07-07-16 3pm Mens Room has two what??

Thursday, July 7th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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Listening to the men's. Miles and drills 99.9. KI SW. Two great days after nine that would be men's room original sausage well bullies famous sausage of Pike Place Market web Lou that was celery. Americans are ruined and this was. We we taped the show to come back back like America. Do I get this right at it this morning. This man's. Sales and drill a 99.9. Okay. SW as soon Greg very 59. And annually world famous outrage Edmonds over in Iran can't at a bad time again that. And the original styles Johnson enough taste in let's quite simply. Some of the best substance that you'll ever eat available now wonder rocks and town and country and like mark Mallard Bay Bridge. At the octopus bar on 45 on the menu possibly get up at Safeco Field its dinner plate red apple in Paul's bullet bagel hill a Beacon Hill. Payload includes a marina market local 360. And games. Markets queen's hand. And if you can't find a location close to you would KI SW dot com you can order online right you know argue there in time for the weekend. And grow up so this world famous sausages solicits and portion of the net proceeds from the sale 2000. Good that the VA and JBL and Fisher house is all the details on the south including where you can find it. At KI SW back out. Are today is today we played game known as big dummy will take a quick break come back with a brand new contestants and more big government activities. Fans it's. Here's the question and Ryan teel Mike two lay limp resort casino 99.9. KI DSW. I've profiled as his don't know we've got tickets to see goes for our contestants today in all this week in the game known as profile those who do finally right after the shot of the day in the meantime the game is big dummy Steve who is our next contestant rate to play the game. Hello peaks welcome to the men's room. Eight. Hello hello. Kind of meeting is over now it's over today. So repeat terrified. I'd be ready for your first question. Americans consume two million pounds. Of what treat each year incidentally this treat. Proposal would. Also waiver and three the way you use suite where it can be yes. Or chocolate. He's won himself all good talk man Rogen talked I'd yeah absolutely. The industry's feet. I realize that would be housing and like strawberry year Torre's handling of less than nine out of his. Can't imagine Americans the net much any for just seems like him and yeah I met today popularly candy bars. And it's arguably the peace fruit every day yeah it. When you eat chocolate zone you have won its owners should kissling do you got to Bagger to do as you eat a bag of course it is I mean a little you don't eat like your entire thing about man's right out of the may be late. Giving out small amounts to a small child and they would ever gotten Hershey bar and had like one square Monica I'm good I don't think there were three Freddy got half of it not for the rest that night and another half hour later this is all nobody said he isn't it nobody's beaten one square just called it good. There's big W as our next contest and read play the game Elliot the won the mid ex lax like to move. I'm gonna you didn't Newport News yeah I'm hubris to. Hello Brad welcome to the men's room 10 and I. And I read. Young team sober or not sober. So the draft welcome to show. I've dealt with the curable calcium things work and yeah why try to assassinate such dignity get presence of the regard for Johnson. And if you're president you're not insignificant and and that's only drew sitting for a no matter who stupid doesn't matter who's Smart no matter people like you they don't like you do the sitting president of the US. And someone assassinated. Because problem. Gerald sort of east German equivalent of the know what it. What a wonderful way to be remembered. Our usual question. So who grew. That's the name will be samurai method of suicide after a failed mission what exactly did they do. There's so her stomach and cut there aren't. Brad how did you go to temple what did you listening to the. Those guys here Brad Sears added you know that. Mr. Mortimer and agers Oca well you did well I'm assuming that you and our affiliates did you sound creepy New Zealand Canada has don't know how many majors do you have. Art here what's the other one. They're not the future business business and history is there any way to put those two together. RO considerate and ordered a part of our run or not you get into Barack. I doubt Brad that W put it together you working for the march and they called a dominant that it. Yeah his big Downey who's our next contest and ready to play the game hello leave guys welcome to the men's room. Oh oh and top. Idly by you sober left. He laughed Levi do you Wear any other brand jeans other Levi's or do you stay away from them because they're leave us. No word came through and you never wore jeans your life. And years and gentlemen nobody wears well you just Wear shorts all the time. Sort of guard go for it but don't that's an excellent. Our energy question. What fictional television captain had a fish named Livingston. All right he was up. Don't know but all good spot if you like it could go. Your trick in the right spot to the captain Kirk has kept them and I kept. Captain John moved to call open card. The you can hear turkeys all streaming news and the ball. You've done that if this thing closely and other boys is the lesson actor's name. Patrick Stewart Patrick Stewart doesn't bat just I don't what are. I'd. Like everything that the greatest thing ever you guys are tricky that is. I pretty great if you Delgado now is that if he does that he did better than anyone else would have gone back totally about to get this country think. He sing it's like Patrick Stewart as England's greatest cowboy singer I read about it in and night rawhide and I don't like the classic country songs and it's the best ever he goes on a little long but it's the pretty fun. The you'll. That you know notes that's what I was talking about our benefit check it out now right. I get the idea just learned that my words such argument Indiana toll that's Stuart Scott you don't have you met a 37 individual awards. Now I'm 37 Ted yeah two big number how many of you want to. Well Tobin thirties and true at the moment but let the community also Patrick Stewart is awesome and terrify. In green room question to leave act. The amount of the show I Love Lucy. Have you seen the show I love loose. Yet I don't ask your ridiculous question which again my talk but no there's no way anyone has an answer not the way into and as correctness. And I Love Lucy what was loose and report those maiden. It was used on the station. Would be a shore positive note I believe a guy and like I believe I did. There was a baby and it is something weird way. Make the radio and wake only correct you're so close I'll let you weren't yet sure of as close to this is did you look this up how in the Lehigh you know. Before my time what's okay and alright yeah. I take is that about your vertical very very. You're ready you're. Our eyes got you've got to figure you know go thank you good. Chart how would you know what you say about Michael why would anyone know the I have no idea why anybody would know the body you know Miguel accounted McGill accounting and you. I then they weren't used on the station and one of the production that we did I forget which one it was bud. Wings McGill accounting I think was an but I ended Gillick not yet heard it at the top gun version when it. Many of us and well what the dole that the threat to Lucille that's my there's no correlate I've had nothing let's look Lucille Ball. Gave his big dummy goes or next contest and ready play the game. Coach Jeremy welcome to the men's room are. Here itself. German leader overlooked. Sort of Barack phone do you deal with jackal. If you actually I. I think despite being labored to large companies like we finished OK let's go up very cool them. Had a loss of faith in humanity yet you flow positive for. Overall and so positive but I guess I have spoken lost faith in humanity of our freedom could get a positive there. If you wanna ever lose faith in people working customer service today what about two weeks. Via an don't. The minimum. I hear is in question. In the original story. What percent rubble slippers made up. We'll have third. The glancing blows Chris girls were. Earth Day you. Let's just thinking that is specific that it now. No doubt that the song was about being inundated signal expect that he has Aristide to get carried it up and look like your learn. Slippers as saucers hot and by the way I was quick side note on that stuff. Those Snow White seven dwarfs what the make a movie. Believable enough and they'd just put up these are guys. They do they're gonna Whittle it down into some endorsement originally only 23 different aims and it didn't matter really what the name was and I picked this up but. Actually had a list of the other sixteen and part of the rings and my guess at thirty years enabled camera they would have been deemed offensive to so more about being fat normal things but. And re entered they all basically ended a little fatty. And you look Louisville's. They all actually kind of it'll know what it would have only come already creeping. That's the one of the names they cut out freaky and beat him head and Italy yeah day I think that literally gotta catch it from the for making this movie for kids. They have to government opening your. What. Like Alison Tudor if there. Where and a bathroom would you find porcelain. Can tell you very bad movies that failed sort of I don't think also taught. I'll be cold. Particular player out bags. But. The debate but to have brush that didn't think. But it's. The top ranked. Porcelain. Now fingers faster that's the one that keeps it McClellan believes. I question three points and what cocktails made from Oaxaca triple sec and lions. I don't drink craft Beers I of course you do I snowed in go to bed and they enhance. A lot of it. It is Bob go triple second lime juice and in my experience when I was much what you want it's a much much on the birth is very. And chick who get this'll. You know a 2123. Is getting into the bar called Japan thing the company breeze kicks of raw and in this they if they order these drinks. They're gonna in it to win it. Now they're coming and mutilated dangle it systems and were taken around. Also. War thing yes yeah. Also referenced. 9 at me I am no life. There's some of them dead how Luke got a cousin Clara last couple custom code Jamaican coach Rick how airlift people react. It is it possible now. No parachute it is the vote. It is a total author of my question five Germans don't load. Which country and it's it's our corrupt and it is not the obvious to. United States. Yeah but I'm Jack. Can't lift direct to Ireland iron I've checked. Time not alienate a cabbage Disney problem I president failing to do it Germans always thought it was today is not sauerkraut. I believe I'm not 100%. On the side with him but I believe. And I don't know what round world forward to welcoming changed. Eric but. Several democratic candidate don't mind it. Sauerkraut great outdoors. Move ahead man and he's coming I was always working man on the hot dog knowledge stay tuned for that they're there desolate mountain. All right Henry Ford's first car that he released. Did not have to user who. In my back girl and reverse. They've got a very good very good qualities these questions that was so far Jeremy our worst contestant today on the done and he did really missing that stupid. The wizard as it doesn't get ready to play the gay themed angst. And I friendly reels that I'm actually had a good run today man Mike one and done Tyler one and done Brad and actually pretty Smart day party Smart McGill Curry's still want the bulls won with miles like MIT I things. You can just pull a name out of thin air on something that you absolutely nothing about I don't know of people who what is Luke Skywalker is aunt's name a room. As a yes and uncle no one ongoing effort tomorrow. What is C a pond solos first wife's maiden name. Cola Johnson pants. Who's our next contestant read a play the games you lose a bit too mentally editor of slow. Hello Mike welcome to the minerals group. Let's move. Okay. At night we played receiver over are not over. So remind plug in the shift. Threw out. It's a four month. Oral or traffic. Jan give sex a lot. That's awful now we only. And women organize so like it would let them get back into DC even divorced four times yeah wow how long you've been single. Or about three years how to treat it. Better to emerge how close look at what in the bank you know how old are. If you look at him. Why I got asked why for me after awhile didn't you say maybe this is it for me what about the fourth woman to use our act. Bald mice against this one this is the deadly do you beat yourself up about that likes the number two might have been the one who the number three came along. Well that went to hell and then number four showed but you're just a bag and go oh my god man what happened. Yeah. Yeah and I hey we've all been there it's not that amendment. I'd like your short sweet to 2.0 dom act in other words. All right I the question what Burton has the bulls feathers per square. It's. Still Wear the period. Good Turkey and. Cool weather. Got it. Almost by the tenth left. That's a good point. Old English law prohibits men from beating the wives with anything bigger than walked. There's these basic earnings beat the (%expletive) out of the goddamn thing walk. But at least an old English and a command. We're prohibited from being watched anything bigger man and it's a part of and that hurts duress. Jeff Centrino placebos dot six. Throwing laurel wolf the rule of phones into the moment that's exactly what's up tonight question number three. If you landed at hand and airport what's Nevada City are doing. Miles loves the looks back at. Well you know yeah. Kevin Marino might be would you think. With a piece or we're OK I just wanna make sure wasn't just me like I. That's the one thing I've said Graham haven't got help from everyone around in a mile an hour if that's a synagogue. Do those born rouge in Rio Group has pushed the greatest people in the world like I did see a part of the city. That's the Krajina Oregon hello I saw the downtown area people born and raised in Reno bill you have that you generally when they make long running comedy series about your town everybody's in agreement that kind of socks okay if you're not enough people will disagree are happy to let you there's I ever saw the backlash gets you know not on line as so that's it's a good strong. Yeah it was big dummy goes annexed it doesn't read play the game. Hello Brandon welcome to the Madrid we've recruited people. Aren't there topple the Brandon I don't get vacuum of credit as well as guys here's forty seconds apologize radio murdered. Hello Kim welcome to the men's room. Par putt that I only. Yeah politely hello. Henry is over now over. You're so nuts over Tim O'Neill popped up on right now. We'll provide that. Someone else a little work Lou Barlow I'm very go go bug your heart. You're a worker's number nine bucket. My apparel. Pretty good stuff very very good but it's good yes it is it's it's it's a higher tier about it for sure is that good I'll select Tito's yeah overhead nine workers and about it. If it's a much different. And far more interesting human does not need to carry out Kim so yes totally out of it yes. On that note here's your question. Is one of those. Komodo dragons. And what mammals all have two teams. To penises to penises and green or to be two people. I don't know I would go to seed and the Manitoba innocent PR. Iguanas at Stevens is denied another Comodo dragon tattoo penises did not know that in this particular male. To be fair most people find this and tax you to. What do will promote your face. Are. Quad. It's very good guys are up front door area seemed dead absolute elect Garcia you just koala bear. And didn't get it do you have friendly and rip your face oh god they will rent your face off oh yes we do their evidence that they would you look at them and they have that sloth the parents there was Lou don't. And it hang in and a brand and a caddie leaves and then you look at the calls and the end of it legally grab people acknowledge these things. Never have a good follow ups or the like raccoon and trees and look at their dead BD yes. In two pieces of it and you don't battles up to wideout Mikey you found out why in in what happened to penises. I'll work on and I'd I don't know if there's any natural light but they have liked just really if you have to penises that you've got to figured need to put of their dad just Google to pews this is that it happened to get back to us with some info RI of the house about Disney's earnings doesn't help with the with the fancy on us. Why don't we all have to treat this with me one word we in his heart and maybe go there just call those doing things right I'm sorry elevens are working to strike the right. Gave his big guy who is our next it doesn't read play the game hello Brandon welcome to the men's room. Our guy. I'm Randy is over now it's over. So we'll bring it. Did you well listen to the show there and realize that we were on a delay and then you realize who into that you weren't there. Yeah and care I eleven that you live and you learn and you you would never know that mr. Collins Loveland and only 42 lesson that. Or so. That's got I don't know belated B twelve days we could have told you last week rumors and to I don't but here's the question. Which US president was nicknamed miss Nancy. That's what it gives the president before. President make. Turn. It. Down there. Do you too much credit. New approach though the president before Lincoln thing was like a caveman can change their protest of president before in the Republican field. Now latest jump on you to miss Nancy oddly enough the prison of the poorly. What's called Christmas and I'll be James Buchanan. Well hope you can shorten Jimmy brilliant move. Amid the right that's a question do Brennan. Go back to the world drinks gin and lemon juice sugar soda water cooler combined to make what talked. Hole or sugar and sort. Of the goldmans going to court or. Court. It slowed Jin is the heck has slowed. And I did yeah and I was the difference engines slumped slogans like read insert it helps. You never know Bennett Nate pepper person. Talk now about how else that's within Etan Collins Jim littler Jordan about the scope it's what who is tomko. I was a bartender was he a pilot what was what I mean like who was it was a fireman an administrator and I guess my god I have pianist information not Tom Cole yeah actually I won't know Townsend from the brakes are now I would Taylor animal to Venus. I got the answer for reptiles apparently the penis growth from the tissues old become a hind legs and certain reptiles like snakes and lizards and whatnot so to clean usable form because it's accessible to form to defend Oklahoma Coca. So funny car that's what about a koala bears this season alerted on guys like Ed. What about Tom Collins why do you have to give me a second degree weather and it's Thursday thanks very ignorant and kinda look at some did you take that away from today Tom Collins had two things. And he debuted at well documented fact energy question and what book store to the words. Paul the issue it. Keep your speaker what book store through two words Colby Ismail. Very very apparent. Speaking of I don't know. We're talking here penises and also Patrick Stewart started the one of the movie adaptation the threats and Annan. I got it right here. My ball would go for this will come as a shock to no one but Tom Collins is not a real person. Low light into my monthly was made by a man by the name of Jerry Thomas quite a coach Jerry Thomas NF Collins glass. I'm Joseph dvds and Jerry a Jerry tons for students to pay out Brendan newspaper hang on my camera and take a quick break but we'll get back to you on the answer Moby Dick by. Great for teams over three Dow will come back we'll question for and more a big dummy right after the break. Now back to the men's room and here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy to let live resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. Heads haven't done. Enough seats at Smith and now says meat potatoes all about the hot dogs all kinds of different styles on hot dogs around the world depending on where you live Richard you studios no love for example. What is on a dodger dog. No idea any idea. It's a dialogue daughter's going to be out a cut or it's a foot long dog in a foot long bond ketchup mustard chopped onions and a relish so that's just listen to dodger dogs. Ted I mean irritating what's supposed to be one of the best hot dogs you'll have not just the style of lately it is but the economists say put on my rebels Brodeur doesn't look son. She's judge took most I think the hand I think the key to the dodger dog is the dog and the bonds so it's that combination of little rebels got like a bagel to like not everyone makes a bagel like New York but I think they're the lead I think the meat is made of monkeys and that's that's the things the economy and bring out the best labors of monkeys infected meat potatoes coming up with a 450 writer for the show today in the meantime the game is big dummy we have branded online working on questioned a number of 414. Sober. Our Brandon. As a seventeen. What was the first country to make people pay property to. Work. What. All the journalists. Of the United States you. Good leader for our they had absolute. Question five it. Brandon was my question is multiples. In order to be listed on one of those blue signs about the need gas and watch him before highway exit. Your business needs to be within how many miles of the exit. 23. Or five. Should be too. I don't care what the answer is I mean it should be like two blocks obviate if I had to drive in your small little town legal let me know this like a mile and a half all the exit that's when I start getting pissed. Surely want to just like come on man really unravel all the way down there to get a goddamn Derek we have shown these two doesn't forget adventures I ought to run out of gas like I gas station and how. And is not what was this exit it was about a are very. Why are so I had to be available along than I thought was sometimes like what are we get off here when we get awful we could see the McDonald's and CVS and see. Both of the places that preaches. Like you can take it then right off the exit late you'd see the homeland mussina after the gas station they left them fast food there idea. There is big W was our necks and does it right to play today hello it actually welcome to the men's room. Now imagine if she's over knocks over. Ashley is filled. I feel there. Okay good day at work feel like your productive or Alex. Who like you co workers. Michael they like you. Look I don't know if he thinks they do look good and we'll check Pluto. As long as you believe good enough they're talking about to right now I can feel. All right as we look here is your question on the I do this of them suggesting anything it's just with a question happen come up. Why didn't aerial disease. Used to be referred to as fruit box and England. Italian pots and France spent his disease in Italy in England disease and spank. Who like nobody wanted to claim ownership of this is to women. I met. Her. Simple simple. No we all now they'll disease beds and apparently you never ask her please or syphilis into a known fact. I. Guess to have your England and let us. So far. Maybe that means you have them both have you ever had to deal with any kind of situation down there real thoughts on the might not be right. Are you good for you let's not pleasant thing built here. Hey I've heard from our area there's a friend told me it was not a good experience. Our fear is your question what does the nickname. For a tie game of tic tac toe. I. I'd have to what that meant that would add some that can't scratch fever yes I was protecting a more. Wireless is that I'm analysis was Jozy circle on a catch. You know my brother would do at the end we would tie and it's almost impossible if you play tic tac toe not to have the game in that way. But yes our play more children they're terrible look at me if that is the key right you usually adults competing against each other take. Just don't even my skin was enough to just killed and yes droplets of David's big dummy euros or next it doesn't read a blame game like on when they go to start the right 100 hitters are at all I know our needs are and if you shoot and hello Joseph welcome to the bedroom. Or are. Until the over just. We don't support your day off. Support. Were about from where. I hear but really would again. I'd go to the movies there and how Long Will take the podium. I have no idea given TV you know what. You're inferior group. I don't know maybe an hour they're older now than most of them how do a lot of things that you put together for Mikey. Probably one. Okay death if they also had alleluia ready. And just now that I'm not like the person that's gonna happen their instructions from putting together you will not smile. That's right here relatives instructions wrong in my I don't know if you guys drill that was maybe it starts with someone smiling when you first open Abbas and account is and if you would doubt. My leg panel for this person shall look like they are exceptionally. Irritated. And about her pride itself on smoking a cigarette drinking beer outside as they come to terms with the fact I have to finish putting this together. But right now pissed because I used the wrong guy named screw in at the end they're eating meatballs mean number to snuggle up. Don't know we're tying it to relax a nice nugget ought to be cracking into. But I do you really should update instructional. Might be part of this barrier it's. All right for her. What is the capital city of Paraguay. Mean I mean well and a border territory. I don't know I have no idea what. So Sam. As soon as a result of it's up until. I won't lie and in night. Soccer tournament I'm not sure we'll talk about fair play. I mean you know I mean I go about mobile and I don't know from her boy all Sherry didn't notice it around us think Chad no one knows him just a country in Africa. Are you there is no question if you go to Denny's in order so you pancakes to eggs to troops in great end to sought to links. You just ordered yourself what and you come on Joseph. Come on it's Denny are. Murdered Greer well. I had a lot of ball left field that's gone nice work areas that the F that's wanna give got a Grand Slam breakfast before. Try to avoid duties for two reasons I understand that but still before whatever happens to every kid didn't. It's not a bad breakfast and had in years that are memorable like this is a great deal. Agree it's and Britain's royals like 599. I thought Austin lock in their copy orange juice Grand Slam breakfast manner out the door or you pay like two bucks for a tip and boom ago what's that what's the lead just one man the when nobody wants to say it out loud. Damon can't I was like the soap than substituting felt agreed to repression voted yes I blacked out and that's overnight up I think the that I hop isn't it. And sounds that poppies they both I mean I was it was a big moons over my handy fan. Remember the name of them who are on the big fan of hand me. We like try to bribe scam like products it's alright it's and got him I'm like I was like Denny did you get anomaly in wings. You know man like that's wrong number the other silver diner up there are used to live. The Lowe's opened 24 hours of the world's 800002000. Dollar and I know what they're what I don't know is there one night at cal Mari and biscuits and gravy yeah I was asked by Johnny Galilee. Yeah it was big dummy euros or next and doesn't write a play the game Ted new opportunities. James you sober now for over. So so we're very important to show that they felt. Doubt and find out here with your questions. Maybe were not so Lawson may we're gonna make some foolish. Right now the last four these are these questions are these questions are pretty hard. They all are maybe you'd pretty stupid tend to get them also on our breath we heard it and what's with the Nielsen. Eric you're taught and telling her patents. I go back and forth I'm a married guy man I want a crisp beat paddy that shaped like hockey book and my capacity. Yeah like a paddy yeah looks like a pat ended sausage and crispy. When a hockey here and I like those. But I got all of us are liking links and then recently is in the last year maybe I had a sausage patty for the first time and god knows how long anomaly. That's is at being delicious yes sausage patty as a way to go tremendous. It'd been let go like a small restaurant and nick broke off to do. Outbreak that. Are they aware of storm and grownup. Bob Evans obviously is famous for their sausage they have been for a number of years for these to open up restaurants he's in a Bob Evans family restaurant. For a number of years remembered AARP yeah you know and I couldn't handle West Virginia so pretty good comfort feels like the idea go on the country old country buffet of some but. They won't refused to serve big. So for a number of years because it all right rough that I saw about settlement you could never get fake it and eventually I think caved in federal lands and I remember one in like the week they started or because it was like the buzzing tonight. Do dig up make it they when they got deaths annually to natural disaster like. You guys have taken out there was like. You which I told the pressure we have very good usually vacant okay Jerry the demos sad about it there thank you like usual open as well as does this country and I think that's okay. I wanted to do and I even ate breakfast place. Go to Baghdad today has got to have been document. It doesn't tell you can be the sausage farm of America like right Europa league place even a lot of there's a message let you know opening up breakfast even Waffle House and will serve pancakes are or the Waffle House that you could I I'll came into office agreed. But a goat the company that makes you know Lego my day goes they're not make it pancakes. See an advantage there they're frozen pegged accident yeah it did yesterday that Jenna and yes I. I don't want Harry. Why have chaos if you tell us all day and that's great about chaos you can and don't eat in restaurant I'm telling me is our bread with the London home with some break and how well Brent I. I just shake up to their guns questions rejects. James saw Jeter are looking for the Korean name. We call that Kelly Q tips or Cooley we use them for anything reasonably close. In this case the product is actually a formed loaded waste container what we call call them. What motive why front loaded waste container. Robert great container and it is better help. There at the brave men. It's a good dumps everything in the mountains and you. I'd ginger a question for. Or yeah well Belgium government should do about it didn't take you long to get here and was he buzzed and opulence peace over. Our era energy question how were you in school match. Our nightly news or. As a redneck where he is not your relatives when you're in school math class how did you do that. And spirited. And all who are okay if you well here is your question what is the top number of a fraction call. Number of action. Could you curator. Still the dominant economic denial not denial Monday and gonna returner who donated and on Monday regardless and Oklahoma image off. Because I was the normal roads are normal and I want top. That I was the moment at all Nolan who gave his big W is our next contessa lighter and it played today. That I was pulls a late in the one Ted. Hello rich welcome to the bedroom. All of its well. And I read. Harry on things over and over. We're super rich welcome to the show. All right still lives. There is your question. World of sports injury. What is the more common name. For lateral. Humor role. Epic Condo lightness. Medal human role and become the latest madly no one goals that we call about as much more common. Hello and bring. Tennis elbow and the building in the oval. Why recall itself on November Google with global refuted by friends to fill it. Hi Richard. Until 1966. Roman Catholics were urged not to eat meat on what day of the week. Yeah and probably on net. All. Round I it and it. So a lot of fish you're just not supposed to work and lets you play football worked at a global broadcast them back. I'd have told officially fish and soup Coca and the. We had these things Alomar increased work on some of the mountain and don't point out. No you mean in Omaha council now I see my family was to let these things like tuna casserole. That's fade out of our vehicles to do yet by the time I was a kid like my mom when I was a little kid without respect to it but. Violate middle school is out and just let my finish capping but I I heard people talk about that but I think Alan. Faneca and Irish junk was January it. Exactly. All right here is a question. In 1909. The Lincoln penny replace this one which feeds the profile of what type of person who. An aunt. In buffalo head and he. Knows and I personally believe it's all of person groups. Article. They've ideas of buffalo locally or far left. Buffalo's on the fact. And if you brought up what musician got his nickname after wearing a black and yellow sweater on stage. It's an old school down in front of the trio cook. He most recently played inexplicably. At the NBA all started. This is just not someone I would bring I mean I black and yellow. Striped sweater men would does a black and yellow striped sweater look like rich. There. And bumblebee and bit. And again somewhere closer than you think. And so the famous musician as a nickname doesn't make me him and his nickname is because of that believe real name is Gordon Sumner. Not that matters. Are deployed almost was named. He's intent tricks sex master REI and that according to him Obama lead in makes sense of the tournament. Usually chase. He had no idea. I'm richer on question number five. President Barbara David foreign language has proved. And Spanish this thing called a bundle. A bond house. British slang based chemical Alou in in Latin that it's on the treatment. What do we call it here and loan the United States. At. I say go right to know argues that America has the most important thing you can learn when you go to another country in languages have for. How to say beer beer bathroom I I didn't come easy to learn definitely figured I'd say beer as an image you sure Rangers to you for those. Grab your jump dance up and down then a new bathroom. Take your pinky and with the hang loose making vertical and you wanna be here in the order and Jews go to about a program decimated tells all about the hot dog profile as as your biggest egos it would go market does is on the labor big dummy n.'s miles from the men's or may not point nine KI SW Seattle.