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Friday, May 25th

Mens Room Question: What happened with the gun?


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Do you what you're about to hear is real. This radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. Thrill. You know they say see your radio more than. Three times. There are no longer in Arizona or 2800. At thirty all our. Along with Steve the throw hill. To Ted spread and Bob. By tomorrow. The management a hey hit a couple of bad jokes bridges the return of dead birds did the FCC. Get ready to play profile list. Both headlines resident shot of the day fumbled three males everyone's favorite TV time of day like factory and got I never go as we go to Indiana where a middle school students opens fire. Injuring two. Meanwhile an Oklahoma man decides to shoot over restaurants than eight patron says they screw you. To Toronto where there restaurants prefer bombs instead it. Harvey Weinstein arrested for five seconds before coming up with the one that million inbred it turns out mussels and clams law he'll be Lloyd's as much as the rest of America. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All not bad kids good day to you and yours are one thing that you can count on in this country is gun. There's just over 300 million guns owned by private citizens so inevitably they're going to make the news. There was in another school shooting this time and Indiana were student opened fire at a middle school. If you've lost count and the 23 school shooting. Miss you and we all know we're gonna add to that list probably for the next three weeks. Our listeners on the cats. Down and Oklahoma they know all about the restaurant shooting and Oklahoma City now a guy shot a grandmother and granddaughter they're more Americans celebrate the grand daughters birthday. The guys shoot them and he was shot and killed by a private citizen who met him in the parking lot and put an end of that. But those are your garden variety American gun stories members. Some of the stranger on stories that we get like in Lakewood Washington as a guy that broke eighteen miles. Before he realized that that black thing the mountain to a star yet it was actually gun. And it got lodged into his bumper and pulled over aghast that he gets out of his car to inspect the quote unquote damage and urban handgun embedded. And into his bumper oddly enough and we'll keep track of the story the authorities currently think. So moment trying to get rid of the gun from an earlier shooting right Tony you're the evidence that bounces out of their car and lodges and to this guy. Guilty. And under the Davenport earlier this week he. He hit has done in the oven which is a bad idea when someone turned to government you're in a bad ended yet they got shot by a believed to bullet. And if you don't mind any children. It then why you're out of the ball on the gun got hot the bullets even though they shot themselves under the gun mounted an out of the chamber gone basically split but. If you ever been around a gun inevitably there's probably a story with a combined that's dumb stories sometimes it was scary story but most of the time it's gonna be stored so our question today. What happened with the gun here. Other joke 0844999. Hole you can like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and it's to Graham had been through my hands and those emails to the men's room at midterm live backup. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Hello John allies are gonna show number 2830. For a little larger charge program we have for you today. As the bad jokes on the labeled the bad jokes right before we drink and tells with a shot of the day coming up along with the exciting return of ten vs the FCC asked and once again tries to get a another wind into the win column to Ted vs the FCC will bring adults with a shot of the day another round profile this coming up and today we're talking about Doug God's real a lot of gunplay and papers I'm just do your math Obama startups argument Camara. Lost to mark Kraft and Walter compiles it all when it piles of paper and so many stories today. With guns as there is the subject and there's all kinds of crazy stories in the DC. This picture in this happened in Seattle they called a flying gun. Became lodged in Lansing car along I five on Wednesday. The driver was headed south when he saw a black object in the air strike to front on this car according to trooper guy guilt guy ideal ideal is your name really guy. I don't I'm guy deal. About a guy Gil as the Jack man troopers are normally you trooper Gilles kind of famous always do really well I think the main trooper on I got on Twitter although I think yeah. They've got a deal to for Gil are right he's the guy if you're like you know playing grants and going to eat you alive you hope this guy deal I deal could find holes data. I don't know what you're dry air down idea officials for. Spokesmen or want to laugh if you meet late Florio look really white tee is he won both unbelievable Adele white as he did that tell us state patrol dress is not a gimmick no they don't. Yeah well I hope I hate yeah actually now Jim Carey is guy's crazy I horrible red marker with a little. He's a big Jack do you can't be a trooper be small morons aren't so white that the comedy we your eyes go wide take maybe. He brushes. I doesn't think there's probably I think that Terkel stuff now you got one don't you with the fancy sonic care brand Jeff Han now amenities what has Steve on the white or yellow teeth and little white guy gills the guy gill was great to know a little bit blinding teeth. Check out guy you know agreed to treat them why did they are guided elegant it's gonna amazing easily a one light on this guy although I only wish I didn't enter a business needs and I think that's the spotlight wondering why this narrow that it is my vision thousand dollars radio clubs it was gonna pay the drunks and drug acts on the radio are talking about a guy young whose shiny bright feet. Maybe that's why they're white if I have to happen. Separate strokes I Patrick Cooper cynically puts our deep could've looked like that so the drivers today when. The question optimum. A drop all after I mean why not Amy and I hope that's why I was a weird pun I could drag if if if if but now on our. Driver said he didn't seem to make a big impact on his car and no warning light came on or anything like that we drove are bigger price bounced off the ordinary car. So I made about eighteen miles Boeing stopped for gas in Olympia. He was surprised to find a handgun was launched in the front bumper of his car now not only should be super I don't care who you are and should be surprised that there's a hand on launch until we know those facing the position where that it would it would have shot the driver however there's no clip in the gun but either way it's it is going that direction. A driver called nine more months and he was just a kind of like everyone else saying this is this is so strange. But I believe I struck a firearm and it still stuck in the front of my vehicle. You not believe it disagree Gannett is according to a trooper guy guilt I do some of the Chinese team throughout wanna goals and ideals T he should be doing what was the world was that whitening. Well the crest whitening Jennings will be doing a commercial for them. He says this is strangest thing he's seen in 23 years stub you cop can be a spokes model for crust white teacher pay if you know guide guilders he bleached those teeth how does against the white because I must yeah he does and I think usually as I've been thinking about doing this from years of smoking during coffee and everything else I wouldn't mind having one or two he's a guy Gil woody should really keep their man but they're not as wide as I'd like there now is why this guy kills. Well Davis is clean living forgot I don't think so now I think he is at least he really he's not telling you everything I think Steve really easy to call it. At that Africa cup guys alleged yet as he really let it is evident. I know is they write off the bat third and I I try not to be a first name basis with too many cups. And I don't know why that could happen. If he's very resilient today and I had a purple poke a little newer ones you don't wanna mess with the the trooper manga they are huge dudes that think that beat your ass I mean marriage ceremony troopers and a couple city does come Carol my buddies a trooper he is a he's an animal I mean he is an absolute he's always been an animal like you were scared just a look at she'd be a trooper based on what you know oh my god yeah. Wrote yeah oh yeah oh yeah I nobody always sounds drugs together but I mean he didn't know. Don't wanna know why not Baghdad did you gotta have a little to you got to know the enemy should I know why cops and I don't I don't die in Iraq. Our debate is once years ago. A group of friends and one guy got hookers. Yeah now a state troopers are today the truth is that it in the act like they're not you you think they got an eight samples. CIA Gil sister ACC Detroit three years is a smile to those white pearly teeth. There's probably nothing I'll ever seen in my career I've never seen anything like it before a traverse came to the scene and retrieved the gun eventually turning over to Lakewood police. If this was an attempt to get rid of evidenced by somebody. And we were able to recover it it just goes to show you sometimes things happen for reasons that's possible strike at sort of damned thing out the window. And is on his this is we were able to recover the firearm and turn it over to police it all worked out well MA this story out of it at the same time. So no certain level and in any of that they believe. They. Lakewood police they took possession of the gun they believe it may have been used in a shooting. In a park. So old doubts about the same time the gun got lodged in the car's bumpers that are out there tying in those those two things so but unfortunately no one was hurt. In that shooting. By the way miles they'd like you know it's a magazine at a clip clips looked around them and you know what am I gonna be ousted today I have very limited gun knowledge so I'll wait a minute. I don't know I don't ask me don't ask me do not saying out loud common to come and look at the clips where you put the rounds then put the clip in the gun. Look man I'm not understand what comes I'm gonna tell you that's gonna have Morgan Allison and anybody Anderson but I don't Donna back sign up and we wanna be very clear room service. We do not care I can't save them declare does my Brothers Tacoma police gang unit 66. See his partner is seven foot even. Said then they don't even need don't even need guns he just seemed to stand there look at you go oh sorry oh very good to pick up he thinks Africa Def does take me away. Oh do it. I don't random kind of stupid gun story that I have is that I want the I want to a gun range in this is an old school gunnery traits are just grass. Thanks so everything's safe in this event but somebody I was there with I don't know the gun they had guns and one with that. My CF 44 sure he'll most dirty Harry's done. Was there 44 or 45 the authorities 350s and I don't remain and up powerball and we're all right so my buddy's dad goes hey. Just be careful I think he's gonna kick a lot aren't sure no problem but I'm a grown man pretty she'd just gotten and they should be done six rounds cease fire happens. And all six rounds were in the dirt because I was so scared of it hit the fact that I kept like pouring down and shooting the damn thing. A lot yeah. Mean as far as gun and it's come from Baltimore man and I'm not part of minimize it disarmed on the old time people shouted to a world time that's just life. But my eye on the interaction among a box. There's guys sitting in the back corner and the boss makes sharp turn and has gone falls out of his way span and in no way this guy's card carrying member of this is understood so. Gone its revenue sleds across like an ounce in front of me. And I don't know my hate you drug your legal firearm protocol. So look under the gun doesn't going to be everyone sees it nobody cares cause again roads of time whatever. So I was at least we can move to get his gun bag I'm mark and leaned over big as a slot somewhere Omar put my fingerprints aren't anything that anyone on this both. I won't even pass a Gatorade bottle to your body out on a fingerprints on map. The first couple seconds managed to my foot in my slowly nudge didn't his direction and a life. Hey man you've done he looks down picks it up. His exact quote they knew what American boys back and I was there. Note sent word to describe okay. I think already I think no immediate I didn't wanna do a bit about I don't know what I don't think of your gun do you see any break. They are minutes that other parties where there's been gunfire ocean and to people cleared out no one was shot and I do. The one that well the one I remembered the most just as far as the adrenaline rush was concerned. Was when I was when I was growing up those a guy who owned a lot of property beside where we all lived in a small small road. And everybody's house was on this one wrote for the most part but the property decide it was all of this farmland at the bottom of the valley. There was a cal pocked. And the pound was ruled a bigger and he did have a challenge howls popped donated Orioles to watering hole vocals Guillen had cattle when he had in Cal's and a number of years. It it was it was it had been it's fairly clean the stream running is an hour upon now to bond and it's expand a little bit announce about the size of a lake and it's a good sisal pond. He put a small little dock on the air with a canoe or a little boat. There were Lily pads everywhere. And as this pond kind of regenerate it and stuff one of the things that he did. Was he stocked it with fish that he would catch in the places. He would bring back a Trout he would bring back a small up fast barge shall pass out whatever was catfish thrown in their turtles the whole deal. The one thing that he hated was kids and he did not want you over there are no matter what but. You can see the size of these large mouth bass and we knew how big they were in the in the end like they just. They were the biggest fish that never were caught sure and so when you're 1213 years old you know you're on my god like we've got to figure out a way to get those fish you don't really just. Just just sneak in some rubber worms male star cast and so we went in and night. That there's no action fish basically do sleep at night for the most part it was a bottom feeders threat to be catching catfish in drag summing up there and but I'm gonna get any action is against evil you know I mean it's just it's this other fear into. Yeah to be their during the day. So we would army crawl and we will swear like we would Wear our own camel. We are recalled my 1213 years of me but were on a mission and you know emulate and my one but he had like a little pocket fisherman like the kind of the way. My hello genuinely like the little look whatever that don't go finish your agenda to polling people did yourself the pocket graduate I just think chaos. You get that unexpected. Occurred exactly go fishing with the way they've marketed as it relates felt like I know is strapped down a road you've mastering moved the occupation and away we go look commercial division says this happened you would like I am one can't bring Paul during a pair of runs you imagine even. With the pocket fish yeah automatic IU of U hell yeah yeah I'd tell them they work. Is this does southern whites past time because I did the same thing only that age but apparently it definitely did not breaking into officially hatchery. To go any text the biggest message I would we put back it was surely that. But they weren't monstrous these things. Oh really apart isn't ever enough I cannot use the puck I guess now when I had those I had a very small. Trout pole those kind of like and maybe an early version of ugly stick they did in fact break down to two peas and those very formal I that thing down my leg. You'd army crawl and you know and mean but the one thing was the was this tree. That was right directly decide upon it was a bigger tree in and provided some cover. And it once and I figured out we were there he would shoot down he reached the shotgun. Down and outs in the pond now keep in mind it's maybe a couple hundred yards. But the buckshot is not separating that much rhetoric like it's hitting the tree branches are falling down like if this thing would hit you. I'm pretty sure it penetrates gan it's probably the equivalent of being shot with like maybe five pellets from a pellet gun at the rhetoric by the time it's got to it's still buckshot. It's still from a shotgun is still being shot from a long way away. We would just wringing BBs Brescia QB sitting there like in the grass you think are right. Wouldn't we does does he have a thirty out six to the other double barrels of known in the chamber as he reloading did you I don't really hit my three killing all he would extremist get stuff. In arts boom boom. It stuff football level weeding chairmen like. Thought it was okay. Man. He had him and he had he had one of the fish in the mouth a given now he is ahead and now he's off the Portuguese coming down. So we're like holy Christ so we based in can keep in mind man when I say do you that he barbed wire this fence to try to keep us out. He barbed wire this I mean he barbed wire era 2.0 we dug under. He does is we love you guys but we're thirteen we had nothing to do we just want these days right if you can just Arnold had under yes. He didn't have any houses are letting you pick up in an ailing. All we were doing was. We just want to get in there and I we're almost gonna do it via the stream. You know we will we want why do you fission stream above the stream is one of the big ones were those just Jeffrey Immelt had gone ones are broad coalition talks on a ball all ma'am I mean yes we're army corps army but it is I'm going to put one time and we just get up and just take off running. And so my body pat is is he's an official line he leaves this poll we just take off frontman wee weed and if he's still firing his gun has he's running down. So the last the last site that we see OK we kind of make it to a safe area we look up. And that jackass is real and and that obviously that's it we've had some real abroad I did he takes the rod and really throws the fish back any start up African. We're like just like. This is a big deal what year did you like you luge officials and yeah here they've got to wait your turn back your principles GAAP manifesto freaked out of it that the adrenaline rush. The only other time it federated adrenaline rush like that was I think but I still like CDs from mica RK mart or something becomes ethnic he can pick out a gunman journal reference to ECB. He's very hard if the girl chasing you right back at us still is there and whether it was just I don't know. I'll never forget that event and I and and that actually that place is still there farm Stiller man idea housing development I think that the pound debt than the funds to exist for the people still live Leonard if cal bombed the kappa with no doubt what Madeleine begun a 44999. Cola. I'll god dammit hang on site in a missile art. Now we go so low now pockets cal bottom box payloads Jacob welcome to the men drew. Oh. It's. All right so I told my one story by. I can't always better when they're all the same people that they're too. Okay. Movie. You really pounding channeled again from miles you know I don't know if you noticed mamet he's a black belt and he'll kill you if he's usual person. I think until it could do it longer iMac is little known fact about ID's homicide and he doesn't like him he would do it. OK I don't want it again he's an animal. Only have to do is I want your primate that's. I thought I was going after the guy. Not that good luck and god grant that so I would ask me how party. Well I was still a teenager lot of miners there. And all then we eat stoplight outside the door and ordered they don't know what dust they're gonna. Until all the miners you get out the back door and jump up banned foreign don't feel Lou now that there and then. We find out there across the street so we go back and got. One of the guys those little had a gun that flocked there in his back. And he. Savvy law did not quit. I'm walking around you separate the and we're so we're looking around the corner we're looking good that we aren't you clip so what is he wanted to you know. I rocket or Randolph in the backyard. Like there isn't still cost across the street. He started shooting in the backyard and how how comes across as unity. Do you want to choose so badly we had a although Nike there but an ongoing thing all night are you sure can't look up Obama joked you go to the business I don't know. All these stills that he's still alive. There is his decision against the is alive yeah well that's that's America alive I wouldn't say well but. I'm kind of you says. What would it would mean now well well what has gone wrong. Definitely. Okay. Yeah. I have tires star and I thought he sounds like I don't know if his decision made exactly. What's would have been with a gun 844999. Only to guy on math all right let me I want feud is gonna die across the street from the gun crime. He's inside though got a week you're gonna begin soon as today. It's always a Smart people little. It's not me I'm Laurie Costello with our question what happened with the gun you are losing the men's or radio network. Pitches you'll. Does it drones hovered near his home on Monday nights a Florida man sought to bring down the aerial intruder by firing seven shots from millimeter hand. Hummer and spotted the drone flying above his credits are residents upon returning to the property around six. The drone that gains told the police dropped to within feet of the ground before the shooting back up into the sky. He aims at a did he waved his hands at the camera equipped drone indicated that he wanted to its operator fly the drone away from his home. James who has a Honduran NATO and runs a construction firms said that he was fearful for the safety of his family and worried that equaled cycle. May have been trying to watches sixteen year old daughter. I'm so very protective of my kid. With the drone continuing to stock is property gains attended the shooting down from the sky aimed at the drone with a nine millimeter firearm for what Jane said it. He has a permits the homeowners squeezed off seven shots but none hit the drone. Yang subsequently called 911 report that he tried issued on the drone since he was in fear of his family's privacy. Can't determine that the drums being flown by neighbor who was properly licensed by the FAA. The drone operator who claimed that he did not know his drone was shot at all that I flying the device ovary gains property. A patrolman educated gains on the properties of a handgun and told homeowner that the shooting of a drone was not legal. He gains appears to have escaped arrest since as police notes at this time no one witness the incidence that's not that big bucks I appreciate their stay I didn't go. It was like look man there there's more balls and America than any other country and that's one of the problem is. A lot of talk obviously you don't know old Victor breaking a law so from this guy's perspective Amar my private property here's your time I get it it's above my home about a gun I'd shoot attitude I had no question about I try to wild bus on the net costs down sort of the count showed up was that hey man that's not legal I would definitely apologize but I can tell the mild flu like work. I didn't know because to me this I don't think I'm not property it is legal it should be if your on your property and to me if I was in nineteen might be a state where you can. Agree exactly what you Stanley and it's over your property or your problems. And I don't knock you download the football like a local real source in. There is that you really get busted your legal lose forever would have been a decent score the aristocrats. It was a fifteen year old whose life bedroom that's sort of like I doubt and I pulled out a pianist PM speed on it India looked up again now you're registered sex affair exactly what one avenue with a gun did you give a drone. He's a far far 99 Ayatollah. Idea. Time ago hello my welcome to the men's room. At Columbia it is only. Yeah. OK so let Stewart takes place and the the apartment. Are my mom found an apartment and Everett and I just by a Glock 23. I'm very proud of this fire aren't. And that just say yet I'm on page god she's very anti firearms. Doug green over to your house to to show my sister. And as I'm not showing enough sense and let everybody hold it I'm always telling me you know like you've never been safely firearms. You know I wish you wouldn't bring it over you know some gonna happen in an issue yourself to somebody else. And head towards the end of the night. Things are winding down getting ready to leave and I go to pull it out short tour unless China and Uggla do you so I'm telling her out saying I am and how careful I am that this guy. And that I pull it up to about six inches from my agent and goes off. She knew that cabinet posts just to the left about solitary they're nice. I. Okay. How many times I have to tell your. And sir what does or give the whole thing is that the thing that makes all of this worked in case you didn't know having been matter is that she just told him. She had just said hey man. You have not been responsible farms please don't bring this award as a response when inevitably you prove her right. I don't know if you had ever been around a gun goes off especially right funny but I its clout he has so initially none of us are saying little things we're pulling our ears at camp and I know my immediate response is to begin to apologize and controlled situations so. And then let figured out I didn't shoot myself or anybody else. I actually ran out of the apartment to the next door neighbor's house who are little steps to go to bingo through sixth right yeah I was really worried. I knock on our dorms freaking out at about midnight. She comes in the door totally bewildered she has no idea what this crazy guys and senator Trent torched. And it tells me no I didn't hear gun go off when you talk about I have to explain all I'm sorry to wake you up I just shot I don't know downstairs. Now things you can control okay good yeah listen out of from a gun in your direction if could you going to they look the attractiveness of the staff. It's almost like the parent mouth and we'll tell would have with a gun 844999. Olmert tells him up here and second. The show and many pins continue on the men's room. Radio network.