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Thursday, July 7th

Shot of the Day, Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from Trump and Bernie Sanders! Plus Headlines and Taryn Daly is in to take over


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So bloody day. Deserves to be ready. Men's room knows just. Kuwait news. It's. I did as good as usual we had to the very best chance even throw vilified on nortel's if indeed and today we totals 48 year old Aaron Brooks on Salt Lake City where you don't. Also serves couple weeks old but it's just. She is it's out of slavery ended that. That I appreciate most I just know he's featured in a full page ad in the quarterly press and Idaho. In the seventh two weeks ago but Apple's focused on him getting one. Baron he never married and probably in for a woman who is quote. Ready willing and able to have children some spots and attractive being height and weight appropriate and politically conservative. And also mentions and damning with supplements and I'm five foot five if you are five foot eight Italy to Wear heels that might not work. Does very specific dad works Pacifica well. Thank you very didn't take caveat he didn't even know existed as 78 year old father of the Burroughs he's a wanna to got the dad calls 900 dollars. And apparently picked the newspaper article because he thought correctly. A bigger place to find conservatives. Baron says he was curious to quote I can't even describe how embarrassing and ridiculous this is. The reason we're closing in a subway goes effective the ad from the business or he is currently betting interest it would. Really I didn't go aren't this that way OK no no toga. Don't work had altered. The people make fun a tender or whatever and go on their once you get laid again you nobody thought that our. Ethnic. Chris is people this is critical few million people Erica law. Lester the report whose bones and we drink this booze because we think it's a young man I had. Over the tong and down. Wrote to party in our holidays down now not a sellout. A love story of love making a matchmaking brought to the Bible says the I'm. Glad you got it right proud Mary young conine right now. We're joined rock mortgage on the line to be blood profile doesn't labor take us to see ghost at the more theatre on October 14. We have profile that's coming up in just couple minutes as miles told the dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle. And real. Nine point nine. K I still not hundreds ozark and dozens and analyst we got profile doesn't blame for America's legacy goes the more theater that is October 14 then courtesy of SDG presents and visit KI SW dot com for complete details. And Gomez loved him. Men's room precepts. Siva drove him to please everyone how profile this is playing. I sure can miles it's a simple game where we shared view in real life story something that happened right here on plan. And as do most of the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions people make will ask you what it is you think made the story. The story. Hello Matthew welcome to the men's room. Or Paula and I. RN. Match I don't you understand the game played the art ever go. 45 year old woman named Sandra frost who recently got arrested for robbing a store at gunpoint in the west but role in the end. As a matter come up with the worst alibi him several people identified or suvs that are part of my license plate and all things caught on secured him. So she claimed the human her SUV. And her close to a woman who looked just like that's how she started. But apparently you can Google the name of Islam this communal most of them. But that's not the worst form around Joseph claim that she could not have possibly rob that store. Because she'd been hanging out. Smoking or drugs for the past ten days. Now the cops talked her family and family did confirm. That she does smoke all a lot of this drug bills that Jim and home and about a week so that made her alibi Stevenson. Needless to say she's now facing charges for Barack. The question is what drug is he basically admitted to smoking. Is correct. Math bath salts repair. One of the sport drugs crack meth baffled her her family did confirmed she smoked a whole bunch of Kidman announcement last week sweet and she says are personal the midwest and he bit me. If he can't commit crimes who smoked one of those where listen this is and west Monroe looms again. When you act. And okay. I'm. Like I'm up. To read out by any bat well or mess. The quality. And sort of just as far as affordability goes. I gotta lean toward cracked if you're if you're on attendee vendor in you can continue to buy it and habit. In the be able find more of it no I don't know much about the meth in the bath salt you know I go the other way and Alan amounts hasn't cracked real quick one. It is I think you can step for ten days on math you can step for ten days on cracking just gonna keep smoking and and its chief. So no buzz is about twenty minutes long but let's keep it in fact. But it but it it's it's. Ma'am would go region you're like look if we're talking about now that we're talking the wrong state for methyl. Louisiana is not the meth capital of the world. Yeah amount etc. I don't know because I feel like you know instead of me thinks that he's going to be cracked up alright ego gets math here. And in between you finally a good drive you can find need everywhere you buy cocaine everywhere instantly mountains. Traditionally more rural cracked more than ten days is a long time and it's probably not heroin because she's out into the mine are only out and out and doing stuff personally that she was doing this that and aren't. And is pretty accurate she hadn't been home in the weeks and chances are and at least the seven days she probably was doing this all indications have been that sure let's take her word court. Characteristic. A fact it. I would think and manly in that way that would be were I'll go and crash it might rain only check you know over the course of the week well the metal people urges Al. Like miles every Hindu woke her and with a quick I had. A laden. Over really did a lot of fun and a. So what do you think god are you thinking that it's maybe I don't know crack meth. Bath salts heroin. Movie attack or may believe there's demo it sort of expect this to stop but they may. And they and stuff who and they get that included. Decent analogy issue regions in the Atlanta area looked pretty Lou. I would final answer finally answer or morals earlier this out crack crack. We find out if you smoking crack meth bath salts or heroin. Next that was the tees. Back to the men's room with miles. Class faces to these days now Louisiana and a woman who was a busted in the act of a crime and got a partial license plate everything else pretty good description of lonely when a tour. That knows me. I borrowed my lets them know Varma closed my car who looked just like me in the when did that but we'll. Today she. I and it did admit to being not on the vendor for a number of days so she couldn't possibly done to the question is what was she on what you do an attendant then. Thought that it came down from some like man you think that is crazy lady was smoking. Not cracked the method the bats all NORTHERN IRELAND. Arnold seems to have some fleeting knowledge leads to dream street drugs manufactured going to be in the end you came up with correct. All I know nice work yeah yeah. Yeah. That's why. Okay right now Ratliff who got in based on tonight and for everything else Donald TV time today. And now. Think life. Countless hours in front of the talking. Presents. I've got a few. Few things for you today. Number one you know I still watch Deadliest Catch and I get it and I say this all the time every show's always the same. Are they gonna catch and cramp drama and advocates Ingraham but the fire on the boat there was so what's the scariest thing it he's got to be these days that it I want so. You got a has a show in years and I odd at least that's of sickness I had six freaking out. And because there's ordered no now you're just stuck on that vote is gonna be on fire and but I still like it it's a good show and then Ben I think you son of sort of the new into the dark woods justice yet. Yeah Maple Leafs up there yet that's all out Nia Olympic Peninsula. And it's ours is with that for the guitar yet but I figured medical different treatments and a but it sort of a lot of pull out of all our director of a lot guitar based don't know I'm hoping I'm thinking blacks are people being black market up there throwing anything extra doing your part brother. All right this sort of got a funny Brian Williams is doing a report they're gonna go to. Powell who was added to go to see Hillary Clinton did it go see some presidential candidate there's some political figure. The point is the person is an onstage at you so before there on stage they stuck with a little music. Wow Brian Williams show as a pro tool it's plugged into the sound system so Gil Brandt. That's where NBC's Andrea Mitchell is standing by Andrew. What is just happened that is indeed Hall & Oates and not Andrea Mitchell we have plugged in to the sound system in the room. Let's go our across the state 20 I'm from being so we're gonna try Andrea Mitchell again Andrea. Yeah. Let's go to normally it's you can't have a little roll run. Now what just happened there out what you just witnessed what is Paula notes that I was chief keeps model that is debut. Not great but there was some crazy crime they're just how it just got serious that is meant and now an analyst Susan hall announced tonight. I did it Ted. Yeah most proud our same person or yeah off they'll watch warriors last night and of the with the loans that didn't a us. Do you want crazy guy or crazy candidates. Crazy yes. All right. This guy I say he's crazy because how common cool in collective use my out our models. Mike brought you this story yesterday you talked about a S 61 year old mayor may end. Boxing you know bear. Now you're right Canadian that you think Canadians aren't tough listen again was and how cool this guy is again this is a fight with a bear but it sounds like to say average boxing match. And the bear interest at their pet and it came MM business. And done the first thing that they're did was come straight out me and took a left and slammed. And Communists have front shoulder here but I'd. Turn this economy. And I punched its buried in the snow I was trying to but I missed. And actually hit it slips and its teeth and split my knuckles and buses some vessels. Soledad next time I drop down at sit back company came to the right column in a box. And I didn't under and and a hitter rightness snow and it dropped down in the drug dominance but now and it's just looking at me. And I didn't know what to do now but it just turned around and walked away like nothing ever happened and. All of the cup almost like Needham and a and a button. BB sent out or down on its absence standing opponents on just hit him with a number cut the bear just drops and sits down much around like. Okay where am I can't believe you wrote an open house call it like. This display only if I got me fight with someone who as I kind of kicked and they agreed not to fight immediately. You're talking about based almost like you expect someone to jump behind a tree elected a blue shirt and waved the fight off like. No it's okay all over us all on our kind of looks I'm finding meaning meaning can it take you know kind of hurt me a discount. That's oppressive and it's what the fight off a bare but collects data many sit there on he thought it don't you fought Allegra academy with a map of what it. That Minnesota tornadoes impatiently Mayweather junior. You know turn crucial opens up this handed him punch is a McGinn with the openness to him. Obviously we know Donald Trump is not running for president. Hello Bernie Sanders now Bernie Sanders technically. Well now not to Bernie Sanders is done because Hillary's gonna win the democratic. Nominee she's the presumptive nominee. But Bernie Sanders still in the race. I still talking about a few other things so first we'll get to trump. Trump sent our retreated Dalia. Basically he took it out I think it's six Hillary's the most crooked candidate ever and then it had a star on it and then behind the star with money. So Everett a lot of rules that that's anti submit starred David and not a north DeKalb was hardly a star of David Wright so that was his point it was just the star. This and that I do get are the I don't know that I can pick out which stars are dated as opposed to a shares batch. But what is the star of David and in the background as money and you ripped it off of white supremacy yeah. That the glue. Or goes that's a cool day. That's Hillary that you're PR guys that do and I do not think this ounce. I'm front of the imposition of Gordon that you lift it is awful always is website that's the probably got them by trump of course. You know he's not racist he's finance entice American to prove that the list off some of his favorite Jewish I have several others Jewish Sherrod is a great guy. My daughter is you fish have grandchildren that are Jewish okay. And I loved. They're great people people I got. Married. A Jewish guy. Who's Brit who's wonderful. And great heart. They have kids. Beautiful kids beautiful kids. It notes is on those gifts billions of that receive but all the jewelry. Great thing you can do it's I will say this about trumpet and other people. If you look. I've been right I've said racist things and solicited and that's racist you know. Direct question said that it was that. But if you constantly have to go about this I have not crisis that sort of god not racist Joseph rice is those who were like. Right you gotta keep deny it. You're the racist or everything you ever won a world thinks this thing about you chances are that. That's the vibe you get the ball tumbled thirty and I'm not a third portrait does put certain is that. They Alter the image they turn it into a circle they turned it into us like either go you know what books so our guys I don't I didn't I I see that now I didn't see that then whoops water under the Raj you know big apologies that we're about we make. Or stand by angle now that's what about the human and you can't change in the correct I didn't I didn't do anything wrong and wrong matches and Twitter was totally the sir David in the U. Twelve to six cited IR iMac did not understand I personally could not look at it I know that payback right away that's a start date I would attend the backgrounds that. It right right you got the money signs votes or is started on time goes with it but. If adjustments to our world's biggest for a criminal watermelons princess and the picture harassed animate like I would not have considered for a moment. What the thought about what is that while star Damon alike may be reaching Communists in the money isn't. Bit it's a source of Oregon that's like oh okay yeah I mean how polar white supremacist Jack born that's definitely what that is. But to be fair and balanced just like Fox's thank you know proper form. Here's some people from the left this is Bernie this is Bernie Sanders do an interview with Wolf Blitzer I will repeat this is Bernie Sanders doing an interview with. Wolf Blitzer. We're going to Orlando next week probably one of the issues that concerns you juts weather which is not good enough for you. Not what's good enough for me is not a game jokes and mumbled Jay Drake. You have a lot of enthusiasm wolf both are absolutely and I'm looking at the department. Did you ever confident that in the wake of the great all I can tell you is to Gary do you think this guy I know you're asking me questions one why don't go out of Jake. I could I ask. In an interview now he's found the courage omen of things take its war in. The president global fleet and if you didn't know who Wolf Blitzer is what I would find hardly the boards and would be unfamiliar with a win. I've never met anyone name Wolf Blitzer in only 31 person on earth who is like crazy given name I would certainly. Remember his teams and let out a lot. It's like they have their rear whenever especially as if you are in sports you probably know who Bob Costas is when he's covering the event. So in the world of politics Wolf Blitzer is a big name in the interview yeah offer thinking you have also been with him home. Unbelievable. I don't know I don't know Wolf Blitzer show is on I don't know what he's. But I know Wolf Blitzer go easy in any kind of a famous reported no Brian Williams and in the people that you didn't recognize that literal struggle we don't all know Wolf Blitzer is sitting over and over the guy is. I'm not sure that I ever seen Tom Brokaw do news but I know stump broke off. What the late night even. Now they say Tom Brokaw when he was. You know what he was in his prime doing nightly news analyst Mike younger and then a nightly news and I just didn't care since that's what they. What does he do that changes give again our remember don't watch football on Sunday sixty minutes pops on and out that chased us out of room my brother mileage. The published our produce I don't know what we do enough of horrible but he's kind of pissed about it and a football game as an. Sixty minutes comment on an as punishment. May and we had to sit there and what's that show with them and I'm not kidding you. All of that for punishment that he is ever bowled like. That one. I remember so strongly is that is. Agonizing as a child because they never. Talk about anything that anyone wonders are made. This in the correct your twelve you don't care the Morley saver got an exclusive interview with Fidel Castro in Cuba does it. I know that or as a Whole Foods Market needs to fight for me it was like 29 parity select leaked on any front everybody's different. And was there would like isn't news but we do you realize how things affect you or we truly contributing I guess you know to society and you can see nothing really articulate. I'm watching the show wanna notes opens now I want to know what's happening. Think part of it too late a grand as my personal view but I think part of it usually get older and you look back from a look at some of the poor portraits is a maiden and go. That was a four decision late. Also what's affecting me at the time Venus you learn more about the environment you're living in the rules write the laws this and that like what is all the went into this that back to back Ted that you look at gonna. Idea of what you're not protected by anyone. Sixty minutes matters more like sort of living with your parent and you're still under the umbrella of protection is just out UB40 five years old if you're living with them. On some level you're still just kind of protected from its. Once your on her own and it was also compatible solution Reynolds we'll bring up whatever it's gonna be you realize just started (%expletive) like. Or heard about this I want optimism and also ignored or want to thank god damn show yeah. Sixty wrecked. While it than it did through with a look what is the EU as they say America might do away. Until twenty aftermath and the ethics dead man and I'm Ed Bradley and yes this is an airing. I did a prisoner. On out of control to hearings. Like Andy Rooney. Oh god I about his don't understand. Anything he was I was agreed with a lot of this stuff. Like I mean he's got to let that they're crazy guy of its own it I always thought made sense ashore in our. Our eclipse the. All right game of their own people bad news. Senator Ted all right Tim it to me straight down all right here's the deal man not only is he had season seven going to be shorter than all the others. He also gonna have to wait longer. So they'll be. Small and got away form of globally nearly two years analysts those a production feminist but loses those amount compared when it's gonna air. When his game thrown around every year than in the summer and it's market often foot fault I just I don't answer but they'll do the break in the middle Alex economy. Uh oh. All right I guess from April June they'll be the case next year from the fall of but actually it's spring and summer we condone immoral and public interest and I look at the back at it. Just says it its threat and a little late I know I read a story that data on to show of people that are like runners on the show were like how I got my leaking out information right. We've gone might go over budget or something like this Jim Kennedy ran. Well the whole idea is right. The last season ended at winter is here and other drama can't fill in the summer so we gotta wait that's just the way until winters are from a oh I thought he was joking and clearly some faith assets and the whole thing the whole time as winter is coming winter is coming champion last season as an art winter is here. But I now think they're filming in the sunny summer and it's not gonna work. All right I gotta tell us stuff a blast from the past from a rifle through some of these. Punched from what Eric Estrada from chips right. He's a real life topic it over the weekend he was sworn in as a reserve police officer the small town of Saint Anthony Idaho. Which now features one Hispanic man. But that's if it's generally has about 3500 people. He'll be part he's got such he's focusing on protecting kids from online predators took for him. That for him that's Lisa says Ullman does goat. And you're not a hole you retire more than likely if you wanna healthily and I know I'm nobody's gonna help other general population that's what you do but he's done this before. He was in reserve officer and Muncie Indiana. Back in 2008 after filming a police read out training reality show that he was a full time deputy sheriff in Bedford county Virginia. Back in 2000. And he was the international face of the dare program. This often works out worse than other times like. Han Solo. Mean in theory he knew he could fly the millennium falcon but he tries to just fly planes and crash them into golf courses now I hope this turns out better for punch. As an officer than it does for several other actors have the. Lead that they can do what they did you movies out acted throughout Sierra. He was cal yeah such as Jimmie tie as innocent and Louisiana are some zoo because I don't foot two man wanting doctor currently this killer literally of course nobody particularly good and he did undercover. I put that to cover shad design no couldn't vote because author produced. Shaquille and that's under your opinion on fifteen years omen for good what did it go so we do. Aren't usually lose a much can I hit them. But it made him smile like global and then open those Globo. You know Shaquille O'Neal he said some. Not bad things but you know some would say some of his movies were the greatest just Shanahan doesn't want to 'cause I am not just hours to San Jose come. Blue chips now. That's a great move. What they have to do blue chips went played basketball player you. But I haven't had voice and yeah I'm mobile a little bit but I mean it's it's it's it's hand Penny Hardaway isn't it. Nick Nolte plays like Bobby Knight kind of crazy coach in there also to be much out of stretching type fake UCLA and they win titles there trying to get back. I you know what I should they be back also and it's a great movie and see them who probably tenure he's liked that a lot when you sought for a pick I like that at the time. Laurie in room this. And that's too much information that let's go to the crazy stuff a goal and a go home a golden girls theme restaurant is opening in May and patent. Cult what are you serving manner. Top dog food Willits called. Everything through a straw room the room cafe world it's it's that dedication to rue McAllen. Who played blanched in the hours later all the food. So that sits at tasteless it's just it. The place we'll have cheesecake soups wraps salads desserts big stuff and why rates. For us early in early September he says Betty White is agreed to be there for the ribbon cutting ceremony. So Derek stick you with a blast from the past is going to be a play based on cheers. Cheers live on state action. It's coming to Boston. Cheers as a super famous show I that was one that was another one row like I just wasn't old enough but I never people loved me you know. I do remember woody as a child Woody Harrelson played woody was that phenomenal character on the show. That's always OK you don't teach me Frazier was the spinoff and Russia. When I yeah another huge show right Frazier is that they have to. You spinoffs yes there's always Frazier is doing well as always excel when the last of the battle for what everyone saw some other character might. You don't cameo watch on phrase are there and keep in mind just keep the smog Stevie does not Portis went by. The first season but yours was on. They go or 72 meter shows. It will accept an. Always bat out the first I mean man you know today if you're not top twenty your show has gone it would never be seen again was written it and Netflix or some. Obama I canceled uncle buck I think it happened to love to sign fill time they'll start on Friday nights at 10 o'clock and they would let let that things stay for like a year and a half. In an ace decided to move to like to lose Ellis say they've moved it to Thursday eventually. Mexican that was NBC's primetime don't just aren't third deck you gotta you work your way up there through the minor league system to Friday night 10 o'clock show. Nickelodeon is reviving double dare with its original host mark Summers yes but that's only for the nerds now. They're they're only doing her for one night at San Diego comic con I'm not invited now you know nerdy enough if it. Let's see ratings to last week America's Got Talent and a one show it's summertime right so and CIS the repeats the number two keys to what drives people look at the end show. It wow. Why yeah I don't you'll want to play and I got into a huge ice ice since there is a couple not a couple. But it got it was an ex cop and then an older who he was probably like around sixty she was in her seventies. And I I said something like oh yeah I've seen and CIS in the pits the conversation before is mainly the two of them are both coming out went out. That I said that it was and what about the episode where those apple what about David's Nevada that's it I've seen it turns out watching them go sweep. Who created in. Summertime is different shows are may have to check out battle box. That's where people make robots that I had. Doctor and tournament yeah Dolly PIT teams come in the group vs discriminate or serious Randle Bob Julie. What was wrong with the that you came all the ball was gone plastics. Vernon Davis will be honestly don't Vernon Davis a terror. Where's he at Denver now now don't get traded through the Washington football clubs are right to myself I left and get better. Eat I like that guy but he is strange person you'll find out tonight any late night that I mentioned a code held on Luke Wilson the actor. You know what's going on TV lay and here's what's happening in real. Finally open scheduled in order to spend ninety days in jail for having allowed sex. Meanwhile 92 large reptiles escape from China far the kind related to tyrannosaurus Rex. The Florida lowly Florida where a water park burned to the ground with our new gym opens it's Amber's Cisco with a weed to smoke by the pound NFL player. Way to define himself trapped in a museum. It is time for your headlines. It's Sunday. There's money column. Red lion pleaded guilty on Wednesday did his orderly conduct in the case in which police said she had sex sold loud that it shook a Dresser and bed and her neighbor's home we'll. It's effective and that the I do it or to spend 45 to ninety days in York county prison here's the story. She serves that shares a role home wall with their neighbors who complained of loud music threats and sex noises coming from the other side. She previously pleading guilty to disorderly conduct and harassment and those charges were filed after you need racist comments toward neighbor and refused it to turn that term. So it doesn't really say why she was having sex that loud but it seems like there's some guy that it was me. Severe flooding has devastated parts of China over the past few weeks yet it isn't only rising water levels that one needs to worry about. Local government has warned residents that a total of 92 alligators escape from form earlier this week Jesus Christ 92. In its warning to local the government said that people. He's now the government said people should not worry the situation was totally under control at some of the alligators have already been cut. Beating newsletter reported that most of the escape alligators have been tracked down so you know if there's no problem I'll. Our objectives of the Ramallah most of them if you got fifty of them most of them they call let me through. 42. Alligators there's nothing to worry about you real candidate if it in real people who along. Officials say established Florida water park will remain closed for several days after an overnight fire destroyed the attractions main building. Investigators believe a malfunctioning gulf are part of the building likely start the fire causing about 700000 dollars and. Now Florida a little even water parks convert them. As it is spokeswoman for the part could reopen this weekend but suggested early next week might be more relief realistic time no injuries were reported in the fire. I love and war and a war. A former pro football star and an advocate Bradley marijuana have you. Teamed up to open gym in San Francisco that they say will be one of the first in the world to allow members to smoke pot while working out. Former running back Ricky Williams who played for the saints and dolphins ravens. It's not if if if they're calling this the NBA as well the snowboard company executives say power plant fitness. Also will offer at levels and topical gels for those who don't like smoking the plant. They say using Pablo lectures I think can help them focus or relax with miles I believe you said. That is the case. Yeah try to tell people that evidence whatever works for you to get you out there you know and and that that's fine yeah. I read an NFL player look up Saturday morning drive inside a Florida museum. Buccaneers wide receiver Louis Murphy was attending the wedding of a fellow NFL player Dionte Thompson last Friday night. Get a bit too much to drink and enough falling asleep on the stairs in the museum's courtyard of his arrest at a wedding guest decided to let him sleep because when he woke I have ever was gone and the doors were locked. Firms that he had to break the glass at the door dumb luck getting get to a phone in which he called a friend who called 911. Police officers on the scene a museum staff acknowledged that he didn't have many other options and damage for the glasses estimated at a thousand bucks and Murphy working with the museum battle more droughts all the sites a good display some. It's. In other words John Jones addressed the media Thursday to issue an apology did Daniel Cormier and denies any wrongdoing related to the potential doping violation that resulted in the cancellation of the scheduled title fight. A year C 200 this Saturday. Jack Jack did I think of jeans and stuff frank I talked about college World Series gets rained out correct I got people pump for USC 200 John Jones gets kicked out last night. Yeah you don't pump too early to I cannot cannot dad I don't know hot he's not a thought even audio might not confirmed yet until we blurred between around the Anderson Silva might be either close. Centers on on the offense and that's true yeah I've legend Jim Norton tweeted that out he's he is pretty good line on the you have seat now who knows if that's concerning your little Jamie Teradata about a bunch of people like if I form any new. 'cause writing in to watch and the Mariners are in Kansas say they're gonna go go up against the royals in the first game of their series not be hundred sport at every headlines tonight without. My thought Barack Obama refers it'll take regularly turn Daley joins us right after these. Oh. Now that's just the men's room. Fun 99.9. JE IU SW Internet as an announcer all right now is Gary glitter Iraq general Sergio and this alone. Oh. Love is important love is in like the emotion or like is in Arthur Lee in the groovy sixties band from San Francisco love. This first one of the like the emotion. So you're just spreading the love to I want people that everything is my favorite and I love everything it's kind of obnoxious I think he really right now it was a which are new favorite. So many things. Now well actually no I got it came out of shotgun because their plane showed tonight why it all me and the wreckage they have been allowed local before their plane this evening. I have had that CD in my car that I got it like probably we gotten to you you know I iron I could either get you to go I don't give up your child. But if you're any area Asian guy. If you're in the area command take over for Terry and yet apparently apparently and you simply would every a lot of these guys auto show they've got great hair awesome rants like just love everything about it. Well John Daly did drop. We can look bad joke Friday did vs the FCC bad choice Friday on as well thank Gil friend and now we appreciate that yes indeed and you don't know what I just who I don't know Walton street you know thirty everybody's hoping to. I don't know what it is miles might go poke at to have time nor are its parent and work our way back tomorrow until then. Do best and poorly the State's Dan. Truman's name date before a live studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by Manchester England. Presentation knows the man truly feel that way.