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Into the men's. Miles and drill a nasty guys. Nine KI SW. Got to Pearl Jam. And I KI SW teamed up to do some good every time you buy a ticket to pain in the grass you'll I have two dollars donated to the vitality foundation that's sports grade level Jerry is a charities in the air like the downtown emergency service senator. And the bureau of fearless ideas. When you buy that painting it's you are doing good pay and addressed 2006 single announced Sunday August when he first and white river out of thin. Mr. Breaking Benjamin Alter bridge and anthrax yields of four packs on line seats on sale now. At KI SW dot com RA today's David Doran a question question we'll take a quick break the back with a brand new collar right after the. He's the men's room returns here's the question I have brought you buy to let live resort casino 99.9. KI ESW. Shot of the day is gonna love along Maryland's favorite TV time with Ted in the meantime it is. Our ran around unless you come friends of friends hello Gloria welcome to the bedroom. Villa and that I. Scoring hard about it and get you a good event. The thing here and get two good ones some juice. Like obviously UN June they keep it because you're the only here on your on your side but despite all medical Burnett skirt burner over that al-Qaeda and in another at a newest things. Cooper Burnett perfect. I was go this. Since it is Cusick. And clearly it's. Getting friends or family members who just absolutely can't stand each other do not get along. Not so much anymore I use you I had an uncle who who I was kind of abusive to my arms. And by a mile on being my dad's sister. And so my dad and his uncle didn't particularly get along too well well short form and then that's going to be a problem. Yes retreating gonna blow would most of them to go my dad is kinda he's eldest son and his dad wasn't really in the picture these he's got a picture myself. They had they had issues. Yet there and did he ever have to go there and address that situation. Not. Not fully like there was definitely some some argument that that's gonna get together that he records say hey you know what you're in your own home of the funeral home but not not here. Now let's turn out are they still together. Now he he has been passed away he had not quick answers oh my god aka our guest did you guys whose funeral. Now I know I definitely didn't and I don't that they think is significant part of our family. Probably it really editor you know Zuckerberg has cadre du announcing about a place I ask you what it what sort of place you had a better relationship than she remarried. That the kids the whole thing. I. Normally there isn't got a fairly fresh and somewhere along the way it in this whole physical or whatever system bummer whenever there's always tell people who don't get along here is you know one or they're gonna patched things up and on six of my last act I. Carriers are golly you can hold a grudge and it never like to detect that why he's still let it bother you I guess that's right I've been twice guys that they have families to you can't get away from those people now so suck it up that late this below my family thought hold a grudge against them but every time I seen him. It's the same BS rusher then that gets me get on just like I don't I don't care. I don't wanna hear it late to get away from. Whenever some extended you know my immediate family mowers but I in her extended things and a animal filer is oldest of six. And maybe fourteen years old. And as far as I was at a Wednesday for granted in Waco and Austin I go from school amass some among them were dead she's like. If I don't Houston with guns of the Lawrence is like look. These two particular locals are always fighting again isn't it came to a head but they made the mistake. So critical problem in Baltimore he just he does not put up with the and problem for the disease. Like I'm flying to Houston. I buy a ticket now I'm calm manner in the city streets over that went down man he flew him back in Puerto for a set and a and he never says much about things about Moses like apparently he flew down whatever museums say you make no mistake about what he sent. If he's going to bother at all they didn't affect ride in a small all timer thing and he said what every NC to them how Everett is you phrase it the basement and where. Either figure this as but call me again but I'm gonna get him knocking heads the government may have there at this together evidently to go to your gut a good argument. Reason we ask you have any friends or family members is Christmas. What can't I mean it's Christmas. Deadly just you know get along in this and that. And then there's eleven other months that you could call and he can talk about Iraq you chose not to do so sorry out of date it's got its we feel awkward but I got to meet. Regrets questioners guy in Houston named Lonnie turner he's about forty years old recently he went on FaceBook to complain about his wife. Refuses. To get along with his mistress. He posted side by side photos and it's a well what these do better learn to get along I work extremely hard and I think I deserve to have everything my little heart desires. Then song called amount in the comments section he said both women and crappy lives before they met him and probably don't wanna go back to eating quote leftover taco meat in soup. A few other people last of his wife the school that and whether she's allowed to see other guys and obviously she's not cool that if they didn't don't get along and even if she was to the guy really need to post the photos. Some people thing as a joke but either way he's upset that his wife and mistress just don't seem to get along and caught tortilla soup bro yet talks on tax cuts grass. We'll meet Brenda Brenda Brenda and it's. He ran Atlanta. Hello Matt welcome to the bedroom rental. Hardy match. There are good build those and in what form those who else came bolstered through contract. Here we got three units. I meant. I got to ask this isn't here so give it a thought from a college football I'm like I'm bill Lloyd divide divide you know aren't our act. There that Cisco that's like you're inside it was great. When is the last time that you cried the match. When the last Democrat. Why aren't going to be oil and that's fine but when I try to think I don't know probably. And apparently doubted the black in my arms when I was would. Wanted to get clean from drugs. You're not a base they have Rottweiler up. That I'm addicted daughter is sort of a joint did you Miller of our product. Like yeah that's okay we understood it what that that's empathetic Jesus its maiden. If you cry at the beginning of Bambi is a grown man that's come before crime is committed to clean up like dude it's understood here. A big crowd turned movie Marley and me at the end but I think a lot of people didn't. How did not know Scotland how did you not know that was how people people cry and read the book before the movie came. Yeah I did not see the movies like look man. I know what happens at the end of this and I refuse to intentionally spend money to be set at the seams and backwards in my now marvelously good are gonna like the dog and the underdogs and die and I gonna hate it why on earth. Would you possibly think I want to sit in a movie theater for two hours so that I can feel miserable at it that's a stupid little. A look at a punch in the face doesn't mean it's the same. The reason we asked what was the last Democrat is a bit heavy but it involves Cuba Gooding junior into the cells cannot have it to this so do with the Patrick. As emirate the things is Osmond. I use and and in it and his partner when they were out patrolling the streets of Dallas he's one of the cops got killed the other night sell they asked him about it he took a picture with a guy. And how I thought about it music cried after her about a death but he wouldn't discuss and I further obviously someone that died. What else as a Dennis adding up by last time our guys this hurts so like what other questions about it digital world. I'd describe randomly for open. Yeah exactly a lot of there's only only allowed having a lot of people been said about some recent events lately a lot of different ways in and an invention comes wish. You and the resulting hole with a friend and I ran down. Usually it means that about his friend just for all the pills in just her being seems like you're angry rant. Autorads. President Assad to be angry I've got this man deals in the blonde Brunette to redhead with the don't have white and here's an hits her supposed telephone line a lot of skip them. Read it got about them at servant look I mean one Lenovo essential hello David welcome tournament. Boo. David Goldman's own survey today on the program the best sex you've ever had with a blonde Brunette or redhead and without question all right. And this goes for all sexist doesn't matter this is a universal service involves Iran and Iraq have a hard question our prestigious sleeper next. I have a right works like this man it's not you know breaking it down Brunette blonde redhead it's like your best sex you imagine that person and and let's go this question why did you blow a whole bunch of money oh. What you've been assembled on the money. Two parole wasn't where Mario or you do and one of the money just like you know what the hell I'll charge it all of this all of that I don't care. Okay. About three months ago I decided to quit her job over an extra source of a so just just the business expense of of putting I think stood together against. Absolutely how what would you say you blew the monument so I was pleased Brussels they and do. Pretty well Fergus starting out our error well you think you're lucky to money back in if you do what looked at a time frame you've. Our chips shall have to worry about it earlier this year without. You're apple American Murray dishes are regular standard bikini state and it's a regular service certainly there and was the stand partied there or did you have to go and get a piece of property club a little building and then you know mile stuff for. Are set Byron inside a little stare or are here and what's your basic commercial grade espresso machine run these days in the thousands. Are about 414. Hole thousand dollars or 1000. Or the mystery how much subtler. That. How much time did your wife's been trying to convince you to to invent into the I was it was a much came home one day and you say yeah let's do this but an eternal abroad don't you start researching how much money it's gonna calls. You start junior and Els and crying and showered federalism of money you're about to lose like how long with this process before he finally says. You know what all right lets him try. She called me I was almost double work and she told Lewis wanted to duke. It's good to reacting you eat you know I was like I hate Robert let me call you back. Erin cook argued some thinking about where should you ought to do open it up but you're ordered to open up but it was a great okay shirts that you don't. I. Yeah I know happy why can't people are they should call. None I've ever met a look at takes special kind of personal wanna start a business to be. Tenacious enough to to follow through with everything in this permits was all these legal things it's it's it's a big deal but not only that. Man when you when you commit to something like. You can open a breakfast spot if you're that kind of person like to me I would be much better opening something that happened later on the afternoon yet. Like a bar or like we serve lunch and dinner in the that it has. Getting up in the morning to me like I couldn't think of the worst thing to do to myself. Then because like even if you accidentally get up and you can't sleep and it's 4:30 in the morning you turn on the news third do a morning news. There's already traffic there are people coming into an eye on the world means the routers already OK so let's just say Traficant. Or put listen local stations about every wreck. No one needs traffic. At 4:30 in the effort morning and you got dale no but but the thing is that built the thing is is there's backups already there's already problems so my my my my my thought is. Our analysts it's one of the big chain Starbucks where I don't and they opened them and they open up at six we opened fire there have been found that guy and a coffee stand that I'm open up before. For our eye you have to because we don't have to you know and I mean be available and he's gonna get up anyway aiming you're going to be and that in that building about 5 o'clock 430 minute but if you would tell me wouldn't forward an effort to that would be night that would just east. On December oh exactly the orbiter ordered literature oops what time does your wife opened a drawer. We we Oprah spyware and so were hurt 345 which on the on the bed. Outlet and looted earlier and accurate but yeah say might be a happy life as early night it's so sorry you're heavily involved but this is lol did you quit your other job or you still working moms are wilder dropped. Spared put out earlier called earlier caller on the other open you know I'm and a good Tokyo yeah. Yeah January social how many people this year working for. Just serve and so she's worked in the morning you commit and help in the afternoon though that. You know our out in the morning or go to work of art terminal operator number quote they went to it would and should close in the afternoon six. And that's a long day and you find it hard should be pleasant to people early voting no offense at 5 o'clock in the morning. When will the act you want a homemaker drinking out of my face. Yeah Robert Parker are kind of larger wider notion portrait portrait group sure you're toast well they're patient how many days a week. Seven. Hours it's working right now and Cabrera or direct idea are reached out what's the name of the stance giving a plug immense GS stern words aren't. It's being here. Being yeah I get it I had dean yeah I yeah I iron or is it BE NR BP A in. We been here been go to being here well David makes a move his goddamn money back to well you know I've only been released yet invested in seven that you believe and that's that's in Lebanon and it's not what Lisa is what actually right. You're right they obviously believe in your life he stormed the group now when that is not what he's at all it's because they're mobile it's gonna dream like crap. The content owner of the monument right that's a long and sort of right right issued don't visceral regardless blog and working out Adler are slim design. Read thank you guys out reloaded so thanks that's like there are produced are already in Jurassic enjoy that enjoy that window of sex you have. Doing seven and 830. Being here if help better yeah. This lets look the same work for anybody looks that happy wife happy life as I feel like the most people I knew that say it always end up. Not those relationships anymore well I think again I think you're I noticed right. All right bullet to deliver great wife of whoever is pissed off night. Now I know but it just seems like a cop out the tabs are Guardado a happy wife happy and they always they get frustrated thing that until a happy life as inventory count for a lot of it is an athlete gets off your wife of the same. That's that she's had a major opera if you're not premature for understand everything is your prop and it can write it could be wrong witted is the truth. You are responsible for every single thing every emotion at what's on you. It's your fault or if they have a bad day at work somehow this is your fault if you were just taken up trash on Tuesday. I would have a hard day on Friday as Galapagos look you're crazy but is not an argument about reasonably asks legible a bunch of money a construction worker. He has been a bunch of money on parting and fast living after his boss paid him about 40000 dollars in my. So Stephen Burke took 20000 dollars and he's been on a new car. Cocaine booze and hotels after the blunder by his company he was expecting a check for 446. Dollars. But couldn't believe his luck when a massive check came for. 44600. Dollars was to tie this directly into his bank. A court heard the company director for the decimal point in the wrong place instead of letting them know. Berg decided to go out and buys and designer clothes and Doolittle on line gaming he told accord he thought he'd been a lucky victim of cyber crime. Now he's facing the prospect in jail after being ordered to pay back 20000 dollars. In total he spent the money on a car in an electronic cigarettes. Hotel rooms designer clothes a gold chain cocaine vodka and online gambling. He then later received an email from the company telling you about the mistake but he claimed he could not remember if you saw it or not I don't know feminism I Canada. He pleading guilty to receiving wrongful credit eventually. Mrs. mr. Burke said he believed he'd been the victim of the cyber crime when he was interviewed by the police. When asked the obvious questions of why he could not pay back the money or make anyone aware of the overpayment he's simply could not answers. Area make an error an overpayment that's Georgia I like the fact that. Although he admits to buying it I would never say like all yet to all that money and bought cocaine and hookers in hotel rooms and all that stuff and they don't seem to mind in England. That's the problem is they just want the money back about it online gaming that the game he was involved in that was illegal to. The cocaine obviously not legal in England. Just in things the legal so like I bought designer clothes and gold chain and who called my back. But cocaine hookers only get all that happened LaMont who to believe they just can't account for and he was just honest with a metallic blue okay you paid cash for what it's like well. A charge that hotel with a hooker paid for the Coca if there's like he was completely Ted hunt until they asked him and that's why like they can repo car. Initial try to get money back out of that they can repo the gold chain they can repose some of the things that he about the weren't experiences. Beginning Coke and hooker. You'll experience you'll I think you're paying for a hotel room everything else is part of the experience of thing we know how long it took them to catch back up left and forty grand you know what it was about a week there was a month later we are back. Say he did this and like the ridiculous you sold forty dollars are often wrong simulate it if you're looking just spend like Miami clearly want to go like look there's not a big window on this underwent. Everything instead of two hours and they're coming back for his order to pay back 28 which means that he spent. In just crap eighteen and eighteen and just stop Coke things that you couldn't. Putter a monetary amount on because I don't I just wonder if mr. if your company did that make say also you know this week you get you forty grand extra on your on your. Check cracked and you invest that money real quick but it's coming I want them back you've given back the forty in the keep all the money you made off of it if you're Smart investor I don't not because that's good question. Tiger might not begin with but that's all their money that you're still give them back to forty rather they got the money back you've made it three box and I'm an interest to prisoner count. Ultimately though I don't take a third of the federal government gonna take a third bout time you did legitimately. You're still not as I guess if you're so scared when you see that extra money in your account you just you knock it yet and anyway. I think most people wouldn't it elect he's the exception of a book. It's tempting 40000 dollars for a week to reach for the war like. All right good bad and maybe maybe app to take an additional 500 dollars but your man who's been 28 Graham a match. To me that the screams when they do buses you wait you were aware of this but because we can look at internal spending pattern. We'll spend 20002003. All the words as you don't have much has been so we know that you know it's duplicate what. Even words words what was I got a email from my back it's like your 600 dollars overdrawn X 600 dollar delivered on they know that. It'll be a Fuller look down on line in my there's two. 400 dollar tickets out of Canada. With my name on it in my checking account and someone Bob to myself than 800 bucks a couple of bucks in McNown minus six and a Mike. Jesus god that you sort of paper and then the problem is is that when you go in and you try to string that crap out. You can't get access to any your stuff so now not only you don't have any money. The 280 dollars you did have was wiped out. Everything that's in the hole you O until they clear that out and you can't you have any acts of UD additional charge to like every two weeks ago took it out not to thirty facts. That's why I had a blast that connects to church and that's why they look at that that's why I that's why got rid overdraft protection you like why would you rate of overdraft protection Mike because every time in my account the stolen. I'm paying the fees that 35 dollar fees in the over grass overdraft that I never would have moment on if someone just in breaking in my account film about EC pitcher for secure. I will almost exactly. There was there's another guiding Steve that would work rules. Back in Baltimore and one day I go to my mailbox. It's payday I opened the check and I'm like holy crap man army. Obviously this is shortly choices. Oh that's. Gotta slash diablo two assignment Mountbatten was in my in my my mailbox opened about. Did you look objects yet but it is sort. I don't know part for you on a poorly you called authorities Thursday Jenna mind at all all Steve no sorry for human character who. But if he knew. Yeah everybody he's but the clothes everywhere and I doubt I'll put what do you only I don't know if you make less that that you don't know wanna. And it's just it's not that he got paid more because he should've at that time he's gone public working in still unpaid for wouldn't work but. Although I. I did not relish pre that was good about Lleyton OK don't ever complain to media and from from this explain why you're not hungry Ebbers. Yeah a clean. Record that I'm moving quickly for them out for and I'm trying to think now about this guy and his story. They are that's funniest thing I universal like I really eat. Think what what I thought I saw evidence if I just had played right away so four of the didn't seem like trips in this of that did you have time right what you saw it you go to bed and bring you got a load before they catch you. Yeah originally he didn't say it's too weak so. You know protected under next paychecks they get paid by weekly so 48000. African dollar shows club. What do you blown out because of them. I'm not gonna lie here actually you know when I was with the Melissa rivers out of won't bronco. Hello crab sales of I go some place assailing them I really don't have enough time for distill the words that is something in the right see if I have anything the repossess. So I have to I have to get my first they would eased but you're not taking the trip because we're gonna catch an underdog probably gonna walk in the late Ted g.s and once to a strip. But what kind of night you had a digital waited just make it rain like. Would additional services. Yeah I mean if that's offered. But first it's got a rain could affect not only made it drizzle Bret I want equity through change. Now I got there late one year fifty regret making it hailed got to get to a hundred. Yeah 400 someone's reestablished its before that once that you know. It should be and large sections company over got a hundred one's how much money parades are probably regional and I you know I think you'd have to throw like. Group it together mentally and I've only one that but he couldn't throw ten now and then wait twenty minutes throw ten more that I make an irony. Ahmed messes like dogs got chances. Red glare may question hello love take a quick break Erica mega mart calls right entity. Now back to the men's room. Here's that glass Jim Hendry do you buy to let live resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW it's how to help. Wow this is formally known as black flag next year you are contestants and L this league playing for days to see the mighty Alice Cooper will do that 50 wait profile this right after the shot of the day random things out of our random question questions. Hello to the right welcome to the bedroom and ran ran ran them all good tune are die. Fries quick poll here best sex you ever had was with a blonde Brunette or redhead. I get a variant. Rent had. Every ginger there's no. When we got here four and ran to him time to titled the love money there and blowing a whole lot of money news go to pull Roush that. Who would you be willing to do. To wipe out your death whatever it is you getting dad I'm sure you get your car payments of like that. Yes definitely worth ten Mozilla. Car payment that's about it I carried in the motherland so called this one lump sum right now not heard certain my monthly payment on all that the Smart thing you. Seeds of may which you do Judeo Fredette is have a job. America. Okay how how much longer do you the O on that blown. About two and a half here's a well I'm actually living out of my car. That would do it by personal sort and I don't work the forty hours a week and benefits and all got a cardiac. Several suburban third draft took quite comfortable house and senate and it's our men and cannot be like an arrow since. I got majority man I gotta clothes hanger acted like a bedrooms are very low wages the live out their car. Just pay out Staten kind of get marked up on the right track on building my credit he McLaren bit. We get a big on Cuomo in 80000 dollars he bowled a one car garage get you travel trailer and a piece of property on the comment sir some kind of wooded area. And I still good and other drilled a what you're thinking what would you be willing to do to wipe out that two and a half years of credit. And I'd be willing to smoke weed. Now he doing there yeah would you be willing to give up here for five years. I would give a beer occurred ten years of demand they're not my dad he did not property right now OK Bob Murray stood about sex you ever have sex. At 100 armed would you be willing to give up sex for five years. You know June oh yeah would you be willing to give up sex for five years. Absolutely not okay I'm just just I don't Renner is steadily enough staff that Hillary grass. What would you be willing to do to what about your debt a new survey asked 500 college graduates what they would do wipe out all of their student loans with a lot of money. Probably tens of thousands here's some of the fire answers I take some of got to me like six video sharing. We have to go to grad school stuff now on how I don't know how she could do an interactive. 85% of people would give up weed for life. You're the student loans Americans I wouldn't but I can 84% was about why don't like it. That's admitted he didn't eat a lot guys generally giving up 84% to stop watching game of throats. See I mean that. I'm effect okay only two seasons left would you start us in a short porno video that would be distributed to lie about your student loan shall. I definitely do that 62% without erupted in a student loan for the man orca then would you give a chiefs. And now 61% of people DOT's I don't have a student debts I guess that's so poured it right there was cheese. Just say you know this issue one as we did you get that neck and neck. Off you'll like him enough good stuff he dove mountain. A 43% would give up toilet paper and wipes for five years I don't know department says as crooks just get the job and keep wiping your ass 31% would give up sex. For ten years now 13 of the population would give up sex for ten years of spending which your degree is in and out really making a big stretch. Tony 7% would give themselves cica. Good cop and 9% would actually just give the thing back like you can add to Harry yeah you can have it just taking back command. And then 10% or 8% said they would move to North Korea for ten years. Genius this crisis from 8% removed in North Korea for 1011 and give up sex thing moving North Korea and others do anything the mood of most people in North Korea what's it like do it every got to do meant chop off your arm don't come here don't Randall. I'm friends come friends ran hello Sean yeah and girlfriend. And our job. John hurdle pulled today we have a reason for this but we need to know about best section ever had blonde Brunette or redhead. You know I actually won't go to the warriors not that we're neck and they're tremendous catch them here's. Of those mornings and CNN has. It's all right here's a good amend. Who would you say. He is your most unlikely friend that you've ever head. Let's look I don't like they've current and you know there's all kinds of like man I used to work with a guy who was. He should have retired probably ten years before that but for whatever reason we got along we like to communicate. Age should not have anything to do that but in my mind as young as I was like and to hang on but look for to sing a seventy some year old guy and talk and shoot the crap out. I just in to what I started that job right the that was the guy that I would hang out with more and then go get Beers with after work and learn from and I just I never. You know like anything else when you're young you just don't. It easy peppers and as your grandfather to related to you but outside of those. Grandparents and parental figures there's not a lot of those in the moderate in the regular world you know and innings people retire Mubarak. So I just an artist. I understand the question now. It would actually I moved up here from Texas about two years ago are working in Seattle ought to have a company called PayPal so this old man might. That he what you can Graeme brown is a cryptic or come this stuff throughout the day on in the morning every day. And me and started talking everything like that you like eighty years old he just went up shop and everything like that. You know actually what I got me hooked on steel shell when I first moved up here OK was probably the most unlikely person. Yeah I mean it it happens everyone down like why are we for like I like you genuinely. How the hell are we friends and somehow all those a those levels like you can. If your politics don't mix it you just know what to avoid and as far as what your discussions are the you know probably you'll mesh very well be available those subjects or you do you know those things and things seemed to be far it's out of that my most unlikely friends bring about it is actually the federal politician now but was and a probably put heat he's disgusted me in so many ways because. There was like mail that was in the back of his limo was on way to DC homered to smoke and weed off. Hurry you know boatmen's like him and his policy of my career of course I say I don't want to leave. Matt does that leave that but it took of the idiots of the stupid enough to vote for real time. After the wanna hear that's what's in it drove me at increased meet its ability to work at least if you met someone like. I don't like week of unbelievable BS people and feet to go OK you're a moron but what it means you're you're standing by your guns appointment. You know you're in politics should you have the ability to create change. And two was credited or change anything that where it reflected in these don't think you kidding me to meet the in the senate for. You look set to turn and it is just like wasn't nobody ever cared about you have to notes it was wanna get reelected so. Apple smoke weed with you and are good and cast my no vote but the other thing you point that it's like I don't go to jet. Totally good until it kills them and even though and at that stretches like I think the women the wanna get away. Allied to the people domino to vote for me I say the so horrible is like. As we protect as much like Hannah sort of what three. That man was Gary conflict. You know about it as I don't know about but for some reason we still got a long. Reason I asked who is your most unlikely friend there's a 550 pound black bear. At the Folsom city zoo sanctuary near Sacramento named support. And has recently been living with a straight black cap. Cats showed up several months ago the zoo keepers nicknamed it little bear. They tossed dry dog food out for the bear every morning in the cancer dating it to us that's what attracted it. And now it basically just follows the bear around all day they hang out the shape together at the bare doesn't seem to mind they cuddle up. Apparently kids and grandparents I keep asking about it because they think the bears guard unit. There's never been a problem though the zoo has other bears and their two but the cat only hangs out with that bear that's the only bare in the entire closure follows them around ever. Got a pool boy it and they're supporting view like he is not a threat to me. Apparently not I don't think they've broad down on some level. Internet lately I can get it out of Britain and why are they don't on the playground. Brenda and really didn't I don't know whether that's oriental Angel and round and round you know. All tech minute. Hello Shawn welcome to the big. Attic good guy. The data out of it started at all right our prayer in case was good analyst all right. Have you ever. Have you ever witnessed what you thought to be. Suspicious activity. Something strange going out. I'll definitely overtime ending grown up that night. Growing up in Phoenix Arizona that side it's always suspicious. But what I mean like just what the people in general. All. I don't. Pretty Monterey. I did contract security for a long time and without any kind of put me in the position. Looking for that that activity at a it even if at all are not doing that out it has. What does a lot of things and just kind of a crazy atmosphere and good people I love I love I love my peers people that are where we could be a very sometime. I can go anywhere. Where you through the course of one day you're not gonna stumble on some suspicious activity. They're suspicious activity in my own goddamn hole. In enemy we didn't look at it didn't look I'm afraid from lake. God damn it I I will look to see what I know you guys have just done because everything about the body language version of your eyes. You're my kids and I'm suspicious of like it doesn't matter where you go there are suspicious active Jenrette do do you eat you said you worked security for numbered years. Yeah yeah you're on to confront anybody. I'll all the armed terrorists. Probably about it every not every other night pace it's everything like the mask our cause not probably we're going to replicate and that is there. I had staked out. Broke my heart seeing. Women defend their man that I that would be used after Batman in Arden I would have to you know. Yeah it's you can't do much you can do most of them not willing to press charges are filed ray it is exactly so in other. Out of all the bad you make in this they aren't as you're confronted by people. People that were. In an iron I don't have to drives in I. And come home by the way up best sex you've ever been with Brooke Burnett blotter at that. All warm and I think year ago correct answers and you know I answer that. The reason we asked have you ever witnessed suspicious activity this went down in New Brunswick and a matters man said he was pulled over and questions. By police while driving home from a stone even wharf. And was told it was because police three several received several calls regarding a suspicious man. In a white car parked at the wall. Luzon gray dolphin he is the director of parks recreation and tourism for the city of back Hearst. Was reading a book by. CS Lewis. I came down to the war just to do some reading and just dispense some nice quiet time by the war. According to auto you can you were not permitted to do that I didn't think I was doing anything wrong you warm. The police said they were unable to provide comments on the incidents since no one was arrested or charged but they received multiple calls. Dolphin says he's not angry just disappoint in the people who fallen to report and then he was reading a book. Quotes I'd imagine it was largely due to their suspicions of someone who has not common in the area and they might have had some preconceived notions. Not a lot of black people here. He says yeah. They continue. As much as we like to turn up our noses are Brothers and sisters in the United States we do have to recognize we have very much similar problems here in the country of Canada. Repeat for every country on earth I'm not a stranger to this I don't think any person of color is a stranger to this and Canada. The man went to read a book and by CS Lewis in his car overlooking the war. There were 4911. Calls of suspicious sect that. Yet suspicious activity there's a black guy here sitting at a cost missions from reading the book. He not only that he is the director of parks recreation and tourism for the entire city and he. The evening news chronicles of Narnia. RN a question question more of your calls coming up the smiles at tournaments are made I point nine KI SW Seattle.