07-07-16 4pm Mens Room grabs a dog

Thursday, July 7th

Emails, Mike Hawk gives some of the Headlines that he's NOT working on, No S Sherlock is back, and the Head Chef is in with different hotdogs around the world!


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The men's room. Or more miles and every night like OK I guess double. Still to come out of it showed dead meat and potatoes ahead Jeff and house all about that in viciousness of the hot dog no way Sherlock is on the way in a more profiled as your ticket to see ghost as that's American doesn't -- board today. And all of this week in the meantime the game is big dummy duels export to Iraq we'll come back with a brand new contestant and more how big dummy next. We weren't trying to stall or anything but Zach welcome back to the main. Nine point nine KI SW I don't know the big show did great and tells all about the hot dog that has ship will be in momentarily also the X. I think return of on the way Sherlock on the way in the meantime. Game is big dummy who is our next contests and online right to play the game. Hello jealousy welcome to the men's room. And oh. Okay my tells news overnight silver. Over just about on the show. Pretty young so unhappy about theft. Feet. Perhaps you're drunk but what do I do into question. The construction of the Hoover debt bubbles before us to require construction workers to Wear what safety. I have heart. All right just wanted to talk man really good seeing you again thanks to an honest photographers here for another reason adding it perfect visit to organize our executives exactly. Who's next you just online read play a big doubt it hello Ben welcome to the men's room. Well yeah. And we have been asking you sober enough. Then a sober public. All right that is not so Murphy's miles of ninety out you know what I meant ninety never been drunk or hide the short. Fourth floor out of oh just spread out ballots from again I would have made a fortune. A look at there who question. What south American country was the first to receive foreign aid from the US. Receiving 50000 dollars after a massive earthquake and eighteen tour. Obviously this country right now. All the years ago they decide I want nothing to do with America flip this thing your god awful. They're going through some bad times and houses they don't have tremendous amount of foresight to let's say. Another way. And we can open a diplomatic relations again basically recalled some about Monica and review councilman you'll look. Really really good also. They were in America. Mind even those group but it's not on doors. Israel and the winner Helen work one day a week now. They have no beer. They have no Coca-Cola and and they're gonna make ultimately important no sugar found all that oil and the price of oil plummeted and things went in the desert cute. Good job did you because oil that's the future. Actually it's events that are the set it is 31890. Calories America's first caller sold for export. To what the birdie and received the British embassy in what country. It's the same country that gave us algebra. Triggered chemistry and calculus. That's why it was country specifically because they gave us out of rupturing an elementary in calculus. Not a bad guess Italy Algiers. Catholic I ran from India and India cracked. Thanked India. To open I was in school I appreciated all the way to hook up the day so there's so much question three dead. What does the name of the family epicenter of the sound of music. There. It is found it. I've never seen aliens. Know dozens. We don't know quite how to. Good move. Just my advice don't ever want to alienate those that the new. In World War II rest for a roadblock. New world order is that the Nazis not to get no way to get around other CNET and then make you want to break out in song it was there was certainly Nazis Von Trapp yeah bombed for. You know it kind of famous slam. Error on an embargo on traps. With a second effort to pick him to Ghana and yes. Our next question. What heavenly body. Did you get guys ET represented like Greeks Apollo. Egyptian rock what heavenly body was moved out ago. I didn't. What ever everybody lives or. Although it's being the god who represented this main entry. Apollo represented this heavenly body for the greens and wrong represented in the bottle from the object. It. Hey good sized job are actually at swords iron about well played I don't Reagan same time same game same time next week. Are we still have voted meat and potatoes coming up. Also return to know I sure like the first we have time for a few emails here for the men's real momentum live dot job that's yeah. I don't trust you by at least android crowd roars of men's room original red because we think it's generate new silver and bronze medal winner of the great American beer festival. Old socialism my son Logan turns thirteen today we listen to men's room almost every day he loves bad joke Friday and no I Sherlock which is coming up in minutes. He would love to get a faced sandwich and a cut that bitch off. For his birthday so a fish sandwich and a cut that bitch off. Fish sandwich go at it now. Brett college day birthday elects a love mom and dad that's a nice when short sweet and to the point. Today is my coworker in France and he's birthday she along with you guys make my days bearable because he had been to wish her happy birthday is John Travolta along with a police clap and does suck it up cupcake. Andy great thanks she deserves that and so much more also Jeff if you're listening great job this year and make it a special day. That's from Diane. Are open out great birthday please club oh. Guys there is my fiance emily's 23 she puts up with my nonsense and somehow still loves before you can imagine my for the water. She'd love to hear the soldier bear tones of Steve the throw hill in the amazing harmonies miles Montgomery so serenade her fur birthday in a possible. A traffic jams in the original fish sandwich thanks guys love the show that there aren't impressed with. All the till today is my mother's birthday of put a smile on her face to get a birthday song along without here comes the dope pusher. A Ric Flair and a bong hits. I love you Julie Paul weapon thanks bitches that from blaze daily. Yeah. I and guys don't love your show you guys rockets my friend tremors Tony per take and get a Homer Simpson faced sandwich and Alan thinking and Al hitting the window thanks guys from Mike fish sandwich meat here though a look at. Oh please and had her days on my girlfriend at least now dirty thirty with a little girl faced sandwich and a cut that bitch off next calendar. I had read no. All I've ever data my hubby handsome jolt 44 going strong how about an Allen thicket take off the leash and a cupcake thanks guys from Teresa don't look on December 6. They're just there has not been denied gonna gonna take off deletion oh internal sex keep on rocking that from big daddy cool sound that signals the look out. Our guys tonight is my brother Tyler 47 birthday today to negative and it's time to take off leash you like that and what the blank is that Jay thanks Rama bird man who says got cops. The. Would this. Admiral I guys there you go. Yeah I know they're okay I'll be out in regards I haven't yet done. I tell you pay your radio Brit from what happened while you were sleeping during a damage or to Disneyland that's up through the 1992 LA earthquake. Bloody brawl the freeways collapsed family was trying to wake me up that it was not evident. That from Mac. Once I went to bed with a bus a wad of bubble gum in my mouth and when I woke up in the morning I was still chilling. The gum was now a tiny and shiny ball hard as the pearl. In my jaw muscles sore I had the baby food the rest of the day. Thank you for your fund waves that from Pablo the Mexican and in New York there's no Mexicans in New York. Guys you'll act you assets only 76 minutes of my life back LO. Had to watch the warriors out of dumb curiosity it's. Rembrandt were staggering ever fight scenes again. Worst ever accepts use the term faggot way too much yet sports and Justin Bieber haircuts and is overly sexual and I really should have stopped watching when a solid guy from Xanadu was and my dad and I was completely sucked in by the absurdity of the characters can you dig its. Again you bitches know me just say and cheers that from him. We not say exactly this yes there was a look if you have not seen the movie this is a tour de force of crap. You're gonna know that it's sort of forced crap in your not gonna build to turn them off. Anyway and it's a horrible move. There is nothing good about it but somehow you will get subs and watch it beginning to milk some rodents that W has really missed the point and movies much deeper and what you're saying yes of course yeah so that's the truth and coming up I shouted a profile that says your tig is to seed goes live in concert we've got headlines coming up in one hour first let's check in my cock in the newsroom for stories he has. Not the working on now I we got woman cops beating three times within an hour. Plus numerous legitimate right. We got escaped inmate who ordered a beer and asked the bar owner to call cops and etiquette terms of and it doesn't. If you don't want that makes sense though they're adults like that there was Obama got Damon a little bar would have as many Beers and shots I can't into the count show out there he was an hour and aggravated robbery charge he managed to pick a lock and flee the dead. Lead to jail many. Both of them but a barn and hopefully fun and we have a man who would kill for severing his wives lovers penis. Oh man and catch him in the actor or was this like he'd he found out you didn't. It doesn't really say here. Kyra discarded TI don't know the what happened was was that this woman was working for this guy's a law lawyer and he was the lawyer. Yet she's soon she's Swedish she basically was having an affair with them but when her why and when you're working for a lawyer assume that they're having facts are when the husband goes to ask her about what's going on. She makes it seem like that the reason that she's having sex with a boss is because the boss is putting a stipulation on her. That she should have sex with the boss turns out she's lying obviously to her husband budgeted enough stuff to know. That if you say this to your husband like. Yes I'm having such of this person and you convince him to believe that this person court's view into the old movie response we have is to find him. And deal with so basically he comes it'll offer. And he busts into the office he doesn't win but he writes the man until he is unconscious yet as he then it takes a knife. And cuts has been a soft goes into the battle at the office there and flushes the penis all. Down the toilet. That's the story then yeah. She comes back and says OK my bad. He was not a forcing me to have sex with him I kind of wanted to have sex with him and the guy went. Oca and also are good to me to put overcoat of repeated those that have visited the gist of what this is an older slower existed and it doesn't say that she came came clean about it but. However the guy did apologize for sleeping with a life. I bet he's a lawyer he's the guy. Out that he did depth are ready apologized several times that are small brief interaction with one another I guess that means they cannot retrieve his penis and he did not get another penis so basically and is living his life. Busy cities now seeking mental therapy yes. He's a unit. Yes he's where. Where's the chart how would you feel about your life if you didn't have a penis and I would still not there would be alive. That's what I'm saying that what what would happen if you did little Peterson running like I don't know nothing I guess you kind of never eat salad again maybe just traveling it doesn't matter how he would you want to hear hundreds do Maryland I think no man's bread I need to pay more day after a Bender yeah my opinion isn't this just a how many times did you work out last year's zero they're alive. Frank you're very poor health I don't have a penis doesn't matter I saw a woman with a wedding renders Romeo and then. Can I got up well one hour from now thank you so much Mike doc are gonna come on the program dead meat and potatoes. Is solid now and I. I'll do it but first our own nasty to throw hill Colmes the glow sticks slug and her stories and headlines it's really do know. 81%. Of likely voters believe powerful people give preferential treatment when they break the law rule or shirt. Only 81000 what are the other 19%. Think the powerful didn't mean they've got. And I income of 1% gets 20% of within their child molesters gang. Who was told congressmen who asked master yeah how much time that he gets it wasn't enough not a big guts let them restored to believe. Richard Clark and Hillary Clinton got a waiver program enemy it's an hour ago. The 2003. Iraq War. Was unnecessary in her vision was not last resort no journal. The director and a better I think most of the news that at times act. I went up by the settle these guys were from Saudi Arabia Larry quite a bit of Jeff if Jim submitted to what Jim just said he did Richard beaten object. Who object okay. North Korea's Kim Jong-un accused of cruelty. Noon. Sharon. The dictator. Of North Korea. Really affect who killed all those family members including his uncle when he found out that he didn't think that maybe he was being threatened. But now miles now he's being accused of police killed so far six famine numbers six and direct salmon that we know probably not. They looked at and crooked from him it. Some and one of them sent out a tweet. We expect mouse maybe not a Rodman fan but he's now been accused of Odom I adjusted they didn't send out tweaked it and excuse me we're still not sure he still investigating. Well besides the fact. The Phoenix dictators one thing when you're that cut off an isolated from everybody else for that long like it's down again we hear it. And but he hasn't Cuba. Many of those people get any sense of the real world like that were adamant in new aren't actually big boon to you physically. While we're still in the world don't have haircuts like that nor do they choose to do not put you meet these people get better. There's no law would voluntarily choose to do especially that big threat we've shaven headed. You don't know him no friends once dunked seven times in the semi pro basketball game in the first look at this non edited video footage. Vancouver real estate market is fueled by a money laundering bubble no. Are not right no doubt. Limited Vancouver. Vancouver. British Columbia yes. And I got to ask why is that in no way. The same reason people spend 430000. Dollars on a toxic house and see apple. I'm simply going convict him mother did not the ball solid front sitting up we're watching this happen we. When the value I gotta pay more attention to the can't Canadian figure like this you something that has not thinking goes through. Typically something is polluting behind the scenes from the region they liked it depends people that need at depends Grossman. In the last forty years prices that's gone subway. 450%. For people. And we understand why they took her when they and a collective shock yet to be staying in Manila police reports of bad asthma but legged. So we understand the price of something that does not change goes up or you get less return and spend more money. Went super small piece of property on the small plot of land now calls for 2000 dollars more and which would have had bought a can go right to exclude the bubble. It's going to birth to understand. It's just that teased. Republican official warns that supporting trump is quote. Is smearing the GOP with excrement you're sure are an expert at from each you'll pima. Ya. Know kid you'd do us reduce them okay. Most millennial living at home simply can't afford to leave no. Shock and no listen that's not good down there today you can yes you can. Does your settlement housing bill got Dave bill the man right. Times are tough that's what it's like to move out when your seniors we amnesty if you want to move into it mentioned it right and you probably can't afford it goes up top. Right there's a difference between I can't afford to move out and I can't afford to move out and maintain this kind of lifestyle that I don't incidentally got going you know it's awesome cable I can't find a job McDonald's I don't want about it. Those who find. You got him lately it's that ego come to dress up. Corey Feldman says don't these two may never happen you know are all story a lot of disappointment and a thank you for bringing that once it. Hillary Clinton emails stand totally overblown. Sure. They're still talking about that they still not let that there was nothing every single day. There's so everything single day like if you want mail any candidate. Two across anything they have a list of 100 things and unlike anything with a slight look guys. It's just not gonna work maybe you're right doesn't matter if it's not gonna work move on to the other thing you can get right to believe. There's no shortage of things they you can get her crooked NASA to tell us what you're gonna do to get off of this thing and half had such we'd sit down to two people running for president is grandma who doesn't do you see Mel and a grandpa who believes that reported chain mail practically in the that's. The aggregate your. A crazy couple. Living longer associate it living healthy. Shape Barack come on man and the kids. Why it's the same study. Every week this is what I figured. The role these different studies that every day of every week of the new essentially. If you treat your body better. There's a very distinct possibility that you might live longer health Angela took you don't smoke or drink. Perhaps this is of them who who is crazy new. Top Chicago cop on holiday mine spoke to many guns on the street and off officers. Up a Chicago woman and stuff. That's a tough place LaSalle. Chicago that's a tougher place in Chicago is no different than any other major cities south Chicago's. When you tally of the average trust me so Chicago's 80% of the weight did you read so you go to Chicago and different and got him grow by cools it. But he goes out Chicago have stepped in to restore world made sure everybody wants to. At least interpreted. Men who arrest when an on line quite literally losers know the. Should partnership with a couple of the. Our soil according to latest polls trumpet that 1% among black voters nude. Here I cannot believe aside 1% smiling a regular percent Carson Stacey dash toward the presented that's my question is crazy black people. You bring should be some way OK. You know it's wrong you can have admirals. You credit and I hope he's your corner. Our hope she's into her car what if she's a VP picks I had a home. Yeah I would not as. Umar remember little human body. Hughes not fired she's not. Mats of studying Australia's pummeled showed one thing that worked. Out they'll bring now wanna. Missouri candidates ices hunting permits concern the Muslim community no. Not yet you heard it right Missouri hunting. Ices hunting permit even applied yet for got he got me. You don't you don't eat my job right Iraq my you hit into the whack jobs there will come down. In uniform and you killed and Egan guilty it's his campaign bumper sticker. Unit issued 120 bucks for campaign use your bumper sticker and it's the ice is hunting permits. And a concerned Muslim community to that degree with federal state ground we understand when listening. Mention it I mean I we did it man at least from dissented out flat out whatever else they at least use as an overdose pretends not to. Men injured after bullets in order to arm fire no shirt how dumb yet to be man done that know what and you know. No man left first met my wife. She just got back from the shooting. At the state police barracks and she had all of this MO. In her basically. In her cigarette ashtray at that time in between the seats as a man if you ever get an affront and collisions there's a good chance you might get shot. Depending on what hits what it would have been parenthood you probably need to take these. This is these bullets out your garment. District home just an idea. Climber her on mount Adams thankful for strangers who rescued and Sherrod all. Oh yeah I mean he still beating and fortunately the Palestinians. After medical marijuana legalized Medicare prescription struck for many drugs you know. Jacqui right and it shouldn't be we've been telling them this for twenty years. Whereas in a mostly for anxiety and pain medication not from a true blood dinners. Britain. And Josh. Yeah he's been at any of those exactly what we told you. 55% of those making excuses to get on social movements old Guitar Hero and our ally that article that this. And I told them on that comes instead of nugget that rent again promoting a line in the home and welcome. Big companies pad their bank accounts instead of passing the savings to consumers view Shura. Shocking and Adam. I have sworn by the spheres part of it to them bit of a drum but it turned out science behind me. Drinking whiskey cocktails could help relieve your cold and listen to go. You're not always such a right about that your grandmother was right about that your great grandmother was right about that anybody that ever but he. But little nip in some and gave it to get a sick party. Will sort of the industry immediately did demonstrate most kids medications in the -- medication that give me where is not about alcohol there like that's exactly RO OK I'm going to give him too much of this Europe. I'm gonna skip yeah this stuff I can't pronounce upload miracle we'll hear articles and they and it should be like a small. Little styrofoam cup on top of the article said with again if you put like I have a shot your tears opener Greg just make sure you keep keep the fluids coming don't like don't get hammered by. You know little shot here in the morning we'll help out allotments to the football. And finally this one. Bernie Sanders says I will vote for Hillary know. Cher I'd say you did go to the program profiled as well. The American dozens playing for biggest two seagulls liven consort of the game formally known as like what makes your jury finally right after the shot of the day. First or talk hot dogs ahead Jenna is then dead meat and potatoes all about the hot dog next. Back to the minister Nguyen miles in 99 pulling nine KI SW. Around programme makes the way give a bad joke Friday did vs the FCC and bad Joyce Friday at all on the Lehrer still go we go to show that they profiler says your tickets to see Eagles the first head Jenna the now it's time Intel. I've lost probably just some simple subject to popped. Books hug. Lower back in the office rim fire that up and a year probably to get that single again. We do need to Amanda told said today early is like I'm gonna talk about as much of a go down minimized some Shui to have these babies rolled. You may well it's easy I'm what I there as he does now and in doing that. You know it won't let O'Reilly you know New Orleans or you know. I do is say it right out of it won't bring you food for. Single to bring any goodies will now I'm not gonna. He owes you a junior to go down now Griese gets hot does not want a hot dog you what one go toe ghetto and an economic one how about it is from. You know I had only got to put his moved due donors during the U you can make dogs were all the let me tell you what happens the earlier on in there he looks at the office and goes. Hey man how you doing on ground of pop cracked but I pretax vast. Yeah the mr. Reggie. The dog and at that they're hot dogs well overall you cook all week I figure I give you break during your segment a cook for him he's a noon and dumped him undermine. So these are hot dogs specifically for different cities and also some from around the world. I mean you know what we could start we will start with the Seattle I will say this list is a little different because I've lived in some of these cities and I feel like they're going a little. Little over the top with them over selling again right so late this Seattle dog when I that is just kind of hot dog with cream cheese. And catch him Muster whatever you want to show they're saying specifically it's got to be a bratwurst and cream cheese Rockwell. Chop cabbage in some rats want to only built up had a I don't know does that account manager and amateur Levy is the cream cheese and makes Seattle that I do I need to fruition he's right is what makes it Seattle. There's so some good ones and allows you relate to Carolina one hot dog in a bun with Chile chopped onions coleslaw perfect perfect. What else is in there here's why and I mean I would've bought more for years they have a Baltimore dog. I never knew bottom or had a dog it is Frye went. Now let you do get the old grabbed a couple it's a and that's like Brad sausages are crap hot dogs and all the stuff on there. Baltimore says is a fried Bologna fried Bologna wrapped around our Friday hot dog with mustard in a squishy but I love fried Bologna. You know Amanda I would call that an it's an opera ball liberalism mean nothing but I think you Gaza that would be don't gold bug. For sure but a Baltimore and if that does not have crab oral by like you you wouldn't call it isn't horrific incidents baloney just a really big fat. Hot dog to me but he's still on the downside about it yeah isn't it isn't just hung on me anything they would be the same line with a hot dogs. It's cram like if they're all pretty close different ways you recently through the same problem you like a list trinity Carrie. My god 0% all beef for this or that hot dog I get that happens to be nicer they handy but for the most part yeah. The Hawaiian what I like to Hawaiian sweet bread roll with a hole punch through a hot dog catch up. Mustard and fruit sauce to be a hole punch through. Like it's like the hot dog I think the cream of the twenty well I don't realize we were you doing there yeah interesting kind of like corn dog but not. Let's see the Philippines. Is a bright red notch top dog serve with fanatic catch up rice in a Friday no bunt. The banana had to yeah that is what they had to use and banana into catch. And gents. See how bad tee that's sound is right I just said exactly what it completed the sale and I have no idea of Connecticut adjective. A pro I know could be right there I'll try right page eight infused into good words like. Tens of these he's based everything sound but it lets you makes it drag okay good thing when you go to a bar and they go we infuse all our own bachus. Like I'm watching peppers Soka majora broke me right total offense or delicious. What you can pick a better word out while banana ketchup that's just straight up instead of tomatoes these bananas. Don't follow yellow and had a sugar vinegar and some spices and now I come look at brown has yet still looks a little reddish brown jacket bananas at all. Brown and pushing. Who over in Sweden and they have a hot dogs surrounded by mashed potatoes shrimp salad lettuce for a guy named Roland to a wreck what do they call him. The sweetened out. I wouldn't trust I would throw a high priority at this exhibit I don't have an adult thing and ever had mashed potatoes and hot dog no but I'll try to govern the underground for. Instant mashed potatoes go better with puck I agree I know but you don't agency wanted to delta problem with the real game and c'mon think you never have a stake with instant mashed it is the least you can do you have to have real thing pool and hot August you know amenable to flakes. Memphis dog looks pretty good. Bacon wrapped hot dogs in a bon barbecue sauce chopped scallions. Shredded cheese that your enemy and love jumps out channel the scallions are basically just fancier and a bright greens are smaller kind of well that depends I mean. Is a truce Dahlia and basically it little ball looks more like garlic yes it by red or you know China user greens are different but that this guy and it's kind of it's gotta gotta it looks like to read on you when you cut into it but the really time. And relishes the visited just a fancy on a Yale Italy told her solely fancy. Georgia I'm just seemed by that stuff on here that this is Georgia. The state not Georgia the country. Oh but think it's hot dog by and slice top dog chili cheese chopped onions sliced pickles. Oyster crackers ketchup mustard what you said oyster crackers it's definitely the state of bats for a country that's that's that that's the giveaway on that and you know a man there's a place called. In Atlanta. That has that it's called the varsity in a famous for the hot dogs and you go to different towns is always going to be one spotter two spots in town where you can get their version of that hot dog to correct version of that. You know land a man it's kind of like Q go on the cancer gene knows. So when you get in that line you go to the varsity you better know tell you what when you get up there because there's a ton of people waiting and they just boom boom boom listened to that line just like they would anywhere else. Yeah I mean of course he states. It's like going out like you're seeing cancer gene knows what's their wits without that so don't write that Pittsburgh together famous top and a Oakland yeah yeah well he made anybody that went to college in Atlanta or whatever. They have a varsity shirt and they're gonna let you know about it. I went dead who is just that they'd tell accidents are treated those levels enough. We've got some salted for your role. Hollow as good I thought my god all right yeah I don't know that sausages were world. Won't find out about how the old it would never occur to right whereas some they certainly are currently kinda have that. They get a bigger role are we gonna roller you know they know they'll give us straight. Distributable thing about definitely much breakfast sausages often in links straight. But subsidies Italian sausages. Intraday wrecked curt doesn't geely data was Kuerten I think is the size of sausage that match. So it's a small breakfast link no curvature. To me. Blundering gets more curved it has it has on yeah I I don't care. As such idea but the so I don't do and hot dogs and I have its right China. The hot dog wrapped and dumplings like dough sprinkled with sesame seeds and baked. I need to Olympic movement toward a one hello I'm not good right now I think I know want to yeah. They never had I don't you want some all right now but I try to little wan ton with a little slice a hot dog and and cream cheese and cramp. The garment I don't think it's much different when I get one times anyway it's a meat. And I'm not 100% certain of origin or animal but it's vice rate it tastes great ignore the whiskers and occasionally in a thousand. The move on and you don't want. Hot dog don't want tons find is I don't know but crab in the one time I think that's Kay Graham. Okay well I don't know about rent actual crab meat in it wants. Yeah I bet cribs are contained now right you've had crabmeat straight at Democrat other good stuff good scenario I have. Argentina gets into the mix they've got to trees are linked. Which is like a spicier sausage and harbor on a bug juries so linked any soft hero role smothered which in each era. And I pickled red onion tomato mix does gym teacher. Just insurers like us. Green vegetable Boca to slice of them put on top. He is that you feature I don't know I'm Charlie and at least I don't know we'll serve its leather. But you haven't moved on to your south American and you gotta put it to me or do than August. Maybe on most of the stories is essential America right now got you got you know and and Angel were having an issue with some of the food stamps like a trek to Richard finely chopped parsley and garlic. Now investors that its own bachelor ha look let's like kind of like a pest nearly a Mediterranean vegetables. Union. Vietnam they're basically just there just rock and upon me. The long sausage and French troll. With Julian pickled vegetables they love care Serbs so out of her parents are still in there now let's let's have title to add USA. Cleaves it. Had a caballos Audubon French Fries hot sauce coleslaw and cheers who got a drug that yeah. But they won't read it was a Cleveland Pittsburgh brought fun remake of them when it comes to food at. I think you can probably go anywhere in the cities and eat you like totally fine and I. King. Let's see this one shouldn't be a shocker you know the history of Amsterdam. Bit of a stony history it's stone there's marijuana. They have a long hot dog and a barn covered in pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese and then broil to. It's. Who. I don't broil and it seems pretty that took it to another look let's let's let's get a national let's go to France. Well froth. A long hot dog in a baguette. Serve with a shred it. Were you Adrian freer air. Embroiled again. I also know who she's on the bed Alexis morial hot dog I didn't put him on the bag and I mean it that's fine yeah they get they get this and so forth and they don't make any other kind of bread it. Minister and president get political challenge spread. Are there troops begin. If you are enabled me in you go grocery shopping you buy back gets. Everybody normal stuff and personally don't drive burger destroy you only walk you always have maggots and again if you were in France anywhere. In France you can see the Eiffel Tower. Premier hotel that's why no in this got there because these images are like little tiny sliders are so small you can even have a big sandwich to the president. All right does so two more I'll go into real quick is standing near top dogs is pop Audubon mustard sauerkraut on. Well I don't buy on the street the one I've never had a voice when it is the Serrano. They can wrap top dog splits off role. Relish tomatoes onions avocado chunks drizzle made half gallon in San Francisco was good amazing yeah I seen that thing on TV and it looks great yes. Thank you had Jeff Weaver JR I never managed grades.