumb thing was that she didn't. Hundreds of don't do it better may have finally the life is under surveillance camera if you think you get away minutes at as a very headline to enact my I have now they'll except for the return of your guess is as good as mine ran a question question men's room rules we'll bring it tells with a shot of the day yes indeed it is all true but in the meantime we he'd be all of out ms. bitch but I don't know ice time please do would you do best and parolee if this thing. Staying beautiful.