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Wednesday, July 6th

Emails, Mike Hawk gives the stories that wont be making it into the headlines and Who Sucks Less is back with an angry father, a repeat cannibal, and an angry Father


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Can men's room with a miles. Nine point nine. Yes you can ward did Smith not to dance Gaza and we got a forty amends original size security incidents for the first time that very close. Now for your world famous sausage dip down you were able walk. Minute miracle sausage and he thought about maybe one day to get some of that delicious men's room original sauces and putting it in. Your world famous sausage dip. Let's just say only and I have talked to head Jeff thank. And the holidays the problems. However both sides of the Gregg nomination of Italy's famous plaza did men's room original read and every time you think of the sausage. A portion of the net proceeds from the sale that the VA and TV Ellen Fisher houses you can get it delivered right to your door. Had KI SW dot com all locations where you think of thousands either in the grocery store front your favorite menu of your favorite local red right both locations therefore KI SW dot com men's room. Original sausage. Are miserable I question onetime blank cabin while I was sleeping. We'll take a quick break and come back and read your emails in the bedroom mad men survived doctor out next and just the millions drilled 99 point. Jaguars running back. AFL sleep at the we 0:4 AM outside of Jacksonville he was driving was girlfriend doubly not both of them were stone cold sober when they were. Given their check and tested the and this thing but they were they were asleep in a car that had started to sink into a pond. And luckily. Some first responders showed up and tried to pull them out they knocked on the windows trying to wake him up they basically just woke up the way I banks rolled the window back up as the car continued to sink. Into this lake eventually when they do sleep Gary loaded jam their hand him for she rolled back up the window unlocked the door. Open up the door and pulled her out now the guy who's the running back they had to go and make him ruled the window down because he kept trying to open the door but as the car was sinking the water pressure was too much. So they pull him out Dukes of Hazzard style through the window. They're okay. Earlier I referred to it. Denard Robinson and things. As shoe X wise Aetna is this guy does things that aren't normal besides sleeping in the car you remember he was a quarterback at University of Michigan. And he played quarterback he didn't IA shoots. Ever and that was they wish you write that into patient because he just grew up playing that's ridiculous how dumb that is to run would you play. A high level college football the issue that probably advertisers choose period and I probably know. Anyway so what I've found out it was they sleep in and car's catalytic. And so we do not best of friends. Our question today amends or blank question onetime blank Gavin while I was sleeping we have about your emails here from the men's room events are live dot com yeah. They don't trust you Riley's a really proud brewers a men's room original red because we think it's Jimmy Carter silver bronze medal winner at the great American beer festival get ready. Men's room gold will be on your show soon there. Guys when I was ten years old I was sitting on the couch in my brother who was the time sixteen years old son to play with a samurai sword at 1 AM as he was swinging around the losses grip. That thing came out of a sand flew across the room and into my armpit then it hit the ball of my shoulder. Ricocheted out he took the sort upstairs totally came back down so lots of blood woke me up. He showed a talent like armpit allows the feeling in my arm for seven years due to nerve damage all's better tea man. Guys I had a house may crawl in the middle me one night unfortunately this was a male house made. A look at figure is that he was sleepwalking went to the bathroom proceeded to take a wrong turn while exiting the bathroom and an end up in Mira. I was quite shocked when I was awoken by him pulling the covers over himself. I literally jumped out of bed in disbelief I did a triple take as I looked at Michael's door and a half naked man in my bed. After about ten seconds of thinking of how to best handle the situation. I just young and then to get up and go to bed like I was telling reprimanded a dog and worked my surprise and I'm just glad he was one of those people who sleeps naked. Amount lost my S of self from that day on his nickname was muggles. Best regards. I woke up snuggle and nobody wants you he would agree to sleep in the same bed but. When I woke up he was pinned against the wallet what do you do when they keep you came over here last night I just it seemed easier to lie or that's not remember I think it. Guys what time the house got fire all I was sleeping mom put her cigarette out in the player box outside my brother and our window several hours later around 2 AM house gunfire brother wakes up to the flames. Tries waking up everyone in the house I will wake up everyone in the house is trying to wake me up I wake up look at the fire and say well you guys got that big quick. I go back to sleep next morning everyone's telling me about how the house is on fire and I just wanna go back to sleep I don't remember any fire when I woke up but the evidence definitely was there. Guys I just thought I'd drop a few lines about that trucker you had on a few minutes ago if others have not already that guy probably has watched too much trucker stuff on YouTube or maybe too much ice road truckers. Just know look you can be the president the United States in the on this program and when you do some was gonna. On go like this every time that's not the premier and president it'll happen late so only if if Obama called today. Bush via phone Colombian fondly. It was a mounted. Outside new law suit that's another thing that's another thing what is the colors wrong worthy emailers wrong there either one arrives on that then this very as the exact and it's a president in my time. Does it take before us in the studio Mike Wright and that's five people. Now you. If we were calling into a show like. All five let's kinda have our own personal impression of how our business works absolutely and today everybody calls it war what the garden told you don't notice I trucker is Laura in glass and I approached. Actually the way he's no driver if he was he would have told you the makes a driver to drive legally is eleven hours with a total on duty time a fourteen. Those total hours also hinge on how many hours you've driven in any seven day period. In a time you can not exceed seventy hours he had seven at that time you have to do was known as a 36 hour resent that means no work of any kind not to mention driving the truck. Also I might add that if you have enough hours in the day to do that eleven hours you also have time to take a minimum of a thirty minute break. All of this is federal law and god help you to get caught breaking these rules are worst having an accident they find out via your blog books or electronic automatic logging equipment that. More more trucks have these days there it is as the NBC slogan used to say the more you know. All the tolls one time I was sleeping after a very long shift my wife and five of her extremely hot friends got drunk. Decided to strip down to energy strings and go running around the neighborhood topless. I had no idea until the next day when my neighbor guy came over with some picks on this film so I wasn't mad that it happened just that everyone but me got to see my wife's friends boobs I'd been trying for years ago levels someway to convince them to show me. That is the worst story we have heard alternate toilet Ali had to do is pass out and all you do is get out of the way is that really your life and my health. But yeah as soon as I left the naked juncture all those of wills a comedian one time I just thought that was absolutely perfect music. All you guys are already Judy all you must remember we looked all the extra burst gave men in the whole sort of starter won and brought drugs and booze and then blasts Newt. There's another complaint on. Guys is indeed just on about snakes know you can't cut a footer to all the snake it will die maybe economies but it will. No they will not continue to grow forever each species has a rough size that they reach it red tail boa on average it's about nine feet you're lucky if they get to twelve. Our dials make great pets please ask when you don't know and help the ripped out community educate the masses have a good day guys. I don't know you cared to order got that reply I'll be happy like I don't care what you know about Mikey I let my you know worried that others may fuel to not like us. Doug Mann act at a cost that is not costs have been a show like you put out a lot of information well what's the misinformation. Out that. Listen I got news for everybody again. We put out beat Holland. Of misinformation but here's the thing so does reptiles people in this case. Dirt domino that'll be you know as a threat to trust me people that that work the ball very noble would give gun misinformation outlaw public. Not about the reptiles turns out all the for kind of equally suited we only know what we know that's what you know we don't worry about what we don't know gunman. Guess you got to pet snake or whatever. You implement the road we'll put a little Roma played category reptiles Roma I just I realized that movie we says something about their. Had to accomplish it feels the throughout Enron failed problem. Jill hill now on that allows us labor got a nose bleed when I woke up my pillows covered in dried blood when I went to the bathroom looks in the mirror had dried blood all around my mouth and on my hands a look like I killed someone or became aware rules PS you guys are awesome. As we move on to the always committee sounds a FaceBook what I want to puberty that happened to meet countless time growth of getting that you know Dylan we know it W distinct that your face off of the pits dockets drivable obstruct yeah and like it's one thing to feel that the when you wake up and it just all lay a man who just looks awful a from FaceBook us up through about ten policeman PNC's and a fireman running through my parents' house one night battles they've on the couch my parents left me there. And goes as call later that night from Amman and added move muscle we'll go the next day it didn't leave my dad when he said they were all running in front of me and back and forth at the front door. By the way numb almost fun. I seriously if prices once and I down half a bottle of gold shorter and welcome to biographer of the time punching her. You know what happened to me yet. We had sex and legislate her now we started having sex and you pass out during. He says that a party that was so packed we were all sleeping on the floor so Masset got up and peed all over my friend. Nick says helicopter landed next to my house to take my dad to the ER during his heart attack slept right through it LOO. And criticism Haas of their rescue helicopter landing less than a hundred feet from my tent while I was camping do we have any text today. What time I woke up to a cat licking my here in the back of my head I don't know ten. From Adam that's a weird feeling yeah Tampa I don't Erekat I was robbed while I was sleeping they took my TV. PlayStation 3 and my dodge pickup my sixth general bogon died a few days before two. Good time for a few extra emails here in the midterm amends in my dock comes yeah. One of bitches. What don't you do me the honor of singing happy birthday to my son Gerald he turns nine today whenever he's in the car with me he sings along with you guys. Getting get a a sponge Bob O followed by a barbershop quartet thank you for blessing us with your singing voices every afternoon that from James. And I again if it's an email so you know I got you run. Other K and I enemies and glad it's she's ever done or others saw. Are you guys can you is my wonderful girlfriend Emily happy birthday can I get a little girl face and what did you big dummy thanks guys that from day. Assume today doesn't that is just my boyfriend Justin for his Tony second dozens everyday loves you guys gonna get a fish sandwich thanks you guys are the best that from Corey I'm not finished and rich guys today is the day I turned 28 can't wait to go to bella Luna pizzeria. And try a pizza with delicious men's room sausage and then followed double the gift only my fiance can give me and miles and miles can give me one of those two city got a pretty now. More gonna get an oh shut up from Sean Connery and some steamy turtle sex thanks guys that from attorneys should have to. I never guess comparable to hello how did you try talking it's guys would you please play the barber shop fish sandwich and turtles knocking shells from my wonderful sexy husband Patrick whose birthday always gets lost in the hangover from the fourth of July weekend thanks so much that from Sarah can again if this. And okay so you know oh my god you. Brother can nine enemies and win. She's and is under on this. Thanks guys today is my Yahoo! boy. A friend G on 37 birthday militiamen have emerged as you listen to work today thank you guys for the fun commentary off we talk about the show a laugh as we re hasher topics of the day. Can he get an original face analyst and a you like that thank you that from Christine aren't impressed yeah. All of Lagos today is my mother's birthday Mother Teresa. That's her name she is German woman the grew up in South America she speaks Spanish is a first language or didn't German. And some English so to celebrate her day I would like to request eight dear Jesus an hour and take in an Al hitting the window. I know I'd like to be there weather but cannot get out of your talk on time for her birthday thanks guys keep on rocking that from Chris from saint George Utah. Look at oh I guess here ego. We have got to go it's. Hey. We haven't done. I dare say they're a little bit says I know you guys love oysters not sure if you've heard about the annual event in Shelton told them. Oyster fest which is the first weekend in October plenty of oysters is Lydia from ours down vigilant even pulling god. Sounds like a management in heaven for the men's room out from Valerie my house this that's for the rest of these guys. Mean you've got scooters and we're gonna hit the toy store run when he oyster run I think same time the October oh really. What do you skewed it there and eat the oysters part of that they're battling got a fifty some probably gonna have to get my mouth of their trucks until once we get in according I'll bring it out to real Sunday September 25. December 25 September told fortress. Sunday for why you know what I would argue that we know we don't want to write that's not a good I guess I didn't sound good road trips and I need to borrow truck with the excitement for your but I only got six months. Saw his name's Sarah guys yesterday you emitted in my opinion the best serve song never Serra by Bob Dylan from his desire album released in 1970 so I don't even know that never abandoning the he loves not the best one up. Allen this guy doesn't else marathons since I know Sarah armed grenade down. As Tuesday from lake Stevens nobody I would LA for spring break years ago and got on a game show called will. Todd I was accepted and then two weeks later the show was canceled never made those on the songs don't fix it doesn't say it's one of the L at an island tick here. Think it's funny that's the show go to woo woo woo woo woo woo who. I guys the biggest thing I can remember recently was when I took a tour of one of the ships my company uses to should be Europe's Alaska. Other thing is over 800 feet long it's crazy they load the thing up in one night and it's crude by only about twenty people. Pretty damn impressive cheers at from tryst and that ginger the ginger ninja. So the ship uses this ship to. I thought Alaska had plenty of your you thing about the size of which a ship that's taken beer up to Alaska that that big and that full ago I got a ship up or somehow I guess so. Tristan has more. Coral late. Knowledge I thought I had good grand not that I don't know how he knows. I guys all the jealousy does he know this you know a lot about anything. Does he know just a little bit about it to know where I mean it sounds like a joke I think the thing he knows the most about might become too. I don't I don't I don't yeah. Or if it. Only jealous as far as what avenue does not have an illegal 1007 for it would shop teacher were showing a saudis of tables properly. Turn the machine on certain lighting a piece of what across assault and all the sudden sneezed and losses in middle and index finger. He immediately started cursing around the shop and passed down the common area trying to listeners had to call 911 form and awkwardly he did not show up for the rest of the year. Rock on that is up from Kevin the random nets fan macular as Santa not to sneeze would run resemble certain. And finally yet guys. I just made some fondue with your men's room read it symbol to make and I'll be jet rescue a fellow rockaholics because it really is easy to remember pretty much guaranteed to get you laid. And taste awesome. It is one governments are red. One half pound sharp cheddar cheese and slap port town cream cheese. Boil the beer and the cheese and small amounts of minutes and fifty minutes or you can skipping using a mob like Immersion or emotion what are. And simmer until it's thick enough. Attached to some food porn visual picture of its African the lets you know again Baghdad Gaza and one count newsroom read at half pound sharpshooter what's the what's is that just a regular block cheddar basically he like I don't. I happen out I have found out lets them okay you got plenty left over not just tomorrow and a fourth and a cream cheese mix all those bad boys together and you are good ago. About drugs are coming up on the program we other turn. I just sort of I sit around on you know what I. Whip together as a fondue and I'm not that man because the name is real bitch black. You know can be glitches this short plays its only real keys are the kitten the bold I don't know laughs take issues off. Under the magnetic that was this hour about I don't go to Canada Joseph pro out of our intestines today Helmsley play for tickets to seagulls will do that right after the shot of the day also headlines coming up in an hour let's check in with my cock first for stories. He knocks. Working on. Well so far we got a western Michigan man who has died after home late his homemade cannon exploded yet that's what happens we got a homemade Smart bombs severely injuring a Texas team and actually blind them working again homemade homemade and an explosive. Starbucks accidentally raised their prices last week by thirty cents. As making hello this how debate how do you. Accident leaves region for a well apparently was supposed to happen a little bit later on but then you know they've erased prizes a little bit prematurely and people are free canal out. Okay so they're going to raise the prices. Anyway yes. And star buses and we we accidentally did it early exactly OK okay and out come on we also got to North Carolina couple arrested for assaulting each other with tasty tasty pizza rolls. Oh come on yeah. You Matt why would you not make that news. Hotter and hotter COLT. I'd you know I'd bed that's really why didn't make news because they've all says that Davis sold at each other throwing pizza rolls at each other. The report does not reveal whether the right size delicacies broader all the another turn Arizona. That's no look I know frozen that's important that's important unbeatable with a stiff pros and pizza world yeah it's gonna hurt like Iraq attributable route one in an exploding isn't a hot cheese in the juices running onion burn it tomorrow would you rather have a good to be pegged. By hot frozen. Her off frozen credit get these are all Rosen but I'm Sam when they fought I am destined. That that they know what is it they were cooked they would smell so good and you couldn't be a fight and you wouldn't wanna waste. I mean you wanna throw something you never let you called on the free ear nose Bergen mouth on a new threat. I'm a missile to me right now some pizza rolls out. Don't chicken that somebody fortify its widely thought coach again. It's a brother who's really do eat a quick he's a chicken and him yeah out mr. I don't know five Iraq had chicken. I had water thrown on the Karachi airport on my head a few time. Sorrell a bowl of Cheerios in my brother's face. With no luck yet with no quote because he set I wouldn't. We dug through the brightest and across from where kids are. 1011 years old and a he was eating Cheerios and don't remember how came we even doing or even. And a river but it got to the point right guys might threaten to do it he said. You would do or under the effect of I don't believe you have the guts and all you finally got it wrong to us as not to answer those. Bill in June the new aero and Jeff football hall yeah dude. The sudden we had that GAAP results not just teachers and yet robot when the mill went in late kind of disappear from stuff. I don't know I thought it an early dinner just windfalls like your pepper looks exactly the same. But the Milton and it disappears into in the new weight like one Mississippi in the search like this cooling off of him is our 911 call on the story might be worth making a news if there was. Colonial they say you're in a filing saying there are hot you're gonna fight in there in your throat be generals of each other. You know I was as when you call 911 in the duke has a police show your what do you say. My boyfriend is attacking me with pizza rolls they were charged with simple assault simple you would've put aside aids is something it's hard enough to make it an insult the tobacco marshmallow at miles is that an adults that's a stimulus battery in the middle of the same time if you sneeze on somebody that can be what is the view all beat me over the head of with a finger a cotton candy. I well assaults. It is is just let me look the important. But our punter Mike Tyson I would get rest of them but it's what you do as much damage to him as the cotton candy is your head right. What about base I wanna do it does say when I first heard this story Els they. Look at the pizza roll out a hot exploding they protect. What did you what the cops tell you when you want to talk to most that up and don't. I'll tell you some like that I overload it would be useful if you're like oh yeah well yeah if you just want to touch it. A little wonderful to provoke mustache and they're they're different ornaments. If you attacked us with cotton candy we can charge you for a somewhere else that answers the definition of assault is a physical attack. So it and I don't think it matters how soft are hardly the object is they were open web. What if there's a tiny marshmallows and up through tiny my hands all it that I multiple not a deadly weapon right you know the influence of you can what if I catch doing the marshals in my mouth and enjoy eating them now. If it affects you so now there's an immediate need yes they do love my god we appreciate headlines coming up one hour from now all right in the meantime we've got the shot of the day come another ivy head to our FaceBook page in my guess there who sucks less RD on the label take a break come back with a return. Whose Sox last next and just tell me and Israel 99 point. Out of our contestants today although as we got profile has played for tickets to see coach we'll do profile museum. Only known as black women who just in the final and right after this shot of the day the first not. This room wants to know. Yeah John yeah. I have time on the ever whose legs lets Steve throw hill you have three stories that you ripped from the headlines and that's our job to figure out of these three stories which are often pretty bad which one sucks the latest out of bed and I think 200 this this week not so. OK good I'm not to maybe I figured why don't have to let us think you and I disagree. We shows and but the I don't know desired your good yeah. I don't agree I disagree I do not put my consent well we're gonna go to Australia we go to India we go to Texas stores there. Clearly some careless love so we'll start in Iraq this is horrible sport. Take it I don't Indian father out of vigilante justice. He boarded the team accused of breaking his baby daughter away from the state courthouse. Tied into a tree a couple of the kids hands off. What do by admiral father and aideed as part of being there seeing. Is alleged to have gone to seventeen year old boy into driving canal but a few villagers did hear the kids cries of help. It dropped to now and they found him bleeding profusely about him Bob what. The mother of debate. Who was seven months old when the alleged rape happened when he fourteen teases reportedly came across teams holding your child and accuses it to a juvenile home alone waiting to rape trial. That's in the baby's father reportedly approached them at a hearing outside courts. The three incidents of reaching an out of court some relatively development that much. Team celebrity and by the way erupted nearby hospital where he said to be stable condition. But your battery tests that can you can understand published Peary as just Napoli. Now we go to Texas will face there's enough proof that they're accountable. People have gotten to want to off the street you know repeat themselves even in Texas even in Texas or 37 year old Christopher Harris Fort Worth, Texas. He was convicted for the third time. Providing all someone's body. In 2000 what he got nine months in prison for body demands finger. Had four or five years in 2006 he got four years in prison providing all of the different guys finger. In chewing it in slow at those values convicted avoiding all happily it's notes. Those could not be reattached the assistant district attorney prosecuting and told der quote. The man exhibited journalistic behavior time and time again three people physically scarred. It was utter lack of self control he was convicted of aggravated console processors one injury. Got fifteen years and for. Where he'll be quite you. Know we go to Australia port eighty year old four world's growing Catholic priests. He did plead guilty to assault after he at all but broke clergyman either. During an argument over parking spot. Thomas Byrne appeared before magistrates court with the water. Told judge gives Clinton pleaded guilty to be sold occasion in bodily harm that back in November but. The attack is neighbor and 81 girl and they live in the same retired. Argument broke out about parking space in front after the both calm down. Is a burden reportedly told the victim to bring something that you lost during the brief scuffle. That's something turned out to be participants here put he didn't realize until we got back to his room. It looked at his packed into he was granted bail and ordered not go to thirty feet of the so the guy. You know they still live in the same apartment. You have vigilante in the unified puzzled gives. I Texans who for the third time. Has been accused of attacking and fighting off the body part of another person just anybody just anybody granite this and it was only keys in fights with people. It's not like that these are just things that he does for the study did depicting. Do we have the former priest fighting with the current grief over pardons but can do it demands. Whoo boy like body parts not. I understand why the father did what he did with the kid and you know vigilante justice like that I. I understand his fury. Yet but how he took an alimony kid you know hired another kid did something wrong but on the truth that's the right you better off in the kid to go to whatever vehicle and a Jew villas for awhile. And so what he did he did go in and do that any was awaiting trial. The F 37 year old man oh cents a fifteen years he can't this kid is Keith and thank god Yankee detecting people who don't know biting off parts the body that's not good that sucks pretty bad what do you take a finger nose and. As it got to finger so it goes along the finger. The first wall with a figure such a woman's finger but that figure he chewed and swallowed his a from different people over about you and your different people juniors or seniors and the third guy. You have to do know is openly Jesus Christ and you put the sky behind bars or needs to be I thought only Saigon or is it that. How does that eighty year old calf. Would freeze two bit the ear off an 81 year old priest arguing over a parking space all the ridiculous we do know people that partial here's bitten off there's still functional don't look right everything else but. He contessa hands. You can't catch all the things the eight swallowed the second guy and maybe you can't test the year but it just seems in the grand scheme of things. A story sucks the least the priest that bit the ear off 81 year old priest in my mind arguing over a parking space. I tend to agree on yes I think it's hilarious. It if I mean that the first story obviously is tragedy from top to bottom. I can't say that I blame the death an accident that's not the way to go about it but what all of and I didn't realize I can't condone vigilante justice and anyway but yup. The united southern Logan added I'm the first to my daughter lives Obama and I find that person does that mean no offense. It took it easy. He was better than new newlyweds soon sorry wait until academic if he gets. If he doesn't get charged go to prison and maybe wait until laughter underdog he's real mighty god and that's when you heard. There's no I don't say this all eyes no question there's two people in this world people who care about that parking space awful lot and the other half that does not. I watched a video the other day of Bruce Iranians that coach of the Arizona Cardinals don't and he's got his team and minuses you know like. It would OT is whenever what the hell's just a few months Thacker a month ago right. He's got a mullet there in the first item that he addresses in the beating his day. You'll park wherever you want. It it's got my name on it you know parking and a space I give him you're off the tee if you part in any space that's designated for anybody else. You are off the tee and your car will be toe. Go ahead and try I don't care who in the hell you are 08 here's your offense like except I'm wrong birdie I among one of its because of you are who look to casino I got to space them and run off this guy. That was his reserves space at the space he's one is the importance of the parking space you mean like how am I able that is to somebody and it but also we know anyone years old you probably wanna be a. Close you know to walk that far that both old Jose Bove of world but their priests to. The people look to him for leadership and then that my issue with Sony what is that exit polls show these priest out there. They must at some kind of fight before you bid to do deer off. And colorful full fledged fisticuffs yeah actually guy's got a black guy and Erica they were thrown down and I think I'm a slave lake. I think we all agree. Right the kid that's seventeen year old that rate baby like. I don't care that he lost him Andre ya what it is but I got off his I don't but he got real soft drink and then you have the three straight again they're supposed to be set an example their leaders in your community and I hope he space suit and you might as well so hard to its goal lifted her but you'll spoke to him absolutely what do. Department's major got inquiries they they are you glad the hole got in time and you cannot see the guy that keeps by offering them fingers and noses and they got an apple. Thank you throw these you gotta gotta see you expect to issue crack these priests are fine this kind of data. I don't you. Proud you are just based on the guy's mental state they got mental stated just to beat the devils advocate here I'll say random white stuff all got flexible it's not enough sense. I have to agree quite. The farther legacy that you took it easy on the kid but he made it suit to cool gadget gives me an old. The other the other doodle middle. As far as we know it's best we can tell based on the way the stored presented so he's lost his goddamn mind yet even homeless for a long time to him here he suffered from. A lot of other issues is having had like he's just gone into like that ultimately look at another angle just on the bad thing about now dad's going to prison. Sure now I don't like girls not Hillary is the father who knows you know it I think people eat reason this out and hopefully you can attack Mike Kitna you hold. Then what happened to bag gives the least I do he might not know how that situation at the courthouse. Maybe do that where you're not gonna get caught right. It I mean actually it is now looking at an evident. Understood understood that's how worked out but I get his reaction to those farm our camp a melodies lookup filed to get very easily. But it got gotten in lucky that I'm the goal of 81 year old Prius and its rulers know it is funny that it is weird. Yeah. It was weird to me to about parking spaces against the Bruce Arena think it's right that's right let's say that is that's a power. Power move better armed the approach right and it just disrespectful will be let go of a draft pick out of park wherever I want they act that I don't imagine tuna and pulled to the seals markings were like man and I was ready to faces at that point half happened I. I and the assistant coaches and I. Misty enough people get so worked up about apartments please you have to park. The farthest away. What are we talking about here a minute walk tops until maybe and it's true that he'll walk. If you alike casually on FaceBook really debate going on their Kenny says one sucks the least and that would be the guy who cut off the consent to be whenever tried out my kid I live in Florida and we'll take advantage of the less friendly fire to deal with. Tony says you know we have to go to man job in the hands off as the one sucks the least put your hands and my daughter you're getting an ass beating the likes of which the world was never seen I was on the questions he got off easy Daniel says the only way number one such at all is if he's accused and was innocence but if he's guilty he's lucky to be alive yet to stand trial. Yeah and Joshua says are we judging the the dad or the Metafile 'cause that dad gets a high five for me can't you cannot buy Leo yeah and Devin says definitely number one and that would be as well the the man who cut off the team's hands after he found a molesting his kit if you look at gas Kelly's FaceBook page like is there the debate on who sucks less continues all right bit of a minute to bring attack.