07-08-16 2pm Mens Room beats the odds

Friday, July 8th

Question of the Day: Good or Bad, when did you defy the odds?


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He would sure love to hear is real. There isn't this radio program are simply not that great. Trying to offend anyone. Lord and now it's in the invited to join the party. This is done. All gathered in secrecy. This is not. They say see your radio more than three times. And your. Both general Eric goes finally a Friday July 8 2016. And two number 2400. Intend. Hello let's beat the throw a hail. Flutie did slip and I like how much better. Aluminum bats in my pocket. Okay I'm in the midst of a that they were given until you made it an advantage Joyce Friday. Returner Ted vs the FCC. It's a bed until Friday bitches. Plus headlines have been Jim shot of the day fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite TV time but it clicked glad you know that. I'd even go to Louisiana we're two men charged with keeping a woman locked up outside. For weeks in a crate. The water resistant Samsung phone you bots is now water resistant so he jumped into a Fuller like that would not because. If he. Read English chef brags that he loves a good meeting begins food meanwhile man tries to settle himself zones so basically the big dude. In a baby deer shot in the head when humans try to rescue. That's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's that. Question drug deal Mike Hsu Leila resort casino. All the fifth good day to you and yours aren't they should deceive you get married to wedding night. The toast have been made and pictures have been taken all of dances they and now it's just you. In your spouse and I am a two absent that scooter vegan it's a sure thing right. Maybe 50%. Of couples do not have sex and what is that like that's the surest thing you've got you're like 50%. This regular mess now you know the truth so percent but those those on maybe just need to use to. Are you a twin. Or you have to it it's odds won in 67. Wanted 46 meant the get bladder cancer and I don't know anyone I've never known anyone is a bladder cancer however are her real miles Montgomery he has been struck by lightning. Which is much less likely do you know the odds that. One in 2000. C'mon man united one into Monica. One on 100. One in the eye and a million chance of getting struck by lightning a lot a lot of miles Brantley then little I don't. But he struck by lightning out of it again miles also says says. That he had a whole won a golf and its debut on the back. Come hot to not yet come out well to do you want elephant I who'll listen to the odds of getting ahold of one one in 121500. But when I'm taking amenities that like what are the chances of getting to almost at about them click OK aren't I gonna Politico. They odds are I demand sometimes odds are no favors sometimes odds are not in your favorite Goldman's under scenario which the situation is but. Were acutely aware of the odds when did something important so today this is what we wanna know good or bad. When did huge defied the I. Cipro they joke call 20642 on rough ground footer at 999 KI SW and the men's or live take 77999. Answered those emails to the man German men's or live dot com. And through richer. Last year and. Brad you like to play live resort casino on medi nine point nine KI DSW. As little side note where are on the dismissals of today but I guess that tooth it was her. As it doesn't matter that much to schools and turns out the dead had to go into the dentist to get a tooth extracted Donahue is this going to get it looked narrow life. We have tickets selling out your hair word were knocking at her morale wasn't going to root out now so he's been he's texted a couple times he still he said he was still still a share Lester we talk till was in the coming and he said yes overjoyed by Ted today I think we're not sure he's gonna talk knob it'll be entertaining as delegates here to find out what happened to them disease did not he did is not had a great day supply got a call at 10:30 this morning like listen man about to go under for map for him. To promote our root canal in a way with a out there we got bad Joseph Friday coming of the exciting returner Ted vs the FCC we'll drink a toast into the weekend with a shot of the day then right after that little thing called bad. I do anyone Miguel for an album that would go platinum this day for Rick Janes. The minutes. That's something people don't. I don't know if at all until I got here maybe overdone and those who you'll fall. I think senator Miller goes double platinum this day in 1978 Randy Mott. Good save on Matt Joyce Friday ticket. Or maybe a 77999. Of all forgive intimidated by Rick James takes tickets to 77999. To vote for two tickets to paradise by any money. Message and data rates may apply you can also vote on quarter and 999 KI SW using plastic baby or hash tag tickets I think today it's not only be white and black version of the same thing whenever that is I don't know both of them just want to get your things as bad choice Friday our question today go to bed when did you defied the odds. It's miles tournament dramatic nine point nine KI SW. I rockaholics. This is the men's room with miles and drill 99.9. KI DS still. Rock and Pearl Jam until forgiven you buy. They get to pay the grass 2016 speaking of Pearl Jam two dollars merit pay and the rest take it will be donated to the vitality foundation. They support great local charities like the downtown emergency service sinner and the bureau of fearless ideas we've teamed up with Pearl Jam to do some good for pain. In the grass this year Sunday August 21 two white river and the theater disturb Breaking Benjamin along with Alter bridge and anthrax ending deplore deal on the four packs launching its now. It KI SW dot com and a second stage yet know that's a second stage has been announcer now as can be fifteen bands. Two stages of banned us all the other night Radke with the castle who are just simply amazing one of the best bands of signal long time on the second stage. Of pain in the grasshopper Dakota butcher babies humanize syndrome nine electric righteous Bandana. Painted wives the black moods and Radke. All the details on the band's everything else paying the grass is it KI SW dot counts and that's the black moods not the black moods Richard Mullen them much different grooves experience our question today good or bad what did you defied the odds this is a somewhat shocking a new survey found that 52% of couples. Did not have sex on the wedding night. That means the odds are better you don't get it on and on your wedding night then you do so what's the deal on that well they'd asked why did you have sex and here are some of the most popular reason let me guess. Part of York risk CD. There's a whole bunch of men here. A number one you waited until the next morning instead you're exhausted day was too long had too much now he's sorry for but it does that wreck I'm trying to think is technically. We had sex before I went to bed and I'm guaranty has about three or 4 in the morning. More than likely anyway that was the next day but it was also before I went to bed to me that's that night sharp. An ex unless you felt the day should be about love. And not as a man so you just want that loving moment instead of the sex if you feel that way in the later trials have sex with anyone they want good those two sites out there what you love acts exactly. You got enough flight that was one of the reasons that people than have sex again in a fight on the wedding day. Another you would rather spend time with all of your family and friends who were in from out of town party up all night you haven't seen your friends and while you rather do that and then crash your hotel room later. He could party all night and have sex. Due to do and everyone manager wedding at the bottom line is. 52% of the people are not having sex. Then there's not enough and sent out. He'd already had six of each other plenty of times before and those still burning urge to do that for such a long degrading day anyways you just felt like that Wilbon we've been together for awhile. We will get to it. Another one you got way too drunk just weren't able to perform and and I considered got hammered. And the number one reason why people do not have sex on the wedding night you were to exhaust. To its own and of now Steve and I were talking earlier about. Your birthday. And as you know we do Berkus and the birthday song has become some of legendary we have not missed today it's can we don't like wildfire people love it. And one of the things we try to explain to most of the ladies who who reach out to those either by email Twitter FaceBook or whatever they say. I need about bush from something and you guys have any renovations as I got one ever come down to isn't it to town given restaurant to a go to was or Barak should take into Uggla. You do whatever you need to do. But the one thing that he really wants is you mean he wants you naked one way or the other maybe whatever it is just could. Your mouths and noses did circuit daycare that was what he wants for his birth and no guy has disagreed with posting them on behalf that since then we've actually gotten emails from people. It's very nice very charming it's very heartwarming religions say hey I can say at birthday to. My husband Joseph given out and I know that whatever you want that in the end they say and yes I'm I'm gonna Kokomo that special gift. For a sport that only I can get admiral if you don't that's fantastic. For him. But then I'd started to think back and it's been about ten years probably since I had that a member and we need to start wishing each other so birthday we think the problem we're getting a lot of other people in here hooked up the county it. I would just assume the most people hope to get laid on the birthday maybe it's more kind of close to the the wedding night where but the thing is you'll get married. Everything he does I'm exhausting day and your birth after a certain age but you probably went to work or typical weekend day but of the you know. You know what you want but that's the one gift I don't need a cart I don't want you think if I want backtracked and when people do want it. The odds are you're trying to play. Everything you can. To get some action that night now there's a reason that a woman goes and gets waxed and and does all these beauty things I mean besides the fact that you must look beautiful dress for that day. There's other things that are taking care of I would guess and anticipation for that. I mean most guys at least try to clean up that day or if you're going on a date. About a stroke all time if you take the time to groom yourself dribbles a why do for me I understand you do you do for using human good that in the event that something goes down as most of us don't spend time standing naked looking in the mirror virus Brett. We understand why anybody wants to look good. So the fact that you keep Dornan means add to some degree with the school. Allfirst tires sure I'll let you you're doing your best to look at it could if you don't feel like you look. Great that's like how. Ancient I'm nature needs well Andrew Lloyd the thing that's it that's the thing about life it's just so crazy like if you're gonna go out you're gonna say you know meant there were gonna nice place the year single. I'm gonna look good tonight. Chances are you have a good chance of getting late that in my world when I was single the world that I lived and if I did that. That meant there's absolutely. No chance in hell than getting anything that night for anybody money go talk to make a talk to a world look normal what's who was all in me to go into a dive bar well but because that's who we all would not even that it was more of just slightly Dugard and the suit I'm just but exactly when you address is nice you'd just among your efforts this debt and then. Would I would I come from an adult league baseball game. Robotic slid into second based on gets sand down my pants I'm dirtier than Helm a bit nervous today. After the game memo and we'll be open to RJ's bar and have some Beers well RJ's bar when I'm still got dirt in my cleats and I'm still wearing cleats and I stink and I'm sweaty and it. That's way and I'm gonna start talking up chipped. That was always the way it would go is never when I looked what I thought was reasonably decent I didn't. Let's do you. That should give you a little bit of faith that light load Yuba filthy African pygmy to war. Because you know it worked for you know what you're seeing you seemed natural when you look at I totally discount it but you got me but I OK you are so when you say the things that you'd say. I think it's probably less creek become from the door looking at. Does that guy look like I'm a guy that did the things you say but if we're dressed and ice in a chance if her dress that knives and the few exceptions to this journalist made you sometimes jackass when. In his rectum entrances to act as conversation went but and how you roll. So if you're dressed nice and again. But you then it would Kamal creep. That's right yeah available to Florida so 52% of couples don't have sex and a wedding netter question. Based on the odds out there are good or bad when did you defy the odds. Hello Jamie welcome to the men's room. Although a bit torrents all wow. Very outgoing guy doing good man how are you Jim. Not give it an not a bad little well there's only one time that I really think it would lead to five luckily for me it was gonna get worse. And removed what happened was I ended up. Being the grand prize winner. Probably at least up until that point cares w.'s biggest giveaway ever which worse. The or it was the Molson ice order beach party giveaways back in 1990. Okay 21 years ago so it's been all downhill over the last two decades. Well it's hard I'd never worn anything before that I'm wondering and like that it. I mean most people haven't but what what what was the bolts and beach ball outfit cute but what what exactly did you win. Okay it was that your normal lies here to Canada under the Morton writes or beach party and what it was is. A trip up to Canada it's five days five nights you stay up north right by the Arctic Circle and the actual the big deal of work. A private concerts. In a big tent Kentucky got stuck with Metallica. Whole group assault remorse in court dealt the with the big deal but. I want that from you guys don't know your hand over the care of you know you're. From our show that he. We'll address when you don't realize we don't they'll give us prizes like got to give us simulating you I don't know that there is in the champions. Let us or any other station is going to look you avoid like we we go here's how sausage wrap well. It that trip where it was from phenomenal it was. I I don't know if you guys remember a curtain you know. Back in 95 Dan Wilkie was a radio show host that ran into the six you and I got my name entered in the contest on his show. You got to reaching out to the day it was. You had to hear they're the Q which was to belch in it he heard a belch you had to be not here. I got to be color number nine after I heard the belch. My name entered it went on her. Among everyday there was three people they've got their name entered into the contest so there's ninety people they group them into bronze. That's what a messed up there should have been 99. Contestants. Yeah well and we salute our nine like you guys still use now nor shall we stole that from them actually America at that. But anyway. The whole deal was. There was always 75. Winners. In the united states of the item 75 winners in Canada you can win won't have to wait. You can wait either from getting into form up a mall and I. Affleck the beer party must sort out what's in the news or you wind up radio show. I got like you have to win it's really nice. And everywhere from the United States that bring one guest everywhere from Canada got bring one guest. So there's 300 people who have to take what you I took violated. In case you still whether. Absolutely are actually made the right call and order how long and if he doesn't and the other I was 21 years ago we've been together for 25 years critical. Did you have sex why Europe there. Yeah absolutely you have art circles that are all right OK I mean do you think about us and think about that you had sex in the Arctic Circle then are. And that's not you are permitted that I'm excited that the community graphical look at kind north of the Arctic Circle we went down in history today and we even got to go to meet and greet with Metallica and the whole bit. I think we're what. I think percentage wise. You having sex above the Arctic Circle. Is probably more rare than seeing Metallica not realize you're seeing them and a special situation easily right why I resent the ideologies I say. Half the percent. Half of 1% of the entire population on this earth is had sex north of the art which are and there's not many chances and an article really drawn. Some doubt about our Steelers. I was told that their chances of winning that contest like I did was. Greater odds than the chance of winning est you know weekly lottery. So Obama president you have such a dark circle I got them in the what does winning that's well I I tell anyway it was it was just wave wave really cool it was like the coolest thing you can win it was better that would have been lottery because let's go to great memories of a I got all on the south of autographs I got that guitar pick. Personally placed in my hand biker camera that he didn't show where it was everyone knows it during the 24 hours of daylight that that. It wasn't quite at that point where are they like it was in September it was you know welcome to fit and we were hit some darkness but it was I mean. It was cold. I can tell you how much. Yeah Alaska and Arctic Circle in a September I gotta be admired gift card for work in here. And you've got all the autograph and intelligence imported circles that it doesn't fit you don't get there was fifth double different Desmond news. Our question today as did he do percent of doubles do not have sex on their wedding nights good or bad that when did you defied the odds we'll take a quick break him back to more your calls right entities now. Back to the men's room here's the question. Ryan teel Mike to let live resorts casino 99.9. KI SW rather are veterans of the SEC don't have also bad Joseph Friday the drug charge will be a kick off the bad jokes. Questions today. As 52% of doubles do not have sex on their wedding night that's that's not good good or bad. When did you defy the odds he Ted Smith and how some ever defying the odds by getting into work after having surgery all day. Yeah yeah and have a root canal. What are the odds of having a good it's happened to me to. Same thing manatee a couple of years ago the numbers say no like we do our show bold Ahmanson's bother me probably made mention of I am in my mouth hurts the next morning await government cheeks all blown out again Gary Coleman has or. And send me go to them just like we need to do this now some thinking the odds of that happening here are better or we desire poor oral hygiene. I'm blaming myself I'm competitive but you'll probably I don't know man I just got in there you looked at it was late and I were doing root canal but I don't know that that's huge. And how long does that take. I takes a demo echoing the call it 3030 Shia and then I got done lately to fifteen during the chair that along with your mouth open. How to drive your mouth and students to think so then they put namely that weirdly plastic around here I senator vintage gentle giant poster thing up there we get those pictures where I stack itself in between. But I was in the chair forever and then they took the suction away and they came back and it was like. Now late to her arm movements alive and I'm now. Think I'm about right our commit their exceptional and please I ask you did you melting and over the whole time it's hard. It is it's weird and then when they're drilling in the air like you highlight take your town to the other side easily just relax you're talking like I'm tags that you love did it take the whole tooth out of one suited to get on pieces and there was some times ago there was some. Leaving it up some ground there nitty chiseled and they put a crown on. Again I don't know the whole tooth well after the just part of it but you gotta bring it to the human this just temporary I gotta go back using an eagle gold who know. All my friends on the way in the back. As I don't really I don't think you know like when did you already you're talking to see what I got every time I talk to some ability man I sort of got to think that dude has a gold tooth it's not obvious that sort of thing it's about it. You know the gold I might only difficult when you don't know how many adults did you know. With gold sold to. To the crew and that's it of seasons it. Man I was late everyone I parents knew all the migrant parents all of that generation so important about something we got on the gold teeth and then once or cool. It was upfront or my mother Rosa. Am if you see eagle to confront them out they don't need. If he sees the symbols and if they do expect at that that's my friend that rolled back an indictment and a Bartlett today good or bad win did you defy the. By the way the doctor that did this anomaly ease up on a dentist just on the way. That this is the did this is brother works in Vegas worked on Ron white. What's with celebrity that opened big deal oh yeah Ron what do you tell you that like by the way. Eventually I kept saying I can I talk later in this and that clearly would be dealing a wired atop for a living like a workable radius of those like oh yeah. And then it led into it Romano Ron Morris golf epitaph if you're gonna radio I'm a comedian for. I spoke just puts the patient from the cast of he's FaceBook mention of that Romo registration is god that would have gold social normal. Yeah I mean he's got perfectly white teeth so he thought out for a man who had always. Pitted except. Without an a student at South Africa and I'll take care of that type thing yet but you don't have dandruff China. Good her man when did you do for defy the odds what are the odds of being diagnosed with cancer any guesses on that 13. Cancer he has at that time I would think one in seven. Now 141 into one 50% to the same odds of getting laid on your wedding night is the same odds of you getting cancer keeps vetted by put that in your pipe and smoke it. All they say any man if you live long view whittled its prostate cancer and that's just inevitable thing I liked what they say I've no idea so. That lower the hydrant there now obviously we would talked about this before but no and here's been the victim of the serious crime before. Great musicals there's all god assault. Murder robbery and not been murdered and Rodman. Well. I don't play is broken into holes home totally robbed and certainly some broken entered and salt I loved scooter stolen. I think yeah all the assault it was a British charges my sister got robbed at gunpoint organism what are you kidding me and we'll have to always vulnerable the so absolutely Dino the sub. No I mean they got fifty bucks well here's something like if I'm one in subway and I know that I am I'm rob the place. I'm gonna hold myself up before hand sandwich for I'm gonna think about like 23 sand which is what I wanna get before our rob the store it was like it was a female Roberts who put the gun kind of just didn't set an account things like you know the money so my sister's like just an ice she's all right you know pulled. 57 dollars and register I ran out here you go about it out. Yes I've done what's at a time I've that's a. It's weird things reflect well. I got mugged and Baltimore brutally violent crime and it if you had a gun conversation continues that doesn't mean dominant annual. He had guns like that but. No violence to exchange thing or one dollar I kept the quarters like my phone calls into my god and so I mean that's I went like look I'm. I'm not giving adult 25 I'll give you one dollar and reason I'm saying this is. There's no way you're gonna shoot me for 25 cents it's just refused to believe that and another is the dumb city I refused of school. He made his tour dot but it wasn't quite welcome. Yes he was armed but. Nothing could happen that's setting up my brother some guys like I got a guy that you know aren't looks it. You know they're usually I don't whoever got yours in the Gotti when so nice to get the pattern that. How about double the odds of being a serious crime one and twenty. Welcome they include murder assault robbery and rape. Hello the odds of being called come on down on the price is trying to hang out how to do what he thinks they're an audience of 600. We'll lose some like 401 to 200 I would say hi played war line in 550. One and 36. As San Manuel thirty says it's everybody's getting all play on the price is right. How about the odds of being audited by the IRS who here's been audited by the iron 100 or so and I'm not a about it Arab institute so to an intern forty minute sets. And one of 414. One in 175. Really yes really IRS and I had been audited to years in Europe as he yachts I got I mean but it is and you just got to you do for the same thing now. Well yeah because it's you know your contract words at an agent at the time so a cut is exactly it and essentially. Essentially. Both of us got out by the IRS poverty thing we'd been derelict while. The front of why you pay in this jacked about the engine and I like to write it off right. Right euros for the businesses all we've already been we send them a copy of the confidence when you do the map on those who paid exactly what was or not you're not worried about it but I error arsenal fans tonight to the quickest to get things on him to go throws them hoops and so. But far with the guy as a reasonable what does that did you pay the agent for what they're not they. Are there. News ideal however already made that it's like dealing with a medical expense provider or mayor of medical insurance provider when they say like. Are we submitted businesses that you had open heart surgery by doctor Morris it. Is it really is or relive doctor Morris up there like Hillary so I think they questions does the yen as its it. It says harbor view I had open heart surgery all the things are itemize it. Well you're gonna have to give us some proof I just sent you the receipt you know and mean Mike DeWine who would ever did medical expense account whatever is it. This could not possibly be true it's like what do I have to do to prove it to you that I just because my heart opera and and embarrass their life. And at the end you know breaking mountains IRS you wanna mess with them. They can make life miserable but but the guys on formally. I have gone through the same procedure about the retirement at arms and it's just man here's a copy of everything you need to see into the city and exactly. What what is under posted and so the back and her like one more thing they needed and this one and I'm kind of cracking on the phone. Mike you've apologized. Won't get humanize them it. God magic act guys jaws asks me for this what we're ago and don't listen I'm I'm not from pre got a new. He's got a free man isn't on. It doesn't work like what I would tell people that to listen I'm trying to cool it. But god then you can actually happen for anything else the dad about this particular situation. The driver carted. There's there's two ways you you you you couldn't you can. Cheat the IRS that I even think governor have done a prominent women to have been but my sister's been art itself if you're if you make you run a money I mean if mean if you're one of those guys who who knows enough flight. And I'm listening to nothing on Mitt Romney it one point in time got tax and a 13% level. Now this is a guy who makes millions and millions of dollars and only three years but he knows how to work the system and knows where to put his money so this money is not tax in accordance with federal law he avoids all those things are and does other things. There's certain people who just put in Panama are put an offshore accounts or anything like that. And then there's the grand Lehman opposite end of that spectrum where I live do absolutely where. There's a son wanted to make real money to open an account that I wasn't I might die right now Barbie government knowing that you can just cheat the system and I'm really gonna do anything about where they're not really gonna do anything about it the most. You get called out publicly and the scandal or cargo aboard how many different companies are millionaires to be just shaking them constantly so. We understand how my game was played I just wanna find out one day like some calls and contacts and. We understand you just outrageous. We have a lot of information assurance that we put him Saddam mr. Zuckerberg here. Mr. you almost everybody in search of information. Daddy's going to be or you have to meet or dictating cash right so he's won in its complete opposite ends of the spectrum that was gonna pay you. Sixty bucks to work and you are ready here's sixty books and to pay you money originally actually was a letters are way after eleven my sister is she the hairdresser right so when cash exchanged hands at the only other way in the world other than that I'm not sure how the harassing anyone could possibly hide money from. If you don't get paid in cash. And you don't make an exorbitant amount of money with and you admittedly I don't know I don't mean that there's no way and a I would the what are the odds of being arrested while driving drunk. Yes Jameer you what are the odds of being arrested while driving drunk one in five. As you're about how -- that is driven drunk and how many times a humble over 41 in 201201200. Obviously with a designated driver now I deserve to zero so go with zero no make that he'll. Odds of being born with eleven fingers or eleven so too often depends where you live. One in. 101000. Out of there's gotta more than analysts say what he also won in 2000. If they want 30000. It's one of 500. I did well lo 1000 people on Twitter two of them have eleven finger right or eleven to call if you have eleven periods of those please human element for six and a mask actually you know about the toll was born with. Wanna say yea he had an extra finger on each hand they can't advance come off but yet you've got to remember those who is like I don't remember due national aggregates RC to be with six -- -- not a guitar player vehicles extra fingers and how does it do it with the extra fingers have a time when someone loses a finger they become a better guitarist Tony I don't or that's our. Tempered the good example but I mean if you had more fingers would be better. I would think so man because you think about some implying the standard to target the fingers on the Mac when you predictable and so it's always the finger for a and so I think like. If you have a sixth finger but does that count I mean what is there a better guitar solos they duties got a six figure how good the I know those guys six fingers at seventy wins the guitar off at the African air to your ideal unfair dude it's not unfair yeah. I didn't do and I'm. Things that are he has six fingers so outside of this not also. Writings Kevin and I tell me go to basketball oh yeah that's something New York papers for a berth into an hour winds may have. There's a reason why certain topple ball players places like okay visible for right. Huge defensive lineman. William and inferred by hand Hewitt's version eighty got the impound camera went 4540 like that it's not unfair that's how the dude was built. That's just how he's built JJ watt would you noise so good because he is. I'm on record and is that well you know let me so let me ask them their words does have a a step ahead though business size jar. It definitely not gonna put it worked yes he dead at the typical don't think the rest of 600 tarred I didn't learn a lot there is a lot of courage and eighty pound people that a man. None probably professionals in Nevada goodwill toward the song I'm just that in certain people born of the same I guess skill set. He model to six fingers is like you know down. Like give. If somebody went up onstage just absolutely through going to be like. Due to a fingers yeah that yeah of course he's gonna be that and wouldn't wanna hear it I still wanna hear show I wouldn't even though I don't. Anyway that's it Tony and we did not have five things to carry out our hand and have a finger okay and he's a greatest ability I don't have gotten worse I forgot to get cut are well. It's a matter of our guys yeah little finger he's lost in the a couple of probably than what part you play the guitar with that he puts a little symbols on the and I lost the treads on his fingers short. But he still a great player. So does that make him an even better player because he's at a disadvantage east elect and I would say he's a better player because he's at a disadvantage. But a set of people have demanded they just have a five god didn't fingers after he was in the first are you proud about 600 then the first the first black salmon EP most people don't and Bonner an old hand of the song that just the tip and much on the diamond quest. What has faced former gas about Rick Allen did. Def Leppard. He's going on our don't want him. You don't want to be answered his drumming went down that road and I'm happy and meet me definitely you certainly you've got to move from. Welcome to warms the one or month broke bitter mad at when did you doubt I'm the odds. I'm over it it's a little rough and yet but it's true hello Andrew welcome to the men's room. Why are our top or Iraq. So Andrew how did you defy the odds. Though nano wrong political or how beautiful I was. We're coming home to my friends what it it will start our treatment area low water and truck. Did you look both ways. Aren't really don't mayor Eric what's at. I don't bother to include all good cop you're little that are currently in need we. And so how bad do you messed up. The other then. W coma for three months then I was in. Google didn't care in the Koppel for three months and then another year and a half they're the other side. And how old were you when you how old are you in the seven. Well twelve years old is about fourteen members underdog at least with the the initial therapeutic run. Tough part of that puts you behind the learning curve is in you have to relearn everything up you'll go for McComb were you pretty pretty normal. Well yes that things I was a special case they turn to locate it but don't hold it more not. Arnold we're hearing here and I'll Wear and I walked I golfing union acquired him for it. Exhibit indeed it won't be working with our current bottle back up and vertical. I did not speak in our community bank. It took me a year and a half pretty much the deal go ahead and learn how to talk in go to the bacterium can do a moral. Our big podium but would classes were might seventh grade. My done great here. How is that I was there for you how is that for your friends and everything man who you know on a man who were there before the accident happened and then. Takes you wanna come back and it is not the same person reared that was the that affect your your friends as far as. I don't know what do they help when you think it is really affect my current because. Oh for Mac that I loses me around the great part here I was street didn't like that at a few different. I lacked that I had my good friend and I had more friends because they just came out of my children and their hand. On school I would look pretty do. Cause he's going to get a dumb Ojinnaka. Patrick I didn't placing an earlier failing only regular classes like what the hell revenues that are good here at. We're. People and that led to them very and then basically article back in their regular pot and it's great and bite and then I would sneak peek. I again Dempsey U accelerated fast. Yeah people you make me sick was there anything that you retained was there any things you do not have to re learned that somehow stuck brutal. Not a rural. You have to learn who your mom and dad were when you woke up. You know I really learned moment network and horrible everybody. I live you learn to do everything little thing. It's basically like they just took a chip in erased your entire brain. It that's a mentor who happen. Yes Craig I can imagine just. Starting from scratch. With a fresh brain that's why you look both ways. Before you across the street that it when did you defied the odds it's miles until the men's room and I'm point nine KI SW Seattle.