07-12-16 2pm Mens Room learns to share

Tuesday, July 12th

Question of the Day: What did you share with someone else? and how did that go?


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You what you're about to hear is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Lord and he invited to join the party. This is the. All gathered in secrecy. This is dumb. Friend. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And your. Joselio. Break Tuesday July 12 2006 game it. And still number 2412. Hour. Along with Steve the throw hill. Do you tick slow. That does not go mob that aluminum and my car. Yeah I wanted to let you know a yeah there I guess for the drug charges and do sit down and spend now. And Ryan brings us the ten worst songs to ever reach number one. Profile that says your biggest Alice Cooper. Plus headlines have been your shot of the day fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite TV time would take a class during did not hide you're gonna California where mama hops on the hood of a carjacked car. While her kids are inside. North Carolina where swimming LA maybe relate. Is Spotify. Ted good news there six year old kid just twelve foot great white off of cape had a man who threw rocks through church windows says he was angry with god and Netflix says your Netflix until partner can't get your Netflix. That's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. All they did good day you and yours. One of the things that almost every parent tries to instilled in her kids I saved my kids my parents that to me the importance. Of ship. Just check well thanks to the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals cherry just might get you arrested. It's now a federal crime believer that you share your password. But things like Netflix Hulu in HBO go I want to understand so. The head of HBO about a year ago we don't care if you share the best. So this is just about the Fed duel with the feds but again at least HBO for the part they really don't get answers it's now a federal crime. It's stupid it's petty but that's how it goes but what it comes to ship. Sometimes you do it because your decent person and anyone buy this maybe should drive some of this yeah I'll give you arrive at whatever it is sometimes you share out of necessity. My roommates our communal free your work in spite of the fact that most people who work well. Or dirty dirty filthy yet slobs but there does continue to rage we got ship. But this is what we want to note today that we know somewhere inside of your cold cold hard you're decent enough to share something. Sometimes the worst your benefit. So don't you regret that took the opportunity to shares about the reports news today what did you share with someone else. And how'd that work out Cipro program called jewels export to. Rock around 20999 KI SW and an answer my take 77999. Answer your emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. Now back to the men's room here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy into lake resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. Thought they showed that it judge drag gasoline to sit and spin out mentally analysts today we have four of the ten worst songs to ever reach number one. The spans all the decades all the formats everything actually there are 16200. You to come for Iran to go to commend and and bring those but man it's. It's a hell Melissa when you realize. That piece of crap made it all the way to number one I didn't know that at the time and and I don't always shy but I'm always shocked about reasonable number wall. Brian Gay as a government has since been of the ten worst songs to ever reach number one our question today what did you share with someone else and had that we're California. Smiles tournaments are made nine point nine KI SW Seattle. Miles and. Any 91 K I guess tablet. Casually proudly presenting pay a grass 2016 images even a more bands now fifteen bands two stages seven bands added to pain. In the grass along would disturb Breaking Benjamin Alter bridge and anthrax you'll see all those and many more. I tickets on sale now KI SW dot com that's gone on Sunday August 21 Y river and the theater will do some outdoor rink it's going to be great day we'll see out there for pain. In the grass. Are dead today ordered talk a little bit about sharing and what you shared with someone else and how'd that work outward as far as Netflix is concerned. You remember those FBI warnings on VHS tapes she couldn't copy any of those and they they gave you this big warning this and hey look at dvds to the same thing you can generalize about was. VHS tapes that warning was still in my company and strangely enough weight well on the way back in today and I think that the music industry they definitely had a problem with this at the time although we didn't know how vocal they were about it but. Win. The dawn of the cassette came out which is right after records right in pretty much the same. When CD's first came out there were little too expensive so most people were actually moving on the cassettes causing a claim of the car the eight track it moved on. So when cassettes got to the home system. They started making double cassettes in the reason they made double cassette decks is so that if you wanted to tape. Anything. From any other cassette. You can do so you can make copies I salute you could copy anything you want to on a double cassette deck in most stereos then mandated for the most part he and have a double cassette deck and this guy came of that so you want to tape something from somebody else. That's what you did so. As a kid. Probably about 75%. Of my music collection that I had that was on cassette. I ripped from someone else capsule and then I had my own stuff that I Limbaugh of course in the my friends took my stuff that I bought and they did the same thing run make copies for them and we trade the copies or whatever but. At that point in time. Although I did was buy blank cassettes and in the key was to have a blank cassettes so that I can get anything I wanna do is I paid maybe 23 bucks for blacks that but ultimately I get free musica. Also the only introduced the VHS tape you know most people does that blank tapes and then with sharpened their role would remove even liberal TV it. Like it was expected it was okay me no complaint about it it was an entire industry and yes something abnormally hey wait a minute. We know that we design and all the star for you to do exactly that. Well we don't want to do that now. And neighbor that had HBO which back are Davis on a big deal so he would just record every move he but he had any interest in on HBO. And any just got a library. That's a Democrat. We we figured out a way it it one of the house's lead and to share our cable with a another family who live in the same building that we had. There was a box outside there was a cable box the time and we figured out a way to put a splitter on there and to just row on the cable. Of the side of the house in through the window. Basically we asked the guy like look man to put a power split on here do you care. Is that out of practice not a care man it's okay is is agrees that we. The gravity TV is ever wants a while neglected his game onto it medio look at of those tennis rise so you know it was like just to split and the power splattered at a RadioShack to the power output decay every tool you need right to bootleg anything you back then you didn't have to climb a pole and all that stumbles a bit different borrows elements though wasn't like you know the technology is today where they you know everything's drilled and everything at that point and we rented and cable side of the house. Indoor house and we share cable. Did after going to the cable box have been limited TV now there are those little ones we just had to punch it yeah well normal controls like a slide box we'd RD hand that someone had gotten that they had for awhile Swede plug that in that we get Tony subjects. Which was evicted at that point but not actively needed after the poll. I never had Blake any cable extol might better kind of split. I had plenty of friends always been all year man you climb up that poll put that all men Jeffrey K yeah. Who could do that have yet I keep it simple not me. Jerry your password for things like Netflix Hulu and HBO go is technically a federal crime now the ninth us Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling last week the makes it illegal under the computer fraud. And abuse act. The Casey were hearing was about a guy who use the former coworkers password to access a database and his old company. So it's not really about the streaming services but the way the ruling was worded makes it apply to things like Netflix is well -- so the kind of piggybacked it on there. He used he used a current employees password and has his former company basically to. To get their database and he could start his own competing company. Aren't we thought that's why that's why the company soon like hey that's our information you you you. We fired you you we've revoked her password you're using someone else's password to get this information we don't want you have OK and that's what it suit. It's still left over extended out away weren't scholars say also drove it leads to be studio is two things have nothing to do religion but that same stupid mentality that they they elect. This guy didn't work of the sports I understand the company's position standard. You're doing so you can compete understood what that even each feels like we don't care if you share the transfer back. Right that's what the Fed stepping into doing I don't know will speak for you doesn't matter used to the slow the judge dissenting on a case like this this could open resort and it's kind of stuff absolutely. I'm still not clear if you ever get prosecuted if you do it or looked penalty would be HBO Netflix would have to press charges against Juventus last year the head of HBO said he doesn't really care. I guess we're sharing he's I don't care and I don't know do you can probably keep pushing up your friends and family not worry about it too much but one of the ninth court justices who disagreed with the rulings that it threatened to quote. Criminalize all sorts of innocuous conduct engaged in daily activity by ordinary citizens. And Stevie just got to test on this the other day as far as the way the NBA's business model is. If you wanna share their content as far as a clip from the game whenever they're not really necessarily going to go after bay. They use too much like the enough well as the vehicles like the commodity old golf my long kind of guy. MBA they sort of consulting Mark Cuban was the thing and solicit. If you're trying to go global is that you realized that people share or something you did it because they find it interesting and they believe there's an audience who would also wanna see it answers on how stupid are you. To tell people they can't go to work. People that may or may not care about NBA basketball whatever clip they're gonna show it's like what we don't watch NASCAR but we'll watch every got him Chrysler is it's the same things loose at the point is. You're spreading the word for free we're not spending money and advertising and if you keep looking every time these things go viral. It ends up benefiting the league we end of selling more jerseys today that it did crazy dunk that the NFL which I am an optional stuff. It's not about to mr. will make him money don't be stupid people like your product monitored. Why would you not want and that's the exact operatic going to be successful business so stoked. I think I think the the idea of businesses that share is a good idea to as far as just. All right I'm a card to go subscriber so Carter go if there's car out there and I need it I can just go and get it in that works out to my advantage a lot of the times in the was. One time in particular were really came through my uncle came up from Florida and we met in San Diego lovely San Diego California. And we went out and put one on. The night before so we're fiddled the rugged the next morning and but we were still getting up every morning and dual and exercise walking the beach walk around he's one of those guys it's a very morning blocks are gonna promise that a lot with. So or walking around ended up in the same breakfast spot that you and I do that on the beach the now the one in the gasoline district for coupled. So we ate there a couple times but the second time we that the the second time that that my uncle and I there. Which was fine food's great don't get me wrong but the night before it was just absolutely abysmal. So his stomach starts to just. More time and I'm like you were were a few more work are about the hotel that upstate at the time is is farther away than we were from the gasoline districts so. We're walking back in his like hey man I don't know man I don't I don't know from Libya and make them like what do you mean he's like I'm like. I don't know if I can put the brakes on this. So I'm like a home and we are that is the worst fear we're a long way away I mean we were seriously though there is no like Culver there Italy. Most major cities of a lot of alleys so worst. Case scenario you can hide between June dumpsters and scratch and lights out doesn't need city 80 man. Between the dazzling district where most of the hotels are you are just out in the open yeah. If you poop in San Diego everyone's and it was gonna watch it too and they're gonna smell. Gasoline is fifty if you pay 85 and thought right outside the vote that's out of it did in Coronado. So Norwalk and and I looked up and there's a card ago and it really never dawned on me that I can use my card ago passed and and you know like a portfolio there's cargo and never tried it anywhere else and saw a lot of the carpet card on the thing goes boom. Leaves open uncles like what in the eye hell's this I'm like this cargo is like. A parked in front of the hotel than you can going to take a dump and now a part it's a place you know he's. So we get in the car cars like. Who miles Montgomery. Mongers like man domain and I'm really freaking out now out of the notes as of the start of the carts and electric car which is different from the ones and army's drive and fired on the road he is just sitting there by the time we got back to the hotel okay. The groupings and on the way. Like he was so just like he was to strenuous so distracted by the car in the fact that you did you share car get a Carty or he's like where else could do it well close to you in Miami I believe. You know that Atlanta has a new almost everywhere. Authors Atlanta does that child is that it Farai yeah exactly so what's that what's we got back to Anderson he's that that's that that's that's one of the coolest things that I am now that I share. I used to share Carla my body he wrecked that car and used to share a motorcycle. With my other friend I've but I've basically a wreck the motorcycle but we fixed motorcycle that. Those are new to the doctor yep pretty much. That's a direct motorcycle. Our question what did you share with someone else and out of that work out for you at 20642 Iraq we'll take a break a record your calls right activities. Now back to the men's room here's the question Ryan teel Mike two they have resorts casino 99.9. KI ESW. Profile as our contestants fell asleep labor to get to see Alice Cooper ruled the game formally known as Mike what makes your due coming up at 50 wait right after the shot of the day our question. What do you share with someone else and how that work out. Hello my goal welcome to the men's room. Okay. I'd. Little while back now that you're somebody. Charity is egged we'll present. One time and so what happens Dario. Even more to her play under don't hang out or whatever and congress enacted and hanging out and she didn't panic don't get it I you know like I wanted to be a liar ever and then died on that don't like eight. I think he can operate legally and go to our dog is now a little bit Tucker into it you're like yeah tell. It is this his girlfriend. Yeah would you also have to talk him into it as well since you don't like the jazz style they. I am adamant I'm assuming you wives John Tucker and good about indulge your girlfriend don't there's a down. Yeah. Arnott marathon on top player right there and a and I like Ellen about the idea late age soccer until it made it down a week ago. And so it sounds unpopular let you know I don't like I don't want to be about the beard like showing what they see how bad news is I get out there watching it that packer my camel volume. At least it got out walked right on back and look at that moment back and a look at breaker and pick them up I didn't mean that was like a quarter. Yeah pulling. Oh yeah and then why aren't you excited about half. Oh yeah definitely and a half. Play out on the day AD MO Eric Elliott broke Israelis or whatever I can't. At the quiet that they that they excuse on. It. You never know how things are gonna work out that an enemy here and I got there. Very cool night out and now I know that have you ever charity girlfriend that had a boyfriend wasn't your friend you don't mean that someone did know about. Lot of times that happens you find out how my goodness my partner's been nice sharing their no bar to someone else. Why are there are good that I did his girlfriend were Wallace who inherited when he hit. OK so I doubt it does now do the it was was she with her husband still yeah yeah sure so I didn't inherit they're not. Our politics here aren't who Barry did. Please. She still way as agents are you just a good looking guy or pretty confident. Beyond the straight talk bit that I'm not sail up on everything we know. Wait a winning eight oh this particular out of it what 303. Point eight why you out there and yeah. How governor did you feel good you're not you're about a huge speakers. I'm Alabama competent yeah yeah yeah that'll. Did you say something out loud in the middle of inherited this holy crap you ignore it or did you did you draw attention to that. The fact I doubt it how it. I just thought you like who really quite an experience out you know he would like corporate into the. I honestly think you. Got to walk back to talk her and having six of both. I guess I'd have well I mean I had to I had a girl that I used to hook up with that was also it also hooked up of one of my friends. And so we both knew it was and it was kind of like it well and it just was what it was a mean it really was we are all friends. Nobody is gonna out anybody who you both won a session to virtuoso sensible to view right here and there are getting on the situation which who's doing where she was and I'm sure she had sex with a people too but I mean but we both knew that you know leg and a voted on tonight in and I. You're doing and I die. For not shooting pool that Bratton chief Tina I mean it's one deceive you want to hang out tomorrow and I know what you're not doing tonight. Pretty much note of and ordered all doing yeah well I tea in what men the work she was busy. The worst thing I think sometimes if you just share information with somebody personal information with somebody like that. Like okay. I told 100 bodies bit this girl that I knew was really good at them and okay. Not so that kind of just like between me and him like you know music group and as a good luck you know one thing for sure I mean when it comes down to. Will just wow you know. So from that point in time. Just by sharing that information with them. He then what is sort of badger here because he thought that he can get that it. You know and and and it was his nose like dude what the hell Seoul this because she doesn't he's just but there's no but it did well because she'd. Was right we rabble I mean for me out and at that point diamond for whoever else you wanna do would you want to damage it felt like it opens store I go either get us out a third set and guys do it. We're net but the thing is to bring hope the perception of that was that's kind of how I hold him. I told my god says yeah just go out there for one. And so I hate that you only half court select just immediately gets cut off for me I'm like you jackass in the woods grew drew room and no economic you know the what do you Dolan. Why would you think that. I don't know it was just private conversations might eat you know you learn stuff in life as far as things that you should say things he shouldn't say that I you know you learn Hardaway have done but. The vet that guys and look there's we have women who work with. They have been pregnant they've had children clearly they've had sex in no point awhile on holes dude. I know you cycles dude that's a that's not how that tomorrow if you don't have proof and I understand that that is not how old bat or we might recognize that you had such resort to pregnant and pictures tidbit. Of a wealth of jabs like close ups but that that's just not how stupid as your that's what this award my kids about. It's far is they're spending and high school what's bizarre okay I think the other thing is sort of a low anomaly. Anything that they tell their friends I guess if if you make out your boyfriend or whatever and something happens and you happen to mention it just know everyone's gonna everyone's gonna find out so some of the worst things can happen this way and that just when words are too spread might do yourself a favor just. Keep things pretty close to yourself for the for the most part you know like your your friends your your friends certain things but but I think teenagers and that's story DiMaggio worry college. Yeah yeah I was saying like you're right but I think that's opened as you get older you learn. And you you're better act trying to tell a teenager her twenty year old dude not the fellas buddy the late I mean look I'm 35 ideally you don't know him and I got late last night. Yet know exactly how many differences aren't trusting us enough to attract the woman down that you announced that threaten them. That and I think that what we're miles you didn't say anything the guys wouldn't share with each other anyway right none of us think that our friends are so stupid that ideally you were. Indicating that this is an invitation of some guy and it just doesn't make any guidance like everybody. Down ask him Oprah excellent shall rank not. He's a better look in person I was pretty pumped when I joined the club to be like okay. I meant I'm in but it no point did you did you ask him before and look what the protocol that no. They're saying and it just kinda happened neat it was invert and that we both ended up to the Arab separate sites. But my point is this week he went first but it no point that I think now my buddies in their slightest of dirt a bar tonight ad know you like Evan. I think that's not how are you where did you but you knew he had he had sex with reform well yeah. Did you go to the lake. See I think I would try to elect I would like given like a 120%. Like made he had only given like 85% depending on how messed up a wasn't there but if I knew my body had been there are given like a 120. I'm sure you order there's no doubt about how is give my best. But I mean I'm really gonna go all. I mean I'm really gonna do everything just because usually I'm just because how do. I know point two it was her that I'm more minority I don't know if I don't point during rehab there with the woman of I think in. Until we're better than this guy just in the competitive nature and I you don't know because of the good guys and I really it's just like anything else that you wanna be your body of one on one play hoops or whatever is it has nothing to do with like even my god go I just want her resume goes to bed is like down. And I am bested bad though the mute math that's all that's out this view. Not for previous boyfriends know what else whoever sleep get it but better than you know of his worst that's all I can work ethic and your work. That's that's an area. I don't think it's. Well how do you look at it that day we all played in the same championship field in you know the wins and losses don't matter as much. Yeah ever Iran to share like a pet or anything like that. What do men play ever lose an animal. Now have temporary custody of an M Modano because of our broken muscles somehow even though it was apparent they wanted none of the best they needed to happen you know how this goes you know this goes so. Your significant other wants apparently mr. responsibility right across the board this is not worse. But then when things go south suspected they had had that there were 200 his younger women came home and all the stuff like. Owed on the view you keep us. How do I end of this but I never won despite huge that you want is that outlet a visit by now you're better than doubling the other box. That is precisely and I don't like it you want the cute enough responsibility but to be fair. I understand that the soon to open mouth to sail one apparently not and you want something cute Fuzzy you know national pet I will do pad. You'd stay pictures and cute I mean this is Howard and the board and. I had a girlfriend who had a cat the cat was a little bit of trouble for but she she wasn't allowed really to have a cabin she goes off to school. She was in school locally which was a lot of Havoc at the door so by that point on I don't Parnell my body I'm like you know what Jackson State no problems so. Me and I'm roommate we ended up with a cap for the most part which was great and we were still dating she'll come over here cat that's our cat lived there anything else. So then the next year. She moved into place were she could have a cancerous to your cab back of that on my game Allen about dabbling in the cat was lonely come over everything that so. Long story short the cat comes over for a weekend she's out of town or something and my buddies friend from the middle of nowhere was for Jeanette in more field West Virginia. Comes over. The cat's not do and grow the cat's been sick for a couple OK and can't get fleas were bad with cats just corn down it just. It didn't seem like it was doing real well under the cap was sick and throwing up and everything. So I come home and I'm like hey where's the cash. And my buddy buddy Chad Johns but he he has a shot Jesus cries like what do you mean you shot a few things like. I took it out back and shot manic Elin due out this the guy. Whose look on his farm that is entire life. I know the guy his family as farmers the act like farmers and they are farmers they have livestock they have chicken coops they have pigs. Ducks they're farmers they have nine million dogs eight million cats. Horses that's how they rolled him like he shot my freaking it if there and he's like oh yeah Medicare need to be put down into. You can tell that's an amino money must have been a Mike. And Chad that you managed to get out there and shot people gonna struck shot can't. So then I have to call my. Girlfriend who I'm not really cattle with anymore bit and kind of with but I have a break we're breaking up but I still have the caps got a call you wanna make cats and cats and shot and killed and so of course and not gonna teller because she knows the other guy who's reference to ensure that vastly what some issue Michael Tsai said the login teller got shot to agent now totally carried away. Because I don't wanna dog is that it wanted to go like that if she if she found out that they that he shot the cat in the parking lot of our apartment building and you lost. Apartment building code of ethics that yeah kinda guy then record. What did you share is someone else and how does that work outs. The smiles at tournaments remain nine point nine KI SW Seattle.