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He what you're about to hear is real. Members of this radio program are simply knocked that right. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is still. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. Thrill. You know they say. Radio more than three times. And Jordan. It's. Let me go frame Monday made a play third 2016. Potential number 2383. It was steep the hill. You did Smith. It does I'd go mob that aluminum and my car. Okay and amidst a. On tap today the random question question is back. Your guess is as good as mine goes flying on the holiday where abuse and enjoy rules profile this as fifty bucks. Courtesy of ABC's national coma for news. We'll headlines in your job they fumbled listener emails and everyone's favorite TV time to the class period and I'm coyote hills we gonna Chile. Where men attempt suicide to zoom by jumping into a lion's den. Winds through tarantulas are loose on your flights you can actually order a double again. Organ but surgery league's man of eighty pound sack. They probably that tested positive for heroin and meth is now weaning off the smack. And the second leg of the Triple Crown kills two that's all coming on today's very special episode of the injury. Here's the question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. Did a good day to you and yours all right Jim cart bashing we all know she is and she's many things to many people. There's an Iranian government watchdog group that believes that Kim Kardashian is also. The secret agency understand what message is many things none of us had that on the list that's right the revolutionary guard of Iran. They're determined that can guard Ashley and she's working with aids program. Jim Correll the women and children with what they're calling immoral. And on how to on the Islamic pokes at the site and she ran Kim Garnett and had gotten together Amber's specifically. She's a secret agent Kim Kardashian. They believe with the secret agent and ask for something to do corrupt the youth. Of Iraq. I think we'll all agree on this that I ram might be giving her way more credit than she deserved. This is the formula seat she likes to get naked people like decision makers that's it that's the whole thing let's go work now that said. But the media will always take a gander moves if you wanna show us booms and no one's gonna lie about that fact as a woman and eagle. She showed her moves and she got suspended from work. She was arguing with a coworker about who had better moves are you decided on an an argument winters out right there and Barr former employer may find out about it. And while they suspend but it's mostly because she's the assistant police chief of the city of Manchester. That's kind of what the problem was and she did and at a bar where people recognized me and apparently about conduct unbecoming of an officer. Who do I know what can Garnett future of the moves. Now that they seek secret agent the assistant police chief shows or movies she's temporarily at least suspended most immature it's probably to some of the stories that we see in the plugged up we got our mind racing we have many questions that we would like to ask you wouldn't form of the random question question you call us. Will ask you question at random and ovals or the story with you and inspired the question before. A program in Iran question question called dual 642 on rock around 20999 KI SW had a mid July DEC 77999. Hansen your emails to the mantra amendments or live dot com. And through rich. Last year and. Like to let you resort casino Mehdi nine point nine KI DSW. I've delegates today we're using men's roles you've asked inch ruler to shoot us an email to the midterm amid survive that comic the subject midterm rules. Head out today add our contestants that today all this we got profiled as we're giving cash who got fifty bucks courtesy of ABC's national and Como or news. Do you wanna cash coming up blood today and all this week. With profile insults and Nashville and I think our guys did automatic take them on it its credit blessing question miles to the beds are made nine point nine KI SW Seattle. More miles and. And ninety I K I guess terrible. All three headed out to do a lot of credit you know IRA men's cameras or read the 2016 is on June 25 that is a Saturday Italy's amber or south airport way in Georgetown. As we celebrate men's room original red give back a portion of the proceeds to the fine folks at the three local area Fisher house is not only that but we also will. On tap the men's room gold in which is an outstanding very drinkable summertime beer than you'll enjoy senate labor Jens renewables will that we normally did you write this here it's drink this year at this that's soft drink it's palatable you can actually spewed drink this stuff and not go home and vomit. I ought to live your music from sober fact just owned every traveler's rest proposal B there are so. We're gonna hang out all day reduce amount or drink and we've got great live music we've got a ton of good food on the good beer. Who least famous sausage is going to be there rolling smoke else barbecues gonna be they're doing a cooking demonstration on sausage not only that but I'm sure we'll get a face and was therefore a couple dozen trucks and everything else get down early injury if you want to two drinks red -- T shirt a growl or to fill a little lesion beer you get cements her original red sausage for lunch and all that with your premium ticket too which is also available we haven't talked much about that but that's also therefore it. It's a KI SW dot com of course you divide dig a command negating glass and start dragon off to go get in that way but if you under the previous thing you know a couple hours early. That is an option as well and more working on the dunk tank. You might think we're juggle working on this and we need the senate Ted you're still Willy sits in the dump tank and just insult people yeah. Total credits all people harsh yes and the worst in Athens is get wet this and I've been dominant punch in the face of minutes. Got a nice basically you just have to roast people all day. Whom donated time and has Kevin done now before red fest delegates to it's now KI SW dot com our I think our phones are still around. Random friend URL in question was who valued at about friend Brian I'm gonna get people in London Brent got ready for random question while parent brand new track I've been. Greatest you know with names on the matter which events. Tenet when he we do Verlander settled. I worked with a group innings. OK okay keep head man didn't representative why wouldn't I take it so I was aware of it right where you have really didn't. Wild hey look America might just ignored or who works you know just Jerry John and shoving match. All right I would ask you this was even having. What is the most. You were labored I think her music and any of that stuff they played in Chicago concerts you know whatever it is short I enjoy concerts sometimes here is your. Amanda like here's your random question question and you say your name was just. It correct what would you say is the most rock and roll thing that you've ever done what what is the most rock and roll moments of your life that. Material like man a man this is this is rock star worthy right here other than something sexual I guess you could tell about that too soon to the yeah uh huh that a few I have I have luckily I still would the most rock and roll one might have been. Years ago we had paid in the grass and slip knot was the headliner and unfortunately some things happened slip not conducted the stage that night. So later they haven't got make up concert and it was just going to be slip knot so Ben and I. Ben's a friend of mine intestinal and go to Morocco are gonna go workers have cooler. The people who are not a dish typical that I had a good down there and do the stage announcement for that 190. Now I've seen a lot of fans and done a few stage announcements but we got them chanting slip knot. And to this day it's late it's just awesome the deals do more so pumped and it was like this is going to be. Awesome challenge current. Chancellor. I do of analogue yeah if you averaged you search and think this is something you'll do and it doesn't matter what a bit and you don't Grassley is I relate USA and we don't stuff fly. One more hot dog one Marat it really left and didn't delicate yet. To add to that Joyce who turned out to our great I mean. The circuit says is leading up to about that good but if you bought tickets. You got two free shows that brought another opening act they played longer open do you remember I don't remember I remember to have one or two opening actually came on complain in the they did their thing. That funnels I mean for whatever reason I would you're there now and I mean I was of both but I just can't remember what bends over and we're excited summer yet. Parent I was love the second thousands at a British urgent need any castle I was not that I know that for sure. Maybe I didn't go to that pitch I'd like to cut that out yet another no hurry to get down it's made it into the makeup that was a half months and I was late Aaliyah I was an October somebody's called out there and address on okay. I don't see much of the acts out Demps a busy working in the back guys like Howard of the but huge amounts and on doing things I believe meet show and JC. Which bird whispered that which are actually income the second one we which are came down and actually has opened up for. As it was kind of kind of came together definitely noticed I've got a record to Alabama magic doesn't have no slip knot yeah milligrams Gaza ma'am the only the only. Downside was that slip that there's a lot of dudes and those fans I don't know if it's always that case that we do the staged announcement again ranked. It's another half an hour forty minutes with so whatever medium they got to look to me relate. Played two more minutes and him were bail and if he can if they don't take a sanitized. Oh that's what we're arrogant it's edit it did all right reason we acids and what is the most of rock general thing you've ever done this is not the greatest this is not the greatest story in the world but it is kind of ironic do you guys remember a few months back. Wind. A week in mega death was settlement and Def Leppard cruise. Okay and almost like a bruise they were supposed to go out of play. But the basis they found him dead oh yeah you have hotel room in the in the shell I think Gaudin I don't have they turned the boat around or they just kept on playing and I'm not sure exactly got a truck while I don't know if we ever gonna follow up on exactly what had I think get that I think a farm running the ship works like this writes on the captain I go look man. The band plan basically dropped it yeah okay you know look to return around my first question is other than the guys in the Bayer does anyone know no one knows of a corpse on board. Let's just do this well that's not really out again turnaround that's fair. Right it does look maybe you listen to do on a cruise ship its 2800. People Auburn people who fit that. And I'm not saying every time Gordon crew somebody dies there's got to be a more gonna vote you. There has to be a more gun metal the number of cruise ships and a number of people per crucial like ever prove what Jim has a Gurney with a white blanket to make them think about the only people who take crews did you go listen gets caught a walk in freezer and yeah you gotta have some good right yeah it's it's sometimes shrimp. And the ice cream bars a dead body I don't care Florence Johnson if nobody knows the person I would just put them in the dot dame freezer and took no one knows but we're not turning the whole boat if people know the surgical some board and all the looks. I won't turn to me that would be the entirety and I have not crews myself but I think you guys all know my mother. Very nice person and my pomp. Enjoy please you know a snack or whatever. She is these crews people are crazy all the talk about is the food she's a couple whatever coverage they just yeah just what it's like hey it's comes at a Vegas about think I'm kind of they put us all right so you don't know anyone die and I'm not turn my ship around what about the woman last week I just was sitting on the railing of the crucial. And tell how awful. Yeah she went over that's on her mama understood. Do you have to turn the ship around you people like you were they have legal speed boat to dig in jet out George whatever they like they've BP would ago. There on wood about you know they should've been there an hour ago look at they don't leave an hour to laughter they say they're gonna leave their Lego market drop mortars in the video they legal port mullah. I mean you're an idiot who anyway they should have a little speed boat in and they could just open up a little trapped ordeal. The case of emergency just like anything else you know and in any other vote has little Ding either taking Kevin normally what you say I find very stupid. But I agree office. Shortly you're a helicopter and on top of the deck guys got to tell a story to them that down medical choppers of the you have life. It showed back up would you know what's most illegal vote Taylor idiots I look but Motorola fell overboard and also a life of an eagle getter as they had a then it's like what we're not talking on the voter round of the bitches dander so I bring it to attend story drop. It's that night it was like 2:30 in morning. What I understand probable some people but that's what you want like the little speed or six guys on jet skis again just like John battled back quick buzz around that's why did you decide on a cruise ship finance LL probably can't I don't like brick and only you can do break Internet thing around I didn't like Keiko yeah I guess in Iowa here's what we ask what was the most rock tunnel thing you've ever done donuts he'll. And in there are there are cases where like John Entwistle died hotel room and hookers and blow right Vegas in the skin in the mega death. Bassist died in his room economist room but this is much different. Nick commends he was the drummer for mega death back in the nineties and on Saturday night. He died on stage while performing with a band away Jim at a club called the baked potato on the ballot at the the patriots. Play it may fail at the basis at the baked potato he fell over during the third song that was it. I mean he was playing in and then boom he just fell over on stage and the paramedics came they pronounce and that is 51 no official cause of death. They say he suffered a heart attack goes what they believe nick played on four mega death albums from back in the day rest in peace countdown to extinction you know until nineties how apropos. He left mega death while they're on tour in 98 with a benign tumor that was in his knee had surgery. And it was time to record the next down Davis and told nick your services are not needed him. There's always been stay so they moved on without a however it started as a as a drum tech for the band and a Dave we did tell me this isn't true and note certain. The only other mainstream people by the way to keel over and I on stay on stage was a guy named mark sandman from a band that I diesels to called morphine. He died during a show in 1999 he was 46 in a heart attack among state and had to stand up bass door there are number more treatment it's. And I don't know much about heart attacks from the mean is there there's really no sign that once coveted you're playing drums and you just fall over dead or you're singing as a wasn't morphine. And you just fall over dead tomorrow to clintons are good if you're getting the cold. You got about 24 hours notice for a full blown you don't Sandra I Armas boast phenomenal let's stumbled over a stroke. Eminem IP. Yeah I would have to different symptoms are different people or so and it's heart rates probably RD up because he's on stage plane and a pay and maybe he just didn't they just didn't see many. Faster than normal. Many other two musicians that no bit of died onstage completely different situations dime bag in Ty Longley was a guitarist for great white who died at that point. Diego it is he ran a question ground. Friends come friends hello and welcome to the major brands. Currently we take very little ours sorry Cody and friends. How good it there governor still screwing. Cody worked well for you there there are good. If you just make it your man I'm Anderson we get here where and they questions. Not. Just goes what's. Would you say is the dumbest thing that you don't go to while talks. Yet many things from all good. For the dumbest one of the mall. Well. And it back football portrait Rupert friend started joke but people ought to put this will. Q when did you hit. The growth. Really are and you miss the rule that there wouldn't do it or are there before you bucket or call our quick bet. Did you hurt yourself. Our Bert or know what so what sort for about a week you're what's great about what they're. Now all did the pain affect you at that moment I heard it again I have to sink in for a day in other words that you wake up the next day and feel like gas or didn't happen right away. Are you are or Europe they're they're sort sort. It's amazing how the pain in the next day on just about anything was it was was a two story house into the back flip although. Arctic adorable little prayer works are also or four but her mother what are our man it's just not as Smart both plenty far. There are prepared people fall apart have you a big guard. Are you ordered they're so I don't let's not awful but do you have experience doing back flips or loses. Surely you drunkenness is like I'm good try to do back with a new pool. Yeah this is good are broken Q will marry her to do facts or are never your. They're spiritual back look at how we thought I never. Well that's what I don't Minnesota to Florida picked it off the roof into a full I don't look at look tomorrow anyway had taken a turn out this that newfound hobby could miss the notoriety but then got him three times Cody would also be done since that's that your number one what's number two people people that manure. That is impressive. Hello according to close to the pool not even close. But it shouldn't gone wrong certainly free where one night memorial murder of course they're. Fair and open the order complete traffic doing like seven miles per hour she's. Thought I was at the wrong side of the highway drive. Yeah there are open their drivers start fast dirt dirt start rear door. And shoot due to stress that sort of you don't get this far. Yeah you did they have good capital connect. You got to yeah a call back any time. I think if you read fast track for a brief and as you're I'd ran off deck once as it was snowing right. But we didn't think about there was a fire pit underneath the snow we'll play you know how hunting products. So I like to hair off my shirt down seventeen play drive like 330 pounds. Not run and I jump off a balcony now lay and no one of the day or her. I mean in the bigger things. Oh yeah and then later that night in her past. Doubt woke up some little mustard in my inner truth. Reason we ask don't think you know multi scale of one of two men who broke into a zoo in North Dakota got his hand bitten by brown bear after sticking his arm bars of the enclosure that's why the mayor Richard hey iris by the police had late Saturday or reported David Shepard Tony one came to an emergency room saying he'd been attacked by a bear. They sent an investigation show that shepherd and Cody cage. Climb the fence of the Roosevelt park zoo after rules closed door walked around the grounds when they came upon the bear enclosure Cody caged room. Showed he stuck his shivered studies arm through the bars are being closure. Aiming to entice one of the bears come closer and a bear then bit his right hand police and in the statement. They sit around her finger and I'm Pete always thousand pounds of the two men who police say were under the influence about all the time of the incident are now facing felony trespassing charges but yes he was bitten by a brown bear because he was. They gave him an orange who broke into the zoo and put as our Madonna closed. Read a question unless is it talk to the bears at the right to it if that is why we will take a quick break about a more your calls right after these. Men's room returns here's the question and drive teel Mike to let live resort casino 99.9. KI ESW. You're never gonna minor contestants stay up picking between two categories of flying and going on a little holiday your guess is as good as mine right. We'll shop today at a 445. It is the Iran question question I'm Brenda. Generally welcome gentlemen Brenda and edit for a guy hello Kelly. Harry good argument. Oh great Labor Day. If your birthday is how young you turning today chronic back twenties tonight you guys does that sound excited to. But what are you would you ask for for your birthday. Quiet and I'm lost a dear old days it's loud. The quiet forget about your birthday which is not going to come through I don't know it got together and get up and put them. All right here's your questions and being that your parents. Have you ever done anything in your lifetime that lose illegal. Coma yeah. You know edit your current it is I'm sad Heidi you've broken blown out with a follow illegal or. Our back well he's on the story you've got it's a deal which you'd dirty their. Not I was gay in Mexico. When in Iowa it's great birthday and it. Spread so quickly and I bet that few people act so far that you're out. And we decided to go back there who are put plot that was being act and those Annie get. Well but each went completely fenced off so we are declining at an. Can get down. Where the people it registered it incorrectly level until we or even a lot of it. In Rios where you win or lose it don't. Yet do we needed it we are early June. But we. Scott each letter with fifty dollar fine and Bullock kicked out of art or else. And it's amazing you can win a hotel was in the hotel that was met you wasn't it wasn't the police. It was without security got bound and they act called the. The police before they knew who was spared. Oh wait AccuWeather never mind we'll get we'll get a hotel as this is a hotel where you lock up to a union catchers as a hotel gym reserved way ahead of time and telling herself. Per share. I hop. Also the owners complained. Yeah. And it we got fine but the police found her record there are extra rapping on site are property because the speech but consider. Part of opry close was that they opened up war get Michael until arts here are some facts or read you what to do or another one. Oh there are 33. OK okay you can only do little parts here after sunset if you live in the park you understand. Well yeah. Record for you wanna have sex with the rendered him as soon as. I mean part of the other options. There adoption it's OK if it's corny let's go to the park some sound reasoning as you heard anything illegal and as a bizarre story in chesterfield township. A man is arrested for illegally having a gun and marijuana. And then some other crazy things according to police chief Brad Kirsten obviously you never know which are gonna find when your digging around in a vehicle. A week ago. You know Embree holds was going through garbage bin. Cops were called and they found a gun that some medical marijuana and more the individual is arrested any subsequent search of the vehicle turned up they cardboard box. With squirrels that. Baby squirrels on the inside the box I baby squirrels yeah this guy by the one was convicted of criminal sexual conduct back in 2007. He was sentenced to three years in prison but as a felon he can't have a gun okay but squirrels. Gonna supplement baby squirrels and above it's not illegal to possess them that's what would. Right so I got the couple's real I'm speeding whatever you surgeon Michael our military and gotten a box full of babies world I understand it enough questions but. Literally broken the law have a eases you like to go to the garbage can find things one day in a box he found these baby squirrels. He appear to be taking care of the swirls. According to him. But that's easy score a master the bad side is is now he's got to face charges of felony possession of a weapon improperly transporting American medical marijuana. As far as the squirrels go they were turned over to the animal patrolled apartment. And the last check your going to be. How he was ready to put on a personal bond will be back in court at the end of may likely without. Girls do you think their release those horrible lives who have taken incinerator. And they're squirrels and you can release of I think it but he's got a good bit do you think they did is went yeah. The score Austin and why not. Mean obviously we need more squirrels and morons and I think when straight into the firm's silencing the cops product and it just opened the box what this world security you have to like take you through the proper authorities note pads loosened a box of baby squirrels. That's serious business. It's an exotic animals that releasing into the why and why Minnesota governor barks and overwhelm them like it's. There why haven't taken any courses or girls are everywhere else but I have to say any you can be in the country doesn't generate squirrels pretty good and adapt. Depth there ever talks about squirrels in the city in the country knows about dead damn mics. But I mean you know Sony really your city now some country announced I had I had this conversation yeah I think added I distinctive and I had people say that yeah. You know there's a whole story evolve or go about city mice in country rice. I don't know the story why they say that I was so. Had they like that's the difference between you know the city mouse and leave the country now sounds like all right but now we're talking about girls girl lived in both places like an obvious coral. Countries or cities world. Jeff a pilot you don't know what the story is that. I should take a famous child story about mice come to visit the city mouse and combat country analysis all other although thrown off you don't do owe you an apology converts it so just know. I don't know about a year ago we're talking my unicorn why did may make it on to know is miles and I'm human I'm going back and forth about that did you retirement was a ridiculous stupid rough. Yeah it's soft it's an old song well so I'm looking Angela please what the hell you talk about your struggle and soul my daughter has this book which apparently everyone on earth has read as a child except me we're decide ball games. Read Jake this is job then it. I didn't read the book is not a person who I think that too yeah. Oh yeah I rebuttal at the attic listened and I. Follow me on this I am so Shel Silverstein chills overseas so. I've never read books Kidd had heard of what we saw about two or three weeks ago. My daughter's head into the leg most of the books on about the reading goes a kid's books lovable but it was outsourced our reading it. And I got a lot of fascinating moment. There's a great book this is to get those things revelers but as a rhythm I read the unicorn thing anomalies. This is what Ted was talking about. This is what that was a mother but effort around the missile bode well know goes. And it and it's a famously called Irish soft yeah I had no idea and read it and I instantly thought of total country mouse city mouth is the whole thing to make our team ray and so venues and not fight Michael in the town mouse in the country house okay oh yeah and show it's an old. Pilots don't fable. My results fables we're going to see them city slicker mass that's based on this and so my simple question why not squirrels is the reference. WiMax. There's there's countries are criminals are sitting squirrels if you go pigeon. It's a little side at all about the dive. There really is our right you know I mean really isn't about the veil does Hillary let scrubbed on account will detail a good squirrels eat the same thing no matter what. Know when you go outside the speaking Chinese food an enemy and start to get a pizza delivered like he's going through the trash and every gets there's things I'm not sure completely different note are general as a country have seen this girl to top an industry with a French friends mouth just me man. It's all about the diet. For a tries universally good that there's not an animal. Birds and squirrels even dogs even cats eat them Pete even in a French fry that that's one of doing Ebola and even during you know squirrels c.'s the view that in the woods and hunt swirled to come home and cook them up and you never see one round to the width of the French track the only dream from the girls right lakes with French Fries I either Dili district just person ever write with like your food to achieve this event. Personally it's an order of Fries that it can have it right and then a picture Liu a squirrel rat hole off a New York's a slice of pizza that was Peter correct. Few teams kind of fades or dead pixel echo it that refugee pizza. Randolph ran down brown yellow red umbrella and don't matter I'm friend. They're a guy. I met random yeah good good event met did you read the book where the sidewalk ends. That's where the sidewalk ends did you read this book of child. No good never heard of good days and finally. Somebody that. Metals go this one's when did you we have a story that's Longo on this but the what did you really have to go last and use had to go the bathroom bad Saturday at home then. Several walk around man realized I had to go right then those in the crowd placed Nowak. My mother I gave my daughter. A stool softener yesterday and she won constipated. But lebed's ice on demand that. Our girl producing stuff that that I never need to smell him or clean off the floor again and five pairs of underwear. We're beyond we're beyond saving straight into the trash. Her mother watching regime brown would even open if I tried to lift the lid with these SE drawers and my daughter's leaving all around my house. It was unbelievable. You could. Well I would actually that we would actually talk and what about this yesterday. Are her I used to it and you district and I will lose. We've wit or. One when my ex girlfriend appeared to a year ago. And we look good morning and I really had to go. And I believe. And you break it fuels we're all absolutely so I'd. The Irish I don't wanna crap in your house. All in public OK so my stomach it is growling growling. And and finally the movie ended. And I like OK I gotta go and I'm walking back to my house and I thought it was far. Just nonstop sports just yeah I'm still I was just letting it loose all the way home every step was. Jewish. Art part parts and then also nice. I grabbed my pants. Man people don't realize early departure Holman on the first day I didn't let critics are so many think the first thing you do do you separate for even a second is as far like. You might even walk in the bathroom and just try for just put both hands on the saying. Wash your hands and walk out. An average nearly every bathroom airport or more battle when you get off the plane late everyone under flight I don't know the women knew Cuba does won't get. They're not they believe there is eight guys standing members. And oh yeah. Could this affect the airport bathroom all the normal rules of a bathroom have been completely taken off the board it's like. Were your nervous to prove the Republicans are held back in an airport bathroom he got a growth you're. Yelling at these luggage between your legs you don't give up you bloated out like an eternity quiet nobody hit nobody cares to remember what I was huge is tough especially when you see like man up flight just got here from Miami and in Denver I don't care could happen in any other these people again here. So locking unlocking your hole and I gave although I like I I need to cure this thing over so I would say craving Jack in the Box nonstop. They're not too far away is that north you you have three block I would. Yep exactly like screw it I'm you can get it Norwalk and and are obviously yeah I probably can't stand everybody it's really get me because they can no millionaire homeless people there obvious that he barely hanging on this. And they're looking at me like I like being. The worst person in the restaurant. You blew. All of driven don't have fresh move minimum if I mean you brought up first you're like that. You have the bakery Arab minority to replace it smells like Brad everyone else just so Bremen in grocery stores so. And Luke and the worst part I was so hungry that I I got it. I went home and I actually hit the apartment and you still waited in line you I had to eat tech beating their greasy foods and panic at this. Not that Monica they've probably heady first look at the label group and our grandma so I wanna burger that's crazy story this is a ridiculous story and it's fascinating Santa. I was driving home in Berkeley California last week and he was parking his car. A Tony five year old man named Joseph Skyler then pops out from behind the apartment building with a gun. He says he's gonna take your car from the but first. He really needs to book OK so he forces the guy to take him up into his apartment to eat and poop. And that and have a few minutes in the to a so the guy just haven't delivered his grandmother his grandmother is in the bathroom at the time home taking a poke Joseph forces are out. Then makes the guys stand in the with his grandmother. While he does his business. On the bright side. According to the guy in the Erica mother he didn't let them turn around its that he didn't have pull a Jim cook he just. So once he's done that have to be heads packed downstairs. And can steal the cock aren't. The cubs' jacket down an hour later he was arrested at he also had a puppy with a it's tough to try to figure out other parts. This didn't creepy if he makes the guy he often does apartment his grandmother is already proving in the bathroom he makes or get off the toilet the he won't let him leave the bathroom and makes it more punch him troop that he did he tells them they can turn around my they does things that nothing goes down effect down. Thanks god I want to do you think you gotta match the company has had a window opened it with these brand that she looked like they would run into people and that's the most pellet gun at lunch that is just an adult somebody at gun point to user bathroom you might prove to front of people not sure couldn't even go open the apartment they were outside like he would inside and really got this guy has backtracked and air part of both the Pentagon the battery Forster about dump up to the development of Graham thought I'd I'd go. Oh my guy ran a question comes miles into the bedroom and I've point nine KI SW Seattle.