07-11-16 Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

Monday, July 11th

Today we dive into which professions people trust the least


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Noted that the game is your guess is as good as mine we have a contestant on the line Steve who is ready to play the game I love my dog into the newsroom. All right now our event. All right time for your guess is good as mine where they're from one of two categories from their. Try to answer as many right in the categories you can before three strikes and you are out there are two categories that you are picking from today would be it. Tourism. And jobs. Which of the two categories I think you'd like to jobs professions. Ago jobs jobs it is our act. As far as professions that we trust a lot and professions that we do not trust at all. We have for you today Tim professions that no one believes anything that comes out there now. So in other words there are trusted professions who do you think which rose the most in the trust the most as far as doctors firemen. Medicines number one of the three professions we have the most faith in our nurses doctors in the farms. So that's the other end of the scale back. What we're looking for here today on your guess is as good as mine as is professions. That we trust the least. The complete opposite end of the spectrum. A so what you need to do is guess as many as you can in the category before three strikes so thing about jobs that people have. I think about professions that people have and whether you trust them or not. Maybe get a second opinion maybe you don't maybe go someplace else and seeding of another deal either way. These are professions that people absolutely do not trust for the most part. Go to lawyer or a lawyer there I've. That would seem like a great guest is far as somebody would trust believe it or not lawyers are not publish. Are not on the list Arab rhetoric in my. Arnold went down for myself at how well the thing about lawyers and I'll like lawyer they're good for you look there on your side yeah a lot of lawyer who is not on your side to guarantee you this gives you one of them is telling the absolute truth. And the thing is you'll order a little bit on behalf but did you also understand that the guy working against duke is also launching this not under you can murder someone the lawyer's job. Is to make sure you don't go to jail and part of it to people and understand like those lawyers slate. The president I really care about the cases they just wanna beat the other lawyer is there in court with a member who you know limit. But shockingly enough lawyers are not on the list is the in the survey professions that we don't trust their simple things lake lake a waitress who's like there are always nice to you evidently like yelling and stuff like nothing nothing that would be behind your back this will be a preconceived thing you would politics outlook our sales chart action absolutely. That's about this car salesman number one on the list are as the job that we trust the least. That is the number one job or people who elect. Newscaster in this group specifically caller of the Ursa I always thought it would be auto body mechanic. Or something like that believe it or not car salesman. In that world that Selig incomes of homeless nobody else involving cars. That's the only part of that profession where you're not in part I think what the thing with like mechanics you know started an over charge level but in. You do trust that the picture. I think that's over what we do like maybe third or ride goers can count politicians is out to be human. It. Local and state politicians number seven the national politicians number eight I maybe a boatload of they do because that's how bad politicians are as far as people's trust or know what draws them. So so far you've gotten car salesman local and state politicians and national politicians correct as far as the survey that asked. What profession do we trust the least yup one strike with two strikes remaining there are seven possible more answers. Often. It was like when it or insurance so. Insurance salesmen. Yes that is going. And a number four unless. It again people don't trust people who do insurance just in the thick as. When you needed if it's gonna be there or not that's yet to be seen don't always take your money always tell you what they're going to do. Which you never know until you really need to use the insurance because it is nice game. Every person I ever thought to. And he went by reunion that there were Eagles are the moment do we favor but. And sure we've ever talk to we submit it to the scam all of the selling process and morally it absolutely. 100% is a witty and a media hands little bonus cents. I. These people in a weird way. I'm a weird way they basically screwed over every one. Wall Street in the entire United States of America at one point anchors write something. Stock market. Brokers are Robert that is correct after Parker's number six on the list everybody does not trust them again but yesterday about you know medica works on Wall Street a few times. And let's just look at the trust about to beat fair mostly be insurance and frequently yes. Yes we're 30 yeah there's nothing you can do about a month ago. OK these are the result of a survey and asked people what professions they trust. The least there are many options they narrowed it down to ten so far you have. 12345. Correct. Five answers remain only one strike to get two strikes are meant. Think of it to the business for every six against screw it. I. But everybody sits down not car salesman the only people who were represented in the autumn of oh what an animal for all forms of forms of them lightly sure an ABBA arbor. A plumber people I trust them clutter that's a great cash and unfortunately does not make the list let me tell the public. Any normal people trust plumbers. An electrician to that other plumbers and electricians. Plumbers the electricity bill there's little electric loads of you who I don't feel any other people I know I need a plumber right now for comfort filed the last. Plumber just absolutely drained no Clinton I'm bitter I mean serious like this is ridiculous that much money employees admitted to brown. Yes yes yes yes I think definitely you don't trust them and probably yeah you do what it was not a problem he could've fixed without them no it's not an also that I I took me three times and actually show. Apps at a weight one day out that you had a shower him with money. Basically. Yeah loving world manner like got a mighty. I've five answers remain two strikes one strike left these are the ten professions that people trust the least. Or is it written radio. And I think you crazy here and if you a referee and umpire CEO. And general. The thing deals up. Obama. A shrink. Not a bad gash actually that is. Is look. If we all know why you probably have a report them. You probably think they're helping yet not just cut up a 150 dollars an hour it's your own tree I assumed trough that's kind of the whole thing right got to establish some sort of trust it and I didn't if you didn't trust the it's a very you're going to stop there late it would be important to go there right they don't gauntlet lawyer always exist if inevitably you need them even have a quart. Both space and do stuff like insurance and a run on the scale money forget about it. Did you lower the so lawyers who serving the purpose sign of just being in court appointed dale but I think when you bring a lower most of those I would proposal one. Man I'm courtroom emblem two little ones of my life has that been situations they want they don't have lowered its financial quote yup but it's enough. That's lilac lawyers. I everybody what you beta courtroom when you had to travel I know you're excited flake these are good duke and women termites are really bad on the East Coast network for a little while for pesticide companies in my neighbor had. And two ago we would drill we Agile for termites now if somebody had termite that's one thing that they didn't have termite sometimes people use that try to be able to preventative of their neighbors do whatever like you know what. Just get this thing Kara was dirty way in my house and everything else. The problem with that theory is is in the area that I worked in West Virginia those chemical that they put in the ground. Before nineteen cent of the 1970 put program it poured around the entire perimeter of the house. This crap also toxic. It's still in the ground and still working on all those losses to this very day. Doughnuts are once you pour it down you never have to do anything against so much so toxic they basically made it league. We would still go. Drill those homes. Termite coastal sprayed it the rampant in the holes. Patch everything out and give them a job even though we knew damn well that house was built before 1970. It already have this crap in the ground where you would even wanna dig out of French drain right. You wouldn't wanna Britain dig out the trailer house because it solely. Toxic. Iron but you know per thousand dollars whatever costly termite inspection Gore's take money they know course are gonna drill for him you know Kodak is want an inspection this guy in your house is never had a termite since 1955 and built. I don't think it's gonna have what now but if you need that done all right we'll do so here's the least a trusting jobs and number ten newspaper journalists. How old man I mean it really depends I don't think most of us understand the difference between our. The National Enquirer for lack of about one even of accurate accurate veterinary times vs at times. Yet or through watching Fox News sources ABC news doesn't mean anyone lying but I think most people differently. I describe an amazing his. Some of the newspapers. Some of them are still locally owned the you're actually getting real reporters first most. I think people don't trust newspapers that Justin TV where it's all ratings based that I can give your real threat and number hold him poems in which we do accused of him for notebook. Number I don't show my pocket doesn't it. Is that. On the street beating the pavement. He's going to postings or all the crap you want all the oracle written so ten newspaper journalists number nine. TV people. Our dynamic field and number eight national politicians all by local and state politicians and Wall Street workers at number five. Union leaders people do not trust union with us. Number four insurance brokers number three. Real estate. Well yeah. They've taken a huge commission they're not doing a lot of work and they're getting a lot of money but I don't not Russell and hopefully you dig its that I would put him. Cisco. They're gonna get a huge prices are ridiculous look at that you think you'll see us they are also doing a chunk of work for right. North of the they bought filings elect kind of stuff and it's just an insult and it's not that I don't trust the people settling below but real they instantly and your middle number two advertising people. And the number one people that they don't trust car salesman so goes. Car salesman advertising real estate agents insurance brokers union leaders Wall Street workers local national and state politicians TV journalists and newspaper journalists those are the least trusted profession all right and we managed to get that.