07-12-16 3pm Mens Room gets a roommate

Tuesday, July 12th

Question: What did you have to share with someone else? and how did that work out?


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Program and knowledge are dry canceled out decision's been Ryan brings us today the ten worst songs to ever. Reached number one that's on the way after emails on our question in honor of a Netflix. Saying that well it's actually the federal government saying if you share your network's password. It's federal clock crime along with. Hulu HBO go any of that stuff we shared. Seth say they're gonna prosecute you but they are saying and is in fact federal crimes so which is rooted in our question what did you share was someone else and how does that work out. Oh why welcome to the bedroom. Are not going. I thought when your hi hello I like it Keener. Working and I air app I quit. Whether friend. Shared and how like only at school at one person would take it home smoke and bring it back like what just hours. Bike commuter I think you you know I have not about it or not it I wanna I thought about and are like from our older sibling role at our other like I'm out at a per night and I'm going to be out front like I. You know I Alley cat. They wanna our Brent at RE. At bat broke and bad. Now what I think that's one of the universal truths about marijuana and you ordinarily obviously home or earlier the most people but. Marijuana is one of those things that normally if you're around somebody they'll share with you in if you asked to be hey Mandy Monica outfielder that very few drug. It perfect stranger will tap you on the shoulders if you want to share this job and has a cigarette smoker as well you know I bet that it's not that it's annoying and a silencer when he cigarette but you only give away some you're cigarettes during the day. So it's like Laurie Sargent and gaelic. Cobb if anyone like an amendment to know absolutely they're meant to drag out that it's. Completely different in the way that you kind of address it and there it's really the only drug like that like. Beer is one of those things I guess as far as like a meg yeah you can have beer whatever that's cool Puyallup that both analytical honesty for a bit of viewers like it got a six pack. Yes you know when my beard but that's like giving away cigarettes they become twenty to pack but the 51 beer left. I'm not gonna sit and let you sit now that I know I'm absorbing it at 38 Joey is the one thing like I rolled that I'm slogan it as you look an ambulance. An Afghan pure and simple I've been on the street in a homeless person says can I have admitted that joint. Sure absolutely crap what come out of a store and I have one of your eighteen years now now now now I have actually went about it at adds I don't know why that is but to rightly be easier to Portland won at ETV it's what held it really is it like if you're maybe maybe you do heroin you share with somebody else I don't know how that works but I guess today it has in the world of cocaine from everything I can remember. You do not share okay. That's why Lindsay Lohan you got buses some points on either dropped it out of her she knew none of those what you think a parent knows there's still use in Vegas and fell out of her they were talking to her about something else in the cops standing there and fill out over her purse. As she saw two men of course you know holding a four friend it's not monthly dot cocaine and hold now corporate that's not how were your cocaine on you keep your going to do could not only that but all of your friends they also don't know you have it on them. You they don't you got it because you're not gonna share it it's all for you. And noble would as you're old if you Antonio Banco what you're saying is hey go do his bags OK okay this effect though that if it's it's it's not weed man hold this kind of bag and all that he's got a bag might just that time night night you know my cock. Our question what did you share with someone else and out of that work out the hello Andrew welcome to the bedroom. Bullet gentlemen our job. Hey guys yes so. I. When I first came to Seattle. I was one years old veterans when he won in Seattle so they really know many people had always been about a year. Are more up to a bar when I was playing once but I have friends or not far myself and just seeing what seems all about these when he won in Seattle. Try to get Simon bar. Balances so I'm in Seattle you can do and I must. Yeah defend their right met a minute attractive attractive girl there and was really great and out of all night open it up yet pretty thought it'd. Decided this year cap all right overdrive in Rome I live and let you know I'm on the south side. Turned out she lives somewhere west Seattle maybe like quite an area. Overtaken the cattle in the cab. Some are random and what Seattle you know I don't know there are due out of their career extra jump what the cabin who aren't. They had 41 noodles billion offers are going up the bar arm ourselves you know screen part stated. And just overwhelming and I've never been protected or informal. The fact that you bailed Banja it was a were jailed on it. Yeah because that also I never go to greatly people in the book that are that's important. Do you see 'cause we look forward to drive around. Oh yeah I want certificates seminar and I just remembered you know like they're she goes you know that's. That's the one for me and I'm never you never hear have you ever used the Hoover shared service. I have not I've not use that either before and I was always the always optional or would you sure like to share the premise of and doesn't like. I didn't sound like he had he had had thousands San Francisco has led to do for all my files and get back to my hotel also. Whoever shows did an amount Eagles are 67 blocks where we stop and it's this chick did men and he's like Jamie and open your door to sit back and a prop the door open for looks like look. Dummy you know it Huber shares let's surgically Imus don't know Brodeur those girl looked mortified a big budget office Obama got. And feel like god damn this is what you don't want to do this and this is why I'm not worried about bush or will but I like your punk dances and tigers they are there actually this. Which really aggravated me you know what yeah I think that the guys driving they've got able to what you think in the to do. Does give them she got in mammy she said is closed her art as you pocket and got her stop enemy shields got out before the thing with them moving. Mike this is why it just don't wanna share. They hope you think. I mean I share a lot of stuff but. How now what does the raw plus yeah I yeah I don't want Abbas and Sharon also uploaded 400 on the plane got a shares seat beside somebody impaired four overs. Because you know private rock rat yourself. Frankly we're gonna make an extra stop tournament did you see the video that guy just absolutely land basing that woman in the car. And outside a hospital. The Who now I don't watch I don't know I don't know I deserted you omitted it prisoner to get that FT apart are right that the what I read was that she wanted to go to the hospital I had so he parked on one side neither she was mad because he didn't drive to the other side to the emergency room sector and a yet and I mean not we can't alleged argument where exile we can't play the audio on this guy because he just absolutely drops the F bomb about nine I mean he loses his African mine at. I should bring a bitch about bush just I don't know I had a minority you might database leading up to it but what she filmed she filmed herself being very common collective. Well so there could be a different story behind it in on me like anything else of Jesus and he's just losing his I mean like. You know people are troubled that this guy obviously is just he can't handle he cannot handle anything like it's just he's losing his goddamn minds dancing and ever seen in my life. I here's a note on sharing in this one is based on. A story that happened in the early seventies but I think is as far as the last I checked on this. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are in production or have been in talks to the to do this movie and it's. About New York yankees' pitchers Mike tactic and for its Paterson. And back in 1969. When they decided that they were gonna swap wives. I think a big there remember the store gap they traded wives and kids. And kids and dogs OK they traded the hawks dogs and kids and kids likely know it but dogs it was as they say quote that is actually let's just a husband trade. Mike for Mike. And that's away went down the families have been friends since 1969. The actual swap occurred in the summer of 1972. And then it was made public spring training. Quote it's a love story according to Peterson it wasn't anything dirty. Mike started the campaign for my wife he says in about August. Paterson sedated 1973 news conference he talked to me seriously about it he told his own wife Susan that he loved Marilyn Moore. Well Casey's relationship when Merrill and Paterson was already over by that time the spring trading news conference however in the next day New York's times author wrote of the two pitchers it was obvious they started to have bitter feelings towards each other. A Peterson was bigger name is an all star and this guy tickets was a journeyman left hander usually 1013 while the other guy was like 71 season. But the point in time where they will they swapped wives and they announced that in spring training. Which is unbelievable in two separate news conferences both of them had to sever news conferences and they were just talking about it and they did not think it was going to be a big deal. And then the next day it's all over the New York Times why would you not think that's going to be a big deal. Ultimately let you swap wives is that that's a decision that the women make two new or whatever I don't care your kids. Well I bet. That's a little bit extreme I think Peterson said at the time we didn't think the exchange would be a national news story I saw my picture on TV when I woke up he told the Palm Beach you know post forty years later I said. Uh oh though this is a bit for Peterson. The swap works he's still married to the former Susan Keck road. While there's a book about this all what are the kids immediately I don't know this is very strange. You know the kids are fine all these years later it is the wife swap still holds interest being made into a movie. Although Susan apparently would let him use her name as he refers to her as just called his new life. Scott Peterson is a consultant on the movie project so he's actually talking to them giving them some information ticket however. Understandably would like forget the whole episode because he kind of getting divorced immediately his new bin ex wife he got dumped by his first wife and in the white for the swap with. Pretty well dumped immediately afterwards. So he basically changed his identity. Changed his name and then disappeared in New Mexico so you have somewhere new met this guy. So the one guy is still married to the one woman that he swap wives with the other guy and he continued to play even only wasn't as good he continue to play the other guy. His career when Democrat upper he lost his wife he lost his dogs he lost his kid in in the white that he swap with left him not too long after the and and he basically just said like I I like the ad I need some time this is too much so he'd gesture everywhere he went to people new home they are like. And what about felt like slot with a credit you're reminded like no I lost two watt they're gonna know even more after this movie comes. For sure who would you rather be that guy got more. Fit on our list. That's that athletic thing you couldn't get letters they split it's not so much about it this is just my thought. So it's not so much about me getting passed into the so Oakland bills lost forcible Russell and put on me that diploma apple understood it. What everyone in the world kind of knows you are it will always be brought as the only thing you're known for this guy. Even though he feels like crap like we don't Maria's mother and Scott Norwood has been mean he's he's been off the radar for so long the only reason this is about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Decide to stir the pot but. I think I'd rather be him the B Scott or what are the north side of successful career overall. He admitted to a couple Super Bowls we was a good kicker he's I think it's easy or is absolutely nothing when it counted the absolute must ask anyone about Scott and white your right. It that is not Iger would be Renault and it does not met look. If you have sexual to Carol regardless of anything new did leading up to that this is or B I remembered if that's just how it works so. Scott oral re right he made it to a suitable. Boxing kick and wolf for ever be remembered and it made what was. Pet detective you know. Loosely based I'm Scott Norwood being back into the places places you're suggesting you should change your sex and so adamant. To think the ladies out there he's been throwing Jesus Christ man at the police this guy you kind of have to. You gonna happen drum up the interest and right. But I don't think differences. Is that if you know who uses. And you encounter him yet. You're not gonna bring up anything about athletics anybody's job it's gonna bring up some being. Very personal and he lost out on both what would you bring like you can bring up some differences you had a pretty unprofessional as professional it is corporate but over the zone like Nebraska right it's like you're talking about what you doing at work and even though it's a personal thing your still bringing it up. I don't get a press conference. When the when they swap watt yeah I think they're the other wife left him to does say what you had you made your. Private life public. Places are brought the world the web page case shutter about it and think I don't care I don't want to know but. That's how she only you and you would ever profession a singer Arnold Jessica is though. She's a singer project into making a private public so twenty years and Arnold's falls apart on ballpark Cyrus is I was gone but. What do falls partly don't feel bitch about a man because you were the 11 out a way to make all of this public. The rest of my enemy you're right this has to crush the guy I know Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are going to make a movie again about your failure but. It happened in this seven beaten. Leads McCain 57 years that I just don't wanna be in a bar. And somebody goes OK it is men. Yeah I really personal time in your life in skirted up twice and both wives don't like you're a rock bottom right like all man this is also where is Scott no related. I did have a beer and be like hey you're jackass athlete I was special athlete what did you do all right I missed a kick right bus Kyrgyzstan and wrong. B and normally it's yeah. They re missing it but the thing I don't might have is that the minute you all the Brusca arms about your personal life like I don't feel bad man it. Why would you tell everybody what would you do in your personal times resident went sport where it. Nobody needs to know listen I'm obligated what would have know what you took the time to Dublin and and ram the story which incidentally by the oppressed and for a conference so. The guys that are held a press conference with reporters. That report. There also is gonna become a stormy you chose to put yourself out there and it ended poorly understood it's gotten Erlich right we get it pressures on. And work out so well for our gnome and a I think averages rather be this. I really do. Just because I just say hey I took the time to aroma personal business what Iraq problem but that I've I've date of the Kabul women that since that point in time they get president of the net now but the next person that they went out with. They're still with. For years and years it's the same thing like no matter what the situation with a plumber but I was not obviously the good enough for that get whoever the next guy. Mall he was great. He's a keeper for ally is they are nice guys that great you are also low on it maybe maybe ever so many I made him right I made him look so good. You know I thought I gotta go on the bad throw well I thought wow I don't want boy this is great like he's nice to meet you know whatever the deal was like I can only imagine the one thing. So let's go to women out there Gorman well that had dated for you miles though it. The differences and I got my high school groped my school girlfriend. Started started dating someone else Tuesday meeting. And they've been married for for in twenty some years. Well I mean I mean I've however long it's been Harlem however iMac and thirty years 3030 years there have been together for thirty years. I mean like OK yeah whatever same difference as you pick wisely. I think some of the hardest things man is just. He says to a new donors are sharing living space for some. I shared a tent was somebody every year for camp for. Three to four months of summer. Sometimes that was good sometimes that was bad Sheridan who deserted tent with a child molester for three months in the not good and boy scouts of one point time. That was not good at all what I remember living together is like anything that was there was fair game like. If I can Clement toothbrush I just use our remains. If I need that towel and that was the closest now outstripped. Anything goes economic data and I think that's I think that's why eventually you just wanna get the hell out of there by yourself. Well don't sharing rent is five and we knew reel us like even though you brought your name on the sticky pad and put that sticky pad. How whatever product in the kitchen nude calendars or. They took the stick you head off Florida and they still consume your food food is gone wondered that oral command that's the worst like dude I had two packs of Rama noodles laughed like that's what got for the week out of my daughter are both deserve the. You hear about somebody eating the last burrito or the last nugget and the last whatever it is man it's the same exact thing you see in the news old time have in the Florida that was just. Freaks out of the just dumbest food item and I know exactly what it's about. May got stabbed over meat balls you bought it because they were his meatballs. And they roommate eight of one single last one. And it was on man do it comes home from work I guess he made him themselves thing remitted to be stab. I don't think it's about being broken and I. And you live with people and I'm guilty of this lake. How many months this is like Noah just like I mean I don't like to live with people number one just because of couch. Like I wanna sit on my couch whenever I want to vital laid out by what is in the chase lounge like the couch is a big one of both food and right like what I drink that beer was like. I'd get another one of the art it brought exactly you know if they go about it even though late we can all afford food already here we wanted. It's still just a million my dad did tell why did you buy beard victims I think it was actually it was the problem yeah. It's torture you could do to someone who's a roommate has just like take like I don't know what they're by a receipt cup. And just put on the count indicates just leave it there Pritchard and not just leave that even if they know it's not their receipt you know I mean this is so hard to keep walking marries again like. Honest no I only just like one. Nothing could give me five I think not the reason goes by the dissident about two hours during a week I think you might you know win with that ball let's secretary get on the weekends. Forget about it everybody changes I can't do it myself rightly got to keep candy in my home the fat bastard and I eat. It's the same thing with good reason there's someone else that's gigabyte solid and eventually right out and it's gonna get a when what happened I well I got drunk and nature candy. All the more sizzle so many to left over manly you're really good meal and you bring what are you got a piece of steak if you strip. And some religious rhetoric subtly like. And man there were three diving trip in there and left this morning Mathers long boom blatantly content. Come up on the prelim don't agree not to go to mobile sources. Tell your body the buys cheap beer shows have a party and drink your beer believes creditor. So your body when your roommate went somewhere as well but it turns out restaurant they went to they don't like as much as the rest of you when it is when you get home. You left overs are gone but their crappy left over still different. Not always all of those to burned to them and I mean if like that but I was still in. Somebody in our homes as well we've lived together but I was still make chicken but it was tell us. Okay. There's check and probably not out yet look at this financially prudent business budget their what I ordered the sponge it now has announced that their pads because I did it it it it's not the I think it's endemic and that when you navigate to bitch about it the flag. Hey man out of strums deals on your food but just for future reference knowing that a Wellesley food and if you. You have been most of who is what do you guys girlfriends of the time had gotten the like what am I gonna do real life. Yeah crab apple I was still in your checking opposing dugout and smoothest car dealers are the only time or another veteran to. Put him up for a quickly goes two ways is when your parent when your parents are married. The food is just like he can't it's like the door on the bathroom I can not going to be able to prove in peace and all the stuff you basically. Everything you have a share in I can watch any television shows that you want to. You're not going to be able to have any night life for 11:30 PM Indiana to lose you have will be eaten your wife will started before you even get her pregnant she will have everything you have you eat everything in front of you cross the table for you and then eventually you basically just and other minutes Cadillac well. I guess taboos is okay that's kind of ally for so long I really don't care because I just feel like you know like others have by this and by this to the knockout but the eating hot food. That's all you wanna do it I know who's who was hot because I just coated mountain time. The kids go to swimming every need they have reduced to begging god Damian went on usage that you do have a cold quietly in mass. If you are lucky enough threat to Saddam and Hotmail for some reason as to track your kids. Who now despite him never eating anything at this moment they wanna eat what you were eaten and when they do it. They decide they like it and again Tony gets on. It's not hot meal everything you eat is room temperature and it could be ice cream because these Maggette through the exact same time about time you. Can actually get around it but what I do well wait. Is that feisty incidents arise as to why are you drinking my god in my and it's. It's unquestioned it just happens with a little greasy as fingers dirty list and only put their everything with intermountain uploading in the class and you know what. It's yours. How it's all your core I mean it sucks mentally you took my drink and those last guys to. You've beaten half of my god they improve and half I get cold it's just it's too and it's every day without fail. And they're ready doses are Denny and follow mechanisms are done in the enthused. If that is the dumbest one when your kid I remember that. What are these old people just talk about. Out to eat now that I'm an old person but can't see it with Lleyton did that my ballot like they eat there ready to go to that. Canada doesn't gonna be I don't see your father that much can we chat societies that. What are you share with someone else and out of that work out we'll take a quick break about a more your calls right entities. Now back to the men's room and here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy to let them resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. That's our broadcast what kind of decisions fans. They really stand at worst songs to ever reached number one will do that after emails are questioned. What do you share someone else and how'd that work out if you've ever shared a user password for Netflix Hulu or HBO go. You might now be an unwitting federal criminal. Thanks in appeals court finding the people who share passwords are subject to prosecution under the computer fraud and abuse act. The decision stems in the case of David and also an employment recruiter who used his former assistant password with that employs permission. To access the candidate database of his former employee as he prepared to launch a competing firms sell. I understand that I do too because you're competing with your it's like me sing like I'm gonna steal HBO to goes contents. I'm gonna take so my Joseph or fresh start my own happened and sell that to someone else understood but the idea of use and Heyman on trauma and oranges the new black sort of holes like Netflix the editor of my password and did you distorted as a friendly you know trying to get over I'm Netflix it's you don't have it you want to see the show you my password in the ego rep. That you brought up as far as sharing that you just want accounts to yourself you wanna be able recline laid down to a every wanted to. Colombo in time I got talked into going in it was a long weekends pry three or four days and it. At the time she was set a bed and breakfast aren't. So that once I'm not so OK you'll only in less sure a bed and breakfast person. You'll and you'll only stay at a bed and breakfast first is this is the way this goes to. There is a breakfast that everybody eats in the morning for the most part there's a living your somebody's house it's a larger house for the most part it's morality continental breakfast you add your own table month by the desperately. You're just sitting at a table with a couple other slaps him and in my experience there were two other couple's house thing as bad breakfast this is Pennsylvania you know. Both guys had a look on her face I'm positive I have in my face witches. This is not my idea no immediate this is not this. All know god wants you know guys is let's ghost in the narrow bed and breakfast how to that you're turning in the something romantic. It doesn't tell you why because women liked what they got word that come from I don't know. I had the idea of of saying well you're so what I look however I don't look at things are going to have sex and had about a minute brunt of the private hotel room down in Brazil someone's home and Blake anything you know. It's not hotels of the beds they have the beds that they have perk it's not that kids look dumb but you get the beds in squeaking the box suites that look it's fine but like. There's no romance if we can't have sex because the bad movies greetings allowed that the other couples and overdoing it and guess what are not doing. They're not having sex either because they treat you bad it is not romantic not only that our. Here's the other thing about it. So everybody's bedroom is least and they might ahead a bedroom downstairs but I think the owners of the doldrums or so everyone who was upstairs it's an older Victorian home. And their might have been four bedroom upstairs I think but there's only one bathroom at the end of the hole yeah. So between and you know this goes down man it's couples on and not every room like has a mirror to get ready or anything like that it's. It's it's our seats in there when you go into the the bathroom there's no exhaust fan. You know it's only a pedestal saying kind of thing like it went in not only that but the gaps between the floor the hardwood floor doors about an inch. So like would you blown up bathroom man I mean it sounds like it Eckert chairman making here you candidates yes like you could hear people whooping downstairs eating breakfast like it was of that line yeah absolutely this sucks it does sound man I had no desire saint onto an air being what is your what no you wanna go camping. That's one entirely different but if not right Palestinian hotel or something else I wouldn't spend money to stay indoors somewhere I'd rather vote though leagues that every ambiance fund run how's your place it's just you and whoever you. Decided in the company of some genuine joy but like. The bed and breakfast like that Goebel looks like they saw it he doesn't want to be here is nothing to do and it goes a crap like. If we check and I library that you have reader's digest from 1968. A but the cook you breakfast around if this well Coco let me know about the restaurant next to the hotel oldham well that yeah and it actually goes I don't know kind of breakfast the most you know whatever qualities special suite in garden whatever we'll have a common breakfast a bag on some or just sign it and a choice of Whitley. You don't have to eat this out of the other continental breakfast but at at that better Brett you're expected to plug in and they ask you an old woman. And I know she cooked all day and ExxonMobil was okay but it's like I really. Do not like cantaloupe and the problem is it's not that it's in the middle of the table for me to make that decision you have put this on my plate. And I don't wanna hurt feelings of just with the worst Alomar phase of putting available moment. Just like in spitting mad and later and that way which went to my cantaloupe at least it looks like the Brett I hated that's eight. I have now done in an editorial panel must. I want I don't know I don't hold on the mother left it was imaginative nominee. Yeah but I do that whether these summer sausage that we see it that bad a palm did in my pain in the senate to down under it was that fast. I love salsa dance for what reason Summers off that just doesn't do for Iberia that I hear it it's a different kind decides. Didn't see my doctor. You Canada they're direct. What was the deal and her daughter are trying to win over and and our son is certainly sharing has not given up underdog and moral bartering system book but Mohammed how does. I was burning man working that way think you can exchanging money. Now see you have to have what you have. But then if you want something else don't you need to have stuff to barter with her did what does your jobs are literally went his way relatives does not like does what's not part but you don't. You go to other people's cancer they set up bars and stuff and they'll give you drew mostly that's just part of it cut. It would still be rude like you can't just walking facilities campsite god almighty got better food that I betrayed you saw his sore right so would you walk into these bars and drink in the show Rocco yeah. Yeah and what do they expect from you. Not just to have fun and enjoy talking with the are you supposed to like use your area supposed to hold some got to function where everyone can come and hang out or anything like that. I mean that the bigger camps you know you got to the makes such if you're gonna wake played one place right there's. French Quarter which as the nicest foreign apply. So they they just they had a if you could bring a bottle next year or whatever so we would we would take them ice okay like two days we brought by. Who that was but about how we we can contribute look at but it's more mature and dozens licensee yet and that's. Honestly that is like the one thing you can buy it is ice affected by sharks from an era and letting the barter system is more like. You know say this is sound weird. But say you're out of a crazy bang they're like the robot Hart's throw it like 5 AM and you meet some fun Blake it tunes from Greenland. You know maybe they'll just you day if they are good save there were you aware white fur jacket to have a big beard they think you're Norse okay. Now you explain to them you're not you guys have a good to warm hug and then they'll give you like a bracelet Ehrlich had necklace or something like from our camp to be like eighty. This is part. That it won't rule by your camp spot something they wanted and try to negotiate like him. You got a sweet I don't know but I'll give you this a fight in them that. Now mantra cable set. What did you hit that at every it automatically do look like would you recommend tortilla. Thomas Turkey. Every day in Iraq. Almost yeah almost every meal every day our neighbors next to it was a very nice when might they cook state in the mile buddy cop kind of like. But those two dogs that finally get well by well. I couldn't put through the way you literally homeless wraps and Turkey breast for the entire time you were there every meal. Yeah there was couple PBJ's mixed in there to Boca which started a huge argument. Because I had grape jelly and he had sharpened her hey it's Saturday is a joke with them like people would just be right behind me do it meant scraper strawberries you just distraught Ike. Check out the fact. Strawberry really yeah I mean this show do stuff like that's what's that like a party zealots seeking go up and just go. Hey you guys like you're having really good time like tonight trade did you ever mile -- thing to do and I mean oh yeah we get a ton of stuff late night I brought a couple little pint a fireball. The sometimes just to drink it was somebody there having fun are the epitome intake or. I don't know there's just different things you can do I brought a bunch of socks sight of people up with a ankle socks after a weakened desert. A pair of clean socks as a long way I do believe that would you would it do they give you think back for the sciences at north Idaho yeah I got a bunch of little trinkets in different things like patent and other stuff and then you know Lotta. Yeah a lot of warm embraces its I've had a lot of hugs and and the I didn't the first couple days when you go to the lake that the camps that have these bars and they're given out who's just it's such a weird environment. Because it's late. Which you know instinct like you won a tipped you want to give them around in you know I can't AME times we'd like sorry we don't have and they do it to don't worry about it. But we just wanted to have fun that's cool is that it's a truce environment share. Yeah but it's very weird and then when you give back he drove a hard it's got to like those banners the rescue it's. Pretty easy to pick if that. But yeah I bet that's kind of think I think that's that kind of sharing that they've that goes on but it's a very unique place right right right. Another unique place trusting something similar to this goes to the people who were in there. There're for a while outside of Philadelphia the strip clubs were in Cherry Hill I guess New Jersey and there ordinances owner of the deal was but. You could you could at that time it was so hard to get liquor license in New Jersey in general had to be either grandfathered in or if you wanted to buy one it was like a million bucks. Somebody knew and had you know you had a butter somebody up than you have to have a whole lot of money on the stuff so he about a restaurant you could buy it restaurant at that restaurant at a liquor license its art it's RD million bucks. And then anything on top of its for the land and it was that big of deal but. The strip clubs obviously that opened up they could afford that so. In other restaurants and so it was common practice that point I'm not sure what is the deal was now that you could be YOB. So you can go in when I say BYOB I know I mean. You could go into a restaurant that was like a four star five star Italian restaurant. You could walk in with a twelve pack. Of Heineken if that's what you want to drink to your gonna have a nice dinner seven course meal. Put it on nice they would have an on ice Korea and bring an LT along with an homage to him a bottle service or have a bottle by the table I'll talk about. You lucky with a bottle of Jack Daniels that is perfectly if you wanna drinks in in the thing about it was a couple strip club. Say male I remember Delaware Amram Baltimore's I don't. Right there a lot of beards and Jack Daniels and miserable walking and that's kind of new to me in the Gaza at the moment given to our house. We'll take care act basically didn't write down you have and every time you went just like a regular ball yeah. The photo by opened for reportedly last of the Janelle in that it believe it or not if you you mean you could eat what and that's the thing. If you know anything about the restaurant Esther you know how difficult that was for those restaurants because you're gonna survive off liquor sales. You're gonna survive off beer sales wind sales that's where you make a ton of money so you know your food's gonna is gonna be good. Told a more expensive but. You can watch I mean you're bringing your home booster walking out with your own booze fueled a drink a third of your bottom you you leave with a that he was so cheap to eat there at that point. Did you never because it does seem like a separate tab. Can you were paying for your lick carrier alcohol ought to amazingly going on direct. I know how much did it cross right exactly and when I don't do that I don't know I don't even as well on an okay thing yet myself so we went to the strip club. And I hope I don't know what I don't know they've. So this January we go to dinner every night to tackle the strip club was packed with two groups on a bachelor party that we went to. And then just the budget of the regular people who go there knows popular strip club. No food. No booze no beer. So you it was understood people would bring in bags of hamburgers from the from a drive already or are they would bring in pizzas and have these one guys they had stacks of Domino's Pizza which you know what. If it was. Those one dude there was one group that had chicken they are basically doing a picnic inside that it's inside the strip I'm not kidding so if I bottom line a little basket to a halt everybody's got their own beer no leases mean she's known cases of beer guys are walking into this place with cases of beer and you know what when you're not paying for that kind of thing. The only people who win are the girls. The Obama minding your birth people are throwing tens and fives and everything else but the cool thing about it was was that everybody inside that bar started just like. Our man when you got Jack Daniels all right I got back in and from that what it's drumstick and shouted no it's exactly right pizza pizza like it was just like that whole room became just wondering. And it was like you know you're eating together. Drinking together because it was almost like it was a free party with strippers do well look I mean I mean that's up Bernie manner like when I was there last year like. People talk a lot of sports a lot of those people aren't into sports and I get it presented globalization whatever. But I explain to people one of the greatest I think. Fashions of festival and sharing the original one is K okay. Absolute go to would get looming and you set up your spread right but don't make friends the people the car next year. I mean you know I I might have been years you might have liquor but you do whatever in an all share and had ever been and you know Florida and the people next to us like we got some are low country boil left over we want to shrimp which of course that's what shall I ask. And it doesn't matter an admirable on ravens and Steelers fans show up and everyone's tailgating and in spite of how we feel about each of those teams. And the parking lot for the game you know just a football fan. And we get along great so you're talking a little smack but it you're talking smack in other look at the sausages you have a look at the burgers or Macon and you're treated everything. Everything else it is it didn't matter to write like that it won't play even your sworn enemies as soon to walk and statements like. Oh want to hear it over drinking and and make improvements you have to go to all day. There have Jordan festival which is set it up per day yet our question what did you share or someone else and how that Laura Kelly get your emails don't of the men's or amendments or live dot com. His milestone amid dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle.