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Tuesday, May 22nd

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Was thrilled. The result is standing by color 98449990. Plays profile this in. And we get your headlines on the way one hour from now first place check get a my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is. Not working on our. At a ten year old girl near Columbus, Ohio have been waiting for a kidney transplant. Excellent teacher at her school who barely even knew her stepped up and he's donating the surgeon that the surgery will happen later on this year we'll hopefully successful for scope there. A couple in Florida stole motorized shopping cart from a Wal-Mart last week to write less than a mile down the street toolbar. The big I guess they got both on the marlin and they were Dramamine you know you see people on a motorized shopping cart any Wal-Mart and it looks like it's just one. Person thing just a one of the basket and gets so they must we were still and you seem like people are still in those things all the time. They just look like fun and they look good fun ever since I was a kid I heard. But I never seemed so fast do not knowing when your. If your blade and nine you're just watching it pretty long garbage programming but. There's always that one commercial block it's filled with a three minute infomercial yes so instead of having a bunch commercials yet for this is like the adult scooter. I've seen that men like these so that they may go. Like you know a thousand bucks or something and I guess you can pick one up your house exactly. Do you think you're homeless it's not that fast and telling them cover more than we had cracked you know to look at Audubon. Thought it could isolate those commercials that night where yes the path of the keys to open the door. I don't fall. Oh yeah they all died dad made you hold your bones are maybe it's hit the shower the police in parliament the bar and arrested them for theft. Garrison right there you know just like Jimmy sports bars Grand Theft Auto a bit. The police to watch below a woman go after her friend was pulled over last week but it turned up the Oceanic gun and heroin in her first but she left behind two from graduate of the police department's FaceBook page to brag about getting away. For the tractor down on Saturday and arrested her head he can't he can't do that it is unbelievable they may not that FaceBook. Sold more stuff writes from storms that are resistant time right now just I'll have that story our people are exposed for whatever they held their two on FaceBook outage yesterday. Everywhere else there's no Blake. It's not been trapped men known courses you this is just sheer ego sharing inform you yell out while the crime you committed where you got away with it because somehow you think the cops don't look at face don't look like. It's this idiot pole award people say this stuff related Molotov. You can pay cut and donation higher position all you do is sit through FaceBook I asked. The formula to figure out what the hell's whenever I'm there they were disturbing you ready or posting pictures when they would take six days early on and FaceBook and like a baseball game reserve the right post a picture of not even thinking about them. Bradford is at that point in time you weren't thinking about you know all beyond me here's the thing the thing about it. Scored a little like 800 million people on FaceBook death there's a good chance that if you post on the link you. So and good decision some ads are gonna happen and do things like there's a store ass and about Maryland didn't pose an illegal is just. Posted a picture of the more Ralph mushrooms they got and write a cop showed up on the door and. According to a new study millennial 23% more likely to end up and ER because of a do it yourself home improvement injury he and other adults who were out of around the house and other adults and other adults. I think if you're working on things that later in life. Then you've probably already have made all those mistakes when you first started doing it and it's so I don't think that you like pick up the hobby in your fifties like. A little learn where your mouth hub obviously all right Carl. Well being eroded more bizarre I'm the only enough power then why in the end of the land now ready Friday that we don't like there. What is the ideal number of people to be stuck in an elevator web. Knowing how I'll react disclosing committees on Fremont now safe for. My house. And it's up to me one. The most fun Larry entered a new survey was one other person so you wouldn't be alone but it would be cramped. And you could in in the one may be there's the odds are that that one person hopefully able to drive you nuts right word yesterday for a five. There might be one person is having a really difficult time situation one of them won't versions PS check. PS and dad's gone right down and I. Yoon okay. Yeah. I don't know what out of I don't know I don't know why people and none of them are burned on doing if I'm Obama smokes. I think the only way to get a threat if I'm going back I am gonna have warmer so you can Narayanan and do really good job and I don't think if you had an attitude he's got I think can help borrowers. The average person days one hour Toobin is to get ready each morning to top things we think about first thing after we wake up our. First thing we think about what time is it. First among these when you wake up oh what's on the account of the latter were all the was a weather as well that's something health related chores what's happening on social media. Slowly waking up they get out of these. He's a huge I still think that but I won't even this morning business as I opened my eyes. And they immediately go to the window cracked wood through and Winona curtains yet just look at the color of the sky and determine how probably gonna feel today. Our one out of four Americans say they haven't visited all the iconic landmarks and their own city according to a new survey. I think that's fair generally your own city it's tougher to visit writes from its act tough. Missile of the don't do well I really do people haven't done exactly I lived in the Seattle area in my entire life and it and I was 21 by the time I actually went into the Space Needle and and and you look at the Cindy Woodruff. I guess well Meredith I mean I grew up in DC never went to the Washington monument doesn't mean I went to it never went up Victor perera. News survey found the bra sizes that make women the happy asked who cares any thoughts from to seek the seek out mass. I would save. You. Yeah going to be you small but Joan V two K words posing. There it is when would seek up a little like little love or like their vote. And even though the least likely. Of people who have roots of what we Arrington got enough okay did they are usually bigger loss it's either a through DOD. I think eight. Section right next door because Fraley yes. We'll be staying. Time. I am yeah I ever come I don't know why you're down in the dumps there's come a great boats to luckily I don't say this my easy hey hey. I love your you can you can write on this this an old book. Words by Ted today. Brown the newsroom good we learned this is not a for a. And Ed. You go of these things let's just turn. Amanda Florida was arrested after he climbed to vis a playground equipment and held a bunch of kids where babies come from all you see the station this guy who. But I had high number eleven mile on your dreams and their math Arianna you have you don't see that picture. We'll show and ask him about I'm an Obama profile job there and it looks like do you think he thinks. Hi again I mean I don't know doesn't lose a lot of things that you zoom in to ask why. A new study going to be able used in your aren't actually hooking up more than people who don't they're just getting rejected from accounts instead of going out to bars and oh. Savage truth van and yeah what the picture of me is I think he's better looking. It's still my face so I couldn't to roll bars for covering this I don't think they're gonna spicy if it's to protect. You can now buy an iPhone case adult only 22 pound dumb mouth to boldly making email watch TV and check FaceBook wall pulled an iron are categorized. The tenth it would definitely take utilizing your phone up much it probably wouldn't you wouldn't be carrying around to fight it out there vertigo that's. Obviously Iraq dropping I think muffler. They don't like Jack got to know if you don't amount in the form Vernon earlier I don't I know and I do and I am I have I have. I'm part of Florida hadn't heard. Don't get this right to bury bad there is a gym in England right now. Where did you people who were on the instead running on a treadmill watching CNN wherever we do here. The trainer runs informs you I'm making more than I had on his back since I heard that yes there you're Oregon and the watching whatever program easy to open you know I need to see my stories. But I wanna be healthy but I need to see guys like. A woman in South Carolina is furious over what was written on the case that he had made from her graduate son that's well that I'll tell about a one hour from now thank you my dark headlines are no one hour from now the floor started the three sets. Yes it prohibitively several now profile this is played. A search engine miles was back. In my. It's as simple day miles where we serve what you real life news stories something that happened right here on planet earth. Car and I do listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make the last it was a did you think it makes the story a story hello Alex welcome to the men's room. Thought our. Wow I Alex got to stand up to two games away. I do fantastic to hear your story naturally we go to the fine state of Florida. We're mad as Mike said climbed atop a piece of equipment at a Clearwater Beach playground. And then yelled at about two children in the area. His message is where babies come from and as you might imagine the language he used Mac winds clinical what you might learn in school. They said the thirty year old was taken into custody on the charge of disorderly conduct now they said. He was first approaching torched and making inappropriate comments to women did you trying to get the milk our partners to confront them. There's an officer or an area and he was watching somebody mama don't thing but the officers said quote. I want to walk over to the busy playground area and climbed to the top one of the children insured toys. Those three occupied by children between the ages of four institutional. He then started shouting from the top villain than children. The babies come out of winning but he used the ball third term in doing so. At that time parent for a few good area to remove the children now. Police noted that day at. Because the number of disturbances and every recently Joseph records show in a number of arrests over the last few years on charges of disorderly conduct to battery carrying concealed weapon etc. And apparently his most recently. Basically. For those last incidents he was only find 118 dollars in order to stay away from the park. Question is do you believe that this cites education the master is blank white makes you or Jews. Well yeah. I have seen I've seen this story so I can't unfortunately I can't help you. No I don't why let a white guy in need. I think a white guy. I probably coming up I. But for now that night and I think you'll find its feet and how. I don't know if they're not unreasonable. Whaling madness at 418 months I'd gladly go to my kids' school Marie did there employment. You know you've problem. Mama start but I'm really whatever it is he's saying. I brought it seemed like a Vietnam madness and it's an auction 118 dollar and just go terrified children who yell and we have I think whenever a young man 118 bugs you go to what you did two minutes as they were never going to give these two bills keep changed. He he he he yeah he and I put millions. I am and didn't YY final answer. I don't know if we're find out if he was black white Mexican or Jewish next fat with a tease you are listening to the men's or radio and word yeah. I was the only middle Florida and we have a man who is does best to get down to Taurus round up so to speak. Try though if you don't the doesn't largely runs over to the children's playground. He climbed the bomb top above flood the pieces of equipment. Any starts telling the young kids below where babies come from in the most explicit way that you can probably imagine living with the specifics on anyway any. Parents come running over grabbing their kids and taking them away and he gets fine against him 118 dollars and that I component of the kindly not a government got back Perez doesn't seem all things considered it doesn't value for our thinking about submarines children. I have read you do you believe this guy's black whites make C or you wouldn't in the end you went flights. Car and I. Black in this news you went to face Texas look kind. You did you you get a chance yeah I looked I go look at the picture of this guy. Is that just the faced adds that these question on space which leads you to believe. He does look happy. That if you all from finger food. That they would believe the non human fingers this guy looks as crazy as it did it looks it same. Now abroad did a volatile it is Jabber TV talent came. Yeah. Engine countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Now in a lot of sports. Not a lot of sports there's a lot of sports and violence involved him ranking so they'll vote all sports are contact sports you know that your was in contact with people buy it. You know like I was in say like you know football's a collision sport the cement and end their violence what's. So rugby. Kind of like American football is a lot of big collision system that I within the tackling is done little more technicals the division not wearing pads or how much. The kind of have to tackle that way. But I believe we saw this once in the NFL. And rugby you know there's a lot of catching the ball you're up in the air but there's certain things you can't deal. Mean there is rules and that ticket somebody. Straight in the face. Would be one of those rule definitely see anybody should be he can hear in the announcers voices here. George. The videos of them and completes a page based really. But the guy catches it in the air as he's coming down the other guy is sitting there kind of way to attack won't get any just. Puts his foot out. It kicks him in the face now and have been in the NFL in three years ago he would. Hamlin might well tonight Antonio Brown basically hit pat McAfee for the colts in stark is foot on his face and stomped them yet front. Does that it would happen. Yeah I'm pretty sure was Antonio Brown Debra euros famine yeah that's the Vienna they micro talking earlier and I think you know late. I'm pretty sure you said there's some rules and you can't just kick that dude but you Charles Correll on the red. Yeah like yo we make it MMA. He's kicking guy beast down on the ground but there's certain places. You can pick up and can't kick up right mostly woods blew a little Catholic three things other than Ottawa a most sports in general other than soccer. Don't allow you to kick. I mean in a mayor's America but you can. Right out in a mile and as you are designated kicker in football game and you're lining up to kick that's the only time that you could kick a ball tennis and the rat kicker Colin. You can kick a goal and it's a ricochet confiscate them gaffe he. But usually sits in your current war in Hampton Judy your foot and a severe kind of kicking it in a little bit. You guys are big star worst people in the session is a minor star rails Star Wars fans. All I love. Yeah I mean probably anybody who just likes to go to movies and checks mount Laguna. Yeah it just using the people in the Star Wars in 20 culture I have ever seen anybody that's actually watch some of that is in late gonna go see an excellent record and it seems to be and and obviously a new generation of fans as well okay can you guys do an impression of what are working with sound. Room. All right and bravura a no idea I was gonna ask him to do well did remind my father report looking almost exceeds what you. I'm 1000 won't sixty charge almost 6040 so I am naturally as the but he's also always console or something through Aurora. Hello everybody and I swallow a monitor going. Go back. And wounding. An article does add rookie it is from a sad look here. Well look these are harder to impersonate the one with Dave. And Emilia Clarke with Sandra Jimmy Fallon. She's in the next movie and the looking noise didn't go so hot in the script that she we dialog to let me know that when you see the movie says. Who will he sounds just like she plays which is thank. I can get. Well I think I am ready got. He knew he reminds he me like a will keep the line of what airline would be yeah you reading her essay written jumped cyberspace. Far. It wasn't my dad. And having his day and night hey I'm here you know this is now and close your eyes and and picture we're in the new stuff workers. All right and you can say watch out concerns sir destroyer right ahead. I think that is meant to have to worry about my husband that I really. That what he stuff I was more muted due thank you and the thing roll your r.'s. Them. Put her see you guys as you go through booking agent Roland Roland did you have that fluttering a bill are mostly sequel despotism of yeah what did you or. And older are sort of in the bedroom room in yen burning there and have to back. I would just think covering it my houses go book burner as our reservation in the entertainment and dining desert I think you don't. I just think oh. Memorial in the movie if you've played that much part of you're in contact data pro war piece that you would have a little better they are a nation that. I'm wolf little known fact about storage of music only higher open equities also is Southern College you'll working. Just seems they really add insult to balance here in the throes of passion. And that would indeed same to bring an era. Very giving a look he. South Africa's serial. Every morning I get I get a big bowl he. But sometimes even allowed some of hunger called does that what dignity he didn't mean that book he tees it. Metaphors through their. What PD's so. Make me you're walking wounded animal you do you get a basket a ticket and have a look you warning went out to be very popular may have right now about a Glover you know from comedy from acting from singing. He's also playing outlander Ocala receipt and how who's a cool character one of the cooler the corner cool characters start also it's a nickname of my penis truthfully. He says that land though is probably paying sexual. I think black and now it what does that mean I don't know the Imelda and sexual means you have to bed a bathroom. How he BJ have sex and Blake and egg fan of them having multiple things hole or whatever like a carpet and another era more than bisexual write your pants sexual. I really don't know. So I enter in a good to have things and he can happen is to get someplace and you're good welcome I'll call her again it's comedic at. That he'd sit at its land goes probably paying sexual because quote. So many things that have sex with. Always a good at all and they don't they hazing thing you have things the robots United States with a bookie I don't have sex with a everyone one DD that's it. And and I made Ocala real simple what do you do as our memorial fresh due to Britain already T. What Cindy. Beirut if I filled the breast milk. That's. How cool he is about it as a lot of things have sex with his face okay dad maybe seized power was Brack. Which also makes me think like everybody solves a movie was like the blue the Blue Jackets captain. Now it's a tire I'll go I'll be curious as the other movie does. Oh. I think it did just I'm sure well. I mean as an Emmy a big is the avengers are there going to be a big mass of black panther error as it is going to be just us regular movie. In Ireland and we think they'll be big guns Charles you mean black panther or infinity war bigs are those things are just monstrous. What it will be going to be the third largest movie probably openings. Yet. Did less well nothing was wrong I do so again note in my head bowed in lake we were saying that's the problem. And then we start to allow that movie's gonna be big I kinda giggled and I looked down I didn't have the new Britain and these include the lost a few hours north I don't. Yeah I mean how can you know usually if he really lonely dog Danny and Larry you wanna do it on the disabled. Now I just had a two of I'll try I'll do really he's he's a certain that'll go on to best in the business you know that's how I died right there are back on track okay all right now we're confident. I live oak our CF who have. How I spent sexual is a lot of things to have sex and space and I say you know what man and he said that is the blue girl was hot in avatar that's right and don't follow. Avatar though right what was the big question we learn from SNL this year was why was it in papyrus frock fault. Oh yea you know everybody scouts. He's the top five sketches arrests another seat only reason I am I'm back. I don't plan OK. So I remember immediately as I have heard in live on the air I know how to play it and then you need to get them. Should Alan. If Natalie rap too. Where Natalee Portland replies as they're real prizes her rap for 2006. But the Carty B style rhyme. A BI should him preface this with our fleet. The five top. Sketch Xavier from us and now I don't read any of this list under the bill out of the bill heater episode had a lot of funny sketches I can't believe it make it a bit of papyrus thing I thought was great how great it it had one of the most attractive man in the world. Be a part of it. Where and I overlook. All Ryan O'Reilly well she's gas come on Augusta and the welfare on them. I could actually you know what I would put in the top five was the co coo. Sterling K brown. When he's over at the parents are having dinner oh yeah of the ten degrees in removing him. Yeah and they do all I can. Finally the involves just take cocos maybe the greatest in a room he just about your Lackey and I pregnant shot advantage because they choose it doesn't go away I hope you just give it to a local. I'd ever portable. Her car. Film the film panel. It's for Kate MacKinnon plays an old school Hollywood Scarlett who recounts tales. Basically. Does the whole joke here was that they were all talking about film and how Phil used to be in this of that and she's talks obviously people just. The last event but I think our movie unless you I don't care if you hang well this is today you know it's still in you the meat to move its that was that was just part of it religiously she's a hole. All Hollywood actors but that's part of the deal. Commercial shoot this is welfare on Kate McCann and again. They were two. Elderly everyday people who botch a commercial for local restaurant. All of us saw or not it was ago and yeah it was pretty funny when bad things and I give realistic. Earlier today to about NASA knows that whenever S and L seasons and they always have all the stuff and what they mostly to be give Kate MacKinnon a break. I just she's Roma show for a long time legislate. The amount of characters whether their female which she is or mail which she isn't much employment. Right she plays them all the time but it at a certain point you need time ago now we just doing this is the only thing we think it's funny to be ready I hope so man alone when she plays I was I was doesn't that Jeff Sessions. And hit it. But we have to live true. To me welcome band. I'm not a metal song this is that stories the stories about powerful men being sexual predators turned into a bubbly K pop styles video. A lot of ways I don't know anything about pop music from Korea it's okay top it is a whole thing. It you know it it's a whole movement. Aside. With the gangland style yeah yeah platinum O author hello. Kate pop song you know okay. Number one they put the dinner discussion I was Will Ferrell basing this disaster as he's in sorry story came out. And meet to move in Scotts of people aren't exactly sure how to talk about these and sorry with. Was he guilty of thereafter all caught up this and that I mean it's like they picked kind of like more serious ones but. I'll always take for my taste like. Whatever's like those kind of second to last sketches on the night. Don't you traditionally on Saturday Night Live play great was a good reason to DVR is well is traditionally the last sketch of that night is kind of won that basically. They don't think it's good enough for the air but they're you know art will give any shots who the hell happens I really just. They might do one or two more skids yet and I'm I'm never pass the second musical performance that's ridiculous question what I has yet that's the zone that they're that I didn't think they name I'd like. Saturday nights like Friday nights like to stay out real late. Saturday night like to be in the house you know watch and stuff and it meant and maybe it's just me and it I've always kind of felt this way but it just seems like. Who got 70% of the time the musical acts even though they are bigger names or whatever the time when I'm watching them on Saturday Night Live they just don't seem like. The greatest performances and I don't know why that is to ensure the bid when he great performances you know that. But Mozilla I'd like you know some those things and has gone on those who. Yeah I think it depends on who it is SNL loop consistently to meet is a good job of bringing in different musical act although I thought that yeah everything we have that was the first was so one direction. Who have a slight change just by changing yeah yeah I mean beads and sit well I guess I use upon musically that leaves a very popular you know all the all the big. I think these legion was good job of always kind of mix it up in there that you see some some big time acts of what Matt. Another SNL alarmist Jimmy Fallon he always has funny stuff for the sticky notes are. Thank you our diplomas. For taking for years to earn one minute to frame and the rest is related to get where you put it. OK. Okay. People wearing masks and to clean outside the wedding. There's nothing makes your wedding day especially like hundreds of strangers when your grandma's face. It's. Not my whole crew from the thank you for this from the tonight regularly does and slowly sinking into the earth. Sour patch kids. We need perfect treat for anyone who wants to leave the movie theater with second degree burns in the inside of them now. And US. Retreating they got rid of your phone to focus on their music but still managing to tweet that you got rid of your phone to focus on your music. Its. Focus on the music. Inventor of the men's being sued. At some point thinking you know him as to implement parts mesh netting in his shoe lace it. Thank you driving through around about. Make you feel like him when the world's slimmest NASCAR is that. Go to Sonoma nets. It's never ever did error regarding airlines on the oil and my god here in minutes you are listening to the vendor red DO network. Is only twenty miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real high here go ask Colorado man is being on passenger seat mid flight and is now facing charges from the fence. We all woman goes into a rage at an upstate New York McDonald's as French Fries anger spreads. The San Antonio airport where. Monkey named dog in things out of baggage claim with a mom gets upset about the wording on the graduation cake. And South Carolina guy hacker attack by falling rattlesnake in his time very headlines. So it's Knight caught. Yeah and I got Charlie got to South Carolina where a mother of a graduate did not get the case that she wanted to. Her son is graduating high school with a four point 79. Geez he needs right and a full ride to wing it Wingate. Wingate university in in North Carolina Maria yeah and make a groundbreaking win our revenue went from basically that's what happens get a bigger celebration that was that's. It would maneuvers there really happens is doing it and I'll show up until. And I want to alienate a fantastic way he has had a celebration of his graduation she bottoming caked on line is she one of the phrase similar cool out day which means with the highest honor written on the case at Taft. Oh my god he's completely Jews who have profanity out terrorism the cake had so much dash dash dash allowed eight written on it. Student says that if there was that the cake was frustrating but it was humiliating to have groups blamed everybody why they would censor one of the words in citizen loudly. How hot back I would have to be the only thing I thought I need mainland I don't know yet but I could. DA wanted to lose to somebody who could analysts who have not right and I don't have to ask. Uncle uncle pumpkin that Atlanta unbelievable what that you grew out of me says. Give us the company gave his mother full review how the stars what a bummer. My favorite hours to put off. 010 the home school graduate. That's their best. Yeah. Moving on and other news in San Antonio a bit of drama unfolded inside the airport. We'll transporting animals from the plane to a baggage area a crate containing a baboon burst open and the scale attack the glass from the jacket my next to us. And about pulling I have the other seats this was an actual monkey throwing around again editing images that I've. The animal 'cause Havoc for roughly two hours before officials were able to tranquilizer and incidentally sanctuary. Only because they have the wrong and form normally drugs. Or is best servers monkey. Hit bonuses are here and actually an encore she learned a monkey. Straight month survey Monday and he couldn't and we'll get a blanket come off. But I bring my service Mon do you agree jargon strangers on the way you speak that if that's what white people do. Kitchen. Grosans newsroom seldom do direct through got to realize affect my mom. It's a look up if you didn't. And at that event. He hadn't and shouldn't be as serious music where you have there and do it was a month you know until my they've got I don't know I come on got materially are general expectations about what my d.s going to be like when it goes someplace I don't look plays Emmett Smith upcoming got deadlines really wanted to go back in half and oh wait this among your group. And L. On lockdown I because era. Speaking of playing the man and applied to zap Carolina is facing federal charges because of his conduct on the flight. The man started his flight by getting drunk I'll put up a double vodka tonics and pestering the women seated next to all boys staring at once just a Lake Geneva touching another. Yet creepy guys have a complaint was filed the man was moved to the back of the plane where he was observed by another passenger urinating on the scene in front of them. This guy's class his ten. And this is seen call the airport two hours early here's the ball are man good luck with that whole philosophy was since he was been transported to the from the plane after more complaints were filed and was arrested after the plane landed. Yeah oh please don't have a very moral Gaby I shot. Yes I know what other what other place you go to they do that. And stretch here. I didn't notice you have drunk he was the only place in the United States together like you know for a dollar fifty more war really a few laughs yeah that's why do we have a problem. Can't imagine I can't think of the reason why. We says that we stay in South Carolina for the start work haggard had a pretty scary encounter while floating on the eve Robin analysts say it is a distilled river. Your desk a distant. Yeah rattlesnake fell out of an overhead stream and into the man's vote and hand that attacked a kayak or biting him on the hand place. His friends and managed to capture the snake and make make for the bowl landing where an ambulance was called and he was taken the hot snakes fallen from the scouts they weren't a day. Fits right in the states. On death must know I know our government. For in Rouse Winston swim. That's music I pray do you guys as I love you look hootie did to me at this they fell out of the tree in Vietnam done that's horrible done Jesus. Travel goods Hollywood it's yes they fell out of a tree there until lady arrived there always choose on rye and yes it is at this. That's story I was out there if their hook that is down there by the numbers. That's story that's they fight that guy is back then again we are snake warm all night and I love my favorite amusement park story and I'm sure have got above Fabio when he was on a roll because it got hit in the face of bird Ali you are I don't know why fundamental blue bloodied his nose broken nose and learned that ended in mid oh yeah god damn I laughed about USPS and released a new product that people can enjoy life starting soon people will be able to purchase scratch and sniff stamps and there it is beyond these blood is gathering Zeta-Jones gathered at the Pentagon and they're Janice I think that the defense. Hulu. Colonial the thing that nobody is gonna actually get these stamps because nobody actually uses postage anymore this is their new while houses are. Scratch since you're gonna stand in your possession the president made no love hearing you umi stamp would you do it I don't have a stamp for a million bucks. I anybody in this room for a million items I can I don't know maybe I think so I scales on. You have on no one knew in my back. I did and sitting down tonight. And every headline that might not in the very good example our turn oppose Sox last the word profile this it will bring Intel's with a shot of the day it's indeed it is all true but in the meantime we'd. You all about who's bit so until tomorrow please do what you do best and sorely missing. Do I and I.