07-11-16 2pm Mens Room rolls with the redheads

Monday, July 11th

The Random Question Question is back!


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He would sure love to hear is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone not on purpose. Lord and I'm usually invited to join the party. This is done. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. They say shake your radio more than three times. And you're playing Wednesday. This drill. Pose generally go brave Wednesday July 11 2016. And took over 2411. Lot of steam throw him. In Egypt Smith. And as I go mob and aluminum and my car. I'd amend a. Campaign ran question question is back. Your guess is as good as mine goes tourism and jobs profiled as as your biggest Alice Cooper. Those headlines have been your shot of the day fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite TV time would tip click clack negative bet I'd give it a good times and Alabama heads illegal fishing that kills 57 sharks and all washed up on the beach. When your woman stabs you in beat you over the head with a burrito you definitely have gotten the beach. Jock or an aspirin as shopper leaves bag of blow checkout line meanwhile carjacker who could not drive the stick is not doing fine and a woman discovers she's pregnant. Then gives birth. Bad day that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men throw. Here's the question drug deal Mike Hsu lay up crazy casino. It all happen it is good day to you and yours are right money. I met the football almost makes everyone basically shallow if it's as that goes it's inevitable. Editor in debt it gets even worse hell they did absolutely of college students who got duped into taking out student while look we we know about me. Out litigants who below. One of the biggest legal scams in the country in the pass these fools with they would do. To wipe out the student debt and they graduate from college they have a under paying job centrum is still O. Thousands about. 31%. Basically one out of every three people and as a student loan debt. They didn't give up sex for a decade. For a decade. To wipe out but it ten years. To wipe out student at 43%. Would stop wiping their ads for five years. For five years people would stop what ignorance just ripples through the wanna look. Is that just because your dad this is that it's kind of fully you don't get agree to an investment a big role where they happen over the last. Think about. You wouldn't wipe your ass for five years just. To be a student loan and the truth is you know what's your independently wealthy you're in bad weather credit card debt car payment mortgage. Ranch unit were all in bet that's due to a little something about them damn thing about 43% of people. Would not like they're asked for a half of the decade. Just get. And that is best known to put aside what people unexpectedly calm to money. Well to go crazy and both facing you'd never know you're gonna make money for a long time to get shot. They're gonna go nuts with the cigar and he. And he knew that this was the type. But he was paid about 50000 dollars extra. I was paycheck with a decimal point wrong place he notes the wrong things what did you do. I think contact work and say hey this is an obvious to a hell no he would've been gone ahead and in the meantime people under new core hotels hookers and cocaine yeah. He didn't spend all look but he had very little left and I got tool it's a payment that would make a mistake he says I know. Is that we need the money back he's like don't do that what I got a bill that because again of course been the money. A new call our hotels. Hookers and the cocaine because this is England and America listen. I don't know if it was our mistake you know dispute or debate at all will open. These are some of the storage resolve it well obviously he's got my work and those a lot of other stories and our minds but working overtime. Whittle well important to ask you we're gonna ask you today in the fourth of the random question question you call us. We ask you random question and after you answer we share the story with you that inspired said question that drug program and the read a question quest to go to those exports. One rock Ron footer at 999 KI SW and events are live takes 77999. Answer your emails to the men's room amends or live dot com. Now back to the men's room and here's the question Jim Hendry you by July 11 resort casino on 99.9. KI ESW. Are you just zealously got profile boost like for tickets is the Alice Cooper the emerald queen casino. What's Cooper come and attempt and a the year prize today on the game formally known as black what makes your jewel to profile this. At the 50 right at the Saturday in the meantime it is our random question question it's miles tournaments are headed out point nine KI SW Seattle. Miles and. Any nine point oh OK I guess doubles now I don't know what happened over the weekend men's room gold is now out bitches Italy's number. A large bid for the first time. It's your favorite local grocery store. Convenience store near you. Hi Def of course believe Lisa brewery locations it is they sit your seat delicious pale ale. And available including two ounce bottles and they'll create a portion of the proceeds from every midterm gold original red goes the pitcher out to be Puget Sound in GB Alan Fisher house. All the details are at the KI SW dot com. Got a lot of tweets got a lot of emails if you find it accusing him elementary momentum I've done Campbell levels for the war we do have a few locations people's until the weekend. Looting are open yeah I got tons of pictures on them finally we got to we get a couple cases in the back there to go straight so if you look support hopefully won't leave. The threat but bitter cold is on sale now that the jails are KI SW dot got together the label it turned out lord you're going for gold. Michael anything in there. Sorry guys you got I got rear aren't you know it's it's kind of and orange tint to it but it don't just pick yellow when I call I think yeah I don't think you know oh by the way that's. My new slogan for people amount about conflict. On people you know when it pretty sick about it and keep it that it's a dehydrated Europe is what it is you know and it's like we knew just when you went out that night and you wake up and you go look down our man that is the color of and we will spread the word. Hard today as they we do our random question question. You do yeah there library Israeli guns hello and welcome to deliberate and go to our car. OK I don't get it done. One good man what I want to wonder what it was so wonderful about that. Product it started coming out there spammers are now what there are wonderful spirit how I got there. Gotta go this important I think unity but I like to experience. What would you say is the worst thing that you've ever said someone's either intentionally or not let go into may be due to lower and that pregnant and if for us merely as ugly as your last girlfriend whoever the dealer givers anything that you didn't mean to be obnoxious certain of her father someone that you did. I think the first thing that comes to mind is. I thought what are my but he's been here they. Either is younger gun construction company you know it ending. And what they normally do it very clear yeah they cleared that land for housing development you know he's the other big dirt field and eventually becomes a huge severed charts. And one time where I think we are headed to the drag races down a specific grades where it's something. And bank and you know other there are a couple of years ago they were developing. All this land into the housing developments. And whatever what whatever it's also a big dirt field you know though it just look at this as they actually fit in now. You know I know it's cracked jokes you know that's so we need to kind of outing to go. Of course I set that well while mark within the car. And I didn't realize that it's time that that was his primary source of income. And it kept 13 on the property is to have the mole the whole thing down. Could the military cookie cutter houses so negative because parents five feet away from each other over how to construct a lack. France loosing your neighbors have sex in a severed homes. Lot of it is that this thing about it noticing that. You know made me realize that like a month later court circuit you know like you're sort of in the middle of oh I shouldn't of said that. The thing that made me realize it was that I mean and mark were kind of carried out yes bail out some people who like rather Teddy bear. You know it they're the nice people but they're also really sensitive and some of the time shall. Well I didn't realize that at this time. Market that was happening a little bit of trouble and of course. I started out off and he just try to turn them looked at me in my dad is sitting in the and the backup cars. When this case in this sport and Paris and understand and did I say of them and then of course I didn't. You know he's good company you just couldn't forgot which he says what you wanna look you all are everywhere you know I have screwed up but I'm not sure what I did but. But look at everyone's visually this is awkward. Put our own apologized like I don't know who live abandoned that position where everyone's looking Ambien in my eyes I screwed up like. Obviously there's something I said that affects one of sleep a new view but I don't know which of eight so my goodness they saris I don't know that own pocket. Exactly I'm into the right right when I started that off and so I try to had a little idea that I you know I screwed up. The entire mood in the car went from you know post we were gonna go to the creditors that you. You know to be a long I think I think Gunner just. Started off something that ruined marks all day and may unethical courier. It meant that that to me is what the sixth senses of the fires that were aware of like. You know if something's on notice that tell you there's just something but you can walk into room likable couple arguing. There are not arguing when you walked him what you definitively know they have discharged nothing's been said they both smiled at both say hi everything about them seem normal but. There something in that atmosphere you'll give us. I don't wanna beat them up I don't know why we pick up on it but we do and it's just I don't know such a horrible horrible situation right. Yeah its debt went from there went from on that pretty much. Well that sucks. Way to ruin everyone's always got to go boys go minaret nobody had seen a while his girlfriend was off doing something else but he was. He walked in the bar some outside watch in the borrows going into another guy Mel's doing it varies it well and Reagan all day of little block. And she was doing some of those who have friends so they've been officially come and I never met her before tonight snooker over the Sunnis is if we start talking about wheat. If you like mantra lea Freeman and I just got to use and we are here available on my parents are so. She comes then. He introduced me and everything else he's like I'm gonna step outside from him in on him like a mad dude if you're just about I just go right there that's for all the wheat and she would she like. Jurgen Avaya we needed. And Emma she cannot. Yeah I choose that she absolutely hammered this point time and heard her repeat what are not either there or are you right for the pin let's she was there to hear exactly just melts right that she's with a dot dame fumbled without without question what effort here's this woman whose hammered but I I forget that people have different degrees of what they find to be acceptable mutt like. I can go get the both legal. I can go get drunk and that's so to me it's like if you wanna go it's okay it would be worse if he's about. And what does non smoking cigarettes and thereby pact to me that's worse and I was raised on a cigarette Joker is still legal though but you can still buy the slick to me it's like if leaders like look at look at my crack. Or heroin or on the bigger than you go like okay well you're doing illegal activity but but for me I think my mind shifted to the point where boys and relax on that announcement left. There are five stores. That we can spit on what really not a big secret in an inning later our a lot of things that people say in every day Disco Jesus capping. Rice will play and real ones Gaza nothing yet. Regardless of how you feel are there any truth. I'd just assume if you totally substance say. That person wasn't there an antibody dead wrong about what I'm just not going to say anything. Because I assume the other ones the fun police seemed like they were nice party mood unit I. I didn't really display the matter real abnormal thing wrong account falls and the question which is I just don't say it was the worst thing you've said to someone. He'll play and I do overtures that not a legal. It is getting drawn gets to open to have an opinion about I agree a 1000000% but the one thing I know it's like. Just because something's logical does not by any stretch of the imagination mean people back adopt that as part of life without question he's gonna hate it. Well since to me broad enough and it makes it some people. Drink didn't smoke in this and that but if there with their wives or their girlfriend or they don't at all. The lake sometimes it's tough to get NIC you've heard that person to write a third party walks. The body of the arrogance of the body that target your friends actually like few others that are on the panel were drinking and smoking those weird thing registered with the had over one minute when his drunk ass girlfriend walked in that she was going to be one of America our product studio all right I you know what I would do the same thing on the one I would give it to you thought Connecticut did I did a couple weeks ago. A guy I do not real I didn't even know he had a girlfriend much that he was sitting next to his girlfriend is when I nationality group of people. We really like the bar area of this Clinton's. So on the way out I do like hey man you should go to blah blah blah means like okay cool with elegant nightclub like no man it's just club. Hi how stocks are hopeful. But you should go anyway let it take her. And no way out I think you know our mutual friend might seem so weird you think dude it's his girlfriend over a hole that I may and the reason. We ask what is the worst thing you said to some on the Huffington Post they act stay they asks a bunch of couples who were therapist couples. For the most common things of men say that make women angry. Here the top five anything. Comparing them to an X especially if you see your ex was better at anything cooking whatever anything TV is just gonna bruised ego but enough to say that yes like saying that your ex was a better driver to have to be anything big deal just. But it's a big deal if you. If you bring a PX it's a comparison even if the current is better somebody still banned bought shortly ago. Questions about a drive like just expect expect all hell to break Lou things that men say to make women angry I'll do it to stop nagging me. It's like trying to shift the blame they say it makes it seem like they are being unreasonable but if you haven't done something that said you're gonna do that may be it's not a reasonable for them to bring an up or maybe it. I think nagging you to come program. Number I don't let the sort of got him stereotype that's existed since time began as they both parties were equally guilty this when pisses will not more than anything why you so upset that would bother me. Don't don't at the last part when women hear is you're crazy things. Again saying their feelings are valid. Number two on the list of things have been say that make them an angry did you really need to buy that doesn't put them on the defense and if they just bought something a probably side about so much you expected to return it. You're better off having a larger discussion about finances went and you know if you're a guy and and your ad did you need to buy that are. No that's why I'm happy to have. It definitely that was sort. I spend my money on bills that's a fun to me that's of necessity that the so yes every other time I spend about as I want when do I need to dirty his words in the English language that a man can say to a woman that would just pissed her off like. Nothing home dialysis color apparently popular don't be a rookie also come down. Come down as the number one thing you should never say the woman in any circumstances I don't think you stated that never. We could save your body to come down major college he doesn't I noted good guy don't call out on the road although it I don't want to get rest I don't want to prevalence in the face threat but that's understood that is exactly it was just calm down let's. It's off red Quezon Quezon we'll take a quick break a bag Morey calls next. Now back into the men's room here's the question Ryan teel Mike two late every sources say now 99.9. KI ESW. Garnett is as good Mac no number I'm Felicia day be categories today tourism and jobs or guesses as good as mine on the way in the meantime. It is our read a question has come ran down I don't know who is welcome to human friend hello all I. Chris how are meant. To bring you check. Chris you look like anybody. Are you ready or anybody else. Never been mistaken for. And government may and then I hit CNN and the first sent them enough segment leader now that's where the story goes and I was due this week. Why would you say. Why would you say is the longest road trip that you have taken and what was the idea behind the road triples the destination or the other point of at all. Policy expert salute to you personally for myself and I girls from showed no pity here. Are not only driving personally darker ready to from washing the brilliance. And here down the Sonoma. Tells drive to Vegas from here. I. How about Philadelphia and here I used to do as a kid twice. 1000 Rochester New York were to Oprah brought sister. To Los Angeles. On two separate occasions and I cannot think especially is a little kid you know you need to be stimulating the these road trips are not that it's. Three days we'll wait three days back in it at being sucked well and get the world's location you mentioned the first thing you do is you do a pilgrimage somehow in and out burger a figure them away that's close I go to the N out burger and get a hamburger. Is the drive worse coming back from Vegas as you've just spent three or four hour days in Vegas tonight good drive eighteen hours back I'll have to suit that would be one of the harder trips to. Because they don't flight back from Vegas is always an. In my car by myself and down but I had so we've only followed it was just me so. Utah is a boring state to broker. In Norman and honestly. Most states and America are borne threats it won't east to west so you don't is due to you don't boring to people state. But at least there's something to look at you and of its great lack of nothing but I will I will tell you this. Nebraska. And Kansas for my money in my personal experience. Of the tallest. God in a bases there she is such again going east to west of that long you're gonna get I've never. I don't know what in what would choose to live there I just I just don't I'm sure define cities and all that like Jesus Christ these states are as boring as. In Murray's given Oklahoma kind of sucks ass yeah. A side question earlier I broke my word lament your poll today best that you've ever had some under the blonde Brunette or redhead at. Burnett appear perfect bank for Eric. Reason I asked Ellis along this road trip you've ever taken in for what. This is an I guess is kind of an option and obnoxious and for a celebrity but if you're hungry you're hungry Adele staying at a country retreat with a boy effort in the San Angelo they're hungry for pizza. But not just Dole's longer for me not just any pizza pizza from a specific shot near London which was seventy miles away and it's 11 o'clock at night. So one of her employees at a take it 140. Mile road trip for Pete's. For some reason it's a four hours and by the time the pizza arrived. Adele that darted obviously. A source of quote it will still in the box with a maid came the next Morton. How there's no way you're gonna stay up. No no don't 11 o'clock already and somebody says hey I'll I'll be back with Pete than four hours late even if you started you go to bed hungry. Trying to think the longest it's dying for a pizza at 11 o'clock at night my assumption is that your position to falls asleep as well. Yeah I fighting Asia right now what you're you don't get in fifty medicine and cancer away but I would do it and I and others a strange but I would do it's it feels a win that everyone wanted to do it. Like we problem now whenever the restaurant was who wanted to go to or whatever we have to try I would drive a couple of hours two or three hours ago. I would make them like a good outfielder little depending on what it does you know we depending on what it was there I it was decisively to gonna go to you just. I'm all right we'll take to drive down there. It's a fun road from bed picking up pizza like I mean I can do this for you would go but you know it's not going to be ha yeah if you can read it but it. 240 miles east peace is going to be cracked by the time against I think as a sign aid to a road trip the restaurants are good but I. I now I don't need guys to nations have a tough time taking a program trip. Just get some good okay when you went down to lay up you've been there before us that they yeah. Sure nobody would be so since it's is now when you went down to burning man hello how far was after. The weight back to to think sixteen hours so you're close to Vegas. Know who we messed up because we drove south the Reno to get a room. There's no rooms and we had to travel back from me okay that should only be I think make a fourteen hour or don't you know a guy in Carson City and state and ignorant complex. Now I have too much respect for women to do that and we grow to. Super growth. I just disappeared or at least they took him eighteen hours drive to Las Vegas. It just seems like a long answer. Or does it at 33. My brother and I to the back of in 1973. Pontiac grand. And that all the driving and call for sixteen hours. Sixteen hours just child is eighteen lot. So we stopped so motel and my parents got the adjoining room which broke and I thought school go to general betterment. What happened around the manner and remember my father opened doors maybe eleven at nine at this point he says hey guys. You can have all of you want I would recommend you go obsolete a view the use it looked tomorrow. Will be drive that's the long day. And my broke I answered a crowd muscle to sleep. Now. OK your buffalo yeah. But as I get to Mosul he wasn't kids that we jolts that like first it was 122 at six team and I want the next bullet. Nineteen hours. Just sitting in the back of god glory days and driving through the least exciting parts. That this country is offer amendments I don't wreck I don't know anybody yet and that's the thing when I took a burning and I found out like. I was just going up and am eastern seaboard or economic the Watsco things or clos sent me when you go out and that there is nothing breath at all. Forget at a gas station and you pass signs early day stop here there's a hundred miles to go before the sub that a piece. Brenda Brenda Brenda of the old friend and I cannot render beautiful friend and friend OK look and yeah nothing it's beautiful blessed. Hope they didn't pass but it when he moved. Yes right zoom in this is really do ultimately loses an unusual setting that I'm not normally a pretty easy. And after what amounted to wait acted as if I wanted to get. Good hello takes welcome to the bedroom. Oh I. A case. That the real name case. Get terrible find out here all my life and actors and are not hard though and gaga let's go can I can Cisco doesn't. Do you ever. You know someone in your lifetime who has basically. Basically slept with a everyone in other words it just seems like. Always dating someone they've always done they've always got some action we all have really aren't that girl a guy but he doesn't sex nonspecific I mean if someone likes to hook up they like to hook up so did you know that person. It's my partner is very. And yet here is the pinnacle of what he does that nobody is if not run or else. Remember that moment. How many kids do you think he's so what does it from your perspective so. You repaired to grab public does not only did he has to mean you don't necessarily know many uncles and aunts and cousins you might have float around and how many cousins you have. I don't want to get here I've met like happened there in Chicago there in Arizona their thoughts and remember everywhere what did you do for a living. Need guys struck. Accident. Yeah it was a different women in different cities as well the people don't know about everything else oh yeah I'd like but it might regret trip to Hawaii. And got back appeared later they got a call her exit they're looking for a couple of seasons in Hawaii. And a lot. Now wait a minute I only as Ali he's driving that is he's got a good look at her let me what's going around the grandfather. I don't either in the pretty good looking guy about eleven and suitable appeared in just. Yeah I don't know but what about you does any of that you know that did you inherit any of visibility I am not polite I don't ordinary. Round. Now I wonder I you know what you gotta wonder how many kids out there you know you are other really has filed book think yeah that's when you to another and he thinks that he is doing. Think the other two and yeah why is he so that gives aren't all this. Yeah I think that IR Iowa mad at nothing you're trying to rush this but at his funeral I think it might be. One of the more interest in gatherings of people you've ever had in life is he still married your grandmother. I don't know you know we've been married seven times okay. Which. You know we're grandmother who was your grandmother what that is why are hazard is one of those yeah whatever lies they've been married twice and she lives. In Washington how many kids do you know that he has within that extend it seven sound I'm certain right through articles here on the side of Chicago they think it's. Rely outgrow. 66 total that we know. You know I'm what do you what does your gut I probably more do you think Europe. Are certain. City got a big hardly think this is an editor in quite tired or could be more in the event every single day so it's. The early script because when that happened that day. Our house a bill amend your side quests and little poll here today best sex you've ever that was with a blundered veteran head. Why don't care who don't catch. Reason we asked you know someone who has basically settled everyone Derek Jeter has model Hannah Davis got married over the no weekend. He's 42 she's 26 they dated for three years before they got engaged last October. I guess this is probably like the million supermodel the Derek Jeter has gone out with any have both Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel. Job that sounds too so Jeter spread around he's not just a model guy nightly Mariah Carey has been rightly very well the thing Leo although I mean. Like bill John McCain's got those goats can generously you know hundred quotable models and that's. As it myself OK I recognize two of them as models when it Victoria's Secret unit and that there kind of upper Echelon. The Russert called models normally are they marbles or are they just super hot and as Leonardo DiCaprio to llama don't. I don't recognize most of that video give Dietrich exclusively like. High end models I'd say in Miami and Jeter I like his style he might pop stars actresses or apes may he spread it around the hello Kelly Leo style because I'd much remotely date its annual. But I've heard a few occasions recently he's dating someone overwhelmingly. When I shootings of two outs and none of them and obviously it was 76 of time I'd asked is that data like we're due date late Jeter to him if he's dating this woman and god knows he sleep around but still like he's dating as well Leo it's always. Veal party on this book. This is who was third in the wild thing when I look at pictures of Leo misses were I truly truly like him. Both say fourteen people partied with beer not DiCaprio and new look at the picture you can count fifteen people and being one. He's the only dude on the boat. Even the shadows and out ran a captain's at a height of he would pay more that's I like Jeter you know I mean Leo it's. There are wrong model so they're very beautiful but they're really tolerant FedEx. I'm feeling good GM is sort of getting out there you know I got an accident so obviously brutal even though right I guess yeah I guess deal now which I think is if you're dare program earlier if you're one of the I had to thank you Jeter's been there yeah I expect that I expect definitely what I don't expect it is is from like one of my buddies I grew up with you can just about pick up anybody wants any time my body Leon -- -- -- Dudley is due to our government and I swear to god he looked quite clear how soon to be needlessly because. He looked like equally. And this guy. SOA projects all the extra once I'm coming home in the the apartment we shared. Shot and apartments but walked through his bedroom to get to mine his bedroom had no windows it's of late at night. I'm to Tony and open as normal from Ruben heroes woes. It would have broke rat and Tennessee's Jerry let slogans that are gonna hear the sports of oh woman are recognized by the union a signature. And an anchor who's third bullet had he gave Edwards certainly it's of late that month. Gave the ugliness may have little oral and give both of you. Go to a program to get your overtake as the game is profiled as what is that right after the shot of the day and more on the random question question come up. It's miles until demands are met and I point nine KI SW Seattle.