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Monday, July 11th

More of your calls on the Random Question, Emails, Mike Hawk gives the Headlines he's NOT working on, and Your Guess is as Good as Mine asks about untrustworthy professions


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And then true we've miles. Nine point nine. Yes you are. How things change clothes up mainly grass 2014. Back in the day this year lineup is a strong which is disturbed Breaking Benjamin Alter Bridge anthrax along with our friends and Bobby able. And window pane. Affectionately known as we know pay the rest 2016 this year to those four packs a lot thing is don't forget. A whole bunch of more bands have been added there's a second stage on their nine electric butcher baby right out and dead Iraqis the man that I thought the united the sunset man and they just absolutely here one of the best bands I've seen in a long time so. It's gonna be a great show there's four packs salon tickets available now Sunday August 21 we'll CF at white river Everett what were arrested all the details. Anti KIW dot com our random question question we'll take a quick break a medal more your calls right deputies. This season. Nine point nine KI SW Andre shows Saturday's coming up. Also TB tablets at the return of your guess is good as might say categories by the way tourism and jobs that will be your categories to pick from in your guest Randall he has got to run. Ran me down and as I read a question question hello and welcome to the bedroom. And our lawyers here at all are sorry Jim. We don't Jim would you say the best sex you've ever had your life those with a blonde to Brunette or redhead. I'd have to go along and download okay good to know. Files move on your and question question renewal survey you'll need the answers coming appearances government threat. With Jim what did you have to spring into action and it could have been a time where you were like oh man. It's in the fan I gotta I got to do something. All. I I have to say it probably down. Robbie Aron out now my last job. Actually a welder now in one of the guys that I was he heal well and actually lit himself on fire. Jesus how hard is that to do that easy to do are hard to do. Japan already even the way even if you're gonna. Kinda had to evacuate you know he was even a cutting torch. Set it down had forgotten to turn golf and basically wouldn't cover all on fire. We parent. How long to take formed realized did you see the flames ever. I tell myself on fire when night is Steve's apartment I was just Kennison around fires using gay dude you're on for Ireland. Luckily the phone rang pentagon consider this. 00 Jesus. I didn't say it probably took me about 3040 seconds after it himself on fire straight smelled burning all. On. What he hadn't realized it until I yelled are you got the fire future when he turned around sprayed them this evening you're just doing a prank. He thought I was just trying. It only turned who can. I don't wanna it with the fire extinguishers when saint inform. Did it did was he burned already disabled for many. Service burns. Either get our anointing early got toast that looked cover all the I think is Jean got burned a little bit. Also it. Well the reason we ask what did you have to spring into action this is a crazy story eight inmates in a holding cell in the basement of a courthouse in Weatherford Texas few weeks ago wonderful. And those one of the guards watch them and suddenly he's slumped over felled. Inmates realized he had a heart attack so they started shouting for help and owns around does not do any good they did the only thing they could do to save his life they broke out of the self. That's those are all you need to know eighties guys who are holding cell could break out any time I want to just know that apparently they really neat. Once they were out some of them checked on among the other screamed to banged on doors until finally some deputies of steers her demand came down of course they think it's gonna be all right it. They don't understand what people screaming and banging your thing and like all man prisoners going nuts right. Well some of them finally checked on Monday a day to for them to come out promise in the was not arrive thankfully they listen the prisoners who told them what was happening. And the cavs did CPR on the guard and actually helped guide you as Paul's back in the of goma hospital thankfully the inmates were there 'cause they say the guys lighten. But it wasn't like hey now you're cool right now they they still to go in front of a judge because they broke out of a cell. When they got it would that you are all the oh yeah oh yeah I know they put it in new reinforced holding cell but the deal is is that they got they got charged for breaking out. Yeah go in front of the judge. Because they know once they've this guy's life. I understand that but I don't understand it all circumstantially. I could seek his they still had to go to a judge is there in the courthouse in that seems really judge in charge him an extra Christ. Think that like I did it you have to seed the judge could you did bring double holding so you would think. When you explain that your actions are you like look cops pulled people over to someone speeding your Whitewater broke your underwear in the hospital they don't give you take. Wreck you know and it's it's just you have violated the law it's understood blood you have real circumstances. The kind of exclude that you would think in this case there is a guard of face the man most Cleveland's printout present don't give glowing reviews of the guards. Nor do guards give glowing reviews of the prisoners of the fact of these guys humanity. Kicked and opened the door because they couldn't read is gone. They Canada lovely and regulated and you'll face charges they were already in the therefore yes correct or not actually try opening breakneck like Natalie yeah he felt like they're holding cell but that window they didn't do many good enough awarded based on the fact avail Randolph ran the Hawaiian battleground. I don't know hey guys still left dressed Garret Miller holding that brandy did all this horrible I've got they're semi hard for the possibility but if you're holding cell you should be able that be that good to just be able to break out of the I understand if you're never ten years ago the ins and outs of where you command and the thing about holding so there's eight guys in the four of them had been there before all I know that took three of the bill are personally donated its times on. Manatee that part of that. Yeah in the holding cells are going to be I don't think as. As reinforce reinforced again. All I. Miles below six was your moment your poll best sex you've ever had was with a blonde Brunette redhead. It Burnett. And I can't believe it. Cut down the line Asia that someone emailed in that route it through that Internet. Miles let's go to this one have you ever dated someone with which you considered to be just a great body. That doesn't mean they're most attractive person in the face but as far as the body goes it was all my god look at that. You know then would someone. You say David you never dated anyone repo man you've agreed. Not in the so they'll look that kind of body can you give miles an average basis. And bicker about it where I aged driver pretty but it. What's your okay so you go to the face more cells in the body. Body body through but yeah yeah period Earl grant for a year round of people. Who are we. OK that I mean nobody wants and needs someone you act that we believe is ugly. They're ready to build it we called dragon lady and her body is next. A tournament and the first day due to Enron we saw our face I mean whose dislike are all my gosh oh my god I mean it's I was like oh we're playing the nation's point. He added that there was bad. Yeah you don't manhunt I'm trying to think I I. I've dated very attractive women with with a couple times in my life with great bodies limitless been so long you know since I've seen anyone neck and I'm not exactly sure what to make that. Re Joseph do about it is exactly associated metadata via Maria. You're dates of all the ray binary we asked a new study out the University of South Carolina found the men are more likely to remember what a woman tells them. If she has great body Nokia. Researchers found that men do the best job remembering details like a woman's face. Age job hobbies family history college major if she had an hourglass figure. It also helps if she had a pretty face there's a logical theory is they say why that was down to basic biology. Men remember people they want to sleep period. But no kidding they just did a study that was the results Wednesday man you could estimated eight out of going to announce that puzzle you don't need it relates. Right you don't you're studying it's their biological imperative and it is understood I want you think of this. If you meet someone of the same sex obviously musher home sector not the be attracted to me if if if your heterosexual so. If you meet them and you don't remember the name broke out going I'm done by gabbana miles are you by five minutes and I go like oh my god ultimately what tells a guy's name again. Now if this if this is a a Brittany. Or a Sarah or whoever the hell it is and you find her attractive do you remember that name. Immediately and that doesn't slip your brain you know so what's an add Sarah. Guys that are pretty pathetic and then he hit an agrees you need to ask questions about Brittany your personality. You need more information you might even. You might even go out of your way to ask her friend more information to get more information we are more willing to have a conversation because your interest right exactly. Another did not I don't did you not interested in talking to Don is just that his name is not that important. You still have a great conversation short just slipped to bring real quick you would you pick it up and conversation generally it dates you've seen her mean might do attacks there and a website like you've seen her name multiple times sure whereas like Serena do Jimmy. He's three and a guy you know it's just some random guy until proven otherwise by the way on our side questions they minster local here message of airhead blonde Brunette redhead there's a reason. A new survey found the both men and women say the same type of hair color are better in bed than than just about anyone. And this is about men and women so the best sex you've ever had in your life is with the same hair color was your matter what I'm. Salas a blonde I'm not positive they were real month. If that's the thing that's the thing if it's kinda hard to know. Well there's been the party did due to make determinations on a problem. And checked her for the survey said the lights on it and it was you want to block a new survey found the both men and women. Say that brute nets are better in bed than blondes they also Saber nets are more adventurous and enthusiastic when they're getting an arm. Survey also found there's no connection between being a good dancer and being good at having sex. A 75% of women a 63% immense of the breast person ever had sex with was a terrible dancer and for me that's weird because. When I was young and when I did go to clubs how he thought the weather was a guy or girl if they get up their move like that they had be pretty good and that was just my general assumption. Yeah I can blame me whether it's at a Catholic and keep it anyway they've added a separate things are Sarah another just like all right you got rhythm you don't think can you get a group tea. May be the better of the mad. I don't know just because I don't have that so I wouldn't though scientists in that's like an advantage that Iowa thought it was the exact I'm glad to know that doesn't count. I'm not the money that's so let's I don't know it's Friday while the day isn't so much. Thoroughbred of quite as aggressive as we have a few emails here for the men's room amends or live dot job you. Real brought to my leisure rowing for our brewers a men's room gold. Because we think it's Germany apparently parties of every brochure and bar it is out on shells rituals and a distaste the end delicious. Our guys don't give a shout out to a man. Hate none it's thirtieth birthday which was yesterday please give them this that the other now patent in active member they shot Africa's number there was not somewhere around there here's another look. A best friend Jamie had his 45 birdie of the weekend as a late gift gonna get a Barbara now you can send the money we're sorry you don't you don't. Look you can add your kid's birthday party like a week letters and long been known to you could replace out of every found evidence but now that's the only sing the birthday song the Denver to at least that's our. You know we've earned by the party we legacy of the problems. Amid is my youngest daughter Caitlin turns ten years olds they were celebrating down to appear in Seattle can I get her a little girl faced now is that from Chris. Hello you glorious riches it's my good friend Liz is birthday can I get turtles having sex oh lie you like that. Thanks for Mike. I also always wonders of puzzle play multiple turtles having sex a later chorus of sex journals. You know Mike. It's possible to do multiple multiple journals why not we'll economically wanted to reach channel but if you get enough channels. Like the bulls is like yeah I'm not. God is good about internal sex now now now did over the weekend realize. Because I ate I don't know I heard some noise and I think that the seven to turn its AdSense I get a fight you're notified that Benoit and instead of a about the Arnold at the thing I think that it doesn't wanna get a birthday song for my friends Joseph and Steve that from local Villa. Daughter Emily turns to anyone was hoping argued the birthdays on the face they would do an almighty god Jay. Thanks so yet district of its wanna to a summer gold that from Jobe finished yeah. Throw all eyes I'm Sarah today my husband's Burt. And okay so you know oh my god you run. Other kid and I am and I said look and salute cheese and a Tug her other son. Hey guys Zetterberg they don't nobody right killer bee this guy roles we wish him the best gonna get oh a bird and now hitting the window. And something super creepy for miles he would totally dig that thanks guys that from Jason oh look gone. Oh solution on Google and my lazy wife's birthday today can I got to take doubly should know dear Jesus internal sex thanks guys and getter in the mood that from Droid does have a single. Parent. My vibrant. Having I've hammered they guys this glorious day also adds to my husband's dirty thirty Johnny hates the the sound bytes of the news get a must suck it up cupcake and some turn eleven. Thanks guys have frontiers oh. Guys led by Al buddy Dave 31 bird that aside from the bag we'd agave I know he truly wants a birthday song gotta also get a dope pusher take off the least two aunts and turtles X thanks guys that from Jana. Yeah. Points out that's legal status. Guys today as my son's experts say can I get a shot on par maybe a face that always thanks guys appreciate it a filet of fish sandwich now which are hard working for him and Mandy a fish sandwich followed by you like that and a bird they saw on that from Mac. A person like Wendy MacDonald was overpowered this hour's. Joseph Biden open. Guys and apologizes birthday as today's always on me to put an request for the birthday song and you guys with the is the first time. We have not been out about backpacking on his birthday. And several years he's great guy wonderful husband were his ass off for me in our kids Sam every day I'm so proud of him. And you guys can make it nice and annoying that would be great with the have a birthday song you got it from the wife Lisa got to. Bitches I like ms. he's birthday she's 3040 chance you get a little kid they sandwich and a cut that bitch off that from Tom in Olympia. And read now. Red collar guys at all when you gonna be O miles a big sister men these birds they seized 37 and probably too busy running for state senate to even remember what day it is. A my degree but I think to be funny you never know look out a jeez Louise in the suck it up cupcake that from Sabrina. Oh look out. Chic in a week. Lois. Hi guys do you know happy I didn't yeah thunderbird and our hundred. Pounds through and didn't know. But I just curious what is a bill cows we drop here comes the dope pusher come from that from Stevie we now. Yeah. That was from an album to put out about like a warning kids not do drugs OK and I was a somber note Jerry Rice sold and get the the parent friend. The court being deceived a cousin walking on stage and screaming into the computer. Guys just got back from may have barbecue feel pretty banked turn on a rerun of your the worst on FX in the guy on there was talking about his home address. A mentioning the only people who remember their own address or kidnap children. And this dog he's on dateline the rides a bus to the park. Then guessed at from Sam that from from damn Sam the dam is Sam saying he doesn't know was address. I think began to show saga Manila people who and other dresses are there what Nokia in the dog rides of most of those namely. Eclipse eclipse. So the dog that mild discover the coma took credit for the became an international things like Jesus Christ is no reason at. A far right now is the point yet come up awful idea don't follow it really doesn't remember Izzo that just NC student audio as. Guys visit Italy's and I'll watch Tim Diebler from the all by at least two pounds of your sauces people behind came from out of town to know what the buys are recommended yours it's a that it wants sausage made amends or. I'm foreign minister on May the men's room its name radio programming and buying five pounds to people that I gave my number NASA and let me know what they thought they called midnight hammered trying to order more from me because they said it was a great sales pitch a better sausage and told them lose opens tend yoga then hung up. And Kevin nice guys major red six back to grocery outlet fourteenth in Maine in a sunny Springfield Oregon. And it's very nice that from the UG. Bitches in Redmond Oregon for some work found the red the local ride a gonna be a great night from our. Miserable goal is stocked up enormous margin lake Stevens available twenty twos picked up to today largest selection of beer in western Washington. Team drunken stole that from Chris. And finally been served summer gold is at total wide in Puyallup in the 22 years guys. That from Jimmy the produce guy also got a text defiance in Tacoma has the goal is OK very good. I don't part of the show today also profiled as we have here to get to see Alice Cooper we also have headlines coming up in one our first check in on the newsroom and Mike Cox for stories he is not working out there Baghdad just as the headlines every right here we got seven gore during the Spanish running of the bulls right of the running of the bulls head up or down seems local. Have no idea of a suburb after I would say average about delegate we are like 45. I think the horn goes up. Well I mean look like right you read on the street with the bulls lose it should be fully expected what they were worried about this year more so than anything else is they've had a problem with people who are. Sexual deviant is moving grabbing people the crowds and they've been running and everything else that's happened feels so they put up cameras the main concern is not a a bull. Boarding yield. It's someone going behind you and grabbing your but no offense I would much rather a bystander grabbed my ass than a bold little worn through it and I wouldn't get match streak. You've made the commitment that you are running with ample what are you gonna do commanders write something and I get with a console like let's find the sexual creatures there at a group play day. You signed on the run of these animals. And write a dipping her gee it perch yet. I've actually got your road rage flasher caught on cell phone video was arrested by Nevada Highway Patrol. But the road rage. Is managed shows your boobs pretty much this chick was driving a brand new car. Gets an offender Vander. And there's a video while we're she is cussing out the driver that hitter she's dialing her phone and then for some reason I didn't see what led up to it but she just pulled her shirt up. And you know let fly so screaming at somebody with a shared I don't know who is he ugly not. Add this. Half past that's. Leave my guy. The sixth was it punishment for her to be flashing you know. None of rally cry rabbit out of general I'm an alien a car that's really all they you can. Talk about a gas. I don't know of has answered a different. That's amid great story for those kids end. My dad and about Islam and showed her boot and I guess I was mad. And then day he had the last and I got three years alleged bank robbery attempt fails spectacularly. This guy goes into a bank he's got a shot again. He tells teller I want some money she says now I'm not gonna give you any go away so it turned around and he runs out he gets and it was cards starts to drive away and smashed into a cup car. I what is over the bank delegates postage assailant one just just hand everything over the right thing and a lot of money put the little tractor pack in there a protocol of gravity she's like now and I've given you any money but haven't a lot more lately an lot of Robert again thwarted displayed people tell him. Now I can tell as a rule over man I ever since 2000 red the Baltimore. Money is gone crazy and bank robbery seemed to have spiked. Incredibly since then but it seems like you're right in the last few years now you're back and shoot me or you don't have a guy and the guy roles among the ghost now. And inevitably I mean rodeo like about it. You can get now from bank robbery or you can make this summer we've both made one remark about my thing. I can't leverage Els thanks or even that I mean I just customers like blockbuster. Yeah but the thing is late it's a bank you're working there it's not your money is your shirt that's why that's one situation I would Allen fight back and odd day here today. I think there is quite different at a convenience stories do you. In Canada limited chance you might own part of their business or whatever I just told the when you're not going to shoot me so much ruby being grossly amendments that. All of us tellers behind that glass tuna. When I don't facility ATM. Well here in the bank and what's Smart person robs a bank there's all kinds of cameras and alarms and hidden buttons all I mean the same kind of guy that drives to a cop car and is unsuccessfully rob I will say this this really keep the money stolen much yes wife discovered that if you look if you like attractive people it seems like bank managers do a great job of hiring good looking people to work up there in reference in the bank and have a bank's outlook and there was a while Mike. But I've what is going on in here again is that this new teller in my tank and he is attracted to him and both guys everybody asks if you if you if you deal of customers in that industry you're normally pretty good look you know that put all the good look at. I'm convinced that there is play it that it would not known to us right but there is like the customer service under the pad and they look at to legalize. You hostess at a restaurant you work at a bank you DMV. All told you social services like but the ugly people places that would freeze more serious threat it. Above the Village People thing that is a little more like this you can always go back to the bank later you can. Why don't we it would have been plenty of liberals and do believe the MB it's like with. You're going to be an unbelievable comeback of situations such. They were gonna get you so moment so ugly and so I mean. But you're not gonna give me to live and you gonna do I am convinced that a guy because of a service. You get a leg and whether the bank you know at Fred I'd say you eat potato chip so that didn't have a DNA look browse. That's certainly university of republics are in the past to trade a manager told us straight out as I look. You might have a chance organ up front you definitely have a chance working out front you do not have enough like you just keep doing your thing you master the kitchen back here man did you and you you got to go for you got front of get the retail register. Looks we need to explore people complain about it he had serious. Ed you should complain about a Mosul will be true so until that truth changes our respect someone who's just gonna go on site. Mean like right it didn't say that you that's a horrible attitude listen there's a reason we builds and you can see you trust people. What you lock your car it's the same gonna blast it was remarkable I think maybe from you're too ugly to work for people who try and eat. Part of it's got to be the job to. At a bank people are depositing checks and hopefully get some money. Filling in the DMV everybody's in a pissed off mood today and put our when you work there you're in a more pissed off mood in the lead just goes down L. Conine right out to both export to Iraq you'll be playing your guess is as good as mine the categories today. Tourism and jobs and take a break in your guess is as good as mine up next. I'm calling nine KI SW. Their profile there's going to be formally known as black white makes your you to your playing prepare to uses the Alice Cooper emerald queen casino that show is Thursday October the twenty what it. When Alice Cooper to it's Tory and our contestants to nail this week on the game known as profile this. Did you ask the game is your guess is as good as mine we have a contestant on the line Steve who is ready to play the yeah hello my welcome to the Madrid. Or not all of my hard and have. I'm pretty tired time for your guess is good as mine where you pick from one of two categories America. John answer as many right in the categories again before three strikes and you are out there are two categories that you are digging from today would he. Tourism and jobs. Which of the two categories I think you'd like to jobs professions. Go up to go jobs jobs it is our act. As far as professions that we trust a lot and professions that we do not trust at all. We have freed today Tim professions that no one believes anything that comes out of the amount. Another words there are trusted professions who do you think we drills the mustn't the trust the most as far as doctors firemen and that's why. Right. Medicines number one of the three professions we have the most faith in our nurses doctors and informs us. So that's the other end of the scale back. What we're looking for here today on your guess is as good as mine as is professions. Do we trust the least. The complete opposite end of the spectrum. A so what you need to do is guess as many as you can in the category before three strikes so thing about jobs that people have thing about professions that people have. And whether you trust them or not. Maybe get a second opinion maybe you don't maybe go someplace else and seeding of another deal either way these are professions that people absolutely do not trust for the most part. I ordered to undergo a lawyer or a lawyer. That would seem like a great guests as far as somebody wouldn't trust believe and are not lawyers are not on polish. How are not on the list Abumrad director Mike. I wrote that went down for myself stepped out well the thing about lawyers in allied lives are good for you if they're on your side yeah I want a lawyer who is not on your side to guarantee you this this proves you don't one of them is telling the absolute truth. And the thing is you'll order of a lot of it on your behalf but did you also understand that the guy working against you is also loved me this is not under that you can murder someone the lawyer's job. Is to make sure you don't go to jail and a part of it to people and understand like those lawyers slate. Sometimes I really care about the cases they just wanna beat the other lawyer is there in court with a member council yeah you know limit. But shockingly enough lawyers are not on the list it is the in the survey professions that we don't trust there's simple things lately a waitress who's like. There are always nice to hear that they don't live like millions of stuff like nothing nothing that would be behind your back this will be a pre conceived thing that you would politics I'll talk car sales chart that kind of absolutely. Yeah ask ourselves that throughout this car salesman number one on the list are as the job that we trust the least. That is the number one job or people elect. It's gestured in the script specifically because it was definitely Garza I always thought it would be out of body mechanic. Or something like that believe or not car salesman. In that world that Selig incomes of homeless nobody else involving cars. That's the only part of that professionals Wear in Arkansas partly because what the thing with like mechanics you know he started an overcharge your bubble but Indian. You do trust that the picture. I think that's overwhelming do it maybe visited before ride what you Carson kept out of politicians has got to Vienna. Thought that was my next step a followed this. Local and state politicians number seven the national politicians number eight I maybe you know let alone they do all the good that's how bad politicians are as far as people's trust where no one trusts them right. So so far you've gotten car salesman local and state politicians and national politicians correct as far as a survey that asked. What profession do we trust the least yup one strike with two strikes remaining there are seven possible more answers. Often. When it was like when it cover insured children. Insurance salesman. Where that. Yes that is gonna. And a number four unless that is that value again of our people don't trust people who do insurance is silly because. When you needed if it's gonna be there or not that's yet to be seen. Don't always take your money always tell you what they're going to do but you never know until you really need to use the insurance because it is a scam. Every person I ever talked to on the allows it. When they provide free yet since their keep my neighbor paid for the service to them do we got in favor but. Beyond that every insurance reform we've ever told you we submit is that the scam all the welcome selling process and morally it absolutely. 100% is a witty edit it a media heads little bonus cents. These people in a weird way. I'm a weird way they basically screwed over every one. Wall Street in the entire United States all of America to one point anchors write something. It is stock market. Broker's stock broker that is directly after Parker's number six on the last everybody does not trust them again but yesterday about five diplomatic guy works on Wall Street few times and knows who's and that's good enough then it just about to beat fare much like the insurance industry that's what you yes. Yes we're screwed you over but again there's nothing you can do about it through wagons Leo well. Oh okay. These are the result of a survey that asked people what professions they trust the least there are many options but they narrowed it down to ten so far you have. 12345. Corrects five answers remain only one strike to get two strikes are meant. I think we'll give it to other business career reduce accidents group. Columnist Erik. Right but everybody says it found not car sales number the only people who were represented in the auto Monroe within our mobile patrols farms when a movie match grows pharmacist about why you think of insurance industries are -- plumber. A plumber did I trust them voter that's a great cash and partially does not make the list let me just like. Any normal people trust plumbers. An electrician to that other plumbers and electricians to run the flowers and life as though there's little electric and we'll tell you who I don't approve any other formerly I know I need a plumber right now from comfort final the last. Plumber just absolutely drained me no pun intended I'm there I mean seriously I like this is ridiculous how much money employees admitted to brown. Yes yes yes they did yes I think you know I don't know what you don't trust them economically cap what you do because it was not a problem you couldn't fix without them no it's not an also that I can I took me three times and actually show. So I don't wait one day doesn't unity shower him with money. Basically. Yeah I'm okay I'm loving world manna like out somebody. High five answers remain two strikes one strike left these are the two professions that people trust the least. Here is critically and are now and I think you crazy here and if you take referee is an unbiased CEO of for a ball in general. This thing goes up. About a actually a shrink. Not a bad gash actually that is not. The war is look. You all know why and you probably have wrote for them you probably think they're helping yet not just cut off a 150 dollars an hour it's your boots whose tree I assume trust that's kind of the whole thing right got to establish some sort of trust me they're ready and if you didn't trust the it's a very old are going to talk to white it would be important to go there right they don't gauntlet lawyer will always exist because inevitably you need some were even if it's not court. Let's face when you do stuff like insurance and a run on the scale money if it gets bad enough. Any good lawyer called them. So lawyers who serving good purpose I side of just being in court going to jail but I think when you bring the lawyers most of those I would proposal for. Man Ayman courtroom implemented only little once in my life has that been situations they want they don't have a lowers its financial. Yeah but it's enough. That's lilac players. I everybody would you read a courtroom when you had to travel and on your side it's late. These are good dude and women termites are really bad on the East Coast and I worked for a little while for pesticide companies in my neighbor had. And we would go we would drill we would drill for termites now if somebody had termite that's one thing but if they didn't have termite sometimes people use that try to be able to preventative of their neighbors do whatever like you know what. Just could this take care of for the starting way in my house and everything else. The problem that theory is is it in the area that I worked in West Virginia goes a chemical that they put in the ground. Before nineteen cent of the 1970 you can put programs they've poured around the entire perimeter of the house. This grapple so toxic. Then it's still in the ground and still working on all those houses to this very day. Doughnuts are once you pour down you never have to do anything against so much so toxic they basically made it illegal. We would still go. Drill those homes. Termite those old spray that the crafted in the holes. Patch everything up and give them a job even though we knew damn well the house is built before 1970. It already have this crap in the ground where. You would even wanna dig out of French drain. You wouldn't want Britain they got the premiere of house because these old layouts toxic Poland there but you know for a thousand dollars whatever cost new termite inspection a gores are gonna take the moniker a take all that of course are gonna drill for image they don't connect is wanted an inspection this losing your house is never had a termite since 1955 and it was built. I don't think it's gonna have what now but if you need that done all right we'll do so here's the least trusting jobs at number ten newspaper journalists. I don't know man I mean it really depends I don't think most of us understand the difference between our. The National Enquirer for lack of about when he and other accurate accurate veterinary times vs at times. Yet or watching Fox News sources ABC news doesn't mean anyone lying but I think most people differently I. I described an amazing his. Some of the newspapers. Some of them are still locally owned death so you're actually getting real reporters first most. I think people don't trust newspapers they just are TV where it's all ratings base and then I'm gonna give you real threat and number all the info from the simple as we do what you associate for none of book. No thoughts on this show quite Poconos headlines. Is not. On the streets of beating the pavement he's going to the same sources all the crap you want all the horrible written so ten newspaper journalists number nine. TV people. Our dynamic feel little or no great national politicians followed by local and state politicians and Wall Street workers at number five. Union leaders people do not trust union we saw. A number four insurance brokers number three. Real estate it's. Well yeah. They're taking a huge commission they're not doing a lot of work and their get a lot of money out of it but I don't not Russell and hopefully you dig it set up food that you were you live like it was their Cisco. They're gonna get a huge domestic of the prices are ridiculous book that's my they're not you think you'll see how else they're they're also doing a chunk of the work for error. North of the they bought filings so I kind of stuff evidently it's evidence and don't sell and what what what it's not them I don't trust the people selling the home but the real thing and it completely you do the middleman number two advertising people. And the number one people that they don't trust. Car salesman so goes car salesman advertising real estate agents insurance brokers union leaders Wall Street workers local national and state politicians TV journalists and newspaper journalist. Those are the least trusted profession Barack and we managed during attack.