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Friday, July 8th

Shot of the Day, TV Time with Ted has clips from Gretchen Carlson and Dolly Parton,Plus Headlines and Taryn Daly starts the weekend off strong


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The men's room where miles and and he nine point now OK I guess double. And studio organize a new challenge our material that's a word on the street as far as that game was concerned and where are they a bad choice Friday that would be the one and only any money. Go back this day foray album the win double platinum in 1978 and two tickets to paradise and major winner on a bad choice Friday says that's it takes a minute to get there. And then he gets in the near paradise mentally I ElBaradei said was like this the right one again just. It takes a while it's great song though the money man I'd there's a win on a bad choice Friday a couple things which is a first moment interim goal is out. Now we've got a couple emails from people who founded at a couple Fred Meyer locations will have all that taking care of as far as next week is concerned but the one thing we do encourage. Because as this stuff gets out we're not aware of all the locations if he could shoot us an email to the men's remains a black dot com that'll help us to help you. Find the beer one more note as far as. Means your bread and men's from gold is concerned we always say like look. If we get any news if you wanna send us any thing you always can and will be sure to get an out there what wherever you can find the beer. Found the beer and here's the story. Locals will be able to tells the pornography industry during a tongue in cheek to cheek events in Adams Morgan going on the right now Ted. The black squirrel is scheduled to host its first ever panty party to celebrate national porn day. It's going on right now in Washington. DC aren't the happy hour will include food specials such is the aptly named Kim car dash U burger which wedges too small beef patties between the you've got to be kidding me sized buttons. The event will also include beer and giveaways of nylon pants aren't. I guy who owns the black squirrel Amy's or the girl says that's the idea came about during Aiken conservation about the names of different craft Beers. All's talking to some women in the hospitality industry and we started talking about some of the ridiculous names appear staff. It's clearly massage and a stick in their made in named by men who did not get laid in high school. You have any idea of some of the beer that they have on tap right now and I was more guests and. As we said good or bad we'll let you know where the merely be on tap as they do have six points weed action. And a beer from the early show called just the tip. It had to deal with the third beer is. That they haven't ever right now and Adams Morgan which is misogynist again nature and named by men who did not get delayed in high school she got that part right man drew a minute does the measure that would be men's room original route around February not a give and asking the I honestly don't know does this idea I never had sent out as I mean you know that you're dead and I hope they sell a lot of that beer there tonight and Adams Morgan a lovely DC for the good reader and a couple orasure house for a good cause for sure. Let's see here the S senators and action over the weekend your mariners and action as well Medicare your store. About that plan on the Sunday for everything else take a break and equity be cemetery next. Back to the men's room with miles and 99.9. KI ESW. Hi Turner's inaction over the weekend they are down and I Kansas City after last night's debacle designers and action tomorrow at home against the galaxy that gets often Noonan there a storm though vast collection on Sunday as well. For anything else ever TV talent dead. And now. A lot. Countless hours in front of the talking Marx and Adam. Lot of moving parts going on attack USC 200 so what does that and I got a good closely. Or what the hell's going to a guy gets popped what drugs were ever lose John jet so here's your Jon joked right two got popped by the United States anti doping. People people think it is. Power. But it's a bunch who vote letter I saw earlier right. So he got in trouble a couple of years ago he tested positive for cocaine. But it was like weeks before the fight. So it according to that definitely did the testing that's done for steroids they're like look. Streak basically street drugs only count against you fits in within twice for those of you go into the cage ball popped up on the good and click OK brown just a problem but. Frankly they don't Democrats if you do put a few weeks before it general button. How should cost. In a body back in today getting care what their roles in your water right so really the corner. CEO pop for that that was when he first got for Oregon trouble than it already had like I think I think it DUI before that. Many had been hit and run and there's kind of backed guy they have a deal why are that I hit and run with the pregnant lady where he ran away and then came back grab as we ran back over eight. The height and I think that's when he got suspended and are. I wouldn't yet again god does not give you all the tools if you don't give you some of the tools but not all the tools. So then. He had fought this other guy did a crummy DC. So then he had beaten DC and it decision makers five around that and frankly John Jones the fourth fifth round heat he put the working out and beat our. But any hits and all this trouble so he stripped of his title well DC goes on did to win the vacant title and and the challengers have come up since then he went. Jones DC this fight has been bill ultimately the guy wants to be jump just to prove there is something we'll send it off to. Right exactly locus everytime no credible peace is different Jones is an ego you're not there we'll stay out. Like I never lost my title. Right and anyway it's a fight fan logo are thinner. Went on a technicality. But I mean he never thought about exactly phrase I get it stripped that so that fight was rhetoric. So that fight was massive and keep in mind this is the same card originally that was supposed to be McGregor vs Diaz do right so that got bumped they said all right. Sliding John Jones DC. I like most utes defense pumped. We should take its fight on that short hoped for paying I'll know Ed barely date it's a great card right. So then Jones two nights ago we find out that he failed a test at a competition and a couple months ago. But because the the fight is coming this soon they said hey we can tester B sample but you can't fight it. And then also because they didn't let him fight that leads are ready to believe it is. They just let him fight and and then on and then later go oily death. Positive for the yea you know. So what we're gonna payday do these guys here's another I mean late the last that you would learned nothing about boxing and even though. No one watches it comparatively do you have C if you're a title fight. And especially if you're the contender you stand to make a windfall of cash so to lose out under the guarantee easy shot. Summons is one of those lessons like him and that there's out of money you just left on the table for some stupid or. I think for job I think is more an issue for the USC is John Jones he's so who's out a tough I. I don't think you'll lose out that much on price the price the purse. But he was. He was the face meanings arguably the greatest fighter ever in the USC. But he was an all commercials during mean but the US or do you want us right he was he was we got and then he got suspended that's what kind of kind of McGregor kind of blew up because it boom. In enroute to become the face is there I don't know and I are. How many is there any any indication that. I don't know like Brock Lesnar lot of people question whether he's clean enough. Is it weird that he's fighting this base in the same certain does he have a different set of rules and that's why he had example got a special exemption arguing that because obviously he's he's the if you got a special exemption that it's kind of admittance like. All do it. But just know if you test me then the vice not gonna happen so some. How do you wanna go like Rourke that's wanna do it's funny here's the rule out you don't may elect but diesel rules that we haven't. We understand you usually do why you've done entertainment no normal file don't care but if you're gonna do this. So what you're not a guy named giant so you can't test so he got an exemption for. Yeah I mean I wanna say they didn't testament all could an iPod but there were some type of exemption or because he's in the WW es so many only had two months like he does he was put Lockhart a quick look at our and my cocky got up. Davis well now it's up there were very arrogant okay I just got information says that his second test confirms a result. They test. David just that is B sample in his own John generally the Somalia has these dirty somewhat and last time he fought Cormier news 500000. Akron. We'll work for Mehmet 90000 so that also means for John Jones down and we're learning that they confirm that that's I wanna see it two year ban. So now this guy that he's DC. Is he the guy findings probably won't yet know and how they take charity Anderson Silva. The nine. Are right I can in hand I should back up a little it this fight was scheduled a little while ago but like. DC got hurt so it had to be rescheduled a cat so he's been training very hard I saw him win light John Jones and I saw fight this guy John Anderson civil what I saw Wayne today he looks great for him. Looks in great shape so obviously. He put in that much work and stuff you still quite sure yet. Here but here's the irony like like anybody else you have a good team if you like you can beat anybody I'm sure you're Golden State you thought you can beat anybody this year because you do it. What you practice for that team you're gonna play. And here it's not like two or three different teams and a two week period it's one guy. That you are specifically trying to be based on his style I would guess in what he does so. The way you train you might work harder on your ground game if you think that's where you're weaker. But your your tailoring that based on the opponent you believe you're gonna fight and watching tapes so yeah why not let's say thank you Michael and the worst scenario ever is for him to go I mean I don't know if Anderson Silva isn't good shape or not depending on you know where he's been what do you think it would have saved by being in the Arctic but the differences is that you have not trained to fight Anderson so you've trained to fight somebody and. Also don't I don't. Might help me out on this one I don't think that this is the title fight but I don't think DC's put his belt on the line is we know he's not this is not a title you just catch weight our rights egos it's kind of like what kind of McGregor did. When he lost his fight. Like Nate Diaz is of a fight at a bigger weight and stuff so wasn't a title fight he's still retains his belt at 145 I don't know if I can do yeah exactly okay. And if you're 02 anime fan you like this kind of stuff does like the old days of the green and freeze and that artisan guy has no weight class right you there's no way classes you definitely three times and it's been paying. Yes edited it's kinda cool. But either way like Alex said Lesnar still on my car. And then now I mean me personally I'm most excited for me should fight. I hope she defend that title actually I felt pretty confident she will but. Yet that'll be great and look at Saturday night summertime the Mena that's prime time for a fight scene now. Speaking of which have you guys seen south Paul. Miller and I was Jake Gyllenhaal I've isn't that a good. I'll watch it OK let's oh all right so it's like warriors. Yeah well I think it's like I don't like Jake Gyllenhaal shore I like boxing movies right and then Forrest Whitaker is America so I kept going. Little cheesy I might turn off those atomic force went across stick in it and before I realized that I was like. Only twenty minutes left I can't believe I watched a full plate fifty cents the booted the bad promoter rotary did you get through the whole thing. I did break and I like fifty. More. Either way edits are not a general not to what should put up on the screen it just started to England's. I don't belts and I think ditty in migrated to movies right thought he doesn't inch it's a ditty goes too far out of character but but but he he's. Slowly he goes well. Utterly relieved that I'll give them out of luck even LL cool. Does so that's similar Devale Jackson getting busy got a yet midway through the production in the movie. He had to start production on another movies basically went to them satellite let ya gotta write me out so that's one of the greatest parts of the movie yeah it's almost like smoking aces were they just introduce Ben Affleck see if he's going to be an important part of movie that just below two seconds like perfect thing happen and scream with Drew Barrymore. Bright red and yellow I wanted to be in a mood to show a similar deal as I can film for two days like just kill me the beginning and now I like that. Kill off the main character these things and some. OLO accord it was great network oil I kept waiting for him Diddy. Right at the whole movie gets I auto when he's in the it and that's a deeply sees eerie scene it. Is they don't like a hole under underwater like life science facility show right in the whole idea is that sharks are so Smart we can take some of their brain. And then how they've made the short Smart right and we can help Blake rate they can build other like human brain inside the sharks brain and then if if there is having brain issues we can put the new healthy brain and Brett. Majority particularly sharp brain sharp break how do you you go over the sharp and I yeah. But eventually your front anyway it goes back as they go from where you exit the sharks are Smart so I think an open doors and crack a Loko Jake is blocking out speaks. Basically. He's the cook. So there's this lake scene right and everybody knows the old joke any reference is it like he's a black dude he's gonna die or is it yet is like recording a video diary Luc under the black guy down you're down at. Evidently he record the video diary while the do you have the before I do. Is a recipe for me Lou Holtz when he hit it as far as I'm sorry about that I'm happy I'm through with sort of bird is they think it's all about them you don't know they'll keep Padilla. Oh man I hate but he does get bit. He does. Now we ought to talk about a and a penchant for bonds are large breast. Little Richard Reid yeah I don't think you really understand how this works you're the magnate in there is a medal that she's one of my all time favorites. Besides team responded big breasts it's just has a great accent. That you little older. Talking about Dolly Parton. Those are gonna go. Doctor Quinn medicine. Now bond. I was oh but don't get me wrong or Jane Seymour is super is that what you didn't think it does its ups. Yet yet you know hours browsing about doctor Quinn medicine woman I think I don't think I agree with Suzanne Somers and got a corporate Kia manager and the more. I'd say this is Dolly Parton talking about how she feels about what fans get tattoos of her face. It's kind of a double edged sword in recent times is you know you you can worry about it but they're disown you voted you can't keep them. You know London with all your heart you know throughout Bermuda right now. Yeah college sweetheart she's just trying to say the nicest thing well like I appreciated but I would have never done that a little weird but I also think sets up the creepy but on flat you can as a crazy but. I like. Double its own. 78 G-7 eight and she's done a good job and her logic even a black person to. Mean gee I mean obviously she's before that time and for that aero but she's always been very closed and didn't do a lot of interviews. Was this kennel like you know what this is nonsense I'm not famous I just wanna go home and now I'm not famous hanging out partnered up and yet my boobs are simple and doable I never did it has got him double. You know I don't party as analysts it's not like. I don't think I've seen a bunch or movies or know her music but she is one of those unique characters that sticks out she has got to buy track for whatever reason you know she's just. She's like Betty White to your your Dolly Parton doesn't matter what else you do and we know your country singer new event did the late. Just being Dolly Parton is all you do you could almost be like if if it's when like Bob Barker showed up on Happy Gilmore mean yeah you realize the Bob could do this thing like of Dolly Parton showed up in a movie and dropped an F bomb or like you know. I don't know punch somebody in the face to do it. Oh my god don't parts of Baghdad the Betty words right now would class my glasses yeah ruins another great movie. In no foul mouth on that poll doesn't always human to show where in September 21. Fool me in two weeks ago found September 21 at a Saturday. Soccer. All right you don't have a calendar in your mouth I am sorry test. Open up into a photographer and a brother outbreak don't know today anyway Matt David the debate at the meadowlands Wednesday says our environment. I'm also dumb not to slow Ted. You're excited for the week anything's happened. It. Christian Karl sent. She was one of the co host of I think on FOX & Friends in the morning of yeah yeah and now she's doing in needles Roger Ailes yeah. Basically Sany sexually harassed her right. So this isn't so much sexual harassment is just now Gretchen and conversations some of her. Go posted its just. Big sacks this is a win at this man he doesn't really last night in some commodities actually on FOX & Friends this morning. Inscription is cute in person she is on CN would you answer America gorgeous and newsletter today beautiful dress looked wonderful. Oh women should be reading brought story correct. Hey gunmen are experts have you learned that a broadcasting noticed that brought you tell us stories defer to the Davis and watching her. It could you send me an act we'll try that on an upcoming episode of FOX & Friends do you like bonuses are male this is just so I know. Oh my god not I'm not gonna you know. I go through or you like to correct yourself on that other talking point about men being dominant leader at anytime and I'm ready already over okay good hr on the phone because you called me Scott's dad and the Kurds that Saddam apologized in Luke I've got to. Annual again and it was the only sexist person they came on your major left. Other than sit next year at Bragg has just gotten that the bottom but I am but I am among follow your chest I just sexist yes that's a. I jest that suggests it's. Just in time I think we should read headlines I think he's just you look at. Yeah at this market. I think he was an average of much router bit that guys it's not picking up where she's got a cynical and amount and right braille like an important base with everything your respective side. Then send other women jumped. Alvin if he's gonna happen to you using company. Let's agreements on today shows it's only one other makers of front rails and he's saying my age are relatives. When I Ernest Shepard Smith today's slowly really slowly just kind of keep them or get him out doors are still under contract that we don't until lately because he's a great anchor he's a great if I. Remember and that they are very much shepherd Smith was timid a few years ago he went. He just went off did the exact talking points that little eagle with runs yeah that'll I don't think there was the well received at fox yet. You know I mean I mean it at the same thing they later when I don't announce shepherd because shepherds opinions over the I don't really got off the rails with the stated on an icing on the highway going get off on the exit ramp or that Fox's wants to write. Yet exactly. You know what I kind of stuff. I let's see how to some some Baywatch. So Baywatch information not misled and of your weekend and I never really watched this show when the people and you've never watched I mean no not not that. Well good afternoon are you green acres okay. If letter. But Leonardo DiCaprio was originally supposed to play castle also on over. I've heard that once. But the Hoff he mixed it. Leo was fifteen he thought his character would seemed out to all he had a fifteen year old son so awkward about his age and the perception for a they had another guy another guy for the first year but it's easy to their place in the Jeremy Jackson who was only nine. The other kid branding call he left to go he won't step by step. Which is another big Friday and I don't mean to look at. Yeah woman Julie Jackson kid it's funny and all the bare watch Baywatch people over to hear about in the least. Which one is that bus remember the name but Suzanne Somers TV's Tara Duffy my right okay yeah uttered. I don't TVs bad today sakic South Park always let me say that but I think he said it like once those things on TV commercials on open and it's. It's good at the title of the G keeping her at 802 feet. That's what we don't have to Duffy was on top of the world some voices. Our TVs Patrick definitely. Well did you think we thought you were meant as I imagine anybody else you know radios miles Montgomery. Sure know. Somebody else but doesn't think it and China have up there. He's got to say hey MTV's that you don't think. Boat look at how they care community out and did stop me if you've heard this on actually noticed important. Mars by Allan thank here. But it actually deserved hash tag could advice. Hasselhoff also fun fact number two your. Hasselhoff did not like the idea of panelists of Pamela Anderson joining either because he thought she was too sexy. He said children watch the show now and he didn't wanna girl that it did employees in Playboy to be on the show that even my note that she had also been. The tool chick or whatever on home improvement for Tim has to be like you want to be like wants to show put purple and doesn't like David Hasselhoff only cares about making sure that nothing distracts everyone else from David Hasselhoff probably oh no no to put. David I thought he would be upstaged by everybody looking at her breast we what happened it is the least interesting parlor also it. Mitch Buchanan did it's got a crazy too and Hamels started that she was making five to 7500 an episode right. But a time she left in 9740. Geez an episode and it for her death. Her breast like this did not only ups of Steve Jack Hasselhoff they also got I'm Nicole Eckerd. She's one year when their own brake later in the summer or whatever sheet shows back up with a big boobs. She implant lets you into our Pam Anderson right just like I got it it's an arms race so she had to stay up there when Barry Bonds policy as did steroids after trying to keep up like mud in hope just. McGwire and Sosa like I'm issued and those who robs of that Sosa and McGwire were so good the berries and lie and I joined this club. Let's see what else the producers got all freaked out when the sex tape came out with Tommy when he. They know what to do they didn't do anything right the ratings doubled our decision won't do any thing sex tape. The other funny thing around forty episodes Richard directed by legally blind man. My he had a degenerative eye disease that left of the tunnel vision when he was twenty but ninety's he lost 90% of his vision but he still sure active. Five or six episodes a season it'll bring intelligence to my emotions size of this kind of money says everything I did you assaulting off camera everything I could see was in Caribbean with. He's he said I'm the only legally blind member of that your actor's guild of America ever. I didn't believe that TV this weekend senators are on a new Nomar tortured that against LA. USC. 200 that's a paper you are taken as a free fights and made over on FS one for our UFC. Now let's see I sent an advisory people most of McCarthy will be chosen that'll be pretty funny oh that manager your weekend. That you know what's going on TV and here's what's happening in real. You're go through Louisiana or two men charged with keeping a woman locked up outside in eight dog crate. The water resistant Samsung phone if you're jumping into a lake or maybe dale pool is not water resistance and that's not great. English Jeff brags that he loves the good meat in vegan sued me about man tries to smuggle himself and his own suitcase and quite honestly he's a big dude not. Baby deer shot in the head while humans try to rescue us. Stamp your headline. It's time to live. Here's my colleagues how I don't Louisiana's. Our sister your men and three women are accused of keeping an autistic woman outdoors and all only candlelight crate essar shelter and planning to use her as a prostitute. Authorities found a woman in the backyard near the crate draped with a blue TARP and investigators say the woman appeared malnourished and often was locked in the crate and had to keep her from wandering away. He accused face charges of human trafficking and cruelty to the inference. Yeah sounds about right they've brought to us and did some new laws that blows vote. Samsung claims it's water resistant as seven phones can spend thirty minutes and five feet of water and still be usable. To prove its point it has Lil Wayne doubts and has seven edge in Champaign they're dropping at a fish tank and a commercial. But consumer reports says Samsung claims don't hold up. The BS seven and has set an edge past the magazine's water Immersion testy as seven active failed twice. Stefan and a segment is as seven active and a water tank press tries to two point 12 pounds per square inch was the equivalent of just under five feet of water and set a timer for thirty minutes. After with a phone touch screen turned green and was on response. Does anyone really surprised them now. I mean what they did the commercials and I understand the commercial and almost any student especially visual like if you want to commercial power commercial. At the start of the guard I can jump over to illustrate the collectors understand or embellishing a little. A little over a lodge hotels in derby England can't hedge Jeff Adam Lambert after he told the woman he was arguing with online that you quote. Should find a better way to spend your time my personal favorite is treating begins animal products and then not know right. These that was management initially just suspended them saying that he had never actually fed beef to V gets scores are gonna say many suggest the mayor and the only made this that doesn't already include animal products as a result of however decided a fireman at the restaurant found the reviews sites have been inundated it would better views from begins it will look. You do as demand results OJ's deal. This must still occur when they'll next Bentley so flavorful Porter gardens Wetzel and received quite a shock Monday as they watched a full grown men emerge from inside a normal suitcase. The 21 year old man was trying to smuggle himself in Switzerland aboard a train from Italy and guard reported the trade check passengers' documents and immediately became suspicious of the suitcase. Saying quote it was hard not to know our hard not to know there was a Brooklyn side given the weight and movement on it. Guard the movement to be key. Guards remove the suitcase from the train there watching the minister and on the big himself from the inside you has attempted smuggling was even more present but the fact that he's six feet tall tale. They did. And the world of sports Seattle Mariners are in Kansas City taken on the royals all weekend they're gonna be on reports at 5 o'clock tonight 1 o'clock tomorrow at 11 o'clock on Sunday gilded guts here Seattle standards are here against the the LA galaxy that a via ESPN at you tomorrow. That's a very headlines tonight what that might hawkish. Fiddle player regularly turn Daley joins us right activities. Now that's just dumb and Israel. Fund 99.9. JE IU SW. It's very rarely is in the house on partial military Daly is a work and some here in the building and we don't know where now obviously because he was an off their responsibility that the checks weren't capstone work everyone I'm the stately has some responsibility outside. However did you know them yet except us and we are convinced either because they do not trust is to do anything or just mediocre. There's been carefully or maybe it's it's very dangerous. And no mediocre access denied UC don't we can now be sure to pick up some men's room gold it is on the shelf now as far as we are concerned it yourself so it is a bridge to ban all it's great beer man isn't it's very good you can you know what men men's room read is one in my favor Beers ever it's about five point 5% somewhere in there. This is a little bit easier on the drink ability to dancing with the alcohol content isn't there but I'm telling you right out of five point seven miles right exactly well well the whole thing out of water all right look at the delicious beer addressed trigger asthma is there an all derided -- on the shelves places had to win that is normally I've got to be kidding like I only found out maybe like four days ago that present jail yeah random question questionable death Korea Monday along with your guess is as good as mine were abusive manager of rules don't forget profiled this is back pleased isn't sauce over the weekend disabled talked again on -- Monday are right. It is the weekend is here and ride off into the sunset which is like four hours and I'd. I nevertheless do what you do best and horribly mistaken. There's been date before a live studio audience wardrobe and makeup provided by Manchester limited. Their presentation no. The man through radio network.