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Monday, May 21st

Emails, Your Guess is Good as Mine categories are between Adulting and Food! Plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled my. Coming up a break until the shadow of the day is out all the way first the random question question 844999. Old friend. Friend Brent hello. Oh wow. OK deep. I think this one's good for you will stay in Florida. I don't you know economists. I I can't you well know. You get hot wet. OK so I'd change name the melody and I know like the egg off their do you get all hot and sweaty middle for a beautiful woman come easy DL look are you now the yeah I'll give you failed telling did you balloon that NA. And and a PD. Lyrical for affection get away as the PDF PDA not PDF is yeah I have yeah you'll like oh yeah okay. I hear had a person like you can't hold hands to your hands get all hot glorious sweaty and right. Maybe we should not a loner hand announced catalog whereas I think there's a general rule you can love each other to death would literally hot and humid you don't need to be nice to just knowledge that I'm with you there's a temperature. Barrier of Holden he wanted to know Zito one reason I wanna be sweaty clothes shoes because were having sex. Now do your homered in sweat like Simon definitely is delusional wanna would you want someone like spoon in with you when you're sleep and her cuddling with the on the couch or anything like that. No I picked up the other really. Hot actor phobic I would like right before you all sleep OK time rollover. My New York State. And jacked you saw how lovely are you in a relationship now. Yeah am I all right you Stevens ever vets. I. A friend my new identity years ago that my ideal relationship would be like did the business and then we both pop and our own separate adapt. Well you know what a corporate world that's how we'll do more and residences. Are may look who. We're down the bank rides. Who cares how much it costs. And. The bottle though so I'm I'm locked in with the guys that Cutler and now the. Let him cut evil would start breaking into a sweat or you've been together long enough heat he knows when to pull away from her sweating has. Call it mutual icky and anything you've Gilani is the color. All cuddled don't get me wrong but at the same kind of what we're we're both like okay we're hot like you've got a big guys so little point or even. Same thing I think miles on it like when we hold him he's that kind of waiting and Taylor is not and are now slightly better know everybody other. Go to Michigan and all but we'll be uncomfortable as it quite different. Has he ever take one of his base when he hit it is trying to be thought plotter like brushed the hair from ravenous and a new G can be useless like there's warms bunch. Oh yeah I've thought about the. Can we expect you know give me a little rub on his shoulder and it is late add your voice they know him and now the last story and yeah yeah Leo we told detail of Santa Marie Walters in Florida right okay now this stale we stay and we're still young we're still Florida Florida water. Now we're talking about 31 year old. Christie misty mud. Chris com I'm not Christie misty mug come on Christie miss these schmuck what did you expect to keep your expectations low if you meet somebody wrote the story of the name's Christie misty mine I just assumed her to no good you're drunk right brown all. Anyone McConnell with your 24 year old boyfriend named. Just plain old Jared Thompson. But he says guess what he didn't wanna cut why did he won not wanna go. Our momentum the standard reason we even hear about the last five minutes just to hunt is just a normal happy now. It was eighty Laura it was 88 degrees the time so he wasn't wrong that he liked Kristy misty mud wasn't having that. She shoved him stressed him on the face and then started trashing the home while by the times cut the cubs had arrived she had totally destroyed their living room. And she was arrested for domestic battery how about that Christine. Hollister mine all over just those are your doctor always learn all over O'Connell. He ran his own right and his friend you know grand friends like the kind of but I you don't go to I was sued draw blood when it's time to sleep you got to separate friends. I'd be able to bring the bad legislation now under way for. Hello Trevor welcome to the newsroom. Oh ball. It's. I Chara in program random question question Trevor. What is the shady is thing that someone has tried to sell you. So stops. That's that's well it's I guess they don't really have they all hurt I just thought it happened today to where I just got a call. Are apparently much credit card company guide that very bed. Do you credit card companies who do you out where your credit card company. At about all they've really told me they're like hey here you're ready where injured straight drop in and out all your information ready. And now likely to drop interest rates now bad. Obviously didn't. I I'd tell them what I did what I did was they didn't tell me what I can't load floor. Or any of my information and a diet that helped me out and you got the ball. There. So they run good if you don't frustrated about this scam he's running yes you don't rally around their out of you all right again and how do these people get your phone I mean seriously that. I mean how do they get your number able couldn't you just look they didn't know the guy's name so it's good hedge your bets and go miles look more than likely these residential numbers right now companies try to come up with something clever. Just assume every credit card to be you're an adult into the phone right now it's more likely to cell phones now I've called cell phone not lamb and by you're an adult I know who already answered it's your phone. Look it's not so well all I have to do is guess that this adult that has a cell phone. Also as a credit card your 90% sure conservative governing and that may they were hung from regarded guard company you can refi and you start giving her info. Then all Robin Robin is king of that and they always America office and should all look at this area code I've no idea who the hell are you get all of those. They absolutely they'll they'll attack you cannot. None none out now with a frequency that she does during the day I really fear for robo calls a day you do and in the fellow just pull it Jelena blocking deceive potential strength. I tell you something my numbers no really end up well one month follow called Aqua they have do you want in it was. I don't know mail like I dated my Mac probably six years ago I and it had no contact these people since then the dimly and doing all we got. So the last three months is number keeps popping up finally I call it bank and its if these people blue line. Why any well again at a guy like to make contact finally answer the phone today loses what are the after the name is from whatever it could the Mac people again. And as the low man. I'm work come out on this and eagles' woes are better time to calls for a no no I don't you call me I. I don't want to don't keep up client release that's something realistic with a product to our behalf. Short restaurants and just get him and here's like they sums wrong with you grew rule business account my child one Darren has yet are like that that was sanity calls about your credit card it's a natural. It's a natural instinct that people won't really know what's wrong with it but they're just given our idol. I hike if your daughter's school here to inform me this and we drank on the water found today cool okay bye thanks. Other easily they'll call for injuries every edge doesn't matter let Italian and ending today. If your child needs bandy just may result in any form but it Kennedy's bandit who give their broad reach advantage it's not the school's fault I don't I want you all I know tomorrow. I don't know and you know it wasn't one guy have a super helicopter. Sue happy parents got mad about nothing Brad I'm school is that you know I wanted to nip this in the but parents. One could tell you if a kid foreign and at recess there is nothing we did not share if you win one here as quickly schools when I was a serious thing anyone's ever try to sell you before. Anything I mean there's a time when a little Baltimore I'm shade you love. There was an air mayor Lexington market which they save the world famous it is not and essentially there is good food and drug dealers and people selling counterfeit stuff in nothing mount another thing so. If you go to that area of town home. You could not walk more than twenty feet. Without someone to and tell people were beg for money this is purely. People trying to sell you stuff none of it was on the level so you name it. If I counted of 19 and it's our ads are you tired of this place not too long ago there's a 7-Eleven and Hamdan Baltimore and when I got there 2:33 o'clock in the morning. It had a very interesting dynamic going up at the time. A lot of people were just didn't where they need to be moved. It's walking zombie I've I go out there's a guy he's gotten a deal is he's got a added to his box for shoes here's a maker. The gap and he opens it up and I'll look in their Mike. I couldn't identify is that he radar detector. And Ameren is a deal as much. Not any any surge for all these red meaning you have like ten radar detectors sure in his box suits. I'm sure they're okay we've probably lost all I did re evaluate me like they're all just gotta Greg rolled up because love does that. Radar detector five bucks a night. I don't think once you hear this five bucks federated Dick from their work. Are you the problem was was that were stolen nowhere I worked right where I worked was right beside a giant. Yeah so any time I had the credited me grocery store all I don't know by the electric it would give the ability indoors and off that one rendered as they direct every time you president elect indoors so just annoying itself sure sure because upload part I've never met again. And in the name and then. And then and then. Again fog lights are being when I was like a teenager chip which when needed in the city yes but it was of course Arizona hunt you knew just from our man. You think this cat who also openly battery socks or all whites late do you think. It is usually a better known for his over the city that's the merchandise that they had quite a bit that the book people why I not because he lives in the city it's pretty easy to go into car and take their radar detector and I don't that's I had never say that's a weird question but with the sheet if they like. When I won't Cologne. Golf clubs. I'll never watch him by the idea all lot of trunks of people's car went to lose a limb by Glenn burning guy who had like a safari brush guard like that fog likely due bragging he was given tours in Africa. You'll yeah aren't gonna miss him in the city their idea would you live in downtown undo those parallel parking in a real tight spot like I don't know why at this stage is lined gauger undercard. President whose side your penis. Are at a question question emails on the way and your guess is good as minor categories today will be adult thing and food and Audrey tells was shot of the day that's all coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Fitch is you. True. So tell me your guess is as does my carrier I shall be a resulting in food but first time for a few emails in the men's room Matt meant to remind our top. Guys always have reverted to their greatest honor in the world the lovely Brooke I can't believe you are eight years old daddy loves you how about a little kids they sand wedge. And may be an original faced sandwich thanks guys love the show. Average guy can you give my wonderful daughter eve of the diva to original face sandwiches for turning. Double digits today thanks guys rock on that from rob thanks so much good afternoon fellows this time out let's give them or they shot onto one of my coworkers Kirsten. She started working with our company just over a month ago and she is awesome about some Sue Bird dirty sexy German talk and make it extra journey as she is. A dirty girl but in a good way thanks guys love you and mean it's that from a lovely Ginny Lee. Yup I was told maybe move them on some hard times I want to invite choose to have some more Hong. And I could feel like cod times and we'll provide to a semi homemade and they killing. Don't do this hi guys this is Kindle. I candle on the do you guys you were all awesome tennis crazy thrill as my dad and another live lol hey narrow. Com we'll move on home. Just always my brother had a birthday with a barber shop they sand wedge and a big old LeRoy Jenkins thanks guys that from Kendall. Using it to movie Laura Suzanne wins. She's done err on the side. Well the reason I wish I diss Taylor LAC in the morning and afternoon and and not. Yeah. I don't know volatile Mozilo to show you guys may Ortega might have much faster and you my coworkers that's limited chat about today had turned a Big Three oh which I'm not super stoked about bugs. Will make the most of it how about some dirty Germans to celebrate thanks guys that from Max. Yard field bouquet. Do Americans. You were sure you'll see that bush I was so you might Jackson Hole and who should be a Grand Canyon and finish some and to put. Yeah and then out not once stated you can get to see them. The bad news for you it's fluent. Yeah. I was doesn't Somoza AJ little big sister has completed my number plus three labs are on the great bowl of nuclear fire. Please give her a little kid faced sandwich and they snap a picture of yourself. Thanks guys that from Michael. See full of naked ladies Marvin. I worked overnight to Wally world and wasn't your show on the checks in Oklahoma City and sometimes a podcast really helps me through the night for my 31 birthday. Gonna get the turtle wax with a look out and a wedding puke in the applause. Love you guys wish I'd found amend your years ago that from Billy. Well look go. All the children like you know accused double minor my guess several months ago and I've been though listening ever since. Sometimes I even get to listen live today I am a thirteen three years old and MA professional. Golfer in loveliest Scottsdale Arizona where. Young and getting your appearances too small you guys talking all over yourselves about why golf socks thank you guys pat from clap. Sorry golf pro. A lot of guys do either as an arm and there's little right now down there in all holes of golf for example up to grass anywhere besides I like him did you like I really love Natalie there really good number up I'm back on beer and I'm leadership. Our classroom course of two. Well your birthday shout out my brother Chris for his 35 and get your peers is too small. As well as Shannon sharp thrill West Virginia miles and Mickey Mouse Ted talking all over each other about but stuff. Love you guys that from Josh. Models don't welcome our new wave barrel over the perimeter of the Los might want to present NORTHERN IRELAND under control and look I opened the love that movie star the mormons have. Sun but also like to wish my dad will pronounce the greatest in the world heavy 44 birthday you to listen to you guys for as long as I can remember. Could you please give a big old bomb ripped and some dirty German talk from you guys see a red festival that from Taylor. Your outfield look they even called my penis. In ice food and didn't go down like to attend. Not a good look at some interest include. A simple breakfast and then go to. Very old. Yeah yeah yeah god I had yeah yeah I'm OK have you ever it's. I hate being a day you'd be too big daddy okay Germans brought. So available through these world saying so men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. And im sure I fly. In lieu of otherwise get a contessa lie for your guess is good as my we'll take color and I'm right now 844999. All. As far as your worst day or guys longtime listener my worst day two years ago I was in a logging truck wreck. And we'll stuck in the truck for two hours before anyone even found me. I was stuck in all I can listen to was your show because it was downloaded to my phone so you guys actually help me out skin cap become. Till totally showed up I got a helicopter ride to the hospital where I stayed for a month we're doctors that I would never walk again because of lower extremities being my legs went without blood for so long. But I'm Tony six so I had to say they were wrong I can say now after two years of their B and six surgeries I can almost go back to work. Just wanna say you guys the best keep it up I looked at show pictures of my chart and also have some awesome scars. That's for a month Kyle what did I do on the plane. Only jealous my should validate ironically April 1 no joke headed to Fort Benning for boot camp. Since I was the highest ranked got up all the recruits leaving Portland I was in charge of the other recruits paperwork until they go off the plane. Going to their boot camp destination. As there was a girl recruit on board and got up to go to the female boot camp. Anyway we figured this would be our last time to drink for three months among other things so her night we are pretty happy. The one thing led to another we requested a blanket because we said we were cold. Anyway you things got a little frisky between her and I rapped over the blankets with our fingers doing the walking. She went to her destination I went to mind never saw each other again but still thing of the great time we had a for the last time for three months. That from poly in Salem Oregon who listens to KGO. And who's this key bomb Iraq in two and her nickname is now Raleigh fingers. When Abbott on the plane as he's got a curly mustard. When I was eleven my dad on the small Cessna 182 Jimenez airborne ranger French francs of mail fly Monday. We up in the air and fly around for about an hour we're out there over the desert in California. My dad looks back at me he says hey you wanna fly for awhile. This wasn't the first time this has happened so I was like yeah of course I deal so he climbed to the back and climbed up front I did with frank. I was flying for about fifteen minutes when out of nowhere my dad to shut up and jumps out of the plane. If free media found turns out it was just a Franken he had issued on I never forgave him that after the staff. He didn't you know my nightmare I mean my neighbor he raised fighting roosters in his garage in heated baseball's in his yard folk show. I'm white and forty by the way how law that from ray ray. You know white re read all about re ready yet another show podcast you make it to our drug were terrible night and it makes it go by faster. Yummy in my crew laughing so hard to makes it's a fun to do our work at midnight moving equipment and materials. We live in New Orleans. Listen on the buy you decaf throw traveled to feed without hitting someone who isn't crazy or creepy. So we would like to tell the time when Meehan for my coworkers who is now all of my closer friends and Brothers. We're out partying on Bourbon Street width friends are supervisor wrecked. So we are hungry and after a few arguments about where to go we went to this place they call the acme oyster house Noriega and the and you remember I've been at the end yours doesn't symbols of some of the best royal oyster there's no question about chicken wings say are a big frog up 45 locations are now bad food in knowledge period bought this joint is would calm and it's it's it's good stuff. I'll we found a place to sit down and order rounded drinks the table and now place the orders for food. While waiting for food and talking between us this guy just comes out of nowhere and sits down next to wreck. Remind you is seven foot two and weighs 400 pounds this is a guy that you don't want to mess with. This guy starts talking with a wrecked the rest of us he talked about he was as big seafood guy New Orleans with a BP oil spill killed his business and everything else. We told the got to leave but he just kept hanging around and yeah senator table. A few minutes later we are food arrived and we start to eat. And then this guy reaches over and starts to eat off Rick's place. Before you say anything Rick had the guy on the ground holding him with one hand. He's dad trying to get Rick to let go and get the guy out of there before Rick kill them. These staff replaces order and we did have to pay for our meal needless to say that guy was a creepy as to the craziest person thanks guys that from the midnight crew. Now listen this sounds terrible miles something in my summit go to not inspect. This road aren't you go and say three or four of the people order your food but. Orders something that I like as well now I'm going to come in later you're gonna act like you don't know me and I was going to be that guy. You need to be Grassley a home but here's the point. At the end of the news you get a free meal but you can't spend so he's our separate suburbs weird things that have take the rest all the levels when doggy bag parent and. Yeah I wanna blending it got radio this is I you save money on adrenaline. Our good news coming up by the return how fast the men's room cost cutting are right now let's have a beautiful isn't yeah he's the one that's there but oral. Can you not gone Borland to an idiot you need to down to who you are you need don't but. We knew there aren't saying this is one calls putting things you can do has a little wordplay is great burden free meal in the back of a hotel right yet on the idea. So proud to stand out don't believe in god if you before the smile day two of you get a fight over who's the crazy longer or hurt. And a final mile and that'll be the front generous than you've ever eaten a drag him whether he would just stop I think that Albert toys jets football all right let's let's not get to keep doing what they may have far don't get me kicked out of here if you woke me how badly you know me as a odds are good visit sad time for little your guess is as good as mine is he's again to play Godzilla two categories thick from there and then that you don't get as many. Right instead category. Before three strikes and you're out Aristide who is our contest incredibly your guess is this is my. The funny question miles I don't know them personally but they say the name's Katie allocating welcome to the men's room. Pop pawn shop here you are gonna show look at your guesses as good as mind categories Gaby are going to be. The top ten signs of adult thing or beat top ten finger foods in the United States. So it's finger foods and adult thing where you go on your guess is as good as mine. Let's clear up your finger foods are okay. Believe it or not. Now there's made up holidays every single day and there will be. For the rest of our lives of Latino I think he'll give it a day did you know it's national this day well believe or not Cambodian breast milk gay law you know that just the other day it was national no dirty dishes today what that woman knew that I got cards in the mail we had a three set the kids are excited it's a great day so how could you celebrate. Obviously by eating just put your hand. We not to do any difference. I got a little liar doing addition see that's an Osaka well and we do today national no dirty dishes that don't want to this is Iraq wants the dog to boil on so although Motorola hand in honor of the holiday a new survey found the ten most popular finger foods. Which you can order any without needing to use any dishes Coca so the way you gotta do this Katie as you got to get as many right in the category. Before three strikes and you're out the category is. The top ten finger foods. Okay put it into fear food that he could not only for earth like he the story purchased that's a little bit of both. We'll know for sure you know I feel like look. Another to give you examples but some food is better out than others it was just put it down I just think eat with your fingers and that is what I think. Finger food I think Tamiflu don't think any food themed food that you eat under and I need you don't just say what an amber glow okay patent absolutely. At the edge. Potato chips and anonymous cash. That's all I know it all more into the snack food category. Okay this is the more finger food so if you win by Somali low while they would remain well they would make the chicken range it we're all. Now attract. Chicken. Chicken nuggets you say. Yeah. What if it's a boneless chicken hey you know I hate that term. You know I guess you look at the chicken wings in Utah looking everything's OJ yeah I'm either one of those is nuggets and trying to figure out if I should give it to or not meet the tender is like a long nuggets. Along. Her. It's kick in right and mama wants him along no I'm not gonna give decades. And they are just say no chicken wings carried out drastic. Okay. Oh crap. He hit stock and I hit some guy to work. It's way. Well I bet podcast and I am with you I. All the chocolate drink it oh thank you yeah you're into I don't feel bad about why you're older and I imagine losing on this game. Yeah I would actually he is more than I can watch me I tell you know and then I had instead make cuts can't. Nice and plump lower may have of them on TV we're watching wearing only a brilliant. Katie unfortunately an alien you know you give us all those nice words and compliments are still I'm in my whole change it usually haven't got any right they need to get away on this site and fingerprint I. French Fries number two on our guys RAI. I'm okay and our attractive. OK these are good you've got one out of the ten correct party two strikes against. And I got you. A man. Not to battle. Maybe. Well now or. I'm so sorry are you hearing gonna have allowed within it as an area gruesome Julio Diaz Williams cracked. Chicken we January chicken wings is number three on the top ten finger for reasonable very nice jewelry very seriously chicken wings as I don't remember too much. Our hammer hamburger. Hamburgers number five on the bed. I had the exact pizzas one it's the number one finger food you would have through the Bruins lose come on strong in the last twenty years as far as what they are idiots. Finger food that's not one you reflect their tacos taco. What else we've taken. Stay in the realm. You pick it up you rebuke burrito for Rio number eight it's a stick stick to get up up up at. I'm hoping to do you think it's okay yeah yeah yeah always. I earned. Had. Or chicken fried fried chicken fried chicken is number eyes. We've got. Two appetizers. And one sort of Sam was left mozzarella sticks mozzarella sticks and number seven on the list that is correct another appetizer another advertising. You turn these typically go. A new southwest's. And growth. And graduate number nine I want to let you go south egg rolls right and wrong and I've got Ted I'll give you clue. Now whoever he goes down feeling it's hard for me to say egg rolls without seeing solid underpinning the whole thing at that today go to. And other global. Is this is this more mule like he's on our government I thought I thought about maybe getting on tonight's wherever enjoyed. I'll always burger hot dog. Well I am never lose put on the Chile under other Israelis are to return most of the times I have been Chile probably just bring your fruit don't they have gone. Cannot. For once again going to be atop dead now finger foods in the United States as you do is national load dirty dishes day here you go number ten. Hot dogs overnight egg rolls up bravery you know. That seven it is he mozzarella stick followed by fried chicken and six burgers at five tacos and four chicken wings a three. French Fries it too and the number one Pete finger food. That would be tasty delicious pizza. Could you write that into one sandwich. All about one re Jennings I think of one of the Jersey short on a fat pitch. And it hits you. I'm serious I believe in anything it's a mistake it's got like a couple chicken tenders are a couple mozzarella sticks there might be Fries in it I would have to learn Arnold again the whole thing but yes that sounds like a mean to be a huge maybe pizza rolls and that a pizza but sadly you can make once you. Sam absolutely. The fat bitch you know she felt good. Good to go drink dad died tells the shot of the day is on the way and the return of massive men's room the other question realist here in the midterm. Issued as an email to the men's room and injure my back chemicals on the gas and there. As Assam and germ is coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Room was smiles and LL file that dunaway will bring Intel's with a shot of the day the first. Hastings said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us get over. Hash STD. It's. Is my mom who are questions that need answers and yes we can help. This is as good. Have a good grasp men's division as an email to the men's room and and survived economic the subject as a men's room and away we go. Our guys are dontrelle almost cost while talking about the reproductive possibilities of being aligned for a day. My question is when was the last time one of you other than potty mouth at vs the SEC. Had to dump one another and who has the worst offender that from the sphere just. I'm the most recently was probably human rights I guess I'd let the few weeks ago I don't remember what it was but we. You re you'll be gay continued conversation and at that moment. Kind of forget. That's you're you're and he medium that is regulated by the SEC in May be talking to friends and you drop in Hezbollah why don't get do you I think I think Ted has been the best over the years not telling Ted vs the FC forever is obviously that's for the position to do that. Jenna never heard Kelso on the air accidents. I did say. I'm Bernard who says pretty that he all have a that was the one of the greatest once had a heart attack that was over the last thing you've done it before and since the OK so those. We had a situation where in the the village beside us the high rise as you well cost. The very top of the deck of their would you look down this buildings were on the sixteenth floor. The was a woman out there Sunday she's gorgeous and feet IG I was really really just have wonderful body. And Ted wants them to the window Lamar and the vision we noticed this during a commercial break on the show has now gotten back on the air at Cameron of the boards and it's back on the air. Now I'm gonna walk around the war in look at the content ahead Endesa does not stand we kind of binoculars and we nobody's looking at present and yet tech as a as the miles is where he was Joseph McEnroe was always in just out of nowhere did respond it was a one word two syllables or give them TI refers to boost when he screamed again it was hands on the ball and hello glad we're gonna. And even it was pure sight literally hundreds and apparently it was not a we're trying to give your idea because that in the context we usually geez Christ email address and as we understood you don't realize that it. It left exit. I'm doing really good toward the comments here right and then the other one is like. If you paused at the wrong time until the word country yes yeah car and gas right. He gets out and the things you made your you don't enunciated that we're used to bowl syllables Mubarak doesn't even though you were saying bet. You have heard the calls like you went to dump but anyway since you don't get a four about the tree court. A business question for thrill a far a lot of Wear boxer briefs and it seems that they were down in where they do it's always the blow hole. After time there's a dime towel. Like a woman's pay any else do you have a problem is it the gas embraced on the material or is the pressure of the air blowing through the material constantly. Thanks which is a modern love a show keep it on now Iraq and then from done. Brother I would save mare boxer briefs like you'd probably deal will more gas than Gavin Centers for Disease Control. I do not have the problem only dime sized holes in my underwear brother this is I have to say about a minute. This is exclusively you got to hop but you got out hot. Torture I was Brigham now that content if it. If you have a question press the men's or issues and emailed the men's room and he's a man survived economic the subject Assam in Vermont and everybody you adapt. So do you rank. Israel knows just. That is it's usually had his very best dance Stephen Drew hill find out who were. Tells yes indeed and today we chose 63 year old Joseph John mu so a lot of you sentenced immediately email. So you might be familiar with the story comes on the gulf breeze Florida where police got a call about a naked man standing on someone else's front porch. And as you probably guess the native stranger was in fact Joseph while. It deputy on the scene they found him standing in the driveway completely naked. And with an erection. And a plastic bottle of cooking oil although although it about a hundred dollars that was not for country. Now by the way and also pouring rain outside just keep all of this in mind so. The cubs sponsor Joseph Joseph spots the content he tries runway initially they may contact and then removed cooking oil from him. When they're taken to cooking oil he tried to take off running around the truck in mind he's naked and cops sort of reasonable agreed to deal to make it humanity. So the cop stops and again they try to get him in the car and now all our friend Joseph is now running down the street and naturally the deputy had to give chase. But this is right greeted the deputy. And Jason tackling has made it as simple about the taser Saddam I'm dumb of this. He was in fact arrested just a bit metadata gets aroused by being naked in the ring. Whatever low it was released on bail. That would more of those moves we drink booze blues because we bigots yummy okay so over the talking it down the girl Arnie in our Tommy's. I'm not bow our heads out and I. Did I don't matter line 8449990. Look shenanigans continue. The mainstream radio network.