07-12-16 Sit & Spin takes it to number 1

Tuesday, July 12th

Today on Sit & Spin, Ryan Castle brings us the 10 Worst Songs to Make it to #1!


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The drug it's hard drive doesn't stand as Thomas again to sit and spin now. Yes friends it's time once again thought. Six and spend millions gathered around the old radio and listened to some sweat a resident. Man of realtors. Bring in Nicholas Alex. And have a bats today nothing but number one's man. These are the big long number one hits in the US are nine and I know part of vista's condition getting older people want some young master. Present time you kind of shot with number 100. Prison is not that. Know how pop music works and what number one W shot to some reasonable one I think you're just shocked. That enough people keep buying certain songs now how does end up being the number one slow cal and I know that public what happened to William Hung. It's just like there for a minute and half the time Weezer. We know that was again. Right Italy we understood what is the gags or maybe some support and it would that the problem again we assemblies were just a flash and an equally on I was gonna some of these songs were number one for like ten weeks street right back where they go what but. But were a lot by artists we know are they won it arts now there's there's a combo of their elders of beatle that's us okay. I'm just mergers. Don't torture. Paula. You know one of the fortunate that right well it would yell definitely crafts and stuff. Interview with him about a mile programs cracked me at The Beatles would be to be. As of about wings. Or. Don't give I have got to and we were terrible and his wife played. He what are instrument his wife played he admit that you know she was not a musician. But the temporal region but the keyboards actually goes I think the hour now. Ancestry musicians that do not play in human problem. So a lot of days we're ready to carry it's pretty common now I'll hire somebody in the family to be in this business and have him go with it. And I think I think the wife being in the probably. Are on tour with him because he's a musician on idol I don't know the situation there's some wings and a derelict. Wherever this is why would you but that's what you get in advance. So that you can tour once every you know here asteroid is exactly like 75 people and wings now and apartment. And all of that and just makes me I guess the there are yeah I yeah I don't know waiting. They are much better. So the list is actually sixteen songs when they for that and the what are some of the songs that that the sixteen and a and a lot of Tuesday that we can argue about these lists and some questionable things analyst I think you'll agree that sixties were absolutely terrible. Don't be too hasty comments are well number sixteen every rose has its board for. That was number one that was a number whether a lot of songs on this. These guys are stolen. He's cry fair enough but they don't know him but I know he's. These types advanced typically don't and up racing up the pop charts the poison. Friends that did. That work that's on villain ten would have been in big trouble. I'll have risen up with that I mean if they threw down the lyrics on growth has a thorn that's good point. Save the day at Italy that's on was number one now it was the number one it was number one in 1983. Weeks back I can get a program this is true he has this is Bret Michaels. He has he broke don't toy with his. Nice that the dog got a four Bret Michaels if at a it. That's his face and take positions that is randomly. Why is Michael I have to all school I think Bret Michaels has taken a page genes that make money and he'll slap at. I think he has his own NATO for stock. But that was split fifty with arms wide open by creed and won an extent that I was a math wrong one week that song was number one that they Edwards and here is that it's 2000. I'm more of a super group now though isn't it a weird way is that the first haven't ever have and we're the weakest member of the band was replaced by a better guy in the I mean I know they're not as big as creed was at that time but. Kind of a weird little super group known Alter Bridge yeah yeah yeah I guess it in a way and and you know Alter Bridge outside of that they do well in the US but. And if you go to like the UK and they play at Wimbledon are you pleased that seem apparent grass this year and that's I guess things now Castelli dugout I think that is abandon most excited for. There's a great there's so I think get a mark from like that to get enough credit for really being brewing guitar player because he was creek that's there that something like once you take when you take Scott stepped out of the band the band is a great I mean. If you know like Scott says locals you know. But I think all went when your place it was somebody's like miles Kennedy's they'll arrange to do something else other than via the and it's somewhere and one of the messing with the business exact question very unique. I want the song sugar shack by Jimmy Gilbert calls some off and on that one it. I hear about it and OK yeah. I think I was like I don't quite know that we looked at and we'll put. Position. Copyright reform done. She should they go amusement than what I've been in the public number one for five weeks and I think sixty is the sugar shack and I think it is. The sugar shack actually it was a strategic okay he liked that girl that was at this copy shop I don't think he was speaking at a arising out of it was and a drug dealers house I. And I mean that it didn't read it if it ought to get them here go that officers. You know maybe it was the signature of I don't know that I ever wanna see you point your penis you know I know the senators. Senator. And the Taliban. A badly don't walk around and you know. Works. Accident. It's with us on with it for two different artists. Use that term loosely on captain. I'll. Stephens. Theory. Inherited 74. Number one for two week in Corsica and they certainly did it to him yet it was advocate for them. Another song very. She even couldn't hear is yet visitors. Listeners Japan corporate. That Mary Chapin Carpenter. I think. Ultimately brought the hair Harry and by you and so. If you think of all the great things that we're going on in 1990 three's four's music is concerned list with sixteen worst number one songs of all time for them from nineteen and the only thing I one of them balls at number twelve on the list for debated by so. And often. Referred to. Feel like should it caught freaked me. Baby and it five branding cell it's every bit and made better you'd rather tense week or do. Men of color are grouped. Them. Or do it the next one number eleven was number of one for five weeks nineteenth of before this is why the lookup and you've heard I don't remember but I will agree it's absolutely awful it's called the dopey hero. But who Donaldson and it was spells terror these aren't really on me. Number what I do a wonderful spot we've. Videos and that is off. Was that a telephone. Kevin Kolb. All right we have governor Florio they only get better from their rhetoric and the war now these ten of our songs whoever he's number one coming up next Johnson sped. I recharged right cancel now since then. Her little taste of some of these sixteen were songs to reach number one and it was clear to them you know is this just days as pretty bad tonight getting hit us with the the ten worst song instance ever reached number one in the history will we know to be ratings. T. Also provide nineteen extranet earlier this stuff that's no force on photo with her from 1990 through that was. Yeah I can live with them. I don't think anyone there from be surprised that had he immediately started lip syncing the song definitely got to bully gets faster than courts are. But it was but he used it states it is get out of what had won the right thing. Certainly. No I mean that's all I know. EOK I'm at my listening you can tell he's a white Canadian. Had no idea oh yeah that's our is that why it's called snow. Probably twice and again he's like today that he spent a lot of press sugar shack I'd be so now this is how things were so like if you were a black guy on the front musically living color. If you're white you wrap Vanilla Ice snow you'll let people know from the dead Eminem. At the Allen threw us off. I can't but it does everybody else can melts in your mouth not in it. The wreckage the resentment. I've never. And after a song. Who's doing the dunes did you before Torre speaking of songs that people get married to. The song was technically I did always have that dance track innocuous personal thing. Okay because I've got but they don't Elvis version right now but the as the number one. Also from 1993 once again 1983 great here for music here that's over a song they've mediated or tolerate I don't know if all the stated regionally. I don't know with the oval we've heard a lot of bad that is the version that. Please please back up the 1993 things in good chronologically there what what was good about 99 victory would 1993. Woods it was kind of go it was ridiculous because all of the things that were coming out of the Pacific northwest. Music with future 9393. Really was kind that you would think about multiple. Irving Berlin on garden and 8990. You know that's all I sorry Oca. Our songs every number one today on spam. He. My mother. Coordinate. Okay. It's a positive message but it just seems like it depressing song. You can look at this this is the song you sing about somebody who's left you that lights up your life things I didn't I didn't know why so that. I don't think the music makes it seem sound but it seems like she's BMI any light up my life in my life among young and old RP which shag carpet and a guy like cowboy blues that we wish list that's looked that's what Taylor Swift does she write songs about people she likes. Times and the ten worst songs ever reached number one today. Marine. Okay. Do you fall. I've heard pretty Frank Sinatra joke this give you if they got. It was annoying is the last night lights. I think this is the second one they did right. Ehrlich minor league has yet to budget matters are Rleal I defend. Come thriller that but this is all later crap they realized that I edited. The song was number one for seven weeks. In 1982 it's worth mentioning that that usually on that we just heard memory with a one for weeks. And weeks in 1970. Well this is Stevie one. You wonder Obama. Don't our yeah offense. Apps lieutenant Steve Gibson. This OK don't superstition and that's honest at the same guy. In the did resigns every several months on. Number six. RO. Number six. You know and Evans and put. And it has its own and didn't have a it's. None. If enough and then I didn't need the sad. News into the sound like seeing. Yeah. Or. Sin and they get there. Yeah. That's it's both new and different it is a call into question. Yeah. It's hard to. But the video of this is a funny time again isn't she like pursuing a younger man in this video. There's like so that's really a couple free if they even bought that I have that are doing puts it Afghanistan. Think based and you get a base traveling that canceled that field at the Olympic ideal. I think accent. How long was Bonnie Tyler's total eclipse of the heart and a little bit closed for four weeks. Spent an entire month at number one I think game. There it's fair that these are the. You go down yeah. I think my hair kit Kat commercial recently or other. But with the chick I don't. Was that it wasn't you guys you know I would sing the song notre. Tourists on Hillary's number one today on sentence. It's. Obviously Eminem content. I know meatloaf was a thing about that now and then night. More when I was good in Baghdad thousands battle to right is that as the right first time and only under the I don't Michael and he. Four people love and respect me yeah. I never got it covered tiger mile symbolic of why. Why I I do not again and I have never gone and how the considered rise that's the other you know why. Look forward that was mr. rock which isn't anything to coconuts him. Meatloaf was considered rock but what meatloaf that seat poisons that breaks like write guys opera and people flew over to Iraq please just pop right. Some meatloaf that looks Kabul with the bad as aunt out Google Ayatollah was I can't reveal the rock but the truth is. The garbage that you see in the at an appropriate. Album cover more intimately close. The bulletin salt and kinda be you know keep him yeah yeah that's pretty much had again this is this from 1993 nuclear blast on weird moments that don't video though battalion to be shut up now it's now come on man isn't the John Denver's do you ever reached number one not fit. Under water. I'm gonna. Play for the balloons drop us finished I think this is the 100 time the rain has been I think he's had a like to meet mark he had. The one million its generals out chicken joke it definitely does not parties. Now that at 1996. Number one for ready for this fourteen weeks and still played regularly out of that spent. Denver songs every day now I. I. Offensive football commercial hit it out. Pretty girl who would crime. Application. It's all right so it's perfect right here at royal hour when you think. It's right there five weeks at number one on the mound and our Jason Nelson who don't thank you Daniel power. I think we're learning that. The end of points on it relies on people be. And it's sad. I don't know that he missed an axis and a mediocre. Not to have me just right and we need a back on his singing to mediocrity. Or anybody at stupidly these are the ten worst songs every snow globe. Albert. That has you court. I'm very fit on the air guitar. Who played the fumble. By lava flows slower coney plays the bomb. That thing. This is our ship right. This song. Over this this baby was born I'm. Was thwarted the CW. That won him the music of San Francisco in the 1960s to. Baffling even though I didn't comprehend the does that have to do with your brain apparently as an athlete I haven't done. Don't they song is an oval and for I would I had the only time I'd like this dog and probably mapped out I don't want to exit. OK I go into unlike. A I think this credit this song for this event is a great example of what happens to. Fans that hang around too long dance break yeah it's too bad it was that we get back together. If they continue to go by an active Jimi Hendrix were still alive he would have had a terrible said that's that's that's how. Music industry where you had a terrible today Pfizer and as I stated they removed they throw what are all these burnout hippies by these albums anymore while they by the number one song in America that sells nine merely yin. And the Yang of that is. For that made him the as the at least rock and song they ever and and James on that album James a great song. Now now okay so. You. What could possibly be worse than hold up. Barnett and he did it it was in 1980. Yeah well. Might have already there it's quite a while they're great. This really wasn't terrible it's golf. Okay. An open. And detective. No agreement at all not that. The same problem though is confident that the ten words on the average number one thing is about drag gasoline at night and I have admitted to bring it down.