07-08-16 3pm Mens Room takes those odds

Friday, July 8th

Question of the Day: Good or bad, when did you defy the odds?


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Into the men's miles and drill a nasty nice nine KI SW. Are made in your mouth. Very down to do this weekend miserable to myrtle Gaza Jon sale now man all kinds of locations out there on the menu at some your favorite restaurant which is also go to your favorite local grocery store they might have there the complete list of all the locations with the sounds you know on the menu or in the stores is a K guys W dot com not only that you can order online get chipped your house grill it up this week I'm a quick side note there was a guy that sends a recipe for his fond du essentially all you try to yeah I went home that night so bottle didn't read it have pounded chatter I probably had about 34 pounds iMac kind of act. And apple whatever happens now maybe whatever strategies and food is great but I meatballs that was. I was happy man that bad said I wanna point out are ruled the toilets for about the next six hours straight ride the toy and it. Oh but more so the net proceeds when you by the sounds of benefits the VA in JV Ellen Fisher houses is quite simply some of the best sausage you'll ever taste. Means of original red Louis's role famous sausage beer is in the sausage. Get a today KI SW dot comer question go to bed when did you defied the odds we'll take a quick break about the more your calls next. Men's room returns here's the question and drive you buy to let live resort casino 99.9. K I guess W. Just get so close to the way get has a bad joke trying to enjoy HR drive gas will be had to pick up the bad jokes momentarily. Also the exciting return of Ted. Vs the FCC we will bring it toasted the weekend with a show the David's bed so. I'm headed 1981 an album though go platinum this day for Rick. That's some. It's a solid three sons could flat on the day thanks it's given to make staving. Think that distinction that I don't think that I felt good all week monkeys downloads think that the it's. Would've been. I think sunny afternoon will also go double platinum. This day back in 1978 for the artist known each day Monday. I've got a sense of our baby is 7799 Idaho forgive intimidated by Rick James. Takes tickets to 779990. For the money man any money. Message and data rates may have fly you can also vote on Twitter and 999 KI SW using hash tag may be your hash tag tickets one of those two twos come up finally good sore about it in my back in today. He was the new York city police officers and no beer company moral would be rocker rules still become a satellite that you want guys at least it was Eddie Mahoney. And he changed his named Eddie Money and their allies in the thing about any money as he did it like a year later. It was a like a joke he quit the police force since that I wanna be rock star in a year later there's two tickets to paradise and ready all the bodies like. Or does it Clorox Florida inserted before the sorrow but hope to vote on a bad choice Friday now one of those two tunes coming up the firemen still win though they got to share me. It was an actual photos father was sponsored by sixty pollution was an actual firemen in New York City because it became an actor I like Steve Buscemi I do I think most of us do we enjoy his roles but. I'm twelve years old man of the house fire and the guy that looks like that tells me you would save me I just don't believe OK if the guy like that who looks like that tells me he's going to be an actor in Hollywood. Then I really. Don't believe her dad's all right Matthew early this union gay man it's a great job you know Gary benefits and all that and you are the face who think he hit good luck with that this equity equity in any money the senate matter not a removed I only illustrates this -- it was a firefighter for four years here from 8884. Our question good or bad that when did you defy the hey you know what he just doesn't look that makes everything he does story which I thought it strange he's an actor it's starting to use the firemen but he never gets a role where he's not a little strange and OC Paul Giamatti you know he's. He's a very good actor but inevitably most of the rules when given these. There's got an underlying connection you can be anything you can't except actor who. But the praise like that cannot you can do radio no they get an accurate. Hello Carl welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah well yeah. Our. Putted beautiful guys. I doubt about. It out of the building. We're not in itself. And I didn't get hurt was a three stories. Two. Wait wait and look at him you're good at about open. And you pull off backwards did you walk off of Canada happen. As I am I. Put my hand out era of being against. You're able to the little bit looking up you know quarter to figure out my prayers. We're building and I've got to go to basic cable broke loose and I. Tipped over forward. A merger that qualify as a safety how able how close to just the table how long did the fall field you know and when your fly through the airline neural perspective how long did that take worry that program was pretty quick. My. Europe what your genius then that it picked. One point six active. Yeah not like it's it's like I've been at. I'm saying how many different fault when you're ahead of one point six seconds amazing how fast you can think of stuff when you need real like canal and on my feet here I mean what what were you able to affect. I would ripple effect like OK there it. My. Yeah yeah you're calling you're just thinking about imminent death. As a gift just basically thinking about this you're gonna die. Or. And get them looked every wants well like I just in the event of fire I'm in and we're much better ms. on the second floor. So I looked down I think to myself off a gimmick downstairs you know I'm just gonna have to jump off this balcony and I looked down it's about two floors on this leg that looks awful but it's better than burning. Right surely that's that's the whole thing up like almost in real situation and I can jump. Fired you're like damn I'm jumping jumping. Yeah tab yeah I didn't nothing I can by the way that's the one thing I'm terrified of I'm terrified writes I just that's the idea of falling had nightmares about falling for whatever reason that's just the one it's always stuck in my head. It's but what's crazy about I'm Osama necessarily scared of myself I wanna train Amorim. Crisis of the late ski lift none of that bothers me point none of that but but certainly about walking up to the edge of a legitimate Clinton even twenty foot cliff Malcolm's went belly you go some degree and came in. And I was watchable walk all the way to the end the drop on a button and feud over. All of the grill loses the clips are alerted the same oil logical flow of fuel my body remarked I don't. I am not going to do my thing in my kids walker at the at a much strain no real Merck. As you can see we're just gonna candles on the bull on the edge and it's a hundred feet down in the ocean like please please for the love of god float please it's something simple like rattlesnake like. And I'll do that height he would rather who did you always like get real closely edge lake. Although the height and announced that Mike right in the senate like are good you're and I thought we decided and a bit of Iraq. I looked up and we did that we burn. Last week it went of the mound in the mountain itself was not particularly steep system beautiful. Out of the last thing like anything's scramble and I'm pissed and emotional approach I am and monitoring muscle for agreeing to do so stupid thing. We get to top the view is absolutely stunning right the lack of better word none of that about the but don't have to leave it you're going down on the scramble. That is significantly worsen my way to and I'll and we got going is looking down man and a realist how steep that partisans like okay. We catch and shoot the rest of the trillion Bentley if you trip on any of Portland trail of electric and walking down hall way you're just would fall over. If you slip and fall in the scramble your beautiful up out seventeen feet before you stop day and I'm more rock. It's wrecked and I'll I literally got up there. We looked down and you could see the clouds roll in and in the clouds were I don't know. Maybe 500 feet below the peak. I don't think so soon as the clouds hit the hit the side of the mound. They just Rorer up the mountain kennel like I don't know like a river that but the damn bro rob -- finance those like. Boom we just got hit these clouds in the entire we were to sit in the clouds and trying to go down you couldn't see basically did you just. Stuck iCloud the only way you can identify how to get back down was. People of spray can in the rocks in certain areas and gravity to stay in this area and you can find your way down easier we're just like in a cloud like this site I hated I hated you and that. MO yeah I'm just look at this this target that was cool for about ten minutes. Good or bad when did you defy the odds hello Sheldon welcome to the men drew 00 I. So I was adopted out of the hospital and when my mother gave birth to me. Her blood work came back out there for amphetamines. Cocaine marijuana and write what I guess is why you were a dollar prize. Yeah I guess Somalia side that they had it meant that there. When you came into this world man having a great ride. Yeah I couldn't pay it matters to a what are you guys got games and put it. In the hearts out our New York yeah. But I don't know we're learning disabilities that they have been includes social life and I'm just happy acting you know the end and it. When you find out entered the two biological mother basically had a party system. What about a year ago I pulled out his option paperwork we're just looking at a curiosity and only found out recently. Yeah well I am so but looking back and I understand what you're successful and all I've been looking back to the course of the last going to school whatever it is is there. Anything you think yourself you know what man. My mom's party in the blood system that might explain blank. ADHD or dot well look more than that if you're if you're interested in your mom and all that I also have a dad. Do you know who he it is. Our I'd never met either but I have been told it was slow and couldn't all of that would mocha and they did you ever looked to see if he's still alive he or your mom. I'm my mom is. Trying to Dorsey that I don't know I really cared we're hearing in my life but the father I don't know we're. Well you know what I mean that's a do you obviously that your choice just wherever your mom know we're able to meet him yeah whatever your mom was up at that time do that Jerry and down maybe she turned her life around and maybe you know I mean she's she just had a bad run their for a little while and she knows she did the right thing by giving her some up for adoption based on where she was at that time and life if he gave you or states or she's going to be the same person that you think she's going to be one of two things is gonna happen you know what are you. Great out in airport. Okay. But I think that's. I think if for any of us he you can you can kinda have that you wanna betting it's much tougher like doesn't affect rightly that. That was his mom and I are headed right for everybody and Barbara I. Violation matter what I know I think I would be yours just I'm just myself I think a long enough Jerry's been do you want them into. Noted though I you know I think I would just add a nun and exactly in my life as much as I would just like to know some certain things either from a health perspective and or anything else like. If there is a chance. From a biological standpoint that that something could go wrong if I'm a woman. And my mom had breast cancer and had both of her breasts removed and so did her mother and her grandmother or anything that would matter like if my dad died of of colon cancer but what is the authority all I have for your soul because any. The belly diet something right some bright but I don't need to not let us also look I could tell you today in May and religion and about we're. I don't wanna know it can get leader today I thought I would I think it would concentrate I would just say look I know I'm too young to get colonoscopy every year but for its live I had my bed colon cancer cystic camera they're just receiving cancer so for me you would be I think. And the relationship was bitter battle where another that that would probably be the main reason I would wanna sit down and we are way I mean I mean obviously wanted to put that you also. Have no hope that they have records there isn't one side of my affinity in anyone you want you're gonna medical Amy. It doesn't exist it just doesn't and god knows right him die like we don't know anyone die how they would have died had they live long enough for me to do with. You know this whole break insulting the dummy insult to death in arms like. But we don't even know that they could live bill 125 dead end result would just never know because life choices lead them to die about my age. I don't think you're wrong and might even be late Pete everybody would want that knowledge I just for me personally I give you would already moved past that and accept the fact Jamar did a bunt late. Legislate a little like their budget crazy drugs gave up for adoption but that would be a long process of law and heartache sure that's I mean to find that and. These fair to him like look man. You know allowed people say my birth mother that's how it works out panels on whatever. You moms on a lot of drugs army Wasilla gives you are sob story like acting this for. He's he added tranquilizers. Like god damn. Good or bad when did you defied the odds were imparted. Hello Joseph welcome to the men's room. All out gentlemen our job. Well it by the about years ago. It'd be here on my motorcycle about a under thirty mile an hour you added you're riding your motorcycle dear god man. Oden hit him too. Why were you doing a 130. I did that deal out of real writes OK did that change your perspective of that. Yeah now it street directory. On the track but so if you're going bet fast. Or how much time do you actually see the deer before you hit. I never thought OK came out of order. And candidate. Pat White oak road and actually I'll share. And you stay on your bike. Now I hit the deer with a gear woke him art but yards. You split the deer in the path. Holy crap that there. How bad were your injuries. I walked away. You split the deer and half of your body. And then you get up when you walk away I think the odds of that don't hold a pretty god insolent. Yeah I add it might basically from my actual blades do I but what is black and blue and I'm one of those. Real stiff and sore and today one of the hospital. Later date and they checked out everything we're mindset has to restart her while I look back where it is later. I'll say this about you guys you secured your racer. The guys you guys you street race motorcycles as fast as they go and of the professionals what they do. But it it it looks like they know how to wreck you know only when they slide off the bike and may the sixth and there's all kinds of different ways those guys Olympic rings don't Pennington to crash position. The didn't didn't that apply or was it too quick. It was way too quick I I work full leather whenever I'd. And it where protector which actually eight future facts from ending the wrong way I Wear full other when asleep most of them. Well that's until he. Yeah ped dough ball game home that day not a lot of crashes they just go and so fast just naturally they kind of land on the volume looks like when you when you're sliding on the turns in the knees almost down on the pavement you you know he's an Arab Trinidad specialized and yet here where you at you when you split the deer and half man my January 11 what the Euro leathers look like after they've gone through a dear. I am well it's pretty much the fight took the brunt the a year. And I would just basically covered in neck. Manure and dead flat. I would. Why were out so to remedy covered in the year for a look at now look I'm Mike Moses. It was you've got eight triple finance the what do you drive now. Does the Xperia arc now socket OK I guess that doesn't go as fast as you got your doesn't. I'm not actually Diego after half. See I think that would scare me down a couple of those he sees. Yeah yeah I think you're good you can drive that fast you know Jimmy Miller got out I know I can but it I don't wanna die. The final right hand that at some point I know will. I definitely most of the top level of about one moment really you know. All the perfect was there to do an overnight thing up and I mean honest to god yesterday three times and scooter almost done just by people pullen and Alain on the Internet and. Eat and yeah yeah. Kinda waiting on a road a drawbridge and great. And she was rescued and I just somehow hold back in just finished Hamels Howard on the side I'm like I'm driving my car travel like Olympic athlete mic Jagger on his face and sees it. The syllable global got to decide to skip cruising along don't they call that in the in the scooter world out of the new motorcycle world running those other those guys won't talk to me when you view on that it's known as a cheese greater human she's you know she's grown and now I notice things that. Good or bad no win did you defy the odds keep your speed don't move do we or don't move the time I channel like a pro discount a ride it out but it through a similar my eyes are always terrified. Hello Cody welcome to the men's room. Quicker car and all our. Guys don't know good men are you. Doing good doing good so I defy the odds of by walking away from a drunk driver to hit my car five years ago. How bad karma stuff. There Carlos illegally totaled and I had to get a new car with the settlement. Look at a car you drive. I was driving 8093. Toyota Camry Kia lakers 2000 Jeddah or something. How fast was illuminated and and bogey Tebow and the so what happens is that little Lara won thirty on the back broad violates. What happened was I was driving home but like all of the time and I CDs headlights come I mean I'm never saw the road but try and go from about OK so you mean to call her right aren't there yet so. What happens is but this CDs as much as part of my awareness or missiles were written into the bowl on power in violating. So I turn the we will always have the right and I kind of going into the pitch but I wasn't passed now and he got me in the door. Swung the of 180 carpet you know the way there are structural stunning and I wing of 400 feet behind me into a tree on the sense that the Rhode Island you up. You walked away and my goal for our corporate called public car and Bert slate bird shot became clear that has happened. Apparently cute fraternity of bystanders he comes up anabolic SR hitting happened you guys okay. Our credit should say it doesn't win Gil Meche. Pig virus almost cracked and as of late February it. Just try to be really comment click to not say too much. Our resident who was nearby who live outside the Audi or whatever that I like I'll call 911. Several responded with a second cut that back where there's county sheriffs and the fire department. So what ought to within like a minute of it called it sure shows up as just like so what happened. Bubble which has seen in the bystander. Quote unquote although I quote coordinate Meyer's work and their lane and hit them. McGovern like wait wait wait you were picture from driver or whatever and you'd just like that right Iowa the driver. Compton said. And I quote. I didn't entry into may actually officer I happen. No certainly got some. Jeff Kessler but did you more good got a would you got a settlement out of it. Yes I got. Her just under ten grand that's her new car according to Kelly blue book for the value and then my attorneys said he to a chiropractor and a plastic surgeon for. Just medical. Just as yet a huge tells a medical some blue eyed look my lawyer Adam you're gonna get done no signal an ugly side of a bitch. How could provoke. I didn't have a new. Getting broken thankfully my spine was slow lacked the cart record or readjust to me. And and semi and a plastic surgeon just fur. Patting the top and a little bit. Yeah I don't if I want it to professional opinion excuse me if I wanted to get my scars to repair the broken glass had compiled a really bad so most. Just like your pay for a guy that you insurance company if this guy wants Ers settle. Give him money so we have money to do that and what did you decide to do. I just kept. Are people's arms I think my god and America. Really and that's sealed and kept his dog and really come around. Yeah so that's what happened look I guardian abide. Beginning in 98 Honda Accord. From a use dealership. And I slept in my current roommate now and you saw had a few years later he's still a girlfriend you throughout scarlet. To go through and are no more or so friendly and outer island. I thought that's weird he still fires a maximum. These guys to formally everyone supplies. Good friends but they they've got to drug fight when watching a rerun of the show you party scene you know it you're familiar web just at a much anyway it is pretty good. And I oh for. And whatever you know I did you can't lied to about millions dollars and that's what it is shark attacked me good or bad it when did you defied the odds. Translate. You're gonna hang out of the acts that much to it that your acts and you still get along that well you're obviously attracted to each yeah and your friends -- he would do it and you. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. The guys on top. I paid by the articulate that I can't reply. He tells us arriving at three times you're defied the odds might give me a choice. Lawyer adds that there and it was 98 point two at making your wife's water had not allowed in these known for months. And actually had a few where all my heart at Bagram this. She's crying and look a little strange. Well yeah like my chest Billick might bode well I guess. Still bottle they got like really bad heartburn Porter are in pain by about our bird like six months. And I bubble inside my body would now I'm betting that that again because my dad in the military in and they did that straight and they like. And yet I let them like yes. I can't believe that have been in here relate what do you mean they show me an actuary at lake like besides an orange on my heart. Because I had and didn't make reference closes more than one Barack I'm in your heart is basically the size of Fister right right and I was like a dog at the tumors but does your heart. Yeah basically at bats and look first it violent like I think cancer. Which you really don't have a really good chances providing. And I walked her out like a week before and like we did a buyout if they give back within all I can be cell lymphoma. How bad was the pressure after they took up the tumor like did you feel the difference in your chest plates in your ribs in your are into thirty. It out I'd bet that first time I think people out there he added they couldn't feel they're being the first time I was like you know hot over one lead and had the opportunity. Particulate air missile Charlotte based in our global. Why it is how bad does that does that system may see that you wouldn't go out of steam our chemotherapy treatment. It's not but I'm not go either block diagram as president mind what I wanted to invade his leg interior design is there physical pain involved. Oh yeah but that's the other words they're now my whole life in their wake you background when he killed. It is door quietly remove Obama Lawrence RPG a little bit more and bill about that's coming up. And that there and targeted cancer is that if you're an anti human affairs even when they it sort caught me they broke or it. He waited my long and that would around my heart they remove that step. Erica has some feeling that Jimmy some moments and it's one thing about chemotherapy that I've heard about that unless you've and fortunately if you have never been through which I have not you can't really explain it but that would you know like anything else you burn your hand or something there's a there's a physical pain if you're to break your bones. There's a physical pain. This is like a pain that's coming from the inside of Iraq tour in its and it's there's nothing that you can you know do you can't see any thing it's you know I'm just like I knew a guy right his daughter got. Cancer. And then basically had to sit her down and oh look I she didn't feel certain that at all like you feel fine but to about Oregon put you through this process are you gonna feel awful. If you need a big media there is a video floating around right now lots of kids by absence is seven years old mom says hey man you you've beaten cancer and kisses like. Aren't I mean great does that mean I miss camp so she's won atonement where he understands that Jesus. This will be your last round of chemotherapy can get loses this I don't know power ballad that's competitive kid is that good or bad when did you defy the odds all the liable take a quick break a bag of more your calls right after the. Now back to the men's room and here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy to let live resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. Hello about a program that so crowded said vs the FCC of course is shot of the day and get their votes on a bad choice Friday we'll let you know the two contenders coming up our question today. Bad when did you defy the odds. Hello Jay welcome to the men's room. Yeah good guys don't win. So it was really gotten my perspective but. Or I could go forward and he's my mother header to. I don't wanna kind of not Italian a yeah yeah. Know when NATO clearly that they are human actually they'll shoot down. They're dead or who graduation Boyd. You have. It's Seubert. Like c'mon dude I don't know I don't know what else know that I run had a tumor not quite a bowl. Oh boy Manso but when you hear that story. You know I assume it's apparent stunt and one of two ways to tell you the story which is like. You know. I got pregnant we were hope but it was a tumor instead it was you or was a bullet to. Not only did not have cancer I had my beautiful legit you brought him to the world like Iraq won't it won't OK I. It is amazing either people are just fertile as hell you have to think what happens when when someone institute stud so little wiser to side they're really just tie the 20 what is that not do we know I don't know not a good obviously. Your voice down and out there what the 2700. Different knockdowns to me like sometimes it's a slip not such but it probably should be like. At this but it's got it's been an emergency to time we see miles you know what does that not you which you know what that they end outcome that you don't probably a ball land. Okay bathrooms I would just double I would do this and etc. here's the thing yet everybody should read whether you had a vasectomy or whether we'll get to stab river that's called hysterectomy notes that would always has access is that the same thing now Sonny is hot hysterectomies and take everything every obligation is subject to look too willing to sell to do the 20 I've become part. And and reattach themselves that is the Viles deference we'll do it they have they tie your boys up yet like Antonio Cromartie he's the guy who just keeps having kids. Now so it one point time he said okay look he estimated his hand upper these gods five kids with what was his current wife. He had some kids before that at some point in time they asked a moment to real sports or whatever can you name on your kids. And he has to go through very slowly and remember them all and order he does so then after all does he play single reindeer he means when he was that the jets yeah or with that show. Is it real sports is so I don't know whether or not yeah hard not all connect Asia are on the field goal and and then there's it's one thing that an affluent so he catches all kinds of crap for this everyone's making fun of him because he's having a hard time. Figuring out the names of his kids get under the enough people to start asking about this it's that are it's better setter so is Antonio do. He does the thing that he thinks is the right thing to do I know of children. I'm gonna go and and I'm gonna have a vasectomy. Smart thing and for guys are gut wrenched children whatever is done took a little while to do it there but eventually he's done Antonio goes in there does surgery it's his voice type of not more than a year and a half later his wife gives birth to twins. His penis will not be style he's had ten kids now at that they like each of the ride he tried to. God it is that they just opened a noted to prevent it appears to wants what now bitch. I mean the whole doctor the doctor not gonna happen more kids you have. Twins. To capitol often those when he can't really. Just Wear a condom it's almost like if you were the best mechanic in the world and someone came in and you totally redid their car and drove south African law in like a half block down the entire car exploded Brett you just think yourself. That's impossible like that's impossible like the Doctor Who did that surgery has just be like. I know are tied and not and I know for a fact. That this is just unbelievable that is soon to seed stitched him back up meant those testicles are working together men and figure out when you aren't you you're happy yeah. Good my cousin and she's got a what Michael. I don't doubt she'd her kid was only it was a small little infant when I solid Christmas and she was a party pregnant again omens aren't and it would ever awkward congress I don't look at my cousin who's younger and I am you know which is you know but I I went. Christiane I do not know that scientifically possible to play like I thought you miss hit not a doctor recommended. Maybe didn't like what I'd like to kids are sixteen months apart. Right eye doesn't say that no. That meant I may do better but it's like weather and I'll found is that you know I mean and that's just my brother got it I tell a year and a half. Nevada win did you defied the let's listen to what can you imagine holy infant guardian pregnant now now man no you haven't had any sleep yet just can't imagine he's put like an extra you know year on what's on the other hand may get it all over with I was kind of did you like look. I don't I don't want to restart the process in me insulin. While things are still messy and at two under fingernails and things are just ridiculous every goddamn day for gonna do it makes it easier majority as I did it was because once we're done with the I'm not trying to do this again I mean announced that gods are gated they'll be tougher to adjust if you got a ten year old junior diligent and now he got a baby in ER Democrat and he immunity they want do what you gotta do it without ever. Dude and the you're done it's thought I don't. Hello Jessie welcome to the bedroom. A bit and I'll stop. Irons that I am Iraq claim her. And black here my boyfriend and I can picture it hear you talk kiddies and climbing and we do. And you're does that ever cross your mind. I mean it was Amanda. It might want to take me up to nature notables clues like this is the day. They're gonna tell me and I don't mean my friends I think my significant other in that moment ago. How well do console. I'll show her make it a bad casserole means to meet. The security around here this you know. And Kendall yeah hopefully not do that will that he may get back. I yeah I okay aren't where I'd add the Aaron and we. We spent like a whole week I am doing my clubs or climbing where you could send the ball and it's it's we're looking for it and let a lot of people they don't know what I don't. As a lead to advise your climb behind the systems lawyer whenever McRae. What we started we wanted to get in Hewett called traditional climbing. Which is where you basically big pieces of metal and a rock and a few funny you hope they catch it PM do. There's no Arnold our own car I hope I mean listen I understand from driving a car I hope. The brakes but statistically speaking up you'll receive our most of those are most of those lines already in the face mean hasn't Simone already don't matter do you have to do and I could feel safe. Many of you pick a crack. Yes. You how many times I say it's ethnic attracted. In Iraq does yeah I smelled terrible. I am anyway and we are getting a little more you stay and I had places you and I like almanac. Nick you're gonna meaning. Thinking well he didn't want it different and yet you can yeah you he would get us what I think the people who would rock climbing you know maybe you should fall you drives. LC of okay. Actually a lot of fun. OK included a bus now you say. It did yeah out my top seed. Blew out and it probably thinking it when he got there living crazy high. And the next he's proud that the red eater dynamic that extracts. So I guess how many lines are cardiac yeah highly dynamic and having a I like wearing a helmet and it. Their stretch actually let me down so whether or not I didn't break any doubt what they're looking back I'm also known to have two more from that as you were falling and you look at Purdue's last. Was he fist pumping. And when he realized that you can bill Cahill yet the fits came down kind of depressed or do you look concerned. No actually he admitted he had acted I don't know try to slow me down as Hillary did. Yes Phil and I hit even let alone I got your and I did and I'm like sure. Does not gonna get all the REI rewards at the in Europe but could. And I never ever seen the guys to do that let those big face climbs and then it's been two or three day here and they have to actually my sleep I'm with sleep on the side of the cliffs I could not running back LA. That's a that's something you want oddly enough money the last thing you know why would you feel comfortable enough that you favorite and you've you've you've drill these tags in and out the two people be in there and have sex at that night. Are probably yeah I'm sure. How shore or a mile. And they say yeah there were burglary horrid and let's digest seriously man your ashore the I don't mind is I think the person to the basically just looks like a mummy bag with a little Belmont up. What year treatment you actually put the tent on the line and then you also an anchor and get a law that no new an all out your stealing your hard at. Can you Ian Blair don't. Can you boil water. So there's a way that I have attend suspended in the air and I can boil water do not boil advance our ally in what how to like get all this had a Laguna pot and Macon stupidly with the nominee nothing and yet now here. So I got sick you can set I inside the tent. The Temps are tomorrow and their let it air. Emma and attackers and the Tampa all right it's just aren't originally like right just paying off both sides right ninety flat the only thing you have is an area that I know that was. Under the climate is still with their feet and how we weren't thinking of all the sensible stuff like those chooses to do that you're like this wall there's nothing Ahmadinejad. Doesn't it you just boil water to the frigid new that's crazy. Yeah because it is but she doesn't know that so it's hard to bargain with those those are might be certain. Rot like I would love. To have the guts and strength and all the rest of bred to do it but I have none of those. So is there any one place you would you would love to attract. Well are happy and it's like that's the glamour and good yeah where's that. Newman his sanity. That. Would start. Is that I need what like Mount Everest is the mountain climbers when he's a K two yeah amount that will understandably so is that yeah. Is that you what you're Roch glad Weaver got Al Cappy tanner of the Connally did and that's that's when he got to do. Big glad that that people are like Coke William gunmen armed but they're good bunch of places everywhere like Spain have a lot of good rock climbing in and like Patagonia. I'd like make. Iraq and lesser. And you're right up as a pretty good climb into it when your when your rock climber. Other T shirts that say like I love to Iraq I mean they have that play on words in a mimic. We're working here to Iraq to they have that kind of a thing like rock and roller anonymous yes. Absolutely I haven't yet they actually do that. And I and I am in my at a question is because another strong yet to be how many bullets could you do in a row. Honestly I can you brother curator in and that's at work yeah it sounds. Dotted blue water and access. You you your teeth. Philly you repeat the climate you kind of pull up that you hang on your arm beneath your feet up higher. And I don't like them Anderson I can't completely understand that but I would still think Georgia I think you're going to be climbing with your legs by which arms and grip come in awfully handy and wanted to act as my grip strength that. Are you told Mikey. And they'll be taller Mikey you've gone on now I know I'm tiger or and so do you weigh a hundred pounds. In pretty nice cars and I did it help you as far as being able to stabilize about it you know easy guys went 32 and I don't know mountains threat to build Iraq climate and yeah like I go on hikes Ankara for. At MO if you want to America did you attack absolutely love macho man the people that tend to dominate it has always obstacles and I guess people train and obstacles and get the guys is that I Cora and the guys bounce and all the hardcore par corps are hard core -- -- those guys are okay it seems like in what Clinton is attributed to lose to okay able to come to strings like these rock climbers come out. The built like battling me I don't gangly looking in the cinema to resolve the one hand there are just instantly. Holy crap those guys do so well not so it's doable upper body storms what was your. You Selig a professional opinion on with two fingers PSE and American Tarzan. I have not city America Latvia I got to watch I I cut I cut the middle of a donut similar to like Abbott there on the jungles selected got to do all this weird crap and it was like. Part of it was the climate. With jungle in South America somebody got to climb. A cliff face but it has always root tank and down. You can either. Use the routes to kind of climb up put a few on the wall and do that kind of led the battle and scale way to scale the wall different techniques or some one person. But the first person race took like half hour to get up that's maybe fifty feet that is not the highest court Federer but it's a pretty good clock and an annex was a woman is a rock climber she was she like two minutes. A no problems until it the next guy is a strongman competitor. But big huge beard like 300 something pounds could make it as a slightly different way and three attempts that I can pull so much thought I could pull a plane I can lift you know. And that's what's winner in my head you can't let myself up this good or bad when did you defied the odds hello Mike welcome to the men's room. I don't know how little. All right wow loading dock. Marty defiant in our well being ejected through that he'd top although rolling car. And walk away Republican Merrill iiroc. No I actually it was a Capri. Oh you mean like an old mustang are you old mustang under the Mercury. Out of Mercury version of the old west and were you driving the car review pastor I want to pass and what happened how to how to get to the point of cars slipping in your flying out. Well you. We were on a fly on a road and he thought he was on the aren't around to the freeway and it started accelerating unit in the road curved. And he shot back Tyre into this round and round it looked a car over. Our work out routine stop and it rolled over on its growth again. I guess you didn't have received a lot of the time based on the model of the car coal. Did not nominates you talk about 19781980. Right. Eight he YOK do you remembered going through the sunlight and in other words you didn't pop out either did you blow through it. Our liberal. Through blouse are proud part of that he top cop we underneath my right here in Horry we all found my connecting the Marshal there. And I ordered an unmarked back in a table got its. Our bomb. Annex that wore out there toward the hole and I won't do the do you root for the Georgia led the league dubbed it would hurt worse. Going through the top Berlin on a cactus. A residual having over a thousand practiced aren't marked by hope the worst part of it almighty god man let's that is death were you in any old on the cactus basically because your now. Art art woke up. I'd knock the now I think that he got mocked yeah I don't remember Archie going out of the car. On our I remember waking up in my arm out in policy and and certain energy it was Larry in the background are perfect for what song. I don't remember. I'm not all the burden over the cat isn't Ted Nugent who go to bat what do you defied the odds emails on the way to the men's room and I'll let him live that down. It's miles Soledad promoted a point nine KI SW San Diego headed down that.