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Wednesday, July 6th

Mens Room Blank Question: One time ____ happened while I was sleeping


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Men's room return. Here's the question and drive do you buy to let live resort casino 99.9. KI DSW. Running back falls asleep and drive this car no plot. Find yourself. And try to pull amount he just goes very very good backs we've got meanwhile though the car syncing my car is silly and keep in mind this is in Florida sold my money says there's alligators and his partner from everything I've read over the last still I don't know. 45 years of life. Meanwhile woman returns home to find a stranger asleep on herself a good news is he left a note on the ball although on the doors as a man it's Bob lemon here crashed out to Eric who the hell's Bob yeah. Meanwhile man wakes up to a burglary in Pennsylvania and generally seasonal base somebody does have two men that have a gun it's ends up being a BB gun but he. Grabs as machete starts weighing in from the densely cuts off the guy's hand cleaned. Our question onetime blank Gavin while I was sleeping hello Gil welcome to the men's room. Well a lot and I knew or need a few years Elliott got out partying all night my husband and I almost passed out. Anybody call them power in Guatemala by trying to get in the while they are the only way I like what other. While a little while later. And my wife and I don't buy water call and I am and I comic con do in my room smelled horrible. I'm like oh my god oh my god and I look over and whether or leave they're no longer than I do not like I don't more arms. I'm glad I got a dog I don't get Greg Kraft all of my era. Oh my arms I'm freaking out I'd just married again my gore about a combination hour. I'm going have been freaking out man I didn't play my kid better way to bring equality clean it up. Why the ethically Amanda it's did you wrong. I would Andre I don't like gagging or no way he would why do not while I am. Do you think the dollar was jamming up on the bed and try to get you to take him out. I'm legally in the town got nine more jumbled we aren't a lot of power now. Yeah I mean he tried man like good and he needed me to poop on the best solution I've thought please don't have any better odds bad bad guy right up. Well the cables or find the bits are running through me it's important that the. I normally don't regret my out about it would not. Did you agree it's the most. I haven't got angry black well how gagged whenever they won't normally drop about eight if we actual what do. Like you have kids and it got notes of the first eighteen months of the life all they do isn't usually gag reflex and. Reality I might get dirty up art I was pregnant are you let one changing diapers and other I want to spot. Do you did you dagger time that they that let you present them viper already. Is there why isn't there a point in time after doing that for a few times agree you have kids just you know like one after another that you Lego. Tie these tubes like get this over well I will leave one day in the next five years you know. I'm I'm not Sergio I ordered it to the anemometer not quite so you did you get everything out of your husband doing. No I don't byte where we're got a tough adjusting well that's that's that's amazing thing I knew Blair and. He gave England Cuba and he never made big climb and I didn't want that aren't. And apparently I may be quite. Oh yeah it did generate a little brown may I can't I guess they like you know what I think I got Joseph boob job or you're gonna do is go in there and I'm like not gonna let me going to sign you up for a boob job even if I think you need money let's use a unique nation at least do what to do significantly you don't have to use of the -- but you know an elective surgery yesterday only do that in this country for abortion. It can't can I think that's the nun and I'll tell you what to do with the okay. Our question today onetime blank Gavin while I was sleeping I. I've that you wake up in the dog's cooped in your bed I'll be good yeah. I've had a walking up to my last week man on the what does my dogma. Easiest to recover from this but it was just big piles of crap the nice thing was. He did in the basement through dual by the door that goes outside I think it. Try isn't yet good news bad news bad news well who did good news item. Close outs out of it well for dogs like. I felt like the feeling might keep your girlfriends taken forever in the bathroom and moans from the right moment he'll want to be like hey I must stomachs of sets a bad Manhattan bridges. Please god like. Her hurry up and they're just chat away and I. Yeah not edited and they each each hours. Which got him door like me and my one bit complacent in Baltimore sun's out geez come on come on them also. I can't take it anymore loosely explosives are run out of my apartment in my employer. Laundry rooms that right Ron quarters opened that door. Dredge candidate for the draft went and I just unload my ass. Into the drastic. And I felt bad and Obama and governor Wilson do that I can wrap up the bag and apple and it's just a bag of liquid group. Well envoy to the super Bono is. Jerry's in the shower whatever Steve's gonna go see he's just piston. It's in the room into a trash cans and that ties it up like he's got a good old Fisher taking home for their impact though. Walks that Maggie urine downstairs to throw it away and addressed it. If you think you've got them long I want to be sure dude I don't know is the big man maybe they slowed with a calm and. I think kitty hawks blog that you did they support will meet a dispersant we met so. We get along final probably at breed of Tripoli packing and stop and is it. The development. Your weird dude so yeah. I'm a good person and is that we got a toilet right and usually you will Pluto love it. Improved down there a solar plant I'm doing your as the favorite to understand all he's done a senate weren't Mississippi we're eating southern food. Do we want to New Orleans in eight southern prudently you don't want me to drop a deuce and that battle. Don't doormat to a man I go all the way downstairs and just wrecked the map plotting comeback the. That is is that when you're when your friends like DV okay when you have that religion known for a long time and you bit human friends whether it is or Tony little embers of the like you can be in the shower. And you're you know they're gonna is coming and bombing. Yeah they will come in and sit on the hood during their leg and water's hot this smells kind of get heavier now that pushes the steam pushes everything down more. These just like dollar value ideas ever lacks shower but you have that room mate you've known forever and they have no problem walking when your donut and blow the place. Jerry a large way so I chose not to get out of action that a man. You only knew you know it's something that if you had known him for years argued on their killer. OJ did it against the let's employees soul food I felt I just wanna see. Simplest conversations and I think you would share they need is. Different types of what I won't do it if I got to the ultimate everybody who's sole ownership of it assassinated there. But once I'd like cabin while Iowa sleep. Yeah mile. I know exactly that he seventy. He's trying to do you wouldn't notice visitors and remove the immunity and it doesn't have a lot of people overdose of got a got the product that medical Batman your goal what it is piece of its. Hello Sam welcome to the men's room. Shock our top it'll look this evil if you don't want you coming out and battles Jerry. Did you announce them. Another job one of as well firewood or oh good. Yeah our government out of my friend rob me and I know one of the friends and oracle. Said the threat. PMP. Further bit of privacy. Okay and are there and are normally not known for that but just say you know. And are more closely I think it is either of you crank me I'll tell you. So I didn't wanna play the middle school and they were both stupid. So my friend and you insured it when you get paid and frankly I'm gonna kill you. But they're gonna frank guaranteed me and my friend and he woke up. And of correct me like I got up pretty good argument that they are mirror search. And right are you sure my hair dark mountain teams face. And the car out and that it does not get. You walk up pretty dang that. Are good 34 seconds but I'm without an apartment like what I what kind of dog is this. Forever go remember was it big and small as a as a as you work. What did. If it was a dog they have different colored eyes are black my Bible. Well like an Australian Colley you're so Puerto how much are blue healer. The co. Yeah I don't know for the in my one of the shepherd herding dog as a big idols we'll have a lot of energy and his candidates need to run like you don't wanna for those eyes are Kris. You have a friend like that multitude of villains always I have known my friend Rick has two different cholera so yeah I don't look at knots and I was looking adamant that one's. Light issue whitish blue okay like its lead looks kind of like a blind eye but it's not the video and brown Selig it's. That's where. You know like where they're at it I mean that's all that is phase is about him I do the job and Jeremy gallon at the parents decree turn ahead a look at me like cafes. The bodies even the one kind of like lazy guy. There was oil once I was potty but like whenever you talk you just feel like. And I saw it in America is all look at a Gregory's sort of could affect you talking to me man I get pregnant in real life I mean that guy had like I don't know like he had 3-D like he did you elect. He had like a political IMAX surround vision behind them rep if you can never creep up on those guys. Panoramic it was a weird were good but it would move as east market that's partly it already kinda lazy. But in the middle conversation they would just drift off. Always wanted to ask them but I never deadly one happens to your field division women's. What a drag give up a bit like to see and they can use your own ears you know immediately that they use. It's pretty control it. I think Billy kind of thing I have is like the double Georgia Dome yet. And like Adam and you just popping in and out but as soon as Amano as soon as somebody goes on that's growth and I'm gonna go oh yeah. At it once I'd like Gavin while I was sleeping hello Derek welcome to the bedroom. Boy and I okay. I don't have dug a Derek are you man. I'm enjoying 85 degree day out here on Long Island New York longer I low and you have a Long Island iced tea in front of you. I don't but I need to make a shipment of Brooklyn conventional place surround your Sousa and injured Brett you're kidding me we gave you good Brooklyn. Yup I lever that went to a yankees game a week ago when I pulled up my app public and if you look at what they got. Some some convenient store and not in Brooklyn I'll I'll go and. I knew the result bar there years ago depicted on one with a lot of bullets as though from legion. I'm glad that I did well and from Brooklyn that stayed somewhere and yeah it. Do they have Long Island iced tea specials all over long islanders I just like you don't order wandered out energize that like. Even an error on ice tea there yeah. Small show how it could be opted I don't know a lot of people drink I think it's. You be named right here allow a lot of people drink it. No I know no most people don't want to drink at drink but I was just curious if they had I like Long Island iced tea night which is a real bad idea yes it has no man. Yes there's an analyst at college campus so. That's part of the plot Allentown the boy I just don't see if you're over 25. It's rare seasonally jerk on Long Island that you don't need that I mean I don't quit his way to a recent memories are you guys aren't accountable more rain. Well if we are than that happened a while I'm looking up and I'm in not the blues got in Jack. Because the humidity mr. it's great here yeah television. It it actually about it's only about 50% so it's not too bad are you win and to. Knew we had a nice day we just have to accept because I. Saturday it's. Kind of Brooklyn you're gonna get severe blow up right ruin your day but it turns its name from organized so I just. Got out out of the pool little bit ago and I did have pizza for dinner tonight so when wind wow let's you know I went from being right it's not that nice it is that nice knocked out of just. Don't like yeah we'll go slow and we have three more hours of the day we're gonna make up. What I'd I believe that because I don't tomorrow I'm good. Luckily my office to have get shipped out here like in have a barbecue this recommitment and sought to cool I say you're gonna love that you really are worth I I'm mumbling or haven't tried yet another edition strive or move are listed on whether the sleeping thing will happen. So with back to them to an out and and the station on submarines announcement of the new guy. That was told you whatever you wake up guys further trip the next watch a PC delight on. And a curtain shut. To open a ongoing matter this is tiger a person they don't actually have yourself when you're in the navy subs don't run a lack so. Yeah I'm. So I crawl into bed and turmoil and often enough to prop 36 hours just study into a liberal I got to do. And I finally just fall asleep and I hear the distinct sound pages turning out in American. Like what the hell did I do when. And then I hear the groans satisfaction. Well no I don't think. Well you just master being quiet and they like among don't room sharing you immaculate well. It on sort of the bunker out of on the sub that are out of out of bank aircraft water from the guys there's the older nine and bunker but the side of the small walking clock stuff nine guys in there. In you know a walk in closet it's used space was pretty close and tight and crossing all right. There he has pretty bad pretty bad elect says Tibetan uses no Smartphones tablets. You were lucky if you had a portable dvd player so. We were Hewitt you know more called back and analog port to it's their business. Turned out I was a lot more common and that's how long were you down before. The longer I overstated consecutively Europe but to a patrol whole time. Was 96 days were gone. But the most consecutive no water coming up was 68 dates. Oca and it's out of view that you masturbating and sixty days. How many are in the Milky Way. You have to let you have to go through some kind of like eye's sensitivity thing to get to be able could handle sunlight again or anything. Of how well. After my first. I'm going out to sea was which is about which belong when 96 days McCain back and corpsman were to collect they dispersion of a RN. Starting given us. Vitamin. They're not sure that I wedded to it's got business impact. There's a little bit darker when he I don't know this the same kind of organization. I mean is it happened below sea level as well as it does above and other words if you're gonna drive to thousand more feet deep whatever it is your body have to get used to that pressuring her. Know this sounds maintained at that caused you mr. pressures possible okay keynote got Natalie do you look at a port holes like a bay window anywhere if you wanted to sit down and journalists going on in the C you can look at it. Now but even if we did it we go to we go down slowed so deep that it would dispute that liken it. How does take you for that to not freak you out. Spot after the first time you feel the sensation like you're in the strait of Juan if you go to your just a true we are going down. Actually kill that initial like oh damn we're going down the of that mentality. Occurred while that kind of like a Mac. Not to be the big Xperia conspiracy guy here but do you think there's any thing down there that's really really big that we haven't found yet. Like as far as like an animal of some type. I think that's probably the only place that there's going to be a mama plant that we don't know what the heck down their daughters and I don't know all the everything mourned two thirds of the plant covered water I mean we can only go down. You know a fraction of how deep sea ocean and is. And every time ago now may find something they do yeah dissipate right. It seems like anything the last or any kind of you know asteroid hit or whatever. It's in the water it's a saltwater crocodile some than this. Just I was just thinking of solar crack I went looked at that crocodile glass cage thing and that. You know that roamed. No and Helen yet and that is that I don't know what they just got their cross provides in depth that's not natural man like that the whole thing is. Dinosaur. Our attention of the pocket was into it. Couple big dirty yesterday and I heard you and I yeah a big estate scenario would do that and a couple of people and unhappy that correction there's no goddamn way devils look. I think in the ocean outside of Australia solemn McCracken Allah did you theoretically be eaten by saltwater crocodile library like church jumper at the other. But let me know how they attempted that there is no hours and come together they in the ocean together. They all the or what was the show while I was like beast vs beast for some for a while on. It is got a plan and has lately people there who went lion tiger and they didn't put about the fight but. They took everything menu based on its red deer all those kind of things so there's a great white shark taking on saltwater crocodile. So we're crocodile basically apps great white shore up the great white short wins in the end. Because crocodiles resurfacing get there yeah well when they crossed table which meant Cardona basically flips is bitch over. It would be go time again the only difference that as well get there bundles like holy Jesus Christ. Still has gotten better absorb them while she's a great white shortly it's not intimidated. It's one of the let me both kind of dinosaurs. He starts have been around forever based Ted I they don't like all of. Question do you humpback whales right everybody knows the humpback whale as we don't want stuff in the ocean like they dive so deep. What was so I really positive with their don't like their migrations general we'd like lineup and stuff legislate they go so deep in the ocean. We don't know we don't bright light sensors on a dual link but it went on deepen over the pressure Brooklyn I've been censored. Like Christ meant that. That's creepy and they breathe a rancher out oil well older brother Mike Harkin who goes for it onto skewers. How long do different Wales told Brett because that's. Debris there you got the blow hole we know he's got a huge lungs I know you do man to bet that when you go to the deep though just all that pressure you know to. Taken the oxygen out I don't know what the whale. I did hamsters like god damn when I have I've woken up double double double the bad my room one times for what I've done that can't be wise. I I'm I'm the guy who. Just passes the hell out regardless in I normally like June of hurt in those women who know. So that's good for mean that I want to deal deal that crab a one night we were in old hunting camp today and was an old farmhouse. But what my buddies who was his great grandfather is something. He had a key. There was nothing in there it was as wood plank floors of the structure with a roof on top of a million display that you ruled out you're sleeping bag on the floor with your pad he just had a shelter for the night you do see him on the front porch. So I I go into one of the rooms was probably like the dining area just one of the bigger rooms as you walk into this old farmhouse. And I suddenly put my bag down there and corner this were ominously for the night. There are there is one the door that's going out the side of the house there and I start hearing. I know Mike. It sound like a pendulum swings back and forth. There is a blacks and that's probably about seven or eight feet long to thank you it's working its way through I swear to god a quarter inch slit at the top of a closed door. It is leaving. The house it's not coming in its exiting the house in as it's working its way out it swinging its tail against the war. Because the pendulum action kind of physically tricks so it works its way out the door I'm watching him do this numb like. Oh my god. So I grabbed its tail. I called a buddy Jason over what grab the guy he's trying to leave because. He's on the other side he's got four feet of head out to three feet ahead out like. There's no way he can work his way back in. I just got it he's at it let's. These are just. But it's the end and Eric and I just like this is great I got hold this thing Q and in Estrada cannot push him up a little bit age Obama right zag elect announced they could well all right but the thing was was that. It was one of those doors it'd been like hard bolted shut. Yes and no one can get like you couldn't use that doors and access tort literally had bars like I couldn't open the door does open the door and again nobody. But it was all Bolton ups in the want to get in through there polluted. He just kept working his way out but I don't know that you. You move ice yacht got the hell out there and this is like you yeah I mean doesn't. Bills he was still the most amazing they've ever seen it just as far as. A feeling either on his way out if you believe the ability of them to. Constrict themselves down to the point where they can just turn flat then worked their way out of the start of the door seem. I can't believe that you are so ugly that you scared snake into leaving the place and attack and what about. If authorities vehicle and you grabbed him. I got a military does it say to grab them like. You know I've I've had dried red racer snakes because I eat a one man just the idea came from him like anything else spamming a black snake he can buy you but it does really empty. So it's just gonna more bush a surprise available to bruise and whatever does not gonna hurt the still eight feet long. So like I remember got a mighty now one of the worst things you would freak hello this is Indiana Jones defended and it said okay self same -- same buddy who lived on a farm. He they had they had a big structure that they covered up and you put hate underneath that when you build your paper most of so would trial would get good on the rain but. Every once allow the obvious may come via an overflow of of of bales of pay so on the side of the barn. He had this huge ass black tar. And it covered the entire top of this huge stack of paper now. When they moved some of those out because it would sell whatever they always move once first who were underneath that TARP just yet another excellent in the in the Barnaby fine. Then they laid the TARP flat our act on the ground it stays there all winner it stays there into the spring it stays there until everything needs to be cut back again. And then when you go to cut all this data and you bailed out. Or pull this TARP off. Now the TARP acts like a huge thermal blanket on the ground there's no weeds growing there it's all the Greek weeds and SATA three feet high this tarps it's flat on the program. We now have to pick this tea this TARP up to move it. Put a bills backed down on it. Picked up that part I swear to god there were at least a hundred. Infiniti snake its 200 at all different varieties rattlesnakes. His sin. I mean racers snakes garden snakes black snakes it was a bad ass cotton mouth sit in their like a big Joseph big bull last snake culinary let me do they all scattered. And the gratitude I ask you couldn't see where they and it. Hold that Harbaugh though like Judas go out and feels like it was like when they found that thing and Rangers. Whole floors is full of bugs and snakes of this and then this biggest tarps on and as a landscaper really cared and a pool seemingly to cover off and there's one big snake and a body birdies at the big snake connected with the. Mr. Blackwell and onetime blank cabin while I was sleeping we will take a break a mega more your calls right entity. Now back to the men's room here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy to let live resort casino on the 99.9. KI ESW. So Jennifer turns back slash a do who sucks less right before the shot of the day along with a word having words that you should avoid using at work our men's or blank question onetime blank cabin while I was sleeping Mike Carp out of your early did you get the how long whales can hold their breath info for. I did get a little bit Korea it says here that sperm whales make some of the longest I have it dives G by mammal was some lasting up to ninety minutes. All dolphins and other wells consent of water for twenty minutes when it looks tournament. And they go so fast on the great white I think about the inaugural whales and they they can that fairly quickly desist from wealth can go down to a kilometer. Nine and then arguments mean you can't yeah. I didn't hello jets welcome to the men's room. Yeah it's our job. It though I need to have their age but bola. They were this part and you that this excuse why it ever. And because he was a snake. Yeah quite. And learned litter is kinda you know I peek at what we have the perfect record acquired partly on edit and keep the men and didn't always work. Yesterday was a 150 pounds known and we have diplomatic aren't equipped to parent their way a little bit better get. I'm so. What are you Nick Cage is not come with lives they have lives but its member item off. Yes but not alarmed I mean they can make a bushels I told him in a statement through a fourth inch but more frame giant moss basically and so. And does make you happy and haggard today we're out of space and sort did you find this snake. I am I not a man armed start everything but. 1 morning oval like peep that is pink it's actually paint. Aren't paid and it went along my bed at like dead parrot Edward being. And 1 morning outlook and felt. I'm not going to make note and you're like wait and I don't I know just looking at me. What does near what is your reaction I mean do you do you screamed at the top of your lungs you say Caldwell. I'm pretty content on good morning and that matters gates and let him early and it was. Actually really truly I. A cuddly snag whatever happens that easily snake you are actually Wagoner at our market they loan it. Wrong with the air and you don't want you moving in with what I would you say it was a Buckeyes fumbled what there are and how they can they get. Are and what happens when you have do I mean like user is senior. Adopting senator floor giant fourteen foot Amazon snakes like you like. Look you know I realize when they get that big of most people don't want them in their home. I am here to rescue them is the last years in the life figure to be twenty feet. Mr. McLaughlin Jones are seeing into an exact legacy goes I don't know how you jazz are sixteen foot boa. The article collectors like who gets that snake what happens I mean. Is it in a pair of boots I mean what what what happens to the San. Arab world and yet I get to sit. As art theory like that and a bit and see where if you were a lot bigger than I heard would do you do with yours. What mine are the magic out. Deletes you'll be looking over your house you shot him. No permanent I had can be watched Aaron went in and week out are they query out. Get back where I was able to keep them admire that yeah and the diet that they're actually about Paramount well. He then bags are mainly makes great equally fine and that it all out of bet if they killed at regarded straight at theory on how or what but there there. Green barely catch red tape edited hail. So I can only at the end you know what happened. Now all you can do whatever you've got off to feed at the end of that snake and it'll still be OK I mean I'm pretty sure that some kind of trauma having to its head. Yet that everything I've read about a snagged an income and half and I have a slide off another not happy about that but. The other thing is he's you're snake was killed not your snake died those two very different tests and Jeremy and my. And your pet died it's it was killed give a much different reaction right that I mean that that's the end game of these things that they're they're just going to keep getting bigger. So it doesn't I mean if you have a four bedroom home like. Will they do have a five bedroom homeowner gets to be fifteen feet now it's just like I don't know what the editing what you do can you take it to the zoo look if you're in Florida you just take it out of squabbling. Yeah. This is what Florida sun to do awful things what normal people mean. Like most of your buddies are not going to take a fifty foot ankle and if a child of a dog suvs can a I don't know you know small error and had a fair rent them like courses they can't go there people in the Everglades mouth tea. The problem is this giant snakes in there that don't belong in exactly that is what do you differently that's where I get some call the zooms it got a problem. That would be able I don't know because BCA late or animal shelter bubble we samples we don't actually means you're the latest in Florida they someone dropped a pet crocodile. Many years ago into the Everglades. Are now the crocodile has basically started mating with the alligators now and we're warming think that the super alligator crocodile hybrid that has been alive now for a thirty years owners they think there's a few dozen of them out there happily eating Panthers right so rightly so with. Within that realm of there's a crocodile that's been eating alligators so that's a big this thing. Oh that's right that's their issue like looking into alligators are naturally the problem is we are good for growing alligator population going down and it's because this crocodile. Six with that that that whole ass alligator in the they have for whatever reason they get together and create this giant thing. Same thing with the ball python team ever in the bowlers and all these cross breeding snakes that happened throughout the years been like that is. That is science all comments. Non indigenous experiment that's going on right there and ever and it just might not wanting to get together and aren't supposed to happen that's where that they just man throws crap in there and is like see what comes out it's like a bad science expert. Why isn't everything it's bigger rights holders the guy. In Britain tiger with the wine and Nicole wider but when they show the sides of Tuesday. It is considerably bigger than tiger or one. And I don't understand why and the rats that they have in Baltimore city specifically the ground rats. In the war threat both of them are just normal sized rats which to rats to lords mice who is the might the rats I grew up with. To Baltimore I thought that was the normal size for Ratner realized that no I don't know director ray coombs. These damn idea Brett got together intimately created with the biggest goddamn right through what I had home. I think he's just got to be it just takes the bigger. Then you know that the bigger species in just. Put multiply it personal recently significantly bigger sometimes you'll see you like it a giant dude and his parents aren't nearly as they are tall. Yeah but they're still seem species. We do not crossing lines you know guerrilla passage of chimpanzee union with king god name pong like that seems real these things work. Especially in the Everglades everything missed it what about that big doc. Huge dog needed dog to dog. Our bedroom blank was your onetime blank cabin while I was sleeping I told you earlier I was asleep walker the worst I've ever had. Was one night I woke up in my front yard. And I was sitting down with my legs crossed in the yard and I'm just sitting there and I'm looking in my neighbor's house cross street that's not preclude him at a and I am looking. And I'm looking I'm just looking announced airing it and all the sudden. It's it's just the weirdest thing it just kind of clicks and there's a point where you go. He as has done a dream I am sitting in my front yard there in my life Strauss in my underwear and a teacher it's. Looking across the street and yet you don't snap out of it kind of an affair it's a phase out in the end there is in the what's that realization happens. Actually try to make that work out and then I'll go into the kitchen and see elect. Well there's a little libretto America I mean there is like a half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich in on the news there's a bite out of the other I did cut the sailors and half apparently didn't. In the legend is peanut butter there's jelly out there's chips that are on the counter like Japan a glass of milk. Apparently like I just go full scale at this point ominously blocking so that was one of the things with a sleep study so with the sleep study when I did that. They've put a camera on now I don't know about you guys but I tend to kind of get on my back a little bit and not only that but I get excited a lot of night. Short manned cellular portal now with documented Dallek and now like this the legislature is again lol yeah I softies ready for a wild animal. This is done Jerry you know I get a lot back I get excited and I edges unless they've only got a uh oh look out this self edit the thing is is that I got this hot as a nurse managed he's doing a sleep study and in my column now I don't want you know I can she's monitoring me all night. So I'm doing the same thing I'm still see is horror to go to sleep knowing that someone is staring you know it's hard to go to sleep when you realize that there are thirty or forty probes attached to your head. Attached your chest in all these different wires that come out. Are attached to a poll like you have a IV drip so you can walk around and still have 900 things attached this box in this poll. But when your sleepwalking you have to consciously go like. And hospital attached to this poll and I'll walk around this polls I grabbed the poll on it and get ready go plug in Walt's applaud the unit announced on a battery. I can walk into the bathroom. And I'm doing this like three or four times and I like his eminent it unfamiliar environment and their 23 nights all the videos on this like I would I hope to god. That no one ever breaks into the sleep study databank in releases the video of these sleeping because I don't wanna. I was consideration thirteen minutes after going to Rem sleep that night clockwork basically that was basically that's sort of does and that's where I was. In the right. Clark scored exactly. Our question onetime blank Gavin while I was sleeping. Dodd Amy Jacobson and drug makers are. We are able to steer and cracked magazine the seven most insane things that people done. Mostly people. Number set clown a thirteen story crane. Who I got when he the united during the day and now that's what you are re going to have to be a crane operator L a comfortable all the wrong things that the possible suicide attempt it's a cop show up. There's a young girl she's per 130 feet opening here. When shouting kind of picker field of journalism at some point she just weights the fellow analysts. Uh oh yeah Jim coming down go to download numbers six and all of the sudden egregious things people don't sleep walking. Have sex with strangers. And how strong middle aged woman. Jeddah quirky habit she'd wake up and a little lever house. That have such Hoover's strangers and as revolted in the won't woman doesn't have to be conscious bigger division would sleep wall. Reasonably offer such good guys and guys being guzzle it down balls like sleep sex with nick and with with a combination of sleepwalking. So there's certain people who'll try to have sex and sleeping castles and within there's people who take it to another level and not only have sleep sex with a or sleepwalking to get the sleeps right so she's like the combination of leaves her house to do right now. He's wonder about the sweet sixteen or sometimes just a matter stretching. What I'm saying. I hate can you know if like that's hat and reverent but sometimes they need distraction and out on somebody had an accident yet. I'll bet on certain them flexing it. I don't five and a list of some egregious things people don't mostly walking. Didn't you IP on the road and assault cut it should be noted this is all one thing. Seven Denver back in 2003. Got to gonna Ambien and goes to bed. Still asleep she gets up floats on powerful bottle wine gets and or call Rory only a manager in twenty degree weather. Drug and sleep driving. Obviously this kind of hard core about that he can't do it gets pulled over. And now to fully with police officers were unaware of the final points of drunken sleep you're dating to come to arrest her. So shields of assaulting this person did double our p.s on the sub or did the rest of but eventually. The target of proxies. Miles is what god bless you gorgeous. Aaliyah given an all night starting for no reason there's a woman and just look to lead gained sixty pounds she sought medical help finally figured out. Hey look EDU meant obviously I'm not kidding you they're a bit and there Durbin times in my life. Brian thought it was time you're gonna change and with a bootable lock in pull on the refrigerator door and lock the freezer and they did you rivers are out keep myself from the middle of night going up. The walk up to her perjured like ought to try to change it should go back to back you never got a historic thing. We'll cross no grab something known never done that thank god and do we are out in the yard yes but now that author journalist back in 2007. Drummer ginger threw themselves out of the four story went. Three of the sub egregious things Ruble bonds sleepwalking. One guy does well the main thing this is only number two. Recorded an album. The other Greg I thought I. That's a southern wannabe songwriter because contribution music with writing a song that was once recorded by Barbara Streisand a buds begin. Good for him anyway I get a habit of talking and sweep. By the way most of us Juba. Are you distorting talking to sleep. He started singing someone recorded in India and so that the got themselves. Entity of the noble thing commit many horrible crimes all kinds of people share yours murders and you can people who sleep walking but the defenses into aborting them Clinton. Sleep are miserable I question what time blank Kevin while I was sleeping or get your emails coming up for the midterm and provide backup. Miles tournaments are match that point nine KI SW Seattle.