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Friday, July 8th

Emails, Ted is 12-9 against the FCC, and it's a Bad Joke Friday


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We've miles. Nine point nine. Yes you can read the original thought that is out there religious figure out for the weekend Jaycee and delicious we've got a brand new locations we talked about earlier we. More specifics depending on where you are. Miller now a challenger village breath away at the debut replace Norris well also they'll lose the cave man flu drugs that are delicious sauce John. Yeah yeah I'll do some things don't get that fit the ports and I'm really excited. I guess that's serious fan out there available I don't know my editors that. They are right I was I think that's. You go to the friend portal what is make sure you get more well nobody out here. Opponents diner on Capitol Hill empires where available dates meets doubled the meets the island market drivers Michael Steele landing. Also at Cannes market queen in local 360 local boys marine a market mound like boulevard market payless foods in the red apple Beacon Hill and Paul hole location. If you're headed to the ballgame it's available Safeco Field sinner played silver platter hotel Jimmy's on vs got to the octopus borrowed 45. And it's not a country leveraged Ballard late months wonder bra and solved. Some locations you get men's original sausage knowledge that you get it delivered. Online right now. At KI SW dot com bullies world famous off the men's room original read a war to winning beer then at the world of beer festival. Combined to make some of the best sausage you'll ever taste all the details. RK ISW backup. Want to get to our questions and regular mad when did you defy the odds we'll take a quick break American reader emails in the men's room and men's or live dot com next. Back to the men's room. We miles into. 52% of couples do not have sex on the wedding night that's survey says which is shocking number to me about those just made. But 52% to more than half do not have sex on their wedding night and that was the inspiration for our question today a good or bad when did you defied. The odds are coming of Islamic Goldie busy part of the way we've got the bad jokes roll their rank castle the drug in charge of me and for bad till Friday returner Ted vs the FCC we'll drink we'll toast in the week in the shot of the day and then of course match. I'm very well Miguel for an album that would go platinum this day for the one and oh man known as Ray-J. The minutes from. That's something. Yeah. That's the thing that's what can. Go down low flat out. This day in 1978 for the artist known then you might then. I love Matt Joyce Friday thanks to our baby is 779 and I hope forgive intimidated by Rick James from street song sticks or tickets. 277999. Vote for the money man Eddie Money. And two biggest paradise message and data rates may apply you can vote on Twitter and 999 KI SW using cash stake baby. Or hash tag tickets will play one of those Tutu has gone up bad choice Friday by the way how we do on the voting miracles today errors and either and I think it's not Owens caught close but so what's happened is you've had surges in the in the final stretch or so it's anybody's game where Tillman now on the the home stretch there a bad choice Fridays to get there and vote now if you care again good or bad when did you defied the odds and here come those emails in the men's room amends or live dot com. He does Roger Riley's a Roy brown brewers a men's room original red because we think it's get a silver or bronze medal winner degrade American beer festival more importantly men's room gold is out now if you find it shoot us an email to the men's or momentum live dot com we will spread the word as locations. Keep coming on pools that match and that is very illegals are investors bet that it's just that the streets has not everywhere but it's out in the world. Against the odds guys that winds up out the back window of a dodge COLT and walked away cannot find the number to call that would be 206421 rock. There was six girls and meet in the car they defy the odds just by getting in a car was six girls and you. Guys that defied all odds on winning an argument with a woman last week and she admitted I was right common iron 790524631. Wins men one that from day air can I do I do think you got the win. Yet he's pro and all your date doesn't carry out rat dead back. Very had a strong point now Ed that hundreds of NBA gods Saturn into doubt. And twelve had a brain tumor removed from behind my right guy that was extremely aggressive form of cancer the tumor survival with this cancer. Is thirteen fifteen months on average I'm still here more than four years later appreciating life a love and my family more more every day. That from Justin. Guys as far as Steve UC be semi is concerned you Shimmy actually went back to his original firehouse and helped out with searching for victims after 9/11. It's pretty impressive there it took awhile to that story out because he was like don't tell anybody I'm just here storm and it right I did that allow modest or she was there on the twelfth. Yeah he was out the next round and get it way down he was like a boom I'm gone I'm I'm living there and volunteer and on and take care business a lot gentleman I was born and is never right ear and the condition is called admiral Shia and Alice made fun in my whole life until I get in the high school it was able to grow my hair out long. I've had nine different surgeries to reconstructed they started eight years old my last one was when I was seventeen. I had no ear canal or outer ear of the doctors rebuild adult and drilled a hole through my skull implanted an artificial Deirdre. And I can now here are small amounts of it which is better than what I had when I was born and all the odds of it but I got it and that's all I care about Nazi gas fields are not good. Got hundreds judicial game last year called just slam cross between frisbee golf and horseshoes display with two different colored Christie's. The obvious point is to throw the frisbee into a slot six inches high and twelve inches long. That automatically wins the game and there are other ways to score points to. The game was a stalemate and eleven points for awhile I stepped up in those said I'm tired getting no points so openness for you right in the slot. Peoples and dean said it's out now you're gone you're shot media and nobody tried to assist the frisbee. Amid the most perfect shot a final odds by calling throw in the winning the game they are all stunned look to each other and to already that. That's from van that scooter Shackelford do we have any text today from so from the. That we do man job suites Emily yeah we always texts. We got though somebody does that have to what do you do unbelievable the amount. Yeah out starter heard enough kids wearing off you know I own it outright death and call Verizon announced that it was a carrot and hundreds of small part of his mouth is now without support you want nominees like. You know when sergeant moody like an hour rounds are we go do what page that then it's. Dead like OK as I don't protect Sears says my daughter defied the odds by being conceived. I was wearing a condom in her mom my ex was on birth control. Middleman and I get the same thing my birthday every year's shirt and a piece of ass and are both too big thing back on. September if you answer emails there for the midterm amends or live dot com. Guys could you please wish my beautiful girlfriend Nicole had Hebert daisies turning 26 and hates hearing about it much appreciated cheers bitches. That from Brian wait there's more. I know there are rules about the deadline December they shout outs but I thought I would think it's Cher you know you wish my kid a happy birthday. Columnist Tony two years old today and I want to honor his birthday with a oh look out and Al hitting the window number one because he loves that combo and two I love to hear low thrill laugh every time it's played the other funny every turn thanks Roy you guys do that from the loyal listener Paige who was collins' mom look at. Oh. I didn't ever get. What I do is my husband Brad happy thirtieth birthdays a longtime listener and rule follower from would be island kitty get a barbershop fish sandwich and a no look out thanks from crystal can again if it's. And email so you know oh my god you run. Brother can I enemies and okay salute geez and it's harder on the sun. I have got to guys always judge Tyrell mild one and only had a birthday today I dig debate could get a bomb hit turtle sex in the birthday song that for him Adrienne so you some. Thong hit there. They battled her sex doesn't get less creepy. Ever know now not it'll only Jordan. All logos on my tuition happy birthday to my brother in law Erin congratulations on his recent wedding hopefully he can visit us since we can hang out Las Vegas and were less than two hours away. I would like a LeRoy Jenkins followed by an Olympic. And ate fish sandwich quartet kibo a rock in the Airways Mitchell is that from Chris in saint George Utah a. Yeah. He looked go to and I again if he is and okay so you know I got the bra. Brother can nine enemies and okay salute she's and it's under on this. Eight. Guys my boyfriend Jesse 39 birthday we're very excited to go see Alice in Chains it's his favorite band could you please remember they shout out no fish sandwich though he hates that S thank you guys that from terrorists know no you don't wanna be challenged all the solos you ridiculous bastards at a great time the ref has to meeting all of you all attend its jazz from king street. Well what's up today's my boyfriend beats per day in our first year anniversary mega classic faced sandwich and I'll look out and you like that. Thanks you guys are the best that from just the chest aren't impressed look. You get a special shout out to dead in your name is just the chest. That basically oh don't tell you everything there's been saying for years about Ted there's a lot of soccer games and I like kings should they Terry and she used to work at great Cal's all on the ballot at the biggest chest in the whole room as the one or an unbelievable that they're a magnet regards Brett into the women that I would have them believe. I'm definitely tells domes. But I don't problem closely decals wounds are phenomenal and I if it. I guys I knew my son loved her shoulder and realize how much until the other day I get home from work in my bag down before I can say anything he just looks up to me and says soul sucking up cupcake. So in honor of all his awesome this and his seventh Burt they have like rich list and Powell and Alan they Kennedy suck it up cupcake for many things effort Nathaniel. Thanks guys that from meanie yeah. Oh I look at it oh. Only Jolie haven't that is my daughter's birthday we love the show listen to a daily on my nine hour a day drive can I get a take off the leash now hitting the window and turtles accent from your favorite irishman does have a single. Oh yeah. Right semi eighteen Phil my outside Tyson the quartet fish sandwich police from Jimmy. Can again if it's. And email so you know oh my god you run. Other K and I and they said look and see if she's and it's under on this. Paula Jones is my buddy GLs birthday today can you give my Puerto Rican brother please clap a suck it up cupcake and I jeez Louise he'd really appreciate that love everything you guys do keep on rocking from job to police squad. Oh. Yeah she week. Still the first of all I know you probably among the past ten months has been a dark path personal refereeing then you may be that made me laugh a lot daily helping me he'll swiftly thank you guys. Thunderbird their request for a good friend Dong. Pronounced young. After a blistering forty but it's spelled DE EU NG what a bummer liked to have been named done our budget actually said Dong a bad news says it's John that's got to be crappy. He's forty can you please give them it's time to dig up police followed by a cut that bitch off a refrain from maternal sexism no make somebody all the squeeze us yes. Happy doing the great thing you do look forward to many guys on these days they lose that from us that this kind of sick she got pregnant now. Read all of our guys today is our friend Erin Zacks 53 AKA air horn every knows everyone knows real well. In the dump truck SeaWorld and he's a great goofy guy I'm sure everyone would agree could you please sing the birthday song gonna cut that pitch off of an Al hitting the window. Cheers airport have a great birthday. Every adult. Who read column. Oh I guess and I tumbled in loosely stereo. We had a good OK happy having had a good happy happy about it because you pay your video but then. I general and others merely for miles does he lose Reynoso much but I think it's funny because my parents decided to spend their honeymoon in Reno. So I ask has Reno gone downhill or what in my parents decide the honeymoon there. Gentlemen dad Tim who got these journalists indicate ice W when I was an elementary school seriously the best data daughter could ever ask for love you guys. That from Jessica just idle moment a bullet in their one. Target to Iowa there classless apparently classless and that's what you go to Reno and did my parents had their honeymoon in that Williamsburg Virginia. Like seventeen hundreds flakes I. Again and I am just shocked I remember being a little kid I'm one of my turn right many cross country trips and they Stockton arena also as a little kid. It seemed kind of exciting in the left my brother mine hotel room said. We're gonna go check out Reno will be back it's my brother and I we are preparing to just fault you know we're kids. They were back in twelve minutes I mean like what you'd done already Malaysia let's votes needed guys maybe are you know there's been warriors was. Also look loosely based on a Greek story called and a bases. Basically some great try to put a certain Persian prince on the Persian from the even though they won the battle the prince they were fighting for was killed in the Persian prince wasn't too fond of the Greeks that points of the great said the fight their way out of Persia. And back to their home turf in Greece. There's even a quote of the movie it's a loose translation from the story about seeing DC and thinking their home safe. A cheers guys have interest in the ginger ninja a PS I don't know why I know all this random trivia either Ted. Yeah and if you wanna watch warriors that's on you look there were held comes from it's. They studied at the time that they bring you real watched the entire thing you're not gonna know why you watchful slightly today and what a nice way to armor Greek literature. Warriors get halfway through a bad movie like that menu like on the fence like. Glad to finish up halfway through the art he's got until I do and I think it would turn you gotta finish here. Guys are driving their house around generally move from Germany the USA added noting English best words of the first night and. Guys that Hilltop and red hot in Tacoma talk about hot dogs yesterday Ted yellow mustard. Thousand island dressing onions nacho cheese sauce a slice of bacon and tomatoes that from Jeremy I never heard of that thing about Hilltop or the red Mora more hot dog fun if you ever go to Hawaii you have to get a who could dog same as the Hawaiian. According to what Ted said. That from glimpse of the called up who could dogged Michael good dose of on the subject got hot dogs in Paris France you get a hot dog in a begat with sauerkraut and a strange. From image removed from our Obama the just melts Helen good can find anything similar to a here although autocratic is. From FR oh him in an age from age from age from law they can you ought to correct from a chemist I don't call it auto suggest that I thought a lot more accurate guys how can you guys haven't throw some of them interim men's or sausage on your hot dog roller you have the perfect excuse to have that thing running every data from Sam Fishman enacted that would stem Daria. Bridges this week you talked to a couple about Long Island iced tea. I worked on the LPGA to war and the Virginia tournament the Long Island iced tea is the un official drink of the tournament. There's a bar just off site a lot of people who work for the tore circuitry cats and several nights a week. The Long Island's four bucks good golly two weeks of getting hammered off of those is rough the dirt cheap. Cheers guys that from John the Jumbotron guy who says also the Wal-Mart tournament I drank several nights with a fellow men from listener gray got to hang out with that makes dogs. What kind of vertical. Not anybody else most nights now lake. And wreck this huge LPGA tournament. Let's Jackson alive today I think is more amazing you run into a men's room listeners and LPGA tour not ignore the Wal-Mart classic has whenever it was still. Guys I'm Molly to the party on this but I just wanna follow to say thanks again the thrill for taking some time out of his day and singing the birthday song to my brother. Via video and read fest in a drive an ambulance all day which was also his birthday in the resent it a whole lot better. On a side note men's from gold should be popping up in the south sound any time it arrived at the distributor on Thursday keep of the great work and hope to see you all the lesion great pumpkin fest. Rock on that from Greece that guy who works for a leash and two of them don't you guys got to go to that man it's 5 o'clock confess yes I've done it a couple of years and I I just you know like my mind is a race tunnel all right guys yell liquor endeavor beverage now has men's room gold on tap for ground love all two ounce bottles that would be a yelled what liquor and beverage. Will be here are just doubled on the Tony two's a men's gold at the Lynnwood Fred Meyer. Ice rock on guys that from Brian thank you had a scheduled to you know I don't what got us today to. And the wrong. Hands it's hands smooth. And so. And guys Tim McKinley trip turn did it tragedy is one of my good friends at ground zero and has. The time this email was written his body is still not been found because this is wife and family come move toward the assistants or prepare services. His children and wife unfortunately watch this have been a curve and Russ was one of the sweetest most genuine men I've ever had the privilege to meet. I be so grateful he could share this with your listeners to Russell's wife and children and have to worry about the finances while trying to locate him for closure. Thanks guys so much that from Kendra a by the way if you want you up to donate to any cargo funding. Stories today Elliott to do was good Castelli dot com click on the mend your page you signaling to go find yourself and check these guys. Trying to figure out how I can get this mentioned on your segment let me know if I cannot help but anyway my mom got involved and head on collision. The woman crossed lanes at my mom's car she's not around ourselves. It's enough those expenses. Guys this is a strange story but we wanna share about a nightmare that happened in. June on the second day of vacation in Mexico. Willie his wife Christie and daughter and a family friend walking back to resort after a night out friends. A car with two men drove up slowly beside them and I ask they're going after ignoring them the men drove away only to return to more times for time third time is that something. To his wife and his daughter and a son Willie he walked over to ask to go away at that time his arms were accosted inside the passenger side window. Cars and drove off increasing speed while dragging really down the road. He was medevac to serve memorial hospital in San Diego where he's recovering from a brain injury if you would like to help but really there's guns terrible situation in Mexico or any of those counts. Just in the KI SW dot com click on the men's or page. And did the link to go find yourself and weak in the help either. Let's see here if we could I think we need to go back in time to the last time we played Ted verses the FCC so we could let's go back in time. Yeah. My silly yeah yeah. And I love doing the city a cat's name is silly silly. Silly sit. Love silly city folk who packed silly sit. On the shadowy sidewalk. While sucking up. Pushy purse returned back. My Phillies kitty cats they made silly sit silly sit clubs silly city folk group that's silly sit. On the shadowy sidewalk while sucking up pushing her. And put out by Billy Jack aim is Phillies fifth. Phillies sit gloves Phillies batters Phillies city folk who pats Phillies sit on the shadowy sidewalk while sucking up sheep are. Food my silly city tax payments Phillies that. Phillies sit ups Billings city Pope who accidentally sit overshadowing sidewalk was talking up the shape. We do to right now not a turnaround for tech news I do. Whose three. 140 plus. Ball. You won't go way. Update this time record says this is the FCC. As well as Superman don't try to ten at a disadvantage today again last night because he lost his voice is weak it is a root canal the war caused a little bit. Dropped the dart to register twelve in nine I see well enough although I do what they shoot and I just read this this week that bad news right now I'll find from their two C three to 50000 dollars. It is group. As of July 1 of this year based on some things that congress pass FCC fold under the umbrella. They've had to have to look for adjust for inflation knock him they've added another divers and it's now to 383000. This site you wanna know that. An additional 300 Ghana we will lose the regular intra conference that something. I'll I just amazing Perez ran at Dover test. I still say America has had over I don't lose half salary although we got stayed up late last night coming up with some rhymes and little over ten dollars is the FCC and I decided to this week go with the. Listeners submitted Timberland have simply had no one of those have come out really gone bad at least by six yes in general much Nathaniel the eight hole cardinals fan which means. All right cardinals fan threat. So here we go this is this we said vs the FCC the way we do this as you need to read it one time through than three times fast it goes something like this. Did she admits slates tips and hunts Crocs silly belief that locker frank Slorc slates and drank Joe's is jugs. Injury but I'm through and now I'll tell how his jugs is just don't know they are but I don't wanna try one. You're a student you to Rivera entered orders does is in their but his jug Weezer we believe it's his SpinRite his his judged. News. Right Staunton and we did. I got a pronounce it correctly the classic guy out there standing there she Mets. So let's tips and pumps Crocs. Silly Philly. Fat blocker frank slurp she lets and drink Jews. It is June hogs. Novak did she mix so let's tip our. Oh that's silly silly bad guys. I know that gave. And maybe one of the quicker Denver as the FCC's Internet in 2016 and that. I couldn't get ready go it's a bad joke Friday 20642 Iraqi prisoners the bad jokes on Twitter at 999 KI SW. And admits her live takes advantage of some 77999. And since the emails that at the men's room. And men's or my dog god will take a break the drug charge right Cassel takes a bed till Friday next. Oh that's O Ryan runs you fire friends and charities distilling companies BS vetoed B brown sugar bird and if you haven't tried that you've got to get dead and that is absolutely Jeff's stuff just bring my house them at my office right now the problems your shot surely once you break it up the show today anyway in this two bedroom Friday's first. I would go to bed just trying to a hello my welcome to the bedroom. This sort of auto shop. They're gonna start is important current Ted love yeah it went at their inside temperature at that time. Inside temperature of dogs on what's. Yeah. Hello amber but both these things go bad on the outside and I hello amber welcome to the bedroom. And I now. I can thank flocking to a bar. There's one back. Hello from diseases like welcomed the bad yeah. I don't embarrass them like this yeah it couldn't be here ought and I. What are the man across the road by the one armed man cross the road tickets secondhand store. A look at just ago in the bedroom Friday. On the job. Credit account. How do you account cows now with a calculator. Right that's all you have any idea the text joke the joke where unfortunately you give the set up to the punch line is an appropriate for these or any other Airways would be like the punch line all you have to do six the word joke. Joseph 277999. How is life like a few. All his life like a penis. If I'm. The day after I still do 77999. Are out there manager David. So bloody day. Deserves to be ready. Men's room. It's just the way news. I started and as usual we had to be doing desk can't seem to throw vilify an outdoor Joseph yes indeed today we just the far post it. Nydia skin care products. To be fair or. Much about until the Emo scene about Letterman accused rafter I think I think a blue bottle danceable bottle German company whatever aren't so in this age of like over political correctness it's nice to know that the folks that Libya is that you don't look at where it's gonna do we do so. They have a new ad campaign for the summer I don't know if you're familiar with the split. This is exactly Barbara Towson in the new pad their remote control plane but it actually looks like Siegel gliding over beach. In this particular Siegel the craft some screen on to little could blow on the that missile were toasting both the person got out okay how I could add a and then the person who signed off on the I'll ask they're doing the right thing double I like it there's not a right answer Brad had to drove but it does look like. Ball. Flies over the beach administered spoofing does not prove it is a mystery as that you know what that's my kind of commercial which around it and sure. If it's free sun screen follow anyhow I you know I was in theory that the birdies real parents although no. Then don't know grown ups they like the bird is up there I don't know it's really you know if you're in a commercial and tell me yeah well I don't know that no chance of told me 5050. Made a candid camera yeah that one of the episode three months through but I love the idea Somoza did our. I like that idea make it happen who cares it's funny and now people are pissed that they will be so too did move gravity that the bird to a bunch of the to protect there oil. Report those moms and we during this movie ticket because we think it's young may no matter so over the tong and they'll look. Two party in art tummies down a whole lot of jobs. He has greens to get an airplane many right there and that's what brought you all the Barbosa sailors Jerry's ice. Now. Now I hope should. I don't know. Growth I got your back. Hi I went back tonight and anyone for an album that would go flat in this day for a James the tune on that one give it to me baby along with super freak me that when go platinum you know what specifically he was asking for her stink and profound and that's a got to tune that would go double platinum this day in 1978 for the man known as any money that tune two tickets to paradise ten how was the voting. Not close at all. I thought I don't know they were doing this I don't either. Well. It's a bit of a shocker but maybe not either way. People only get funky man but I don't wanna give it to you any money to to get to 1010 era that I go to repair our former new York city police officer. Eddie Mahoney known as Eddie Money here's your winner on a bad choice Friday as mild romance or my nine point nine KI SW again.