06-06-16 PodDammit Does the Heimlich

Monday, June 6th

Today on PodDammit, we begin by talking about the majesty of SPAM which then somehow goes into everybody's story of the Heimlich maneuver needing to be done. Which then goes into some of the worst carnage that the guys have ever seen done to another human being....See you guys at Redfest!


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As buttered rice is modern. Here my whole. On looks a semi Venezuela. Was a knob Barrett or was it. Just not as bad as you thought it would be good a lot of times a man a lot of times Summitt told drew they made them like in my mind and life. This cries I don't wanna try this put a court to say things school. You take a bite it's not as bad as I prepare for so when I tell would you listen it was an event. But I actually mean literally you don't vet back here's a couple good meat stores or talk about the Hamlet I think Mike and miles are both right I like spam. Can reduce pollution domes and then hope buckles. Motto is like spam defender let's go to let them know bring you live there I like it but I'm not gonna try to act like it's anything better than what is it that Palin on August that I was drunk and how we use said I've made I've claims process. You said during its payment and who that winner of so I had this Persian in my I cut my veteran Carl. Because. You're lying about it who have long Greece's bail mad money have reminded you for Juneau in the worst way. I am. A bit. Add to your hat sort of found out yesterday that would be the ultimate blame bush or mail him although all the leads process from whenever you need. We got a canned chicken woman to kick themselves. Check your bag hey you know this did incurred when he goes to October fest. In the grassy agencies like me and he's that drunk. He's like there's chicks everywhere that it moves man's party's items starve and he's like so I go and for the sausage. He's like besides he's so good thing and go back for another sausage and sit managing these chicks that Salem like. Our eyed man got sausage stuck in my throat. I camrys write this yeah. But I can't top either you don't meet these ladies and it go like. Losing a. And finally this finally this old dude. Comes over and he just hits parents chuck and him behind cause behind it that's chair. And keep reminding the table but do without a big Beers as had a picnic table their own drink in their all dressed up. It off the set these as. He's like it's weird man he's like he's you don't realize how this thing's gonna work when it's done to. He's like and I was just squeezing your stomach but when they felt let like for him and that it just shoots the hell out of your mouth and it's like it's not a total it's not a subtle like it just moves a little bit it comes brick and line it's like your pumpkin full air in the group. Like you and you make your I don't agree that makes any sense I think whoever cot cot the food with thirteenth OK so this go to all the right there to show. Jones sausage because all of this expressed a show all of us six share all of its failure there are so that system. So them other body goes Heyman and you know Chandler. Same thing man he is out to dinner couple weeks ago and somebody beside him and they're not really nice restaurant. Starts choking on a stake so there's this guy knows who's just a complete like just like you know he's he's just party guy he's like to have fun. And I can just see he's a key is hidden in a place he's the restaurant just to bear hug and just squeeze and he's secular and all the sudden. Yes you showed you still think it's flying out as math on it did and that both have a like he's Heimlich conversations on the golf course Michael. Again our good on the going to be the go to both fringes to the I'm like what is going on. Why there they took it on meet the government in a two hitter as restaurant eating I never met anybody announcing a never choked on something as about a small that I missed you brought joy out of hand. Please note. And doctor I'm adjusted for the first time to. And ask Jerry Newton. I've seen it done like three times for the babies get up and hopefully it that in saying hello hello and yet as I say he's doing well I'm just crazy asked we them anywhere on the deck once and like a barbecue. And elect a lady ran in the house next door and was like. Yelling pointer burrowed in and her friends they just choke the neighbor lady yeah that is already and are cooking out. There's a lot of arguing hop the fence and jumped over there and not give all grow old effort Greta van my daddy did you write your daddy he just ran over and David I'm. As pictured at running through defense. Smash into the fifth and it was a lot of guys forever just like you know like a budget decks to like he was opened they're easy to like go from there are certain people who just spring into action when stuff happens and then there's like me who just analyzes the situation Rebecca black. Our man that's messed up a hit that many believe. We'll have a hundred critical is gonna talk over there that's my husband and I saw a guy at a festival. Which he sit on the edge of the water right. And imagined seeing in somebody and I mean every single vein on their body kinda like flexing. And it was late. That's not right and then like his friends are like uh oh he'd be easy he's not like they're like dragon in the water Riordan and and like get up out of the water to drink or losing just hydrate. What I think is an absorbent through skin yet they are your body is well yeah. Classic known as the man on Thursday probably in a pool it's a different glass toward her not ever work in progress from Israel diplomatically and put it into the water to cool off one minute and you know he needs a drink water and then get two minutes later after about water's the golf barracks room. Those cleared. He's only doing what a good move on both them and tell you what to do today this festival which is drink more water to ride the that would have plunged drink water cuts on the sun she. Even remotely saved anyone's life now is. Even remotely let him like someone on the way I know I've never still don't want someone does get killed but I mean what did you see like a group of people in the cargo flying reckoned I'd bet I did it but I had nothing to do with them staying alive from accident but it was. Like closing down the bark so like to weigh them. This is on 83 north on the East Coast on and gals point right so anyway they have an open bag Jeep double college did it open bag you. I accept them stop them. Blue Jeep and eagle blow by Anna laughed and everyone's when everything's fine but then. Before I mean you just see the back like star fish tailed the marlin fishing down it's like all man and his cottages. Up on two wheels and unlike deuce hazards alike when you see a stunt driver do the government to really illustrate. For the rest of his Goobuntu reels and you bank to decorations not violently man and has this thing. Jeez almost you cause. This thing banks sharply to the right but I mean it takes like a bill in the second and flips over instantly adjusts the I don't think if you cut that took the top off the popcorn and wonders breeze. Are just like everybody is just out of the thing and that's on the first flip it to them in the they're just thrown out to do it continues to flip the good news is normal was left to the jeeps when you look at the deeper now fifty yards of that's like a paper weight by. Like norms and so it actually up or some of the burst or you'd all over you third and everyone stop orders entered. Who discussing him and his head is just. Lick a ministers open. But he's the closest guy for me getting out of my car man and our door for them time point you can't see you can't see anything when museum. And any ground floor coal. To do is good. Mammoth press or bro you're okay no more about double the number two BR I've noise and details are no idea views are and I did not think you go our muscle. You have like the last person ever talked in Nairobi time that you remember I mean it's a good thing. But to look at this guy has to use our time is there's things you know what is it what is available and it's better than no look all maggert and they're not all I ask. Arnold screwed. Holly you know with the lives of all look like a pistachio and then like his brains agree part of funeral and all my uses cracked open at the top. When she come enemy is going shape Qatar what does convert to look at that went to splitting down the middle it's a thing but its auditor. My thyroid. That I look like this report as a man out of the pit of my buddies what is at wide open on we Kellogg and the highway bridge jumping in the lake there's big I bars them. Cross roadways and this is double joints and he we thought we normally in normal size two victory. Foot area there goes another way like me or does it it'd just took the top only to the Tavis and also was like a slap it literally was a flap and you could see his skull. They like he could pick it up in just bleed like crazy out like. God. I like the edge as the marriage is like oh god so the big island it is normally we would jump down in between the rest of those is that out of Illinois over the lake and all right guys that it isn't it now it's now my next plan is like are you gonna climbed on the latter. We got to get to one of the partitions in the late on would have flagged down a boat in a sleet and he's got blood just run and ends based all the boats go by and we've really. Have their way like half I had now I know they're either way back and add up you know where it's. Now bust your head about tighten up my rabbi I cracked the back of my head up and I was about. In an iron from a school books again hit it under the economic swung into the seat but I just by mr. McMahon hit the window. On the back my hands like odd jobs like. And that freed and hurt the guy behind was Spaniard leading a look at my hand and since the whole hand was covered in blood elect a government that some like the bus home from school and now like I got them like you know blister like open my guys are with the nurse and to stitch is a summit and then a couple years later a busted open again so the two scars across Italy and back in my head. See everything you know is really ultimately as Stephen you about got a coming up with. Oh my god. What happened and dare you kill someone did you know Australia is always look at my little community would have what I have the failure to meet the winner turned around metadata. Back here look like a vagina. I mean it was a blue. Hole. Some I hit my wife when you're from who snaps and he did you do this why I have zags that. Who did that he does go into bedroom brick mentally. And why don't put. So we started and out of the rear does them alive that's and in the hospital that started with spam and got the Ted's head to. We just. Swear so we did you made of the same stuff. Hey we gotta go oaks we have our weekly meeting with her clubs and we always push to sort of into the we are fuming with them so we're going to do them. Afoot he yelled I'll buy your tickets for red fest. Read this is June 25 so we're getting really close that it's Saturday it's all the details or they'll conduct come. They don't all these silent for a president and really if I'd given up on it. You're right we're two weeks why not I'll let you turn out well when it yet totally out because the little British cemetery where does their great moves away. It does take is mask a big radio Tampa gold we've got to three grade band's gonna play Forest Labs and injured sausage down there can never tried that. Who's gonna be down there he just like to be Julian talked to him he likes to drink beer hang ounces Brian from Lee. Yeah hello I was Andy from rolling smoke house barbecue he's the guy who does the barbecue force backstage pass in the grass he's going to be they're doing the cooking demonstration that's an impressive reviews gone through we've got a pre funk package where you get in early and every time he's here to give Beers you get a sausage lunch he knelt prowler religion it's a ruinous Ferraro resigned last products like Orioles while ought to be our last it got the men's and stuff after the minutes and whatever it is then I've seen nothing else in that's a tough enough a -- once that assurance that our defense has a lesion but you also you get that you get the growl or with like about your to have a field player now. So you don't leave the foreground really evident to rally and don't want to basically it's just a cattle are saying on drinker for though at the the the rest of the people revise them. Refund ought to do edging to that he's gone by taken get an injured over three bands and has silenced probably fish sandwich and do it too so. It hasn't read it doesn't really pumps also eager for example every dominant and it's bigger fish sandwich isn't Jimmy come around soon. Jim he's going to be here in town he's gotten used it to graduated from MIT. He doesn't he just got a jets on lessening colonies like. Am I we probably cannot back out again that he's graduated from am ID MI got my god Jimmy in my put up against that's your wife's side and any yea yea yea yea yea I hear what you saying that he. If the weather. If I get any way. It that he's moving out there. In countries and I carried that around for beer take care going to regret on the Medimmune is number whatever like you know that's fine music now would come up for the Orioles so. That is a Thursday. Friday a and whatever that goes into the week I didn't do it in late July 1 or second. It's not worry you as an outline examined hundreds of the in this market Venus is at the end of this month and in June. DC July am sorry now first or second. Although all of them up then call in a lot neck odds are always an academic sense since that weekend until I was I didn't realize I was that far in the gym so that means he's gonna coming either on the show on the Thursday of the front try to get on the front nasal bent and like I don't care or his plans don't bro just comment is said. You bring your Smart nephew be need to gentler. Paranoia let me he has no idea what percentage why don't we ever get the debt you already. That bring that Smart nephew or whatever it goes MIT and that's bad even. Have been a guy that.