06-20-16 PodDammit is back...and full

Monday, June 20th

After a week off The Mens Room is back and well fed. Time to get geared up for RedFest 2016!


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I looked up until every on how it works in debt or an act. Exit the shares that question for like where Scott has been worthwhile investment and if we Roland. The world aren't just. I the other reason we haven't had a podcast for you in a in a week there is because round vacation yet yo go on vacation because it's it's a rerun. We don't put the podcast up of another rerun but also because as a vacation yet to vacations so we're not can't worked on a vacation from vacation it's not a case gore back from vacation. Boy I ate a biscuit bitch over vacation now analysts assign a couple moments are went only sausage went to biscuit they two of my daughters are large animals. And mr. rich no one's got is sausage. Did I took I always I took police to like cut cook out. Four left out all I know you did you know I know because when I walked up to the first encountered les has said these two guys like he man. Are you on the men's room I'm like yeah and I'm with my daughter. And he comes in he's got this huge box any drops right on top of the county is if you go man. Brian says here you go men enjoy in a Mike. Is no man Eddie me like come konduz and I don't like to hear from two or three pounds and analysts I'm not paid. By the way I don't know scams going on in his joy equities like you're a free boxes sausage dog me I don't know you know what I call him the trust me. Goes appoint my nickname I'm ray Roman knew when that be funny. And then. Why. How does it until I give thanks and settlers don't hate him you gotta get I would have done that it could be you you what I will not so definitely do that is so cool these guys are good and he's got a real good minutes. Just call my notes I've told you got a good way our guys I was walking up to DiMarco my daughter around who knows got I was abused crazy down there Saturday morning but anyway. That makes sense because I picked mine up on Friday. And I accidentally came in thanks if they like all yarder came through. That's what they're pretty they dropped off the salsa strengths and I cut but either way in my cookout in wanna game there was there was that has had surely not too early this is on the legal laws like. I now. Sorry this isn't about taking critical look at Johnson Richard dairy items inside that most of the backlog if you like you come a couple of brightest thing but yeah I think that's a confession. Go they are saying I needed tax that attached drumming is so good man and they had a food truck Iran saw parts not too far from a from the studios have yet and that's Benadryl to your -- sutra. The Fries either regular or with old brick. OK and no really ha ha sentences are thick. See man that's what I need to know I mean. I've legacy and I always say this and I believe this to be sure and I know you don't Seattle's totally different than a lot of cities are about his health we will not all of us are. And I just feel really go to restaurant. Don't you worry about my health ma'am you can try to poison mean you can add fifteen sticks of butter I just want a good meal and I let the tents and work. The auto labeled dole by your core reappear corned beef because the one thing. Among all the places that just don't care by her help ease sells chicken. Are now ahead in Cincinnati and you don't play elect him because it's good. No gets excited about the coups gruesome tale that they had that fancy as a restaurant or the beet salad. But everybody is happy when you eat something we know five years or just taken off of your life. That's what I want I want you healthy lead at home and guess what. I don't even eat healthy and college. Answer me is just being able to get there it's like their their lunch place it's over during the week Canadian criminal business they do open up on the weekend to give busier the oven on for Sanders matches. There's liner on the block just based on the fact everyone knows that they are not normally open at that time with the will and the couple man hours for the sons myself this is kind of hard to get their sometimes exactly how Tyler is a tell us everything you need to know Matt. That's us like well. I have a day off I've been down a leading tat threat howitzer the other coast and Ghana gets out there he's played a ton of chicken wings because chicken wings. No good. I'm the best brisket and had my life real and I guess throws that. Oh okay. Awkward now it's another thing that's it's a little bit of time throws parents both look very nice people then strangely enough to pick I don't know mostly male moderate and I'm I was like guts crazy they're very nice people that if I have a man that thing met Chris he did it on like they Mecca Weber. But yeah just a cattle like a Weber kettle smoker can deal. Is it about eight hours on their eight Genco much commemorating all Argyle and it was a remains were charcoal or wood. Neither man. Who owns cuffs das an inference. No kidding I'm not a subtle smaller dogs and there are some things just hard to keep the temperature ever think that style and ended it he does not FO wanna browse. Nice like and it's always like when you and is exactly the way it is every time I was brisket it's so good we went to my wife who barely meets me was like that was amazing and and we're at a barbecue place doubled as you wanna go on the as a brisket that's good it looked. Just hand out there I'm sure it's probably good Bonilla who wants is an average brisk Jeffrey mapping. I just got to euros and cause him I say like you laid on the left over the about a tell Missouri today and our primary Obama the most dropping ever. Seeing mass castle's wife castle's wife her wedding our buddy jeetz is getting married and Annie from rolls Marcos barbecue was he was catering the event. And he had prime rib. And she said she isn't one premise does give me a really thick thick cut of primary means a healthy do you want she's come thick and she's like you know blocked when he router yeah. So he cuts like a two inch thing a prime rib. It takes a paean to huh. Hi your play at Fred wants done and she's sat there man and I looked over half of its gone now is terminal and I'm like oh my god she's gonna than oh it's gone it is goal should crush its gonna come never seen they have never seen a woman he'd like I was so impressed. They care about the wedding anymore at that look at it and man at the highlights yet exactly tough primary it was delicious. Elena loaded baked potato of primary fight that load of may contain a leg that got more problems than anything. You cannot know when viewed very pretend I think you don't about what I tried to baked potato dividends like this this is the guy that aspect entitlement. Are they content. So we don't read all eight on the vacation Elliott I realized I am I an ounce after she gets read this to Saturday deathly c'mon join us into the Georgetown relocation of fire tore away we're gonna have a Boudreau is there. We'll probably have faced Salinger's so indefinitely sausages and be down there are three bands Carla drug a couple of Beers subsequent tournaments and I'm I'm usually only one they're new they're just not an act and I had a meeting about the responsibilities I have very much. And really cut and in my drinking touchdown I've Boston. As this stuff and they are both usually says like any time we have like people stations. Where everyone's involved it's always an and I appreciate this too just taking years of them just to figure out how things go but let's look. We're disaster new guys nothing did too drunk before next time Selassie we and then go duke against him. To lose or draw enough to drank the Allegra track and there's usually end a trap on our brand minerals in the red dress is a long day. Let us know we'll be there and what 67 hour or something tomorrow then but I usually flies the slow pace and yet he marrow water in here there and now. The threat policing does not make wheat Beers I always say they don't know if that's the biggest issue I always have. And I want to their twentieth birthday party itself Senna and I was director some you eight point 38 point 5% Beers envoy did not take long now now the best place dust. Dallas faced up some and pay us based ST in housing I don't know you know I don't Adam I mean I don't buddy that's a really good drinker. I think he knew he said any as let the last and we rang out who these videos that I thought we were OK and then. He has you left. The news as soon as you left it taught me how drunk I was we don't like that apple the record numbers we have badly for three spaced us and something else slams all you need is time ago now. Now there's a funny I think last year. Brett fast I actually missed an announcement I love a stage announcer can. You figure. Couples starting drug relate I'm not gonna make it does my arm got a message in an hour economically afford from a player Ted ready to go to hit it had generally I don't know any other then I don't know and then and they are here. The messed up part about this in my mind is like you know the reason we're there and the reason Beers nurses to go to the proceeds net person president of Fisher house over there did so that the Fisher house always you know they're always there and it's always like. The executive Director General or five star commander of the U yeah Fisher house fleet you know it's special command unit or whatever it is like. Were hammering and it's always there's this guy and there's like this 56 year old lady who is like. Mrs. this year are like it's always like it's whatever it is it's always to these. Encourage your eyelids are gonna give me a 100000 dollar it's. The states of America. Object he's bigger and bigger and bigger every year for the bottom line is like in the very appreciative obviously in their happy in their in there there in the originally aired live a life and now I'm in this is like OK just go there. Hang they do good for the guys who don't follow this and who they mean like what have some Beers and hang out to get millions of having a good time the times also endowment we talked to that first initial meeting here like the Missouri and an error before the Catholic yet eyelash just forget this mean you'll play with a strong mustache and then when I first met ME Celia deer in the headlights like OK okay. Billy shorts dark here. When you fast forward two hours later giant gentleman crazy like that I'm and I got she did it isn't up. Oh yeah it's sometimes it didn't take those and yeah you princesses Osama. We always beat a man it's amazing. It would amongst you in the direct us ground how many police officers there bringing the signs I mean last your mettle like we're 56 different cops in my jerk cop oh god yeah. No no land. Yeah you're still welcome it's silly to me out you can tell the Gaza have a family but with a turnaround and introduce themselves like the news to build. So I'm about to build a haircut the way they address you know don't come like that under god do they need to explain. To lose some. Because it's. OK okay. You know where's a good man how weather supposed to be good on Saturdays afar I mean who the hell knows the glass prediction I saw like show low seventies with a 9% chance of rain perfect I don't know what that network that's that's still fifteen yellow spring glass you're right is a little blue and I know now last class jewelry on itself as we are we had one here where it rained like the first hour to a minute and then it cleared al-Qaeda. But yet we had last year is hot reduced intensely serious and Horry who look at some disk Shay we we heard you ginger she. He but I. And Tristan did I think it weird that Matt we got you I just that is general Pacific northwest population we got you yeah I could do and don't look Kelli arena does it pale did you bring some some walk. You know if you war broke out the gold medalist a police going to be down there you love bullies and you've got to talk to man he's entertaining yourself. You'll Brian I'll be down there is duly yeah six foot four balled the German compared MR must've had a kid and he's got this huge as barbecue grill is undercutting demonstration for everybody in the band's going to be great and we we got we've got a death. Hello stoned every travelers and rest investors' votes. Who's going to be as can be good afternoon into Aussie down registered on the ticket is gonna cast W dot com be sure you get in on that dip and recklessly so much fun that this podcast will beat this Turkey next week now this decision OK I know I. Sound like hey I hear you advance notice that is. And there this week you know meeting. Yeah see you Saturday lets me get up.