07-12-16 4pm Mens Room makes it to #1

Tuesday, July 12th

Emails, Mike Hawk gives you the Headlines he's NOT working on, and Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the 10 Worst Songs to Make it to #1


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Commence drilling would miles. Nine point nine. I asked you to right Jason combined that would be a miserable original read from a leisure brewing company and bullies world famous sausage and Pike Place Market. Available now west Seattle for a play games and house nine Tacoma drivers acres of clams on the water newly famous sausage. At Pike Place Market even more so than that. You have an order online instant right to your bill Bryant there's various locations of picking up the value your Belgium thrift ways got a Conan Steiner. On Capitol Hill pioneer square. Davies needs double. Pay less foods rabble Beacon Hill and Paul's vote and of course the octopus bar our friends up on 45 head and on the menu up there as well. It is simply the best doesn't do every not only that. Portion net proceeds benefit the Fisher house says the what we do here through local Fisher houses everything he decides which confused with a beer which also benefit the Fisher house. You're doing some good midterm original sausage all the details are KI SW dot count. Our question today. How would you share with someone else and how that worked out for able take a quick break American reader emails in the men's room amends or live dot com next JC. Miles we don't. Netflix Hulu HBO go users ulterior password actually if they coming into the matter at all which. Product and have enough so Jared and teller to get her own. Now paying for everything. Across and they wanted to share with someone else and out of our gallium buds or emails here for the men's or women's in my back jobs. He does want to violation Roy brown brewers a men's room original red because with a good Jimmy Carter and newsroom gold on the shelves now do you find it shoot us an email to the mentored amends in my dot com easily expand the list of locations but is on the shelves a lot of your favorite grocers also. On tap. At some of your favorite bars. All the shows I share my girlfriend with my wife. We've been involved for just over a year it worked out great for everyone I recommend having a threesome at least once in your lifetime liquor and women. What world piloted it. Not it is I shared my girlfriend with my wife and okay. I. I know as well I don't know them my buddy as a friend it's like that means that yes they all get along it's like one giant relationship. Ha. Okay yeah I've I I can't really comment on it because an Everyman close to being in that situation before so I've no idea for a no idea. Hi guys I'm Don and I was in the Marines and a fellow marine that I served with well we decided to swap wives. They're cool that and it worked out for us we swap for a weekend no more than a week in and all the sudden my body tells me. He's in love of my life and they wanna be together. So that create an issue for us but I was young and was like whatever pop. Now they're married with two kids and I'm happily out of the Marines living here in Tacoma love the shield that I've done. Guys are girlfriend shared her athletes who would need to get her back I went out and had unprotected sex was some hookers and shared my syphilis with her sharing is caring but from Charlie beer dog. President of founding members the Ted Smith thank club. Founding member Pannemon. I wanna turn seventy my parents only that I would be sharing your car with my sister. From the get go I knew this was trouble. After an irritating few weeks at arranged by parents to have a deal that I would work off the money needed to purchase the car outright but until then. It was scored eighty when my sister to share the car I love this car great shape perfect for new driver not the usual embarrassing minivan other kids at a drive whatever. Well one day the car appeared in the driveway after being gone way longer than was agreed to and one of the back tail lights was busted out. Of course no one knew how it happened I should have known right there in there and that a few weeks later the car would meet it's maker the junkyard. My sister had decided to take the car when I needed it for work to go visit the guy. As she was forbidden to see on the way there she Haider plane crashed into the median and probably everything within a fifty mile radius car was and half half the original size. Thankfully she was unscathed but I can forget about picking up I could forget dropping objects are making it to work that day from there on out I was always reluctant to share with a sibling. Thanks for all you guys do. That from the captain Morgan and that's that your Matty does in my borrows something mean. And it's one that's what's gonna get destroyed. Guarantee it's just gonna be like all dude you're not gonna believe that I broke your your your cap that's on loss mud by tapped my K which had. Held on to from the ripe age of eighteen years old got a one night at a keg party. All these cakes were stacked up I'll look in the back there's there's there's a tap them like all man at his arrival and taken that very. So I had it obviously is not mine but I still had it and then I let somebody borrow it and that's that's that's the game that's played like you can never keep one of those like longer than a year but similarly if you're the person who borrowed something count on the fact that you're going to destroy your friends or whatever. Is that the old at a trait I don't don't land something. You can't afford to deal for a it session tonight much iron and no flight money you know I mean like you don't get yet. Wright is somebody asked me to borrow money in there right hey I need to borrow money for real it's like. I gotta make sure I can do without forever yet if you don't have that all borrowing it and you get your act we understand how the games. Guys are sharing case of eighteen Beers and my brother well few Beers and few games in the pool I think of the can. Sloshing around chug the rest my first thought was wiser pulp and my beer. In the tasted make him a Tug to have Ken and her brother stiff kitten just in the next three hours drawn up. Good times hole it's over yes we get a text today. No that's another that's excellent whatever few extra emails here for the midterm events are live dot com. All of tell us today is my sister Erika does twentieth birthday can she get an original face sand wedge and a second up cupcake that from Matthew. Fish sandwich oh. All the guys did Joey in Tacoma can regular birthday shout out as my toy for a birthday today I'm working all day and hot warehouse so well when I get off of would have a few play Adams. And probably way too much round. Can I get a take off deletion Allen think and a bong hit. Thanks for giving my workweek hilarious guys thanks you guys from Jolie this kind of take us look goats. Hello fellow sales W your birthday shout out to my fiance William since he's turning 31 he's been a huge fan since I introduced into your shell after I moved from Seattle to Houston to be with him. We'll puts our stationery and I used and we remember station KH OT KH OPE a leaders really cannot Ellis the down here we eternal sex geez I'm just suck it up cupcake. Up from Cerrato Washingtonian Texan. She's what we all. All the till today is my third event bird that your show makes my afternoon our regular day at work would you please give me a little girl they salad and a whole look outs and a birthday song look forward to many more years rocking out with you guys. That from dangerous. We'll look out. But rose forty interview bush in my happy birthday they'll be awesome little turtle sex in a second I'm got engaged. You guessed it gas that from Richard Ramirez not the night stock noted. Hello numbered days today 49 years gonna get are now hitting the window and a price is wrong. Thanks guys that from Scott in stolen debit. Law law all out. Oh who who who you know I. Aloha gentlemen. I'd like to first wish my father in law I grabbed ought to be re a heavy 51 birthday from Hawaii. He now look what's that would that would distaste or why the McCain can relate it. I love the show also losing you guys here in Hawaii. You know we as he was just here in May and I brought him a few bottles of delicious men's or read that I can find here. If we get a suck it up kept gay can original face that was in a birthday song that would be great you guys rock my hollow that from John deer cam in Hawaii. Oh it's. Too arrogant mr. Aaron guys you go. Happy I've got to go okay I'm yeah. Ted I hadn't done. Yeah I heard you know that says boys you mentioned banana ketchup during Ted segments of course on hot dogs Ted Stevens to step up a lot W trapped. Well I can't confirm it's also. It's got a sweet and spicy compared to normal ketchup there's a food truck called it chicken fix it as a and they also have some of the best fried chicken I've ever had run their own selves against you check that truck if it's chicken trust me. That from trusted. Okay. I guy's dumb ass alert this morning I woke up at 3 AM in Boise Idaho and a truck stop. And saw about a dozen dumb asses wondering if the truck parking lot staring at the phones. And they're planning or playing pokey man go and I was headed toward the exit to go make my delivery one of these two idiot stepped right in front of my moving semi. Oblivious to the truck even when I had my high beams and hit the brakes. I don't lead out the window and yell them to take their. Game somewhere else before I even look up to see my truck twenty feet away from I'm sure will be pokey man body counts shortly guys that from trucker James. Not just body counts but I know certainly Baltimore County but I guess this is happening around the country. Out of this coComment what are relatives but Brit you're wanted to find whatever you're looking for and so opportunistic criminals basically mugging you because they at least know that you have a decent cellphone and are going to take that and it got enough money so. The thing is these guys and download the app they found a few Pokemon whenever you can send out like a kind of speaking to attract and I was all right majors in front of people to show that there's still enough who looks phones. Well there. You still got to use your common sense that Alli looks a little shady. Don't go to now. Guys had to say how much a loving god damn shell and how it's funny when it influences by daily life I'm watching minions with my kid and he said bad guy while playing a Dracula. I looked upset Aaliyah SP track this track. And it's from grumpy GO at it and your kid will truly believe that the peak directed. Guys bridges. LA terraces sold out of your meet the man behind the counters and it's hard to hold onto your meat. But they'll have a Friday and Fred Meyer says cases of the gold guys that from dug ice all the tolls memos over dale now has men's room gold on tap for grew dollars employ any of twenty twos. That's from mr. beer we have time for a couple of seats. And now. Men's room pretty handsome. And San. A bundle under some guys is your show every airship which do. I never thought I'd be able to. No need them to ask you guys but here goes. I'm nineteen year old nephew was shot and killed his father's home last week after he was killed the shooters burned to the plate to the ground. Suspects are custody in addition to losing his son our brother in law also has lost his home and all of us possessions. And we have an account set up under the Clinton family devastation thank you guys that from now. And floor if you'd like to go and contribute any of these. We have a go on yourself page set up and demons are painting KI SW dot com to put out there any of the links we like to donate any peace process. Feel free to do so there. Guys I here's one. About a baby that is on the way to do an August. They're saying that they'll be complications. Based on the math they'll be complications it's almost impossible that the baby will not have complications. But they're praying that the just shall not OK but they want us at a discount just in case because they know searchers are going to be there one child is. Another guy's a relative recently passed away and it path page so that govern the memorial travel costs as as the baby was lessening your. How thanks your time that suggest. You guys are good friend little boy has cancer he's only six years old have a long road ahead of and his parents are also my son's got parents. If you please share this of the rockaholics appreciate it attached link to the page collages that sweet little boy. Please help again. That from Jim absolutely if you like do blood donate any of those causes go to the men's or page KI SW dot com and click the go on yourself like. I've got penalized eleven won our first taken when my cock for stories he is not working out at a couple I headlines we got coming across the table here how one of which is you might need to dump your Betty Crocker cake mix. They are there recalling a whole bunch of flavors including super moist party rainbow chip Kate. Okay. That's on you said super moist Eric may look like care. That was an ability or is it basically there to Cozumel Eric Kagan the one that's all the different colors yes. You can't carry Kagan and this because of the Moye is party Ramos is Super Bowl. Consumer morals when I got E. Coli in them that's probably what they think well that is a problem what do they. How flower things E. Coli got bingo our power until the environment monster and Arthur. Certain plot I saw whole thing on the stand like. I see flower doesn't there's not enough detection and there's not even seat like watch over them and really the FDA. And down but technically not a food. And it's not a drugs are literally fall under the merger yeah flowers got to be fooled me. I know you don't eat former drug known takes a spoon flour and put them and cost elicits no one saint does that putt. Like people only used for food FDA leg and only it's not a food but with neither assault lasting what do those like have a 108 girls who've been at a birthday party after doing during that Melissa due diligence and more everything these kids bring no okay no man. You out there cram too painful where they'll make him management tape was among Democrats themselves by the end that the recall doesn't matter less you have. Yeah that amendment vote I only got they had crazed over passenger attacking their their driver. Basically this woman guided into our Rupert card got into an argument with a driver he said get out she decided to quote grab and scratch him. Bite his arm Jesus Christ the which required medical treatment apparently. That ended ended in Florida here. Florida Florida. Yeah come on Florida where the ladies but Simmons a kooky thing but the fact is it me or Hoover human growth since he was charged with aggravated assault. And finally I got a driver with a head lamp pulled over for speeding. There's I saw the legislature in at a place that I can't pronounce the name so is it is that that is headlights didn't work so he thought I'll strap on the head lately you don't mind those of you guys. Are you know I had like how to do it gets played I don't I'm. I want to lose or head so here's the thing in the middle and I it's it's 10 o'clock at night. And this officers set operators but at the seat that's set up the speed trap right this guy comes speeding by at a hundred miles an hour and a seventy. And then he knows that that the lights weren't consulate pulls a guy over and he knows that he's got this head lamp on and that's what he was using the his headlights were busted and so he had his little headline on damn was he silver. Does that say about dollars and Bob now and Jeff sees her and then you gotta wonder what did you do it like how to both headlights hit knocked out and I'll give them a lot of you are right how can you see 100 miles an hour though with that little life you can't but at least he made a little bit of effort to do something about it here but the picture looks ridiculous undated story assault a headline assault and and I'm like Jesus. Headlight doesn't literally mean a light and your head man exactly and Jeff he was geragos reading and operating an unsafe vehicle and the car was towed from the IRS every morning headlines coming up one hour from now also a low profile that says your dig as Alice Cooper but first. The nuggets are dry Cassel then as time once again to sit and spin now. Yes friends it's time once again dogs and six and spending. I have around me on the radio and listened to some as well. Realtors. Show remember that I'll bet I bet today nothing but number one span. These are the big long number one hits in the US aren't you late nineteen and I know part of this just condition of getting older people wanna some great young masterfully. 99% of the time you kind of shocked when number 100. Prison is not that. Knowing how pop music works and what number one is not your shock to some reasonable one I think you're just shocked. That enough people keep buying certain songs Lee Howell how does end up being the number one's hello Kelly what I know to collect what happened to William Hung. It's just like their for a minute and half the time Google Weezer Colin. We knew that was again right Italy we understood like this gags so maybe you bought some of these supportable and Eddie wood up to your problem again we got some of these were just have a flash in the pan lightly on the I was gonna some of these songs were number one for like ten weeks street brightly on Barack would always go what but what were a lot by artists we know are they want to hit artists now there's there's a combo of their health there's a beetle on this list okay now. I guess George there's now a torture Gary Powell. You know one of the fortunate you know that right well yeah old definitely he crafts and stuff. An interview with him about a month ago on cracked and they asked The Beatles and wouldn't be who would abuse with this about wings and is aware of horrible. Don't give that it you have got a day and we were terrible and I guess his wife plead. He what are instrument his wife played he admit he's that you know she was not a musician. No touch with with the Tampa region but the keyboards she goes I think the lower now. And a little of your ancestry of musicians that do not not play the instrument in front of. So a lot of days and I'm ready to. Harry is pretty common now what I'll hire somebody in the family to be in this business even though they have no visibility that's exactly yeah. And I think I think the wife being in the ban probably a lot to do with the wife wanted to be in the I morons tore come 'cause he's a musician on I don't and I don't know the situation there's some wings fan out there like prop. It does hurt or whatever this'll why would you but that's why you get in advance in cricket so that you can tour once every you know a couple of years after I really wanted to go exactly like 75 people and wings though often it pretty much. I know that ban to space behind me I guess the it's a different and how well I don't so I thought loneliness. They are much better. So the list is actually sixteen songs really for the Tim what are some of the songs that that the sixteen and a what are some of that and I know a lot of Tuesday's that we can argue about he solicited some questionable things on the list that I think we'll all agree that all sixteen of these songs are absolutely terrible and let's not be too hasty on that all right well number sixteen every rose has its award for poison. That was number one yeah that was a number whether it'll a lot of rock songs on this. The guy in rock saw a lot of Jesus cry it's fair enough but they want you know him and I know music. These types advanced typically don't end up racing up the pop charts but poisoned. That transcended. If the work that's on bill and Ted would have been in big trouble. Our employees and upper deck I mean they say they threw down the lyrics on every rose has a thorn that's good point. Save save the day I can't believe this song was number one I was not only with the number one it was number one in 1988 for three weeks got lucky I can I get away from Vermont this is true he has this is Bret Michaels. He has a rope doll toy with as many. Nice it's a dog to you got a four Bret Michaels Pacifica I. Prada Aaliyah. That's a he has his face a late I had to take a very issues that is god only. What is Bret Michaels have dogs pull yeah I think Bret Michaels has taken a page out of the Gene Simmons book how to make money and he'll slap a name on your. And I think he has his own page on Overstock.Com. Expect itself was what's fifty I with arms wide open by creed. OK number one analysts and that that was a massive wrong there one week that song was number one that bandwidth and normal when your present that was 2000. Learn. I'm more of a super group now though isn't it weird ways that the first haven't ever have an over the the weakest member of the band was replaced by a better guy in the I mean I know they're not his biggest creed was at that time it. Kind of a weird little supporter you know and Alter Bridge yeah yeah yeah I guess it get away and and you know Alter Bridge outside of the they do well in the US but. And if you go to like the UK and they play at Wembley that are key piece Smith symmetry and the grass this year and that's I guess he's now Castelli dugout I think that is abandon most excited for. There's a great there's so I think gas a marked for might have to get enough credit for really being separately guitar player because he wasn't creed that's in that some said like once you take when you take Scott stepped out of the band the band is a great I mean. If you'd like Scott says locals you know. But I think all when you when you're place it was somebody's like miles Kennedy's yellow range can do something else other than be a monotone way and one of the best things in the business are exactly the question very unique. I'll focus on sugar shack by Jimmy Gilmore and fire balls some off and on that one hit. I hear about it okay. I think I was like I don't know I don't now we'll look and we'll put. He can't erase this. She shots in his own amusement than what I think it's on the number one for five weeks stay 1960 three's the sugar shack and I think in this. Now I think the sugar shack actually was a sugar just okay well if he liked that girl that was at this coffee shop I don't think he was speaking in metaphors I see out of there wasn't a drug dealers house. I don't mean that in their breath and if he thought that it took you go about their assertion okay you don't maybe it was the sugar shack and okay very I don't know that I ever wanna see you point your penis and yeah no this is. As a senator yeah I. But I'm anti Taliban plays so walk around like I tell you know what I get away. With it. And works. Of the backs him. I would sell its thirteen of the song was a hit for two different artists. I used that. The term loosely. Catch and cradle. I'll hope Cat Stevens side Harry Harry visionary change in 74. Number one for just to weaken and of course god ugly he was at a quick intro that that it got a limited Canada yet it was advocate for them on a number one just. Not another song from her agent. Who Harry Chapin couldn't tell you that very often is editors and finally senator Japan corporate that's and Mary. Toughest thing out of ten married. And I hey you yeah. Why you again so. If you think of all the great things that we're going on in 1990 three's four's music is concerned on a list with sixty worst number one songs of all time on four of them from 1993 and drilling colonies and today one of them falls at number twelve on the list freaking baited by silk. And often going to leave them for leaving Cuba so am I feel like I should it caught freaked me. Baby and it is five branding cell patents numbers and bitter right to break our tests we don't do that mantle are our group incorporated is a man. And or do about it the next one number eleven was never one for five weeks in 1974 this is why at the look up and even when I heard tonight I don't remember it but I will agree that it's absolutely awful it's called them believed to be hero. But Lou Donaldson and he would. Now its earnings aren't really tell me zero though. Number what I do. When you finally. Videos and Addison off. It's been a telephone should. Lieutenant for the. I we have got editorial clearly get better from their rent that's not the war zone please send our songs whoever he's number one coming up next on Cindy Smith. We weren't trying to stall or anything but welcome back to the main. Nine point nine KI SW. Started charge frank castle now since then marry her little taste of some of these sixteen were songs to reach number one editor was there are still eleven you know solutions Toews has pretty bats now are gonna hit us with VV ten worst song distanced ever reach number one in the history of what we know to be rated. Tell. So go for my nineteen extranet and earlier this stuff that's no more songs I know with the from 1993 that was. Hi yeah. I candidates on. I don't think anyone in the throat be surprised that and he immediately started lip syncing the song went through the Pentagon employee gets faster and of course far. I didn't lose but heat easy safe to say this guy as a one hit wonder right sit. Certainly. No I mean that's all I know. EOK I let my listening you can tell he's a white Canadian. Had no idea oh yeah the that's sarcasm there Weis called snow. Probably NYC I'm doing yeah he's like an 880 spent a lot of brown sugar shack I'd be snow is is out things were guys so. Like if you're a black guy on the please write music it's like living color. If or why do those rapper Vanilla Ice snow what do let people know from the dead Eminem. At the calendar was off but my cat but it does I don't know I am melts in your mouth not your name. They're now. The race itself. The recent. And after soft. As soon as soon as did you before the Fujimori. Speaking of songs that people get married to. The song was so that's what I've what did you always have that dance track may not newest version of the. OK does that got out particularly well this version right now. That is the number one right. Yes yes for also from 1993 once again 1993 great ear for music terrible that's Elvis song they redid in the territory I don't know if all the stated originally I'm I don't know that there was still a lot of its space and Toledo Isabel you know what we've heard a lot of bad that is the version that I know and love please please back up the 1993 things in my good chronologically there what what was good about 1993 what 1993 was I mean it was cool though it was originally he has all of the things that were coming out of the Pacific northwest. I mean rock music was huge in 199393. Really was kind of that. It was just think about lovable loser of German religion and garden and 8990. You know what the rest of all I saw Dario Oca accessed. Do our songs ever reach number one today on it's been. Eight under its yeah. Yeah. My mother. Yeah. And it's a positive message. Seeds get depressed and son. You can do better or is this is is the song you sing about somebody who's left you that lights up your life things I didn't want her dead how why that. Don't sing the music makes it seem sound but it seems like she's BMI had any light up a light in my life online gallery and all the RB was shag carpet and a guy in like Jack cowboy blues weeping over wish list that's looked that's what Taylor Swift does she write songs about people she likes. I'll sentencing him to. The ten worst songs every several on today. Hearse. Me. Okay. Do you call. I've heard for the Frank Sinatra joke this gives Clinton is well just a gun battle. There was annoying bizarre but I and I have. Flights. I think this was the second one they did right now euros minus exist yet he's much better songwriter al-Qaeda does not come thrillers are thought this is all later crown. There was I had to do this on whether the low. The song was number one for seven weeks. In 1982 it's worth message mentioning that that influence on that we just heard a number it was number one for ten weeks each for ten weeks in 1979. Well this is Stevie one. Yes you wonder Obama are. Dogs aren't I don't know. Perhaps later Stevie could sing this I don't know superstition and that's on its just at the same guy. In the did resigns every several months. Amber's sixth. Army. There's six. You know I haven't seen it put. And it has its own and never. If enough and then again Hannity sat there listening to this sound like seeing. Yeah yeah yeah. Sin and it gets there. It's. Slow zoom yeah. And Diana and then feed and is the union and. It's hard yeah. It's a funny Tyler had this issue like pursuing a younger man in this video so. This like so that's really hopeful freak anyway. Even law that I ever are doing quite the good guys and a I think base and you get a baster like that canceled I feel guilty I feel. That's an accent. How long was Bonnie Tyler's total eclipse of the heart an ambulance goes through four weeks. Spent an entire month that number one man. 1983. The pace of the I'm always gonna. Easy go down yeah. Catch commercial recently or something. With the Czech jagr was that it wasn't you guys you know I would sing the song notre. Tourists on Hillary's number one today on sentence. Okay. I'll decide eminent you can turn. I know meatloaf was staying in could not bad. And that night. More than it's been good as that sounds as bad health to write is that it was my first time and only hundred items like a ninety. For the people love him respects me my. I never got it covered tiger mile song all I can think is why. Why I should I do not again I have never gotten housing consider. It's cool that's the other part of why. Look poison was concerned rock which is an epic coconuts environment. Meatloaf was concern Rok mobile meatloaf that he poisons that dress like right guys offer rock and people who flew over to Iraq played the pop right. Some meatloaf that looks come up with the bad his ass out and go royal solos like candidate feels Little Rock up the withdrew this. The garbage that you things that he had an appropriate. Album got report it have been like those. A blitz and solve this and kind of you know keep spinning yeah this is very much and again this is this from 1993 minute period last time we hear from guys that don't video though battalion to be shut up now it's not c'mon man visited John Denver's do you ever reason number one on fifth. Under Florida. This socialism. Yeah. I've played for the balloons dropped out of Phoenix I think this is the 100 time the rain has been a good. Had a good. Like Steve Martin don't you think that's. The one million their generals asked Jim and I joke that I didn't know this is just our fiery news. Now I now 1996. Number one for ready for this fourteen weeks and still I played regularly out of since then. Did worse on every day now. Fantasy football coach could hit it out. It's primenews. Application it's far right so it's perfect right here at royal normally think it's right there for five weeks at number one on phenomenon where they should know so who else thank you Daniel power. And Ernie is that. Vienna born song he relies on people who eat. Tennis and they're doing and only missed it enhances a mediocre not to alienate to Zurich and we need love that song is singing tonight mediocrity or you know yeah. It's stupidly these are the ten worst songs every snow globe. I'm 110. It's. Who played the bum out. A lot of plus low Marconi plays the bomb. Starship right then yeah us the song he. So back to this this baby was born up I'm. It was more of these seats don't use their voice the music of San Francisco in the 1960s which is. Baffling even though I didn't comprehend. That doesn't have to do is your friend apparently this last hardly unlike the next night. No you know no man's son is out. And present I would say I hate LA hey Don I like this dog that had voluntarily backed up I don't want to thank. OK I go into unlike. Yeah I think. This song for this event as a great example of what happens to. Fans that hang around through awkward dance break up the other two that I wish they would get back together. Defense continue to go play a matches Jimi Hendrix were still alive he would had a terrible sin. The size that's how the music industry where you had a terrible today Pfizer and I won't say this new movie genre what early burnout hippies by these albums anymore while they by the number one song and America that sells nine million copies in that's the yin and the Yang a bad ideas. For that band that was the least rock and roll song they ever endurance hi Jane saw that I'm James a great song that was not known I don't know OK so. Yeah. What could possibly be worse than not hold up. We've already had Aaron covered that he did it it was in 1985. Well. I have always there yeah. In spite of all they're really. Don't know the exact. Jack do. No I didn't imagine all night. Sat out. Yeah the same problems that exist today if it's him her son series number one thing is about dry gas and if I did and I never admitted to dig down.