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Wednesday, July 6th

Mens Room Blank Question: One time _____ happened while I was sleeping


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He would sure love to hear is real and so this radio program are simply not that great. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Lord and I'm usually invited to join the party. This is the. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. They say shake your radio more than three times. And you're. Israel. Suppose I don't go right up today Wednesday July the sixth 2016. And silver 2400. Needs. Along with Steve the thrill hill. CJ Smith. And I was like no Obama fan aluminum paint my putt. There are in the men's room. And Sox last. The words as words you should not be using that word. Probe by the desert Vegas to see ghost. Plus headlines images shot of the day fumble looser emails and everyone's favorite. TV time of day at track very big granular feel for demand drops iPhone right beside an alligator and apply. Vinny goes in after. Meanwhile Florida woman picks up her baby and swings it like advance and they hit us. 61 year old Canadian ex boxer fights attacking bear bear gets it's ass kicked. It's uncalled scouts on dead after burned all the weeds he had picked and a man decides around Chucky cheese volleys there for an interview. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question drug deal Mike Hsu limp resort casino. All that is good day to you and yours. Sleep. It's a necessary thing but let's face it. Weird things happen when you're sleeping and not just the dream state but there's a guy in Pennsylvania. He's sleeping two dudes breaking through taps now as it happens. He's leaflets over setting so he's just start swinging wildly and dart. What you know he chopped off 1 of the eastern respect clean shot cut the think Leno. Had no idea because again it was dark portrait they screamed uncle at that moment. Bloodstain in Pennsylvania this time a woman. She comes home from work into the handwritten note on the front door reads quote. Don't be scared when you come and opposite. And sure enough there was Bob sound asleep under coach. The woman doesn't know Bob that's basically the story. And a opponent Jacksonville Doug were cornerback Denard Robinson. The stories Britons would get more into it later doesn't opens you fell asleep while he's drives. Induces you to variant of the story of the police say he was not intoxicated the mummy and just had to be super tough so. Falls asleep while Brad and when he's driving he crashes into pop. His girlfriend is in the car with them she is also listen. To passengers should not naturally you'd expect of you crashed into a injured caller starts and AM waterproofing and argued Waco but Ono. And our state asleep look at the cops showed up and they walk of an early call back this week. Keep in mind he still in the seeking call and watch a couple come up again. And fell back asleep while he's still in a car that is gradually sinking into a goddamn. Partly because of don't bother him but again most of the residents were in a minute. In the meantime we got a one familiar story of us just how goes man and there's two ways this goes. It's something out of it that you wake up to you find out after the fact or Waco during something had. As stability story's going to sleep so today we have the men's room filled in the boy questioned. One time blank happened while I was weak Cipro program called jewels export. One rock or on Twitter at 999 KI SW adamant her live take 77999. Cans and those emails to the man drew mad men's or live dot com newsroom returns. Yeah last gen grouchy. Resort casino I'm 99.9. KI DSW. Our contestants today Elvis we got profile list like for tickets to see guilt as coach who's going to lose them all these elected tickets until we're more demons and great men and. You're. Yeah well known as black blood makes your June. Mr. blank question one tab blank cabin while I was sleeping it's miles tournaments are many nine point nine KI SW Seattle. Miles and. And now it's like OK I guess double. Giants doubly proud presenting pain in the draft 2016 meg gone down on a sunny Sunday August 21 in my program Peter you know disturbs going to be there along with Breaking Benjamin Alter Bridge also taken the stage poppy able our friends and window pane in have you never seen anthrax this is your chance in the grass 2016. If you do not have tickets. Get on those now. The four packs are on sale if you wanna get in get those while they last they get a deal right now okay guys W dot com. And trust me there's a reason they call shall pay in the grass is another wrong with sentinel on taking an in men have a great tests and that is where are ideally man. If we can't we you'll time with sneak out we go sit in the grass and we lost shall commitment is just a cool place to be skewed for pact to get staggered group friends together KI SW dot com. As all things paint I look at a big program today the return of the word has words that you should avoid using it worked in phrases as well who sucks less is on tap. As it was in earlier profile that says your take is to see ghost. And today our men's room blank question onetime blank cabin while I was sleeping will start with the jaguar running back name it Denard Robinson yeah. Got into a pretty bizarre is there a way to Edinburgh taken offense early Sunday morning he's out driving at around 4 o'clock in the morning. With a female passenger when he apparently fell asleep at the wheel. According to certain reports he was reading the jaguar often to play. Carl look out well that I mean now there's a follow you know what'd you think that's a good players they work did not on us now and I just like right after the right. So we get priority in the desperately for a a boring. Other congressional pond. He started sinking even though aren't relative that's right that shoe lace the driver side door was submerged. Completely submerged. Police showed up. They had trouble getting Denard detentions Mosley he woke up the don't actually know it and then they had to knock on the window again. Passenger was also asleep or passed out. For some reason both of them were reluctant to get out the car even though it was sinking in the puck and it's all the motivation I need it's unclear how they could have both fallen asleep have been knocked out. Both of these people mutt I mean I don't why aren't you apprehensive to get out of a guy named car that is in the process of seeking jurors sleep. OK but you gotta think these people are out of governor drugs are hammered have been drinking anything like that owed no. They were still cold so that's the weird part they were stone cold so I hit falling asleep at the wheel and crashed into the pond I just can't believe. When you're not intoxicated in any way you stay asleep after you crash. Only cover would you open you have the realization oh my god I'm sitting in powerful or you go back to sleep. Well here's a boy I truly believe if they've if they just fell asleep and there injuring. The are idiom stages of sleep as they collar rambler so you get to this point where there's only certain triggers honestly stuff. So you kind of learn and this is true we talked about this before but scientifically proven for certain things that wake you up no matter what it. So if you hear something in the half and on and you know what's going on you pop up there that if you hear. Your baby crying or if you hear a child you'll pop option if you hear a cat. Coughing up a hairball middle and I'd go. Are got a little. Yeah yeah yeah. Doc that you know you have to in the morning but. But most of the time the baby's right most of the time you know like you're only trying to wake her ass up last night in getting you to do this little knew I had no idea and I just if you're gonna falsely in the car that means. You were pushing the boundaries. Of I mean your your your your fate and all that stuff I don't know if you've heard in that position where you drive and you start faith but it is a scary. Scary situation just once again just once not enough like oh my god windows down I mean everything they. They probably were just in such a deep sleep at that point that both of them when they hit upon the name wake up the what thing that wakes me up for sure and to be fair is you can be dead asleep but. Somebody facing class a more important you wake up I. Outbreak if I'm submerged in the pond and mortars coming through when like. I would I would think outweigh my desk and wrecked but he says this I was involved in a single car accident thankfully everyone was safe and remain unharmed I should have not. Been driving that late or when I was that tired but again I'm just glad that our room safe. Godless. And I guess of god was doing may be a baptism this would make sense and upon the voucher help putting an apology and to a lake in almost dying has something that I got blessed with I think you say like. I really wanna thank the first responders. I want to thank the people that woke us up. That's all the car on the side of the road the called 911 that's all the cars seeking the gentleman the jumped in the water the woman who banging on the window and try to pull my girlfriend out now. We're gonna thank god on the calendar. For me we're gonna thank god on this idea. Nothing wrong with that racked at all godless things. Meanwhile we Google the phrase may I elaborate sales to succumb I think the people who saved your life if you really wanted to Wear out your thirst I would say that first and then say you know thing you know god is great whatever rules and I'm sure he surely was very thing I think he probably is that. Thank god we got out rancher. Lancaster County woman made a startling discovery when she returned home from work last month she found a stranger asleep in her living room. This happened it the safe harbor village. Mean misleading name and kind of study can chip. According to police at 32 year old woman came home from work to find a handwritten note on the door that read don't be scared to come and bobs here about Rebecca that. I left a note when she walked into her home she found a man later identified as twenty year old Bob sheets. Poll was sleeping on her living room sofa at the box below the line officers respond you know Bob's rich. Bob sheets to allow the GO sheets. Also responded to our home and tried several attempts to wake up sheets he's dug in up either. Police say he isn't an hour under the influence of a controlled substance and was in possession of several prescription pills that were not prescribed to him boot. Investigators in the woman's boyfriend no sheets. But not that well. The boyfriend did not know how she's found out where they live until police he never gave she's permission to be on the property. He was arrested and taken to the jail in lieu of 20000 dollars and is charged with criminal trespass and possession of a controlled substance. You have to have told them where you lived at some point. Or it just so happens they're not that good present bothers here. Randomly went to a place wrote the note and it just happens at the board and it was knows that comes out with he must have known clean. I'd get that it's illegal because he wasn't invited but doesn't seem like yes to go to jail Aiken wrote a note. Put your jacket and robbed. It's completely it is accidental unfortunately breaking an inner. I guess you're right it's like when you go when you open up the wrong apartment or. Hell I mean maybe you thought your friend used to live there and he's moved like the week before you're knocking on the door warlock in did you always did and you know you walk in someone else is living there now and you're like oh man. Sorry. I just telling just seems weird is that with thrill. Think he ends up at your house Brett your husband does no do you know when it's that but I never game yet it's late but Bob was over here so what I think you know what put this together. Bob and husband were probably do it some of those prescription pills to get right trees and our rob Bob those valves all in order okay Barack Obama got hit you where Fred's at all he brought those other prescription pills for someone who's not me in the upper. Every day you know we stay in Pennsylvania. Officials in Eastern Pennsylvania say a man who said he was attacked by two masked men during a home invasion. Cut off the hand of one of them with a machete. Chief mark don't lose EO said the injuries stemmed from an incident in Northampton where resident told the Allentown morning call. And who doesn't subscribe to that by obligation. That is twenty year old son was attacked as he was sleeping in the basement of their home. He said two masked men crept inside to a cellar door and fired several shots from a BB. So son grabbed the machete starts swing. You gotta know what you're going until before you do something like that said Dave or vote the homeowners neighbor had to be something serious you're gonna defend yourself with a machete. Northampton police have not come and another investigation but he sliced his. Hand and yet that's I don't ridicules Gundy and miles and so are miserable I questioned today. Minnesota just like all you have to do in this particular case. Yeah Newton I get to him to apple was not breaking to a place that's you know. It's just not that hard to do one time blank cabins while I was sleeping I don't feel bad for that didn't matter there. Hello Max welcome to deliver. Meg all right. I'm I don't looked when they were there any doubt. I mean the united Arab and over the road out in the midwest and not you know even at that it that talk. There's this drive over the world but the truck or displaying in the power of the fact that. You get paid all they typically don't you're talking about 80000 pound Greg Lemond and keep doubt about our. A new study predominantly in the midwest the scenes Bewkes. When my original was built there are already tracking where. Does that do does did put in a transparent rose's dream flat Iron Lady in them and do. Absolutely I mean that that that trend back and it hit it on to dump it out I mean I would you know policy that it will you let. Apparently I got myself in. Our guys. I don't know guys why. The truck YouTube channel whatever the heck it is. You know. I have to there isn't a long time to seven on the trucker YouTube channel. But I'll check it out. But the only guy let's talk about how you want to pull over and it dispatcher kept don't eat pop it in light truck Auckland. This that the other day and like. And they don't get fired every oil diet you do the right thing and I don't eat dog died right here probably that the we will beat that beat regained. What I mean it was a maximum hours you're supposed to drive before you should pull over. I'm actually on duty it did the fourteenth player over the road drivers but they're like that the beverage like myself. As long we're not at stake issued. On the road went out to drive out the night in twenty hours. And how often does that happen Morse more often than not. Not putting me in the academic government. I've ever driven in 124. Hour period that night in our. That's when he man yeah long now we ask you this when you when you. When you fall asleep in the back your cat has there ever been a time where you woke up and Mike. Almost a day has gone by division were so tired you please give doubt exhausted you don't realize he can keep track of time. Yeah. I know I did that get that out Whitney brought out that it. You got started I drive. You know EW gosh darn I'll go ahead and did you my galleries it's like to open three times a work in the same you're amounted to another hole I'll. What is what is the new trucker speed now. Truck purse he only took what was federal whatever they used to have about. Back now. Regulated had to lead out there about earlier he stuck without being out. We have a drink Red Bulls. I don't rent boy you are back at it stuck it. Around but for me I mean I don't know that they need I was there. Hillary you did it happen and I'll tell you what look what I mean I don't know you I don't know if you tried this but we we had. The folks at Smith Brothers brought in some of their. True ice brewed or cold brewed coffee a much something okay this is not the friend chino thing that you get from start out in a jar this is an actual little thing and it looks like a milk container that this will have final and I guess the brewing process is a little bit different but man I'm Tanya. I had one of those it's equivalent of a carton of milk you would get an elementary school and all the bigger it is Manning you'll just below him. And got a while before the show couple weeks ago mineral to see here hands sweat and everyone should they say it's good but trust in man they will wait you're as a I mean if you had to be on the road trip. If you work hard to demonstrate. Right now I'm more and copy of yourself why are in like coffee has the outlook you know regular. Then I think you should try those I think you put yourself to try this I don't know how that relates to that I just know it's the strongest. Coffee I've ever had in my life period. Other than maybe a Seattle's best coffee early on we got here there was just maybe percolating for four days and I happened to the last cup in the band doesn't know. Barack. Is what moonshine is to doubtful. We moved eleven years ago and Aaron and doing my first couple calls it. On our way to look at it miles like him and you feel right now I don't like okay better or some and I'll like you you when you why you didn't. East Coast coffee. Would you get a big gulp size copies of the larger the extra large coffee is Dunkin' Donuts is a biggest coffee. Problem is is not nearly as strong anything on the west coaster it's may have Greenberg and OK it's delicious and it's great sugar yet but I'm still you very good but not when you look it's a good drink but it does nothing to the my problem was I was just used to that much ball so when I came out here I could have got a short coffee and been despondency is we do largely note that and I get a larger man a sect that thing down. All your hand yeah. Whatever a veteran of the marijuana started caffeinated man. Men's room like question onetime blank Kevin when I was sleeping we'll take a quick break about a more your calls right after eighties now back into the men's room here's the question. Ryan teel Mike two late resorts to see now 99.9. KI ESW. I'd much rather have profile is our contestants good distance today no this week playing for tickets to see ghosts. Both Smith that that's. I know I write add to each other data gave his profile this year distance. On the miserable I question today onetime blank Gavin while I was sleeping hello Greg and welcome to the men's room. Hey all we don't do background until seven. I don't know rocket that you regulations that NASA has to equal volume. So within that back in the beginning when I hit my ballot in your Iraq. Don't think so we know that we adequately reflect on it ruined yeah are you still with the gunman who. Had the car might break it near here. Oh I did what could go and wrote those with a romantic view what went to the sex and we probably saying hello how many twenty years at what when did it get to a stance. We made an effort to string Christmas my act and that got that aren't. So we have lived up in the perimeter there and you know he could that and to locate and make our academic slowly come back right to. We are asleep like that. And I woke up because I could feel something strange on my feet and I can re out I'm coming together a great became only aware I can see his roommate in the dark. Lilly grainy and it out and he had he walked into the app didn't hear Oliver like. Okay. Our principal and yeah humorous exits and on coconut. I am walking in the room in the under the in the union buster I know your number. I thought it was a bad the bureau ruthlessly beat did you believe them. Noting he didn't wake up you look like a champion with. Though he hammered it I can't let out hate and don't all of you could put them all picked up acute stress instead buck naked in the bathroom. Mirror and it. You know a man I look back at the previously blocked easily block it in if you ever been out of the like that like. There really wasn't intentional he did not want to go in the middle like come in the living room. Aren't. You know that that counts is sleepwalking. I honestly thought of I've done this hammered drop but if that's what triggers your sleepwalking. It's affecting your that drunk and you still can't remember like I guess it's maybe it's your ideas are black I don't blackout drunk yeah that's they write your brain I'm not only. I don't come a few anecdotes they are the lucky lobbied and I might even let you know our our. Yeah. Well yeah. That paired up a bit for the absolute good news is that was beyond glad that you look at it like that I guess we'll have a roommate I'm glad that your approach to see that that's probably the most clear the ever you know so we still have roommates. Aren't our wrap it up now and that's again we did yet. Three Arizona with the originally did you think you compete on national. No no but I think that's where that I am I haven't mention might bury apple and earns well. Well you held at that into the deal. I'm familiar with the on the gap until it. Yeah absolutely absolutely and again the other and than the repeat on someone else but I have become good mama said I did and not opera I guess. You peed on me walking on the street. That was different. Kind of in the grass is more splashed crowd was the still yet her eyes Kelly what are your pace. Let's all of our northern European opinion of what we'll long walk faster or a woman don't you have you ever been at the at the journal Aaron that he Arnold's pretty closely to sporting event or whatever it was somebody's idol as we've had just someone to splash all of your ankles you slug it dead. Control your stream man and giving him like the worst field just cattle like the let's get rid of the some of the pressure but I gotta aim a different way year's result of and there are a game dejected dear how I felt my. Ankles are getting sprayed by your. It's gross but at least it's a book or use cheap political editor why panache and finger goes in the toilet paper poop on for you know. The squirrels but at least it's yours if nothing changes you look the same stuff it changes one of some animals. I tried never understand guys whirling flip flops sandals on the sport. Even walking to the bathroom it every time I walk out and would you do with. You don't lie about it and say it didn't happen I know god damn well you could feel that I missed hitting your toes and. I might my brother's a lot like me rightly and he'll Wear sandals or whatever but not a big. He'd rather Wear shoes and socks to. So cleanly Sosa's story about being an at a bar at the beach right it has like saying there if being and how waste that he got into a ball. I definitely like how drunk were you and he's like I was barefoot. In that Baffert. Like a young man that's when you know you're wasting Al Micah especially because it's like there's room. And there's just like water in there you don't positive it's even. Why growth always total water management. Yeah but apparently is not nearly as bad as the women's best. Women make it different kind of masks lead when as a messes incomprehensible. To dad I don't understand like. In my mind could Whittle all the go to the bathroom payers and based on what I've seen women's bathrooms will be the aftermath. I see you guys are going in there and giving in to all the world. Have your fall asleep on the toilet. I'm gonna want strong draw though this was me getting up in the Millen night my stomach wasn't feeling very well and I thought man. There's still some but I don't know so I just kind of leaned down and from my hands in my in my armor you know Monday's Anderson or American workers. I don't know how long I was out I really don't know how. But the thing I wanted to but. No my legs and honestly out day and I can't stand them. And the thing is is that like I'm an awkward place in the corner where my buddhism and trying to give myself a debt to push myself off to get the blood flow and now I'm like. Leaning over the sink it supporting me in my legs are seriously dragging. With my pants around my ankles and don't mean. And I'm just sitting there like almighty god and I and I can look at a turnaround like. I got this huge horseshoe ring on the back of my throw preppy in the toilet looks like there's an imprint for how long I've been on it on I'm just like you're not gonna figure out a way cleanup. And still start walking again and I'm rumors like you need to let that slow walker of the houses to the cast we want to put them all god if I had. How well do you think afterwards I don't know dissolve a couple hours and heavy duty could've been could have been he was long enough for everything to fall to commit ten minutes it could have been an hour. And I really don't know about ten minutes relates falsely tell you man. You had DeVon thirty adds to by the time you get run while it may it's dried all of that oil shipped via. It's like Arnold's expel winehouse lately and you don't clean this up right now on the net to permanence things. Men's or my question one time late thirty yet mostly poker tour and Donna I've done that. What time like Gavin while I was sleeping pill you can move to Bill Guerin welcome to the men's room. It's. I do it and not. Moved out to all local cities all in Washington. They're. Good Sheridan at this time we're slowly and Jane and November or there you're definitely been a long day. And also served on pigeon shoot it pretty violently and we know what the heck is going I don't like the road trips it. How well Casey underneath like I'm ready got a brother right he's like knock off. And he would be like well. The option can upload bet neglect and did or why. And so it still should because what this does not light. And so we deeply barber got. Austin Cuba won't sit there and try to support the wind. What'd they do it is not only lose so I did you know nauert yeah. Had come through and lord help when there's an house seats and that's what would shake up demonstrate why do you. And does what he as the old pro war the next morning. I don't physically addicting. Chicken and release. Now sounds like a mattress on the you're gonna have only so we have an earthquake. How much regiment Perez's simulate what to and I'm going to be sleeping through it that's another thing that I I would like to I don't I don't I don't wanna go up and wanna take it full force of the water ride the horse quick wave. I just wanna be conscious when it happened and I'm an experience you're asleep throughout. It depends on dirt and I guess we've Ortiz sat through a few. I don't read the news is yeah two point yeah like maybe apple boss ruled by the house is on the book. Good enough for me ma'am but we're talking like you do it in six or anything to add rather sleep then you've been through one 22. So did you know immediately what it was the first time the first one was a little bit smaller now we're watching the game on TV my brother and I and you know appeal of an older house in the wind blows my house creeks sure yeah. But it was like a spring day and there's no one else in the house. Creaking like the wind is blowing like with and I'm Brooke. The hell's that the kindness cup just a little rumble like that was a smile now and then the other one. That was bigger retina squalor quake was pretty good size and I was working a cabinet shop nobody that I think it's an earthquake connect. What are you talking to look up adamant everything on the wall behind him with swing market clock pendulum right elected the jigs and crap there's an off the walls are. But it's when your back and forth it got to alike and we're just say I don't put everything on the clock was so what are the walls and a pendulum is say that I like the ground assault and ground you perceive kind of toll optionally used on and I mean he literally feel the waves on your feet so it's gonna break on a slab liquid Roger McManus short concrete slab and you could just gives like. Like rocking back and for almost dizzy standing on that country people and we went outside and Symbian. The power lines are swinging back and forth like a swing right and in the truck was parked in the driveway identified drivers so they just were reported to put in part Purdue had the break you break so it's. Rolling back and forth on the on the on the transmission network like forty stand under the power lines now to the growing truck right next to the building all the windows were just like in the parking lot like. Well I hope this stops now to this point wasn't that bad you don't know when that they don't know big wave is gonna it was an ordinance. I just watch where I was sad to watch San Andreas I don't wanna be in one let mammograms those stupid. Yeah I thought I cannot just say that I. I was always kind of what miles one legislation back what I ought to be in one period I'm always I'm always a little scare at San injuries I Wilson my my code all goes all the way to the rock is considered them. And pulled out his kids yet Paul Giamatti excuses it's the man he got very worked up and this movie. He did exactly what he said was gonna happen to exactly would that he still stuck in that family's house the kidnapped him because talking about it. Cable as my yeah my brother or my brother Mario my cousin. Works for DC metros while the tour through your commitment and equipment. Failure on the West Coast made fun of him but from his perspective is look man I did it. But whatever course of Washington got to MDC would never quit so. He is working for the DC metro underground. And it at this point his position was. There's kind of an underground warehouse for the public pools of that you do quick fixes anything goes wrong so. That is like twenty guys and he's got the team leaders so. I don't you said and he sees everything on the walls diesels have all these tools and a big as a good tools they'll start doing weird sway. Instantly you can drown is those guys they grab an earthquake. Before I get finished on them and you everyone's basically dealt gore do that is a hero go. It didn't what are you there's been turned back around the guys there's never mind where they don't left man. What would slid the got to put Maryland he was playing for the ravens at the time. Torre George George Smith. Now there's ethnic in that video easily do an interview on a football field in eight starts and he just turned and sprints yeah. It's a Democrat and if it men's room like question onetime blank has been a while I was sleeping. Why don't have a dramatic nine point nine KI SW.