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Wednesday, July 6th

Shot of the Day, Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from The Daily Show and the Warriors, Plusa Headlines and Taryn Daly bringfs us some good boating news!


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So bloody LNG standards to be ready. Men's room knows just. Kuwait news. That is and it's usually heads are you going to ask Nancy with royal find out nortel's yes indeed I don't say for the first sentiment and history a man who actively shopping him off of the person sought the least. According to a limited corporate and what kind of company you keep him like that guy he's not the least just I. This very cute you know an anemic rate is such a tough. They stimulus and a man that Dan great UN child and just like all you like even the guys in prison for murder like you out of that cool. Right field at 27 people and I'm telling you to bat messed up. Everybody imprisoned agrees on one thing and any race. I think it's heads out of breath but deserve full goes to prison and everyone of them. Man that's messed up Richard nothing got out murdered fifteen people are not many thought would you like dude that is messed up yet it tells everything and he did not know. Our bit is out today we tolls 24 year old Anthony Livermore. Fort Myers, Florida. My heart I believe you actually have some headlines but I filled the sky is shot. This past weekend at the he's walking along the boardwalk and snapping pictures of alligators. With the Zarko because he's in Florida and got him out here is our problem is. It drops his iPhone into the swap next to an out. Apparently there are about depictions of the ten month old son on the air and that was enough and Anthony. The risk his life to get the foam that it did not matter. If the alligators started hissing and growing and so. You're photos floating in water. Personality of elegant looking to do. And it is now being restored to. Didn't matter that the alligator now. Put its doubts over the phone I think about this. You broke your iPhone into which 11. Is elegant system which from meals like by phone and go to Verizon didn't. No it does put its out over the phone it is still hissing. This would not stop him. Anthony wants this fall back if he wants pictures of us did believe it or not. And I don't know how we did he successfully. Retrieved his follow. However it's okay good pictures of his kid because sentence that in the swamp water parliament and on and possibly. On. Just like like bro and let it go at those pictures up on the cloud let it go. Alligator blood that otter box. Hellish scene either like. He's ten months old like he still life like. With the kids know what. Like you could see them every day here's here's one of those pictures by starting nowhere else social media took these pictures nobody ever saw Terrence you know maybe that's been born in the last ten years and pictures all over social media somewhere Ted do you the U the third child. Yeah there's still no baby pictures on July after the first child no one cares about the issues so this has to be the first child because now that absolute no one cares you can look even my own kids oh my god your maverick I started gonna send pictures of you about my frankly had already been there done a move and produced one reported results that's probably expressed exactly. It's I don't think they do. It is he wants that foam back. Now I only get better. This thing. At EU with its now on the so how many how many hundreds of dollars backed up when you. When you turn away from I mean if it's it's what's a new iphones if by 600 yet about their pictures Izzy I don't I'm a problem is the IR and others they always book this year vs the right. I'm making that phone back what he wants a moment. Doesn't then sailing it costs money got everything in their late. Game and then got a baby in the young kid with a baby yeah. Americans don't care isn't a cloud just committed to Minnesota everybody and a saw my name like it goes attempt to attend a young baby in and alligators mouth. Then I'd go after the alligator out well for pictures yeah. I think anybody's baby and I aren't average or get a little bit of but I. I visible effort. We won't lose we break the boos because we think it young Arabs. All of the tong and down the barrel to party it our tummies. Now now and I Daytona I. Not ridiculous story brought about the spoke to sailor Jerry spice rub it Deco and analyze right now to a 6421 rocket plane prepared to get to see goes to the more theatre on October 14 and gave us profile the skillet and we'll play in minutes of smiles at parliament drill I have point nine KI SW. Really was miles and three. Nine point nine. KI ESW Salazar contestants an analyst wiggling prepared take a seat goes to the more theater that is October 14 in his courtesy of SDG presents visit KI SW dot com for complete details. And I didn't have gone. Men's room precepts. Steve throw them into police tell everyone how profile this is playing while I held at the civil game more reserved you real life new. Something that happened right here on planet. It doesn't listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make will ask you what it is you think made the story a story. Hello Steve welcome to the Madrid. All right wow you have an. Worsening don't want anybody died. I know right now I'd Steve do you understand how the game's place. A pizza that got hot and very apparent and we appreciate that meant thank you. And by the way my hogs who have this story is well in your headlines when. When he heard the story we go to Daytona Beach, Florida where anything can happen. In an eighteen year old woman she was arrested on Monday afternoon because she used her baby. To better her boy for. This is mobile beta will signal hospital words are poorly doing okay. Boy it is the woman's long debated quote like a baseball bat. Destroyed her boyfriend. We've been with them because you refuse to walk with her two best. On the beaches you want to walk to bathroom even the LeBron she grabs maybe she's maybe like that. And well she does not all first responders for 4430 PM to the beach. And I threw the woman had battered board room brutal flu baby's father. With a giant Matthews booked into the county branch of until there toward the battery and infliction. Physical and mental injury on the child she is being held without bail. Question we have you do you believe the craziest woman is black white Mexican or towards. Black white and inner what courage tourists near Daytona Beach, Florida. It's here. Well there's a lot of tourism Florida that's a fact that's like crazy Florida that's from Florida he's yeah he's in front so I kind of a wicked witch. Each Daytona Beach they tell us now. Tune in Daytona Beach, Florida there on the beach enjoying the beach. People come from all she wants to go to the bathroom that does not comfortable with her. I'll just say this on his eyebrows of the baby in swings like a bat and hits with great the crazy thing about Daytona Beach is is in their order they're they're known for their weeks. Sold out there we'll have biker week. Black biker week and game week you name the week race car week I mean you name but there's this spring break there's there's always. Senior week there and ensuing debate in week they have all kinds weeks on their soul you know as far as tourism goes I get we're saying on that gas but still there's a lot of people who live in Daytona Beach who live their database and both. They still go to the beach. That's just gonna pray about it. That much to them here your black don't want to get it done because it makes you turn blacker and Mexicans are the dirt so you this thing and they don't want to be in this band anymore. It. And let's get out of your bodies they just gone over to the blizzard that's and a quasi dysentery Briscoe. North Britain tonight and beaten her speedy and somebody on the record Icrc doctor could be anybody I wanted to that they. Heard they can get that her huge tourist final answer. Yes sir we'll find out of the woman who was swinging your kid like a bat was black white men the male or a Taurus. Max. As a tease. Calling nine KI SW. I just snap profiled as we go to Daytona Beach, Florida and day a woman who is a none too happy with a boyfriend so in a fit of rage because he would not walk with her to the bathroom. Why else. She picked up their infant child. And swung at him like a baseball strike and hit her boyfriend and with their child. Not only that when that boyfriend tried to. Kind of protect the kid and take the kid away from her response she basically came off hit him. Took the kid out of his arms. But the kid underneath her. Then walked up to the stairs while the kids head was bouncing off of the Jesus Christ until someone stopped her and then Child Protective Services came and took the child. But you have to get a license to fish you'd obviously there are you well you you debate of the said look. Why people just aren't gonna swing the baby's black people I'm repeating what Medusa. Black people don't wanna hang out on the beach has moved blacker and who want to be blacker Mexicans. So used to saying that there's just no used to go on the beach and it'd tourist well they could be from anyway. March. 3 grader Greg a black woman obstacles in Blackwell. Like an excellent voice is ugly most ultimately. Oh I told him as he looks like if she got a streak going and are you anonymous no you don't want most of the bigger of the money into the system it's amendment. But yeah it's a perfume them but yeah. Car and I'm not announce those export to a rock you'll be under way to see the man known as goes well more than his glory tomorrow same time same game same bad channel are right. That's a baseball odds I everything else temporal TV time would days. Now. They glide. Clinton countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. First I'd say quick programming note for here at the station programming note program. Arena program you know like actually age I am with a program and now throw it. Buddy Steve may exist readout tomorrow morning and hack at at 930 they'll have on our UFC champion. We shoot eight dollar I dishonor. McKinley had her on the show it's going in store earlier asthma and phone. I would have to think phone as the fight is this week you G and USC there's a lot of promotion I'd be shocked because. And it is a fantastic going to be for sure I mean he's real casual easy to talk to and but in fact she did beat you to death a Berry's sweet won't maybe it's because he knows you. Our nicknames cupcake she is this is a good looking more at home. And I promise you this you regard to what you might take over in a picture even if you think she's hot temperature. In person she is very. Very good look at. I don't she was standing in the studio and an almost dislike hole I mean just I differ beautiful. Chips just a beautiful. But you're like you know Taylor. But right in that you also it wasn't in a map trying to get a garbage and you are you're at the drop dead gorgeous. Very attractive very for Hobbits but if you take the hot and I understand and Domino's. And again her boyfriend's a very good fighter. Oh I'm joy to the US president that's why we didn't tell her and we made it. Purely as a compliment numbers hold while you're hot so tenacious fight this weekend against Amanda knew. That's a title fight right. So even if you're not as usual seat person this weekend is pretty ridiculous for USC 200. And a Mike and I are fired up we're talking about a but the main card. The wide John Jones bursting a crummy right coming back. DC has ever beat John Jones that he has developed Johns has got suspended okay how many times have they fought before. Just once and USC I don't act I don't remember right now if they fought some reform on the way up lately on a different motion debate just don't like each other OK there's no love lost. Brock Lesnar remark on some Iran. I don't like Kara wasn't too much and hopefully soon get knocked out. I don't think there could be a situation and any type of contact sport where the two people involved were. Really seriously good friends outside of what they did OK okay you have to get in the middle state of mind to wanna kill that person mother you'll like him as a person put on but it's still look you know I mean like I mean your competitor and it. It Abbott is your friend man enter both friends and evocative or boxer you'll see whatever it is. You can be desperate and and with some bucks with two weeks ago. There was an undercard fight but I think we'll put these Garth training of the they've known each other for that they both on the Olympics and other. There have been rumors get all this stuff but on this day they had fled to other major concern while. Basically ask the question plus miles an interest will and this is how hard would that mean mentally to reset yourself and they like it both phones some horrible listen look you know. Sort of marked someone with a technical sport I'm trying to kill you but I am trying to tonight you'll content but this is understood about what we do. The party's governors artwork as friends he's still want to try to knocked me unconscious is just. It's. Yeah you don't want to do their little better job of compartmentalizing things and I don't mean well Tilly hit in the face you say that exactly Heyman. It's a good job rain and then you let god damn it not and hasn't the best friends all time minutes on the football games and in the senate and as you know clearly were there is so. Guys who are high level athletes ago look I'm not fight Mecca. But then Dana usual go wow you won the belt you're gonna have to fight the element of surprise so I mean it does happen you see I mean obviously nobody likes it. But also. I think some of those guys too it's very awkward in the beginning but time you get a couple of an up and month out are two weeks out like finds some resentment. Ashore. But Joseph the DC that's a special case is a legit don't like each other. Jose Alberto Frankie Frankie Edgar beat another title fight. And then Travis Brad McRae in team Alaska's right to bash is the main Carty got three title fights. And then Mikey got TJ Tillis you'll show on the undercard. Sage north cut is far too attractive to be good fighter I think just that carted stacked and so I think it's going to be a good weekend again now I mean she can hear her. With BJ migs neither of them by checked act. I let's see what I wanna do from your tax. Let's go back to the past. I thought I. Who waited on hold when I mean you wanna go back in time and again and out just your past my pants were tight which is nice fast. Let's go back in time for just evil he's gonna back cameras stay right here in this day and Steve is now back in time that I ever grown he's better look out. Person Disco crowd did you see warriors this links. This week I did not see the show wars however. I remember that movie I don't remember what year came out but as a kid that movie. Is like the legend Seve you had to the united it would originally came out of Brussels excellence that world it's one of those things. I go to school and in the kids that Salt Lake look. You've got to see you this was the kind of movie madness even the bookings were Tomlin nerds and relate somehow we all got together and those guys. Would we fight we can approved by its talent agent polar bear. Make sure you see the movie warriors and our right to let me play a little audio from the movie this federal one of the most favorite scenes let's go to out as we go so bad ass in Canada the dudes are scary minutes. Here's the call outs the. It's. How does that I'll gland out. I don't remember to look nobody had bottles over spelling out what I want your volleys of his fingers right I I I know bottles frankly from Diddy gets he did it importantly the beginning of a video for bad writers went there earlier today you're seeing a movie you know you don't deal but. Believe it or not the bill re beginning of the movie is based. And something that actually went down in New York City with a chronicled the aid getting the troops. After that it has nothing to do so diverted getting it that you said the school but Karen you're there. The Dallas the other one gonna aren't so bad if that's the very beginning and I Cameron the cat's name but he called all the games together. Soviet subs off some fight each of about a block and I guess are about to make the peace. He gets shot in Estonia since the thing. It's a look at a picture about a guy I don't also the thing about the same as they portray the New York. Admitted using gang members viewed nor the game will no one orders looks like this instead. One day and a two OW there are rules it's the definitely wore baseball uniforms it is a weird is moving into our secure base make a good thing is this a breach Jeff does the baseball bat. Every day I went baseball unique I don't know I don't know ten or one Internet equity at ten. It's a movie that's so bizarre in so many different ways like IFC will show at axis will show what it's his call classic has just based on the it's not good but it's just total UQ you can believe it's real and you keep watching you're like oh my god this is a movie literally every game has to look stool when they also look like the back of singers a Michael Jackson's bad who actually were gang members at that time including. But honestly got the bad Michael Jackson video. They had gang members who could dance and they were always out there and choreograph this thing. They brought all those guys from around the gangs do we need the education just transcends the answer me. You're. I've always contended. There's certain groups late gangs and other things that. I get what they do it but it go into this film always a little comedic to me that it played gonna have the same colors like matching clothes that's of that plate. Really the best uses a ten and just the phenomenon you got the warriors. Got the Gramercy rips the robes. The tumble they seized orphans the baseball for a piece. The really off her that's theories compare. I don't Lindsay is the pump sell off our series better than hurricanes the hijacked the dual meet a high net. The electrical imitators. They got a bunch of them well the money that the warriors right after they had no others they got to go all the way across the city that's all the problems due to their bad passes are narrow turf is Coney Island. Let's with the I guess that. But let's say this is cinematic tour guide him before but. It's one of those what does that if you start into them this is the dumbest thing about receive new general if you watched the whole African news Wheeler making a show. C'mon credit indefinitely the original scripted TV show. Yeah a it's gonna be a one hour series. For her apparent TV and Hulu. The Brothers who did the last to move Captain America movies and their due in the next two adventure movies. Basically they're interest of deceit. How would you make warriors into a series. A. What though I would say that I don't know and it probably will. Updated you morally currency gained on the status thing but that would take away. The pure joy of mortars is how god damn ridiculous it is yeah there's nothing. About the smoke emeritus at every day. They don't trust the same but but each gang is first to support us in your face paint and yankees uniforms. Yet there's an elderly mr. upon roller skate for a relatively average real specific put. Just based on the movie like me you have to keep it came to us tried to make. I think every man goes to this fear right like and I trust me it's contaminated piece bit by Tiger Woods got a tremendous loss and fights. But generally when the guys bigger there's still some like left over pride and people go wow that's good to bad ass of course she got dressed people look at pro. You beat up by harmful Hampton and roll ups K eaten like a little off of what it didn't just search your pride in that Boeing is a little. One man but that's again here's an Apollo fourteen there isn't much or Trudy both fight like when I get beat up an idiot that's all it's you're gonna pick a fight with us let's include I. I'd be more than like you're gonna futurists like it doesn't matter like I picked a fight with a third grader in the body slam you and broke my back is just take my gonna let it's it's even more half the time like if you're a bigger guy I feel bad for it is probably just people just come up the amongst her fight for no reason yeah but it's the guys who were scrappy and it's like. Back to its skinny dude wearing a tank top. Loom arena were construction that is the guy that gonna kill beats the killing us on like to me it's like okay I'm gonna take a slowing it this guy. Maybe have a better shot at hitting and the cause of his size but ultimately. Think he's going to be quickly gets me on the guy he's just gonna beat in the home he would say like are you done little man I thought exactly it that's going to be a question that's sooner little rat on crack who weighs about forty he's just gonna keep pummeling me that he feels like he's done America's. I'm a little rattled could have an exact dormant wrong exactly. That a big man I was don't call them rent a cracked the odds. Odds and by the way the lawyers on Netflix right now. You gotta I don't know that I do three minutes if you haven't seen that man look you will lose an hour I have to do it don't do enough talent got four stars on Netflix. Really known how many I have hit a couple couple a couple wanted to go to 25 o'clock I think Atlanta. Hey that's a list algae vote people love that it's got to be I it's got audience out of I don't know if you haven't seen and you watch it now. You get more star have obviously to two days in a row got to bring up something about coming out. World Mozilla. And they got their famous duck. I got to come up with another Coney Island story tomorrow all Coney Island always I think we should always do remove reviews in the seventies but look at the content. Surged tried it yet you know I had a kid I watched Charles this weekend great movie and you know idiots I forget how much the total Richard Dreyfuss lake. Only light got he's always Richard drive GA. The whole thing and stay out of character and every vote but I like. Mr. Holland's opus is the same guy who got up that voted elevated majority that he's never any different one about Bob. We may I be about doctor Leo Marvin I got to watch what about Bob a lot of great how much musicals in that movie the southern Alberta and it's like that happy overtime or in the bowl in new rules how much action there is not in the movie. Hey yeah like your tact in the beginning it's a dual eaten on the beach in benders. Goolsbee and determined this gonna blow we're gonna go up in America holds them. It's old conversation with you forget you you have to get rapped over the movie forgetting moves ashore I've. I forgot the part were the kid gets eaten right on the beach yeah. On the raft. And then they catch a giant tiger shark original ideas like Indians intentionally isn't a dead but they're all there at the dock and in the mob shows laps oh my god I'm thinking it so intense she slaps yes album. And it just looks and doesn't achieve. That then it's a little can't be there starent had to tell her. That's I will say if I had departed when Quinn is talking about Indianapolis. Yeah on the boat I know to do it was not actually and the Indianapolis but this guy come from real story but as he tells them Jesus chorus. I'm last night I told you to watch. The Daily Show Trevor Noah. He's gonna have a gym gaffe again is pretty funny and silly every it was pretty good and then Jim was talking about an episode he show where he sent out a tweet. It basically you know I imagine gaffe again he is not like a shock. Comedian and a which he jokes about like food in luckiest children who noted mean it takes is children everywhere untoward he's got fifteen of them. Yeah he does his wife and I just don't and and I knew if you're a parent really dad is back I'm not a parent in that book was hilarious but it's for prayer for. Anyhow so he's talking about pet and then drivers like you did a little worked up are you upset about those. And he's like yeah I'm upset demand basically just talk about he needs some ratings and in the second I feel like to get people don't want much to maybe have to do with sex tape. Can add in the six team with you yeah. We do it together. They're okay. The tables a fact that they're good kids that would have gone everywhere that look at net everywhere. Could've done it Jeanne they're at how bad do we want French. I. The stupidity that's how I asked the funny part is when he says yes you can do it with me he goes maybe I should do with sex tape. And without make a beat I'd him and Trevor member Trevor was pretty big comedian before it became the silliest too. So they've done some shows the other you can tell they know each other as he does maybe I should do a sex tape. And show ever know like points Adam and he points right back with yet you continue to happen out there and I don't happen it just gets up in the wings who predictive and David yeah. They are pretty close hitting just the first time that the way they did. They did it I that would be a weird one. But I don't know that I have any free and doesn't matter there sexual orientation I just under the any friend anybody would be like hey man. It's gaffe at the Trevor and simple thing like to bless either sex tape guy and he doesn't the warning. I think that is the very odd combination of. Well I don't know party lol your party but runs like a book club. But we have celebrity sex tape club. I think where every everyone then and we just want to sex tape of our favorite celebrity. Whose shares have no doubt it's just a storm has got to get to know that you can run run that for what. In fifty weeks may mean is it that big of a library. Does sex tape yesterday celebrity sex tapes of the of a celebrity sixty club there's a lot to you by your friends about Sony of another episode Don. There's Tonya Harding did back in the day but she's Orleans there's jazz and then there's Hulk hole or Hogan like Donna Brazill is the worst one I've ever so it doesn't matter that that that lake OK I don't even heinous explains though Ted say became cart bashing as one of the worst extinction ever seen and has little religious nuts with a liking liking the woman of the guys involved and just let. Machine manager born there a good in others there's. Who wasn't as sharp grooves are red and white bread MIT's Bret Michaels and Pam Anderson before there was Tommy Lee and and Tom in Japan can rot it was a good. Bret Michaels of the sexy Brett Anderson Bret Michaels has a sex tape with Pam Anderson I'm pretty sure now is not an Anderson. It's another like porn star I think. Who is he with that. I thought Pam had one before she was with family and I think she just knew I was bottles Bret Michaels man but maybe it's not read there's a few sex tapes the exact I don't know if you can. Reference armada. Two euphoria tonight man protected and that. Check out nova over on PBS then 9 o'clock daily show about North America how lucky to be ease of dinosaurs all that kind of stuff make you laugh watching. It's still love it ending late night tonight again I'd recommend tremor in our code in there reveals them repeat. You know what's going on TV and here's what's happening in real. A Florida man does not pull right beside a Gator upon them and then he goes after. Meanwhile portal and takes a baby and swings it like at bats and hits. 61 year old Canadian ex boxer of fights attacking Behr in thirty disaster extra. Some tells cops on that after he burned all the week he had picked and Amanda size around Chucky cheese while he's there for a job interview this I'm very headline. It's kinda hidden there. Here's my car and. One year old Canadian man startled the bear Kabul it was walking his dogs sunny near Sudbury that tiny Yelp the mayberry made wasn't endearing. Rick Nelson says quote I knew right away I was in trouble and sure enough the momma Blackberry emerged from the bush in attack mode. And Nelson who didn't have a rock stick or any other possible weapon nearby had to resort to what he knew best. Mark thank. Yeah the first doing it at 300 pounds was v.'s hit it in the teeth and the very tallied it was spreads across Nelson's chest and face all of -- and it's Nelson combined ball skills that's and to anticipate the bears' next move saying quote I knew I would swing first with a left but it would really come with his right because most bears are right handed. And doesn't second putt was bought on now at their rightness and out and it was at that point the cal let out of motors down another port of the fight are frightened started leaving the safe. As Nelson held its breath the bloody mother bear decided a follower maybe instead of bringing Nelson. At the map yeah Zandt. I don't know why I asked you man they're calling him tongue fu panda. She's noticed the Villa man deserves that it's gonna get an idea of a bear daddy Dan Linehan. A young man from Australia got a new road is dead Tuesday night and ended up losing a phone call that has police shaking their heads. The quote indignant and enraged some through is dead on the bus for what he saw as the ultimate crime. Chugging his prize candidate plants into a bonfire after they'd argued. A law. Designed collected some belongings and went to stay with a family members but he's not expected to face charges even though it's illegal to grow or possess pot. Man. Don't break somebody's cigarettes do now through the pot plants and a bonfire. And at. Legend simply say it's possible the man who attended to rubble Lexington Jackie she's dirty job interview arrived at Dollar General later that evening. I'm in a bloody at a firemen intended to rob the check each season police said the restaurant's manager convinces suspect to leave the premises without taking anything. Later on officers responded to a robbery at a dollar general store and the store clerk jobless that a man who may have been hiding in the store post employees after the close. Saying that he imply that he had a weapon and demanded money and a clerk told police that employs give the Robert cash in many fled the scene of the guys got a new you know work with here kids there on a full time basis as the occasion birthday party and I think that's again. Try to get him as the shot of the day and Vanilla more toward put it or here's all of the major lover on late Saturday afternoon stroll on the boardwalk he spotted an alligator. It began taking breaks at the alligator but when he tried to use the FaceBook let application to share the experience. You drop a far Eurasian up the boardwalk and landed in the water next to the Gator. Observers about their Marta forget about the phone but the bottom losing photos of a sudden get that mad at that for more than an hour. He finally got the phone with a range and that negated when. He dug up his glass is late based on the boardwalk and managed to get his phone back. And just let things dubbed him things go to the friction dimes in the world of sports just defensive back Brandon Browner has been named in a police report alleging that he is so the demand Tuesday night. According to police a father from his girlfriend claimed runners all the women in the driveway and no charges have been filed in detectives will now determine if there's enough evidence to seek it and arrest war. As part of game to watch tonight the Mariners are in Houston against the Astro Astro for their last game of the series and hundreds more attentive for headlines tonight without my hockey. And I clippers we'll take your regularly turn Daley joins us right at the B. Oh. Now back to the men's room. On 99.9. JE IU SW hotel dailies and Astoria so excited get tell you I don't like sunshine today sharp thinking I try I guess I'm. This is back. Ms. Rocca that rock is back. Not sure to get the memo I'm super excited I got to blog about it again like a billion pictures and I and. Literally so excited when she was cool thing back in the day yeah we never got a chance to inaugural ball we've always. The pictures we heard the stories from number of years back about how just you know what a big deal wasn't in the thigh to the vote was actually a good vote at the time that okay. Our one every single race guys have any race I was imminent undefeated and plays Steve Miller on the back Avaya a bigger crowd got hurt again another vote pregnant. That's why can't could only get out there was that good analogy gets all grown up yeah the Botha's back men are gonna resell so when I was there for like thirteen fourteen years in between two of them like well gosh. What came briefly shaken early two thousands I think and. Twelve years yeah. Twelve years ms. Rocca is returning after twelve years vice July 29 and 31 tri cities in the August 5 and seventh here at C fair and we DNC fair every year to India that they are managing their been and there are just. Kind of walk. If you know I guess I'd never been a NASCAR and that in the pits and all that stuff sure but to watch the pits take place on the water in the docks and like these guys are. Working on that boat man and there's like there's a guy jumps in the water to you know Armenians is like anything else you rejected the current. Want guys did say that you need to there's yeah that it's at a fast action Krugman think they always get an able back and forth for the next race so yeah. And then a barely wave action and a lot of our listeners will remember this maybe they were the people that we're doing this. Our rockaholics a jump in the water and try to swim Beers out to our driver. Which seems fairly safe obviously embarrassing yes but if you're one of those people like you are here sure sure and someone had to get him a little earlier after the race for the period. About ms. rockets take even to children. That's the deal. She apparently given the August 5 and seventh to miss rock returns to lake Washington seer receive fair August 5 to seven powered by a car star auto body. Tomorrow big dummy no I sure like Disney did a profile that says Mario goes to gets wet. There would already and I've just learned then were out. Until tomorrow do you back and poorly the next day beautiful. In this room this big stage before a live studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by the Manchester limited their presentation tells them it's true. Leo yeah.