07-07-16 2pm Mens Room has the dumb

Thursday, July 7th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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You what you're about to hear is real. There's this radio program are simply not that great. I'm trying to offend anyone. Lord. In the invited to join the party. This is dumb. All gathered in secrecy. They say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. At. Pose generally don't play Thursday July 7 2016. Had to number 2400. Denying that our blood was beat the throw hill. We did Smith and that's like oh my bad. Aluminum and my car. A. In the men's room. My big donate. It's meat and potatoes is all about the delicious hot dog. The push your luck is back profile this has your tickets to see ghost. Plus that I submit your shot of the day fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite TV time would take effect clap during it did drive I knew it opens an annual motor it has been ninety days in jail. We're having loud sex. Meanwhile 92 large reptiles escape from China and on a farm the kind that are related to trend source Rex. The Florida and only Florida where a water park burns to the ground. A new gym opens in San Francisco where there will be to smoke by the pound. In an NFL player wakes up to find himself trapped in a museum which begs the question why and held an NFL player to museum. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the Manger. Here's the. Question brought to you Mike Hsu Leila resort casino. Thought this is a good day to you and yours if you did not know today. Is the day that we play. Brood about it. Garamendi. I got tired after I feel good about the way. It's a game showed it rewards you for your stunning stunning ignorance and here's how it works you callebs. Will split the category will be introduced her. Animal as your question from a category but here were big W separates itself from your average bull reputable games should. We will continue to ask you questions into did you get to just one that right. Because as always we want you to leave here smarter then you showed up. Today our biggest study ever it's two way tie between the lovely Kimberly and the equally lovely Eric both of whom dug deep. And found a way to answer nineteen consecutive questions wrong. Did you do better yes you can we do with the call it off we go on big dummy. Big hit just a big difficult duels export to Iraq we are on Twitter at 999 KI SW animates her live take 77999. Answer your emails the major amendments or live dot com. Now back to the men's room here's the question Jim Hendry do you Biden to lay limp resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. Market does is now profiled as an all this week like Virginia's two seagulls pulled the game formally known as I'd like Mexico or Juno was profiled as a finally right after the shot of the day. And also today as they would play big dummy it's easier to play we've been a category will head play you one question right there are real wow that's a big whale. Our biggest dummies of Kimberly and Erica both of nineteen questions. The base to give up after the David big deadly 20642 rockets miles dormant dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle. Rural rockaholics. This is the men's room with miles and drill 99.9. KI DS to. Giant W brown embers and. Pain pain and grabbed 2006 single announced Sunday August 21 that is in white river and Peter wanna see there you need a four pack right now a flaunting it's on a deal. And KI SW dot com to serve Breaking Benjamin Alter Bridge anthrax all take the stage lawn of the friends of pop evil and window pane affectionately known. As window in the grass 2016 this year that's a long name but rolls off totally. Would need to buy some new shirts change that a address 2016. Sunday August when he first Y river and Peter all the details and all things pain it KI SW doc on our debt today is very good game no. The big dummy today's game play tennis in the whale lands a category. Golf program basically just need to get 11 question right and you are done TDs in the world it's big Debra Saunders. All right Steve who's our first contest in regulating it. Hello Tyler welcome to the men's room oh. Then found. OK guys you played for team sobered and I'm assuming after. And that's over. I don't care if you're stone OK that's over start out strong I don't make you always make assumptions though people say there on the way home. Is you look for the good people. Credited people who people man there's just no guarantee them a man I could be lost. Well as Jordan did hit a walk a little look at that he could be the minute you got out of work did you immediately get stoned. Well I thought the guy on the fact that there is the first and Stephen I normally do is go outside of stone oftentimes it doesn't work to our advantage. You can hit it and it's where you have got pretty good example that we hear her voice hey guys for not just another joint did stunts. So over most if if that's a it was over right well yeah oh yeah I was over there to open secrets is like. Look at these two years models like 32 if there have been hit Haifa. A good mile he's going to go down. Update on the Internet and I don't hate and there were done if that cook. Overboard though you see here move along they'd be engineers and it that bad from equipment. All there was more people on every corner do exist like hell yeah it. Welcome to the out Aaliyah and dads is doubters moments weeks. Overdue. But to be fit. We were balls spending over trees and audio download we rolled into one feet of the zone we got program we're smoking section of the boat deck. Every state and no problems pain I used on. You know let's not let man you know okay Tyler here's a question. When Australia was televised in 7080. Or curse currency was no money as we look it was a formal boots. What form the boos was the official currency ovals or exit the mine they kept this up fourteen years the door for a decade now. Like you know more more down there and great guest. Are loaded every day one and done I was gonna say like a goal or media Sam Peter Shumlin damning. You won't believe in and out so the couple episodes in the first currency wrought so if you're working you get paid Ron knew what orders up. Some wrote a short do and that's deals were done it lasted for more than a decade. Before some of the you know what is probably money you know like when government run really had to stay there for a while men you go into Erica a TGI Friday's some. And their drink menu was all about that frozen rom directory. Are the strawberry yeah well I mean look what's you know reviewing just asking that that much anymore though you know it used to be that I wrote another. Kids are all you don't know who don't need anymore news for you Robert. If you got a plastic they knew that other kids menu gathered Sunday drinks they are wonderful picture of all of them. Not individually but it's like all eight Rome frozen drinks they have together liberals Moeller is obviously an album. And they look delicious but believe me. They are there. Mike Hough. When you when you go to Applebee's can you get a delicious frozen drink like the Pina colada or strawberry Decker I think he can he ask you never gone on there now I surprises I go for the had a lot Alan I stick up guy. You really do I do dinner alone will keep you do Clinton as Darnell there and I iced tea gathered earlier congress scary as you go live and believe you have gotten starts heroines like cattle do how many of those do you do. Go authored to it aren't in danger danger Laura goes crazy I don't know where exactly is better recently you just have a drinking problem and vitamin game is a big dummy goes our necks and doesn't ready to play a game or on my guts he would stop at two. You know what did you probably. I don't might do this he said I can fight through to. We're like you should drink those ballot the first person everything is probable match thanks to head up on the way. I have six Beers and a cool though I thought I would three BS Vizio the other night an hour so delicious I'll take another. It hello all lieutenant Perez welcome to the men's room. Or. Yeah. But there's only put you down does not sober. Robert does and he did after the statistics much movement edit after Iowa. I absolutely hear you guys whose lawyers did you have no idea. How many of us up for those who knew we want to keep coming out of our editor Amanda for a lesser quality we Toobin. What did you get to play after he'd be when you guard yeah I know your limits. If we did as did Steve on the base man there's like a do not let the donor base though there's somewhere I follow me on this man so it's not there's a difference even hello to right and a friend of mine. The short I'm for both of I don't know what to drop her awful wouldn't get it to the gate led to a routine check the red red. My man looks at just point to the cause. Put over the years. Bullard don't move. So we wait there like ten minutes. You guys come role popular and sixteens anonymously. See this is gonna suck and of course I'm told they'll say anything stupid what do you think I'm god they have crazy and quite a Catholic I don't understand this I would be very cooperative so the guy rolls up and and he asked me. Have you ever been to and I was it was wrong man and also it roms the air force base in Germany something like that. Of ago. I have not been found and did they gives you whatever it's not meet with some other dude my name. Did something and Ahmed air base and I even asked about what did you do that all this. I can't tightness. Fair enough when it but it's not me so the point being we shall foreclosed man. I get an extra ten minutes to shake down supposedly. Because some moments Monday did something we need to have that beer cold this guy takes awhile to get through the gate. I got a problem national exactly. Right sort. Luka I've operation it. There is a question what is the only country to host the Olympics and not to win a gold. They haven't in this country when they hosted the 1976. Summer like. Animals and I can get. Many. Hotels Montreal Canada drill down but that would have been what we're. I don't know I don't know. And those whose family made you look for the letter Simpson of course they think of the Williams the bicentennial of Bruce Jenner did all this stuff it was. I agree attacked or America. Box of Wheaties box who was the first and for treason I don't know man he was most prominent. Carlos and a bond there that is those the table tennis players I remember our bulletin and the phone smiling fun girl gymnastics. Elderly read it and I remember her early Billie Jean King might have been on the too well I think certainly. Got to think about how big of a superstar she wasn't that I am I'm not being mean. Sometimes easier on the eyes we would feature so prominently in a box. Bruce Jenner. Murton red signal. Then gene Mike and honorable mention I might talk to you over Wheaties box and folk I do the first athlete to appear on the Wheaties box was none other than Lou Gehrig Lou Gary are you okay whatever I have falsely. It was Lou we need to rickety. Who all they that does these guys hey this starting out strong to join this scenario does this like the Madden Kirstie dog we named debilitating. That over there who else is on his second that's a whole different page out of it's area Jack Armstrong was on there. Jamie Jamie fox on fox Ellsworth vines said Ellen. Martin Maarten and posted Johnson who is that I don't know how old are Wheaties and they go late eighteen hundreds isn't 34 Coca in 1930. Dizzy Dean. Babe this interview then I had a baseball player a very. Jane fonts. Jesse Owens okay Robert Kessler inclined overshot our early April but Jordan Lefty Gomez Mel ought to know assay was catcher. Let go live on the box now with a stick that Mitt approximately Lefty Gomez that was five confirmed killed Lugo who's our most recent. Let's get all the way here to the the recent incident that. Again real okay well if they don't let me put Blake Anthony pettis some and I think you'll defend his title once in the USC and and he was done and don't look I don't you'll see people obviously Madden curse. Elliott Roy said OK I'm not gonna go to rower. Good for them but ultimately it release it on every problem and around his honor he I think he's been on the like two or three to be forgiven me dates. If he could. As always has and he's asked outfield bat into the realize and all that that you just said Bob we know by 10% and stuff yeah very Anthony pettis in the English it's different. My question do lieutenant. They're all that was the Chicopee angry face right Michaela. The gymnast. I'll let Alpine skiing no okay I'll put a deal on their two. Oh. He needs children. I'm the thirties and boy do you think it. Obama I thought I. Think all of a joke we. Call tomorrow night. We stopped and. A urban thirty separate different animals and the original brand of animal crackers symptoms introduced in 1903 marina. The most recent addition was in 2002. What was the Australian animal to be the most recent addition to your box of animal crackers. I recalled it. It's you know that's how I don't ten groove that you know him. I think our regular at IQ did you. We can't yet I don't an -- I received a little. Article about an hour how happy were they see you and you can't moment. Are okay well I actually got a chance won't but you'd earlier. Well I got out we can't surprise you don't do that well I didn't love giant. So I'm giant box I don't what you refrigerator and anorexia or other comparable to learn about. Absolute side a archer I had a double edged up and just turned seven days prior that's originally he could live there president Lula. So I'll let you and there might why did all of and we are their rear camera. Video of that dark doubt that wired and I immediately as. Storm Rick are you merger and who wet and hot and oh. Yeah. And I just I don't know the government would know how it Colby who. That's also another similar damage to my right yeah yeah yeah it wouldn't you let it go. You don't imagine that even though he could hit a legitimate right. I got me out and I. Those lieutenant those those videos kill me every time I absolutely loved ones are I don't gonna have it either it's just the dog gone nuts forever is our candidate some gonna library I want to note also the video games left -- is lol oh man oh my god my boyfriend's in the backroom than there I know you're coming home two days early. Oklahoma. Does appear that. There's big w.s are next in Desiree to play hello Jordan welcome to them and worker or her whole. Jordan you sober now for over. I around. You ago. Aaron Dirk how old are. Reported it according to what you don't be so what would it from. Do you know the Philippines but also celebrated her Independence Day on July 4. Only third for the day they got their independence from what country. In 1946. I'm. Who knows me. He's not fake settlement. How did damage damage our sanity port city thank my old. Territorial. So I think we did the independence while my mood you'll celebrate black or footnote on falafel. Jordan are named after Michael Jordan I'm guessing. Cory Lekkerkerker what's that. Not out now note you hit the negative go all right Mario top gun reference gadget he was named after the closing resorting from NA sampling that might work. Shall lamented how old is short while ago when you embody unity now did Jordan Michael. How come nobody there is he someone got dame club of Dallas don't play as many as a baseball coaching named his son Jordan Michael actor Michael Jordan back today Susan Amazon Michael Stanley. And he's probably that Asia will cut the plant is still dangerous. I don't know ghost writer. Well I. Thought about it before. The target rich and back. Only to web and only two women have ever tried to assassinate front and no matter what you bought completely random. Editors are both of them they tried to kill the same present within three weeks of each. The year was 1975. He's in an elected president. Who. All. How bad was an article or who. Ordered. No matter how or why did to women try to kill because and his wife ma'am I do not know within the Rodriguez got a lot. Our hero and to the only two women that ever threaten says that brought it to you how they try to kill shoot him stab or was it poisoned by asthma walk downstairs I had not put a banana peel in front of Mickey give you kid you couldn't poison the president. I got now you know what I'm saying is like is or did they put the food through some got a scanner or something like to think you. He's I didn't food for anyone convict and write what you look out of vice president Damon one referral or that they roll in and it's. You were vetted for weeks in advance. In the federal government who was who was going to work that day they knew god damn close pork that when the Secret Service one of the as a standing in the kitchen acting like. These stereotypes. Can you talks over its. Oh we talk he did not talk much but our advocates and structure problems got nothing horrible madame de homeless. If the guy doesn't waiter in the way of warming to catch an enemy and like I know you're going to drop dead but no one here cares you've got to you know to stay out. Like just these Cokie you're just did you Dyson cared flight of stairs or that Judith curry county and state of over the it's fine we murders spooky some of the bit. Just be smoking in the corner because we need is part look at it that's all we're asking you please. So apparently the pair just one artist says shoot him to create chaos. Quote to create cas took a while ironing and there's been a country needed to change the only way of it was going to chain was a violent revolution. Even weirder. They were both consent and nine California. So the first one she took two shots out of outside the hotel missed the second one. Was free and squeaky from for my with one of these Manson's chick are your carry me out gives us. So you know we're gonna shut up while working in cahoots there's two separate women that go there who. Well that's what he's still in jail and a player that zero and let them know what if game is big dummy so far teams over Jordan is demo two questions Tyler one and done and a lieutenant there was two questions we'll take a quick break about the brand new contests and MR they got it right entities. Now back to the men's room here's the question rock you like to let live resorts casino 99.9. KI DSW. Is there an update people love hot dog man. It's certainly like god thug like when you're certain things on their sometimes depends on where you are regionally different areas country have different ways that they do hot dogs we all know about that but today I mean potatoes it's all about the hot dog it's going up. At 450 run for the shot of the day. In May Debbie gave his big dummy Steve who is our next contestant ready to play games and those deep welcome to the men's room. Our. Okay you play teams governance over. John Edwards over Stevens on the year. Over what do you do for living in field. I'm Obama wrapped up at a casino floor RF are going to be good cook enough not. Not behind or driver that doesn't make sense of yeah I'll very weird person to help well just turn up the equipment and every cook I worked with was addicted to something. Now we actively had to do well we're. I'd need here is your question only forty people. It sold 100 million albums worldwide as both solo artist and as part of the group. Michael Jackson. Paul McCartney. And who. He's got a hundred a hundred million out of bank as a artist. Bad yeah so. Part of the group they're rim sold a hundred million records and then as a solo are mostly sold in mobile 100 million up so I don't object in a surprise all the cardinals brought this guy. I don't think you would ever guess is I'll give me and I make fun of his hairline when I came. He will. A lot of rock bands seem to be covering his bail and means a lot. I don't know a lot of federal Bob Bradley what I think about the Baylor to Coburn for whatever reason his band that. Rock bands seem to be gravitating toward Covance to. Why it is stuff I can get him I'm probably right Michael Jackson Paul McCartney penalty surprised anyone need this guy's name. He's done a little bit of acting very sparingly in the his announcement okay. Our our while why adjudicate. Those Colorado Phil now. Yeah I really don't hear it makes sense to. Its outlook I would put my period of its. He's just not the guy you think. Does it is good and don't yell at. Its version of the so called sloppy like piracy so I have more value out. Of all I don't Panama. Gap of only actually her decision Zorn gonna be I was about like them both the to be fair I don't read Providence so old. If you want to cover band are likelier to economic. Didn't disturb government of confusion as well near you at which is really cool birds and animals are. It still photography. So he doesn't go down alleged you know Paul McCartney legend Michael Jackson's legend Paul Collins originally. He will. You just can't dance Allen. They don't Panama. All right. Here next Cuomo now have more of college and the Nomo and when all else fails they don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't like them. He could feel it comes to questions execute and might try to fight you. Mean who. Are third Davids and his co-founder of what motor company out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Voted yet. I slow. Can our food David. They'll be Harley-Davidson. Endurance over. What's company did James hung up on the fact that Javed says Honda. Okay. A us. This is the man rhythm into the thick enough and good luck. Yeah he Pennzoil good movement that you and I. Please click blueberry goodness I don't have a lot. And Joseph Exxon family can make their money in boom. The question Tuesday. Also the title of the 2011 and Steven king book on what date was JFK assassinated. It. I've ever seen wearing colorful wild. Well I think he's all right man oh man out is the JFK resident Stephen King or did you just know. I I'm always known that because my mom KP. Fiftieth anniversary you know I've always known that date so guys that's impressive that really as good as they aren't the world turns I'm almost watching my momma always told me always told me that story stuff. Just how about a catastrophic was what really drives the world sort of the head was a good part of the Soviet and they cut it all right before you found out right that evil twin was not of got to be kidding me as bad tore apart we're Brett did you read the world's orange because the world is stuck to. How's that person journalistically. Actually when special charity come back in general hospitals on record the Space Shuttle Challenger blew out. I had to cut school my buddy rich. We're watching prices bright man and this is the point there at the showcase showed that. And some don't be looking dude gonna get so super hot you remember this so forward ever. Odd reason and were hoping she wins and they've both put in bids were written cheers Ross you jump up and down for obvious reasons. And here's Dan ran pops out and and being the age we were surgeons saw ban on the space much like a little kid Ramirez stopped watch from sixty minute. Do instantly tuna with everything disappeared so we start talking to each of our hair mentions by some what do they want 100 days isn't it. And I just heard it like in the corner of my ear like a better term and so did sit vehicle exploded we're talking about an anathema showed him way. Our man all man oh man so I get home from school. Quote unquote. My parents of course like we don't know if it'll be school when no man Meehan routes all went well might. Yeah and I hate. No they told us they told us rendered prices and it. Gave his big dummy goes or next contest and ready to play the game hello Andy welcome to the men's room. Guru Richard Boone. All right straight up many fans Denny you on teams over now so look. Never picked over and kid who gets. Told you any. What is 48 heading you still look like an idiot when he you're drugs on you right now. But I do not give a one speed by. No you pig tails. You're not are you worried at ten top right now. And you know they'll let it go by and give a big gas based speaker you're drunk. I do. I would but I understand one out of thin you are an idiot. If you're that is now and I'm not a helmet every melodrama but that's that's a little by god in Edmonton. Hi I'm gonna ask your question are we. Used to believe anyone on this earth would know the answer do but Mike hawk buddies questions governor and I believe that of course he would know the infamous. Usually is made of the breast poll has the velvet ropes we know them as the barricade outside of theaters and clubs all the rest. What does the actual name for the. We are pretty. I. I. I have no idea that noted that any guest it doesn't get it's Paul in a -- to go when you sort of like a sect otherwise it's a velvet rope or browse poll would you look from the government may become. Divider nobody acting so he says yeah I wanna know what. A Stanton stands yeah ancient expansion stamp to stand up and news at any anti Jack alluded to it that way. We're probably at if you walk into a Stanton is still what a man you know. Our next question 96%. Of American children. Can correctly identified. Which while. Out which plow. Photo. Now we'll show me Ronald Ronald McDonald. Behind a lot of. Jack in the Box a clown he's generally well these don't about a man who has welcomed the CEO gap compared. I guess as there. Maybe. He's a good antenna ball country's long volley air isn't mascot though because he's he's a don't ask governor had a client answered. But he doesn't actually look like Luke does it upside down I scream go. Promotes. We do with Jackson chair. Slogans no. Not now. Edge on the line that heavy assault no no sunken British and I'm that he would taste salty. Also while on duty or obligation to play it where you're going to have. It if I get it over attitude. He shared a lot of debate and that it had projected onto a lot of threats. Second of our questions real. It would European country to men use more cosmetics moment. It. To me and mental and one submitted false stereotype. What happened right in this. Forty men have been pretty even make the effort to be pretty. I was wondering I would guess Greece. I'd say Italy or Spain France I don't Portugal. Oh it's beautiful and Italy yeah without question. Lot of Cologne going around their man. Is that when you get into this hour is just Cologne supporters on these that'd. Won't do put soap on anything you just get and it spreads his team and you get out. If feathers back your hair what's the scene agrees on active in the goal of UCLA Washington. She threw her car in regulating on that lax treatment yeah given notably about right there no matter what you do it. An Australian slang. And ski. Is a small storage device. To keep what cool. A strange lines on asking. Small sort of advised that due to certain think there. We would all be fans of cattle. And it. You're acutely. We're. America take all the stubby holders the cousy. It is drank while those DOD be proud cruising yen earlier because he likes. Molester accused what what was on two's but is vs Miller lightly and popular item via of course Motorola announced during the course in a Miller lakers'. Crazy coups were actually invented to advertise something and say hey you can also for the can of beer and I've never seen me playing mentally I didn't I didn't know I don't men's or month. Thank you use it as just a hostile world aren't I. The chaos no one ever uses the cousy that is the actual you know brand here or there and properly and that never happen. I mean you'd you know I'm ally when I say I have I drank a lot of Miller why you don't buy anything. Gave his big dummy goes our next contestant ready to play the game that he's giving it to Z from somewhere far away. Or holding on one words the oldest when you are the forum as distant by prowess won his army navy game 2006 RS the ten year old who's. To hold up. I'm rich yeah he didn't say that. The best look at coups and then I destroyed I move I think I lost on our government forty twos which could use this weekend. At camp. It happened now I don't trigger Fortis. I'm on a cameraman whatever your view on the back of the day parades every ten minutes the bill but twelve ounce beer I don't know. It's a big man Beers I don't know woods that's my bad hello my welcome to the bedroom. I can't record I. I enjoy your summer and I know. Not filter it knocks over night. It's funny if we'll let them my card debt me I was just getting home from work entire bureau of living over about a mile apart and these guys. Janet. Well surprise surprise. All right we ready for your question. I have written. What animal lives in a group called a bloke. They your dad would please. Pat and don't slot with Eagles like it's you know. All the blood to be fair this of the big ugly as an animal and come out. It makes that Mississippi and. I have vote. All Taliban wow how analogy no that wasn't good what do we animal. The only we animal but. I'm a side note I agree with you it is one of the uglier than will Mike what is done knots over have you ever seen the video and I know mentioned this before in according hit gold that swimming after the vote and then breaches out of the water at the back of the boat wants chasing. Yeah you have to watch just. I don't know it's I've been to Google but you understand that girls don't like Pope right middle obligatory adds I don't greet her death elude will be shocked at us I think so I don't think it was romantic was running under water might have been calling honor and a shallow waters running it pops up I think the boat's got to be gone thirty. This movement and I at least in that Allison man is just giant thousands big festival comes out of nowhere I think this big ass way many seemed a public. I don't think they really attacked. Everything they eat anything horse and a man rivals and have posed for robbery they're disposition is always poor they're very territorial it would signal because I don't want to wander into their area and I'm like dude Derek. And that's it. Game is big dummy so far Mike what a done Tyler one done for now it's over and lieutenant Louis they're gets it to the other candidate and analysts get another contestant on the lineup for big dummy. Actually love into the room. Hi guys aren't. I don't they different I. Every area sober now for over. And I journeyman coach that's all. When's the last time you were sober Jeff. Waterworld so Jack could go so he started divisional. But the wrong we are here is your question different. I don't know it was a man I woke up with since then maybe I'd like I woke up I was so randomly got it. God dammit man that's no fun being drunk if you week of that I woke up in the long. I hear that question at what is an optical. So what are the way I'm still. It's as simple. Demur console war lords also a different. Part of our current. They're no better against. Tech. And now I'm a little bull all right I don't think anyone who's ever actually pulled it in onto Thorpe but that is bad. How important. Seen about 800. Every good that the big done. Wow wow it's incredible. Wow is that it's a daily double we do the show once a week to make of it is we couldn't open the show as a daily feature that you were here we. Are. What titles available for sharing your clothes so one of the screenwriters for the 1970 Superman movie. Which by the way have you seen him again recently as one of the biggest piles of as ever make it look a bit of kit horrible got him. But he's the same writer for which classic film. I wanna make her mouth again if you. Am a bit cooler come on now you never heard a global aluminum models again you. And garlic and offer RO. Not other. Okay I'll ever get back to the just bring bearing you know I don't mind the day I go yes yes dude do. Hello hello you to make me think. It it has begun more contestants get another smiles tournaments are married I've point nine KI SW Seattle.