06-21-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Gets Canned

Thursday, June 21st

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes is all about Foods in Cans! No S Sherlock is back and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. After coming up dead meat and potatoes today fifty whose that you didn't know came in Kansas coming up with the head chef Brent we don't play the game known. As big dummy 844999. Cola. Hello here and welcome to the manager. Furniture and bullying you got to pick one hard shell tacos until October read over and not kill. I'll go with the garrido. Next. Breakfast Fredette. Dominant all right miles favor whom they below the brunt of Maria really do. The bay prison break through rent them tortilla. Then yes. A government. Make your finger proof dude you don't Texans fan a lot of like frisking me call me out here I am admittedly those type rectify I don't care yet but brisket and and I'm more relieved that you just. I think it's just what Brett did an ever going to be good for fifty cents. Coming up who. I here's the question what launch first YouTube or Twitter. You do. Talk Miriam was great kids know you of the game is big dummy 44999. Hole. Hello Derek welcome to the men drew. Erica then you're bullet hit one hard shell tacos are filled taco Bernie bill or not Jones. Rio just killed a million per barrel and it. By the way the government to coming and they are they're basically hailing the monster as a as they see here in the state of Africa is the monster has never gotten somewhat fluid. Well it's a rare thing for a month. I love it if it. Here's the question in 1943. In 1944 pennies were made out of what. Instead of copper. I. He can yeah. And these were made out of what instead of copper 1943. In 1940. It's of the copper short. I think because of the war effort they were using coupled with something I believe basically that's on the way to about a house one time and apparently whenever they built the home during the air that they built the home there was in fact it copper short. So all of the wiring that went through my elsewhere on the relay switches into you out the wires were aluminum. And when you turn the light switch on the house which you can hear the wire in the walls and whipping around kicking against the sides of the war. Anyone arkan stuff it was weird I was like man one man is gonna got a house far basically I much I never lived in the house like that but I knew of a few 1002 of legs arms and what is this. All right let's see what we have four and nineteen and 35 a California mailman. Name brutal hot patented what type of fruit. The his name is part of it and brutal facts. Yeah and. Michael is in the other room searching his brain and I'm thinking I wanna wrote the question. I and I round and hinges hops into the N and fox. There. Costs as well as they was hostile guy named Richard Haas and it patented is certain route. It. All right they're healthy now I know it's your doing well there didn't mind he was in California and if you're gonna make any edition call California style. I don't count write them and what does that do all time. Which California summoned. Braves there's like a clubs out for the California club late Detroit I don't know why conceded that avocado and how does California would bar the Internet game is a big dummy for foreign 999 Nolan. Below. Jeff welcome to the Madrid. You. The idea mental bodega picked 1 or 2 o'clock o'clock o'clock over read over nachos would break dog. Yeah. I hope they tell you ordered each and every I if if if if if if they can. There you authentic. All right in 1995. Jerry's guide to the world wide web became which made the web site. Who got MySpace. The fight. If you rhetoric a little. Kind of funny to. Now who was the thing I Gould's kick their and it's. Aren't the name of what classic candy comes from the German word for peppermint. Blue. Are not they're not there any change now about it candid and then I go I don't think they're very good. Most people like old you know trying to candy particularly delicious but they enjoy its packaging. I'm the only audible cheer you like she'd be cool look into your outlook that's not like I'm gonna wanna. Oh yeah. And the resulting in the weight room. You would take medicine that is that look like as they don't want the candy zone. I'd just like they just I I got excited when I had them because you one of the things I had to dispense the right Indies captain and he didn't matter to mob associates and pick sixes there. Who do. Yes what characters. Public Halloween my mom since a couple of Halloween winds and has come Christmas ones in this couple Easter one every year every you know do you know doing them there's nothing you can do to stop I'll take the fifth what I do. In case 000. Okay. You know to remember Ebbers the raiders are doing centrally you can hear my voice I have I have told people. I don't know that that's OK I don't you like weekend. I like getting. In 1777. Frederick the great words is subject to drink what's in the morning instead of coffee. I. Right now are much better than T I just there you know gave his big dummy for 4999. Cola. At bellowed Amin welcome to the men's room. Hey I. I'm me yeah. I am not there right we'll delicious. But I think of miserable now he got a big one hard shell tacos optional taco burrito or not shows. Don't read no real salt away our freedom of the clear cut winner today. You know even so you don't you let go eating nachos is blowing them. Our ears regard I question what Asian country is the largest consumer of gold and Greece or just killed tour and golden. Who. There's numbers in front side. They get better gold. There's like a raid on how many tablets from a different India he gets easier talking about it so many scary that you can get in our jewelry and everything get more and it's cheaper what you want to do a limit our numbers I. I'm sure this that I don't actually get a better grade of gold as a lead so I definitely felt OK we'll. And it's yet you did say was borrows more affordable. Yeah I'd add it's still gonna get one. They are racist don't. What they say don't just people do IQ and a people think I don't need to go chase those people wrong PF there. Can you Indian gold would you are correct hired Garrett powerful tool that we know any Indian gold dealer. I think more about the I got. My unit got a brother of the guy you were talking to at least seemed awfully knowledgeable and even Vietnam was going to piece together that this is the guy. Are linked to multiple choice. 235. Or ten how many miles away and if you're a lion roar. I don't believe that's available. Amazing it's a long way. Yeah and asked for an animal the president the government retarded only question three here. Okay okay. Since 2013. What martyr accommodation. Can be found at. I'm mount efforts is it in indoor toilet or Ford G mobile coverage. I'm saying indoor pool. Everest. Yes to get a flu but it backed thinking thinking of it but I'm going to prison tell them about. Being caught. Our. Urgent question starting bullets found armed Seymour Ireland indicate that winter bird used to be six feet tall. In 250 pound. As the head is murder cannot flock. Did little. What I. Doubt. I don't think I'd do we have to comply. In the far yes that would be very weird Finland. A okay true or false true or false. Approximately 93000. Liters of beer. Or lost in people's facial hair in the UK did you Google. You could get a little off a. Go down in America and iron there are some growth of the game I'm very definite idea but 93000. Liters. We need just off the side of the family doesn't the most says her clothes and her weird like a jerk Cozumel and don't come back out you kidding me like it just sucks it up it's just got yeah like it yet you saw it go and run every you're hand there is the bride to be fine. Just a weird like soy sauce thickens yet that's off duty sushi like my room. It's feared pulled from Iowa yeah I am a Lear is cool so it's all Liberia thousands of them. The taxi. Did bit of debt doesn't want to be a mighty heads episode fifteen foods that you didn't know came in Cannes knowing Sherlock is gonna that we got through emails on the way next few are listening to the men's or radio networks. Changes you. True I just go to fed meat and potatoes as fifteen foods you didn't know came in Cannes the first time for a few emails here for the men's room had been survived dock off. Ask your right to the birthday emails if we can we'll start with this one guys can you read this what your out. Guard Eric invoiced. Today he's I had laid old's legs are diary on this beautiful summer day can you guys are gonna are lifelong endeavor go overplay birds a slug it out cupcake. And maybe. Talking about all over yourself about what Disney princes is your favorite. Thanks guys and while the net that from Doug. Disney and I ran amateur or delay our daughter and our Michael Moore has found an expose a little earlier permanent. I hate all knowing who what the prism of a very good god became sings yeah there's a piece because of proposals until you guys get my little ginger John Evert they shot and he is nine. He hates the German talk. Saw I have to put in a request just for that. I'm not entirely sure how great I feel about putting in a request for you all the talk dirty to bubble like. But maybe talk about Pokemon I'm sure you've gotten the Pokemon request before I've never heard it we don't need to talk dirty though their gender daddy but here is Bieber they request the dirty Germans talking about Pokemon. Do not like the Germans and yet how old are you now are you. Yahoo! stay in school. If it if he just got into the long road ahead is when you're nine as a lot of school and I'm like fifth graders from those third portfolio or wrongly are both earned her fourth grader at work our way to a long way to go pack heading to meet their furlough. Dominant high school there job and make sure you enjoy that sort of McDonald's tonight is scheduled mummy is taking. All guys I could give Robert they set out to my good friend and also drinking buddies Sullivan a barbershop faced and which would be in order may be lob and saying I'll one up in German at thanks guys. That for minor. Use it to movie borrow this and wins. She's done her own desire. Nowadays I wish movies do really is in the morning and afternoon and. Yeah Bobby gates and Jack. Guys my niece Gabriel turns 21. A 21 years old Gabriella yeah Gabrielle. Could make. That my knees Gabriel among all gummery odds are monies Gabriela turns 21 today can now Mickey and goofy please give her some drinking advice. I thank you guys from uncle Wally. More to Brody. Or all the dream to improve your. Appetite for him I told him on. Can be a rough or. I think it was in the birthday song to my beautiful wife Kei out. The shenanigans we do keeps us young gives us something to look forward to every day could imagine others ride without Jeff. Could she have an original face sand wedge and the dirty Germans talking about driving a Mercedes. Thanks guys for giving us laughing your show is the highlight of the day that from these Steve ten yen will let. Average. My only advice from Birmingham City is make sure you have to do class. Everybody knows in the draft who say teens and kids say they. That guys know what else or ride ends up when a Joseph myself all I wanna throw throw let's say the best his birthday on planet earth. That flora a brand pronounced birdied the Glassman. The best this birthday on planet earth. Are only guys Illinois my boat meet Buddy Ryan happy birthday fine wire men and an expecting father. How about some mud turtle lax with real yelling some moves in the plaza thanks guys and rock on that from angry Andy's. Guys outreach here's your red beer you dinosaurs a wanted to give that these Paula I'm very happy birthday shout I'm sure are bigger data here a big toll roads against. And a European as is too small they are some that from bacon. The husband loyal fan of your show Kenneth Oliver he is 33 and his family would like you guys the blame LeRoy Jenkins and you guys talking all over yourselves about the agony of getting older. I think you guys that from Rihanna and yeah. Yeah I guess the worst was our was my idol video music came in today I'll still alive yeah we heard a little more intelligent if somebody did penalty on the ground is suddenly out of Israel what do you look a little sleep that overall we got to get a our guys to my husband Blake get up faced sandwich and some dirty German for his birthday thanks guys that from the a lovely police job. Fish sandwich. Now I'm not an honest tonight with some of them visit Germans. They don't come behind. It's provides you listen he's. I've been losing your station for a long time American Jewish my wonderful boyfriend DJ having 35 birthday around the sun. He is a new daddy of a three month old baby girl how about some dirty German talk thanks so much of that from Rachel. God you did not the bill to talk of a remote room. Apparently he's already gets and that's how they may subpoena. Mozilla's it is much older brother LE its 38 birthday guys in a make your penis is too small and a second up cupcake. That from his better looking smarter younger brother Zach from the big state of Alaska. Always my younger brother Adam AKA a dumb I have a 39 Byrd today let's see thank you guys he does a lot of driving loves the show I'm probably driving now we got talk all over yourself about every while not Els is a bad driver. Except him. Thanks guys that from Rory I would say well as buddies and there is an American right in the car I'm only measure that does not about the kind of things but I want to be smarter in front of reform from the outside of an alternative media center just custom people. Mozilla's my name is yellow man and is my birthday since I'm a loser with no friends alike to get a shot up from the vigils and I could so how would you like that. And they suck it up cupcake and please for the love of god in drills held. No more turtles sex I'm 52 years young today and a daily listener for many years cheers guys that from Jim. Hello laurel boys and a lob and it is my 55 birthday I've been waiting forever ever men's rumored they shout out I can honestly say that the men's room is guaranteed to make me laugh every day even when. There doesn't seem too much to be able to laugh about. Can I get the dirty German saying something sweet to me thank you guys were being the most entertaining part of the day that from the lovely Melinda. You want in the streets and all human nine inch chocolate bar and no make we've needed for you to enjoy this. Caution inside will be packed. Are you Rosario. How do you have you been I had yeah have you learned okay parity and even. As I am very good thing you know the demand doesn't guarantee German. But men's room is also available through he's world in a men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Shy flat I blew it against those who is out of today but first I enjoy. Okay. When you think foods in king and what kind of food do you think soup. Beams all right our standard crap everything about meets and in tune. Bright and I to have talked about this orgy has short like that through that kind of got that pass to dealing canned meat. But I love chicken but like chopped up canned chicken and can't I don't buy that I don't buy no I don't know you know to do that right but tuna fish and camp it. Season has a different foods. As say he didn't have become and hands. We're gonna be happy about anybody's. I just feel like I'm going to be like. If you didn't even know community and it tells me you never thought it should have been there's a couple of them in here honestly we knew here and you'll go oh yeah I don't son that I just haven't bought Coca aren't backed. Number one on the list we're gonna have had with. I will pass. It's the national dish dish of Scotland. Basically its intestines right mints with onion oatmeal spices. And mutton fat as. Anyone you know and ever tried to stuff my colleague about are you a fan of it. He's legit I like it okay aren't even if we brought within minutes and would give maggots in the canyon just. Token aren't looking as some Haggis and McCain and sounds awful yes it does. Just the name alone. Yet it is kind of grow well I feel like the name kind of explain to hang yeah. That's the army and of like a thousand beautiful thing it's intestines and oatmeal and all I cramped miss tagged 2018 years. Yes it some of the food. And teens to late yeah you don't think about the late Aaliyah when your kid gates beginning meatballs okay about a question yearning. Heights the next step that's what's gonna odd but it's reindeer meat. Reindeer meat is the dead frequent opponent of traditional Scandinavian dishes in Stukes. So basically you get canned reindeer meat balls. I guess maybe in Norway or Finland yes it makes it right if it's a staple. Of the average died I did it is one equate it right I got home for more Blaylock to dump some rained beer reindeer meat moles in the US do better to just idea. I bought delve reindeer meat and I don't mean are all that McCain in that area. Just does that sound right and okay all right so think with the opposite of Norway. Cold hot right equator. Mean maybe they could desert right chart we have in the desert. Oh man would do the camel camel camel how his house Campbell face acts. I don't know that he's considered a culinary delicacy. Only thirty fatty how are being the most popular got hung alleged drug itself. I get to Syria if other places he averaging get channeling him Tamil meet her. Which is kinda weird yes it does and camel net. We need to like order all of these. I completely catalog like go home as how does that come on the menu like. Taleo ha that's a save the fatty hump is the most desired cut aren't so that's the way the calls the most you know yeah. And that prop Mark Pryor has come McCain so then she's got a very numb toes right it and I think. The regularly they got a service of the fatty how I'm sure they have a better day of oil now that they select any you don't go into a restaurant gothic the fatty big part. Don't you go I'll take the the stomach importantly. The data's south. You're just just that reason and a jar on the weather doesn't bothering you in your seat at the deli counter some to think about that it it was a McCain any day and is Hannah is there any other Manny is based product that's in again. So I don't know if their revive find out today. Yeah the classic can't hold chicken. Yeah we right we got in them that bravado that's not a you know can look at a picture they've been doing that forever and they should stop. I can't believe that enough people buy that the distilled for the only way that that could be even remotely decent is if you had a deep Fryer. Yeah I already hold cooked in some buddies just all of that Gillette is blob of stuff select for me and it has the reach Spain and do yeah. The skin disease of the Christo and cooked or something and he's Mika. Maybe Saddam imitating go over fifteen Fuji Nokia coming cans cheeseburgers. There's a German company that sells ready meals for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes and they had cheeseburgers to cook it. He became an water. Over fire before opening and then you had your burger. Our eyes a bumbling campaign and it's an option and she spurred bring a canned cheeseburgers yeah. Cry in the stands with the easy 1 I am once you qualify with if I go camping is once you go can't lose all all the guys are a lot of situations Jews will intercept but we're not camping and show Richard. Fourth of July party like hey man abroad or some canned veggies burn we already have a dehydrated Chile were eating or whatever the world and office on him and I'd be willing to throw in can hammered him to try to know what are you that heavy. Yeah he's got a list and then let us sit outside and where we might eat burger maybe next time I cannot like F five of those can't even Bayer's wouldn't attack. Can. Ballots that did a Fuller hot dogs. Again hot dogs are used to seeing the wrapper there and as a Danish food company though they put him in Cannes you old oak even sells fiery Chile and barbecue flavored options. It disturbs me but that you feel like Vienna sausages communicate. Are Asia's water bottle at a sausages are gross to me so doesn't really felt like at the lifespan of the bread is not as much as you know and and I got it pivotal hot dog and is it. This cameo is just the hot cause I know bun rightly that it would OK for the hamburger and candy at the miners are just amber. Who good question since I mean like Haniyeh preserved I mean I don't know. Maybe maybe just getting hammered you don't necessarily deserve bread they're for your consumer rat don't entirely bread Inaba. I think the cheeseburger vineyard in the whole deal yet let me. Kangaroo Chile. Specifically kangaroo route should specifically tinker obviously this is the thing in Australia. You know they they urge people to start Cunningham a little bricks are so many that marsupials are right and around or whatever but either way. Kangaroo chilies that thing you get a from Dale's wild west compared means manufacturing company in Colorado would be tender. I don't know I mean they're pretty pretty active yet depends on the roof pastor at a farm raised them. This way just ounce fancy Heidi you know you could do this squid in pink socks. So if you've ever again if the Italian dishes. They use the inks from the way ready for the posting a laptop right and as there's a much better name for a cameraman and I'll wait to see it the next day as they should call a really. Oh lord. Oh man it's like wildlife will lose and I pearl think of a fancy dish we could order a good friend fresh. Classic. But for interest or. Duck. Yet with the duct duct confident. O'Donnell via Ko three ya the French dish made with the hold duck. But can be McCain re heated between him. You get it done yeah. Indications are. I'm I'm I'm happy to sell Lou the cam lets them. Yeah that's kind of like the whole chicken man like you already got it you know and any late. There's a hole for chickens can get anywhere you need it can't chicken. This when I like alligator meat. You're had alligator meat now I have never had to know. Pretty good at is there's a lot of these exotic meats have been on this listened some form of cam be willing to try from the Campbell to war I would anywhere in Louisiana anywhere in the by you they love alligator meat you can buy can't now that's the thing is alligator meat good herds of infected even did. In Louisiana I. If it's hard to find a bad meal. Here's another one EC all the time the story probably just don't think about it but tomorrow it's. I think eventually see them and they seem tomorrow is now makes sense to show you can't. Get fifteen Fallujah no become cancer were thirteen to excellence. And OK and those blue that's the news into yet another delicacy over in Cambodia it's never forget that. Yeah silkworm. Pro prey come from ten yeah eight that's an Asian specialty kind of store in the last on the list Cuellar X. Well diamond came and quit I would have been very trenchant and also read our KLA second guess I got about a case. I go ahead Jeff thank you so much relief directly and potatoes gonna wanna drink it tells with a shot of the day the return a no as Sherlock is coming up next few are listening to the men's or radio network. Was miles and I don't know we will bring it fills with a shot of the day we also have another round of a profile let's get another first throws to even throwing milk. Oh duo it's reported her story to a headline news grew to play and show. Minimum wage does not cover rent for a two bedroom anywhere in the United States and anyway. Anyway Anderson chief as places to live it's been quite government paid you don't. Again these are obesity down for businesses remarkable information study finds people who don't sleep enough are less productive work. Well the monkey's uncle. Sherlock. Don't look like that's what they recommend you get a decent amount of sleep for something. Very important as I thought they did wondered as to be quiet who knew it served a purpose. Americans are depressed and suicidal because something is wrong with American culture play well and for real. That's what you say and on the street man I guy. Experts thank god has come from experts that there's no chance that anyone listening who's an expert in this field would possibly reach this conclusion underwrote. Experts say locking of firearms reduces chances if you should decide. That no Sherlock it to be experts and experts expert. Crew called to owned station says reap response time was exceptional. Jarrett odd citizens that you run that by again a group called that are owned stations as a response gonna meet certain exceptions. Picture and it. Digital devices during family time can exacerbate bad behavior. And she knocked. Q tell me if I'm sitting there at my kids and I don't communicate anything to do. And allowed them to not communicate with me like there might be something wrong. Granite here's stated that I don't know at what age the stops miles maybe you can help me as your kids are older or maybe so Goran. As a matter of fact that will come home from work they have done schooled whatever they've done right they recently got out of school. Here's a question and then how are you. Good one word number elaborate what did you do in school today nothing. It was a good Anderson an intraday doesn't that man helps you eventually we'll get your answers by asking different questions be very good isn't it who did you play with. Then Jose name what did you guys do and then they start to go up yet but they're always good and made into a got damn thing school. Yeah we all do that to get maybe I guess I was I don't remember Eric back we think it's holes like physical and I get nothing changes it's the same thing every. Yeah I think that there I I truly hated school so much of mayhem today it's cool aid and which later admitted that happened just meant I was there. Americans grapple with recognizing thanks in news stories. GUL occurs are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock. Who come. The baby could be addictive and may or teenagers are smoking. And a. Nicotine is addictive and they put nicotine and their futures. Here's the Graco are there too worried about everybody truly mean that that they pray that nicotine the addictive there's a lot of things that destroyed you're smoking but the they defeated their divorce. And again I'll be sitting down for this but according to this Americans watch more TV than any other country. Well I well no sure not good receiver I wanted to imaginary job so bloody day. It's to be ready. An event that usually had two of the very best and even throwing vilified George knows. Yes indeed and today we just an unidentified man from Houston Texas burst let me ask you. If you remember the movie entrapment which Sean Connery Catherine Zeta-Jones. They were stealing something there's this famous scene in the movie where she slid theirs and gyrate Runnels security lasers. If they did an apartment whatever the final I'll OK I do have a right again amazing. Well this guy and I discovered toasting he did a version of that but in his case infinitely less sexy but surprisingly. Just as effective he broke into a smoke shop in Houston on Saturday. And he got down on his belly to slither across the floor because he thought he would avoid the motion detectors like still the thousand dollars in merchandise and cash. And Vince weathered out of the store undetected. And it looks like he just might get away with that because the cops can't identify. So were their motion detectors and there's a motion detectors he slid it under remote cities are an evil when you're watching via security footage that he's face down on the floor. They can't tell who he is they have noise David misled them and all of that did not triggered alarm stole the stuff slithering back out. And I mean it guy call we got it installed that. Well I mean is our state entered Heidi I don't know what amendment I don't know. You were eight yeah how much like this guy sound to be genius and the flip side is to be put the ball went down on the floor rat runs through your place under the gun show could go either way it worked for him. Story for the food and drink this booze because we think it's coming out acts over the target down a rope to party in our Tommy's. Down not a whole they don't. Think overnight on the line for profiled as eight more board 999 all look. The show and many things continue on the men's room. Radio network.