07-13-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Goes For A Bike Ride

Friday, July 13th

What was the moment you know when you were in trouble?


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Now and New Orleans volume of the show by united backpack and all I wanna find senator X frog in Peoria Illinois. And thanks to a 33 before Iraq and in Fort Wayne, Indiana also big dog that is employed nine. In Joplin Missouri big show pre guys today bad jokes on the way Ted vs the FCC and our question what was the moment you knew that you were in trouble 844999. Cola. Hello Ed word welcome to them syndrome. Ole yes OK yeah. Excellent. Added Mother's Day. Thank you thank you we appreciate that the and my mom yeah I know nineteenth then I'm talking all week to do it what a rare Sunday to those you're gonna confuse people because right now we're playing a repeat in 2008 team the continued. At that well let's figure you know it's payday got to pay this mother that mother you know yeah. I. This follows gonna tell you as a story about the time I got caught skipping school by the police but I figured everybody kind of story like Becker and we like to think. Yeah well instead of monetary guys lived up the Alaska for ten years the end. You know little lasting so you know pretty conditioned to. That bears in the neighborhood. Well what he did I step out of my front door and don't have a cigarette outside hand this spared. At about 75 feet from any beat and a bag of the neighbor's garbage. And Saudi. The everything went the last to do which is you know to caddy yelled at Baird's say hey get out of here bear go away on this guy he wouldn't even inattention Ellis. Let's let's. I don't respond to blare my name is Jeff Reed. Breaks and a so anyway so in my eight genius sawed in that late evening was the pick up the doormat out of my front porch and Soledad. All that 75 CB keen to see which event they're lunged at me as soon be turned around and he was on my front porch. And I had just enough time to back in the mining titles and slammed the horse showed of the stuck his nose at my door what's up like grizzly. Big black bear is about how to party get to about 800 pounds. Season though and we're good god man let me ask you this Arnold Alaska's are conditioned to do bears and yet I've heard yell into all the stuff. Generally go run away so let me ask you if you don't have to bear I guess than if you broke something. That the does that turn the tables on you and that moment. Oh yes yes he did not like Darren being. I guess he considered the deserves credit. Yeah Matt angle I wouldn't you hear they say they make yourself look big yell scream Jim if you're that threatening to become deadly bears are wanna mess from Cuba then. And I would think our feel good about myself and achieve the Bayard like Emily like I would do some stabilize the Iraq but now you're telling me at this point that that was the wrong thing to do. Oh absolutely don't wanna throw anything attic today we'll take that is. I'll take it as a threat now come out just an NB. In Toronto I'm ever going captured Smokey Bear when I was kid and I threw the ball once came overby did you closes and financial to dangers wildlife in Alaska or did you have any other experiences. Well that was the closest I've ever gotten into a bear most of them. You know I've have read in the bears the or as some I didn't realize about bears until that evening was bears are actually just that you like a big cat to. When their test build up there are other key catch here enable. I wouldn't care they say moon river amid an eight under I'm Baird's I read these red moon wrote I think he's still around you look at how you have to think the smell really bad did he smell. I you know ought to be honest with did this fear that ran through me I didn't have time to release the amount birds. I can tell he was really pissed off we get the didn't leave my front porch for about an hour and make it here and root around at the front door. Seen it at the time Larry I was renting a trailer so that they can be held then trailer walls big 800 pound black bear arms probably screwed at this point. I get up the next morning to go outside and he had less blood on my front door he had marked my door I think he was gonna. I have seen that I can write it and they leave any out religious literature. Our guys end Antonio watts of power you guys it'd hang out that law. Oh. Atlanta's got to pay this is a story that we saw earlier today and it was in Juneau Alaska OK and I know bears are thing this is just. The storage is crazy to me so there is warning that pet crematorium. In Juneau Alaska so obviously the bad guys. This is weeks ago and I guess he was storing. But corpses of some of the dead dogs they sit and Karl reports continue to cover the car pork with a soft target is what they called. He isn't getting a call from the authorities because they got a call from people saying hey man there are several players on the side of the street eating dead dolphins went and won I would hate about it and understands that her TV so they realize that the bears sniffed it through where he has storing these bodies they rip down the soft car. There's not a lot of places in the world where where this is a reason that the authorities to call like hey there's wild animals eating dead pets on the side you know what. I'll tell mark this is very strange I don't know if people know this or not I I've learned of this from inside sources bunt. In our area in Seattle Washington huge dog population has more dogs than there are people with children just go to the grocery store you're almost you know I mean anywhere you go this stuff right and it's a little worried about Mike and Mike declares there for two and a half real honest aren't and I don't know what is gonna bring you live and Whitewater what you want over here Reggie hicks might throw a lot on them that I'm you know I gonna sprinkle it's honey DO Eagles are a gradual something we'll carcinogenic to term blow up poking. But there's so what happens when your dog that's obviously an issue of on a farm and you bury your daughter your animal or whatever some people do that. Majority of people do not. And they take I don't know marks in my closet to have a it's been cremated I get pointed out by guys I don't just have a dead dog in my blog that I really like a relic ability to for those that have all of those Christmas ScanSoft. Anyway so and he joked that enables all of my rhetoric in his you don't really know they're not sure if all of this or that double bill. Jack and did the probably not I they've Monfils don't throw pillow made of my dog yeah I didn't come out slightly dog advantage here. Anyway so there's one that crematorium. So all of these dogs go to one place in trust me guys say. They definitely get backed up there I'm delighted that these these pros we replaced like seven elevens continuously dog but there's only one location. What is this like how well getting back I don't based on what I understand Coakley you fire the thing right in. Like it does its charm and appeal even if you said ma'am we have. 200 dogs just based on what I understand appealing to that we do get this done a couple of hours you get out and here's the thing it's all day long like when you go to a hospital. If you go to the back like courage. There's there's areas where dogs are kept up they're kept until their picked up in some days like anything else that you can ask any ER nurse probably it's probably the equivalent of that. Sundays are better than others something there's when he of those dogs in the hallway. Oh blankets over. Sundays as one or two but you know like it just depends on what went on as scheduled and did they need to be picked up. But there's nothing you can go by the crematorium the crematorium before you picked up the feedback picked up to veto the budget that often towels over blanket over depending on the day and then in a number of hospitals can get away I was doing another adult there's only one place to take them to an early bet IC we talk about Brett okay and all these different places got to go to one place. So I don't know I can see where but this is the last of the population isn't nearly what does this mean he's the only guy but does the same guy over the bear winning and mayors of went and took these dogs I guess the same dude have been cited in March. People or get so if you get your pet cremated at these couple of days or week whatever to get the remains as it was with me explain this and I guess this guy got backed up. And customers are complaining months ago. That they had not gotten need to hash of the remains of the pat okay so. He was approached by whoever investigate the stuff and in recent honestly listen ma'am I'm just backed up your number it's just me. People were understanding the overly out of sight it was a real was he at that time he was keeping the bodies of the dogs in the back of his call yet. And now he puts them in the car towards the bears get to. Maybe this isn't the guy that should be wrong guy legit running pets we can see it. He doesn't have been incredibly stupid I have plans and it's got like man but I'll get them tomorrow instead Dawson York all right I'm that was based right of vessels the same guy and I bears are slats in the Marley he's out of where you store like what American new car that not to be together tells everybody how the magician does is charged with more than likely your dog yet so it's and it's clear they've been saying am I gonna logic there's a lot of dollars could be put down there and there's a lot of matches and support that competitive. And his wheelchair who. What Hosea moment that you knew that you were in trouble a 44999. Although they were about future demand I I have some friends his parents you know I'm an ice patch of land. All their dogs courses whatever they don't is still there a moment all pet cemetery. Well yeah basically they don't have a tombstones stuff there's like are you there on the yard. They know old world and without marking them are the David general idea like eight years and I asked if he or I think so. Another so mark its ability to tackle Santana we're going to give kids like where's fluffy you just pointed a patch of grass like remember that one of them back I don't know miniature houses in your calls is. There's a quick aside yes. But you're very emotional would you take your pat down management's objective from the endeavor of the dog dynamo lapin army and and Erin anyway terror and that moment goes on about walks and as the dog you know it's staring you minute and I mean two things later Tibet. Such as I can we hidden. Cremate the dog if you want to remain so of course in that moment of identical so what about revision don't lose don't. Our two weeks later we get disbarred so normally. I held onto it does now man gets which your kids is Christmas present soul. I don't know what to do that right it's a box in a bag console and it's still there in the meantime. I just stuck it in my closet in the very back corner and you talk figure out what I'm gonna do which. As I've discovered is having as she dog and back out of a club so this is late November that I had the ball down and so Christmas is Roland up Q did you get excited. And make a walk into the living room these murders under face and make wheat and that president. And of the moment I'm white. And all of your guest star plays a unit knows places exists only. Where. In your it says it is and a box and a bag and in the back corner to the jazz. That was your ball. Nuremberg weird the weird. Sign up all they're in is that they hit it with the that I call. I want to hit a Wimbledon that was your dog so I let it about five seconds to kind of look the look on their face it's like man they got to look at each other first and then. Kinda sad but Mal is open to that solace that I wanna hang up like five good segment humans that. Now do you understand wage is not snoop around. Hugger for dry out. Off army. Amazing because you're gonna find a dead though it's not like I said develop that way but I thought you know what this is going to be a teachable moment moment that your dog the dog humorous and that was sort stop suppan less than an area aria what's now what was the moment that you knew that you were in trouble before for 999 all hope a lot of our calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Real fans are inside alone any poetry UK and Fayetteville police firefighters called out to a man reportedly trapped. In a sewer early Wednesday morning. Firefighters received the 911 call about 815 a from keep burner he's walking his dog with a wife and kids around the streets in a downtown Fayetteville. Murders a day heard banging and noticed the manhole cover was open. Bernard told firefighters they looked into the sewer and saw men with the red balloon goes round Emeka who started screaming and cussing and blazers could be causing and they Somalia. Byrd said he backed up and called 911. Man city was to wait to get those who are by himself who are hurting me personnel arrived it took about an hour half an hour to get amount. They figured out he was about halfway up the block burner said Marla firefighters crawled down I think they've put a TARP down and pulled him out with a TARP. The man was seen walking away with firefighters and appear to be okay neither of firefighters our police said why or how the man was in the store. Our question what was the moment did you know you were in trouble 844999. Cola. Hello Jared welcome to the men's room. It. Okay. A Bulldog had Ariza. All right so armed I used to. First shot out. I would ordinance also worked downtown Jolo. So don't about a little I don't know familiar with the area. But you've got you've got meridian are pretty belly long beat L. And I would ride my bike down there every you know that particular work. Knows that the speaker going back till age only had lots each other by a great year by different reached. Or you can puckered break. Well I went Libya but a great match and I knew I was in trouble like absentee bottom of that hill and aid station wagon made a great term break out of it. Oh. Doubt right up at the flag bounced over the hood and not humility intersection. Just how many how many beans that. Are. All red. And cedar so we were in Helmand. And I guess you're okay. Lifted off at. They are wasn't good at first you know I didn't register that I was hurt. No likely Mangold. Yet you too much and growing guys I don't take a natural that every channel I didn't fight so richter has used to you want to warn you donate only god knows it's a battle of the arcade possess the UAW can open Iraqis. Our O line that was what I don't know ordered up a fight it completely mangled and Ali you Clooney did the morning did you bring you rebounds. Now. Jack you're lucky yet U delegate and a moment when it happens it does have indefinitely in slow motion. I yeah I got hit once in my by kind of the same thing not a super steep hill but. I know all the great right speed garment rush hour energy got a white like carrier man kind of thing but we made eye contact in his rare when we look at each other portal to another section alienation right. Remember him hitting me I just the real foam. And then when I realized the next thing I realized. I'm writing a completely different direction like I'm still on the bike but now I'm heading due west when I was heading due south. But the guy he turn hit the OK so he couldn't call people who bus stop when the moon. So he stops the band is all apologetic and my doorman Amare right and marvel cricket a straighten those out like are you sure what I'm fine in remembrance big adrenaline rush going home like. Loop everybody would have been we go out we go over things the next day I tonight about a bad my legs all swollen like god damn it. What tells a moment you knew you're in trouble a far far nine. 99 alone even for me this fall off that balcony. When it's like slow motion and just like I'm going backwards what does the thought boy did you say at every meal we relief yeah believes on the tree. We passing my news. Any way I can still remember being like this isn't it. This is going to hurt yeah yeah yeah. Hello Don welcome to the men's room. Aren't back. Adam I don't know nine euros into those aluminum my mom called you get their house right now as coordinated challenge. They arranged larger than any potential here at the lucky guy because Verlander didn't prison right now. You may ration of the great description yeah. They're and then break learn gerchas prescriptions for about nine years. My unit or write your own partisan prescriptions. Yeah from day your good to have played censorship Jews Ugandan. Led intercourse. That that didn't was intended since I was ordered olds. So the war. Dealt fortitude reported or you're still wins. All your parents when they marry you for doing this and then to draw yet if eight you consider how old were as important is already. The other and so when did you start doing the write the scripts I'm. And now engineers blue eyed and did you get any wondered just Ferguson is that your drug test tarnished church area usually most. You know that I can in order so banished you'd love it so well thank god including brain damage. Not unit it's. Racing time. Especially should not so great note territory called general encouraged. It's really cute so emotional and so did you busted for this is going out federal actually yeah actually absorbed actually let you go you will never. Well it's easy being me. Dot there's a boost in. You're welcome and the drug known as they love it and I'm Caroline got out there or another with a good job writing Europe for nine or ten years. It's so funny now people late but the pain pills right but have a buddy whose last name is Perkins. So called on Perkins stuff the like the times now when I text things are you weird and out like I have an ex girlfriend named Molly. Like sometimes you feel we're earth we'd be like yeah I'm Molly come and I'm mad. I amount of real you know like a ring real warm every move and drank water from a high water Molly will be here tonight GAAP and I don't know how I know dead since there is over the other parks going to be your children and my hobbies are real people released showing of the strobe. What tell blows a moment I'm everybody's pain you knew you were actually 4499. Final. I can any album came in Mali today I had my tax brackets the that's a why the content. Hello dean of welcome to the bedroom. Yeah I okay yeah. I actually don't think college. I mean my roommate and I got an idea one night I was Connolly we're aboard Itar crap let's go to Wal-Mart can literally no announcer new. Unaware Wal-Mart we stopped at a stop light and his friends were actually context just taught me a little tuner car I'm like okay. Shaw. So. Light turned green I don't and it got to about 8090 miles an art. And the next thing you know not you don't believe this is funny words. Great Dick he came out of nowhere came analysts are under no article on the right except us we bought and people who ever. And and it's and agency it's if you're going over twenty milder reduced you limit your license to Toronto do you usually go to jail. So. People will ever get my information is great this call me. A second scorned our squad car pulled up which is Atlanta China OK I'm going away when you gotta gonna have to try it yeah. So. Luckily. It actually coined back and throwing it my cap paperwork back MySpace and say you're lucky we got another call. Maybe you will be great. Your body and its loan did you go to Wal-Mart after that it agreement aren't good at you know what part of Tennessee vigilant. I don't get is that ironic. We're in Chattanooga today my friend actually lower the Alamo you knew you're in trouble 844999. All love to megabit natives call that already in. Hello bands welcome to the men's room. The ditch or Iraq. What I want to win and be glad to. I am station and not North Carolina taking care of the marine Dunlop tire combat medic. And what about buddy did the marine and he's like eight. Got you gotta be to come up with the Q my family's place up just north of Raleigh Durham for the weekend it's mine in my twin Brothers Bert there. Greg had a big bash and I can't. So we road trip but out. And what hang out at all day that's out there on Saturday. And were all like eat by a cameo it's like 10 o'clock at night wore off pretty wipes so we've tapped out. It was 81 in the morning. And will rudely hitting awakened by a swat team. Let economist at a later that evening to rescue. It's twin brother I'm felony larceny charge. Jesus. It's so all or old woken by swat and were being drug out and out in hand count would wipe old living in our faces Margaret get it. Slot is a lot opposite of intent to really be and then this seals and all that stuff. Old old old too old or how well how long all along there and safer than the sort all of this out before you do nothing to do that before he didn't want to account. Like ours because what we edit the final now Edward you know unfortunately. Our body actually know. Any of this it always is twin brother got into this award multiple charges like gets it at that he started. And auto mechanic business and now indicted with bad crew so he was laundering money. He was running illicit drugs through the garage technique that was the laundry list. So another org and got to know. I've got to know enough now now the other swat team there the surge arrested guy and serious charges may grab your body and as far as they know this is the gather looking for because how many people say oh you must be Victor for my new windows is a deal to win right so how long does it take before swat believes that he is in fact the twin brother together looking for. But that would be easy part because in my body is a marine. Crop top. Pretty cut cut guy is without their long hair. Definitely North Carolina looking Nash. Desperately wanted a marine you know we worked option forum I'm the most senior enlisted dare so once they got my insult you there like okay equal to gain weight you are importing my guy got I'm winning my buddy used between now and he liked. Also video if we were allowed to leave until all of that. These are hard still raising a million miles an hour and all is going on everything else not knowing the situation really. Are accurate I thought you know what they held it reaches walked into it what I need to know fidelity would we. You know all this now on hindsight but the time you know like there's not a lot of explaining going on as far as why they're doing is right. No absolutely not and of course I got tiger and I nineteen years old or holding their I doubt. It. Just what I. I could ever imagine and it seemed the other. Nineteen year old Harry just blew McNair stopped and I. I'm going I that I've been just won't look the whole story about me into but he was sitting in the car. And parking lot of hotel waiting for other people to get there for party. Long story short we have Getty's Rambo we see about a cop cars coming but we realize it's for us because we know we're not doing things like. What's going on the hotel. Man looks at the driving this way they realize they may surround the car and these guys have gotten that may have a shot conduct a pistols over the door and what light string into the car and were truly. Just sitting in the car relate. I don't know so nobody Tony of course Watson won't meet or Leon didn't like look we. For all the stuff we really done anything that don't aren't there but but failed to make you have something. So I don't think that they thought we haven't done anything. But nothing to deserve but nothing like this man nothing like this or whatever it is they've got the wrong people's would be cool Tony does that's not out of mind works but. The cows come up there clearly agitated the nervous whatever the situation is re we are dangerous gaps we have pieced this much together. Because everyone has a weapon straight. My buddy Leo I'm being Leon I'm sought this the greatest thing amicable to the door and they rip open the door male looks of this guy goes. Or problem officers which to me was similar debate and the terror while the carnage every other car we to take our jackets off again it's February. It is freezing galway all of our hands on the cargo door to door and it becomes a man what evercore shook up look like that's responsive it at some point like it to stop dog. They don't care. They come back the Runnels info from like what so and and as this is going around people we're not waiting for organ that actually read to the hotel were muted party. They have not shown up all good. It's far because most of them were cool but as existent every group those the drug guide to go confront the caps and I'm white. Please do not all of their egos so. At the end of this there was a group of black guys in Baltimore one point are literally going around town in addition to white people. And I called them the shotgun no look bad thing for a while also lately for five places it was crazy. It was scared so we showed up but this hotel they had to call these guys that was the point so. We were not thinking about this they saw horrible act as is their man maybe assumption burger we might be the guys. So when they split and are very apologetic retirement we get to Obama jacket. I knew I didn't do anything somewhat sweating this you don't meet you David today that's far and the parties campus in the end of all of this all these guys show opener super nervous that we get it in the explanations and all the chip. The one dude from the crew became up to go to the party and I decide he's gonna talk to the cops on our behalf plate you don't need to do. He's the only person I got arrested now and just because he wouldn't stop running his mouth. I'll update here just so you know fear of the most in program Don who called. Don Don Don was the guy who they virtually drug guy. He had been going to the same Dennis doesn't he was four years old and just did a slip the pros Scripps out of a bad thing Don would steal three or four at a time. And he will write scripts for as he said Ferguson or of like a sure. Donna email program as to plus Don you may remember that dog and I played a probe by the sea that day and I think it's very ironic that. He's still a lot of learning from a dentist and as he says he's toothless dog he doesn't have an ET. Renters still in the script from day then it's hey man just Alameda avenue at full circle as a doorknob or over the I know under believe this Cribbs out. Donna has been going to the dentist since he was more. So so you didn't know Ramadan has no teeth and look at so now there's a wanna go back and I'm afraid of the start stealing scripts allied. What's what I don't know the hole I B I'll I wasn't I thought I would hell's going on with his dead in his Manhattan. She says Brian and I tell me could you produce great Google has would you and one that is it your Ford you're able steals and some again for 44 years you wouldn't say that blind Dennis. Which you have no T what oh is a moment you knew that you are in trouble he's 44999. All over your golf go to your listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle men's room. On the way down a man goes to the men's room at men's or my doc Allen too bad Joe's right before we drink it tells with the shot of the day all right our question. What was the moment you knew that you were in trouble 844999. Ole. Hello back and welcome to the bedroom. I don't have a little. Well. Well a little question don't you vote today we're gonna find that out the minute. Sorry for a full. Oh well I knew it until wind. Up. Like she asked me. On the back and look a little just a little bit she had said that. How much ten out of ten she's endured tonight on them to like years you're amazing. You're ten under. I already know where you went wrong. She has funeral letter a you do not give her a ten digit. I did in fact greater. And I gave her an eight. And you old thing after the open man. We'll talk about honesty it doesn't apply and now look. Do the genes make me look fat no don't do that do a little bit in the threat you'll look spectacular. And certainly if she says. Radio skeleton you say ten anyway but man if you already gave you a ten. You can't go ahead of them eight are you still merry band. I am I am and CCC that'll mean lead now how long good did you give her. Oh boy I hit it would spend at the bad about three and have. Your also Cecil and on done 06 by this point please don't let god come on in times gone by pushing and keep in mind she's probably lying to. I my point you know would you like you which you say your ten out of it 'cause they know he's which you know August out of them the guys she doesn't sleep as you know wells means its enemies are intelligent and obviously you know had that quote. Yeah I'm he wants yeah yeah yeah you're not really attend yourself because. You gotta have a little bit of smarts to be that you may drop down like that tomorrow is gonna have a loan from this right. She yeah she is great she does a good agreement so now but she doesn't. She does don't let it down and it even progressed to the point where. I've friend put in an odd captains remain talk about it and it's. It's not embarrassing in the words initially. But. The reality of it is. It would it was definitely a mistake when their and so that's. Ads and how long how long by the way where she legitimately because dolls that she raised an eight out of ten. Tom it was it was a good it was a solid week or more that are easily over a week she needs. You constantly bring out like Sullivan. I know ballot embed in those are brave men out of I was gonna you married them. Here events that would command then go by like go buy everything its got like eight on it go like oh I like I'm one of those shaking eight balls. And by some V ads in enemy and tiger has got an absolutely to bring out all your Jersey and air Kobe Jersey damages messer and number eight aqueduct get to maybe get her out of Ben and Jerry's going integrated I don't normally recommend to people get his and hers anything museum visitors like jerseys and yours is only stand and nurses Lleyton. What. I would also say. Stop going on podcast in town retell the story yeah. How does not let and don't go on a radio show and run it down into hundreds of thousand listeners and do the same things he got a little dog very quietly but let's assume they were both telling the truth which I believe he was I don't believe she was but it. An occasional work. She told quite well for herself and always 1080 settled for me you know on some levels she should be happy. While it was a moment you knew that you were in trouble a 449990. Man oh man I just. I think about some of people I know them gotten married in the world we used to work with my did not like and I nicknamed the Shrek and to be fair it'll because she looked exactly like Shrek she looked exactly like Shrek except mockery. And she met some guy and I cannot explain it but. They got married and you willing to achieve it and they get married and I'm just think it and they are situation OK and mirrors situation. If one of them were as the a boon to rate me on a scale of one to ten. There's just no way they can look at each and say you're perfect then you might be the sweetest greatest thing ever. There's there's no way and you know Larry you don't presume whoever you can't. Like c'mon you've ever seen more beautiful baby. Well they're they're yeah they're tree was hitting no seriously the kid was absolutely the way anyway the idea being Syria because they're both really ugly on good morning on how we'll remember you remember the kid. Well can look like you can be like a girl were on. The kid was absolutely just you know what it was the stock photo of a cute baby you know to me like this kid aren't you for real yeah totally. I remember that party that is where we always thought was funny was born on Halloween bags and our record it's probably within several child for bad I got to Arnold called to stretch her face but I just got back to the balsa perhaps I called for a actually calls from the office Palin can't do that mob and I'll do an apology all of this kind of thing I. And I said but look to be fair she looks like tractors like I don't know about that I swear to god the next day I go to work there's a full page ad for whatever Shrek movie was coming out of that time. And and when you look at this big full page that they look like her double he goes all the good and I'm as best. You look down referring not glad he's like god damn us at the start with a look like that's all that's all called Fred what you have to tell me this does not look like her to take Leo. Blood what was the moment that you knew that you were in Charlie for four or 999. All hold the line where your bells going up also still to come to adverse as the FCC bad jobs of hundreds of the Saturday Canadiens continue. The men's Wear a radio network.