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Monday, July 11th

Shot of the Day, Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from Family Feud, Ple Headlines and Taryn Daly Spills about her weekend


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So bloody day. Deserves to be ready. Men's room. It's just two days. It's usually heads of the very best dancing with the oil to find out nortel's yes indeed and today. We chose 28. Your old woman. From Mary. Esther I believe that is in. Order amount opposite in the way. Others woman she was sick in the hospital for evaluation after she drove. Into homes have a masters which is over no home while the serve office deputies. They showed openness with the help the problem she slammed into the home and it tried to back away but not sure if you're trying to escape the car. Was unable to navigate to sing and so let's assume probably four Beecher. Ashis why what happened though was that that she was praying at the time had her eyes closed so she went through stop signs it crashed into the house. It turns out the god is not recoup them chickens are praying right before she hit the house she sort of trying she's a portion. Could stop sign and I were Brian. I closed my eyes boring which I understand people do unfortunately she was to drive that I do not know emperor was. Went to the stop sign and then what happens when you closed horizon drive is exactly what happens. When you close your eyes and and I would think of god listened. Opened her own rights and drive that got him vehicle reminds me of the guy from the Buffalo Bills who dropped that touchdown passes and lard like had a real. That could get back. Everybody takes that you take the credit for the victory whenever take credit for the Atlanta to Florida my guys to be like America. Why was she frame it that you don't say I'm enemy legacies is the battle in her thing yeah. There I get it man and or whatever you want to do due partly to anything you know devoted Holmgren and open your eyes and go do that church is while driving in granted there's an underground don't text and drive me. Don't pray and we think we need to head but apparently ordered put on the list or keep your eyes open modes. That's all of nothing else to keep us. Our habit is Lester. Report the supposed and we drink this booze because we think it's yup I don't banners over the song and download for a two party in arts Holly's. I'm not a whole lot of job. That story brought to you both both of so called the tobacco and liquor ads into color nine online right now duels export to Iraq could be playing the game profile that's going to take us to see Alice Cooper and emerald queen casino. That is Thursday October 20 profile this is a game played here coming up in minutes the smiles at tournaments are many nine point nine KI SW CN. Nine point nine. KI DS stolen you are not jealous Arkin does is they all those we got profile has blamed prepare to get to see Alice Cooper and emerald queen casino that is Thursday October 20 you must be 21 or altered energy. Visit KI SW doc out for complete details Ben gay males. Is true precepts. That's even throw them please don't go and help profile this is playing you know I can't miles and I will include simple game web service you know we don't like new story. Something to happen right here. Actually and move the and as you listen to this story based on stereotypes you believed to be true people. And the decisions people make will ask you would have is you'd think makes the story the story. O'Brien welcome to the Madrid. Liquor and horrors the current and all ours are right to understand the game played. Yeah I definitely don't do it are your story. They are two main ways that people go and promptly the bit extra pressed for the get extra pocket and government bar you know who's to be true. Both of 42 year old guy. He's in Wayne's world Virginia and apparently he gets a little different market to have less try to hit the cup pull them over for driving dropped. Now his friend another 22 year old man. And pass and proceed to become fast friends and payment. Can you describe him home like the water under the bridge can drop them but the driver interjected the old copper and my body also dropped. And he kept talking and pointed out that his passenger in addition to being drunk also has an outstanding warrants a well. Pop pop pop up on the aisle all right exactly. So the cops found out that is but he did indeed have an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court. So you've been getting arrested soon and other to Dorgan the car since both of them had detailed bold statement pound. Here's the real roads and the driver was released from jail gruesome enough but I still like them what happen now holds. Because of the warrants to the war to buddies out this. Paris now Warren Sapp warm. So the question is do you believe these two knuckle heads are black white mixed or Asian. Who. Said he fortieth. I mean for my taste. The dogs alive they were gonna get to go home they hadn't run anything checked aiming on him I mean pretty generally white. Yeah. Nikhil and I know the dog and cart it. Screen quite unique. Now when you call that your body for helping outstanding warrants rusty and China a trust in the system which is probably not the best idea in the world. I don't think anyone who's black would ever call out the body to the cops they're gonna attract. They're gonna jacket a mile right yeah I challenge is this just seems like a couple like guys who were hammered in. Crap went down circumstantially one guys in jail obviously but is funny isn't it yeah. But that's how think they'd even background check these guys they think hey let's go back the car like they were like they're gonna let him go back. And then they sent us now Lawrence I guess I'd guess laughter I think that's an otherwise they didn't say that his body today he would count Lawrence. Well miles what you you live near Virginia what the ratio. Black wait XP and individual where you are you're Northern Virginia it's going to be 5050 white black the farther you go Weston Virginia just all white if you go south and Virginia more black than lighten the perimeter also. I keep. Well yeah I am definitely leaning towards what you guys that that he over the top on going up finally answer light. Final answer we'll find out he was black white makes the Eurasian next. That was the tees. The men's room he's actually 99.9. JIESW. I just a profile that's really great state of Virginia and a double who were driving pretty hammered one I don't pull over by cops come and friends or acquaintances or whatever. Acquaintances and our friends up until tomorrow but I guess they ask the guy like you know at the passage. Did he make it can you make it home can any of you get there I mean we have to arrested tonight if the guys and well I'm a body can drive either disease there. I am and a PM warrants out. He does have that and that last month it doesn't matter who's buddies thrown in the presidency but it didn't matter whose body of warrant concern out. Stolen through so Brian we if you listen look man and of that. These two idiots he didn't mind the drivers whose driving from releasing bill when sobered up his body but work still and a so the question well did you believe that these you're Talking Heads are black and white makes you or Asian. Anywhere and also look man that we're gonna let them old and didn't already run a background check got to be that seemed to be regional delegate. How are. In our early do need to get stitches now that it's that if well have Mardy is reject NL's kubert tomorrow same game same time same bat channel are having a little love baseball also our wives Esteban tonight another it has just the budget. Summary NBA hoops and for everything else time will TV time TN. Countless hours in front of the talking again in the men's room presents a. Yeah. There is also our stuff I you brought up the NBA summer league. And I'm not the least NBA person period and now that's easily a hard sell watching some early on TV the it's a hard back to being two back to too soon like you know the NBA does stuff that just I don't other leagues don't do. Two days after they play the final there have an address in and then right after that the rate that look. Any sport you're in you're gonna play all year round probably with some people take kind of a break away from the sport is like there's a reason people are getting fired up about football coming up it's because we haven't had an while. But keep in mind you're just talking about America in other NFL has its balance now would you choose. Kind of how we like our sports unfold through it all the drama and all the conjecture leaving a not original now we're talking about the book based on findings must have. The wage or don't we get all arm basically I've ignored it won't talk about making bets right. India has written is about two weeks ago and globally behind sort of MBAs and next thing. Or you're past their second biggest sport very very Smart they felt for commodity in the NFL you know. Total still educating colts' Super Bowl leading up to suitable only assuming you're too stupid to understand what we're trying to sway musical big game all the scrap the so the NBA. The smartest and they did. I guess they kind of canceled Mark Cuban he's a look man. The solemn. Illegally videotaped the African don't competition processing and you do because of a billion different hits he's like. Instead of getting mad about and understand. One billion people are now paying attention and may have seemed a monstrous third so I think with the NBA. Just doing globally plug in America Werner football mode now no question about it baseball orbit but. Globally of a quick look this is. Twelve months a year the rest of the world eats this stuff what you wealthy Dario Jimmy has got more and more right more progressive ownership and doesn't have these old families that are better offer not available here you know mentally I didn't regular and also like it we know it's going to be a hard sell in the states we don't expect people it's like. As we try to figure out our money's coming from we know were coming from it or we get it and America you don't care right now we've just been department. We're making money hand over fist around the rest of the world. And the MBA yeah he might that's a much longer sees it is so they're they're draft is gonna be right on the heels of it does that mean. It's easy about this accident summer league right now you know I mean they did there's just last longer but we you know. With football. You just. There's additions to finite amount of change you can play with those guys and guys not guys who played baseball year round of the best baseball players the guys who who get done with this season will go play in the Dominican league the Bill Clinton by two different leagues but even with baseball like. I think with basketball sometimes we forget in the states just isn't so football Cessna went. I wanna see their back together violate what September. Yeah I eliminate all reasoning games in October. It means a minute it's pretty quick not that happens now that said. I watch and I do have some really know what I don't care like great I can't picture in Vegas where they do it in Tennessee game. It sees a guy think I was seated person. But watch it on TV it's like I don't know it's late. But to me it's very hard to watch. Exhibition game our pre season NFL game if you don't you don't care about your team involved. Yeah I mean it's sort it out. Grounded here is injury or yeah that's why I don't always think it's fair for the college athlete but I do always late or college football starts and those games count. So you have really no need of a battle and it still counts now but I just saw at this weekend roughly half so apparently. It's. Fun to see a little crazy all right now when we left Friday I was I was talking about UFC. I will say this. You'll see overwrought by had a pretty strong weekend Friday night they had free fights on our fox sports one in the Ultimate Fighter finale. Let them watch that. I can't say this enough. It's Mike might look at them might help me out mental experiment to July. That Joseph lot of crew check. I don't ask me that there. She knows what she's polish. You know all the plans that this trolley champion yet yet the women Sharif's straw straw weight champion I told journalists earlier. Where her fight was Friday night as the main event. That woman has the most technically sent her home state and out I may have ever seen. What she's hurt she's a more Thai fighter but just watching her combinations in which he snaps or punches. It is a thing of beauty man ousted so excited and it's UN. She did win token they wanted to like oh no no no I don't see guys really took all that just sort of ground invasion like a very tough Brazilian girl the first couple rounds frankly. She wasn't winning and then I halfway through third round record time and clicks then the other girl got a little gas. In John has got. Carty of for days but I mean just. Medium in my voice I can't explain to you for watching that moment throw punches just like the the technical officers did quit I I don't I think it's Jendrzejczyk is tasteless and am idea. I've I've heard she has the fastest and most accurate hands in the UFC that's something you can just click watch your fourth of fifth round mapped by you'd like to. That is how you should putt to look at. Now Saturday night. We get to the main event you have seat 200 John jones' and on there so as it so the steps in two days notice he's gonna fight Daniel Cormier DC. That's boring fight Anderson Silva one of the most. The best strikers ever so DC just kind of wrestle woman laid on him. I wasn't that upset with that. Brock Lesnar fan mark hunt I thought they were gonna throw punches was there's kind of wrestled him and laid on him that was little disappointing and then. The most disappointing of all we can with me she just got these tapes got our astle there's no way around it I don't know if that's not training enough or not. Studying an athlete and status opponent I think it's a bad at the podium as he should generally takes a beating in the first rounder to ensure she just couldn't get out of the first round. Says a lot about the division though there are some of these so the titles changed hands. So much since like Ron arousing one. Is that they're so there's error by third change so you have a championship fight you lose that bet well sounds to me like that's the best division right now fighting. Period because you have that many people that it that the look at those time when middle weights man. Hagler turns all these guys like it was just like oh god who's gonna win this through and because it was just so many opponents that could actually you know. Did I press you want somebody to hold on to you need that start right that's what has GSP that he had Anderson Silva. Probably I mean it's you know when you look at mighty mouse yeah I mean he's so that they'll forever he's easily the only guy in there right now to me destruction that being said I heard from day in a light that run around he's gonna get a title shot come at the end of the year or the beginning of Mecca was she should and then eventually we should say Wheldon ran in the girl who she'd be with panels are going to be browser out all the home Polly home who's still good fun like but just look and a division you know anybody can step in their -- champion took me I think that's pretty cool community. You just don't know I agree. It is it is exciting but I I think for the USC they want somebody they want that star power so they can market and say hey I'm this is that the USC did sell. I'm pretty sure they confirmed that that idea shocking EF four billion a 200 dollar may Bodiford two million. And sold it for four how much time has passed since about it. It almost doesn't matter doesn't nineties she late late ninety's. And a good mid ninety's in the kind of got a turnaround the yellow got a very good oral yet turned and spewed god stadium it is and you know I. How I watch anime but I forget now to mean that that's more was basically almost extinct now John McCain had the famous lines human cockfighting. Mean it is this war was on its way out the date they did a great job there and saved it. So now I for my taste I don't know to have any different ownership groups and a change of punch Dana White it looks like he's still gonna be part of it just in that. I almost one thing I noticed in Saturday. And this devastated me and USC will be able brilliantly. But I forgot. But it he taught at Rogen every fight says something different it's a lot of woes in this in that but I love is loads I like that's a white guy does sound like it she'd Biggio rookie geek. And I know I hear every damn promo he does sore but I know he did he can't believe them all but I believe him when he says. You bring some good excitement he he started doing that for free back in and did not say over the due to shoulder my take I do like interviews for like sure go backstage in a good fighters and I'm just. That was on these videos that he's the face and the voice of the of that side of the Pepsi yeah when evil and I mean. Eight but sadly Jim land Lee is that after boxing he's been there the whole time and he's just yeah that's the guy you trust you trust rogue. Tell you what man when I'll leave that. Delay a plea I watched that the fight game that showed he Justin Timberlake. While you are to him he had a real tough time and into the point I was like Jesus that Jim's topic I can't writers aren't there watching and cries bacon meat cook the greatest of all time in the sport died so can make academic and ease that guy he's the vote them the face of that yet. But for two Brothers bought your seat for two million dollars in 2001. The salute to four billion. And they don't have money in the meantime though the don't don't forget the money they made along the way that we now know that put its OK don't catch it ended to build it up but but that's. You know four billion in lower and know what they're doing. They did it right now they keep the mind at that time there's probably been a 100000 other reign of sports. I thought slam ball's gonna take offs with the traveling we have no money has no harm done and then yeah that's all that money like automotive good. It's like this what's gonna yeah and did you lawyer American ninja warrior team lot of sports but yeah an enemy took office. I let's see here. Let's talk a little bit about snoop dog and I. So dogs on the family feud and so the first settlement a play you is a simple question so everybody knows the family feud if you don't. 21 person from each team goes up. The host Steve Harvey will ask the question you buzz it then a funny thing about this is just think it's surely a letter. Each category great great boxer to. And then Snoop Dogg but then the question is about wheat so instinctively. Snoop Dogg buzz is in very quickly Steve Harvey has a good laugh at that men frankly he doesn't have the best answer. Something grandma might do or she called Gramm. Fans it is you. I know I'm real mom like there's a dark brown plus older marijuana. When shown. I'm here there was gold coated good. More specific about it and. Don't. You didn't. Ray Leonard did better than him. Bottle away and I wanna brag experience I don't Bragman insuring Leonard I met him when I was in a bubble as a baby that's cove and is confident. Accidental and regulate if you had the big in the bubbles means a moment. From the left them bottom. Did you shake your hands of those rubber gloves and get us into the huddle I. Well I'm pretty sure it with a big written stories like the story was so he's yeah you bet you when you were a kid. Cool that is not alert they you were in a bubble and I I put it wasn't like a serious bubble that's like. This pretty serious bubble other nuns are bullies don't put safety of the couples but the that he gets to the hospital well I think. Listen it's akin to bubble we really want you silent about female earlier. No I had. Won't link offer I a look at some condition yet but I don't think back then it was as easy to deal with regular put him in a bubble. Let them like the idea of what about like the idea of a family figure the total to do with the political class that above. Like the idea the family feud like you like if your wife doesn't go to dinner or it's days like crap woody under Ding leader who are too low after. They really learning mainly. Like the Aaron platoon. Now later on in the. Show Su docs team one ranked so that when you go to the final round they take two people from each. To be able from the team that won and they ask you questions. And then now one person's an isolation ninth family feud set out Snoop Dogg was the person in isolation he comes out yes and poet you know a person is answered. So now they're gonna run to the questions very quickly snoop pastor gives me at spears and money at there's just a little weird. 100 women how much does your purse way. Great pass labeled self addressed you've found you're most solid months branch. I'd give the French they have something happens yeah the hateful. Apple phones. The war. Boris. We'll call it a trend blind. Great. An agreement. Hat in though. Folks when your when your brain cells and suffered a little bit. Moments like does it. Does is going to be your immune to. This there hat and no holds. Yeah. Fluent I'm only one public person. Yeah. And a half. Yes don't don't you just don't loves it. And slid it to the U. As good as. All right OK okay I don't know so it's pie in the blank red and I guess that did snoop completely blew it Scott. Pie in the sky is the only right answer about the Avant. I don't want him out I debates pilot thought okay that's that's that's not all the trials that's announces trying to think about it Brian Blair right. Now ports. But basically let other than a horse that's I don't know so that covered baby in the Evan never pop whenever an equitable India and I. Why you look at that primate upload them at some point let's until I got traffic tie in the blank when else would I say what you know of certain Mercer discussed on board but you know all hours pie in the sky the only thing I. I thought was maybe ease he thought he said not pie but the hi. Like Kyle on the horse that map of ten. I don't now but I don't know why I try to help snoop it's knew he knew zip ties did you see the picture of Kobe Bryant's new thing and out. Now so the whole story was that Snooki. Movie like this crazy lakers car in the cement. But it's funny in the picture that's going around there was they all play and Kobe's allergies most of enact did not fit the. He's already on Saturday and I don't think gotti's relaxing. You are captain York long enough as well so dog Willie Nelson. I mean I think this is one of those things it's assumed. Play another if you run into them at an event. But like if there's a picture in your in one of their music studios and there's a good change your strokes of luck to you if if if our runs some at a bar I know chances are really do a shot. And that's just Lagos if if you run into Snoop Dogg I can't imagine that there's anything else on your mind that you don't want a picture with him. You don't want an autograph with Mike if you really likes knew the one thing that you wanna do smoke weed them. That would be the thing you know regulated so. Well I'm gonna hang and Alison. I don't I mean Brad wanna get out of them and talk right now I the early early ninety's stuff. You don't know what he's gonna talk about when he gets. You know what man and let's talk about that stuff on them I want to talk about. Exports from Syria and I'm sorry from a mango I would talk to know about weird specific stuff life. As snoop man. We made that song about undercover cops you'll meet Laurence Fishburne. Pressure cooker effect to what that said Powell was to fish trigger a I've watched different strokes enough the boxer briefs the George Goldblum bang out. That is deep deep cover too deep deep reference and authorities didn't count on. Let's see what do you watch today big American watched some home run Gary. And you know listen from Burma and say back I don't act act are. Can't wait what what what what what late night tonight man check out code in his second guess will be a very funny man named Ron functions. And now. Yeah that's the wrong wow. No don't get it. Did you know what's going on TV land he knows what's happening in real. There have been times in Alabama as illegal fishing that kills 57 sharks to wash up on the beach. I went a woman a stab you and beat you with a burrito the new found a real beach. Put her hands on tour. Shocker announcement as. Shopper leaves bag of blow the check out line meanwhile a carjacker who could not drive a stake is not doing fine and a woman discovers she's pregnant and gives birth that day is time for headlines. It's time the kids. It's it's here's my. Retreated to a jarring sight on the western shore of Alabama's mobile base Saturday wanna discovered dozens of dead bull sharks. There are reports of close to 100 sharks being found though the Alabama marine resources division what's number close to 57. Saying it appears somebody put out a guild had had some of these sharks swim into the net and got. And a common 157. Confirmed keys for us yet. So him millions. Louisville metro police say 48 year old for street Christina Blevins assault that a man Tuesday night in Louisville. A person living in the area who wish to remain anonymous said Blevins is married to the man she allegedly attacked and according to a police report she hit the victim in the head with a burrito thing. As the victim walked away and out of the kitchen police say Blevins tried to stab him with a night. The man reportedly tried blocking the night but ended up being stabbed in the hand. Some of the area say they were concerns saying quote she's broken windows she stolen. She started her house on fire she's attacked him and detect all her other ex husband and her boyfriend. Company excellence does does she had it does not saying here when day if they got everything out there. All right true. Police arrested Blevins a few hours after the incident and both here in the metro corrections. Sounds about right placement I did depends on the flavor of the breed them. Let's check in the ground beef pork I think just being stupid that's increased. A Colorado police department is trying to find a shopper who left the bad behind at a sub check out scanner that had some cocaine and it. Among multiple up up up up and Aspen Colorado has been Colorado and Aspen Colorado snowing. I guess now Arianna has been designing plays just it's a little let me let it I don't think anybody had any money there will elevate him before about a month ago it has been comfortable to do over all right. And I guess somehow they got out of the subject to cocaine in the dark until the count is that of course of his snorting cocaine it's as big. Now into God's love silent woods who otherwise it's news Diaz might look like just keep golly just a little back it's. Event if they ask I'm really what I is that undervalued companies and I don't. And I can't account and I know I'll tell you if you get a bag of cocaine that's what I look don't ever do okay might have a like goddamn white. Wait to watch the I think an email Charlie Sheen votes they'll do that aspirin plays the Barbara benefit because the shopper at a local grocery store knows the person in front of them had left the small back. At each of cocaine on the scanner at all. In this I'll check out lady has yet to be on dollars and I think I was self check it out champagne. And yeah. Our idea though. World of Florence after five NBA titles to NBA MVP awards fifteen all star appearances and a spot on many a list of the greatest power forward of all time. San Antonio Spurs star Tim Duncan is calling it a career. Duggan a turn forty in April announced Monday that he is retired from the NBA after nineteen seasons all of which with San Antonio. As far as your game to watch and IB MLB home run Kerviel be on ESPN tonight and that is it for your headlines that's it how would that Mike Hough is. I am I a country version they regularly turn Daley joins us right entity. Now back to the men's room on 99.9. JE IU SW the return alien has gradually get better. We was off some crazy yeah yeah the dog's pretty much went with us everywhere we they are happy about that they had the ball loading time. Dance club and half the places that take the dogs and bar and it's love you Stewart thing about karaoke bit ahead. The idea isn't area we've got a car. The dogs did dogs seem to know if you get out the luggage junior doing that stuff you start packing a gimme that look like don't go you bastard you wouldn't think when you learn how long you've gone through this time. Now and then there's the times were like you're packing up and then you grab something like a treat ball or a look and then they just know you'll feel sorry you know like. Oh my god go I. I kid like Japan's yeah yeah they go on an adult vacations like. Against her two students and grandparents through reed who smokes but when you knew they are taking you to even though it's still saw. I got. Could do. And I had about other dogs all weekend they they were. They are with has ever realize that the time yet around on the beach while mom was drawn misplaced lost in all like it's yeah every resident and drama. This is a way you did method you guys are our our dog people for the most part ten and I'm working on it. But we had to dog would play park look at how his. Lynch an indoor outdoor off leash dog park. Watson did lose her hair in my they serve beer they have a tavern license or whatever so they have all this idea there's on example as many as I was allowed to sample. In the time it was which has flurry it was now is a state loses a private Doug Parker public. It's probably like send over their you know vaccination information in the journal of our society that he can go in there as long as you're not does not like it totaled million. In health planeloads of Spencer brown here I'd buy an acre of and to say like look I'm gonna serve beer bring your dog here hang out what would play here's the cool thing of this and he's not gonna give us any dog parks and always they've kind of refused to do down and look where. It's here in two Seattle is likely he somebody's not far from here somebody do it independently mad as Akram and I was like a daughter franchise call me because I'm so into that all driver dog in the Dominican we treat on the carry out. She could go on it affects you don't stand up and possibly on honestly that's never happened before and I. I have an I have heard just like it's time to put on a movie gets bombarded Angel. Tomorrow programmer I guess the drug jobs created since then also broke out as as mark against you Alice Cooper thank you so much for hanging out with her him. Yes it will not all of you to know who you are like YouTube guy as Larry con artist who's more out until tomorrow. What you do best and poorly the city's day. The men's room has been paid before a live studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by Manchester limited. That presentation knows the man truly feel that way.